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2/15/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 16, 2017|

The real question about the recent intelligence leaks that led to Michael Flynn's departure is what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? These calls were being recorded during the Obama administration. Where did the orders come from to intercept these phone calls? And, most importantly ...

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We had an amazing year over at living 182016. And 2017. Is going to be even bigger now if you haven't signed up yet. Just two minutes go to CI TV dot com and sign up right now. You can get CR TV equivalent of only eight dollars and 25 cents a month. Which includes all of our other shows not just look into it. Now we've talked a lot of people who have asked us why should I pay for the news clarity get minus three why would a paper CR TV CNET TV isn't news. We're here to explain it and this massive would you. And all that shows on CR TV that's how you how politics economics culture and more well thank you and your family we're bringing you hot. Commentary education and entertainment next June long. Find anywhere else on. On television or online at a CTV dot com right now and it's insanity the equivalent of only now. Dollars and 95 cents a month art call us at eight scoreboard living TV again. Eight war war. Yeah EI and TV. He's a. Now. Lilly underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again made contact with the lead better. Hello everybody in my living here are number 8773813811. 8773813811. Well ladies and gentlemen. I'm the real question today. What did Barack Obama know and when did Barack Obama. Let me help the trump White House and his staff let me help the feckless Republicans. When he gets out. The fact of the matter is lieutenant general Michael Clinton's phone calls were being intercepted. Then recorded. When the Obama administration. Now some might say well they do this routinely because they Wear. We're tapping into the Russian ambassadors. From conversations first of all -- true and now that's been leaked. That's a very severe breach. Or national intelligence methods. But it's more than that. Whoever was listening in on the conversations or recording them knew full well that it wasn't just three. Russian ambassador. That it was retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn transition advisor to the president of the United States and the likely director of national security. Council once Donald Trump was inaugurated. What are the orders com. Problem. To intercept these phone calls. To record these phone calls. How many more phone calls involving. Michael Flynn and other. Would be administration officials. Were intercepted in record. Where the president of the United States that now president of the United States Donald Trump or his phone calls. Intercepted and recorded. I am speaking as somebody who is chief of staff to an attorney general I am telling you it is not that simple. To get authorization from the fights a court it's not that simple to be tapping in a phone calls a recording phone calls. Particularly a private citizens. And so the question is how many Michael wins phone calls. To various foreign leaders. Were. Intercepted by the Obama administration and recorded by the Obama administration. How many phone calls I Donald Trump if any have been intercepted by the Obama administration. And recorded by the Obama administration. All the other transition officials involved in foreign policy and national security defense policy. This ladies and gentlemen is the real scandal because the fact of the matter is despite. An enormously lengthy piece by the New York Times even lay at the confessed. There is no evidence right now whatsoever. Got my. Michael Flynn broke the law that Michael Flynn asked the Russians to do any thing that Michael went promised anything to the rations about. Measly pathetic. Barely sanctions that Obama put in place. That's a flat. So the question is today ladies and gentlemen how many of these intercepts are there. How many phone records are there. What did Barack Obama know when when did you know. What did his attorney general Loretta lynch known when did she know at what. That the acting attorney general Yates. What did she know and when did she know what does it matter of fact ladies and gentlemen. Was the information collected by the Obama administration. Prior to the the inauguration of president John Donald Trump. Was any of that share what members of congress because it sure is now looks awfully orchestrated to me. Now these Republicans want an investigation. I have a renewed. Respect for this guy newness in the House of Representatives running the intelligence committee. He wants to get to the bottom of how the hell this stuff got out the first place. You won't hear that from Mitch McConnell. Now you want to. All the surveillance going on this could be the same present the united states of Barack Obama. And if Justice Department. There were intercepting phone calls or reporters. A Fox News reporter James Rosen the Associated Press twenty individuals that work for the associated press and on and on and on. The Obama administration had a penchant for police state tactics. We were told again and again. Don't be worried about this NSA program at the house run with deal. They're not listening in on phone calls not out there not doing anything of the sort they just collecting phone numbers and looking at patterns to protect America. And when people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul dead this stand up and sat I don't know about this this looks pretty damn thing she. Yet people like John McCain trashing them as anti defense. Now I think there's a massive scandal here. But it's not what the liberals and the Democrats in the are trying guard media expect there is a massive scandal here. I do not believe. That these intercepts are this intercept of of this discussion men involved lieutenant general Michael Flynn retired. Was the only intercept. Was the only conversation he had that was recorded I do not believe that he was the only individual. And the trump transition team. On the foreign policy side the intelligence side the defense side. Who had there conversations. Recorded. Mark wager evidence to make. What evidence you don't need any evidence. Michael pled guilty of something right but we don't know what belies Ilia. In any evidence just investigate it. So what the heads of these intelligent. Committees need to do. And the house and assent. Is to find out now. How much this went on under Barack Obama. Whether any other incoming administration officials. Or transition team officials. At any of their conversations intercepted and recorded. And if so who ordered them. And it's so what did Barack Obama know and when did Barack Obama know. What did Chuck Schumer or not. And when did Chuck Schumer now. That better what did Hillary Clinton no I wanted Hillary Clinton knowing. Who what. I don't believe this intercept was a one off. Listen to the reasons the left giving particularly the new X lines the next line is a pathetic newspaper. I don't burn I wouldn't even musical line my bird cage but that's beside the point. They said that the Middle East people associated with the trump campaign in the trumped people with with ties to ration the FBI is conducting an investigation. Oh very very interest thing. So exactly. Who's had their phone stat. Okay exactly who's been intercepted. Exactly who's been recorded. Well I think I'd like to know I hit the Democrats running around saying we want transparency we want to get to the bottom of best. I say let's get an automatic. Let's get to the bottom of the Obama administration and a police state tactics let's find out. And maybe Barack Obama will testify himself made the former attorney general Loretta lynch will testify. Army is yeah. It's. In her dramatic. Dramatic removal from office. I've been around too long. I have served people in the highest positions of government the president and attorney general and so foot. And I really find it hard to believe that the FBI is conducting a broad investigation into the Russians or anybody else for that matter. That this was a one time phone call that they recorded. I suspected in a lot more recordings and a lot more intercepts and I suspect mr. Flynn isn't the only one. And I think we should be asked. Did Leo. On the administration. Like some kind of Stasi operation. Did they intercept any discussions. By Donald Trump. Candidate drop. President elect drop. They record. And who gave the audit. I'm just curious ladies and gentlemen aren't you don't. I'll be right back. And an open. This is quiet journalism is really dead I shouldn't be the first one I have to raise his opinion on the other hand this is why I think that shows how important not because I'm so Smart but because I have a background. It's different. And let's see as some try to poke holes on this let us go to nick. Waldorf Maryland the great Debbie mam yes neck. Thank you because there are a threat yeah there are any heads of so I I was just thinking to myself. Yeah average Jewish look silly walks up trees got information you up if the rush. It goes without look whatsoever for what they perceive that there are just who beat her future of the church so he saw. How is it that this intelligence professional. It was so many years of experience of the that the FAA. Was so naive or so. Negligent as to do something like this I guess that's my question. Well why would negligent to do something like what what did he do. We actually that are what are you desperately your own point you saying the guy is it's the former CIA guy. So they must know that the Russian ambassador's been tapped. So why would he say something if he thought what he said would get him in trouble that. Maybe because it's a walk from the 17100 as of early in the bill so. That has nothing to do that the Logan act what I'm saying the US I'm answering your question and you know like my answer which is this because it does prove your point. If you're the head of the Ed DIA. And you're knowledgeable about all these taps a go on as a routine matter and you're claiming this happens a routine matter at K we don't know that but let's pretend. Well why would he say something that would harm him. At thanks thanks for your call I banish smoking. Dishes mound that's what he is Ishmael. Was he asked to do it's it's it's like that you know it's sunny outside Haiti like you Buick. And this is what happens when people are caught their own you'll logic. But it's very simple. Herself I don't believe that this is the first phone conversation. With the Obama administration intercepted this don't come. Michael went. There may be other transition officials and had the same problem. Maybe the president of the United States today same thing when he was a Tenet later same thing when he was the president elect. I would like an answer to this I would like to know upper rock Obama was running and I believe diet in in many respects. Police state activities. Tie the peace here by Michael Walsh she's a good friend of mine he's a brilliant young and young man uses all resign he's a brilliant man over a PGA media. Surprise at the end Obama administration gave NSA broad new powers. This story from January 12 when he seventeen edition of the New York Times was little remarked upon at the time. But suddenly has taken on far greater