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Wichita Means Business 1/28/17 A

Jan 30, 2017|

Business Expert Carl Gould with 7 Stage Advisors

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to what some means business and if you are small business owner you have accompanied where your key employees are your manager. This session this morning is going to be one that you're gonna really enjoy. And this I guess we have in the studio is someone he's been here before. As an excellent job and you're gonna walk away today from this segment with some information to help your business be stronger and better. And so Carl Gould thank you for being here and thanks so much for having me again John appreciate it now Carl has the company seven stage advisors dot com and can check that out of course online he's also has and a couple other companies seem to international moneys he's an author of seven business books that he probably need to go to the bookstore and pick up at least a couple of those checking out online Karl cool dot com as well so it. Lots of resources for you to check things out Carl is a business growth expert in the advises organizations. To figure out a way to get to the next level we're all about that's right and that's what that's over we got him in here for today to help a softer out what we do nag about our business and 2017. He's built three multimillion dollar businesses by that time he was forty years old that's pretty stop track record for arrests -- reference and talk about. And so Karl I really do appreciate you coming in today well thanks so much I really appreciate it's great to be back in enjoyed the first time around so looking really looking forward to this Leo he helped to have Carl come in you know on a fairly regular basis I guess one of your coming here to which start work with other companies intend may weaken steel Leo way to do a segment we appreciate though you do in this so. Let's start outlets with some basic 2017. Questions okay. What are some Smart business goals of somebody is a business owner what are some Smart goals for them to consider for their business. Yeah you know this I I love this time of year because it does give you the chance even though it's arbitrary it's on the calendar it says January you know why. Why do we have to step step back and and look at our New Year's resolutions and our goals. But it does give you a chance to step back and really consider the how and the why of your business and everyone knows what you do you know you're a dentist you're an attorney Europe mechanic you're a a software company here has distributor your supplier a year whatever. That's the what of what you do but that doesn't differentiate you all right so. What you're doing is everyone else is out there doing it to there you have competitors are doing it the same way maybe even better maybe even cheaper than you. And it's hard to differentiate yourself on the what. So you wanna take a look real look this this year add to the howl of what you do and the why of what you do. Right so there's there's there's cafes as you can get a couple coffee anywhere right. Coffee beans are everywhere but you've only Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks or you know the family luncheonette. The howling the wire totally different and sometimes the good and sometimes they're not so good. What your customers will pay a premium for the how and the why so I would start setting my goals. And I'd be looking at those process seized because that's home and differentiate myself in the new year all right. And another question a kind of goes along with this I really like to ask this I'm anxious to hear what he had to say. But those are kind of those are business answers which is sure of course while you're here but what about personal goals what's what's a business owner may be but would be a personal goal RT my share. Yeah you know that's that's really interesting on ice I I spent the first part of my professional career as a life coach. And one of the top reasons. One of top reason somebody pursues or gets. A sort sort with a life coach is that they are somebody very close to them had a health event. Our health scare. So they're somebody close that had a heart attack or there stressed out or there. Really struggling right now and if you Trace it back to why they might have had this health issue. You know they are not in alignment with what they do the majority of the day which means. Their work and so if the personal goals don't align with the professional goals. Your business is never gonna perform as good music could the end. Your. And at the same time. US and individual you're gonna struggle this year so you must align your personal goals with your professional goals and so. A good one that one other quick tactics when a quick tips that we give everybody is we say. Take out your calendar right now we live in the wonderful world of technology god bless technology that it located it is there it is saved my life and spared me so much grief and other in my life I can't even tell you. But learn the power of the recurring. Appointment. All right so my staff and so transparent I can't walk to a door without everywhere and invited W knowing what I'm doing. And I literally have on my calendar take your vitamins. Hit the gym I mean those things are on and it's funny because I'll walk into the office in the site. So did you take your vitamins today but the point being is is that in the beginning of the year go to your calendar and plug in all the recurring appointments. That feed you individually. So if you like to go to the gym put that in now Monday Wednesday Friday 7 AM to 730 it's in there. If you have a vacation put it in there now yet date night put it in there now. On yup time we just like to sit out have you know have your favorite beverage and read a book put it in now and then mold your professional calendar. Around your personal calendar that's one of the ways that you can stay rejuvenated because. You know if you're listening to this they shouldn't you probably in over achiever and you're in over Cheever because you don't know how to say no. And in the in the world of personal personality analysis the higher level of material achievement you have in your life. You date the it's a reverse proportion your ability for self management. So you you don't know how to say no you don't have boundaries that's why you over achieved but. You know your cup run at low hook most of the time as a result in I'll tell. I think every business owner that I know they obviously Derek selling with their business but you just see that spilling over into their personal life all the time Tran vice Versa. Act so the good are the bad whatever it is that