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Episode 25: Weekend of Warnings!

Nov 11, 2016|

It is the second largest tornado outbreak on record during the month of November!  At least 76 tornadoes in 17 states occurred over Veteran’s Day Weekend of 2002.   The event began in Arkansas, Saturday afternoon November 9.   The largest number of tornadoes occurred on Sunday, November 10 with the ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi it's Dan from tornado topped the way we keep the show free for every one is we viewers support. And for the holidays around the corner you might be searching for perfect guest. We have a special offer right now quarter and each time zone guard plus AMF him weather alert radio and huge tornado tuck who sees produced 25 dollars will deliver to your doorstep absolutely free just click on the weather radio icon on our web site. Tornado talked dot com that's tornado talk dot com. The only way we can continue to make the show available free is where your help we think Q in advance. Asked about one of nature's most fascinating phenomenon to share your Tony news story with us by email Jenin Dan at tornado talk dot com. Yeah and dance at a tornado doc dot com. Now meteorologist. Jennifer near Moore and Dan Holliday tornado touched is on the second largest tornado outbreak on record in the month of November. I believe in the morning in which we're upgraded to a higher risk from the storm prediction center at least 76 tornadoes tear through seventeen states. 36 people are killed with seventeen dead in Tennessee alone. There was Kabul and the upper portion of their home and as this tornado approach these husband had attempted to cover his wife whose wheelchair bound as she was doing this almost did. And he was killed by flying debris. Between Saturday afternoon November 9 and Monday November 11 2000 CU widespread severe storms impacted thousands of residents and changed communities forever and it went across a row homes and serve the whole underwater where little from what essentially demolished out of validation. This is tornado talk. Weekend of warnings historical recap of a massive severe storm event from veterans day weekend at 2002. In November we think of cooler weather Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season and it's not a time here we worry about tornadoes. Forecasters referred to this as the second severe weather season Michael Lewis is the warning coordination meteorologist. At the National Weather Service in northern Indiana. There are truly true. Periods of time in our season is that we have severe weather. I we have a peak during the spring we have a secondary peak that occurs in that October November. I'm November December timeframe. And this was that this is indeed what happened in 2002 as we really maximize stat that peak. Had been a relatively. My old just fall. And actually was a cool white warm November. The cold air just really wasn't making its way out of Canada now or even across the polls. And we ended up with an open golf moisture of a lot of Irish journal warmed. Streaming up across the southern United States the Gulf Coast and up into the Great Lakes region. On the evening of Saturday November 9 severe thunderstorms were exploding over eastern Arkansas. This would be the beginning of four outbreaks. Storms that formed in response to an upper level disturbance. Moved through western and central Tennessee and a tornado producing asked to damage roared through Carroll County just north west of cedar grove Tennessee. You people died nighttime tornadoes can be deadly because those of their pastor often asleep. When a tornado of bats one strength move through Montgomery County Tennessee after 1 AM Sunday November 10 he would claim the lives of Dennis and Karen to be. When their mobile home was blown off of its foundation Dennis was an Australian national and a welder Caron tough first traded Hazelwood elementary schooling Clark's cell and all sixty homes and buildings were damaged. That this was only the beginning. On November 10 2002. A second upper global storm system which combined with a ingredients produced some of the most destructive severe weather ever in the month of November 5. Michael Lewis at the National Weather Service in northern Indiana describes the atmospheric setup. Thunderstorms develop down across the the southern claims that out early on the tendon and then that was kind of the first. Shot over the bow to worry that we started to see the development would this as a cold front and down came into that deeper richer more sure we have experience. Intense area of low pressure moving out of the Canadian across the Canadian plains and northern plains states and deepening across the Great Lakes. And it drew that cold front into. The deep voice there that was already in place across much of the eastern United States. And that really set the stage it is. At the time. This storm prediction senator had actually. A conductor know look there was enough high risk come across much of Tennessee and they into the southeastern states extender up into Kentucky. I'm the moderate was down into southern Ohio put the slight risk extended from all the way down from Louisiana up into. I don't think the Great Lakes and so it was just a real potent situation. Ten and then everything just lined up perfectly. To create