significance in light of current events it said in part. In its final days the Obama administration expanded the power the NSA. This year globally intercepted personal communications. But the government's sixteen other Intel agencies before before applying privacy protections. The new rules it is a New York's line. The new rose significantly relaxed longstanding limits on what the NSA may do with the information gathered. By its most powerful surveillance operations. Which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions. Phone calls and emails across networks which is abroad and messages between people abroad that cross domestic networks which is. They change means that thought this an ex lions. The change means that far more officials will be searching through raw data. Essentially the government is reducing the risk that the NSA will fail to recognize city piece of information would be valuable to another agency. But increasing the risk that officials will seek private information. About innocent people. Why don't. Amazing. Not a put a system in place. That that temporarily stops the importation of people from certain countries where terrorism is spreading. And yet we're expanding the power the NSA which could easily pick up the conversations by innocent American citizens this is how the left port. Bosses 1 of the central questions behind the Flynn flap that should have been has been largely was in his who was wiretapping the general. The answer we know now was the NSA formally known as no such agency the nation's foremost signals intelligence Signet. Collection department. Whether it's the NSA or the F via. I think we need to know the extent of this now ladies and you know when I really do. Once compartmentalized to avoid injuring private citizens caught up in the net of the black went widow. As we are all are already and heard technological successes the NSA was suddenly ended greater latitude. What could share with other perhaps more politicized bodies of the intelligence community why. Let's recall the roster the bad guys. Attorney general let rattle inside the new rules permitting the NSA and this is from the New York slams. To disseminate Ross signals intelligence information. On January 3. After their director of the national intelligence James clapper assign them on December 15. According to a 23 page largely declassified. Happy the procedures. Previously the NSA filtered information before sharing intercepting communications with a another agency. By the CIA or the intelligence branches of the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The NSA's analysts passed on only information they deem pertinent. Screening out the identities of innocent people and irrelevant personal information now. Other intelligence agencies will be able to search directly through raw repositories of communications listen to this. Intercepted by the NSA and then apply such rules for minimizing privacy intrusions. Munich signs might not. This is not expanding the substantive that ability of law enforcement to get access to signals intelligence said Robert S lifted General Counsel to collaborate. It's simply widening the aperture for a larger number of analysts will be bound by the existing rules. Widening the gap Richard. One of the things that the IC is that existing rules are made to be broken whenever one of its unaccountable minions. Feel like it. Well it's well known mark that we tapped into the Russian ambassador. That's well known. Well that's well known I don't think Michael Flynn would sing anything that would destroy his career do you. And in fact he didn't. According to his own interview with the daily caller on Monday. What is this panel actually about ladies and gentlemen. If they're upset what what he had said to the vice president and the vice president said something publicly who is of misinformation. And it's safe. It's human resource position. Sort of scandal. I'll be right back. Conservative. Tired. Now mark love them show call and now at 8773813811. Former federal crashing. Kid and right internationally you all around great guy buddy of mine any McCarthy Harry is there. I'm doing great our carrier. Very well you wrote a national review online I'll tell you what you said. Just released a game transcript so we get to the bottom of this are they gonna melt this forever tell us about that. Well we all know the transcript is going to come out. And my attitude about it kind of the same as when I was prosecuting cases that the jury. Lawyer wanted to play game for the documentary tape. And in a jury trial I would usually say your honor can we put the whole thing it. And that usually stop that nonsense pretty quick. And I think unfortunately. We're not dealing with courtroom situation where we have a refereed. We're dealing with and intelligence community more where they don't fight fair so what they're doing is they have a trove. Of information. That when you call the monitor they say nobody concede because it's classified. And then may. As it suits their purposes which are not always America's purposes as we're seeing. Selectively leak things and you know I felt like you remember the old days when not nobody wanted to be on sixty minutes I don't know anyone watches six. He exactly what those close nostrils shots. What I needed to avoid those but. But there but the big thing was you would talk to them you know for an hour two hours in the big used fourteen seconds. Take and they can always make somebody look like an idiot if they slice and dice that so I say let's see. But hey if you say that you know general Flynn did these terrible awful things. I I actually don't think there's much chance that that's right because even the New York Times today more. Conceded that. The Obama administration was hot to try to show that there was some kind of a quid pro quo. Between their cockamamie. Who packed the election thing. And trump giving them some pay off so they were delighted to hear about this conversation between land and the ambassador and the White House asked the FBI evidently. Is there a quid pro quo and they said you know she's sorry but there's no evidence of that. You know the defense seems to be well look we're always monitoring the the Russian ambassador first of law. That's not information you're supposed to make public okay. So now they say were always monitor so wasn't really aimed at Flint which begs the question to me any McCarthy. I would like to know how many of mr. flings conversations were in fact recorded. And I would also like to nothing recording any of candidate. Impreza knowing trumps conversations at this point if they want an investigation. I think we ought to have an investigation. And this is something that bothers me a lot. You're a former prosecutor I'm a former justice guy I really wanna know. Under the Obama administration under this attorney general. I would really like to now walk how many of these transition people. Caught up in these intercepts had their conversations recorded and does that include trump himself would you want another. I absolutely want to know that I can tell you what I think we know at this point which is that most of these intercepts. Are as you pointed out before. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretapped. And collection efforts aimed at agents of foreign powers which are what. You know the the Russian diplomats who have been known historically. You espionage on the side. We know of one instance mark. Unbelievably came out during the campaign I want everybody to understand if you repeat render the campaign. Where everybody went not. Because trunks said that you might have Hillary investigated. What turned up in the when he was saying that and everyone went nuts over. Obama would actually capping trumpet investigate. Yeah and that it looks like what happened was they were intrigued by this server that was in trump tower. And they looked at it hoping to make a criminal case on that they thought there was some connection to the Russian bank. The FBI looked at that they realized there was no criminal evidence usually. I can say from a prosecutor's standpoint that's when you drop that back right. It's that they used their national security tower at least tried to and went to the fight to court and said you know we think they might be agents of foreign power. So we'd like to get five cents surveillance. And are now they thought who might be agents of a farm power trumpet is advisors. Exactly right and evidently from the reporting. They've brought up five application. In June of 2016 in the middle of the campaign. That. According to recording it perfectly says it named trump. Now. But we don't know what that means they gain trump as someone they wanted to target for surveillance. Or his name just was mentioned in passing in the application. But you need it either event. Even notified the court is ordinarily notoriously. Accommodating of the government went in after surveillance. Even the fight to court thought that this was to send. To give authorization on so they gave it a problem now they couldn't they wouldn't give them permission. Yeah fairways made any McCarthy correct that's that's what the recording says more. Andy and what they even then didn't give up evidently that's five months later in October on the eve of the election. They narrowly tailored. The application down so that it no longer had Trump's name and it. But evidently had the name of these three advises of incident that at fort stone and and take at least that's the suggestion in the reporting. And apparently defied the court ramped back. And that investigation so far as we Dallas still pending everything that the Washington Post and New York on record the last couple of days. Indicates that some of these leaks are coming from that investigation. New. Pretty remarkable and yet other than be raising this and other than your raising this now is anybody else raising this. I certainly haven't heard a lot of hue and cry and it it's quite remarkable because I remember. People indignantly attacking trump. And if it looked. Like he's like you I didn't you know I called trumpet like semi like I'm on some things but you know he's not my cup that is right Leno went up tomboy as we got that that's right. So the so but I do remember. That when trump suggested. That Hillary at The Who that was a mountain. Of potential criminal evidence against ought to be investigated and my do not investigate a like trump he said he was gonna appoint a special prosecutor. And the indignation that came down from from people in it in the Republican camp as well as all the Democrats was remarkable. And now here we have a situation where we know. During the campaign right in that tense moment that the brightness stretch run the administration would actually investigating. The trump people and there are not a peep about it. And I'm I'm curious I really am I'm curious to know how many more of these intercepts to play the enemy is isn't isn't it possible. It's not likely. That trump himself may have been subjected to this shouldn't we at least find out because I mean this is appalling. Well here's what I think happened here mark that bill the bill that on a lot of these foreign. Diplomats who they think might be involved in a double game about the knowledge and that what went up sweeping up. They conversations of a lot of innocent people including people in government would naturally in the course of their work. Have contact with these people the thing