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The Good Life Segment 4 02-11-17

Feb 11, 2017|

Guy talks with his in studio Bob Cooley, VP of Marketing at Benovia Winery about his life in the wine making industry, Benovia's brand new state of the art facility and their varieties of wine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There. Welcome back congratulations to mark browsing he's the locker winner down derby. He gets a copy of the four ingredient ideas cookbook. We'll learn more about the book go order a copy there's links a couple of dot com. Good job markets have come direct from the publishers have entered for a week should be. This has been to but no real one weekend it started Thursday night with a private dinner at each testers it was great fun of who was magnificent. Than last night that K state alumni association. At their annual fund raiser here in Wichita. We were at the country club in. It crapshoot country club and beautiful facility that is great job. Hundred and I didn't and here's the final number a 170 some record in. Six and Indian. Point yeah so. It was a great menu and and then the thrust of great ones. If you're signed up for the ad WM tasting this evening it to dogs. Lucky you if you're not sorry maybe Bob come back but. Bob let's talk a bit about you you have one of we use your California. Asserts there generation you're not an implant her Emcor Europe. Era of salt of the earth California have been there forever and my accent last night you couldn't get in the case date so you would pick up volume and those habits. And at that. Local police. And yeah absolutely and agriculture was in your family. Hacienda winery one of those stalwarts of early Sonoma. And you started work in there and you ended up being elected. The head chief of the year. Run and that was my family and my dad and then we sold that and I went to landmark in 93 and that was a great eighteen year run that we sold out how did you water. And then Mike so and and Joey Anderson who I've known Mike since 93 the winemaker who know these nine new joint memo horseback ride. And then they came over and sit well bureau it's wanna do because we want some help. If it's almost like. Stuff happens for a reason you know eighteen years at landmark and then to have everything change. And we're not spring chickens you know they have to go start somewhere else but. To me this is really a perfect fit to Europe. I partner of the vice president of marketing and the first time I heard but over it though and it never heard of that. The name is cool and the logos even cooler there go look at good luck gonna come nuclear. But it's combination of don't. Parental father's side related names you know at Joseph and Mary the owners are very. In the family so bin Novi and came from. The blending of the two dad's names then and know the and and they cut off a few letters and you have been Nokia. The vineyards at the whiners located on the market L vineyard is also named after the moans Martha and Ellen our. And the winds are for Obama you got her. Ratings if you're concerned with that are prevalent and high. Yet. But I think the best part is you know you you mentioned one making and and and and what they're after inured hour talking about. You know the rain and flooding and it if you. If you take the effort to have single when your products and then you have a catastrophe your single vineyard you have no product. Correct but you guys continued to be able to do that. Problem because you have some of the best properties in the Russian river rally you know we knew we. Farm 75 acres or crates on three different ranches. And it's it's about the clothes collection root stock it's all high density farmed it's stated the art. But it's also stated Yarwood heirloom clones and old time clones of things that were clones is where the great come from and it's it's a lot of flavors blended together. And it doesn't happen overnight it takes time for these ones to get integrated in flavors. Time in the barrel it's about good. French would we use but not over use of it so it's all balanced and in Poland and the winery. I wanna I wanna say growing because that I wanna see more distribution goes up what we can give here now is just the rusher river Pino and Russian river sharks. Yes basically there's news a little bit of a couple single vineyards that they got sold out this week basically yeah we spoke a lot thank you. But you just built a brand new state of the art beautiful facility on an end there's a lot of grapes that date are under the control of the family you guys. So we can see we can count on some growth love it's over hope and you know when when new farm all your own fruit not services down in 2015. Like by 45%. We don't run out and buys some Marshal through we just stay the course and that's what you need to do in this business for long term successes stay the course. You'll only get though one shot at harvesting through every year so we worked all year long to see if we go right. Chris Kangas served in your manager Mike Sullivan are out there all the time. With our weather team. Making shirts is Bessie canyon. It says. It's a beautiful chunk of property and I think as I think back on the ones that we had last night and the night before and I know what I'm looking forward to tonight. You know like Chardonnay are welcome your arm camera going guys through and through