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02/01/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - the world of prophetic dreams.

Feb 1, 2017|

02/01/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV JOhnson - guest Kim Treffinger discusses her book - Sleeping with Spirit which chronicles many years of her dreams and how they , in many case came true. Kim also offers some tips for people who are interested in having more awareness of their dreams. Her book can be found at

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. I welcome everybody it's Wednesday night to her Thursday morning depending on where you are beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and she beat Johnson the best late night. Paranormal talk show. On the air. It would help returns. Or winter we disarm him and thank you hear myself is it even better when we turn on the Paris audiences are rated by EU everybody out by me but you know I'm a pretty good sense for these things I have I have been seeing a lot. Lot of things open in the hands of into the instantly and I told not school parents and or possession they did everybody else they're listening to behind reality radio they should tuning in tonight we got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Kim traffic error she's an artist for most of her life I should appear in an HT TV's craft here's coast to coast with her art. She been working on now photography for over twelve years. In her books sleeping with spirits is the culmination of a lifetime of connection with spirit and spiritual awakening. In her thirties that put her on a mission to prove to her Walton and physician husband if there was more to reality. And he does he get him as a pretty interesting story she started down having very very vivid dreams when she was a child. And at a point she decided to start keeping a journal of her dreams and dated for awhile as a child but then really picked it up again as she got older. And over the course of years she threw the journals into a box and then an event occurred in her life where she decided that issue's gonna pull journals back out. And go through them and that issue is going through these journals which from now Pino 151617. Years old. She started to realize that the dream she was having back then. Had been coming true all along. And that was spiritual awakening force are gonna hear we're gonna hear her story we're gonna figure you know learn more about what she was dreaming what came true what it meant to and she has a lot of advice for people. On who wanna keep track of their dreams intrinsic or what they mean. Speaking of things coming true again my wishing bark from from Josh warrant you got your wishing machine I did. I did. All I'm and a mind and while I'd actually. You mostly will beat news I'd wished from wishing boxing you guys are so you used your wish tuition machine that you just got. To my first my first wish was to benefit you you know Jason you are all heart thank you sir Alex Matsui dew mind may be Texan wife and another piece. Let her know the scholarship but what I'm gonna do is during the break him negotiate if that wish does that actually happen we'll see if my first wish came true god. And then it let's assume that you know eventually I get mine as well we have to do something where we get the listeners involved in in helping us determine what her wishes will be making a wishing contests against each tool. Let's say he wished Jimmy Byrnes Islam and a tragic situation. Don't we don't wanna put on the present problems if you that would. B gift. I don't forget the FaceBook page that's FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it's really a great place to stay connected with the everything we're doing. I'm in addition to that a pretty cool thing we just started and actually be starting to nineteen on the website with some. We have guests on who have books or other materials we've actually got a quick link on the website for people to go to 20 by the. Immensely so much easier early dose so now. You've had a right to the end of the guests are not walls against link I mean on reality radio and a it gory journals connected to Iowa to the actual guest on their books and their information. Yeah it's just one of the menu headings are you gonna be on reality reader got commerce cross top you'll see guests her guest or whatever it is and click on that and to trick to the guest page and they should be in chronological order. I'm based on the show date and day you configure find out more about the guest and you can order their books are they're dvds or whatever the heck they happen to have. And next week we will be live but I will be. I will be in Elway. And Washington State there and Sartre courses. So on the dolls in our country come I will be still connecting remotely to javy in his studio. And yes RB on a road. Taking care of some stuff. And you know that's gonna Foster about a thousand questions in the chat room and other places. But I mean by saying that if if all said we're doing the show and I'm like am me how Nell a guy that's gonna create. Now questions do as Michael cover Marley so so so we know that you can't really say exactly what's happening Tom Blake should I'm the owner of the porn. It well you know it's about time knew him but he said he had this but you have to great ideas I just came up with thirty seconds fury. Mom gamble or leave it yet and I gonna go to that show that's a different show. Speaking of shows we've got a great one tomorrow night as well Michael salas who is a pioneer in the development of excel politics. That's the political study of key actors institution processes associated with extraterrestrial life. He's written on pieces like excel politics political implications of the extra extra structural presence. And exposing US government policies and extraterrestrial life. Galactic diplomacy gaining yes getting to yes with ET. And Jack Kennedy's last stand Eisenhower UFO's MJ twelve in JFK's assassination some pretty cool stuff. Some very interesting topics tomorrow on it will be talking about that without Michael Cella. MJ twelve is a really inching topic are you getting into the whole mind control. Scenario of the government worked on a long time ago and and of course it's public knowledge nice to look at up. But it's it's really it's weird and mean they're using LSD and and things of that nature they were putting in people's water without them knowing. So really we are so things has different things are so many weird things he just wouldn't think that your government police our government would do to us and they were doing a lot of these very very strange things. Hear us our Monday night we've got Sonia Greece and she's a mystic healer and an author. And then actually somebody earlier in channel was asking about Howard storm we had him scheduled. Was couple weeks ago and he was a no show turned out he was sick and he fell asleep B was on cold medicine. In this set his alarm but it didn't wake him up so wolf forgive them but we're gonna have impact on Tuesday night we'll be talking about his near death experiences and how they changed his life. Some speaking a light changing and Jim and they get this have you have you heard about this bat on. The scientist unveils I saw a weird picture of some type of drone that was a were best looking thing so I think that's just knock him program that body it's being called scientists and veiled remark flies just like it. Source Caribbean are off by kitten. That's the thing that makes bad so creepy is that there's so erratic with the wind they fly. Well bat two at bats in the one thing and one thing was only a few things in this world that they're terrified me and that's our one of them and as I was a kid no upstate New York where fishing for bowl ads you know little cat yeah you know rooms there and and I remember bat getting caught in my momma fell in line. And getting all wraps up and I was trying to get them on never had a problem at bats that this thing kept on trying to bite. And from that for whatever reason from there which is to fear this T skip and Ali in just got worse and worse. You know they are they're very beneficial animals and they. An and I think they're greatly misunderstood. But they are just creepy images freaky and it's hard not to have a bit of a phobia rats and airports. Steadily or on or forty years in those rules the circle teeth that they've got beat. Yeah so but ours are covered with a thin so silicone skin flexible wings of this mechanical creature called that