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The Good Life Segment 1 01-28-17

Jan 28, 2017|

Guy Bower is live from Audi of Wichita. Guy talks about the Rolex 24 race that will happen later in the day. Guy then talks with retired Brigadier General Ed MacIhenny and his wife Debs about their years of racing involvement.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a good line food wine and all the good things of life. Now here's the host of the good life guide now. You work here. Two are outside the weather's. Gorgeous it's gonna continue to be gorgeous. And I can tell you that. What you ought to do is jump in your coaching. And go right now to body of Wichita on north Greenwich record just north of thirteenth. That's Rahm come to be alive today. And there's a lot of fun things going on here at the dealership first off the main reason we're here. Is it about. An hour and a half 1:30 PM central time the Rolex 24 at Daytona starts and it's good to be broadcast on. Several different huge screens here including the VIP theater upstairs by. By the Cheesecake Factory yes there's a Cheesecake Factory here. We're gonna tell you about. The dealership and MacArthur here you can come by and see one of the race cars it is similar to what's going to be racing in Daytona today. It's the body. 2011 edition looks the same as the cars that team audience driving today. The Swindon have a motor it when you wouldn't know unless you got to try to start it. It's so cool and tonight there were doing little wine tasting it to tell us little about the the location here Taylor McKee is the head doctor of public relations that he got to get closer and I can't reach it Taylor welcomed the good. It Hyundai you know deal with him make him better the motor was in that car or better yet we can get in the that are at seven and go for little crew. You know they lowered the military team with us they want us going out and off witness took the motor. Clay. That's down everywhere. I'm Taylor that I think we should tell people first office the venue here. All of them along the luxury way here if you will the walls are audio auto group. As has taken over in these buildings all of them are magnificent. And it really provides a completely different buying experience for anyone. Whether you're at the Porsche dealership for jaguar Mercedes-Benz here naughty and the BMW in many years just around the corner. Well you know we're picked up by walls are a couple months ago and it was obvious that which side got a little worried just because they've gotten quite used to collect. Sri way especially under Schofield. But I can assure everyone that Walter wants take that luxury style. And toss in the best price and you can walk and no car which again at four and now you're yen year value. And then after you buy the vehicle I mean. You get access to the Lexus VIP parking all our other amenities such as free car washes the loaner vehicles. We are not looking to compromise on luxury. When you buy a car here just because we have the best price it's about getting the best price and getting everything you paid for it. Any any of the vehicles you look at the showroom today he delivered a sticker and you oh my goodness oh my goodness. But then you look at the walls are best price in the front windshield and that's where the fun kid to get starts happening at my my BMW 750 I is Kitna. Get the bath right now while we're on the air. I look forward to talk some weather folks one of the things you guys have here that is upstairs in the VIP lounge nobody has called this the first part. Are we call this the what we got multiple areas up here from Cheesecake Factory the movie theater. And our Audi conference room as well the VIP lounge where if you're an outcast Marie get special card that gets him there and it is. Even mark on all of our regular waiting areas that we have. Which says a lot because the regular rating areas have have free beverages and snacks and agree to big big screen TV in Aaland. It really makes the whole idea of buying that car completely different than what it is that most other dealerships. Tom other for the talk and some of the coaches because you mentioned the Cheesecake Factory. Not many car dealerships have a Cheesecake Factory these days. It took us awhile to get that agreement to be honest we. From what I he here we spend again five or six years Biden Thornton. What I sold was the biggest issue was. We wanted to cult Cheesecake Factory and they didn't want to call Cheesecake Factory they said it's not big enough for it at the bakery and so I think we compromise with Cheesecake Factory bakery in the end don't know why that take six years but we're happy to have it. So good. Oh thanks for stopping by outlook for the we're gonna talk. Well that one of the top salespeople here to explain you. That to use some of the differences in the vehicles that are on the showroom floor today you can come take a test drive more importantly incumbency to Alter our AT and Annette. No McKee thanks for being part of a program today a happy team guy and happy to have you here all right now. Let's talk about this race it's coming up it really is. What I guess you can call the beginning of the racing season is one of the first races. Of 2017 incidents or race it's at Daytona. And the Rolex 24 has a great history of some great. Saudi teammates participating today. And I thought you know I don't know that much about a point for our race I know that having done on a driving experience at Sonoma race way. I know that after sixty laps spread out through most of the day I was totally worn out. And I got to be good have a little background information about what it's like to be a part of a 24 endurance race. And then I remembered I have to local friends that happened be husband and wives. Did you retired brigadier general earn okay British if I wanna make sure I should know but I've been retired along time. Brigadier general at Mac winning now retired and airline pilot and his lovely way I've never here Ed welcome the program that be your guy. Glad to meet you here's the pay. You guys have been involved in and in racing for quite some time as with some of of our our other friends in the Kansas their guard. This has to be so much fun to be a part of a 24 race but tell us live and I'll I'll let you have to this question to Russell but about. Your endeavors background in racing and what you have done up to this point. I first got. Involved. Close to ten years ago and and I got involved in sprint racing the SE CA this worker. Club America is is right started. Went to a couple that are they're driving schools in and getting to open wheel racing believer not my first racing experience was in the formula Mazda. Very lightweight car pretty simple motor rotary motor in in a race that car successfully for probably. And all foxy six or seven years I had a partner first. That start to get expensive and I see it now I'd still like to continue to race and I looked at other venues out there and wanted to go to some of the famous tracks like good. And I got involved a friend of mine who was also reaching with me. I asked me five was interested in joining him in a series Colby champ car series and it's purely an endurance racing series. All over the country and I've got involved with that and have been doing that ever since and had a great