is that usually we never find that out because their scrupulously careful. Lot not to let those. They get out and the fact that of the intercepted out because. They can be perfectly innocent and yet as we're seeing they can be honest that they were nefarious. And what happened Aslan here I think. Isn't so much. They they sit here is not so much that he was intercepted because if they were targeting the Russian ambassador and had good reason to target them. And then of course that we're gonna get all the conversations that wouldn't that's all what the bad thing that happened here. It's foreign were singled out among all the government. Officials. And identified. And the information about him which was classified. Was leaked. And you know he's been he's been basically hung out to dry. Even though there's nothing fair. I may have leaked the information Andy McCarthy because they didn't have a case against him. They wouldn't leak the information that they were gonna prosecute the guy for something. No light and I think that's right I think the main reason. They leaked the information other than other than I think what made a lot of enemies in the intelligence community and you know sometimes those are good enemies. Tonight given what we've seen on the intelligence community but. No I think mark they were hoping to find a quid pro quo that to prop up this bogus. Potent acting election. Narrative. And when they couldn't find. An actual quick pro quo. They wanted to make something that appeared to look like a quid pro quo and unfortunately. A number of people in the trump can't accommodated them by acting is that they were guilty even though they haven't done anything wrong. In your McCarthy if you are investigating this would you also though wanna know. If after this conversation. If in fact they went back to the face a court or on their own. Started tracking Flynn. When that when the would you be curious about that. I would mark except I think we know that if that happens in the what do leaked and already. Yet I think we've without it because to them the allegation is enough. Given what they're trying to. To put together here electric if some like that happens we know what I you're quite right I certainly would check on it I'd also be throwing every single person. In the grand jury. Who might have had anything to do we do know. Information. Well how come my way we listen to these Democrats like Schumer they never say we wanna get to the bottom of these national security leaks instead they wanna get to the bottom of what's Lindh sent. Okay you said get to the bottom what mindset now do you wanna find out who did the leaking they don't seem that interest and and. Now now there it now it's there whistle blowers and they're heroes. So it's like you don't now it's like this note syndrome all over again. Do you use this as some kind of rogue operation or who knows. And clearly it's relatives summit summit in China national anytime classified information. Is getting leaked to the newspaper that the rogue operation. And it danger. That these are police your recent. It's subtle yet you're quite right it's police state tactics but the other thing market. It's not fun and games you know it's somebody who worked national security or it would itself for a long time. These foreign intelligence services that you operate without throughout the world to help but keep Americans alive. Cooperate with a on the hope and expectation. That we can keep a secret. And when they see classified information displayed across the pages of the newspaper it's like we're begging them not to tell them anymore. And that only makes a country much less site. Do you think these are Obama polar race. I would think it heavily populated with the Obama hold oversight I you know general Aslan. Reading his book and I'm having heard him speak a number times. Has been very complimentary and I think the with a lot of justification. About the performance. The intelligence community in a variety of ways. Not just in the last couple years but while he was that the Defense Intelligence Agency and in that community so I wouldn't say that that's the sole. You know back category of people are the only enemies he's made that they're prominent enemies that. Can it be entrenched bureaucrats who don't like it. Why Jenny McCarthy I hope you don't go further right on this and will be monitoring baldness and I appreciate your expertise very very much. Thank broker to talk to you to have less. Than he in darkness but he. Just just let you know. He shot the but. I have a little bit more information. About the investigation. How trump staff. Is being monitored and investigated in the heat of the campaign. Back in the summer. The leaking. Of this information. They wanted to happen a truck sunk so essentially. The consequences not know so they narrow it to some of the people around him and this is old blues apparently too violent. And. This is all under Obama solvent under Loretta lynch. And I'm telling you that the real scandal here from my perspective is the Obama administration and I'm not doing this to deflected a very very meaning of the sort. We have all these phony journalists out there that's what they are phony journalists. You should've seen this city HM Smith today on the Fox News Channel sharp SH EMP. Chef. Such a disgrace I don't I don't watch it 2 or 3 o'clock at a shut him off. Wanna go to get a MS Ellis did via spoke city or should I go ahead champ. I'll be right back. OK okay. Yeah. Chuck Schumer. And Chuck Schumer is the low life of American politics he justice. The lowest of life quarters there can possibly be. And of course say he sees an opportunity here. And a cut three go. Now this morning I call together an emergency meeting of our caucus. Discussed everything that has transpired in the last several days Ian both Wynn's resignation. Yeah outright lies coming from his administration from this administration sat. But how write lies about why it. Use little dripping the phone. Do you even talking about. I had sports that Constant Contact. Between the top officials in the trump campaign. And Russian intelligence. Are chilling scene that I thought. Right there let's stop right there the New York slime is three courage it takes story it wrote a month or two ago. From leaks. Out of the Obama administration's intelligence. Now. This is the point I wanna underscore put an exclamation mark behind and I'm into an all night. Why were trumps advisors under surveillance. In the course of the presidential election that is a spicy tactic that is a KGB tactic. That's where the outrage belongs and I nobody's been more critical about trump. And his so slobbering love from Vladimir Putin and I nobody on radio nobody on TV. I don't have to make excuses. That's not. My point I'm worried about our government. What Salazar government doing what the hell was Barack Obama doing whether or not monitoring reporters'. Our wire service is now otherwise monitoring political opponents at their stance. That's a big deal ladies and gentlemen you wanna talk about Watergate that's Watergate I took sounds. I had. Time I've never seen anything like this. Now he's never seen anything like this. This fool. He thinks he's gonna get a majority in the senate. If they're gonna run the scandal you folks need to understand when they lose these elections that's what they did when Nixon won any massive landslide. Watergate when Reagan won any massive landslide the second time around. Irene contract is you get my point now you wait for them to call this rushing day. Or Russia would love or some goof ball title they come up with. I had. Justice Department's own guidelines it's demand that attorney general sessions remove himself from this matter immediately. Stop remove himself in what manner. So now. Sessions cannot investigate. This matter why would sessions investigate this matter at all there's no criminality. What's put Bryan what was done. There is no crime. White picket thank god here's something there is no crime. So NASA says it's just follow up session should step aside. Appoint an independent prosecutor. To investigate. Ache Ryan that was never committed by. Michael Flynn. I call on the attorney general of the United States. To investigate. The requests. Per fight so warrants. By the former attorney general the United States. And by the former president of the United States. I think. The quote. Knucklehead here we need trade. Nancy we need to get to the bottom of this. How many wiretaps where there. Are trump. Transition officials and trump campaign officials. How many intercepts were there how many conversations were recorded. I would like you know. You wanna talk about a scandal. Ladies and gentlemen I personalizing this here like nobody else will I am telling you you wanna talk about a massive scandal the issue is. The extent to which her uncle Bob always trying to interfere in the last campaign I don't mean legitimately on issues. By using Intel agencies the price according anything else he could. To bring them candidate who was running for president the United States. That's the great scandal that's the great threat to this country and the attorney general of the United States ought to investigate it and let him do it. I'll be right back. He's here. Normally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave it there. Hello everybody in my living here are number. 87738138118773813811. Now. To me is something a little unusual. When it say about CT shirts. Don't normally do this at the top of the hour but I love my shirt so much I really do. Guys. We know how important it is to have wealth for the clothes for work or going out. And you don't want that baggy look around your stomach in your arms so what are the options. On one end you have high quality stylish shirts but the ridiculously overpriced right. On the other and you've got affordable church but there out of style and they don't fit right. This is why you've got to check out Charles tear it. 