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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Sports: Shocker men on the road in Illinois

Feb 15, 2017|

Shockers to face Southern Illinois tonight, K-State hosting Iowa State.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock. This is the case in this news or use the Stephens says that ninety seconds on. Two officers on leave during a Wichita police internal investigation that we've got the story Wichita businessman admits he is the subject of a federal investigation. I'm it would blurred those details just ahead. A toddler is killed with someone opens fire on a car in Chicago. He's in line with us to. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday he looks like once again will be talking temperatures in the seventies for this time of the year. We'll tell you when to expect those coming out. Chicago police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a car killing two people including a two year old child. Police believe the gunman targeted the vehicle which was parked in an Alley frustrated Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson says the man killed was a known gang member is just ridiculous. That we practice he'd seen. Children pay the price because we can't. All of these individuals out the toddler killed has been identified his two year old Dovonte wife is pregnant and also shot but in fair condition police are reviewing video including FaceBook live video that may show the shooting taking place as well as the aftermath nobody is in custody but police say they have promising leads right Borough ABC news Chicago. Wichita police say two officers have been put on administrative leave. Pending the outcome of internal and criminal investigations. Department released no details other than saying it possibly involved misconduct. And the move was prompted by another agency's criminal probe. Police chief Gordon Ramsey released a brief statement. We will continue to be transparent and keep our media and community members informed critical matters which are. But because this is an active investigation we are unable to comment further. On this case which stoppages Banda Brandon Stephens says he's a subject of a federal inquiry into poker. And his involvement in trying to open a casino in Kansas letters from the US attorney's office were delivered Tuesday to Wichita eagle staff members residents and the Wichita eagle saying phone communications with Stephen was intercepted under federal law last year. One letter dated February 1 said. This notice does not mean your being charged in court with any thank Mississippi and notice the law requires we Sandia. That was signed by US assistant attorney Aaron Smith. Stephen who has a partner in Genesis car and other businesses says he's aware of the broad nature of the inquiry. He and a team of Wichita investors tried unsuccessfully to win a state bid to build the castle rock casino in southeast Kansas. He says he's retained counsel and we'll fully cooperate. Steve Boyer and SS news president trump welcomes Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House today. More than forty years ago a UN resolution called free two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians patrol White House advisors say they will not portion of that or any other solution instead president throat was sore from both sides to do whatever it takes to make a permanent peace the president and the Israeli prime minister also talks settlements Iran in a possible US embassy moved to Jerusalem and field ABC news Washington. Early last Saturday somebody stole more than three dozen guns from. 15100 block of north Broadway. Wichita police Sargent Mickey would grosses this search is on for those 37 stolen guns and up to 101000 dollars in reward money is now being offered. The bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation which is the NS SF. The trade association for the firearms industry are offering a reward. For information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft of the firearms that people are firearms. Anyone with information may call 1800 ATF guns or email ATF tips at ATF dot gov. All tips and calls are confidential. Stolen guns valued in excess of 181000. Dollars and includes 33 handguns apparent AR fifteens. Twelve gauge shotgun and an AK 47. The Kansas had a Judiciary Committee heard testimony Tuesday on a measure designed to compensate those who served time in prison. Who are wrongfully accuse Floyd Bledsoe the man who served sixteen years in Kansas for a murder he did not commit testified. I hope he has never have to go through the experience Hussein when someone comes on the same way you. They you know have to say these works well just blew me and then. There is some disagreement on what would be inappropriate and fiscally responsible about four compensation but the bill will still be worked. And that could happen as soon as later this week. Texas anti abortion efforts are seeing a renewed push as lawmakers in the state begin hearing new proposals today. Republican lawmakers in Texas undeterred by a Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down sweeping abortion restrictions now pushing new measures the state senate committee is set to hear three new proposals Wednesday. One would toughen regulations on what happens to a fetus after an abortion another would require fetal remains to be cremated or buried. And a third would ban donation of fetal tissue. It's likely some more all of the measures could face legal challenges but with a potentially more conservative Supreme Court under president trumped GOP lawmakers are optimistic. Marcum Allard ABC news. Tennis has used time now 8055 minutes past either Clark. College