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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Guest: Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes

Feb 15, 2017|

Todd Starnes is coming to Wichita

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good points to even get to the morning Steve I could tell. Ted Woodward. A Kansas senate committee has advanced to budget balancing proposal from Democrats to raise one point two billion dollars over two years. By increasing income taxes these sensitive taxation committee Tuesday for. We're bill in the senate that contains a plan but the panel specifically did not indoors the measure in its voice vote. The full senate expects to debate the measure Thursday. Alex forecast with Kate is a stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday devoid Dan. Good morning it is a clear and cool start today across south central Kansas once again we will be dry today tomorrow and right on into the weekend sunny and low fifties at noon time 57 later on this afternoon will be clear and not as cool tonight down to 36 warmer Thursday with a high 7070. Again on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan. Holiday it is now clear skies and 31 degrees we have a northwest wind at twelve miles per hour. Last Saturday morning somebody stole 37 guns from. 15100 likable Broadway. Wichita police sergeant Rickey would rose as sizable reward money is now being offered for information. Leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. That reward money is coming from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. And the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. ATF is offering a reward up to 5000 dollars and the NSS. After will match for a total hospital of reward of 101000 dollars. We ask anybody with information about the burglary. To contact the ATF at 1800. ATF gardens you can email ATF tips at ATF dot gov. Alternates and calls are confidential the value of the stolen guns as an excess of 181000 dollars including an AK 47 a pair of a ar fifteens. A twelve gauge shotgun and 33 handguns. The husband of a woman killed in a Dylan's parking lot is suing the grocery store for negligence. The Wichita eagle reports sixty year old and that head he'd died two years ago after slipping in the parking lot. And struck by a vehicle driven by a Dylan's employee Christopher she raider. Who was charged with involuntary manslaughter driving under the influence and other crimes. He was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. The suit asking for more than 75000. Dollars. Says Dylan's should have been aware straighter alcohol problem that was shown from a previous felony DUI conviction. A Wichita woman has had her probation revoked. Forty year old Rory Fernandez was convicted by passage of county jury on June 1 of Tony sixteen of taking approximately 181000 dollars in gifts loans and payments over three month period in Tony fifteen. Two different and a ninety year old man while going door to door offering landscaping services and receive the money and goods from him district court judge Bruce brown branded Fernandez probation and Tony sixteen and ordered to repay the victim judge brown revoke her probation at a hearing on February 2 of this year because she tested positive for drugs. Failed to pay restitution. And absconded from supervision she was ordered to serve the balance of thirteen month sentence a co defendant has pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced in March destined Dallas who has pleaded guilty in January 2 felony theft. Steve Boyer can SS news. Leaders of fundraising campaigns say they have reached their goal for stab posting a new home for the University of Kansas school of medicine Salina. New release from Tom Martin executive director of the Salina regional health foundation. Says the group has raised more than seven point six million dollars new building expected to open in June 2018. Davis has national news time 733. The FBI continuing to pour over phone calls and travel ties that sources say occurred between members of that trumps email and Russia before the election. ABC senior Justice Department correspondent Pierre Thomas as authorities are not trying to determine. If any of that contact was improper. Are if you're the FBI. And you're in the US intelligence community. And you have this broad list of Russian operatives to to monitor all the time and then you seed. The people associated with the trump campaign. Had dealings with those people. You wanna know if the top associates knew who they were actually dealing with a because it would not always be readily apparent. Republican senator Lindsey Graham says if any of that contact was outside the norm that would be in his words a game changer. President troubled me today with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu trump administration officials adjusting on Tuesday. They may not push the long held policy of a two state solution in the mideast. Cherry Preston ABC news. 734 now Stevenson of the morning on Kate and assess your Wednesday February 15 to seventeen. Which does high temperature Tuesday 51. Degrees. Police say a naked man assaulted another man at the entrance of. NBC news Washington bureau then ran into the building and bit a man who helped stop him. According to police report the man approached the entrance of the building that's also home to WR CTV Saturday night hit a man in the face. Pushed into the floor and ran inside. Another man a told police he spotted the naked intruder running down the hall. We're building security and hot pursuit and helped stop the man police say the intruder then bit the man's arm. But it intruder was naked of course is hot pursuit was arrested and taken to a hospital. He was something wrong there something was wrong something's amiss and it was amiss until he does not make it started being punting near biting people. 