time. Ivories the variety of coat cars it was a co owner of one Opel. Four. Well they at least five or six years something like that I don't currently own one. And and then I got my wife involved in the series few movies that kind of vote lead foot so to speak. And and I think you know if you really wanna go fast. Go fast on track and so I think I starter without a helmet and driver's day of the two peca. And the rest is history so was. Okay Britain and let's face it. If you're gonna spent a lot of money in my pocket the wife involves they got that they expect and agree that. Of people probably anybody who's paid attention here in the last eight years you've been on TV. You you used to be on TV doing a legal segment because you're an attorney. You are using like a song bird. Yet you do have I woke me I want me guessing today. Tell us about your desire to and what you think of joining in they did on the racing circuit. Well first of all I compete against began at different thinks are kicked up into it makes it even more dynamic. I certainly end about 2012. In my first race was an area we call them the championship. That would be the end of the year championship race for champ car. And they threw me to the wolves. And my never behind track before well. One track day Helena are very different than actual racing and it amongst all the different cars. And I was real. I think I spent more time looking in the rear view mirror to see who was about to run me over like I had a blast and I was hooked. Point it I now sit on its board. Not when good. I had there you view we've all talked about this of the three is have talked about this I have the the tremendous pleasure of doing the body driving experience. It's in numerous ways and then that this sim sim raceway folks out of the some summary way. If you about three hours worth of academic starting early early in the morning. And then you have the opportunity to drive we you do with a parking lot clones and cornering and breaking and exercise. In a TT. And it was in a driving rain. Pouring rain main really bad. But the rain eased up and we got on the track we get to drive the PP. And RS six and more importantly ERA. Sixty left worth and that it was so good it was just. That was money well spent in and it made me realize that I'm just. A hundred pounds too late in fifteen or twenty years too late because. When I got out of the last car after the last of the sixty laps I was worn out I was just a bag of rocks couldn't go anywhere. And that makes me think these guys even if they just drive two hours shifts in Daytona. Holy macro you've got to be just. Worn out and you add the am the primary concerns that you have to be on focus all the time. Which means you don't have time to with your mind rest you don't have time to body rest you are totally focused and driving Sonoma that's wonderful track we've done. And there we've driven we've raced there. It is one of the best tracks in the country. Daytona is another one up also driven that one. And it's it's a tricky track. And when it rains. Is a treacherous track. Ultra detractors when it rains but yes you did you get worn out you have to pay very close attention. You have to stay hydrated if to have eaten properly of course you need sleep. In a 24 hour race that's tough to do. But after two hours you're worn out and so you. You have to take a two hour wasted a two hour break I wonder I didn't find out we've we tried to find out how much. Time off and how many drivers they have what is a normal complement of drivers recorded four race. But depends on them the series is running the race and also depends on the track and how how demanding it is and how long the race will be. In champ car will have races that run anywhere from seven to 24 hours in a 24 hour race for probably need. I would say 66 people on hand at all times. Every two hours you can train got changed drivers assuming you don't have any breakdowns and you know you refuel when you change drivers quite often most often try to. Plan those together. So in a 24 hour race. You gotta have somebody in the pits of these guys who are racing at Daytona they're pros they have plenty of people working the pits. With champ car your drivers are usually your pit crew as well. It's a hands on organization ever you do everything to getting sleep and champ Kart 24 hours is tough. I'll bet it end here and we're that's just really talking about. The driver aspect in and that would be a tremendous a strain for anybody even with your just too urged that. And if you had six hours off the cancer that gets beat whatever. But when you think about it. Those of us who love car racing image have folks this is the beginning of the auto racing season. The cars have to put up with a lot because they don't get a two hour break. Yeah absolutely. The preparation of the car it's critical. And these these cars it at Daytona right now. Yeah they are prepared well prepared. There are weak areas we all know in endurance racing that hey there's particular areas we're gonna have to watch out for. Will have spears. So that when something does break hey we can be preemptive and may be replaced before rates. Or will be watching it while wall there there coming in for the pit stops. So the cars are absolutely critical. And and then. Of course as as you drive the car the things you're gonna happen in the course not to be perfect full time. So you're gonna to sit there and and we've had races were we've lost a third year. You know and so now all of a sudden you know a you know that corner that we're supposed to be in third you're going around long and now you're going to be there for your second year okay take your pick. So so yet the drivers have to adapt and and and that's just again that's that that's racing you know so well at. It's so cool I'm so glad you gotta stop I want to sticker and hope you will because going to be part of the one week today. It's. This is a killer red wine cabernet baseline. From Washington State with me about that later. Now we're gonna take a quick break for regularly available about all things barbecue if you haven't been there lately he got to go you know Don and Kathy bought. The whole west end of the old building that there in. And it looks like capitol building from the outside because it's an historical building but on the inside it's magnificent. And all things Barbara do you think of course they have the best selection of outdoor cooking equipment. Including. Did Yoder smokers in Yoder grills cooking tools that if you haven't seen it spent time with you must. But then upstairs there's all kinds of patio furniture and things that enhance your outdoor experience. Go to AT BBQ dot com page down the bottom. Sign up for. The blog this loss that you concede all the recipes that thing to come out every week and and also check the schedule on. The learned a barbecue a section there about upcoming classes stuffer. February was great can't wait for march I'm open to make some of those myself. AT BBQ dot com Tony heard about right here on the good luck. Short break we'll be right back to tell you more about the Rolex 24 at Daytona. And coming Q from audio Wichita. On north Greenwich road just north Berkeley stop by and who later with you about the three wine tasting for audio owners tonight they'll go away.

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