pot can move like a bat. And remove its wings to all around making use of nine different artificial joints and of course real bats have farm that part. Anyone who's ever seen a bat flap around guitarist knows that there they're just incredible flyers you know yeah you just talk about that you. In soon Jo Chung one of the flying robots creators said that he gets mesmerized by it that's impressive flight skills and with their quick turns and purging. That flight is a holy Grail of aerial robotics he he claims is an associate professor at Celtic in a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It's there were talking about it during a conference reporters on Tuesday and why this is really so important is because being able to. To twist and turn and dual these maneuvers to open up the possibility of them. I'm using it to create. Artificial hearts and and pumping belts and all that stuff so literally this opens the door to them being able to create artificial hearts. I'm not sure I understand the connection directly but I just know that as recently because of the constant yelled. They're twisting and turning and in the and the shifting of everything with Saddam it just opens up via the panel must opens up head torso. Always say it every night these leaps and bounds in technology does seem to be multiplying and every night we have something that's even more so startling and amazing the night before. That is wild it really so. Yeah speaking at that for the first time ever. Computer. And artificial intelligence machine has beaten humans. And a poker tournament. It's just amazing. Artificial intelligence has made history by beating humans in poker for the very first time. That's the last remaining game in which humans had managed to maintain the upper hand I would reason of course is that. Poker requires bluffing told to be able to play you know and bluffing is more of an emotion and and and kind of that enacting. Sing verses just you know curly equations and spot and everybody has a little ticked right little finger there sets off Bret well there was an artificial intelligence machine built by Carnegie melon melon university and intent racked up over one point seven million dollars worth of chips against four of the top professional poker players in the world. In a twenty day marathon poker tournament that ended just on Tuesday yesterday actually in Philadelphia. And machines have beaten humans over the last couple of decades in chess and checkers and of course that game go which I've never played it to the very old ancient game. But this is the first time. That tip poker has been taken by a an an artificial intelligent machine machine because it's it's not strictly. On a problematic game it's it's got human behavior is part of the game. Laughing I movement all these things and it's that those things have been considered to be on beyond the scope. Of some type of artificial intelligence well that is no longer the case. Well that's great because there has been I think we talked about a month ago about a device they were working on that could predict people's. Chances are of suicide in and other things pride their facial expressions little text so this almost sounds just feeding off same thing. You know that's also interesting too because as you know when you know in crime investigations. And and a lot of you know whether it's interrogations of prisoners during war whatever happens to beat. There's a lot of information that can be. Gotten from body language eye movement facial expressions that kind of thing. And if we sir developed and developing machines that can read that stuff. You know maybe will be able to solve crimes quicker maybe we'll be able to. Be safer in the long run you know from terrorism notes. Well and I agree with them but also I know there was a movie and I don't remember the name of it but it was few years back where. Or robots were actually used to too protective arm. To stop terrorism and indifference or dapper and again by washing people's movement met feast and faced six and all that. But when does it come to a point where it draws the conclusion that you might be a danger. To yourself for others. I just because you might have autistic. If associate of. Mets there's that too you know missed reading in the you know some people that have are nervous when their VP even if they've got nothing to hide just the situation makes them nervous whatever happens to days now. Console last night we are talking about to a cemetery a graveyard in near Columbus, Ohio that have been vandalized over the course of the week a lot of damage done. Well here's something T-Mobile more distressing about a graveyard in Pennsylvania. There's a mayor. And at Pennsylvania town called should mocha and who's been arrested and accused. Of disturbing fourteen graves because he basically allowed. A cell phone company to build a cellphone tower in. The cemetery. And they've charged this mayor his name's bill mill brand with vandalism. Because. You know he'd he's allowed this. Cellphone tower project continue in a cemetery has over 161000. Graves. The police accused him of letting construction crews cover more than. A dozen graves with dirt in order to place the cell tower in the back of the cemeteries in other words they didn't move in on a movie poltergeist that it moved graves additional turmoil that's kind of the deal here and the mayor's being charged Ford as a crime. Soccer you know we we talk about. You know respecting the dead and respecting cemeteries and grave yards as the final resting place for those folks and you know something like that happens is kinda discussed in. Well absolutely and I agree with that but yeah. And old cemeteries or is this just one merits not owned by anybody anymore because usually there's just a few companies that own on the cemeteries and the Soviet and I think consoling. An ox is yeah I think some municipalities owned center they would have when a cemeteries abandon it becomes the property of though there is the county government or the you know township or whatever happens to beat. What they're saying here is that. A dozen graves were covered it and dork who endured in order to place the cell tower there which was to generate 900 to 12100 dollars a month. Which this mayor says would have been used to maintain the cemetery now. It's right now is just an allegation they still have to prove that those graves are still there which they suspect they are. And if they do it'll be a very very you know I'm serious charge for this matter. In at a place for 161000. Graves and I mean that's that's huge area I would honestly think that it would cost more than 912100. Dollars a month to keep it up. Well it probably would but I guess that's something at least they figured this helps yes helping held its own humble keep an eye on that story and I've got one more thing I wanted to mention mussina shell. Find destination America cult killing bigfoot I have not ours aren't seeing people tearing it apart so I don't know okay. I know I actually don't think it's starting genetic it's due to start on the fourth which is what Friday. And and basically it's a six part series it's called killing big foot and it shows a team of monster hunters known as the Gulf Coast bigfoot research organization. As they attempt to track down and shoot. A SaaS likes type creature that supposedly attacking people's homes farm animals and pets in the deep self. So lie this through quietly trying to still I. It's just yeah I'm not sure but not everybody approves of this particular mission and there's a gentleman by the name of doctor Samuel web sent soul who was a former member of this group and he's been pleading with the leader of the group Jim Lansdale. And one of the members Donald MacDonald to not kill a big foot. And you know that the the founder of this group Lansdale says you know this is all theory and you can't you know make these decisions Bakes and Thirtysomething is out there are harming far farm animals. Harming homes and attacking people. Potential leak and we're gonna go find out what it is and we're gonna do something about it so it's the whole show is about this debate whether to kill whether or not to kill what is it what is it not that kind of. We'll thing is I've watched a few shows on destination America just because my kids have done and they've had it on for whatever reason. In some of the shows and he did you guess some great shows I like nick Crawford as soon as soon as the colonel Lucknow locked out choke on but then there's all these other shows