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KNSS Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 A not-so-exciting Valentine's Day

Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 A not-so-exciting Valentine's Day

Feb 15, 2017|

Neither Steve nor Ted hit the town for Valentine's Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Reporting 6 o'clock this is the canister sporting news fifteen instead it clears guy now and even in this. Freezing at 32 degrees. Chicago police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a par killing two people. Including a two year old police believe the gunman targeted the vehicle which was parked in an Alley frustrated Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson says the man killed was a known gang member and district. Ridiculous. That we just keep seen. Children pay the price because we can't. All these individuals out the toddler killed has been identified as two year old Dovonte wife is pregnant and also shot but in fair condition police are reviewing video including FaceBook live video that may show the shooting taking place as well as the aftermath nobody is in custody but police say they have promising leads right Borough ABC news Chicago. Wichita police say two police officers have been put on administrative leave. Pending the outcome of internal and criminal investigations. The department released no details other than saying it possibly involved misconduct. And the move was prompted by another agency's criminal probe. Police chief Gordon Ramsey released a brief statement. We will continue to be transparent and keep our media and community members informed critical matters police department but because this is an active investigation we are unable to comment further. On this case. Wichita businessman Brendan Stephens says he's a subject of a federal inquiry into poker and his involvement in trying to open a casino intentions letters from the US attorney's office for delivered Tuesday to a Wichita eagle staff members residents and the Wichita eagle saying that phone communications with Stephen was intercepted under federal law last year. One letter dated February 1 said. This notice does not mean your being charged in court with any thank Mississippi and notice the law requires we send you. It was signed by US assistant attorney Aaron Smith. Stephen who has a partner in Genesis car and other businesses says he's aware of the broad nature of the inquiry. He and a team of Wichita investors tried unsuccessfully to win a state bid to build the castle rock casino in southeast Kansas. He says he's retained counsel and we'll fully cooperate. Steve Boyer and SS news president trump welcomes Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House today. More than forty years ago a UN resolution called free two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians but from White House advisors say they will not portion of that or any other solution instead president trump was sort of both sides to do whatever it takes to make a permanent peace the president and the Israeli prime minister will also talk settlements Iran in a possible US embassy moved to Jerusalem. And field ABC news Washington. Early last Saturday somebody stole more than three dozen guns from. 15100 block of north Broadway. Wichita police Sargent Mickey would rose as the search is on for those 37 stolen guns and up to 101000 dollars in reward money now being offered. The bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation which is the NS SF. The trade association for the firearms industry are offering a reward. For information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft of the firearms that people are firearms. Anyone with information may call 1800 ATF guns or emailed. Eight ETF tips at ATF dot go all tips and calls are confidential. The stolen guns were valued in excess of 181000 dollars including 33 handguns. A pair of AR fifteen to twelve gauge shotgun in an AK 47. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony. That Tuesday at a measure designed to compensate those who serve in prison Euro wrongfully accused and Kantor's. Floyd Bledsoe the man who served sixteen years in Kansas for a murder he did not commit testified. Hokies. Have to go through experiences saying when someone comes on the same way you can. You don't have to save these works just me. There's a disagreement on what should be an appropriate and fiscally responsible amount for compensation but the bill. Will still be worked here in Kansas the that could happen as soon as later this week at Topeka. Texas antiabortion efforts are bitching a renewed push as lawmakers in the state begin hearing new proposals today. Republican lawmakers in Texas undeterred by a Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down sweeping abortion restrictions now pushing new measures a state senate committee is set to hear three new proposals Wednesday. One would toughen regulations on what happens to a fetus after an abortion another would require fetal remains to be cremated or buried. And a third would ban donation of fetal tissue. It's likely some more all of the measures could face legal challenges but with a potentially more conservative Supreme Court under president trumped GOP lawmakers are optimistic. Marcum Allard ABC news. Qaeda has used on now 6055 minutes past 6 o'clock. The middle boy now 161111 minutes past 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning's. And this morning traffic. Things are picking up in traffic already starting to see some heavy traffic on Kellogg right now the looking founded. Meridian Edwards. Just had to have been heavy traffic. This morning at this time so much we're slowdowns and an area gasoline prices are at around 215 gallons. Traffic update on gay and justice radio on gas chambers filled forecast we K and his his staff meteorologist Dan and the holidays good morning Dan good morning it is a clear and cool start today across south central Kansas once again we will be right today tomorrow and right on into the weekend. Sunny and low fifties at noon time 57 later on this afternoon will be clear and not a school tonight. The other 36 warmer Thursday with a high 7070. Again on Friday I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday thanks Dan no please guide to the placement to twelve miles per hour temperatures 32 degrees and even freezing. 