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The vice president Mike Pence could just say you know what he briefed me he didn't mention it he says he forgot. I believe I am I back out. And I would've been the end of it. That's not what my parents did. Mike Pence still hasn't set a damn thing. That's right my parents should have stepped up but Mike Pence didn't step up. That's all we had to set. Any breach the OK I got it not the end of the world it's not like that guy committed a crime that's not liking intentionally lied to me we're all busy. Milo embarrassed yes. He's apologized so we all are actually had to set up your personal faith it seems to me that's what to do. That's what did it instead the guys hang it out there and try got to talk to the vice presidency what he thinks about. And now we re behind the scenes that rich breed this. And Mike Pence for trying to force went out and that Babin gave them a marching orders. That's what we read. Based on the leaks coming out of the White House I although leak there isn't a White House. These guys have become the keystone cops I really wish they weren't it's really concerning me greatly. There's a lot of things they're doing that I like. Look at what look what happened today was Bibi Netanyahu I've never seen that guy smile so much in the White House. And I was a very positive thing that took place. And we're gonna build up our military there's things we're gonna do a lot there's things I strongly disagree that but there's a lot of things I'd like it's not like Hillary Clinton when it's found alive pathetic. But pence has been a silent voicing it all the Democrats taking commands I knew I got pants he lied to pence pence. Stay put demanded say something. Well how are you. Why have the goods and live off that guy. Okay he didn't remember okay told me no I don't think retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn is a liar. And he still has. The truck was pretty good today. It's trump who made the ultimate decision is an. Say here's what trump said today in his press conference would Benjamin Netanyahu cut one go. Michael Flynn general Flynn is a wonderful man and I think he's been treated very very unfairly by the media. Because I call it these fake media him. Let me just add I don't get this completely. That's all true. And if you believe that. What you're fired. It caved in to the fake media. It paid into the Pretoria guard me caved in the should be caved in all these miscreants and malcontents and slime balls and and all the crap that it's there in the yet. What does he say we're gonna clean up the swamp. That's the swamp. I had. And I think it's really a sad thing that he was treated so badly I think in addition to that. From intelligence. Papers are being lead things are mainly. It's criminal action criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time before me. But now it's really going on. And people are trying to cover up free terrible loss. That these Democrats had under. Hillary Clinton. Hi I believe that other. That's exactly what's gonna and the trying to take this guy down any help them to us. But the Clinton. And it's not it's his finest nominees. I had very very unfair what's happened to. The general Flynn the way. All right what about the most unfair thing was you kick him out of the White House that's. That's that that I it just bothers me a great deal that a guy is a general he serves over three decades. He's the first general to step up in the bush campaign Mattis didn't step up Kelly didn't step up Flynn stepped up. And three weeks and. I would like what will will somebody please tell me number one what is the crime. Because now because now Schumer is trying to criminalize this is is not exactly what I said the day after the election this is exactly what they would do. All right they're doing it right. Number two what is the big deal. He says he does it didn't have a recollection of it and he apologized for the night great over or not done but no. The ongoing scandal or just keeps rolling on the ongoing scandal. The ongoing scandal ladies and gentlemen. Millions of you listening spread so what are. It's the fact that the Obama administration was running a police state type operation west not seek tactics and there is no reason as I just discussed. Would any McCartney and he would me. Took conduct. Intel investigations if you don't. Have people around battled drug benefit of the campaign. Well we've just got caught up in this hugely because so they normally. Intercepting the ambassador from rush's. Conversations while they just told the Russians what they normally do. I suspect the Russians know it but you're not supposed to say get. That's the defense. But number two I go further. I wanna don't have any more conversations. Of Michael flinched. We're eavesdropped on. How many more were recorded. I would like to know if any of Donald Trump's conversations for each strapped on. And how many of those might have been recorded I don't know that anyway. But now. Now that they raised all these things it causes your mind to wander doesn't. Cause is my don't want their. And they didn't have the goods on slim because they had the goods on Flint they would have prosecuted plan. Instead they link yet. And twisted his words. I really did get out of context by cherry picking. Which is why McCarthy says now released the whole transcript. So we can read the whole thing. And that's exactly right. You want to conduct an investigation. And conduct an investigation. They get to the bottom of the leaks. They get to the bottom of the eavesdropping and get to the bottom of the recordings he get to the bottom of all of it in the middle of a presidential campaign. There Russians were trying to influence our election. You better believe they aware. There are no damn good and they also had you know our information they're now damn good. But they weren't successful and affecting the outcome of the election. But Barack Obama was also. Trying to affect the outcome of the election I am now certain of this in my view. Just as he sought to affect the outcome of the election in Israel. Just as he sought B to affect the outcome of the election in Germany would America with his comments just as he sought to effect the outcome of that wrecked that vote in Britain. None of this is above Obama. Or below I should say. None of it. So the question today ladies and gentlemen. Is what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it. We grape. Scandal here. Is the Obama administration's conduct. When the course of this election it's intelligence agencies its use of the fights a court. It's Department of Justice. Because as far as we can tell. In this. Selectively leaked information about Flint and you would assume that they had more than they would've really brought the hammer down on the guy right. This. Is a nothing burger. I said it the other day and I'll stick with a today. If there's more let's say released the transcript. None of this. Excuses the leaks. They have taken place. Of the eavesdrop and recorded. Phone call none of that. Is excusable under any circumstances and any conditions. But if the acting attorney general the United States and Obama hold over. Had a case. They should've brought their case. But she didn't have a case so she did bring a case I'll be right back. Most of the program. Demand that attorney general sessions remove himself from this matter immediately. He does not the investigation will remain jaundice and the American people will doubt the credibility of its findings. I had Australia I have an idea I think we ought to have an independent prosecutor investigate whoever put those plugs in the Chuck Schumer is far ahead now that's a crime. That's a crime when it looks like somebody put plugs in your car had. When you're a old white Jewish guy who looks like give a corner on your far ahead that is a game crime. And it's obscene on top of everything else. Irony let's take some calls here and penalize them I mean you get there rations buzz and our. Our destroyer pool our friends the Russians. We need a muscle up our military big time we need to have an entire fleet in the South China Sea in sakes he already gonna do about it red China. Yeah we need to that we need to be buzzing the ad they rationale planes advising their boats a couple of times and so forth what do you provocative mark love these guys. Make America great again but. Any power in the corner hey Jay Leno I want this man and women. Ridiculous. They quote the great Ronald Reagan. Before the trump people do in a twist his words on a trade and so forth. Trust but verify. But be prepared to speak to Helena. But he catches. Let's take some calls show I would Tom sent them on decade California on the mark live NN parry. Well mark I'm doing well thank you for making this sort of person little more angry person. And I put them the guns. It's. This continent say good. People who look at all this blue bomber sent to a single poll this truly is did that a result Italy that's for you partisan Manning. So that they were going this is. Very good point this is a very good point he pardoned Manning. Who was the intelligence analyst. And he leaked hundreds of thousands of pages of classified information. And Obama said he felt he served long enough it was like seven years or something. You're exactly right so he sent the signal out there I'm leaving town. Now legal way. To take down these guys I think Iraq. Thank you. All right time you went and apple let me ask you time do you watch CR TV do you have that yet I could read ordered case is a group can tour TrueCrypt. All right well I'll tell you what we'll send you a copy of plunder and deceit don't hang up irbil and pray you it. Thank you I wanted to announce that my new book comes out on July 4. July 4. Yeah I would just agree on Independence Day. My new book comes out. So all you other authors you may wanna kind of scarier way I know your new home I wanted to be number one I wanted to be on or near times and I wanted to just say in July 4 that's more put them out. And I specifically pick that day. For a reason you'll understand when I tell you the title of the book which have come out I guess in March the title. The book itself will not come out came pre order it the book itself not to match like for putting the finishing touches. I think you got a lot. If you're listening to this show field viewer of living TV I think you can a lot of I hope so. Thomas. Sheridan Arizona. One out too well where are you wanna two point nine how are you. And did not mark and dollar per share in Arkansas Arkansas oh it's the AR. Yes there there and OK I'll go about general slid pins you know I. It's been eight years green and I should just say hey AR and sorry go ahead. An eight year army I'm not I got order. Call Alan wit. So why in our leadership scholarship for Milan. Like in that situation. The preparation ahead general went back all the lady hit Asia or no recognition. I should add it back here until you can bring me hard evident. And you can basically you know get Marion. This is not only do I agree that this but I think pence but trump in a tough position quite frankly. And I think that is because he's the one they're all rely on how well a lot depends who lied to pence pence could have easily said no actually didn't lie to me. He told me what he thought he knew. It was inaccurate. And I said it on TV I repeated it I said now was inaccurate he's apologized to me now we're gonna move along. But that's another tense dead wrench free this is running in hurts the president demanding his head. Paul Ryan today rents davis' body broke from Wisconsin they kind of grew up together through politics. He's I think the president of the right decision. That's that's the great Paul Ryan. You know. And the Democrats see this they seek which they see weakness they see disloyalty they see app. They see that these guys are run for the hills they think they have a major scandal here and I'm cents. It'll about why it. Does this scandal about. Promised new Tony what this scandal is about. No there it is that can kill. And it's it's that's seen enough reason that I wouldn't give it my way home from work only you knew. Watch tonight news yes. And I you know I listened peace in my other outlets cannot read a lot. And barred I don't know if they have proof that general forty and actually broke a lot to charge out there by now you're exactly right. In doing anything wrong so US general plan to resign which is nothing but weakness that's rolling over. And letting him now don't give me around out I think you vice president candidate GAAP. Retreated on the other hand he looked like a weed. Everytime I hear him talk I can't trust that he'd literally does look like to weasel doesn't he he did I cannot. I don't know what I have never met him I've never I'm. I cannot Harriman and neither we've we tried again among women TV but he kept playing games so I don't viral and how they might yet come on your show you that ended at. Hey Thomas thanks it is Sarah's brother we much appreciate it. And thank you for your excellent caught standing right folks that music means I'll be right back. Hope towards the liberals want to silence. But you couldn't talk to him. I had 877381311. 