out of it. I can't be honest or just horrible that are in there so over produced. It it's written and they're following amounts of their following. This whole it's a rite of its there's no reality to it drives me crazy it's just horrible. Missile over the top there was this one. A bunch of these. I wanna call hillbilly sorry but that's what kind of PRI and just overweight hillbillies that are late. Overreacting. And making it seem like they're chasing down deem it's just ridiculous it's horrible. And I'll be honest. You know. My she might show we we still we did at twelve years we started at twelve years ago and sense of course there's been you know hundreds of shows that are coming gone cents. But the fact of the matter is everybody's trying to be so over the top in trying to hit that next level and it's just it's ridiculous it doesn't help the field it hurts the field. And the shows are freak you know. Horrible they're horrible zones you know with the ghost owners and shows. It whether it's in in an paranormal category are not even even a puppet Chris evoke dominant in this category they don't. So shows really attempted to. Find some truth get some information teach people something European reveal things and then what happens is and learn to beat those kind of shows the other shows have to become. On extreme and end and dramatic and you know overblown and once they do that they become purely entertainment with the like it or not it's just entertainment and it completely discredits the field. Exactly so aren't changing quickly on a different now on. So there was an ancient woman found in a Russia Russian cave returned and turns out ancient women actually on a rushing team turns out to be closely related to the modern population. So yes you are better this one woman is like everybody's mom as the Wii is actually more there's two Oklahoma on Mars so 77. Who had two or 7700. Year old remains of two hunter gatherer women. Found in a Russian cave have been genetically analyzed the results revealed not expect the similarity between their genetic make up. And that of the modern population living in that region. So don't look so for almost 8000 years. There's been very little. And very little just changed from in in this area with these people and it's surprising. As in most parts of the world the human gene pool and diversified significantly across the same time period thanks earlier arrival of agriculture and so by the news and the new genetic results. Found that the DNA of modern east Asian populations very closely related. To that of the two hunter gatherer women who lived in the region 7700 years in what talent slick but. All. We just arrived. Lola. They knew what your wish you know true to your first which gave her thank you slick your first wish just came true just tell me where is it. Whereas in the senate. I heard this while dream meter the wish McCain youth and other Internet and executives lead totally different. While K so we both have while your first wish our kids in monitoring and technique they're giant Corus in a better better to lose contact you is at its. Panel we guns and a itself but an arrest here we go. That's awesome Mario to Nicholas Stern breaks eleven. Yes and not interrupt your story but it that's pretty impressive the way you we appreciate is 31 dollar and aren't the wizard the window and I mean that's gonna. But that's just need for 8000 years pretty much. The people have remained the same no matter. All right let's see okay so when we come back from a break we're gonna bring our guest in Kim trusting your cameo as an author. Her book sleeping with spirit and where she's gonna talk about her experiences as a child. And then again as an adult she had some very very vivid and interesting dreams that she logged in he journal over the course of years and many years later start to go back through those journals and realize that while these dreams actually were more than just streams they were somewhat prophetic and many of them came true. So we'll hear her life history. By day from. For me Tina but when you listen listen to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Beyond reality radio would. Chastened on TV Johnson or telephone a receipt for 46877669. We invite you call we also invite you to join the chat room just go to the website do that. Yet beyond reality radioed dot com just click the listen live and he can join us and Aaron director -- big family that's and there are so. C'mon and hang out yet our guest tonight is sect can trip finger Kim San and artist and an author her book is called sleeping with spirit and it's based on her. Real life experience is a spring Kim into the program Jim welcome to beyond reality radio sir great to have you tonight. I'm Jason. Thanks so much for having me. Alex for coming on. So how has Kim your your books sleeping with spirit is. About your real life experiences starting when you're a child. Relating your dreams when he set the stage forest what was happening to you as a child. That you didn't realize until much later in your life had real significance. Well. When I was about seven years old. I noted that there. I smelled it seemed to be following me around in my house and for some reason. Has. So it'd hit with the now that have to fire from BP which make notes and it epic girl. So I asked my mom why is this current smell followed you around and she Kimball are and where are out. And she took the net and she immediately recognize mental. Her grandfather who died in the three month old and them. That was kind of shocked. At the eyes. How long and for just the news in Europe Q how long was that smells kind of following you around before you guys that explanation. Well she she came right away and pulled me up but because I had. Somehow I associate it with the smell of my heart fire. Apparently it has been around quite frequently. And that means. So it was my spotter for Bankrate grandpa actually who is. Following accountants. My mother has. Indians car accident. That released sort of would make you think that there was a good reason for someone should be trying to look out for her that it's. Actually actually pronounced dead cart crashed when Irish history and partner with a sheet ambulance. And then she started coughing up Latin. And it's your era patients. But at that actually how to count it up experienced. After they aperture she sought her out any outsiders. Ambulance and her grandfather standing there next to her and you're going to be OK you're going back and then. She was actually her pot. It about I'd history and that happened. And I didn't find out until much much later. A now from around from time to time and sort of you. Be it protection Q and later when I was in high school. Playing. Basketball camps he. This smell came right in front of drinking. And it was really an expected didn't move over my first start now right front in my notes. And then moved over to my left and I just started I'll let you know and they turned my heart. A ball whizzed right past to make your where is my head has been speaking forward I would've been smashed. Street notes all. So that was sort of well it's it. I'm. Now at any at any time. I know you were saying this smell but at the age of seven a lot of times children. Young age they're able to see spirits are able to. So things that lets see things and adults are not able to so at no time you were able to see anyone nor. I. Seen him but. I did chat. And experience when I was. It about eight and we relenting in Pearl Harbor. City in the military are being. Written account how story out the article it I don't hear steps but steps coming up the stairs. Almost every night after he won in. I it true that constant. Apple was my parents Colleen and and the checked them checked. And there was never there all but one night. That's where coming up and I actually my predator it kind of it can you know younger and each. And at the steps kept coming and then. And it at that it's kind of crazy and it took a long time many years to sort out what it. At one point. I was convinced that my brother and I woke up in under the bed with me hide from whatever happens there. And then I saw. Somebody walked in the room with black pants and boots to my side of the bag and I thought where we're checking whoever matches they can't seem me and they turned around lapsed. And then in the morning. Shared that information might trigger it. Check every window and door and sat down on the couch to interrogate us. Tony again and tell me what happened what happened and anyway it turned