32 degrees Wednesday February 15 bloody seventeenth the day after Valentine's Day. And which does high temperature yesterday was 51. On this date in 1915 Disney. Released a movie Cinderella. And here a few years ago there was a lot. A lot written and talked about the huge impact on millions of young girls by watching Cinderella. And thing you did prince charming. Was gonna come along and save them from a life of drudgery. Housecleaning since well the well. That didn't turn out that way for a good many of our young women and the treasury went on even after prince term agenda anyway and all that what bill that charming in it over the the Cinderella conflicts there. Police say a naked man assaulted another man at the entrance of NBC news Washington bureau then ran into the building and bit a man who helped stop him. According to a police report the man approached the entrance of the building that's also home to WR CTV. Saturday night. Hit a man in the face pushed him to the floor and ran inside. Another man told police he spotted the naked intruder running down the hall the building security a hot pursuit. And help stop the guy police say the intruder bit the man czar. The intruder was arrested and taken to a hospital. Naked man running about incited a television studio packed NBC news Washington bureau that's reveal little disturbing. Beards are back for the Miami Marlins a team has lifted its ban on facial hair after one season. Manager Don Mattingly says he reviewed the policy with the owner Jeffrey Loria then they reversed its Mattingly adds that he decided facial hair isn't a big deal. The Dodgers allowed facial hair wouldn't Mattingly was their manager for five seasons. And he wore a mustache when he was and also our first baseman for the Yankees. The revised policy was announced yesterday before the first workout for pitchers and catchers. These Miami Marlins go back to beard. And I personally don't like. Like a full beer go to baseball player. Mustache is okay. Those great big woods ago cleared out of their days off if it does look a little a little bizarre. But no public it still rules against beards all of baseball teams. Kate Upton leisure Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl for 2017 and if you were waiting. Anxiously to know who would be Upton and Alison you as well Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. This is up and third time on the cover. She made her SI debut in the 2011 issue and then grace the cover in 2012. And Tony thirteen. The magazine is made headlines in recent days for several celebrity spreads inside the magazine including Christie Brinkley. 63. Who pose for the issue alongside her daughter's. It had been 38 years since she first appeared on the cover in 1979. He knew the Christie Brinkley was going to be an issue I somehow I've missed affected she was going to be posing with her daughter's in the Sports Illustrated issue. So they get that's easily the top selling Sports Illustrated issue of the entire year. Because you don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate. The swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Harrison Ford and near miss while landing at a California airport. Is Wichita safer his deficits. But he gives it to out all the time at least one or two user plays the S and service to your taking care of yeah. And he spotted it to a little weekend ago or two ago he was spotted here and what's allowed in itself is with a several restaurants. As is is he the prior to fluid and landed on a taxiway would even a runway. It almost cooked and at jets and airliners sitting there on the taxiway. Tolerable the top of it. And landing and attention over the play July and up. Right to wonder about that I don't know how getting you know. Had a popular pilot is just we live in a city where a dream a dream lifter pilot landed on the wrong. Runway. Mistook. They're small runway for something that should have been much larger so. Harrison Ford everybody makes mistakes number a year to go crash into a golf course on California view ball away from it. A good night to walk away he was it was pretty well injured Monday. But he had to wonder whether whether Harry needs maybe it's flying lessons or something. At least at that get a pilot done with thinking what was what was his character had solo. They cancel could fly little thing alleged airplane. While acting a fluke that they that they get. That does each ship all over the place and have a little airplane right. I day after valve Valentine's Day gotta tell you that my Valentine's Day and my wife would not that exciting we decided to forego. The excitement of standing in line at a restaurant for an hour or so it stayed home. Swap cards a little kid in that was it very quiet evening at home although she later went out and went to my granddaughter of basketball game out of arguments that I didn't deal with that Hewitt. So that was a romantic interlude. Florida for the two of us in our house Valentine's Day and I don't of people went out and added that we LSI Ted did you notice. I would not Nokia in restaurant mode wonder how much to help the restaurants were last night to. Anybody different out there give us an update on who is busy now. Policy of each X 913 thirty tells who was busy last night the restaurants. Where some good job Shelley and I think you can go out tonight. You know what. After 46 years I guess are still going to be Valentine is probably still be a love tonight but we were last night he want stand in line at a stand line and and some of those is walk part of the count there burger king and place your order I believe my grandson. Nolan was working last that it chilies out in west central and I believe he volunteered to do it. That's a school night he was a network of school it. The work for the weekend so I don't know. Are frankly don't know that he was working last night it not been too good night to work in a restaurant. And he might have done well with the gratuities all the best for you maybe you're on the Chile's what did you say. 618 now Steven dead tied for lead off Schwartzman Ted Woodward. We've got shot for basketball. Tonight we're on the road right there after tonight earth shocks and for Kansas State's Wichita State is on the road at southern Illinois. And shots. Right now. On an eight game winning streak there for nine in a row tonight shocks also had beaten the salukis eight times in Euro. Shocks have never won four years in a row in Carbondale. Looking to do tonight. Doctors at southern Illinois this one tips off at 6 o'clock tonight. It's a 103 point seven KE YAM. So Mike Kennedy and Bob hole will be on the air pregame beginning at 5 PM today. Then be sure to join me after the game I'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room Joseph broadcasting live from twin peaks in east Wichita. When he first and rock deactivated twin peaks tonight. Shocker basketball. Kansas State is home tonight the wildcats. Hosting the cyclones of Iowa State. That game also tips off at 6 o'clock tonight. K state game will be nationally televised on ESPN two. Both doctors in K state are favored tonight soccer for thirteen and a half point favorite on the road. K state is a four point favorite at home or basketball liked tonight. You have Wichita thunder hockey at home this evening under hosting the Rapid City rush. Under on home ice 7 o'clock tonight downtown. At the end trust bank arena. Don't forget to these shocker basketball tonight when a free. Point seven CE YM socks on the road at southern Illinois. Fort Stevens head caved in and staff. So the pitchers and catchers are at spring training right. Yes that's all of these are state for the royals pitchers and catchers workout and the shocker baseball season's start to win the baseball season opener Friday. He is the way off. Well the weather's gonna straighten up a little bit more Kabila or reality going to get some on nice February weather to deal would have great weather to deal with and you charter the road today Alley basketball game get lifted a shocker regular season 55. Now there were no 422 road to home now. We're now four shocker basketball. I did this 621. Now Steven did in the morning if they are for Fox News commentator Todd star and it's. Michigan man ticketed for leaving a car running unattended. Traffic weather coming up even death on K and assess.

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