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Episode 24: Frightening Funnels! Our Halloween Episode!

Oct 28, 2016|

What is the scariest tornado you’ve ever seen?   We asked some of our Tornado Talk fans and they have responded!   Joplin.  Pilger.  Terrible Tuesday.  We run through the list of some of the scariest tornadoes on our Halloween Episode!   Frightening Funnels is ON! Supercell Section In this area ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi it's Dan from tornado topped the way we keep the show free for every one is we viewers support. And for the holidays around the corner you might be searching for perfect guest we have a special offer right now quarter and each time zone guard plus AMF him weather alert radio and huge tornado tuck who sees produced 25 dollars will deliver to your doorstep absolutely free just click on the weather radio icon on our web site. Tornado talked dot com that's tornado talk dot com. The only way we can continue to make the show available free is where your help we think you in advance. Asked about one of nature's most fascinating phenomenon to share your Tony news story with us by email Jenin Dan at tornado talk dot com. Yeah and can add a tornado dog got content. Now to meteorologist. Jennifer near Moore and Dan Holliday tornado touch is fine it happens again each time this year. Which is ghosts and goblins appear black cats in monsters go bump in the night. Unexplainable things Seles and try. All of us have different things we've fear and Halloween season brings many of those things alive but nature has its own terrifying moments that happen year round. Nothing can be quite as jolting as witnessing an actual tornado go to the. Race look at all the debris look at all the debris in the air folks. League's weekly review yeah absolutely have got to get down. On this episode of tornado touched we pose the question what do you think is the scariest looking tornados this is frightening funnels. More sustained substantial very heavy damage. And I'm I'm I'm I'm positive data Holbrooke might have shelter there it was really fast. And you Nicholas lives in Toronto Canada by day he's a fitness instructor and by night he stands house music as a club. Answer admits he's also fascinated with tornadoes. My spare time and that's generally what I do I mean I just it's been pleading guilty pleasure in my and I just. When I was kid I saw the movie twister and I just got into some tornadoes from there and I just started watching YouTube videos and you know reading out of bed than men reading late general knowledge on the MIA I'm nowhere near as experienced guys. You know some chasers they're like hey reed timer are or anybody like that. The twister this scene scariest to him occurred more than 11100 miles away from his home in Moore Oklahoma on May third 1999. Why I think that he may third 1999. It's scary assists and for many reasons one of them being that. It had the highest recorded wind speed ever runner and I near bridge creek and it was 301 miles an hour. And to. That's that's just Gary's body itself and and went very when I looked at videos of this tornado. I did was going through more. I've never seen debris flying around a tornado so intensely as. As some more tornadoes I was watching. And when you see the tornado crossing I 35. Anybody got this thing is going to be injured they need to get off out the list to the radio. And I'd find a safe place to got a urged a group ready ever worked out a road here like we're coming up just north. West the west hawk I hear about stuff for files directly east northeast ballot this tornado. There is the tornado on the ground here at south 89 street and I 35 it's just the south of crossroads mall you're looking toward the south southwest. From crossroads mall next. And there's explosion explosion. Tremendous folks we have to just express he assists 200 mile per hour winds plus now moving toward I 35 in more. It's it's completely black kids and I've never seen the debris whipping around a tornado so fast. I can't I just can't imagine what people we're going through my small living through that I think it's. I did I I'm so awestruck but I'm so scared I had at the same time KF a large television and Oklahoma City stayed with a live coverage throughout the devastating events. We're in view of speaker air force base this time. I've got it six lightning strike directly at the speaker air force base in front this and it brought this tornado ivy leaguer just hit. Pelted with a light extract them believable. The border is totally without our immediate black bikers. I waited just a few scattered lights on or still without power the right now that bank it's Thursday air force base this thank is tracking right toward buying. Watching movies watching that news coverage is and other reasons that just makes it's a scary because you can hear everybody else. Selling. People together below ground. That there really truly terrified for the people more us. I don't know I think that's what makes a tornado so scary to me inside. The news the news stations concern for the people of more. And the way you can should've and they get their voices and just seeing that tornado late. Moving faster than the like can. It was moving to breed faster through the air than any other tornado I've seen you know it's good to me it's like right up their list. Like Tampa tax system needs 1995 where you can really. Really see as clear debris field in the tornado instead just. It just makes it look terrifying to me. Tyler Hudson of Lubbock Texas tells us about a unique event that occurred on May 27 1997. The Jarrell Texas to Tyler it was the scariest tornado ever I. We got back here on it and I knew all I know now we have been here. Tom for the. Don't care