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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-15-17 Happy National Hippo Day

Feb 15, 2017|

Express your love and respect for Hippopotami

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I love talk radio I prefer like those kind of liked it new ones like stories that are about a small thing here about you know someone. In this city events. Is the story tonight. 97 at thirteen thirty K and ask us. We are steamed into bed in the morning. 845. And for the women's there's sort of this weekend in which it ten foot birdie get away tickets for the woman says. The winner today and from Goddard that from Wichita Terry valley center. And home to get in there. I still that a couple more payers and I'll be giving away too mar row as they tune in for your chance to win right now three big things. German shepherd rumor comes out of retirement to win it top dog at Westminster kennel dog show. Big reward offered him that the more than three dozen guns from about Wichita store lie too which. Cops loudly during internal investigation. Very big things David dead on K in his stance. Stalled out vehicle and a potential traffic cancer watch out northbound on I shoot 35. At broadway's approaching it north junction there watch for slow down in that area and it's a northbound ninety pretty fun broadly threat if they don't take and as as radio. Did you play another great day sunny today with a high of 57 degrees. Clear tonight the overnight those 35 tomorrow Thursday. Sunny and warmer tomorrow's high up to 69. Still a bit chilly out there this morning please guide 32 degrees northwest wind and ten miles per hour. 846 nasty hinted at liking Norton's for a person. It was a middle middle of the night is always looked up they too. It was perfectly clear beautiful beautiful night sky no clouds stars throughout the moon it was fantastic. But it would have great weather here the next couple that's going to be super coming out. Most Asian stock markets rose. Yesterday our work today that is after US benchmarks it new allies. And Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said the US Central Bank could raise interest rates as soon as next month. Bank stocks jumped Tuesday riding hopes a bigger profits are headed. US indices pushed to record highs of standard poor's 500 index rose nine points for its sixth straight day of gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 92 points the NASDAQ Composite rose eighteen points and another. Good day on Wall Street seems like more often and I'll I'll look at those that is says bank stocks are going up you know they got the money banks or make him on. One thing will be changing at the White House First Lady Milan yet trump says she'll be keeping Michelle Obama's garden. A spokeswoman for the First Lady says Gilani atrocities committed to the kitchen garden planted by Michelle Obama. The garden has produced hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetable since 2009. Some of it helped feed the Obama family and guest in White House events. And supply neighborhood food kitchens. You wonder how often. The First Lady was out there with their big rubber boots on and gloves out there just weeding the garden and getting things in she heard mark levee in complaining about that. I have been up the other night probably that says that Michelle Obama puts steel rebar in around their so it's impossible to remove that garden. I hadn't heard the well Megan don't mullah has got to parliament and you must go out there and Indian bishop the brutal about it. It's one way to pull off like pot in the US. Mike catapults. Border Patrol that's old school man let's go back to the Roland Middle Ages yeah. Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona say they've ceased to bonds that marijuana that are catapulted to. Across the border from Mexico. The total weight of the Merrill autos more than 47 pounds. The device was found attached to a border fence. Agents dismantle the catapult which was seized by Mexican authorities gather at that state of the art technology from 200 BC. At a at. Apple now isn't it trying to shape to get pot across the exit transmission went is that apple saying think more or less it's they can they can throw a lot more. Bigger items in kid knows but cannibals. About why not. It's his expertise catapult expert love or money. It looks like money has the edge and in a survey on romance of finances connected by money and survey monkey slightly more than half of respondents said they would choose. One million dollar per year for the rest of their lives over finding true up. The million dollar pay outs eked out an advantage over lab with 51%. Of the more than fifty 4400 people surveyed choosing the cash. There are a few demographics who preferred a soul mates over dollars for example. 