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Or 75 dollar starts to purchase of your mattress and an additional Casper product Casper dot com code mark. Terms and conditions apply if you haven't gotten your Casper mattress yet you really don't know what you missed. I love that match. I truly do as you know we have six of them. In one for Barney so we actually six and a half of all right let's take some calls here. Guillen Oceanside New York a great WABC go. Good evening I thought this was talks at a court shall while locked set not weather was NSA and clap without a Fox News to report it targeted. Appeal Lem targeted upon these to DOJ and the rebel ranch or are all that's. What do Border Patrol was a copy all of them at two border patrols a shot that guy in the bought bring in Prague PX and any targeted them and lock them up. I mean it's one that the next IR rats what Loretta lynch and Jon popped in and the CI AEA. FBI I mean like what didn't he can't put into that you're citing some wording the president. Key executive order which was given to president. Because there's no talk to drag its feet and got congress what judges could they don't get updates daily from all the evil that wants to us on. Why that Dutch specifically who was given to him and handsome Georgian deceit. And stitches to censor where. It's only gonna hurt America. Once some of these people flock and yes and pieces candidate Obama warned of course and trouble perhaps. God only knows and then on the three judges' heads and they issued it never bond act and this is all weapon nice in the dark ferret out these people. And Donald got to get rid of everybody and hold them accountable for their. My friend there's two problems with the latter and I hear everybody say that number one identifying them. And number two. You understand if they are civil servants and maybe union protection. It takes years to remove some. Years. And whole system has to be looked at doesn't. Yeah my friend thank you for your car Nikita Sacramento California on the market then that power you. Anchor mark thank you for any certain. I just think it's funny that in spite of all of Barack Obama in an alternate with just. Michael ware and how when push came to show you. Really crawled over blown broken ruptured his nominees. Mean it didn't matter if it was slow learner if it was Susan writes if it was a Eric Holder in spite of. All we have stuck behind every damn one and in the that your point every one of them a matter hat I Wear their fingerprints were on the crime scene so to speak. He stood behind every single one. Any thumbed his nose at the media any thumbed his nose at the Republicans. Exactly right and all of us that within three weeks' time three weeks and a couple of days. These guys buckle up that is not any good to have. Barometer of things to come thank you for your call my body Juan queens they Arctic great WABC go. Hey mark Sawyer brother you can you know. First bowl win didn't do anything wrong now the problem is that. These Republicans and include to include in this case accompaniment situation they're allowing the Democrat the Democrats to control the narrative. You don't see any has no word from Ryan from not just no work from a comp. I don't know Ryan did speak he said I thought the president to the right thing. So they've got unease about the. There were hardly heard McConnell on McConnell said yeah I'm sure this will be part of the investigation. But this beat the same McConnell who wouldn't have a special committee set up to investigate thing Ghazi. Believable it's just really you know trump needs to get out on offense he needs to start controlling the narrative and I think what we just heard from Andrew McCarthy. That is huge if you Obama administration has something to do with it. You know what you want you want to investigate these late while let's and let's put all our cards on the table looked at but trump needs to get. With the American public needs to community. I think he needs to move and no offense to anybody there and I think he needs to. Strength and is interior staff. I really think he does. Stop Jason Andrew Jackson. Stop chases another rhinos. Focus on your mission here which is to return the country to a constitutional republic. Two to trying to break down the federal leviathan push power back out to the states trying to get some of these entitlements under control and secure the border. Build up the military and so forth stop at the odd truly odd ideological left obsessions. All right my friend thank you want always appreciate it. I'm an army and Ivan Laurel, Maryland the great WM hey Al go. I thought I thought the sort of a lot trumpet not yell just call it just how great it is they do what are. Our bait bucket Democrats played with deep within our national security. Agreement like this the border confirmation process. I think that is. It's like you know what I wanna put in October that they don't know they if you took a lot when it went up go to our confirmation process. Excellent haven't I don't think Flynn isn't that tough and I don't think the national security director is confronting us and. Because firms yeah. I'll get a start but it went and welcome not I'm not like everybody else are odd but I just wonder why. By the way under attack tonight I'd been from the end knuckle heads in the head bang you're saying. Why am I spending for truck. I don't understand it what. It is. Only conservative outfit not trying to drag him back to the right. I mean I'm just look at all of that trouble got some good things but some don't but I also think they've done exactly what he's sick with some of some of the things he's saying it would do. But then that that means they don't believe that Bryant is going to be so big that you commercial chocolate area. Let me let me tell you it's comment because this happened in the Nixon administration you're quite right either. Now they're gonna lurch left you're gonna see a big push on the trillion dollars on this on the phony infrastructure spending. You're gonna see a big push as you just said on the family leave stuff now I gonna see those liberal part of the agenda pushed. Tariffs and so forth to change the narrative to try and buy peace with the left trying to buy peace wither but the media and it's all gonna fail if that's what they do. Animated it just like he didn't know exactly what incentive do it and it was gonna go and always liberal saying that led Atlanta what he's gonna go well so. I just wanna know where big map McConnell a big mouth up Paul Ryan. The Republicans can agree on what to do it obamacare. This is a disaster. And absolute disaster at the Republican party's not a party. I don't what the hell it is it's like an association of goof balls all right Ivan as always thank you for your call my friend. Let's continue her Mike. Yorktown Indiana on the mark within that Perry is there. Are horrible that you got a remark yes and I do now yeah. That's the track you don't know exactly yet they have also that they are under what it. Show me just say this year from Indiana as it turns out it's not just trumpets it's parents still. Yes yes yes good night. I'd better do it attempts to get out there and it's just it's good bad and even though you did do then you'll actually wouldn't let as well that's important just. However mr. That's the best actually invented at Perkins and then it. The national security. About so it's a mobile robots. I just bet I don't I don't let. Them know when I hate when when we start giving them hockey this just yeah well. I mean let it let me tell a couple things number one. The Democrat leaders in congress as outrageous sympathetic as they are. Now but in the previous administration that would be Pelosi and Harry Reid. They never crossed Barack Obama they wouldn't think of crossing Barack Obama they wouldn't think of a voicing a syllable hostile out of Barack Obama. The Republican leaders in congress they just say whatever they want they do whatever they want they're taking a week off next week the senate. They're taking a week off. Although momentum that's been built by the election. That's being undermined right now that's when you push your toughest agenda items that's when you repeal obamacare that's when you pass a budget to. Pay for the law that's what you do these things tax cuts across the board you don't sit around and wait for this stuff. I don't I don't know who's advising the president of the United States I don't know what the problem is with the Republican leadership in the senate announced but. Now's the time to act. The Democrats. Have the upper hand right now have a little that I. And a three and a half weeks. I might thank you for your call. Patrick San Francisco the great pay SFO go. Hey trying to get taken sometime around 100%. With Kim that it actually and. He used the other hand absolute truth as not children to be the kind of character that buckles under the media he. Gives them the finger left. I you know I keep hearing you guys say that. And yet that's not exactly right. And Chris Christie is not in the administration I despise Chris Christie but Chris Christie was loyal to trump. Gingrich isn't. Giuliani has some. Side position it's not a real a management role he just handed of something you know look in the cyberspace that sort of thing. I mean he could music Giuliani right about now I think so. I don't agree with you completely. Well let's say all right let's say your right so what he just hit. Hello to. It deters somebody or speak to that we know and it's not the spot calling it looks. But why is that why do I have to think at the something more to what he did and what it looks like when it looks like exactly what he did. Only because till around it there in the criminally uncharacteristic. For. All right well he's only been president for three and a half weeks so there is no record. Well yeah absolutely not campaign and he Indonesia. Us or anyone in this stadium was how can how can I have what he wanted to tell. I'm just curious decision clearly condemned habits are not mean that there may be another but he buckled as somebody they buckle. And they should not buckled and I don't think it helps his administration look for excuses we should tell them don't pop off. Present with yeah. I'd rather you take care. Let us go to Darren. Edinburgh Indiana Indiana wide awake tonight on the great WFDM. Harriet. I'm done Wal-Mart carried and deceiving me love thank you. I'm basically I just wanted to say I've kind of followed Mike Pence as weird for his entire life. And he has heard some wonderful wonderful. Concepts and principles. Could never really had a backbone. And he'll answer about he Arabs I mean you've what you're talking about tonight is just kind of goes along with him. Just backing up. Well I'm not that familiar with the is a conflict as governor I do know that when he was in the house he had a backbone. They look on the way to the governorship I don't know. Well every time I really cannot agree cons such great bills and at state level. But then once you know the good. Didn't the media. And he noted that the populist came up this little this is no word. He would just all the orchestra it's kind. And I know I