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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 What might happen to an Obamacare health plan

Feb 15, 2017|

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about the fallout for those who have a health care plan under Obamacare.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man. 9875030. KM ancestry are heated head in the morning at 646. Three big things are pretty. Durbin shepherd rumor comes out of retirement to win top dog. At Westminster kennel dog show seeing. Big reward offered in theft of more than three dozen guns from both Wichita store why do what you archive or leave during internal investigation. Three big things even dental and kick and assess. And this morning you've gotten a couple of calls from traffic tracker that was seen to fifteen is that gasoline price out there but. Apotheker Brian called in and he spotted 2:12 at central night too dirty fun than. So we had another call for derby. At decade fifteen in meadow lark to thirteen gasoline prices. Traffic on Kate and as as France's budget problem Carl's Goodyear tire pitted downtown and marketed Waterman in the east every street Moline on money Carl's tire dot com your home for complete guard. Hair off sunny today with a high of 57 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 35. Thursday sunny and warmer tomorrow's high up to 69. Now these guys don't question it twelve miles per hour 32 degrees and Kate and assess. 647. Magnitude 48 that was Stephen did click it or ticket. Or maybe get busted for Coke. A Connecticut state trooper spotted a driver who wasn't wearing a seatbelt and follow the SUV onto I eighty force state police say the drivers were out of the shoulder. And the trooper pulled him over according to police BS QB was holding. Nearly nine pounds of cocaine models. You reached colosio's Ortiz of mount joy Pennsylvania. Was busted on drug charges. Luis you gotta you gotta buckle up buddy you could ever racked up there and maybe get her. Toys at their home in program vibrancy appease the money train hard said. Pushed Edward is with us of course my lord and love or money. But like money has the edge in a survey on romance and finances conducted by money and survey monkey. Slightly more than half the respondents said they would choose one million dollars per year for the rest of their lives over finding true love. Now what has acted by love with. That trip out of that would be purchased in the Don there's a difference gonna have to explain. Eighth well the million dollar pay outs eked out an advantage over love with 51%. Of the more than 4400 people surveyed choosing the cash. There were a few demographics who preferred soul mates over dollars for example. 53% of married correspondent to 55% of those in domestic partnerships or civil unions said they preferred to keep things that went eight because. They had either sprout up but that's only half of them. With the rest of our. I guess of the money. But in every other relationship cohort. Money was the winner especially among survey participants who were divorced and separated. As not a single women and men who are co habit dating with a partner I think people were thinking if I have the money I can find love. Now is this a rule the elected genie in a policy you can only have one or the other I don't know Hauser our obviously got take the money and then I'll just bet on the fact that I can finalize you know you'd obviously be humid Bard she thought you were very wealthy man he must you wouldn't got for who told her way who segue of my wife and editor I edit. At a new card check but is it now bingo yeah. That joke was all other. A little realizing that bingo when was the most of her earnings. That. Most Asian stock markets rose today after US benchmark hit new highs and Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen. That the US Central Bank could raise interest rates as soon as next month. Bank stocks jumped Tuesday writing hopes to bigger profits are ahead and US indexes again pushed to record highs the standard poor's 500 index rose nine point four its sixth straight day of gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 92 points the NASDAQ Composite rose eighteen points. Eyes are watering. A very emotional for you Valentine's Day I think if you cry just the ardent analogy of it but I'm allergic to this. Workstation itself. Or work itself beyond Europe and does it indices the index has is in well I think he goes I'll let you can do both I I ate he always has rights indexes and I say indices to screw that one soundly as ell yeah you sound saudis nobody. Indices yeah. That's plural for index. I'm indices nearly 3000 production workers at Boeing South Carolina plant are deciding if they want to unionize writing the next chapter never Stew organized labor in large manufacturing plants. Across the south. If successful today's balloting on whether employee should join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Which had a significant message to politicians both in the region and Washington. That workers. Are demanding the same protection and benefits as their colleagues in other areas. Cheap labor in the south. Which they had some pretty cheap labor in the south for the civil war to. I'm not comparing I had that's is that vote today. Yet to do that today. OK so Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen updating congress on the health of the economy says federal policy makers. Will likely resume raising interest rates in the next few months spot. With uncertainty surrounding president trumps proposals. You'll and also Ted says using the Central Bank still wants to keep assessing the economy. He did it change we don't know what's gonna happen. 652 now Steve into the morning Don grants yet be the money tracker what might happen to your obamacare health plan well. Well you know the trop administration is intent upon dissolving the Affordable Care Act now we're not sure what will replace it yet. But while more waiting to learn more about what's to come what could happen to your coverage well for now. The ACA mandates remain in effect that means the president's executive order to federal agencies to exercise all authority and discretion available then to wave deferred grant exemptions from and delay. The amplitude occupation of any fiscal requirement I act. Would impose a fiscal burden. Now his order does not have the authority to eliminate those requirements so they remain in effect until congress acts. 2017. Coverage should remain as it is now with your health care provider the plans were. Approved by state regulators and agreements need to be adheres to at least for this year. State regulators will need to approve any future changes. Your plan provisions can't change richer individual plan. Receives federal subsidies. And at fun day in day as per the directive by the president could be removed and your premiums could go up. Congressional action is required to make any major change to the plants so. It'll take time for the changes to happen now we should have plenty of lead time before any revisions are implement it. Beginning in 2018. Coverage and premiums will likely change. If the repeal of a CA plan requirements moves forward that means that some of the favored requirements like covered preventative care existing condition provision provisions. And keeping kids on parent's plans still aged 26 those could go away although they're very popular so they probably want. And finally repeal the law would remove the requirement that employers with fifty or more workers be required to offer health care coverage. Or pay an assessment to subsidize coverage bottom line. It's up to congress to repeal that replaced the plan until then. We are still under the ACA at least till the end of this year so if you have any questions you can give me call 634. Point 2.2. On a lighter note or maybe a heavier notes today is national hippo day. That's a heavier now yeah yeah we celebrate the well the high hippopotamus which is what Latin for water horse or something like that Ted. You know your Latin what is hippopotamus. So you'll get it. I am told that this animal although at least. Cute and cuddly and is he is one mean soccer well they're apparently they're pretty darn nimble and water yes exploitative. Yeah. So you don't mess around with a hip. I I don't think so I dated one what they should. However I do believe though as it'll hit bowed day. They could rabbit what was that Disney film where they have the dancing hippos fantasia and Ari funny stuff dance around and get a little pocono he's he's gone now. The Dallas a wild film somebody had them. Lies solid looks at Ellis the that he sees the name. I mean they had to have to think that up way back when Aaliyah Aaliyah I was pretty darn well in and have you ever seen yet the pink elephant bit him dumbo. That's that's pure drugs in while that's what I was told them you know in the days and when drugs were. You know. Normally ego and who watched the basic element. The bigger allotment or if you're going to be on a I'll. Or out. People like that used to hang around radios these. 656 now Stephen did 7 o'clock before we can replicate this is sporting news was even had a all the news today two officers on leave during a Wichita police internal investigation that story aboard his Stevenson in the morning. On tape and assess.

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