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The Good Life Segment 1 02-11-17

Feb 11, 2017|

Guy Bower and his guest Bob Cooley talk with Butler Community College Director of Development Mary Moon about the up coming 20th annual Butler Community College auction on March 3 2017.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a good life food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. God our. That there wasn't the program what a beautiful day out to be warm up into the seven days can you believe that I left my looked at my watch is still says February 11. Today. I hope that some of you that we're at. One of the last two events that we did for Bhutto via. Winery from Sonoma here and now we did a great event at testers chop house on Thursday we had a a record setting Kansas State alumni. Dinner at. The country club year and last night huge thing in we've got an ad WF event the night sorry if you're not on the list it's too late. But Bob goes in the office Bob coolest thing Haider but he. Good afternoon and again the account for and how are you well welcome to which starts it's been fun weekend it's going to be fun tonight. We'll tell you more Robin over yet and some of the wineries that we've been enjoying and how you can met at some Foleo and so a little bit later in the program. First up is very much over and talk about the Butler community college auction that's coming up and then Nancy Hughes joins us with. Her latest book for the American Diabetes Association. Before ingredient diving is cookbook simple easy great recipes you could just as I've said before with other books. That are associated with 88 you can just cross about the diabetes and it would still be great. So without further ado very much and good afternoon my friend of welcome to the program. Hi guys thanks for having me are you. How's my brother Charlie do in the on this the path he is doing well off he's outside and doing some of the sunshine. Let's talk a little bit about Butler community college you know things have ground. Great guns and since I've been here and in Kansas since the early ninety's. And and it's so fun to see and our chapter red Libya. Give a lot of money to help start the Butler culinary program. This event though is probably one of the best. And mid. And most fun. Of incident clue whining great food and this is the twentieth year Mary. That's unbelievable. I just didn't think it was that obit. So tells it's Friday march 3 6 PM. Tell us about this event and what folks can expect and how they can sign up. A community. Starting march 3 and we have a few special speech terrorists. Because of its art when he is here. We had eight couples to have an honorary chairs as art event in the past attacked our. Returning. Cadre of honorary chairs. And we have the mother features that will include two look back on twenty years of underage thinks tests. But Stanley has. Futuristic. Cool are planned. Which will remind us that we often need to be looking forward to creating a bright future. For the students to come in last still learn and grow over the next twenty years. You know and it just takes place it. It don't welcome senator up on the elder and oak campus Hubbard welcome senator which is a beautiful facility. And it's so fun to see all this stuff there and let's talk about. The name it has some auction stuff and and we're gonna have a package in the silent auction. I can hardly compete with my one dinners with some of the stuff that's going to be in the live auction telling. We have. Capitalists. Exciting. Auction items and of course they're all about food wine and find. We have dinner for Karen at Hartmann president. Our friendship Bobby lane. And the crew from casters will be responsible for providing a meal. And of course you mentioned our culinary arts program. And Scott Mbeki radler are coasting tastings style dinner we'll have at least eighteen courses. And that will be prepared by the students working under the guidance. To consecutive shots on Michael. And Scott direction at CB sides. Providing care home will be responsible for our. Wine and down pretty famous some believe. It. Another good friend Scheffler worry firmer as an outcast today is preparing dinner. For me and winners of the item won't meet designated drivers because stutter puppy and Serbs. And guests. Will spend the night when a lot to set foot hills national. Some of that that's always great fun to lose and I guy. And then it's not all about dinners. And we have a full hour. Football passes for that plan in news club level petition. On the fifty yard line painful. Page game Notre Dame. And that's. Pretty special. It. And we. A week in saint Maarten and awake in North Carolina so. At least something for everyone. Well I can't wait I know it's always. Great fun great food great line in the auction does so many things. Well first off before we talk about the benefit but they'll do debt which what are some of the things that the incredible amounts of auction money has done in the past. Okay toward. Earlier. Option proceeds actually fund a foundation and end and that's foundation is the primary vehicle for raising private dollars. And it it. Or her. Position your for example that foundation awarded. Like under 65000. Dollars which directly benefited 660. Students. And then you you mentioned that option is in however welcomed tanner and foundation of course was responsible for. Ratings assigned to build that building. And then ultimately. And currencies. Benefit to college not only through scholarships. Through two opportunities to kind of narrow that gap between. What tuition. And state funding can provide aid and the excellent. That. Everyone at Butler is committed Q. It's just such a great program and a fun night now. There's is there still sponsorships available pin folks who want to get involved us and our local community as sponsors or is that pretty much done for a. Sponsors are pretty much taken care. Calling frontier has been and are presenting sponsor for many years and there are continuing. To do that for if again they share. And and our next. Level it is difficult sponsors that we have Bank of America have be cheap products and professional. Engineering consultants on board as gold sponsors. And end at one of the things I think they're so cool. There's so many charity events in this town it blows me away. But the Wichita business journal. So that you guys are in the top 25 fund raising events again this year. We have been for many years and now we're really pleased about. And sorry and located a little bit outside the city. OK so somebody wants to get him Bob how they get tickets how they find out more information. So there is Arlington county and we are close to that point now. You're listening and want to be included in response fund raising him. Evening contact mentioned as possible either by phone or even now. My phone number is 21868. And my email is am and oh and Pat Hurst CC dot edu. Okay MM OO am I like that Merriman and Butler two to you I'm. You'd you can just if you do a search you can find the Foundation's website. Foundation dot Butler CC dot edu and click on events you can learn a little bit more. I can't wait I'm looking forward to it didn't. Maybe we should have done alive package will while talk to you later. Where excited to have these and will find a way to rank on you to. Flee Ali appreciate your involvement. Well and I know she's got the silent package ready but I think as you and I communicated this week you haven't received the formed yet. It's but optics that this week. Are at. Have a great weekend tell mr. man guy says howdy and I look forward to seeing it if not before. Certainly on March 3. Community college all columns option twenty years. It was a pleasure talking much higher percent opportunity. Of a fun week and there was Tokyo. Again it's Friday march 3 6 PM it's at the beautiful covered local. Senator to beat CC college campus and elder radio. Whether you're a student. A parent of its potential student. That's a great thing in it's also fun a lot of the kids from the the culinary program help out at Edmonton. This is one of the charity auction events where. The wind is. Good quality stuff it's not the cheapest that they can. Pick about that would take quick break come back we're gonna talk to Nancy news. About them for ingredient that it is the book's simple quick and delicious recipes. Using just scored gritty and left the picture circle of a book of school I had to go on a damn about that and up from the kitchen. But she's been victims. Don't go away more food a lot of fun for years after the short break number I Bauer in the studio Bob Cooley will be right back.

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