that environment conducive to. It's. A thunderstorm rapid. Development but more importantly the super cell thunderstorm development of the rapidly rotating. And yeah who largely lived super cell thunderstorms. I'll along without we have the line of thunderstorms that form but this is wells it was just don't. Almost a perfect combination. And then certainly. Unexpected in some respects when you think about it from the public perspective. November. Who would have thought that in and early to mid November there would have been tornadic. Thunderstorms twisters began touching down at 230 on the afternoon of November 10 and Hartford city Indiana and damaging your grocery store. It was a raided an Athlon. Less than a half hour later a tornado caused after three damaged near the town of earn. There was an animal as a zero damage in your petroleum Indiana and the same afternoon a super cell thunderstorms produce the first killer tornado of the day near the Ohio Indiana border in San wart county Ohio. Postponing if you pick Detroit. And I believe our dad that they no one's daily large tornado on the ground. Probably a quarter mile in diameter. It is going through the sound of mayor ordered this kind. Rick McCoy has been the director of the event were county emergency management for more than 26 years prior to that he was a deputy sheriff and studied meteorology. Because of his interest in whether he and his team other Ryan what was about to happen well ahead of time. We've actually been watching the storm prediction center outlook. For several days that there was CA. Storm outbreak. But that particular Sunday morning we were still thinking Mehdi. Thunderstorms up here in northwestern Ohio. And thinking more about maybe a wind event really weren't thinking tornadoes but she could tell that particular morning that. That was suspect series CO in the air that that something was going to happen. Very warm day very windy day. And originally when the the storm started to initiate over an Indiana that we were watching. We hadn't. One under. Thunderstorm watch a tornado watch was actually over central Indiana. So still at that point thinking you know maybe this is just going to be a thunderstorm event for us and so I was in here that afternoon. We certainly see the storms and so spyware watch in the super cell it was. It was coming our way we started getting reports out of Indiana. Tornado over several counties bouncing up and down that was still moving our way in the and so at that point Daiei activated our spotter network. The tornado I was on the ground and Adams county which is just southwest of us are our spotters. In the southwestern part of our county can actually see the tornado coming and and fortunately for us. The village right gallon southwestern part of counted the tornado lifted there and went right over the village. And so at that point I was pretty much thinking you know maybe. What Indiana or Ohio tornadoes Woolsey and touched down but they usually won't be on the ground very long and in the go back up and and pretty much. The storm surges dissipate tonight once I get that report to the weather service at. That the tornado had left a desert innards. My county. Base they advice that they were still very concerned because radar are showing that. Best super cell was intensifying that they expect that we might see tornado come back down so. As it was approaching me and words and and spotters were given me play by play action I was putting out information to the public. How where the tornado watch him at that time. We weren't using FaceBook we didn't have text alert system we. Completely relied on sirens. And people with scanners listening to statements that I was putting out and also. I have weather monitors and many of the factory use within the county the school buildings are our government facilities so. I was putting out stuff a lot of statements. Where the that tornado was asked. Hasn't moved through and has it was approaching ban words became an F four tornado and we've seen it make eight. A slight. Left turn. Which. Helped us. A bit because it didn't come directly over the center of the city to actually hit the west side of the count and that's where our our movie theater was we have. And they five. Theater complex there and interest and I knew that this was going on and it was heading their direction was. Santa Claus to. Had just come out that weekend so I knew it was a popular movie was going to be packed around the a lot of kids there. And let's theaters many times parents drop their children often. And leave them and then come back after they the movie is over so we were sort of in between movies. So a lot of people had left. Some had come in and some had dropped her kids often. At the time the tornado was approach and we had about sixty. Children and some adults and one of those theaters where. The Santa clause too was going to be playing. And at that time besides the sirens going off which you can hear that location I was putting out statements and are to put one out that. They use that tornado would be approaching this animus. And these theater manager at that point. Along with several other adults that he gathered up there in the cinema. Grabbed all the children got them out of the cinemas and they. Herded them into a restroom area which was. Reinforced by cinder blocks