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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Large reward for information about stolen guns.

Feb 15, 2017|

The ATF and the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news K I SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's even dead in the morning. A Kansas senate committee has advanced the budget balancing proposal from Democrats. To raise one point two billion dollars over two years by increasing income tax. The assistant and taxation committee Tuesday forward to. The bill is senate that contains a plan but the panel specifically did not endorsed the measure in its voice vote. The full senate expects to debate the measure Thursday. Ellis singled at the forecast with K and as a staff the urologist Dan Holliday to boring Dan. Well good morning if you're not a fan of snow you're likely enjoying this winter you'll feel even more spring like as we go into Thursday and Friday at today's high 57 mostly clear and 36 overnight. Tomorrow and Friday one to seventy and we continue in the upper sixties throughout the rest of the weekend I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday they today and currently a clear. Skies 32 degrees northwest wind at twelve miles per hour 32 and even freezing. Last Saturday morning somebody stole 37 guns from. 15100 block of north Broadway. Wichita police sergeants Nikki Woodrow has sizable reward money is now being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. That reward money is coming from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. ATF is offering a reward up to 5000 dollars and the NSS. After will match for a total hospital of reward of 101000 dollars. We ask anybody with information about the burglary. To contact the ATF at 1800. ATF gardens. You can email ATF tips at ATF dot gov. All tips and calls are confidential. The value of the stolen guns in excess of 181000. Dollars including an AK 47. Parent AR fifteen to twelve gauge shotgun and 33 handguns. The husband of a woman killed in a double it's parking lot is suing the grocery store from negligence the Wichita eagle reports sixty year old and its hefty. Died in February 2015 after slipping in the parking lot and was struck by a vehicle driven by. A Dylan's employee Christopher Schrager traitor with charges of involuntary manslaughter driving under the influence and other crimes. He was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. The suit asking for more than 75000 dollars as Dylan should have been aware of traders alcohol problem that's shown from a previous felony DUI conviction. A Wichita woman has had her probation revoked forty year old Rory Fernandez was convicted by passage of county jury on June 1 of Tony sixteenth of taking approximately 181000 dollars in gifts loans and payments over three month period in Tony fifteen. Two different and an ideal man while going door to door offering landscaping services and receive the money and goods from him district court judge Bruce brown granite Fernandez probation and Tony sixteen and ordered her to repay their victims judge brown revoke her probation at a hearing on February 2 of this year because she tested positive for drugs. Failed to pay restitution. And absconded from supervision she was ordered to serve the balance of a thirteen month sentence a co defendant has pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced in March just in Dallas grant pleaded guilty in January 2 felony theft Steve Boyer K and SS news. Leaders of a fund raising campaign say they have reached their goal for establishing a new hope for the University of Kansas school of medicine Salina. A news release from Tom Martin executive director of the Salina regional health foundation. Says a group has raised more than seven point six million dollars in new building is expected to open in June. Of 2018. K and assess national news time 632. Republican senator Lindsey Graham calling for a full investigation into contact between associate of president trump and suspected Russian intelligence official. First thing I want to do is find out if there was any. Activity between the Russians and the trap campaign. That was outside the norms unacceptable. If that is true then we need to look. Into all things Russia when it comes to trial including his business thighs. Graham on Good Morning America a minute ago old following reports that trump associates did maintain contact with Russian officials in the months leading up to the election. The report followed the resignation of national security advisor Michael Flynn who had been in contact with Russian ambassador before Donald Trump inauguration. The president has his first meeting with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's today at the White House an official with the administration. Says he's not necessarily a two state solution will be the goal of any peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Jerry Preston ABC news. 633 to keep the head of the morning. 97 and thirteen thirty and SS and Wichita. The government says US airlines canceled fewer flights and but he sixteen than any year on record. While also posting your record. Low numbers for lost bags and passengers getting bumped off oversold flights. And it's as airlines had one of their best years for all on time or rivals. Although it wasn't a record and December was worse than in the same month a year earlier. The transportation that department reported Tuesday that the twelve leading US airlines canceled one point 17%. Of flights last year. The lowest rate among comparable figures going back in 1995. So there isn't it looks like a pretty good report on how the airlines are different pars cancel flights those in the luggage and so forth. Try and haven't had very many good reports over the past few years. Starbucks plans to start testing can cautions that mix coffee and ice cream of the Seattle chain says it will serve I forgot who. Varieties of hot or cold coffee or even Cree there or or over ice cream and 100 stores and Orange County California starting today up near LA. With pricey versions sold it ten locations within its reserve bars. Starbucks Corp. is successfully driven up sales over the years in part by introducing. Price you're new items. Have been told. The most powerful word and advertising is new loot in. We do have the news. If we should call ourselves the news Steve into the morning Ellis do that. Battery three weeks cost