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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Entertainment news on The Blur: Harrison Ford and the Batchlorette

Feb 15, 2017|

Some more aviation issues for Harrison Ford

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Last Saturday morning somebody stole 37 guns from. 15100 block of a Broadway. Wichita police Sargent Mickey would rose says sizable reward bunny is now being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. That reward money is coming from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. ATF is offering a reward up to 5000 dollars and the NSS. After will match for a total possible of reward of 101000 dollars. We ask anybody with information about the burglary. To contact the ATF at 1800. ATF gardens you can email ATF tips at ATF dot gov. All tips and calls are confidential the value of the stolen guns was an excess of 181000. Dollars. Including an AK 47 a pair of AR fifteen to twelve gauge shotgun. And 33 handguns. The husband of a woman killed in a Dylan's parking lot is suing the grocery store for negligence. The Wichita eagle reports sixty year old Annette had key died two years ago. After slipping in the parking lot. And struck by a vehicle driven by at Dillon's employee Christopher Schrager. Who was charged with involuntary manslaughter driving under the influence and other crimes. He was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. The suit asking for more than 75000. Dollars says Dylan's should have been aware of traders alcohol problem shown from a previous felony DUI. Conviction of Wichita woman has had her probation revoked. Forty year old Rory Fernandez was convicted by passage of county jury on June 1 of Tony sixteenth of taking approximately 181000 dollars in gifts loans and payments over three month period and Tony fifteen. Two different than ninety year old man while going door to door offering landscaping services and receive the money and goods from him district court judge Bruce brown branded Fernandez probation and Tony sixteen and ordered to repay their victims judge brown revoke her probation at a hearing on February 2 of this year because she tested positive for drugs. Failed to pay restitution. And absconded from supervision she was ordered to serve the balance of a thirteen month sentence a co defendant has pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced in March just in Dallas has pleaded guilty in January 2 felony theft. Steve Boyer can SS news in assess national news time 833. The drug administration's national security advisor Michael Plante has resigned and now sources say members of the trump campaign team had been in contact with suspected Russian intelligence officials. In the months leading up to the elections coming congress are calling for a full investigation into ties with Russia. Some say an investigation into leaks should be held instead ABC spread milky with more on what president trump is. Tweeting president fired off several tweaks condemning reports quoting intelligence officials writing the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by quote intelligence like Andy very un American. Among his supporters as a very real and the government institutions trump promised to shake up intelligence diplomacy the press are now colluding to take him down. President's critics say he simply being hamstrung by the troops president trump meets today with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House. Palestinian officials say CIA director Mike Pompeo is held secret meetings in the West Bank a Palestinian leader mock put Abbas. Jerry Preston ABC news. Seated at the morning on caves that are also I am I don't know it to the got allergies you suffer. Better David gears of war with Ted Woodward who's going to. Well we do have news about eight jewelry heist oh really and the emergence re emergence of Mariah Carey. Sad. Alanis Morissette has some undecided guess her home burglars who according to the Los Angeles police department still two million dollars worth of jewelry. Morissette apparently wasn't home at the time. All right Karrie will appear in ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday is her first talk show appearance since sound issues plagued her appearance on Dick Clark's new years rocking eve with Ryan Seacrest. On ABC Carrie will perform her new single I don't I'm David Lara Steve. Grammys and the big business where some artists he happens every year exposure ones who win and perform get a big Grammy bounce. According to Nielsen music tonight's big winner at Dell saw sales increases of more than 300%. Former record of the year winner hello. And the 150%. Sales increase or her album of the year winner point five. Music is that I am not I haven't sampled that sells music as if some way behind this. Did you got a great voice I don't that seniors and a little. It's just just the old favorites source of middle and now it's noddle. In the ID get into you know the way. You know it's that it melts Orvella didn't do much for me so very popular shifts usually mr. Beyoncé enjoyed 8267%. Increase. In sales of her nominated album laminate. And I. Paced performance grants or does your movement that we should get on there and do so are we can't get a gig. We can do that being the host of the grammys. Right right taste pretty sorry James Gordon. And they've got to tell us the Celebrity Apprentice may be getting fired. Remember when president trump. Prayed for the ratings of the apprentice. And it didn't work on Monday Monday night's finale of