that six. One of those was where Santa clause too was going to be playing we're all those children abandoned me and ended up there was. Cars lane in the theater seats. So that would have been a very serious situation. I have based open and that cinema and the other three cinemas had and major damage to them that were completely leveled. And so. After the event. All of those children all those calls were able to walk out of those restrooms and none of them had a single injury. And as that tornado then I'll move off to the northeast of the city of being worked. We had reports. There was still doing damage. It leveled the idea of industrial. Section of the north side of our town. Most of the factories where were completely destroyed and actually most of them were were wiped clean and everything was carried off. He cost and works in emergency management in Henry county Ohio which is located northeast of van worked. Don't listening to very operations going on in there weren't so I'm got all this information coming here and fortunately for us. In entering downing and Bob the only game which will be and it really. Merely. And house of partly blown off its foundation. Ruptured gas line dollar revenue barrier area. And we Andrea. There's a train line that goes east to west this sort of part of drowning. Part of India train was derailed in the wind but that was about the only thing as far as game engine in accounting and we did have. Debris from bail weren't falling yeah are carried a bag and I am days and somebody's already information for college tuition blend in my yard I was you'll return that to them when I was in network. Remind loose in the northeastern part of very bordering on Lucas he had insulation falling this guy that is it is wise. We were fortunate that we didn't have all led damage. But this just. Evidence of just how strongly strongly wants a law that debris area that. Aren't Henry county Ohio was indeed lucky. Back in vain words rescuers were sifting through debris as Keith Haas and headed TVM ware county to assist those in need he described what he saw on the way there. There was to Cooper farms Turkey processing plant. And notice that I have been on disaster operations all over the country every time I think I've seen at all. Something comes along surprises me as I'm driving past I see that. Semi trailer public site down on the ropes and public who performs building I'm just completely shocked it appears this big. Semi trailer picked up and news sent down. Upside down on top of the growth of this building like some big G just picked up and sent it down. And I was just amazed at that you know again this loose. A couple of miles north of power in order to meet the tornado actually went between. There and soul bellas. Sighing didn't I was heading into. Some pretty significant damage. An F four tornado with winds between 207 and 260 miles per hour had ripped through their community. Four people were killed Michael Lewis of the National Weather Service recalls a man's attempt to shield his wife. As the tornado struck that day. And it is it is. Hard word the weather service employees when they have to deal with this because it. The arm our mission is to save lives and yeah any time there's a loss of property. Injuries or even fatalities it is real crushing blow. And particular fatality that that strikes me and when I first moved here. I'm into the area and I met with Britain coy and we had a long talk he took me on and kind of walked me through it happened. But the one fatality. Occurred. Near the good old Robinson's. Wrote here you know. As CF four tornado. Crossed through. And there was an odd couple and the upper portion of their home. And has this tornado approach. These husband. I attempted to cover. His his wife whose wheelchair bound and as he was doing this the homeless kid. And he was killed by flying to debris. And the wife his wife was sent to the hospital. And survived the the other one was. Near this cinemas and where's the theater was struck him and again our car was swept off the broad and the driver inside was killed but really the most tragic morning. Would have to be the the event that occurred there you go Robinson's road. It when I go to downward counting there's always and always run across somebody and we talked at length about this so he didn't to this day. We're we're still having people talk about the the impact that particular that November 10 team. Or lies or last year continental Ohio when a tornado hit a mobile home. As more than a dozen tornadoes on across parts of Ohio one S three turned deadly near the town of republic one person was killed and two others were injured when a home was last off its foundation. The word widespread may not completely defined the multiple severe weather outbreaks going on all at once on November 10 2002. Further south more tornadoes were under way in Tennessee. Fifteen tornadoes to be exact including F three damage from a twister that struck in the evening killing four and injuring eighteen cents. All four fatalities occurred exactly where officials say never to ride out storms in a mobile home. And there were more. David hodes at the National Weather Service in Moorestown Tennessee was a radar operator that evening the other day. Who was stirred held across middle Tennessee. However this series so we call tornadic super