about. Shortly before 345 in the afternoon on that later mayday and violent tornadoes tore into Jarrell Texas. Killing 27 the twister was rated an F five on the Fujita scale the tornado blew homes completely off their foundation and swept away the remains. Has always scoured from roads and vehicles were bounced for up to a half a mile from parking places Doug Christie tells us that some of his neighbors and friends lost their lives and property in Emporia Kansas. On June 8 1974. Some say it was the scariest looking tornados they remember. The storm ripped through the northwest side of Emporia killing sex and injuring 200. Fell one point the twister was a half mile wide and was on the ground for 38 miles across three counties Chad ailment of the National Weather Service in Topeka told kgo Wi radio how the storm evolved. We looked at that data and now we we saw an awful lot of activity down Oklahoma. But that seem to be along and just to have a dry line and and backed him look you know further north across Kansas should really just here like we had storms in the along the vicinity of a warm front as we call it where where we had a low level wind here. Which helped those storms start. McCain rotation in the lowest few thousand people and and produced the tornadoes that they get that thing. Ironically the Emporia Kansas twister of 1974. Turn on the same day she and eight just eight years after the deadly to Kiki Kansas tornado. On June 16 2014. Randi dean hicks without what chasers sign out a severe weather setup. In Nebraska Randy says of all the tornadoes he trachsel this ranks as the steering us soldier Nebraska. While the system and now. However many mail isn't. It's. It's. Just remain a little more interest in. We could be a president and it hasn't been doing that in 2000 and soaring college spring tournament on the first time and that was our main objective non union truncated front we Kenyan prime Internet video Bremen I couldn't do much. Too much going on. And that particular day you know live when that already transformed me down into a turnaround in recognition to deploy that. Usually you can never gonna crossing and try to be in you can deploy it. They can just turned I didn't restraint and it's so after we deploy we didn't have a lot but you don't sleep and keep that you hadn't Helen. I'll just throw in front of the. Plus super cell thunderstorm moved across portions of Nebraska on a Monday afternoon in all the produced five tornadoes that. Well I'm not real battle room where we've heard a minority a permanent. And it's I tried it I mean it was just informative stages and muscle work at duke and duke Kennedy and and Carlin and and I'm an Opteron retrieve it and bat and Dionte Bradley and then went and I'm intrigued and cannot be a I didn't already. The break our contributed tornado there there's an in between India and continue to monitor the car right which I can do that type firms like hello educate if you don't know what you do and any theater really can't happen tornado on your ridiculous probably nearly a you know meant that the policies owner of the danger zone. Italy pardoned everything. And it you know and it went right into town and he invited into the town it's a matter of seconds and that's silly stuff in the TV deal you can now we can before Joplin in Greensboro, North Carolina probably doesn't like an intermediate unit is just part of chasing and it's not all fun and games. Some of the most frightening things happen in the nights we can't see what's coming and that's what happened on June 8. 1984. And garner held Wisconsin. It's. Free winning OK. Okay. Remarkable really do love religion let me all the assistants maybe get an error tornadoes touched down frequently albeit there's this late again. Net sellers of Pueblo Colorado has red up on and believes this could be one of the scariest tornadoes ever. Just after midnight a series of twisters swarmed southern Wisconsin just before 1 AM the town of Bonneville was hits. 90% of the community wiped out 93 homes were destroyed 64 others were damaged he was rated an F five. Roger Edwards set to storm prediction center says the scariest and most influential tornadoes to hand might have led him into the forecasting role he has. OK okay. Okay. Wait up all. OK okay. OK. Okay. It's. Okay okay. Our. It happened when Wichita Falls, Texas was struck by a twister on April 10. 1979. It was a tornado so frightening a film was made about it called it terrible Tuesday. Suddenly the wind was not a wind anymore it was primaries following news of course. I heard the sound of my voice. As the air was pulled from my lungs. Mrs. stations. Where. Being. Hounded and hit. Instead it was violent it was very very violent. And my intention at that time was not so much to live. As it was to be able to look in do or do whatever I had to endure. Until. The end whatever that was going to be. The Wichita Falls, Texas tornado April 10 of 1970 you know. Higher contrast. Final mile and a half wide wedge tornado plowed through town. Did an enormous amount of those events or damaged and some people. Sales probably that's why there's so much trouble so much you're still charge determine. What debris came from what property. Who was just all strewn piled up at first now. Unfortunately that didn't that didn't exploded tools or people view it cost yesterday's seven through cars off the road. Some of whom had blessed homes there or not yes in order to escape the tornado tragically enough. The only effect on me was not just just actually you know what true was true intention not. Just saw what else. The next day in the Dallas times herald just it's just time but the next day. There's a whole page spread on the tornado GM at pops into the page all across a page. Was Leon foods