mean. Everything he's ever promoted or came forward this just been great put. But he just they just never never. All right my friend I appreciate your input I'm not familiar with that I would be surprised by that quite frankly. I'm I've always thought of him as a solid you know conservative and strong and netbook in that respect. But this is not been as a stellar he's in the witness protection program. Which is ridiculous. And he's the guy that could put an end to this in my humble opinion but he didn't. I'll be right back. Open. Crews are making provocative. Taking provocative actions in making provocative statements in essence what their military actions. In our secretary of defense today at NATO he got open he said hey lucky guys you better pay your fair share we may have the moderator views towards. I am. Ice at the Russians were taking a provocative. But the position against us they were buzzing our destroyer. Within 200 feet and. They shot off there. The communication devices he refused to respond to radio communication. And they do this a lot. And mad dog madness. Was lecturing NATO. How much election NATO tomorrow. We do something. About the Russians mark what should we do. How the president of the United States announces that we're gonna increase defense spending by six or 7% in a budget that he is proposing. And then he is directed the Republicans in both houses. Where we have a majority. To get to it and get to it and get it on his desk at two weeks. I would be a pretty good response don't you think. Because the Russians can outspend us that's how Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union. That's what you do something that affect. And then. It's tough to watch this. From me anyway. You know millions of tax refunds will be delayed this year. The IRS is taking extra measures to fight identity theft and fraud. Which impact nearly forty million low income families claiming earned income and child tax credits on this year's tax return. The last two years 47 billion dollars and. Fraudulent refunds have been blocked. Keep your personal information secure never shared online or what call is impersonating. IRS agents. 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We will move on to some other subjects next hour and to the extent wanna discuss this we still can because it's a big deal that's all over the media. And it is do you railing of the early days of this administration which is the intent. Of the Democrats in the me but I watched this track time. On a Clinton. And I'm gonna discuss him and others on living TV tonight. This guy is. A preposterous lightweight. He just spun this story as if he was still a staff prefer left wing Democrat senator. Or Tom Harkin. And then Thomas Friedman. A complete the full limos Pulitzer prizes and all the rest and columnist for the New York slobs. Compares this to Pearl Harbor or even 9/11. That's because they're very very excited. The pseudo intellectuals on the left they're very very excited. They taste of blood in the water as I told you they what. They wanna see this administration come crashing down. They wanna see America fail again. They want to pave the way for another radical Coke to be president the United States. That's exactly what's going on. Now go live media is upset that trump calls on conservative media. While the lib media needs to understand that we know that the lib media. So I president who's not a liberal we'll call on people are not liberals get here is still a matter of fact. I got two words for you stick it. I'll be right back. He was here. Now. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the so everybody mark within a year and I'm number 87738138118773813811. About. Every. Two weeks into the month. I get our numbers for our digital listen action. The prior month that would be January. And it's through the roof. Over six million iPod downloads. That's enormous. Almost two million. App. Listening events. Almost a million. Listeners. On live streaming people sitting on this listening on the computer. I just give you eight and a half million. That's in addition. To FM radio AM radio and satellite radio. So those of you who are crane. That I that this program would fail. Or that something would happen to me. Inning happened. There's I'm convinced. Conservatives want to hear somebody behind the microphone who has integrity whether they agree with them or not. And I Wear not my heart but my thoughts and my heart in everything on my sleeve. To know exactly where I'm coming from and wind coming from the there are individuals in this industry. I'm not gonna name the may be coming home one day one guy in particular. Would like nothing more than the strictest stations away from the he's on my radar screen. And when the time is right I made discussing with him. But the time's not right. And he's a little player and a little pond so really doesn't even matter. Jim Acosta is such a person. He's a so called reporter for CNN. And he was very upset today because of the people Donald Trump was choosing to ask questions. Cut twelve mr. producer go. Two questions that were asked or are called upon from president in this news conference. Went to the Christian Broadcasting Network up. The Christian broadcasting and what's wrong of that. I watched the Christian Broadcasting Network from time to time. And the reporter Brody is a damn good reporter. I'm sorry he doesn't work for CNN. When is that the un Christian Broadcasting Network. I had. Where it sure is obviously owned by Pat Robertson the televangelist John Rollins who owns CNN used to be owned by that not job what's his name. What's his name I can remember his name is he's still alive. Turner yet turner. Ha that's all I remember they get. Man. It. I think he owns half the Wyoming Anderson. When I go by ownership. What Kooks on the left and he could throw a stick yet now ahead. The root of broadcasting network and town hall dot com or Jose and very conservative news website and so in the last three news conference is wolf. All of the questions to the American news media. Have have been handled by conservative press and I are you jealous. You jealous. Song. Jim Acosta is upset Walt front page treatment costs include Jim Acosta is obnoxious that's number one. Number two who says she got a call on all liberal medial time. You see Jambo times have changed there's new media now. CNN is so yesterday. I had. All the way to describe it but the fix is in this White House this president does not want to answer questions critical questions about. His associates his aides' contacts with the Russians you know let's give this a trying to. To reduce or would you invite Jim Acosta on the program to see if he's going to answer critical questions. OK let's bring Jim Acosta on. And let's then see if he's prepared danced answer critical questions. Of course I'm sure years. Are being inquisitive as he has. So that was a pretty good press conference a little confusing the press conference honestly it's not clear to me. Exactly where trump stands on a few issues as relates to Israel but on the other hand he's not Obama this but China. And he said something that absolutely pollution Smith's mind patients there SH TM peace Smith. He's the pac ten journalists the liberal on fox. He was very upset because trop was criticizing the median of course in this country there's two things you're not allowed to criticize the media and the courts can't criticize the media and the courts have most of the power. When Republicans are an offer he can't criticize. And media oh I'm sop oh excuse me. And the court oh my god not our. Cars. Unless of course your Obama in his state of the union speech and can trash the Supreme Court which is sitting right in front of you that's okay. And then when Alito says that's not true. Then it can trash Alito on the supreme SE LL work. X. Anyway doesn't work for me. Paso Troutman Netanyahu. And let's see here we have some good stuff let us go to. Well trump on the settlements. Not keep something in mind this guy yet Tillerson. Is it Jim Baker Cologne. And so he's not exactly a fan of that of Israel and so forth. You talk about irrational file Cleary got one right there he's that is has so far Putin's but it's amazing but that's a whole other story. Cut five don't. As far as settlements I'd like to see you hold back when settlements for a little bit. Will. Work something out but I would like to see a deal being made I think a deal will be made. I know that every president would like to most of them have not started till late because they never thought it was possible. And it wasn't possible. Because they didn't do it but BV and I've known each other a long time. Smart man great negotiator. And I think we're gonna make a deal that might be a bigger and better deal than people in this room even understand. That's a possibility. So we'll see what we do. Doesn't sound too optimistic for. Send us a good negotiator because we are real. Beckett hit care prop up. That's because BB that lives in the region and their surround it. It's hard to cut a deal they when they group of people entities. Other wanna destroy you a woman even recognize your existence we continue to shoot missiles in the cities it's just the tough thing. Or let's have a two state solution well that's a solution to watch that's the final solution for the Jews as far as I'm concerned. We had an experiment with this two state solution it's called the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip now is a terrorist paradise. Where they brutalize their own people where they built tunnels to trying to kill Jews. And they shoot missiles now Hezbollah's in on that crisis has been invited him hey echo state solution. The solution to why. So that's just nonsense you know sometimes you have to accept the fact that things are nonsense and where did this come from anyway this two state solution this mindset. While we have the occupied territories occupied by won't. Occupied by the Jews the Israelis while they it's been occupied for 5000 years. Right today. And Samaria. How can that be occupied territory we have the armistice borders right. From 1967. You know stop here or else. And so you have this temporary border. All of a sudden it can't build settlements in Judeo ours Samaria and I wanna go back to 1967. Port excuse me. Anyway but. Netanyahu cut six go. I believe that career official the settlements is not a choral concert. Nor does it really drive the conflict are and it's an issue that's really resolve the conflicts of peace negotiations. And I think it also we also ordered a mystery about a president compromise solution arrived. I don't understand him so we don't keep on bumping into each other all armed on this issue and we're going to discuss this. Aren't they wanna discuss what the position is on. Settlement ruling like this word settlements. Settlements. No that's their link. It's been their land for thousands of years and they got it back. If they kick the butts out of the Arabs who attacked and then they attacked them again. More trump. At the press conference cut seven go. So I'm looking ahead to stage and one stage. I like the ones that both parties like ha ha I'm very happy I know let's stat that. That's actually very intelligent. And first and end. And it yep intelligent comment. You know he's saying look I'm not gonna impose my will to states won state whatever it is. Go ahead. Parties like I can live with either one. I thought for a while the two state looked like it may