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  1. Steve and Ted in the Morning

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    Steve & Ted in the Morning 12-06-16 Business Journal poll for Wichita's best sports bar


    Editor Bill Roy tells us the the Wichita Business Journal poll for best sports bar is down to 4.

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  2. Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

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    12/6/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    The Democrats are threatening virtually every person President-elect Donald Trump is nominating to his cabinet, including General James Mattis. They are doing this, because of a 1947 statute that prohibits a former member of the armed forces from serving in a cabinet post within 7 years of ...

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  3. Wichita Means Business

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    Wichita Means Business 12/03/16 C


    Dr. Byron Nordhus and Natilie Eastman with Nordhus Dentistry

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  4. The Good Life

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    The Good Life December 3 2016 Segment 4


    Guy Bower pontificates on his fabulous "Wine Of The Week".

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  5. KNSS Historical Audio

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    KNSS now on FM


    Station Promo

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  6. Issues Program

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    Steve & Ted in the Morning 11-28-16 A big milestone for a football coach


    Ted and the Wichita Business Journal's Bill Roy talk about Bill Snyder's 200th career coaching win.

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  7. Tornado Talk

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    Episode 26: December Disaster!


    ‘They had always said Vicksburg would never have a tornado because of the river’ – But it did on December 5, 1953.   The tornado event began around 5:31 PM just west of the Mississippi River in E. Madison Parish.  The tornado passed through downtown Vicksburg around 5:35 PM.  The total path length ...

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  8. Beyond Reality Radio

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    12/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - the case for UFOs


    12/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Stanton Friedman discusses his life-long work in nuclear physics and the quest for flying saucers. Stan offers evidence and logic to support what many have claimed for years - alien spacecraft have been visiting Earth for years.

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    1. Steve & Ted in the Morning 9/29/11

      Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher

      olive oil found at 1:13

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