cells where does come a long duration super cells. And these storms as removed. Into the evening hours progressed eastward into the outlet so counties that it this is kind of like. Her journal account late evening it's there around 8 o'clock or so. And these tornadoes went into Morgan county and the others specifically to areas they got hit the hardest one it was a mossy grove area. And also as the peach across Syria aboard county that we had circle or rural localities. But also no more carry itself. It's a very young Melvin Syria and a lot of times. If you're trying to get a false sense of security in the mouths are when it comes to tornadoes. And then they kind of dissipated as you win into the Tennessee valley. So it was so it was definitely our premier global a couple of hours there as we as we work through an event. Following the F three tornado that hit mossy grove antitrust joiner in Morgan county Tennessee seven people lost their lives. Dave Coates believes advanced warning it may have kept that number from being higher. We can pay to see to tell these. Across Syria but we did due to longevity of these storms in the fact they remove her from middle Tennessee's. Into our region. And just the birds for now it's storms. Because of that week we have the ability to put out to a for a long lead time this you mentioned at the moved into Morgan county. There was so it was right around thirty minutes some lead time that we do we could clear warning gavel for the actual crimes were heard. Bob turley that a whole event. David leading up to the evening hours. We knew there's going to be up through the big twelve bridge across the Tennessee valley. So even prior to that day you know we do but talked the first two managers and and the local officials and law enforcement is gonna give fulfill or this is going to be a big day for a big evening and this prepare for the but then again merits of the fact we have personalities is that something that we definitely take. Take to heart here to weather's. Our roots as tornadoes were spinning across the Ohio and Tennessee valley yet another outbreak of severe weather was underway further south in Mississippi. Three different tornadoes moved through the allowance county area an evening of Sunday November 10. Fifth third rated as an F one and claimed a life near Crawford the victim was a 54 year old man who left his home to warn neighbors of the approaching tornado. He was on his way home when his trailer flipped over pinning him to the ground. Of the fifteen twisters in Mississippi the strongest struck the city of columnist. Dozens of homes and businesses as well as a church suffered F three damage. At the church in Columbus about sixty people were removed from an activities building and she hallways. After learning of the tornado warning the route to the activities building collapsed. Just minutes later there were no fatalities and Columbus and. Residents were not so lucky in Alabama the perfect atmosphere setup was in place in the south much like it was over a large part of eastern US. Jerry Tracy is a meteorologist at WV TM TV in Birmingham and remembers it well. Well and one of things I remember about that day is that dumb. Bid sometimes this happens it before and about tornado event that he had kind of a cap that atmosphere you'll have a pretty clear skies for much of the period until things get going. And I remember that day being number one so warm outside I can't remember the exact high temperature but I think it was like 81 or 82. And guns and the scholarship sunny and it was a day in which this from a casual view of so whether you would say loss tonight stay it's an unusually warm day but tonight stay outside. And then numb all of a sudden. Early evening things began to happen and that's when you realize the event that you thought might happen on really is coming to pass and did it was a day I believe in the morning in which we were upgraded to a high risk from the storm prediction center. And dumb obviously high risk they usually take very seriously you make sure the staffing levels where it needs to be you make sure the news director and everybody else is on hand and and knows exactly what's going to happen or at least what potentially could happen. And so much of the day at a time loose loose Bennett and figuring out just where are we going to be win this thing gets going. And then into the event that evening everything happened very quickly and done it wasn't a particularly long live and and unlike some of ours which occurred to face is this for pretty much and hurt him one phase and everything happened. During the evening hours I believe between about 630 and about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. And once you got going it was very fast and furious and dumb. Well unfortunately. There were two very strong tornadoes big tracks of which were very close to one another that does happen once in awhile and Alabama and it happened in this once snowstorms originating I believe in Fayette county and then moving northeast of there. Multiple tornadoes struck Alabama a sizing carbon hill and Sarah Gaza and those would have to that tracked so close together. I'll only a few miles apart both in the origination point and in the actual tracks. Although the second storm certainly did go a lot further I believe it's likely something