be easier to do. But honestly can't be beat you and if the Palestinians as for Israel and the Palestinians there. Are happy I'm happy with the one they like the best. Well there you go. More trumped Heidi go. I think that. Israelis are gonna have to show some flexibility. Just hard hard to do. They're gonna have to show. The fact they really wanna make a deal I think our new concept that we've been discussing actually for me why now. Is something that allows them to show more flexibility than they have in the past I. I heard this and I had no idea what he's talking is to be honest it. The new deal that we did discuss some pro while that the last flexible I don't know what that means. But at least it's that. OK BB he can go after the back door. And don't let the door hit you in the yes that that was Obama right and by the way we're gonna arm up your enemies with a 150 billion dollars. So the Israelis really have to be you know. Very very least. I think. Pat nine Netanyahu go. So this is the source of the conflict. Persistent Palestinian refusal to recognize a Jewish state and a rebound in this. Our system rejection has and that's the reason we don't have peace how that how she changed I wanted to change. Not only of when not abandon these two prerequisites of peace. They've become even more important because of the rising tide of fanaticism that has swept the movies and has also unfortunately. Infected Palestinian society. So I want this to change. I want those two prerequisites a few substance not labels I want to and reinstated. But if anyone believes that all is as prime minister original responsible for the security of my country for blog we walked into a Palestinian terrorists. That seeks the destruction of my country they're gravely mistaken but two prerequisites appease. Recognition of the Jewish state. And Israel's security needs west of the Jordan. They remain pertinent. Or that such a radical request. Such radical positions. Recognize my country. As a Jewish state. And we need to be able to defend us. Well. Well and and they can't even get him to do that so how what is this two state solution as those who state solution. I'll be right back. The the program. It your digital listening devices ready pitched very. Now play it back put it up back up like that. And we have fun. Still watch the Pittsburgh Pirates will start doing. Just a lovely start and I'm a Phillies down Phillies suck every year we want from me. Keep control. We actually have any singing here just the song. Just the song what lessons. Everybody. And I nobody I guess let's take a call John. Eastern hill Iowa on the market within that Perry you count. And market for our users to date before my Iowa caucus electability trump was you got to turn the ship around. I don't remember you exactly. I know you do know what I think I'm gonna give nick court get three points and ten seconds here number one net thing which. Landon I urges table while I was on hold that. Obama addressed that before the inauguration and white trot out if you wanna choose so I don't read a lot walk. Secondly this thing. All I don't know why you're talking about. Well I don't know AME. Well it happened during robot make its that are on your behalf and colonel Obama's administration's sort. If they wanted to use of the could use that against straw with fourth and knocked all. I used to walk against trump. Didn't listen to me. He didn't do anything. I thank your second point we've already in sixty seconds. Barack the other thing like let this dozens of shell and a lot whose clothing line. I think she should be dealt with this severely is Obama dealt with Hillary Clinton over email server. Yeah not at all I think did you know. It amazes me what becomes a news in this country thanks street culture and it really does. So Kellyanne Conway is under attack because she's we've talked about this by Yvonne disclosing she obviously knows the ethics rules. This is an apparently 888. Violation of the ethics froze williams' not Harry Reid becoming a multimillionaire. While in public of Nagano. Now. Just pathetic jagged. Pass the act pat McCabe pronounce it New Jersey say China had an asset Passaic, New Jersey. The stranger than I no longer drives through all the time go ahead. I'm blue in the pleasure not a pocket here you're great American from a longtime listener of the first hard court. Thank you believe were important to the court seemed beautiful this year. It look he can do about that and more particularly outraged. But there's something you can do could you well the word of conservative America and hopefully America. Israeli Jim remembering you want calendar showed her the Michael wooten and its lead and he spoke. The battle. Then. Candidate Obama you who. Candidate or an amateur pretty to look at Marion. Telling them not to make a deal with President Bush that there aren't you give them a better deal. And a better person sent. What no other than Barack that it would you Miller awarded an outboard it's a thousand times worse than anything to conclude. And we're talking about. The move us who would destroy America. In the second and then you think about it including go 300 million people India well. And yet Obama would great to give a bed with your tour and the league and the through put up in contrast to what we did. Candidate can't reach. And and and you're right and and my recollection is that he revealed it. On my show and in his book. Like 2008 correct. Correct analogy being investigated because now we Obama and other corporate. What really transpired. And goes. You know you have a great memory any really broken on my show he said. I'm looking at it here. He claimed Obama's and former ambassador William Miller. To Tehran in 2008 to assure the regime that American policies to Iran were about to change when he becomes present United States. But not quote crime. Call crystal ball first of all this is an outstanding called. Well done and Passaic, New Jersey and I'm going to award you a CR TV. One year subscription so don't hang up. I forgot about this. I forgot about this. Live dean and what the foundation for the defense of democracy. That's right he broke it that William Miller. Agreed to travel to Iran. On Obama's behalf. Because he too believe the US policy towards Iran needed to be changed. Obama except that the Iranian leadership's criticism of American farm policy toward them over the years and he was going to make that right. I'm sure that'll be part of the investigation to. I'll be right back. Nightmare. Love that call now 8773813811. Now I'm sure you know by now I'm a proud member of the United States concealed carry association. They're by far the leaders of providing the absolute best education training and the tenacious legal defense. For self reliant Americans like you and me. It is the US CCA's mission to help responsibly armed Americans like you. Become the best protector and defender of your loved ones that you could possibly. The amount of training resources they offer completely free is absolutely incredible and folks right now the US CCA. Stay in the biggest fan giveaway have ever seen but it's almost over. And I really don't want you to miss out can you imagine waking up the owner of a brand new timber with 15100 dollars. And it's added just one winner the drawing ten which means you have ten chances to win a beautiful new camera and I'm telling you those are great odds. But they're almost gone unit and chances to win ends soon so don't get left behind visit the sand then dot com. Yup and her for free while there's still time. And treat it when your dream timbers quit simple and I said free just visit defend them dot com before it's too late. Don't wait until tomorrow visit defend them dot com right now wallets in front of mind. Created ten chances to win a 15100. Dollar timber. Well Iraq male house they need Obama. And his lovely wife Michelle. They're about to get even richer according to Fox Business the White House doors may close on former president Barack mill house been you know Obama's presidency. But for Jimenez lovely wife Michelle the path to lucrative new book deals and paid speeches. Is wide open. The obamas recently hired top dollar attorneys Robert Bennett and demeanor how they handle their book contracts and a hot and what are they gonna write the books for them to. Beat that guy that does the killing this in the killing netbooks and helps the 8 PM may be hope helped the obamas. And a high profile public relations agency known for raping the clintons and Mia Farrow. To coordinate speaking appearances the obamas haven't yet set book release dates are announced any scheduled speeches so. They're gonna racquet in now. Harry oh but but as we well know from Obama himself. If they're successful it's not due to them it's Buddha us. Not because they give great speeches is because you and I paid for the roads. Without the wrote he couldn't drive to the speeches but at the airport he could fly to the speech. And neither could they show the bush he gives a hell of a speech. So utterly completely incoherent. I think. But what do I know. The Harry walker agency which exclusively represents former President Bill Clinton. Former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan oh I'm sure he's a spell winder former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Former this form of that form this wanna be that. Loss to be representing the Obama's. In the private sector the former president stands to earn more than half of his 400000. Annual salary as president or speech. Patio like that. Going to be in the top 110 of 1%. On my head in another millionaire Polanski I. It's not only the former president will be fetching the big bucks the former First Lady also likely rake in the equal share OAS. Say should get about 250000. Dollars per speech for the first year as these figures would be comparable to what former President Clinton makes. Which was just shy of 25000111. Korean Hillary Clinton's filings for the calendar year over the course of 54 speeches he made thirteen 1000434. Dollars. In one year alone. Mrs. Clinton makes slightly less she makes 235000. Pop. So just think. In one weekend she gives to speeches he gives two speeches they made a million dollars. Only in America. If her prayer held in contempt. And Hillary Clinton. Only in America Barack Obama who set the world on fire and his lovely wife. Multi multi multi millionaires people pay them to speak I would pay them to shut the hell up but what a lineup. That's C. Another source of income for the obamas will be book deals mr. Obama's already penned a number of books include is appended damned thing. He's had ghost writers. I'm sickened tack into this business I'm sick and tired outside the play jurists I'm tired of Tony authors of ghost writers. Our co authors who write everything I'm sick and tired of it. These guys are having a high old time every weekend hey let's MM gun when Miller I'm done that some don't and that. What are write a book you've got to secure edged down and you have to work and you have to work hard. You can do scholarship if there researcher at the pilots insist together you have to make rational argument yet that footnotes to 3400 footnotes. You can't do that. In between dates. Where was. Yes well they go he's that city. He had already earned more than ten million dollars from his fascinating to books. Not pot head in Hawaii. Bill Clinton received an advance of fifteen million dollars for his highly anticipated book