basketball action tonight on the road for both Wichita State wealth shocks are on the road Kansas State is at home the night. And we'll have previews coming up in sports who is top dog at the Westminster Kennel Club show. We'll tell you coming up on the case and assist sporting news receiving death. This morning news even to about eight or 9:9 minutes past 8 o'clock. Actor Harrison Ford crash landed a plane on a golf course last year had another close call this week sources tell ABC news he was. And you'll play the accidentally landed on a taxiway at John Wayne airport in Orange County instead of Broadway flying close to a packed jet. More from ABC's Alex own Los Angeles the FAA says it's investigating the case right now sources say Harrison Ford landed on the taxiway apparently thinking it was runway twenty left in Orange County he flew right over a Boeing 737. Which was getting ready to take off. You may have immediately realized his mistake asking air traffic control of the American Airlines jet was supposed to be below home. Here's a four visit to Wichita frequently and regular work dollars airplanes encouraging news for help officials in the fight against HIV in the US. To get a clear picture of the HIV epidemic in the US the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used blood testing to determine when patients were infected with HIV. Rather than when they were diagnosed which can be months or years later. The results showed a nationwide decline down nearly 18% between 2008 and horny fourteenth. Officials also estimate of the number of annual infections for 35 states. None of them saw an increase seven saw sharp declines Brian Clark ABC news the dog breeding world has crowned its new champion at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York. 741. Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog felt the German shepherd. The winner is a rumor that German shepherd last year the winner of the herding group this year goes all the way too expense to show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Now the VIP tour began including the famous lunch at sororities. Gary all manner ABC news New York. It is as it is time now ET 1111 that is vastly the clock and keep it that. And this morning eat gasoline prices here in which you talked to fifteen gallon we did spot a little bit better though traffic tracker Brian called and central in 1935 to twelve there traffic update on K and assist radio un dead chambers. All right that's good thing to look at the forecast now we can't assist more records than forecast in Kansas today meteorologist. The announcement of an. Morning Leon. According Ellen and I feel we're doing fine how about dead dog rumor the German shepherd are you dog fan. I've outgrown what German shepherd activist on the essence of beauty. I saw that it down they said river as it rumor has it dead or has abreast of the wasn't going to be nice and it's a daisy that segue there and drink it lightly. Look at on the wet not released to date night and it'll be in Saudi in Italy yesterday. Little bit warmer mid fifties this afternoon a little bit northwesterly wind but every day from here on out into the weekend we get better better is like springtime in the middle of February once again. Times sixties died over the next couple days upper sixties. Then. Aren't as good what about today 56 that you can't. If he's definitely got to keep buys what I've got to keep deals we've got maybe a couple more degrees plays sunshine all the walls sunshine across state northwest winds five to fifteen. So you think we'll get maybe have a blizzard by Paul Sunday. Number like your last that you are glad he's yeah. The F what we took it. Some of the biggest knows we yet our late February and march all right we will tell you this week let's get but it is still attitude yet by and I. They can push particularly on the Kahan says storm tracker three forecast from Kansas today meteorologist we announcement of an up 813 thirteen minutes past 8 o'clock. And the controversy with the general Michael Flynn is just won't go away lots of questions and in demand for answers. And with a us this morning ABC news White House correspondent Karen Travers to boarding Caron. Good morning ignited he had yesterday from the White House about the timeline. When the White House who have made aware that the Department of Justice had concerns about Michael indicated he might be vulnerable to blackmail. It is what it is. Saying about his conversations with the Russian ambassador were different than what they knew. From those conversations and the president had what the wake up call in eroding a level of rock and that was over the course of about two and a half weeks now which is. Notable because in Washington that's so really how long long time when your first told. Here's the concern Q asking for that nation. You know whether it's a gimmick on Capitol Hill I understand that there is some Republican lawmakers even who let's get to the bottom of this and find out more or it could be that. General Flynn will be up there on Capitol Hill one of these days. Yet there's certainly been called right now for congress to do its investigation the FBI is investigating right for me no match. You be interviewed. Before. By the Justice Department. Before break after the inauguration about that conversation he had. But it's interesting to note that timeline we believe that interview came before the White House. We reached Atwood told by the Department of Justice that they had those concerns. So you know a couple of days of pay gap there now it's also important to note there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing so far I. That just the possibility of as some shenanigans as far as like OK