53% of married correspondents 53%. And 55% of those in domestic partnerships or civil unions said they preferred to keep things that weighs in just over half of those people were married. Still sad treatment fated love for for money. But it every other relationship cohort money was a winner especially. Among survey participants. Who were divorced and separated. As not a single women all in Ortiz who Merkel gravitating with a partner. So what you give up on biting your true love. In exchange for one million dollars a month. But detect and maybe this is something you don't ride. Well it's in that question already ways it in one. In one direction guys well if you haven't found true love yet I'm always saying well that's never happened but if you're guaranteeing me a million bucks a year at. Was coming in happen and you couldn't question already I guess kind of plays it 11 for a for this but if you're a married man having just talk about rich and early. Okay. She's already made her choice she decides she's gonna have both. Got the husband. Cover life and lots of lots of money messy some people are lucky that life. This time for bill Roy editor of the much of a business journalist boring talk about an investment in which it does largest employer give money bags are in a a. It could. And investment firm has increased its equity stake in Spirit Aerosystems. Our senate capital partners they got a lot of money has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That now reports the seven point 4% stake in spear that equates to about nine million shares around. That's up from its five point 4% stake but our son has increased keeps that is one of the company's largest institutional holders. The Small Business Administration hasn't new leader Linda McMahon confirmed by the senate Tuesday. She's a former executive of the World Wrestling Entertainment organization. She left that company to pursue a seat in the US senate. The man said during the confirmation hearings that the agency was standalone and not be merged into the Department of Commerce. And a veteran developer in Kansas City says there's really only one viable spot in Johnson County to build an alternative airport to Kansas city international. It's the 9000 acre former sunflower ammunition plant near DeSoto. Chuck cutter says he was surprised he wasn't contacted by anyone about the airport his development company owns that land in DeSoto. Local breaking business news every day on campus asset Wichita business journal dot com the Wichita business journal I do. More robust start talking about romance and valentines last night Valentine's evening last night did you and in your wife do anything special we'd like to tell us. He we had dinner and for about two hours after that just held my hand us into the candlelight and just looked at each other chatted. Did you. Gays and like a record commercial speech he gave India not exactly. The sun sentinel was an automatic act how Paul Ryan get elected but not that I took gaze into your good guy then. Yes exactly issues trying to figure out which one was that. So she rolled her eyes that you you pick him enrolled about a minute that I got a million things I got a great trove of romance jokes are okay. They claim humor right here at all it is Nash national uploaded today be your big fan of hippopotamus I presume. Welfare. A lot of hippopotamus. For Christmas what does that Latin for is it Latin. Water horse or something like that. House or media to be rep tile something like it anyway tip oh daddy and understanding can be very mean it close and I think can they move through the water pretty quickly here do. You should see me. If you see me go to war imaginary island that jaws yeah. The Miramar hit much hippo yield watermelon hole. He was in I know the cure be involved with Sports Illustrated in the fact that Kate Upton announced last night and Jimmy Kimmel Live that she's going to be the that the cover. Person you know she's very photogenic this year she's she takes he takes it doggone good picture. It's that camera kind of likes her. Yeah and people who see the pictures due to she did her ass I debut in the 2011 issue. Then Grayson covered twenties they're twelve to 2013. She tried to do what she 63 like. Christie Brinkley's on the interior I guess with route to a couple of her daughters how about that pretty impressive thing about all this and I'm thinking that you know all. Here's a money making scheme for my very good friend bill well. At the Wichita business journal swimsuit. Issue. While. Now. But they dead. Anheuser how exactly is that going to work I don't know you find me and maybe get Kate Upton to be on that the cover of the which of mr. or somebody like. Well work I hear crit on interest it I think I think nobody does it puts in my new money making scheme. All right thank you bill and I'm glad that junior wife river gazing into each other's arms. I spend day and burning candle last night because you probably didn't pay your my. Off hits of the seven soft hits. May. That's that's awful thanks that are. The sounds of bread. Breath NN. Got into Neil KSS news at nine Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is visiting Washington that's coming up at night Stephen to death. And assess.

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