out that the that was so wrote the floor physically could not say it. Under the it was Israel. Anything that has ever happened to me and even to this day and did I can't talk to still call. Very clearly so. Did did your brother did you brother remember. Supposedly owing on the. Even seem like she did in the morning. It was just very reasons why did escape to him like a tree. And so he. It's just didn't grab it like it did me them. So I was the one that barged in on him sleeping peacefully. Should expect this and. You know trauma or send news or use. Yeah. A so much so. We were we were living close to. Where there was. Reeling from Pearl Harbor and we can contemplate that. And it. How that we're there we're that bombed out kitchen and oh now or later changed. Maybe we had played there in somebody's followed home. Only and that's always possible I actually didn't I. I filmed an episode of go senators in and Pearl Harbor. And dangerous on the amount of activity we I don't there was it was incredible how we were in some of the the old buildings in that still had bullet hole marks. From my when they were attacks so on and it's just incredible place immigrants such a powerful place especially when you're there. So I think that it's kind of ironic later on what happened you. And you know having that talent that our military base at. Adult and then encountering. Spirits there. I think probably got off course. So anyway I'd come at fifteen I recorded my first dream came true 24 hours later. And it happened exactly as I treat it just a very simple. Scene. I was you know teenager and it might I dreamed. You know a burger. Brought a friend in the house. True life story that which never ever happened and 24 hours later. It exactly happened. Can. Never happen again. It just got my attention and so then I started. Taking my teacher furiously. And by the time I was Mary. Had two kids. Which sort of faced with a stressful. Decision. That's been our order a canal. After I had groups practically every year and life. For. At school. Which fourteen schools are kindergarten to twelfth green in. I just really could not seeing how are we should. You there have been to Japan and and let mother was dying at a time and it just stop and chipped it really typical times. Ascot and it to the other side of the planet. So with the stress. That they were getting along at the time. These things started to sort. Are opened eyes are having dreams that were getting messages. What to do and I. It seem to need something like and send it master telling me scolding means you're not ready down should be writing it down. And settlement. Started. Doing internally again and then the very first one that I recorded came true in so. It was like to. You know just keep doing so from that point and I've basically. Kept consistent. Dream journal for the next eight years. And that would. Anyway so. My husband cannot believe this can achieve its Gary science. Atheists. And so I had to really try to stop. Part of the cute in order to. That you relationship going can it is one. You know Russell or louder at that point. But when these things started happening it just really like. You know actually is the deepest part of you know we're actually just I think it out and vote. Just went being after the other started out and can. I I shared with them. What was going on and he hitters aren't where it's cheap to go a long walk around the block. And late at night and came backing it. It is as saying we can't state Mary and we are. We were already set to go to Okinawa. Going. So there. And hold on right there camps are you cut you off so I mean in the middle pretty important part of this toward the we need to take a break. When we come back we'll pick it up from there the telephone numbers 844687766. Ninths beyond its. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easy that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest check out in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our own and Jason Jake and we are going to phone callers people wanna hold just be patient we will take your calls as soon as we can but right now we're talking with Kim trusting her Jimenez and author. And an artist her book is sleeping with spirit we've kind of been setting the stage here in Kim you were talking about. He started. Really taking seriously. Your dreams and not ready the minute journal after you had it was a one or two that came true. I've I've just attacking any true and and I would streaming also about. Seen my diet short telling me they are saying to me so that I can see them. Yeah there and as a willingness and as you explain this to your then husband come we've basically. Became a wedge in your marriage. Yes yes. But he had already secure housing for us in a canal and if I would think though there which. Is to be alone search. And so he talked me into going. Anyway so so we did go and got a very nice house that a little corner that had some kind of monument in the middle of the court. And in our secure housing. And kicking air base and I questions. So still just so depressed in that about the whole thing about it OK we're going. So we can there and the first day. He well I have to work the night shift. We are okay but. I you know we got into balance and kids and I got ready for bed and the very first night that window over my dead at that big metal. Screened frame on the inside of the window and at exactly midnight they sell options window and hit on the head. And. Midnight and that happened exactly minute. Exactly midnight exactly and and you know I was sufficiently freaked out to employ it. OK so so whatever and then where there are a couple of weeks and my kids that start to make friends with their kids certain neighborhoods. And I met one of the moms then went over to chat with her her how she sent me. How do you feel living on the actually. Liked what he blew it and she said well that's right at the surrender Okinawa island. So how is that they recorded content. And I it's like you've got to be sitting. There. You know I think got a bit harsh it's huge ball. And does so I'm like oh my god and I had not looked at mine I had no idea that they and it works it. And so I want code. And it turned the corner and monument. You know straight on and just full body chills I walked through it and read it oh yeah yeah of course. Of course. It. And that IA and and endowment has written that you and I hear a man's waist. Migrate your. Little too keeping aid. Which went to New York security access. And yeah. You seem cheeky DB kick. Okay. And that is so. I immediately felt that was. A military spirit let me know it. They news that I knew that they were there. And both parents are sort of the start it's her time in a canal and then. These kinda things which happened. No not recently you logging these things in your journalist well lately our offense like yeah. You are not just dreams and anything that occurred. Anything that happens. And facts Aaron one night I woke up and I saw something on the Walcott should not have inherently. A gorgeous light. So unsafe. Risks. But I Ayers go out. Turkey out. And I wake up like in total shock and Caspian. I trying to climb over my husband to get out of bed. I will have to bat and then it starts to bend and twist and fluctuate into the wall. And and the next day I respect at a friend's house and so that's where in the mid mid nineties and them. There was not much in the way at a shop on the air for kids so catalogs were mixing church and she has a catalog eclectic. And social catalogs of up her first page there is pretty white country. There and so. That's like that happened to lie. I was there as a yeah changing my bit. Yeah what a lot in that that's one quick question why do you think when you first told your husband and he and he had to take a walk around the block and came back and and saying I don't think that. We're going to be able to be together what you think he was so against. Any thing with the wall with you ready the journal's your experiences the paranormal in general. It will people I know that it it meant that there are something mentally wrong. So it went like you know if I not reality based at our acute concern. So yeah that's and he let you need to be out again. I think so. And you know Oki. Which which was ironic because. Some of his family where it's. Experiencing domestic same things that I. But not him and you know it's so that's okay. For it was just unfortunate. And we you know we can't really we had another guest on the program known long known fact