famous photo. I don't know the words tornado and small or else in the foreground. Very high contrast. I've got that picture out and put it on the wall opposite my bed at such a way conceal their. And I did for years and years until I went off to college and so crumbled and now watched it. Footsteps on the desire and chances are excellent forecast. To try to portray him. That kind of tragedy and help people prepare for tornadoes. Very simply that tornado. More than any other responsible for my career in my but I think his interest even norm I like Torre who has the Corvette. And so that was probably the biggest and most meaningful tornado we know how I feel the most orbiter to its. Six data Jurgensen said he knew urology at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in now as a forecaster for the company whether or not in Shawnee Kansas. He says there's one and devastating tornado that would have to be the scariest of the ball out. Third period where that I've ever seen deal and I and I think this. Tornado goes without saying what piece that the Joplin tornado statistically get the trust each video and I think it's Scott's peaks. Some video. Outside watching the tornado alarm at first year we seed circulation on the ground and it's into power flashes in game loop so you know there's definitely circulation on ground it and I don't know if they're polling like there are not what does the view are also drops down like to the ground right in front of them so you lose by a betrayal. And in the matter about I'd say. Three of course I do that takes an undercover. Days you back you viewed the tornado warning and it's all the pundits this large. And still Biden becoming wedge tornado and it's just incredible how it eventually goes yeah zero to sixty mile per hour in an Arab couple seconds there and didn't mean to me just haven't had no matter how strong man who ran a lot of bad day and many kids use gas blue badge after European video. Shoulder as guys. Flooding whenever we're in the winter. There grab out the bio come off well audio. It's just. And and you video of the damage after encouraging its. Oh my god why looks real it's. Large power clash in the city and you just think and you yourself as you and you watch this and you hear reports list that something. Terrible has happened once the weather channel had their great tornado on it's not basically they were incompetent surge there and heard not far behind this year's storm that was dropping as you know tornado. And and I can just remember Gil might better. And doctor forums and not far behind this. This tornado and they get into Joplin and there were the first people bearings. You're just looking for their loved ones are looking for family member and you take a look here at this neighborhood. And just the complete devastation. And you and I remember watching lied on the weather channel Mike better than breaking down. All I can say is looks very reminiscent of what we saw last night it can excuse me. You know I Tuscaloosa. This off. No person but dad. And his kids and to me that's we'll and one of the scariest situations I've seen the fact that they are you know that kind of devastation is. This is just boggles my mind didn't end like it then back comes before. This occurred before. You know I saw my aide firsthand experience with the youth destruction. And so they you know not to say that I was comparing it to Joplin when I saw myself but he's just dead yeah that was just incredible just to see it firsthand in and the fact that you go to our emotion that Mike Bennett showed you know on the weather channel. And the fact that no one expected this. No one expected to come across this is and intact and they basically told him good parent jab and their videos and just atrocities and had to go under rescue mode and move things that they try a little ball on the ground reporting that they came across people who didn't make it. It's been almost an hour now since a tornado it's 645 Torres Ripley jobless selfless out of softened. Cover and uncovered about dubbed. This is horrible. First I come up one isn't good book. People didn't make snatched just. I heartbreaking next just. It's one of those things where you know I'd chaser that's probably your biggest fears could keep come across something that you can't undo key. And that there is just not a whole lot you can do forum and at that point ball from those. Chasers. Had. Just kind of one of those. Things that make you a little bit apprehensive about any kind of chase specially even what looks to be a potentially big day you know and make sure a little. Hesitant to want to go out and chase because your fearful that you'll see a little iPad side. I guess. The journal and that comes with any kind cheese and Indians the motivating factor to go out there and you just pray that you don't he's completely packed so. Personal experience serious tornado I've ever seen. Definitely would be Sloan Iowa it's actually the Modell Iowa tornado. In October for 2013. And then the Joplin tornado would definitely be serious tornado you know I've. Seen on video because. Just the court struck in the need adjacent you were able to get in document there's. What becomes one of murdered the deadliest tornadoes. You know in US history recorded history. What do you think the scariest tornado is you've ever seen it. Maybe you have a tornado story you'd like to share if so just email us at Jenin Dan a tornado talk dot com that's Jenin Dan had tornado tossed dot com. Next on tornadoes talked. 83 confirmed tornadoes tear across seventeen states on November 9 through eleventh 2002. 36 lost their lives and more than 200 were injured. Weekend of warnings on episode 25 above tornado tell us.

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