park ourselves news news seated Ted in the morning with its new well we're we're here we get different stuff to talk about it right. Right every show every morning we do or Visio unit think about it every morning is a new ratio. Now which now police stretched that we start saying new and improved but he did not sure people start to believe that I don't think we go with improved. Now. Is that people would call our block it's it's hard to approve on the quality that we got this every day. The level of quality is is is is fantastic. Now I say that facetiously. But also beliefs. I've collected in my heart I have listened to talk radio and these kinds of shows in many many markets over the past forty plus years in radio. We are not bad always strive. And you've got people out there I know we've heard from people is it I just moved in here from LA Irish guy and you guys are beginning I got out there but we hear that from Clemson. So what do you say new and improved yeah. It's new every day but it's hard to approval on. The level that you will keep trying. Trying to pick matters close to that. It's uninteresting via the get someplace you've done something for a while and the people out there right now driving around or go to work maybe they're at work or home go to court they you know. You tell humans he'll try it yeah you still try to grow closer to her letter exactly. If you stop growing deduct. Right near a broad embrace and we're gonna have the new and improved on grants UP the monitor so active standby for that there's not a there's another guy strives for perfection aria. He's he's on it he's up. Big rewarded big money reward for a excellent stole more than three dozen guns from the north which are dugout and started. Over the story yesterday with a WP DE. That's a lot of guns. And this is of the can't against adieu to the other stolen from us to a gonna go right on the go right in the hands of criminals right. An innate unnecessarily what do they want this person wants to sell those you know. Relative if they're serial numbers are recorded candy do that against or something and wanted to just show their argument on the street lessening ought to mean acting back Alley tanks minute hoping to get a voted buddies in good hands that's forums and that's why the they wanna get him off the streets and a 101000 dollar reward. A lot of money. How'd they ultimatum to 33 handguns. They attic up a bushel baskets are supplementing about their right now and couple couple longer handler pull this off was ready to go. In case would they broke into this place after hours written. Out of 5 in the morning leapt 5 in the morning last Saturdays. So if you know something about it there's a big reward out there now you can somebody knows something. He can tournament in and get some money to its coming up on 638 now Steve and Ted. Time for the K and assist commodities update when mr. Tom Loeffler up left the commodities 2.0. Well good morning Steve. Yesterday the live cattle feeder cattle futures close with many counteract seven triple digit gains were led to the upside by the feeder cattle. And why do quiet by most likely mainly from Poland. In two participation. At the date the Fed cattle Kindle have shown that the 4822. Million. Believe yesterday clothes were mostly attributed to do well. Are the close there quite get Obama 47 114 even. Mark Peters to seventeen hire one to 44 you got to believe all the dollar sixty higher 71 birdie. The wheat corn and soybean futures all traded close they can meet Tuesday with the soybean believing that downside. Were the real lack of market moving news that the downside of the lack of fund buying him some profit taking a current. Yesterday the dollar index had its highest trade. Since that January 20 and the elf for the fourth straight decision made new all time record high and closes. At the moment we're looking at down by the great market march Casey we definitely an ascent that force 61 and three quarters. Part scored that many F 372 and three quarters artillery contribute to a record Portland 42 and a quarter. Art could reporting 3040 cents floor 5286. People called two dollar and eighty cent higher Portland 20/20. Markets compete again appointment as 2335. And a half. Parts power index nineteen entitled what I love 42. More children's teachers supporting one point that point that out 03. The commodity trading like marketing advisory contact Oprah commodity on the program whereby using 866. Due to tough. So Tom how was a Valentine's Day a night for you continues to share any thing or is it far too personal. For you to addition. Many guys went broke my wife got the captain yeah you can adapt we will let the wind is get a hamburger and chili. I. Here's. What's on. This Internet romantic you know I don't. Want to go see you go again if you get a haircut you get it where we're version bird Diego. Wendy's and yeah but you you'd get a gone by yourself Petit took the misses along and I'm sure that you used. Works. I am beginning to admire you'd quite a bit in. A I figured out a way to get a really nice and nice looking woman pay for your stuff I gotta admire that that's it while we use code Jindal today. Unless there male prostitute not a dog had gone back. I Tom I'm glad you had a good time. I'm and glad to have you back in here today it is and obviously you didn't go and get yourself it's mentioned drunk in the mopping up in the hospital learning that it's good. I recount that the little successes in life. I just think an idea of just it what you look like he did remind me a little bit of that little cupid guy with a bow and arrow. The face. Facial you do look like a little health there's. Our top face. Real what does this morning's exported out of the outdoor living in landscape shows coming up century two convention center just a couple of weeks away mark your calendars march 3 through the fifth. Etc. do expo hall. And yeah its outdoor living and landscape show featuring display gardens. And all things of fun stuff one equipment garden tools. All the stuff you need for a great spring and summer outdoors golf. Outdoor living landscapes you'll coming up march 3 through the fifth a century to 641 now Stephen dead. On the way done ranching and beat the money tracker. What might happen to your obamacare health plan on hotels on the way at 641 now. Governor weather coming up even Ted in the morning on tape and assess.

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