that. Beth and I both enjoy Chardonnay. And fort. Oh you don't added it is. A push by mute buttons aren't the fort Ross bottle of Chardonnay. From this relatively new Arabia in Sonoma coast. As if rock star. Perfect balance of all those things it's not over blow with oak and and drip be extracted ago long hang time effort you know it's not like people get a lot of people talked about their tires there. What they're really tired is mediocre. Chardonnay you line. And there are four Rossi view they available basically. The few select locations or at the of the winery. We haven't shipping since but it's its mouth peel texture and now the grapes grow its above the fog. And it's this idea. Agreed side out on the new appellation for rusty view. Way out of this is true coast talk about that because it is a relatively new ABA in. The things that make it's so cool is that it is being geographical location and the elevation. And the coolness of the Pacific Ocean though about the so we're you know this is out on basically the second reach in. From the from the ocean and it's. Upon a hill so it it's a lot of good whether it's crosses not a day. It can be a danger that it using dodged that bullet and it's. It's is basically where there was. Marcus and and flowers and and hers. Out there and Maarten Ellison smartly through to revive and three sisters vineyard and it's just. You know every now and in everything just works delightful it's been rock star vineyard forests and it. And it performs every year and yet however I think performs every year 2000 level we had some rain and we did. You know not not have so well and I'm not gonna happen that back up and talk a bit about rev one. Both the Russian river issues that are available locally year and if you're once were doesn't have a task they can get it in there cute. The Russian river pinot. Is such a great values. To bring that kind of equality to the for the class yeah. Well we want to bail them have an entry level line for people and you know entry level line for us is starts is around thirty dollars but. It's got a lot of world class fruit in it in what I like about this one faculty over achiever is its. But two different vineyards that we formed different proposals election. And it just it's well ballots and that's what my content or one makers do so well. Is part of its whole cluster. And an eight gives us some more mouth feel part of it is great would. Part of it is not overworking the line part of its growing the grapes correctly. And it all comes together. Is Dade did just doesn't show up. But we make it well and the awards keep coming and folks what you need to do and this is something about that well moment moment of passion to extend or listeners. Go to but no real winery dot com. Check out the list of lines I encourage you to look at it. Some of the Al collate that all these different products for giving him believe me between a fourteen vintage look at the occur relief it's relatively new. There's just now there or starting to come in and we're talking double gold that. And it's super prestigious and a jury competitions. And mid to high ninety's. It in others. But you can go order this stuff and the best part is. Can we still give them six follow free shipping week you know week Indies shipping included on six bottles. Italy either click through on the website or will have a code or but it mainly right now also have the web sites you can click through and yet the what and the main thing is ordered twelve bottles. There's so many great things and end. Is there a place to find out about. The club stuff on at the web site. The summit club member to I don't know that Libya is. Held Koch here's service. Because we do is our version of the club is releasing a bottle or two bottles of wine. You in the spring in the ball and it's it's also with greatest all the clips shipments it. Taken right off the top so there's something like art and archer. You guys are covered. And that's the beautiful thing about it. And it also eliminate some of my friends calling up and saying hey I just need to get some wind. Join a club you give twice in India. Well and I enjoy and added the club has two options you can get six bottles twice a year. One of each of the current releases are the newly released ones where you can get twelve which will give you two of each of those lines of and that's a great deal it's a pretty simple program and it shows up on your doorstep. And it is legal here in Kansas things have changed and it's wonderful. Do that again it but no real winery dot com or in. You just got to go check comfortable once I hope I can defeat some of you tonight at the Americas into one of Budapest. Two dollars and going to be a lot of them were poured a lot of problems and mr. cool it's always a pleasure to see here it's more of pleasure to see you here which couples thank you guys but there have been on the show before thank you and is understood in the studio here in downtown Wichita pretty classy operation there you said. Path I've got embarrassed the good life you know every Saturday will be right here. Waiting this year the enjoyment of food one and fun from an Everyman perspective we don't do body we do food was. Have a great weekend then don't forget if you miss the show. Or in the future go to Penn SF radio dot com and that you can download the us bedecked.

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