thank you we appreciate your time this morning. Andy's Karen Travers ABC news correspondent lie and from the steps of the white house with Steven Ted it's eight can open 815 now 15 minutes past 8 o'clock on this Wednesday. February 15 the day after Valentine's Day. Getting back to work in back to the and romantic flights that will lead after the romantic day. The government says US airlines canceled fewer flights into when he sixteen that any year on record. While also posting record low numbers of lost bags and passengers getting bumped off oversold flights. It's as airlines had one of their best years for all on time arrivals although it wasn't a record in December was worst in the same month a year earlier obviously the first thing I think he's. The weather must been a little bit milder this year did you get those blizzards and so forth. That's with a with a flight delays and cancellations. Transportation Department reported Tuesday that the twelve leading US airlines canceled one point 17%. Of their flights last year. That's the lowest rate among comparable figures going back to 1995. So airlines doing well you know they don't. No candidate they don't have to cancel a flight don't get. Money and trying to make journals flights are in the air plus if the inconvenience that travelers or don't do that to their customers for a Starbucks plans to start testing concoctions at mix coffee and ice cream. The Seattle chain says it will serve. I forgot both varieties of hot or cold coffee over ice cream at 100 stores in Orange County California. Starting today they have a hundred stores in Orange you know. With price your version sold a ten locations within its reserve bars. Starbucks has successfully driven up sales over the years in part by introducing racer price year. New items a hundred stores of course that's a Los Angeles Disneyland area. And an adult everybody's got a lot of stores and that there one everywhere I like DO what I like to what is it proper chino that the Coleman yet. I like debt Alexandria get via I forget what I get every time that I get bad and I get a little whipped cream on top of it in. The me that's very tasty as I am there's probably be tasty for what you pay for appearance probably say because it's only on us to say that and this is not. Any way to pay eighty commercial or anything but you know start by I two bolts and Starbucks stock. In my it's in my best. Portfolio of polio in of that thing is either about portfolio. We can't we can get them when in the garage or so much money in there but death. Gaggle Starbucks in their and it's proved to be iPod it I don't know several years desperately very nice doctor half. About that the company and it usually expands and seems to do well now that that in advertising the word new. Is of the most powerful word their ears. New and improved as in Stephen's head of the morning new and improved. Or renew every day you have new content every day accident or nearly every bit talked about every day and we're constantly seeking to improve what we do. So that the blister out there is saying hey. Those guys sound good. So be turning into the new and improved exactly. If we cannot build ourselves a Stephen Ted and yes stayed an adequate data adequate stodgy and mediocre that would not be a good seller not play Iowa I don't know that it. I. 888 team Stevens head on gay and as as sports that we Def Leppard shocker basketball. Tonight. Wichita State on the road at southern Illinois only four games remaining in the regular season. The shocks beat the salukis by 42. Points when they played in Wichita three weeks ago. Tonight is the rematch in Carbondale. Shoppers right now on an eight game winning streak. The record of 23 and four on the season shocked still tied for first place tie up conference. Salukis aren't fourth place in the standings. Shocks are thirteen and a half point favorite going on the road the night might Kennedy Bob holt live coverage of a shocker is begins at 5 o'clock PM for the pregame. Game will tip off at 6 o'clock tonight listen to it all on one of three point seven feet EU YNN. And be sure to join me after the game I'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show. We broadcasting live at twin peaks in east which it sought when he first and rock. He got a twin peaks tonight after the game for the locker room show. Kansas State plays tonight as well in Manhattan that is also at 6 o'clock game this evening Kansas State hosting Iowa State. He stayed and played tough schedule late and they've faltered they've lost five out of six. But in the state is a four point favorite at home tonight over Iowa State right now the wildcats are tied for sixth place in the big twelve standings Iowa State. We'll head in fourth place. These teams met three weeks ago and aim is a state lost that one by five points tonight is the rematch in Manhattan. Tipping off at 6 o'clock tonight nationally televised on ESPN two. News from baseball Arizona Diamondbacks bench coach Ron garden higher. Has prostate cancer off used to live there in Wichita the off season former Wichita resident Ron garden hires 59 years old. He will have surgery. As Ron garden Myers now battling prostate cancer. And get an early you know there's some good chances to you know it that our best. Get the run guard Maier back to hill and the Wichita thunder hockey team is on home ice tonight. 7 o'clock downtown it in trust bank arena under hosting the Rapid City rush. Forces Stevens said Kate and assess. 821 now Stephens indicative of the Hannity morning minutes. Old left amnesia over immigration and executive orders. Hannity morning minutes coming up traffic and weather on the way Stephen dead on KN SA.

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