goes both directions right it's true and and there's you know this whole idea work life balance I mean you can just get that out of your head that doesn't work I mean. It's more work life integration now meaning if you do the work you love it doesn't feel as much like work and then you can include. Your family and so you know how I think about it you know buy more and more people bring their dogs to work right. Or if they have to do some work at home it doesn't feel as onerous you know or technology allows us to work remotely when we need to so. I would say look more at work life integration because it won't. It won't feel it won't feel. It like a siren going off your life so much and you'll be able to get more of that alignment. OK so a lot of the blisters on Candace says we believe our already business owners. Or business managers or. And that's okay no idea how silly of executive and manager of business owner for short. Then we think we have another tier of listeners that want to have a business thing Derek they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They will they've got all these ideas that blood did. To start this new venture this new project and so the next questions I kind of on a roll into that. The presidential election obviously this is bearing down on us and us happen it's here are real and everybody can you know you can neither believe it or not I guess but. But down how does this presidential election. A fact. Business today in 2017. Shoreline and it should really have a big effect and I mean it is the story as as the inauguration has just happened. Donald Trump is now our new president and I gotta tell you this is the biggest David Bertha vs Goliath story you've. I've I've seen in a long time and and it's hard to say a billionaire is an underdog but if you think about. On a trump running for president. Again and he was in a party that was underfunded. He's that he was an amateur candidate he just never did before so there no no no fault to him but he was an amateur candidate he just never run for public office before. And he was going against one of the most seasoned politicians. Oh who had an incumbent party with a just so many more resources then then. Then him but yet he really tapped into the message of his audience and on and his voters and they were very loyal to him so. But that that to decide what's going to happen is trump is going to be very much in America first company and he's gonna focus on. Making it easier for businesses. To hire internally. It's gonna be easier to launch a business it's going to be easier to maintain your business and when taxes are lower it allows you to reinvesting your company. In a way that you couldn't if you tax rate was higher. Right so it's been proven before that if you give the money back to people they tend to spend. You know we're not savers were spenders and so that tends to stimulate the economy but you know there's a concept that you probably have. The putt missing on TV about Trump's first 100 days no 100 days in office you know. But that's not only please the hundred day concept exists on in the mergers and acquisition world. Or if you ever take on enough funding from an outside partner bank. They wanna know what's your plan. And there's a concept called the hundred day launch and and we've all watched shark tank and these other investment shows and when mark cube in our. Naming John or Laurie green near barber cork in court and say well if I give you the money what are you gonna do with it. They're essentially asking for what you're 100 day launch plan it is and so that would be real that would be really important thing. For you know as you're looking at your professional goals are you looking at your personal eyes are looking at your personal goals. What is your next 100 days going to look like. And it's really important to dial adding to that level of granular parity because it'll give year old clarity as to how you're gonna spend. The next corner. Of your business. By a united looked at the whole thing since he got elected there's been really interesting to me it. In just observing the organizational. Skills and set up that he's put together yeah and then now to be funded just watched them pull levers and start implementing. Issues and items now perspectives and directions and so so that I never really thought about that paralleling to a business plan. But gosh and makes a lot of sense. Yeah it's yeah and and they want a cut there's a couple of keys with the with a hundred day you with your hundred day plan. You know just like trump is for is keeps talking about how his first day he's gonna do this in his first say he's gonna do that. But just talking about is a really important concept and the concept is that of an early win. He needs some early wins to build credibility to build momentum. And and you know we say in baseball you wanna get some runs on the board right an and hockey you know the first it's it seems like there's. Up aboard over the goal until you get the first one and you realize way I can actually score here at works. You know so I'm in that first hundred days you do wanna have a compelling vision of how you're doing. How you're doing what you're doing and why you're doing what you're doing you do wanna have it written down and get those ideas out of your head and onto paper. What you also wanna look for where are the early victories even the small ones back and help you build momentum in your plan. Eight it induces confidence in your team. You make a statement to the market marketplace that you know you're serious and you're committed. And you know it it starts to it's such a push you win. In the right direction for your business but if somebody's gonna start a new business or they're gonna take their existing business to the next level that obviously they're gonna face some challenges are just an happen automatically. And so what are some common challenges that UC. For new business arts burners that they're gonna probably for sure face short day it's there's no question so. Seoul look at these two things in your business writer when you're growing your business is essentially about these two. Overriding principles. Think of traffic. And offer. I Traficant offer is what you don't launching your business or take it to the next level so trap trap. Perfect meaning do you have the right qualified. Prospects are you speaking to the right people. So you know we're on a business or a radio show if we started talking about kids' programs or. You know pop culture. That might be an interesting conversation but it wouldn't be targeted to the audience they want to talk and hear about business right. A business analysis per business personality. So you have to know who you're