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The Good Life Segment 1 01-21-17

Jan 21, 2017|

Guy Bower talks with author, journalist, television personality, &grilling enthusiast Steven Raichlen about grilling trends in 2017 and how people want to know where their food comes from and how it's grown and raised.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a good line. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide now. Boy what a pretty okay been outside yet again habit. Yet known it its early night I was up early this morning while the sun come up. Looking forward to burn and so mom agree earlier this weekend in. We're gonna talk first stop about. Twice seven team barbecue trans cooking trend outside. Fuels meets that kind of thing help us do that will be the world famous. Busiest man in Barbour accused Steven reckless. In the second half we got a little more stuff with. Jeff Phillips he's a smoker meet dot com we'll talk and get his input for a little bit. A pay about Bordeaux river cruise which will lead nicely. Up to shut Nobel 12011. Omid arcade. And beautiful primarily cab one of the week with the about that. First drop all things barbecue if you haven't been lately at those stores so cool at. When Stephen was here. Last year year and a half ago. All things barbecue hosted a cooking demo an event down there and it's so much more than. Outdoor cooking equipment there's just every kind of fuel you can imagine and we're talking high quality wood and pallets and and all that of course is home of the order smoker and if you if your fears about or outdoor cooking. If you ever envision competing even of his is competing for the attention of your neighbors. Having you order Coker is the answer. You can learn more they TB BQ that's where you could also. Sign up for the sauce how to how to video dressed reason more and you can check out the upcoming schedule of barbecued demos and dinners and all things barbecue eighteen BBQ dot com. A great place to go comment I got a gift certificate from Griffith like it went the use. You know on the on this week. If you if you bid around growing if you've Lisovicz joke of the you've been on. Several times. You've heard is the vertical and multi award winning author. Journalists television shows a novelist. He's written more books about grilling and barbecue and outdoor cooking than anybody I know and he just had. At his most famous web site. Barbecue Bible dot com. 2017. Trends and it's always fun to kind of get an idea what's coming up Steven good afternoon my friend and welcome to the program. Our guys. Of people but just prettier down there than in himself or you're top forty U up on the coast. You know I'm not Bandana out Erden. Excellent all right so when I got my. My weekly newsletter from up in smoke. And I started coming through your. Series of 27 team trends. I got me excited that's why I call things for broad acting so on short notice. There are so many things going on and outdoor cooking. Now compared to thirty years ago is just it's amazing and and you've been a big part of that. What are what are yet when he what do you see in. It 20s17 that might standout. For those of us here in the midwest or anywhere that might be listening when it comes to what we cook on girls. Well first and foremost. Re. Oh. And the eight stance or tired of the organic and why. And what that means is a real lot more attention to where arms and today. Industrial core the core heritage. There it is street it has such tremendous flavor light do rock among elite sort of Berkshire pork. Ditto for heirloom vegetables. Organic Allah big believer in alt two or organic food is organic meat if you put an organic chicken next to. Apparently Egypt that she's not a big difference and climate wild. You know right by. While. And it. Will work like that and decode and again from the Pacific port as. So that the big. One totally different note breakfast on the rail. Long meant that more and more. You grow our picket went by the review. A group to cook bacon smoked wrote today. And practiced burger. It's hit and do it can. But I you know. I loved to cook anything on the grill and my fondest memories are I a little hub bots you on the beach in Florida at 6 o'clock in the morning. Over in Naples in my dead. Grown up bacon and and do an exit and cast iron skillet and somebody fund things let's say a quick break Steve when we come back I want talk not only about some of the things that you can use to fire up your girl and at the bit more it's again there's so many different things where they're using lump charcoal or. A natural our border for a real woods is a lot of relative to all there and and more continue the march on Tony seventeen. Fun things to look forward to. Trend setting things for 2017 I have marker and that's what I wanna hear our with a quick break come right back don't go away.

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