in 2004. His autobiography. My life. And I very sexual diseases. Let's see the world's highest advance we at that time it's projected the obamas hold toward Clinton but contracts that could amount listen to this. To twenty million to 45. Million dollars. For their books. Twenty team that now let me tell what that means. The publishers never expecting get any of that back. But they can brag about it in trying to attract other authors who who'll bring them in you know more sales more books more money. But there's no way on earth. That the obamas. Will be able to recoup for the publishing houses twenty to 45 million dollars this thing can happen. Mr. Obama also receive a pension from the White House 207000. Dollars a year. T ladies and gentlemen it pays to be in narcissism violence. The extremists and they marxists. Yes. While in office HUS president act that's enough. So. Amazing the liberals come in office would nothing in the lead multimillionaires. Trump comes in the billions and they're trying to destroy a guy because of everything he's done. The terms of his business is fine and. We wanna see us tax returns. Hey we want to see is that Palin what is it Smartphone cause they win a paid okay. Issues and take another call let's see who's out there. Let's see who's out there let us go to Daniel Sunnyvale California the great cancer photo Daniel. Had you gone the sandstone at slightly. I inside and out our have you ever been this stands donuts stand no not out. Are you sure you're an American citizen. It is yeah. I would welcome may I suggest you that you try stands donuts there in Santa Clara they are unbelievable. You have my word out here in Sunnyvale let me tell you near Lawrence expressway what side is saying you know you want. Well actually got to be honest I work for cynical to City Hall. Live in Los bundles. I love that have signed up by the way you know I know it's gonna lives. Anyway again don't go right ahead my friend. What she had just called to say thank you. I say I do my best choose to teach like its conservative values and conservative. Ideas some like I don't know the most but I really think that that's. That's the way that we turn this country around we have to educate our kids. We have to sit them at the dinner table and pizza below what's going on in the world then. What to write the wrong way is scared to do things. I don't know I I have three kids don't want all the way. And USC it sure but then has two kids so they all have two kids that. 28 offspring. You know that conservatives so they'll get married and that that doubled. I am liking these numbers. Yes and they can influence there coworker the people at school and I think it's really important we can't just be conservatives are so we have to teach kids. We have Q. Raise them up the right way I think that's where we take back our country. I think you're right on because there's an army of tens of millions of us who who do embrace. You know these eternal moral principles. And despite what goes on in classrooms despite what goes on the media and I even put this in the eight conservative manifesto of liberty and tyranny. If we teach our kids and grandkids the right things and if they turn out the right way we can out number the other side which is exactly but now Daniel. Do you have CI TV. No bird or what would you like to watch it. I would absolutely love to watch much it would look at. All right don't hang up I mean if I was gonna have 28 kids and grandkids and great grandkids right so let me get a CR TV channel subscription to Dana. They're very nice thoughts of god. Ten Atlanta Georgia they gray WYNEY. How are you. Thank you sir for taking my phone call yes. I wanted to say thank you very much on behalf my wife's cell. Will be such a great teacher. I've worked so much from me ornament might be I'm retired military. My daughter in my excellent for young adults. And were constantly teaching them about conservatism. Ought to constitution. Mike Stern is currently taking their within the work. Is trying to bring up is generation. Our on line with everything. My daughter is currently in the military yourself so she's got to kind of watch. But I just wanna say thank you very much. You're thanking me you're in the military daughters in the military I wanna thank you and your marvelous family. For your service to this country and great sir I'm very blessed to have people like you in the audience. Thank you and we love the state of Pennsylvania could mean my wife originally from their in my last command I Serbs nor spoke so what else. We'll growth what did you send. I served the world group certain. See I used to drive by there all the time old York road right. The order record we lived in now warmest server yeah gold base there isn't an amazing. Income might soon whopper we we love the city. We got good friends so where they were open to go back there very soon there's little. Yeah that's great I can that's wonderful and I want to thank you very much for your service and other an area very very well you be will. Let slip in another shall wait and let us go to him Pittsburgh Missouri they great today SGS go. Actual will appreciate you tick or mark Karr can't believe I got period to have tried under terms. Season. Permit rule this is just small towns near likened the Ozarks of Missouri. Bad. I wanted to talk about that in. Michelle and Barack Obama and books I mean after eight years of torture we watched about that that from Brock problem. About what. How tied how tied to a Bible all these left wing Kooks all the groups. That you are all the ordered what how much they beat the these. There under the union bosses all all these people buy those books and we're trying to make it a success swept. Welcome to union bosses were friends with truck. She says well what took powerball. Who knows saying it gets confusing these things all right Tim thanks for your call buddy I appreciate the union bosses I don't think your friends were trying to. Some of the union rank and file. The union bosses are Democrat. Captains you know. Street captives. Jerome Emma Colorado serious satellite Harry Jerome. Yeah he wanted to talk about I Geron we get you drifts that night did you dampened I agree with you but they tankers. A lot like what you said. I'll be right back. We'll. Wind. Listen anyway. They know they're probably wrong. His former radio. I know they. He gets less powerful in the Supreme Court is and. Now we must seize this historic opportunity to right the ship. The High Court affects our politics aside in very lives. And how much do you really know about the court's decisions troll on its history. Well Hillsdale College once she'd understand these things and it starts with taking a short quiz to find out how much you already know. And how much you thought you did and it's a lot of fun actually it's quite enjoyable. Middle of thin frame Hillsdale dot com that's how easy and free Hillsdale dot com take this fun interactive short quiz. You get a free pocket constitution just for accepting the challenge. I guarantee this is one quiz you're gonna really enjoy and that some of the inches will in fact surprise you. I'll bet right now even if your history teacher or a lawyer that you learn something new about how the Supreme Court affect your life. But quiz the pocket constitution and everything you learn from Hillsdale are yours for free as always. Because Hillsdale College exists to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty. Take the quiz right now look then Fred Hill Staubach com that's no easy tight end Brent Hillsdale dot com. All right Chris Longview Texas Tech great pay TBB. Don't. Barca source. Thank you soon. It's an odd. Salute your audience so. That they need to hold there they're represented their covers. They're they're representative. Senators. That they need to hold them their beaches are fine. Because we've got one shot. You if we don't understand it stopped the liberals yeah. That they're just gonna pick up win. The next liberal president Eric it's an office and that picked up route or Rocco follow. You know let them infuriates Maine I'm sure you and millions of people listening Chris is this. We control the elected branches of government and the Democrats are on offense we control the elected branches of government and not a single. Peace. Of legislation. That's been promised us has even been presented for a vote. We controlled elected branches of government and the Democrats are dictating. The public agenda. The Democrats stand together though like good ol' Communists. The Republicans can't even agree. On getting rid of obamacare which they've campaigned against for six and a half years. They can't even agree on funding any law. On the southern border we send them we send them in the majorities majorities majorities we now give them a president. And I to be honest with the nobody's leading right now nobody's leading on any of these things go ahead. They've they've had this long to come up with why. I mean there there's the band you know. Legislative and legislation in place you look when when we got control of air and they didn't sit armor. I mean what are they are skipping it what do you think's gonna happen down the road they think that they're gonna continue to get these majorities you're exactly right. We get one big shot at this it's supposed to be early on in a president's administration. You watch that gonna move to this massive trillion dollar infrastructure plan they're gonna trying to convince us that's all I don't be financially not that means. Privately financed means you and I have to pay the financing to private entities that do this stuff that's not a gimme that's cost us a zillion dollars. So this just just keep and I know what's gonna happen here unfortunately I don't think it's going to be that great thank you for your call Chris. Tyler Jackson New Jersey they great WABC. No. I mark on the I was looking for a book supplies. And I noticed you are pondering the Seattle and how you talk about open government and a factor rocking generation. And at least seventeen year gold polite I would consider myself with the rising generation. I'm really enjoying it till four I think they use a week restored and digitally cold hard facts. I think that I was really really are opening up and show you look at my family and the different ethnic. Thank you Tyler and I appreciate that you're seventeen and what I tried to do this book. His lay out the case issue after issue. Whether it's health care whether it's that debt whether it's the minimum wage you name it. And try and unravel. So people can understand why government is doing bad things to your generation of future generations. And white parents who. Love their children allowed their grandchildren are either allowing this to happen. Order they're supporting it. I mean we have liberals who claim the love their children who are supporting policies that are gonna destroy their entire generation of their children. But Tyler I really appreciate that my friend thank you. Plunder and deceit was written for what I call the rising generation younger I hate the word millenniums. Ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed tonight show. And we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Keep something in my living TV units are really baked goods Libyan TV and two minutes. I'll see you back on the radio tomorrow god bless you law and I appreciate and I'll see tomorrow.

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