735 heated did they after Valentine's Day and the restaurant you're gonna get back to a normal Wednesday night after tears at the strange deal haven't now types in a Tuesday that the school it but I. The fourteenth right to it now do on the same date every year to depiction of a little more consistent. Interesting story about the three dozen guns. Solar from Wichita business and the ability of those. Again it's those found that where they are proud try to get him back off the street but it and have somebody. Walking away with 181000 dollars in stolen guns yeah. And obviously federal officials and some others are interest in getting these guns retrieved so reward money out there now a thing. And again it's a lot of reward money somebody. Could tournament and get some money on Cuba and urging people that are buying guns perhaps off Craig's list or off the street or off anything like that a you due diligence to make sure these aren't stolen guns. 736 now Stephen Ted Beers and a bit of the baseball season just about to start in fact it's. Spring training crank it up beards back for the Miami Marlins a team has lifted its ban on facial hair. After one season. Manager Don Mattingly says he reviewed the policy with owner Jeffrey Loria then they reversed it. Mattingly adds that he decided facial hair isn't such a big deal. The Dodgers allowed facial hair would Mattingly was their manager for five seasons. And he are wore a mustache when he was in all star first baseman for the Yankees Allan Donald as a player he often he always wore a stash. The revised policy announced yesterday before the first workout for pitchers and catchers. For the Miami environment. I don't know it's a a little suspicious that if we get a gigantic beard there you can be hiding something under there it. The tube of something does to doctor the baseball or somebody like that something wasn't at the Cincinnati Reds a four. Over a hundred years had one of those policies. No facial hair. Who finally broke it of course George Foster had those few side bird Diego. Alec finally relented like everybody mile course the Yankees did for many years and it they had an anti facial hair policy. It's all pretty much gone by the wayside are at 738 now Stephen dead to Fox News commentator Todd starts with us this morning I get into the. Well good morning Steve. We're we're adding about 100 short of this war on the boat. Atlanta you're on the jury going to be appear march 9 here in Wichita to talk about the two were. And bush had the Jordan and sign some autographs and so forth right. Very excited about that a lot of deplorable air around Wichita. We vote toward meeting them all that a couple right here in the studio we're pretty deplorable people right here. You get a say cut the room. Have you comment on somebody left the car running in them. Was busted. In BE had to believe a state law here in Kansas it is can't do that. Now it's not very often forged but the way we enforce that here is that if you do that lead currently somebody steals it. Yeah you noted that New York city's. We have a lot of them going on around here but today in the cold weather's so yeah. So how's the book go tell me about it. You know it's going really well you know yesterday we were in Virginia Beach I got suspended that they were. Although it's almost 700. And week we really seem to be. I guess you were striking a chord with people. Considered themselves to be a supporters of traditional American values. And you know has been a lot of fun. Well I really do love getting out of beating her listeners or readers and to because we really do a fun bunch that follows. All of line. And to be honest with you the book is pretty relevant considering what's going on Washington beast. Without telling us everything about it what do it's easy current events type thing and end. I your view on on though all that's happening is that it. It is you know I was really influenced growing up and and and becoming a writer by. People like Erma Bombeck and Loomis bizarre who has a great southern humorist. And does so so by. I'm writing news is similar in that I try to use uber. 22 in bay you know a lot of our points that is really get in vote. Conservatives and compatriots on how to be good citizens of America and how we can engage the culture. And how we just simply cannot rely on Washington DC to do that for. If you let's sit Bakken and did not get involved sometimes at least of at least to vote. And you don't have a lot of you have a lot of right to say much about it but he. Absolutely look there was a story a couple of years ago you might remember this deep down at Houston the mayor of the city subpoenaed of this sermons by ministers now. She was really unhappy with what they were preaching calm cool and I thought to myself at the time palace at that such a conservative count like. Houston will collect social liberal. Mayor what turned out only 13% of registered brokers bought their initial Election Day so. Most of the of the of the moral of the story is the bad guys about what are you just do what she's to a I am the bad guy it was all the good church going people Houston Texas who did bother so collect. Well you know and did most of the time for a local election turnouts not that great and Adriana from national election with that then you get a lot of people come out that. If you get to separatists. Citizen councils century Centre county commissions. Something that voter turnout just not very high and yet it can have a big impact in fact a huge impact. That's right in the case of Houston those pastors who have defied subpoenas almost out of themselves Romans ankle. Because most of the people that short collection vehicle for the conservative guy one that was gonna. He has support religious liberty. So look I. At that on our but it almost and it's also a hole. You know many people are of course you're you're you're probably commentator included like to go after the quality holes that I Giles no ugly out there are some really patriotic war out there are stories to. All right today have a a little optimism thrown in there a day will see happier on on March 9 here in Wichita Kansas for answer. I'm looking for you I've never been to Wichita. Very excited about mystery. I'll tell you will make did make sure you haven't been great time and feel welcome here. Aren't they cute Tut. That is Fox News commentator Todd starts he's on this every Wednesday morning about this time we Stevenson down 742. Local man says he is a subject of a federal investigation. Editor bill war that would stop this is still coming up. Traffic weather on the way Stevens had in the morning on tape and a sense.

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