I'm sure you've heard over. Please Cindy Brady Susan Olsen and under Brady Bunch and her hair Herman if she had a paranormal experience in her home while she was married and an end of breaking a per marriages well because her husband didn't leave fern would supporter. And it just became this this wedge issue between him and drove apart so it's now I guess it's not comment. Right. In part because. You know we had two beautiful. And it was the last being you know I don't love them at the last thing I ever wanted to have happen. And right so because I can on. Breakup our marriage actually launched into trying to crew to where I can just heard it. And will be OK okay. And so I started meditating and trying to because these things were happening right we just sort randomly. Seal at the time I had enough control to. You know prove anything that ain't so I learned about the tapes where you can sort of tried it in do you. You know getting it clips that any thing in the bike in the next three days next week. All right let's let's hold our right you ansari Kim let's hold on right there we do take the top of the hour break and when we come back we've got a nice long segment we can finish up. That story talk more about the book it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV. We've got a lot of phone callers we will get your calls after the break don't. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. On here on a Wednesday night Thursday morning program. We've only got one. Must left for this week will be chatting. On tomorrow night about well the government extra trashed rules so. Bunch of things that we like talking about particularly government is a bunch of extra noise that that would not surprise me in the league Michael Siler will be our guest tomorrow night and he's got some secrets is gonna share with a I have no doubt. So it should be definitely good show him and our guest tonight of course is contracting your Kim is an author and an artist her book is sleeping with spirit. We talking about how. Her life's experiences led to the writing that book Kim again thank you for joining us some beyond reality radio it's a great to have you here. Before we met before we get back in your story do wanna take couple leased phone calls. We've had people waiting so let's go to the phone lines bring Nina in Mina from California good friend of the program Nina welcome to beyond reality radio. I thought you know not to hit. Yeah I guess I can arms I had a passion for me. I think the question for you I was wondering. Okay. No flu like deja Vu kind of green I guess he could say I just wondered. What are they specifically call like is there a scientific term. For them learning getting. Don't wait to experience that is up and are are you talking about that we can experience that they are true that things aren't what I'm not like her. When there's some limit it to rule that something the night before and then like the next stairs so. It comes true. Absolute. I mean it's yes. That's pretty cognitive and so. We feel like altering or psychic on some level or another we just haven't necessarily cracked. The code that they're all trying to tell us and that's state really. You know are clearly reflecting events that are happening in trying to. Yup that's speech pre cut intent. I would say yes I just didn't know quite the term exactly par at well. Yeah. And I like. I gagged does and also Jason I was wondering what all this talk about LA and Washington. Well in Washington there on the West Coast on the East Coast and you know it. There you know. The pump not emblem actually am heading out to LA next we will also be due on the show just remotely. But yeah I've just got some stuff that I gonna go all their four. Dedicated to whichever given only to watch. Art and on the is it curious that like my sort of territory out here as well. Parallels thanks thanks for the call on the new we appreciate it let's take Vince's call from Missouri prince also good for our program maintenance. They act. You. Are operating. My are they not. Have another member apparently. He's here on terror of yeah the deranged. What's your guess is talking about dreams. Talk and the idea immerse your merchandise is anyway yet. I asked. I go back to the same jury would they have re right. James I don't know as a matter of not closing the pass. I'm not sure what it's all about I go back in the same place. Ever die in my purse is that I remember my very and it's like if every day it's like in an avenue banter like. Another during this strike to during his stay just like you know it lists throughout my day and the mine and I ask like you know as if they were crazy. Some and I mean some people don't remember bird like what do you talk about a month you don't remember your deranged. Right now. My. My dream. And run go to sleep I dream the same dream come in the same place. Ever and I. If you get to have anything to say about that I would be appreciative. Will Kim what do you think convinces. You William woody thank. Well first of all obviously a bit it's probably giving you some kind of message does. Out on some level hasn't sunk in which you are rated recommend. You write your drink down every detail of it like you can remember. They have it written down. And then if you would like to change nurturing at different dreams. Where you go to bed at night. Sort of prepare yourself. And that simply that very good question because it's something I had one to contribute. It's worth a shadow over you know how. But we are getting ready to go watch a movie we do what is being might watch a trailer we might. I'm get axed or. Get you know optical place to watch a movie well. Same thing with preparing for your dreams you can app to have different kind of dream. There are something that would be helpful so. About an hour or so or that time tried to shut up. External. Media if you can't into. Put on some calming music. Maybe possibly meditate. And maybe try to limit. You know any alcoholic beverages. Where. Yeah it kind of thing and target you know set up on that happened. Art stream to reflect our mental state that we are in win at the point in time we're all week. And so it's up to us to take control back and saying okay. I'm gonna toward you know even everything out get my check. In good positive. Rain at much like and try to. Get relaxed. And then while you're following the ask ask yourself it over again even re right out of crap what kind intriguing that you like past and I don't. I actually guarantee you'll see some changes. If you keep doing the same thing and actually getting where it's been getting. In some different things were at time. Picture it will ship static. And they also say that you need to remember you'd you'd need to try to remember your dream within the first sixty seconds or whatever of getting out. Well it's gonna have a journal wrecked by your bed I even. Have a little late aren't my turn our book light and so I wake up in the middle of the night. And something it's there and I'll try to write it down because. It is hard to hold on them unless they're you know some kinda Majorly dramatic. Those are. That we threw me not as common base used to be this is important to write it down steps in Asia can then and and then the trickiest to. You know go back and look through them. And outlook looks at some point in time and so. You know action could be toward that commitment. A lot of people carts direct interest in but I tell you you know and you start discovering. And it holy child you can have dreams come true. Seventeen years after you've had injury. The the I don't think. Okay front and the doughnut here at. Yeah so what are we we get back to your story here. You were writing in journal in your dreams for a period of I think you said eater so years. And then yeah then you just kind of put the journal's away and forgot about him didn't you. I did it well I thought frustrated after my I got divorced in 2000 line and I you know felt like. Out of trip the frustration of not having been able to group to my. And and you have it was true facts. There was one major turning point wondering OK now it's sharing that it is doing meditation and I got an image. They are human spinal column. And it made no sense to me that I was. Desperate to prove anything can it's willing to look like full and so I told him about this. And genetic ot that they are human spinal column. And you know it's so huge doctor and our. Our. Mailbox there with app that'll just around the corner from where he worked and so. After I got the bishop