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  1. Steve and Ted in the Morning

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    Steve & Ted in the Morning 01-20-2017 A milkshake with no milk?


    Entertainment news, "The Blur": a look at the movie "The Founder", looking at the genesis of McDonald's

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  2. Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

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    1/19/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Issues and politics aside, what is the great difference between President-Elect Donald Trump and President Obama? We know that in Trump’s heart he loves his country and that he is a patriot unlike Obama. The things Obama has said and done to this country, here or abroad, is not illustrative of a ...

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  3. Wichita Means Business

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    Wichita Means Business 1/14/17 C


    Kendall Wendt and Lisa Hayes with Schammerhorn Blinds

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  4. The Good Life

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    The Good Life Segment 3 01-14-17


    Guy talks with performance & fitness expert Clark Bartram about his healthy and testosterone boosting chili recipe.

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  5. KNSS Historical Audio

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    Christmas Radio Hour 2016


    Dec 13, 2017, 7pm

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  6. Issues Program

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    ISSUES 2017 01/22/17


    Jacqueline Cook Green, executive director, Family Promise of Greater Wichita ... and Wichita police officer Nate Schwiethale discuss assisting the homeless with children

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  7. Tornado Talk

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    Episode 29: Top 10 Tornado Events of 2016 – Part 2


    The Countdown Continues!  On the last episode of Tornado Talk, we tackled #10 through #6 on our list of Top 10 tornado events of 2016.  Which events made the top 5??  Well, wait no longer!  Episode 29 is ON!! Statistics above from the 2016 Annual Tornado Report from the NCDC: ...

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  8. Beyond Reality Radio

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    01/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - a haunting in England.


    01/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Mike Mackay discusses his family's experiences with a poltergeist in their home. In addition to regular episodes of activity, full-bodied apparitions would be seen.

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    1. Steve & Ted in the Morning 9/29/11

      Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher

      olive oil found at 1:13

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