the Celebrity Apprentice. Pulled in just shy of three and a half million people finishing in fourth place on the night well behind it. The bachelor. It was the show's least watched the finale ever season was down big league from when president trump was supposed. Many observers feel that Arnold's malls and gaffe and the show Orleans won't be back room. Celebrity Apprentice ratings mean these are much does hair does look different not so very much though. The just last week Harrison Ford was right here in which it's off. But now he's making national news persons aviation nanny landed deterred John Wayne airport yesterday landed on a taxi way what's going on with Harrison Ford and the back. Yes lots of questions after Harrison Ford had another close call while piloting his private plane it's not the first time Harrison Ford has been involved in an incident while flying two years ago we crash landed a different plane on a golf course in Santa Monica. Now the FAA is investigating the latest incident. Aviation sources say after flying right over an American Airlines Boeing 737. Waiting to take off and Orange County. Ford asked if the jet we're supposed to be below home. For mining on a taxiway instead of the runway ABC's. Alex down the new bachelorette is excited to make history Rachel Lindsey will be the first African American pick to lead either the bachelor or the bachelorette since the franchise debuted fifteen years ago. And she told us how she feels about that is good and to be a first at anything as great. And am excited to represent myself as a black woman on the show look for her season to start in May. I'm Jason Nathanson. I'm thinking about this her she's going to be able to represent her all the black woman on the show because she is. Let's get. Coincidence now. Given this thing with Harrison Ford landing and taxiway. And in this picture of them it's a mad mad mad mad world. Whose security in the cockpit whether you know was to back is that they're testing for general flat after that but it covered it lands on a little. There's Bart are are. I. I'm leads the nightly nine years ago on this day a huge movie came out in Wichita movie that. It. It it it's the romantic comedy the story to shop girl who sets her sights on and some wealthy boss of the department store where she works. It to turn of the star of the movie Claire elbow into a major star after people started calling her the it girl. Oh to it was a that would even a talking. It was a silent that's correct. And it was a huge movie. In fact it was it was a huge movie time and it was considered lost. It didn't find it anywhere. It was eventually that somebody come and nitrate copy in fraud in the 1960. To me the field still want to today it. In 2001 it was selected for preservation and United States national film registry by The Library of Congress culturally historically or aesthetically significant. Of course it turned Clara bow into the majors and a major speech to star in Hollywood the it girl. All started nine years ago in the movie yet I am doing now powering. Devouring. A biography of Clark Gable you mean just recently finished one but that's produced the show George store which is fascinating. Clark gave interest in person he's got through the part about that gone with the wind which accords with. Such a huge hit and is a lot in there about Hattie mcdaniels. Wichita on what you Jon G and and he in portrait or his buddies yes good friends enjoyed each other's company. He made sure that the Oscars it they got her out of the back to April gutter upfront. He loved her dear all you can even tell on those Donald Gloria those scenes at those two do together great they're great and mr. I just him but I also learned from this book that. Actually she had to. He can't be taught how to do. A southern slave accent. Just being from Wichita she. Just talk like us I mean she didn't have that southern drawl or else if Hitler had learned some of that. Looked at very Albertson's course rightfully deserved Oscar yet she got news the first black person Oscar effort in and its a treasure for our city. Motoring that we don't have some sort of sectors that we should. Let's talk about that with me along well maybe downtown someplace near the library I don't know that degrades. Which is that we should celebrate her Wichita connection that today's this is black history about the and not just now that we already had every day in and he had a brother is also an actor. And without him all right did I felt a leaderboard today doing history lesson there stuff in the are of course entertainment news every day in the blurs brought to you by pizza John and there eight. Serena great tasty pizza Monday Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. Make sure you head out to pizza John it's right there on K fifteen it 208 cell Baltimore pizza Johns in Jeremy. Don't forget. We have a big event coming up in Wichita as weekly news Friday Saturday Sunday. It's the women's fair 2017. It down and explore all its entry to. Get some of our listeners down of the women's bear got three pairs of tickets to giveaway right now. That's an eighteen dollar value brought to you by the women's they're 27 team. The scale way when it's their tickets right now collars number 456. Colony now at 869. At thirteen 3841. Now is either dead coming up. The witch stuff is as you update the editor in law. Investment in 2000 largest employer. Fills you tell us about that and traffic and weather all the way. He was hit in the morning on in a sense.

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