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The Good Life Segment 1 02-04-17

Feb 4, 2017|

Guy Bower and his guests Dr. Peter Lane of The Walton Art Center & the Arkansas Music Pavilion in Northwest Arkansas are joined by Rodney Cousin of the Boy Scouts of America to talk about the 2nd annual Blues & BBQ event on February 18th.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the good life food wine and all the good things of life. Here's the host of the good life guy bow. Good morning hello out no. Good afternoon six minutes after the cars to. OC NN that. Hope you have a super. Bowl party planned it Otto. I'll please me also in the studio that made. Doctor Peter line column that because he is doctor of great things in Fayetteville Arkansas. You've heard it here on the black people we've talked about the art of from line just one of the many great events that go on at the Wal-Mart that are. And also you see pictures of me on days ending great comfort and the probably one of the coolest venues. South Rogers Northrop and bill it is called the am the Arkansas music pavilion. And Peter runs all Peter into the happy to be here and we just port one of the one for one week in its afternoon. So it's okay. Can share little anecdote about the festival I would like OK I went to it use I saw you there it was it's probably been Willis theory turned forty so it's been four years ago. And I got my two tasting glasses from that event which are substantial. Big nice glasses read appliances that they are still. Intact and I use them every day. That that's the best. Sorry no offense and but the best quality wine festival class I've ever locked. Well it's what it's it's kick them. The big Jesus out of the midwest one and you know how that started. My sister in law was up here went for the McLaren. And that we attitudes like this. As two glasses my prized possessions and they have a break out. I'm not a public vote went on the air we were talking about all the fun things to do in the plot lands and board they're just so many things going on. This is such a busy time of year not only for charity events but Garden Show home show blah blah bothered to some that all the time. RB show and and well there's two really fun events coming up we're gonna pay about poke them first up we're gonna pay about. Saturday February deep blues and barbecue that we're gonna talk about them. Probably. One of the popped on an event here in. It is catch. Promoted and it's called palette to palate as inmate dating talent and you're tasting it. We're gonna talk that actually happened first stop is ready cousin Randy is. He's with the boy scouts of America is nice and up to us and Europe is weak and so we can talk about blues and barbecue bribery a game I ever any lock our Robbie a club you Randy when. The broad power you are forgiving guy. Good afternoon hey I gotta ask you something before we talk about the event. You have these frozen camper camper out. Actually. This past year I've did not go it was the first time in about eight years but did not go my own scout troop. It's just so happened that I had another commitment that we can't. But. We. We kind of dodged a bullet that we can't turn out in terms rather how bad it could have been put bias but. We did have if you dial orders that decided to. Vince your own and and we appreciate that spirit. But we have a lot of people that normally tip that a bit from across state lines that just were not able to travel we have so. But we we basically. Encourage people number one challenge they're used in scouting where they can put. No one wants to take risks and get anyone hurt is not necessary so. But I can tell yet. The local boys who went and played a part in that camper in jamboree. Have some brilliant memories and learned a lot because. There's something cool about. Whether it's thunderstorms and rain or cold weather or. To realize that you app you're in your tent your sleeping bags. And a roaring fire and some camp food can be a lot of fun and I'm pretty educational. Absolutely that's one of the strong points of scouting really hasn't changed over our 100 year plus history. Experts alerting in this field is really where it all comes together for tips. Well and end and it cost money to do this I know when I was a scout we had a big trailer that we. Put all of stuff and we went on camp out some things and you know just have to run an organization like this that provides the opportunity for so many kids. It's costly so. This event's been going numb for awhile and I went last year blues and barbecue February team tells Laura what's gonna happen a crown uptown. Yes essentially this is religious or secular pan guy and we're definitely excited about the growth potential of the event. This event is hosted by our white buffalo district which is most of west metro Wichita. And it was really the brainchild. Of one of our staff members here's CC Bowden who moved here from Mississippi. And had been a participant and a lot of music festivals similar to this. What's unique about ours will be it is that we want people to comment. Out of the cold weather. Get rid of some winter blues which who blues music. And our feature artist this year is. Once again Hamilton Loomis. Hamilton has become friends of mine but I work with his parents in the 1990s. When a worked its counting down until Austin, Texas so. He has been really a professional performers and it's these young high school years. And was taken under. Was taken under the wing of Bo Diddley who befriended him at a concert in eastern. And up until his death. Rock and roll superstar. Bo Diddley was one Hamilton's biggest mentors. And what Hamilton has done is taken. Bos advice to him he says you know kids have a lot of talent. What I want to did do is not imitate anyone put in over a two. Your music can make your music blues blues Slater whatever you want to be and that's what he's done over the years. High energy performer. Fantastic showman. We're proud that he's library eagle scouts as well. And now he hasn't worldwide fan base as well so. And I'm looking at the picture and folks if you just type in. Blues and barbecue which has talked when he seventeen that the director Viet event bright. Promotion the event tell you all about it but he's. Hamilton holding a square guitar and if my memory serves me right. Bo Diddley had a square guitar. That is actually one of those original that was probably Hamilton. Back in Asia years and the one that I have seen him perform life wouldn't. Is actually autographed. By boat. That's one that's true. Treasure processions and and and so well and then Jenny wood in the watchers also going to be playing yes one of local favorites is open up the show of force. And so we know that they would do a fantastic job for us as well. Well and it's. It's relatively inexpensive in the big scheme of local charity events and great food to who's doing the barbecue. Absolutely our student this year being provided all want to part 20 yeah we do appreciate their sponsorship. And you're listeners of course sort of tie some men and women that in George the good life. And we we want you to come out and have a great experience with dust up front needing that will include great food. Also silent auction and good entertainment and what better than to benefit local use. We. One of the southern traditions that I know I came up with an adult that is. Great live music barbecue. And a glass of wine or cold beer always goes well and so we want to listeners to know that the wines will be ready. And the cold Beers well with it domestic source so. I know what I thought that that was like that third or fourth year lucky enough we were there last year had great seats come up front and the music with rock and the food was great. Let's talk about how folks get involved get tickets and and and those kind of things that. Actually. Tickets can be purchased act just go to crowd uptown dot com. And or they can be purchased from the crown uptown box office. And there's actually two options for tickets one this dinner in Chile and the other one mr. she'll probably. But we sure would love to have a lot of the good life crowd out have a good time with us on February 2. So and it's only twenty bucks just for the show in this is gonna. I think what the doors open at 530 or 545 so much time. 534. The dinner our guests can towards opus seventy potential guests and. And it's such a beautiful venue great stage great sound quality yet and it's only thirty dollars. Did not only do the show but to get there early and have a great dinner actual actual it's the wonderful thing so. Search it out it's called blues and barbecue it's February 18 Saturday. And a great benefit for boy scouts of America and Robby thanks for being part of the program today. Guy we appreciate the opportunity to share with your listeners. And also want to. Just thank Land Rover which ties are cross through to Leach sponsor this year and it's just more quickly acknowledge other major sponsors salute and all the while pit barbecue and men also fidelity bank. Black Hills energy. BP construction corporation. And Q 92 to be radio and the blues approach radio show so. Great well they were Smart to be involved with a degree program in I wish I was going to be here we've we've got a conflict if I get it fixed up will be there. Okay would legacy yeah thanks a lot riding have a great week a brother to thank you so yeah. Blues and barbecue Saturday February 18 you gotta be there he. Even if they yea you. You don't care about the idea bigger for the boards doubts it's a great program with great group to take quick break. Welcome back we're gonna talk to miss actually Rodman about how the Pallet. Probably. One of the top line events here in the flatly you got to hear more about it we'll be right back they'll go.

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