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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Drive thru viewings at a Funeral?

Feb 15, 2017|

Is the future of paying respects at a drive-thru mortuary?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

987 and thirteen thirty. As good as it in the morning. 746 now. Three big things. German shepherd rumor comes out of retirement to win top dog. At Westminster kennel dog show seeing big reward offered in depth of more than three dozen guns from an off Wichita store line. To which he talked cops or leave during internal investigation. Rebate things we've Stephen dead on gay innocence. And right now in traffic seen some traffic tie ups heavy traffic right now on K 96 were looking east founded. And this is just passed I want 35 shook my 135 to hillside. Traffic moving eastbound they're just a little slow the high traffic volumes. Traffic updates on Kate and as as radio on jet chambers. Sunny today with a high of 57 degrees going to be nice out there cleared tonight overnight low 35. Thursday sunny and warmer tomorrow's high up to 69. Degrees now clear and 31 to. Northwest wind at twelve miles per hour still cool up there this morning. Find the comfort of a hat and express your personality it's gonna happen and Jackson find your own style seemed like people from around the nation. They can't inject their destination. At the clock tower in delayed no pep band jacks. A foreign leader is visiting the US and Michael's win that may be called to Capitol Hill. Should focus on the White House. President from welcomes Israel's leader to the White House Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an icy relationship with President Obama -- president trumps pro Israel campaign talk leads to better cooperation that to me at the White House have to the president tweeted that additional Israeli West Bank settlements board helping the peace talks Israel wants assurances that the US will get tougher with Iran and remain in their best defense. Ally ABC sandy field in Washington former national security advisor Michael slams next appearance might be before the Senate Intelligence Committee Flynn resigned after misleading vice president tents on a conversation with a Russia's ambassador. Intelligence committee Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri says the majority leader is asked the panel to look into this. I would think we should talk. General plan. Very soon now. So oversight committee chaired Jason cheated those says his panel won't be investigating for now Richard can't sue ABC news. David did have morning can assess seven for the 49 now you it is my clock is going bad I can't read it. The Victoria Waller height comments this morning from FaceBook and Cain is his radio dot com which star City Council members. Need money spending advice Jim says it drop countdown. Countdown is it Jim Ed some money to the budget for more staff to be on the grounds in time period clothing to improve visitor experience. It is also important to make sure that the museum has the budget to maintain the buildings and historic displays within those buildings. Jim has lot of ideas don't count. I agree I agree captains. It's a treasure the love go there whenever can't. Just to get to the ambiance of the old. Kowtow to Wichita other but let me ask you when's the last time you were there while. Now and that's the problem while we do have a good venue out there for meetings still or now the good place you'd go for that. And industry out there okay Kansas lawmakers consider ended to death penalty James says. As a practical matter it can be eliminated because the procedures were set up by attorneys were they get. Many opportunities to get money dragged out for many years area automatic appeals James says director lie about it a lot of automatic appeal Cindy says. I think we should keep the desperately. But make it more regulated as to who qualifies. Not if just being on a whim. Chris says is we'll get rid of it we don't use it anyway that's pretty much off field comments from FaceBook and K and assess radio dot com. US consumer prices rose in January at the fastest pace in nearly four years strengthening the case for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year so we're look at it. Inflation there's Ted. Labor Department says consumer prices rose 610% last month. The most since February. Of 2013. A seven point 8% jump in gasoline prices accounted for almost half the increase the guy received some. Increases in there and consumer prices and that means it's a little inflation to be on the way we haven't had a real inflation in this country for years. Now like back in the late says seven people now. Americans increased their spending at gasoline stations and restaurants in January pushing up overall retail sales. Even as auto buying fell. Commerce Department says retail sales rose a seasonally adjusted for person to hit a four tenths percent last month slowing down from a solid 1% gain. In December 14% not a great growth of 1% from a is huge. 752 now Stephen tea and a local land says he is a subject of a federal investigation. Editor bill why the Wichita business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stevie which is our brand Wichita businessman Brandon Stephen says the which is why you told to Wichita eagle Tuesday that the investigation is about poker. And his attempts to get a casino license the eagle and one of its staffers received letters from the US attorney's office. Notifying them that their phone calls to Stephen were intercepted. Through phone tapped the letters cannot implicate the eagle Ford staffer in the investigation. Later Tuesday the eagle was notified in letters or send a county commissioner Michael O'Donnell's phone calls were also intercepted. The US attorney's office is not commenting on any investigation might be on going. Wichita police confirm that two officers are on Labor Department is conducting its own investigation. And the officers possible connection to Stephen. The rise of the Wichita craft beer community is opened up opportunities for Wichita State University students. Three biology students are working paid internships looked local breweries they are helping with quality assurance. One student is nearing the end of a yearlong internship for the Wichita brewing company and pizzeria. Others are at central standard brewing and aero plane was brewing. Local breaking business news everyday on campus ascent at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Look Tennessee funeral home is drawing in be read customers by offering an unusual service. Drive through reviewing its. Something Europe mrs. could be interest in it right now. Brian Bernard who opened the arbor art funeral home in Memphis with his family at the end of January said. The services designed to be more convenient for families who are already facing the burden of losing up. Bernard to the drive through feelings are offered for no extra charge to families who purchased a funeral package. Taylor family has a visitation from 46. When we put their loved one in the drive through viewing area around. 1 o'clock and they will have a drive through viewing from one to 230. Meanwhile it's a small world plays its people now in death now it's it and they limit this to a I think about 33 minutes for each viewing. It could be big line there and people to get upset. Yeah so much for paying your respects. The respect part seems speak on this. While he looks a lot like and I like a frosty. Yeah perhaps a but rested or you have a larger small iron Chocolat her enough for families have used to drive through options so far and all the feedback has been positive so. What you two guys you know. The drive through viewing the wave of the future I don't think so. You go to the template is busy to get out of my car congress yes it's the Stanley that has lost a lot right right time then I'm the kind if I go to something like that I wanna see the family or say something donated beefed it but just yet. That's the United States of America and anything can happen. Just talking away yeah that's drawn by me. Today is remembered the main day how many people remember debating. It's a US ship that exploded in Havana harbor. In 1898. And it became the war cry for the the Spanish American war. One of those wardrobe what we're refight the Philippines and Cuba I was reading the other day about that Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. The during this war first Teddy Roosevelt there's an interest in person the president was a guy who his whole life if you wanted to be a battle. And shoot somebody you know that was a salty. And so and in Cuba he got the chance they went up this hill. Andy actually get killed somebody so from then on he left his family includes US is young family. Got these guys together for the Rough Riders when data humid. Two to battle the Cubans in the Spanish American war. Each unity remember pretty amazing guy he wants and he's still one of my favorite presidents looked look a little bit of a bloodthirsty guy and that is all but one of my favorites. Remand. The master of the main is still on display at. Arlington national cemetery that's right definitely it's it's not very prominently displayed is kind of in the back there with a few explore a little bit like what is that. Big things to get it it's the master of the main remember Bernard and Maine I'd 755 Stephen dead come. About 8 o'clock in just minutes McCain as his scoring is if Stevens had. A complete look at today's news two officers on leave during a Wichita police internal investigation. We've got that story and more government data watch David dead on K and SS.

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