spinal column about three days later I was our post office. Getting our mail and they are the guys. Action mailbox and turned around on it after the T shirt. Let's human spinal column with the words at a spying. And I think gas sold out she turned around looked at me like. You're okay and I was paralyzed I knew at that point time at the end where literally. Like fifteen feet the way around the corner in. You're the man and I just you know. She's an incredibly Atlantic ten has probably in. Debt and that's. So. I just basically stroke from my parents fire in. The and it was an instance. It is really hard to. Well there's nothing that I can you approved them refine it well. You know probably not act guys you know a couple of weeks or Egypt's you know didn't remember it can OK so. Anyway. Yeah and them came back after. They were there for three years them. Marriage in it and it actually out. And Gracia and and then in 2002 and a girlfriend was staying with the issue is also talk for. Tension going cure to horse and she triggered. Actual action it can't he go in the garage in an attack on my turtle expect. Three is going through. Fourteen of them over 2000 cages. And. There's history after DREAM Act torture and that has come true and I got to. Age well turn on number twelve the first page. It was a dream from seventeen years ago and this broke into staying in my house and them. It has her physical description her occupation. And and other aspects. Having to do it. Personal and special interest. On the island new net and that's cut you off but when you say. And she triggered. A reaction. Would tell us how did she trigger action. Oh well it started art. Seeing. And talk about the paranormal on the show on everything. It well she she. How ironic you know don't even make sense in a way that she had she had been up to Alec with a friend. And met the mother. Tyler Henry at that time in 2015. It didn't happen. TV show yet and she Kolb yet it's that term you've got to go check out Tyler angry swept. And you at eighteen. And and he's sent Scott to show. Hollywood media. Anyway. I'd never heard. Like any patent so into that let site there was I didn't see any thing. Obvious there and then. The stated can interpret that to you. And other medium. Elise is very different. And so I looked I would meeting her I know climate meeting hurt. About her childhood and how she would hear noises in its footsteps are under at I I don't. And and so I mean I didn't you know election it I had very similar child it. Experiences so. And not just sort of I had a lot to brother of mine interest. In 1998. Accidentally. And anyway it just sparked an idea well. I just wanted to reach out so I. Roukema note and anyway I. Just started crying right now like you know it died sixteen. Years ago it was actually died yesterday I don't know where that's coming from. And then I'd get up select my diet going to chin and it dot fort dark and I was. Other than my girlfriend was not home I'm home alone my dog and. My talks started freaking out like they were a stranger in the house sparking. There has. And I just had these chill up my back and I just immediately felt like. Another. Hurt in here and and you eight saw it bend that was. So that's what belongs straight let me go to Japan. I know I knew I had you know like John Edward Burke or. Gosh is changed their product works in the garage I was actually looking for them and and then found. My journal. So. And at that point then. Michael frank act showed her. Age. About her and I are also drawing I had made. Like that gate with the crossbar. On it and people trying to seat at the bottom. And I showed that tour. I adapter to patenting a note to me notes cents. And I was frustrated that we're going to just brush up well that part not corrects. Let's just let pack. And then the next week she had a photo shoot house. Yeah. And invited me to count. And it's getting networks. The Napster badger him there are about getting. What we're really hurt very similar to that jarring that dates. Are standing there like. Our city ringing and she would like sixty it ain't trying to photographs. Tire place at a App Store on it and she's complaining. I'm having really hard time adapting it fireplace I don't like my shoring up a bottom. And it was basically a quote that I had written. Gate in the C we're like a photo that some of them showing me that I'd like shoring up at the that was what to do that community kills every years later and it's so random. So so what at what point as as you were starting to recognize that these journals from. At what point did you decide that that you needed to share this in a form of a book. Well that. At apple it shall include X-Men. You know the whole gay that I had to run its seventeen years ago. It's like OK and it is time right now and and that I had to re unit them so many times and it somehow even though they came true. They many of them didn't immediately strike me as obvious until it had gone through it like three time. And that would interest in itself because I discovered. Untreated can staffed. And group together because if you're dreaming that are out. And it kind of to get sorted by timing so. Or some kind of connection. Them. The odds of state. Right but. That it's actually struck me know how many times people say I have a strange history. And you know I decreed a state like. OK for instance. I dreamed that I thought this guy walking on still carrying my daughter on his back at an amusement park. Can. Like a stream stream. Well ten years later. I met someone in the that I am having a relationship which and we went. I am on national park my kids keep on walking stick there and end up carrying my daughter after across. The river. And then on her way back we stopped active in my daughters are so it was all but it was like ten years. Let's let Richard. Let's have let's take Kevin's call Kevin's calling in from Kansas welcome to the show Kevin you know beyond reality radio. I was nervous and achieve the target. I thought you guys. Yet what my question was I. I got up the army in October Lester itchy tour executives and and before I ever deployed in the military out David's injury and I remember there are no actually it. After all returning home. I pattern extremely hard I would even dreaming at all often literally it's like when I go to sleep I'm I'm gonna call it state. And I wake up I've only had a couple of strange actually remembered that we're solution that even feeling and the feeling of each off. Like oh that actually physically there. And they actually bothered me for a couple of days they're they are very gory. Well I don't know your take blood on the act on a determined Oreo extract you know we're in on apparatus started listening. And he can dream a lot obviously in and I can't dream at all is that you know. In the eleventh inning and arranged leave earth are what the situation. One thing I wanna say before she answers that question is thank you very much for your service it means everything to us. Our. Assistant at camp yet Kim what do you think. I'm well you know there are times where where. People. Higher self decides it's sorted. Turn that off to get them a little bit of a break. You know pay you might. Being susceptible to bringing in. You know horse stressful. Immaturity. Which you don't need right now and so there are some things that you can. Try to do. Cute sorted that your intention. What kind of treating you like half and an and archer can really respond to. Rules that we set that way but there are things that. Would be helpful treated do like. Medicaid and try do bring as many calming. Being in your life to prepare. Yourself first leap into you have to meet. Night time we you know if you ever happen each ticket cat nap boring at. During that day. They can work at that time as well. If you feel breeder reach out to me on my web site and I'll give you more information. Eric Campbell picked it up and we get back from the break it's beyond reality radio to listen to beat him. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the climate is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Last night when we announce soon. Don't want to be the passing of the lead singer and bass player for Asia and we played a couple of those two things money you're a lot of Asian now and actually it's it's funny says that I I pull that up on my and a my iPhone earlier I was driving I was plan apologies your songs are good stuff for sure welcome back to beyond reality radio. Jason JV. Good to have everybody along our guests and his contracting your we're talking about her books sleeping with spirit and the events in her life that led to the writing of that book and Kim we kind of culture awful that you were offering some advice to our caller I think is in was Gavin we had it wrong but. About you know how to helping to induce them kinda dreams that your your you wanna have once you've finished you know what you're telling us there. Oh right well it's actually you know a very common saying and sometimes people wrote true. Phases where you know they might have a lot of dreams for a period of time and then. It might seem to stop and so. It's generally usually. You know responding to something. Oh that's going on in our ally expects. There are things that you do help you know cracked. Drought. You know not remembering. Your dreams and them. Is there a lot and little tricks seeking you can. Sort of measure following his lead even. Just. Right extreme that you think you would like to have and not that you would have that exact dream about it. It's sort of just plugging it into its its that's what I want to have happen. Say it over and over yourself and your four way. At calming music Medicaid. It's there's just there's a lot of different things and might not happen immediately but give it a week or two. And something will search ships. Well and you said that you set a really important thing earlier is students cut the electronics seller and that that's a big one where. After a Newman numerous people say that even medical reports have talked about. People just not being able to get into a deep sleep because there. And they're just keeping their brain awake by using electronics and just before bed. So arm. And then that will keep you from from really having Maliki getting deep enough to truly have a good good REM and and dreams into me being able to remember them. Tim you. In your book Q talk a lot about you know what what you were dreaming what was coming true can you share some of those the more poignant dreams. That you feel head to head real complications are and earn a consequence I guess is the word in your life that he dreamed seventeen years ago and then ended up coming true. A you know the real Hong you know kind of dream. All you know. Unfortunately. None of my dreams really turned out to me the one that came true. The type that dream that would you know be beneficial to someone help them out. Way they were all pretty much. Well I would call epic shall know just like you you have to look at this and you cannot cannot say at a this did not happen. You know and I I think so I got locked into the back. In my mission to try to get prefer my husband so I think that had something to do it. For eight when we were in Okinawa and I sure it's in the chat. Or show. I would bet my friend's house and walking home at night there was a branch hanging over. Despite locking and there with a bat and it did you know hanging. From that branch that they worked underneath it. The that it bounced off that my and it flew option and you know that I love all animals so. I went completely terrified but it was dark and unexpected. That so it you know it actually via a that night I trained. That. I woke up in the morning and I. They be back stepped on the inside the screen door. And so every count and at that time I was not revealing my aging journal. Our stack three years later in the back to the states and 1 morning I woke up went downstairs kitchen. And there could be stuck on. Inside the screen. So. You know actually texting. And at that time even when I saw that back I can't remember that tree. And all. I don't remember it along time to find it. But that was the only personal experience I've ever had a past. It's. You know twenty years ago now. They're back here ever. So that was one. I'm mom went to the highly available animal's eye level animals who I just point cuts. So there are excluded from analysts they use the reduce creepy Haas and unpredictable and that makes them very very. There works in the double it they might. I did Kim let them. I don't feel one of things we haven't spoken about at all as is your work are you still an artist by do trade in some fashion. Well I've been our portrait photographer for twelve years ago I was at I was attacking Turkey or. I did. Glasser that I was able to get on HDTV. With Michael out our. It's HQ has there so I had digit. Seeds of change phobic about glass. And that you know they move into un charter. I do a lot of botanical photography. For fun. And in doing portraits for twelve years or so by. And I am just starting my own podcasts to chat with people about. Dream. So excited about. Called psychic stranger. Is that is that a lie is that a live show where you take take listener calls and and an their dreams or is it something different. Not not yet since its I I just essentially expected line so I'm a total yet it. Oaks. But. Yeah I have. I'd gotten word from a couple of tense top authors went right. Well it might Brandon oh they'd be happy aren't so. It is better get an inch. Well it javy and I have been to in the shill for well over a year and our word nationally syndicated jittery jump up more and and we still have no idea what we're doing. So. So talk to expect we just did not act we obviously get all the way and let us. You've voted you'll get another book dream journey words is that with the sec. Eric there aren't there on hold actually I had an. That was creepy thing and they will feature a lot of mechanical art work. They're pretty much all laid out I actually had a dream. Eight diet. Telling is that basically gave me and names are the cart. Which is extremely unusual term mean. Trie my it's beautiful black woman named Tara. She didn't screw basically. Or or or two solid days I was laying out all of these cards that the name for them where it is going to intriguing. Journey to act. It's. Temporarily on hole. On let's let's take another listener call we've got to take Jonathan here from New York city's Jonathan welcome to be on reality radio greed get in the show. Jonathan you're on. Anyway I think I don't. Show. Well all good. From. Great core I just want us to question not about dreams than not I heard the you know Charlie bit talking about through little that's where cook. Also in Vietnam. The Canadian. What I laughter. Well you know it's like come. Little different from everybody else but. I guess there aren't you are to be more relaxed I guess I'm like com. I don't know like I am kind of RAMP. Well no but I I'm sure I'm sure well and I'm sure you're touching on something I mean your experiences over there a little change a lot of times your mind. I'm sure ruled laundered defense mode to me to keep you from from dreaming certain things. It can be pretty traumatized and so I guess it would all fall under your experiences. Wall unit law you're in dealing with this treasonous you're dealing us then again thank you for your service. Own problem yeah sure yet. I Don. It is yet I get to Detroit got a quite different for everybody and know. We'll just who or where or when you think about it just like a lot of times people can all see a spirit or something out of the corner of RI. But when they turn and try to look at it directly is it it's gone and they can't see it for whatever reason your your brain goes into this protection mode where it locks it down. And it is tries to to keep you cities and a live would you agree with that can. Well definitely. There are are so many kinds of protections stat. At. Our our higher selves for our subconscious or on. To oak. But again. It comes back to you know that you can ask for a wet kind that strange it's like to have. And you can even say you know I'd like to meet my diet or I would like to have a visit which they. Passed on him remember order. Fitness Q you can ask for help where it's a question. Something that maybe troubling you in your life and it it definitely takes first step. And patient. You can't get answers. Through your dreams so they're really sort of an untapped resource that we have that. A lot of people have no idea that all of the different things that you can use your dream. What have more questions you dare to dream like Lucy and dream a little like go bigger dreams. Well dreams are where you know your waking dream. You can control your action. Is returning are really. They're you know. Their dreams standard its stately Q for a long time and if you don't know your weight get. It would ultimately history. Are OK that is so much. Jonathan thanks all yeah thank you Tim were basically out of time here we've got a link to your book for people who were interested in. Checking in out in buying it on the beyond reality radio web site. What else do you have available for folks to check out. Thank you so much well like I mentioned I'm starting podcasts like it changer in podcasts. And well you can find that on my web site as well there'll be there's new web site under wait for that but it's on my out there that player right now. Thanks so much for coming on going analysis and I. Right thank you Kim trek senior author and artist the book is sleeping with spirit. You can find it on the beyond reality radio web page just go to the website and click on the guest Lincoln you'll see your right there where to take a break point comeback we've got more it's. On reality radio and Jason G. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of them. Things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio every one and it's great to have. Everybody here tonight great show thank you can traffic near for sharing her experiences the book is sleeping with spirit. And there is a link on the beyond reality web sites. It is going to be unreal to really dot com click on the guest menu heading and you can buy the book right there are so well panels are real easy and convenient for. And we have some great show still lined up tomorrow night we get Michael solemn he's a pioneer in the development of axle politics and the politics idea of key actors institutions in the process associated with extraterrestrial. Life. Aliens. You know we love talking about aliens yes we do on him and in an inch and a nude pose a grass. A consensus so much eye specialist this. All the politics increased assailant but so let's do a tip Preston necessary Preston is of course calling in from Alabama welcome to show Preston. I'm TJ they have you do to ensure. A great thank you. I ejection married do it though you pressed. I'm doing great sure. He can tanks and armor and hard about the number of bomb. Email Greg garnered that one mark how old vanished you're now investigating were mustering an artist yes you. So are our winner or Saturday. And I investigated. But I else. You know apparently didn't actually done that we its many. And RBK Cheney planning and unfortunately. So apologies won't change can Jason crazy you know earmarks they cheered and I just want to vanish Q sir what what would you do. Honestly if I as you press and I would I would go back numerous times just as it hasn't happened one night might have been just that these things work correct Tom. At that time so I would have bagged numerous times I had backed and also different. During different weather conditions. You know and weathered a storm coming and whether there's not bomb all different times to see yes. And any of those times. You're able to get some sort of activity emaciated document in the weather of a time mark and all that stuff just in case you do so you can kind of put together. An idea of you the best time choose to go there and possibly be able to make some sort of contact. Yes turner and or do they. Okay that's definitely wouldn't recommend and let us know how works elsewhere. Yes sir absolutely where you'll. All right thanks for the call for tonight you know we appreciate you calling in on you do you ever have them talk about dreams ninety ever have. Dreams that is not a volcano agenda no market. I that was already discussed in the Czech Roma apparently and aren't and I can we just drop the volcano the clear that you brought W brought it up to a dream interpreter on this show yet and that was about it you have missed it makes you tune into a pass that test episode of the unreality radio -- learns his sexual frustration and oh my goodness yeah that was that was a moment that I was glad were not syndicated. At that point that was when we recently our nose for syndication well I'll make sure that senator regularly skidded 1020000 downloads it's beyond reality radio dot com you can click on the -- show page and scroll down until you find Jimmy is all camp Perry can we talk about my question I was going to ask you if you've ever had a dream that is. Come true. Yet and also if you think about it I wrote a book and I've never released it that. Was crazy enough because. Remember remember how I wrote that book brother to brother about those but the twin to twin boys I wrote a book it was a scifi book years before the show and it was about 22 boys who were born. There were twins. Look nothing alike born in different days and what happens two years later. Inherit the wife and I have twin sons that look nothing alike and one's born 11:55 PM the other 12:19 AM on different days. And so. It is so I have headed to answer your question I have had dreams and where things have come true I've had I've also had deja Vu many many times. But also the books during his candlelight mind blowing as well also now know Juan and lustrous who. You thought I'd I don't I can't think of anything from. I can't think of anything that's been you know prophetic to come true have and I don't I mean you drinks dream frequently AM ED dream every nine day I don't train and often that at least second remember. No because I think I'm you know I'm one of those bad people among big electronics guy he had nights on senator scroll through by phone answering emails. And so nine you guys I don't think it a dream Austin and a lot of times I don't want her dreams because when I. What I do tree in science room there's just terrifying dreams are being honest. Yeah I do if they do have occasionally humorous it's pretty interesting and we didn't get a chance to talk with him tonight about her interpretation of some dreams come because she I think she does a little bit depth of that on our podcast. But we did have that one dream interpreter on that one and it was a great show and we would hope she gets a minute like that that began has been a lot of people calling in with. With dreams that have been bothering them you know frustrating them bothering him whatever and membership is able to help much people so often have to bring some to a step back on the show right now. I think it's great idea because a lot of people have. Questions that they're looking to have answers two with him with their dreams are. Yes but Campbell work on now what's the Katie. Do that I do also want to mention that Kim's website is Kim trusting her dot net so if you wanted to stop and see your web page can do that as well. SE do we talk about who's Woodward would tomorrow night we've got to Mike and Mike Sala yet and I know going into next week we are going to be talking with the Sonia grace she is an author and a mystic healer. The talk with her money name and then Tuesday will bring him. Our storm powered storm rated professor of our for a twenty years in northern Kentucky university in 1985. Following a near death experience in Paris his life was transformed. And we're in talking with him on that and which and then Wednesday we've got Sam Sharon who. Which were sent a few weeks ago and and it didn't change things around but I also known as mr. Sam. British Lou Liverpool born dark artist specializing in horror and science fiction. And indeed if you seen or he's he's done work for thirty days or deny the X-Files kiss Mars attacks. Judge dredd. And the list goes on the you know it's just there. On and so we have a great week of shows coming up and as we've said earlier in the program Jason's going to be on the West Coast doing some stuff but will be consuming porpoises filming. These films or importance is again on fox both random thing ever good idea and so awesome but I will be how I'll still be doing the show and I'm going to bring a remote studio with me or hit one of the great Specter comes studios amount there into. Just feel a broadcaster equated Jimmy's itself this year to an end but again and then again a big shout out to take him trafficker for coming on tonight and talking with us and sharing her experiences. And just talking about her book sleeping with spirit. I'm make she checked it out you check it out beyond reality radio dot com and just click on the gas. And having an Emmy she had over him like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Sorry everybody have a great night we'll catch you tomorrow is Jason NGB Oro. And it's produced by its include music and other scenes Reed Johnson. Come on now I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page he was a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.

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