speaking with and make sure that you have the right qualified. People and prospects that. Like what you do that are willing to pay that are willing to pay for your services. And and would be and and appreciate the value of what you bring to the table. And the second thing is offer. What is your offer to them that is so compelling that they would literally stop shopping for another resource. It's a quick about this those of you would an iPhone are you are you getting ready to buy the next Samsung. Probably not your probably waiting for the next iPhone released because you know you believe you are you know your more of the a Mac person. I see you identify with the product product line and the the offerings that apple is for you you like it you identify so stick with it. Right so in in whether you're launching a business you wanna take it to the next level level. Look at who your traffic is do you have the ideal client. Who would be willing to pay a premium for your services by again and again and then while they're doing all that refer you to somebody else. That's the right traffic now the offer is what's so compelling won't be high value to them. So that they that they would want to. OK you know I don't wanna change phones. At brands of funds is 'cause I don't know if I can learn how to run the other. That's I mean I barely know how to do mine after all these years we're talking with Carl Gould and he is. Person behind seven stage advisors dot com he's an expert in small business and business management and development. And now you can check it out online at seven sage advisors on comp or Carl Gould dot com. And a wealth of information there for you to help you with your business and Cardiff yes some books I know I written seven books can just tell some of the titles on them to our audience please show. Our thank you my most recent book is one cold is dead done right. BI ZDEV so short for business development and that's a book back demystify the sales process and shows you where you might be getting some things wrong and how to turn that around. I'm so busy to have done right that's actually a current best seller on Amazon we're very proud of that and you can go to is to have done right book dot com. And then now the book I'm also well known for is something called the vause seven stages of small business success. How to go from start up to seven figures in three years or less and we have it you can go to Carl bull dot com war. It's a mouthful. Seven stages of small business success dot com. That's a big island a yet or just audio okay now we are I have time to delve into each of those that would would you just name some of the stages of business development that people need to go through to grow their business so I can take you through each and impeach him really quickly so the first what is called strategic planning getting that great idea out of your head and on a paper. We just talked about. Being compelling with the the how and the why and then stage two is the specialty stage and that's where you're known as a as an authority in your niche and that's where you have the right traffic in the right offer okay cause your highly paid professional in your field whatever that means. Stage three synergy that's we start to build the team around you because you've till you've got a good name you've got a good reputation. And you want to build a team that can continue the and handle the workload that that's been put on you. But then we switch to stage for this is where professional management kicks it. Stage four is where it was called the systems. Staged. And that's we start to system ties to business and every area of your business you try to put how to next. Stage five is what we call I'd sustainability. This is where you can scale your business have multiple products multiple. Product lines geographies you can essentially franchised because you are now known for something other than your or product right. So Starbucks is known for the experience for coffee that would be an example. Stages six and seven or exit strategy stages stage six is what we call sale ability. Where you either cash or altogether or you bring on investment or you go public that sort of thing. State seven is what we call succession. And that's where you create a legacy business where you can pass it along to the next generation. You get to fire employee number one. Your favor today you get the fire you and now replace yourself with the CEO and and and it and the business value goes up because the new. The new. A generation of leadership is ready to take on your vision and take it to the next level so those are those of the seven stages. OK so if you own a business are managed business and Gatorade two to set us up here. For the great take away for the day so Carl tell us what can somebody. I'll grace so here's one. Doesn't cost any money. And you can do it if it doesn't cost any money you can have referrals and high level referrals right away. And one thing you can do right now folks is joint venture around eight like client so what that means is. Find somebody who has the same ideal client profile issue right traffic has the same traffic but never totally different and non competitive offer. So let's say you're a gutter cleaner. Kind and and so you find somebody who does carpet maintenance. Totally unrelated. Or your dentist you find somebody who's a GPI. Or you find somebody who does massage right. And what you do is you write a letter to your database recommending. You recommending the this non competitive company to be and then they do it vice Versa. So you write a letter saying hey I know I clean your daughters but on you've mentioned that your carpets could use a cleaning. Here's somebody here somebody we really recommend and they'll give you a special deal just because. You're caught customers of mine so if you're just to give them a call and then they would do vice Versa hey we clean your carpets here's a great gutter here's a great got a resource. It's a trusted it's a trusted reference its word of mouth it's a very warm lead. Doesn't cost anything except for a postage stamp or an email. And you I guarantee you'll get referrals from each other. I got a couple businesses I recommended that T and neither did it on their counter tops with some little. A lot being liars you know to help each other out so yes all right that's Carl Gould he's in here on can assess this morning we really appreciate him taking time to stop by you can check him out act Carl Gould dot com. Or seven though the number seven stage advisors dot com. Carl thanks for being here in and we look forward to your next stop thanks so much thanks for having me again.

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