like 7075 miles on the ground. Com as a very wide storm to 11100 yards wide. Or something just over a thousand arm and that's the one that tracks from just northeast of the city of say it on after walker county eventually up in the Coleman counting to. All of that was the longest track we dealt with that day on the the other F three was just on the north side of that one not a long but starting in about the same place and winding up in southeastern sections of Winston county near the community of our league. Com and that one also causing fatalities both of those two storms caused fatalities the first one in the relatively short almost four fatalities in the second almost seven. In all three different tornadoes claimed twelve lives and Alabama we've veterans day on Monday November 11 the mood was different than normal. Jerry Tracey says the community came together to not only recognize those who served our country. But those who suffered losses from the storm. There are a lot of time because it was veterans stay in in Birmingham we have one of the biggest veterans day parade in the country and had occurred the next day and obviously. A lot of what had been planned it was changed because of this terrible that occur in the night before and there are a lot of collection a lot of bombs. Collection of foodstuffs and things like that the next day. To get out to these people who were in desperate need I know as a TV station we were planning to do the parade live and we still bid. But should focus was. Not what it would have been it would have been totally on the tremendous service to our vets do for us. But we also have to think about people who are suffering very badly in areas that were only a little bit west and especially northwest of the city of Birmingham. I remember a lot of people a lot of groups coming together the next day on veterans day. To say let's get together here these people need our help and we have to love the have to give at all. Tornadoes occurring at a somewhat and usual time this year in November and at night likely resulted in the number of fatalities across all four. Outbreak regions that weekend but in 2002 communication and technology were much different than today. There were is eight a real limit. Instantaneous communications. We have Internet but we really didn't have a lot of the interfaces. To. Directly and routine these remain in contact using Internet it is for many of the weather service offices that was kind of an. And an infant seat for us we're pushing stuff on the web sites. But we weren't really actively integrating it into as a communications. Tool. We certainly had our amateur radio operators places that's been kind of a standard. Operating procedure ever since amateur radio has been on the air there's been a connection there. But I think that too real big difference is that the ability. To maintain instantaneous. Contact. Before during and after. We just did not have that full capability. Can you add that time we were we were just starting to dabble in an explorer. The capabilities. Of the Internet. Jerry Tracy from WP TM TV agrees. Social media combined with real time communication with a National Weather Service online has superseded the old way from 2002. Mostly you had to do it by phone. That was the key way to get through I mean obviously you had other way he's such as their web sites such as no weather radio to find out basic public information. Before behind the scenes much. And the station. They didn't have time into the phone during an event like that we didn't have time to make the call during an event like that instant messaging and gave us away or Chad as we now call it gave us a way to go back and forth with very little loss of time. And dumb and not slide the social helpful I and it did strike picket officially debuted I think it was 2000. Like anything else they'll probably didn't catch on a great deal instantly and then once this event occurred and during this event as well we all realized man what a great tool decisions. For those who work in emergency management like he costs men. He believes that you can't have too much warning when it comes to severe weather. Weather radios in perspective in the didn't have Smartphones already got Smartphones. There's no excuse and no reason for people to not have a someway getting notification whether BO weather radio when your period expensive dirty books you can buy a weather radio. In these people. Below waste that much money come home want to not a weak on junk food on alcohol and cigarettes and video games and movies and what have you been sit by bucks a week aside. I don't know that. They can pay for a weather radio in no time at all they make great to house warming yes you know certainly it's a new policy new apartment wherever. But I order radio. How firm believer in an Indian people having that sort of tool at their disposal I have to win a radius of my house when browsers one upstairs. I don't like to be anywhere and not have some kind of notification of of of what's going off Sidney seeing some revival. Next on tornado talk. December 5 1953. Powerful F five tornado rips through Vicksburg Mississippi killing 38. It is still to this day the fourth deadliest tornado to affect the state. December disaster. On episode 26. Tornadoes.

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