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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 K-State students warned about vulgar KU chants

Feb 16, 2017|

University President Richard Myers says the Wildcat fans have gone too far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock Pacific pianist as sporting news was even Ted. I see Macintosh. Rivers got out and 31 degrees. And American Airlines flight taking off from Charlotte, North Carolina international airport slammed into a pier Wednesday. The plane made an emergency landing at the. Our airport this woman was on board and it happened eight pilot announced that Ferris didn't that they hit a tear in that they. Or are gonna have to make an emergency landing the deer was the only casualty. President trumps labor secretary nominee Andrew poster has dropped out following intense scrutiny. That includes a video of his ex wife wants on the Oprah Winfrey Show talking about domestic abuse she later retracted the claim but. There were other issues poster has been accused of disparaging workers. Once suggesting he prefers a robot to human labor. He also failed to pay taxes on a former housekeeper not authorized to be in the US here's ABC's Mary Bruce on Capitol Hill. At first truck cabinet pick to go down. Facing mounting opposition from Republicans. Andrew Posner announced after careful consideration and discussions with my family. I am withdrawing my nomination for secretary of. Labor. Amanda died following a single vehicle crash in derby Wednesday night admiral Larkin to prairie lane. Vehicle crashed into a tree a police spokesman says the driver was not breathing and emergency crews arrived and it's pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses say the car was driving erratically before it struck the three. Hedges governor Sam Brownback says his office has received a letter from the US Justice Department. About the federal government intercepting calls to his office from a former legislators number. The governor said his office received the letter Wednesday about calls from a number that in 2015. Went to then senator Michael O'Donnell Republican from which to talk O'Donnell said Wednesday that he was shocked to learn his phone had been tapped into 115. The governor says his letter is similar to letters sent to reporters in Wichita. Where businessman Brandon Stevens has confirmed. He's the subject of an inquiry into poker and his efforts to open a casino in southeast Kansas and 2015. An aide to senate president Susan waigel says her office also receive a letter. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. An ongoing federal investigation involves surgery Kelly commissioner Michael O'Donnell as we just said. ASN news spoke little Donald O'Donnell about the investigation. I think everyone sees other things that are going on right now in the community including content connecting some dots but but as far as. Any type and involved manner time idea of involvement that I might have. I don't have a comment on that as things are sorting out but I'm sure once. Once. Things are more sorted out I will have a statement and be able to talk more freely about it. The US Department of Justice intercepted his cellphone conversations two years ago when Obama was a state senator. Kansas Republican governor Sam Brownback says he won't sign a measure that one initial approval in the Kansas house Wednesday that would reinstate a third tax bracket. I am opposed. Broad base rate increases. On. I don't side. It's going against it true that everywhere in the country not in the world and I don't know why you take different. The governor later Wednesday released a statement about the bill's passage and called it a Democrat tax bill despite support by more than half of house Republicans for the measure Wednesday. Democrat representative John Carmichael Wichita expects the bill to easily pass on final action today. North Dakota's governor has signed an order for the mandatory evacuation of the Dakota access pipeline protesters. North Dakota's governor Doug Byrd among Wednesday's signing an emergency evacuation order for the remaining protesters in the cannon ball river. Now saying they could start lining up contractors to clean the area where they've been camp as early as today. The governor ordered the evacuation as officials fear warm weather may cause water levels to rise posing a danger and the debris left behind could get into waterways. The standing rock Sioux tribe which has led the resistance has asked remaining protesters to leave and is coordinating cleanup efforts marketable RD ABC news. And as has used on now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 987 and thirteen thirty K and as soon as we r.'s Steven dead in the morning here on a Thursday morning. Six to announce 10 minute spent 6 o'clock. Traffic death. Traffic volumes are picking up but the conditions looking pretty good out there right now not seeing any slowdowns in traffic candy gasoline prices. Still right around 215 gallon at most places we did find some better prices yesterday and remember if you spot better than. At 2:15 this morning can always gives call 86913. Thirty. Can be traffic tracker Kate and as as traffic on jet chambers and they'll look at forecast with gay and assist staff meteorologist Jennifer terrible organ or Jennifer. A brother nick B starts you are Dave organist in quick warming trend today afternoon high hitting seventy. And that is 20/20 five degrees above average lots of sunshine for today with a gusty south southwesterly wind. Tonight clear and forty and sunny on Friday the high 78 he gonna dry with upper sixties Saturday. I KN assets meteorologists at different era more. They Jennifer clears guide Allen 31 degrees have a self with a seven miles per hour not much wind at all this morning which does high temperature Wednesday. Was 59 degrees and I'll tell you what. Upper run yesterday afternoon and I've yet to have the sniffles and a cut in around adequate base being myself I gotta get a girl right. A baby myself I'd elaborate for it was really nice. Not much wind 59 degrees today even better tomorrow banner up. We have beautiful weakened sheep and appeared south central Kansas may wanna think about getting outdoors. Today is Thursday February 16 to 27 team. All of these state in 1968 the nation's first 911 emergency telephone system was inaugurated in Louisville Alabama. Wife Amy bill. By not Wichita. A committee started there in 1968 to terrific idea that just spread across country today we all dialed 911. It what are the other emergencies what's the one the dial if you do if you're gonna be digging in the ground is that 81 volley on now if you if you have a problem. Any kind of social problem your hungry your failure house. Younis that you need some referral for some quick help. 211 might be a devoted cult that's the united ways hotline. And they got that one a few years ago that seems to have a beer great and Nicole. Any others yes at road conditions roads and wonders what our road conditions you dial 51 I want we're in Kansas and getting. Yeah and just our dial them up and CNET dot. Probably not a good idea but 511 for the road condition at 911 dentist saving time if you're a few seconds on each emergency call probably saved. I would probably hundreds and thousands of lives over the past. Fifty years whatever. The president of Kansas State University is has wildcat basketball fans to stop using vulgar chance targeted at the cancer des arts. When the rivals meet in Bramlet coliseum on Davis this has been going on since I was in college. Yet they stayed always puts the rounds on Kate you and they did they would have to sometimes. Which don't you reports Kansas State president Richard Myers spoke out against the chance Wednesday in a letter to the public. Posted on the university's website he described the chance as personally embarrassing. Kansas State's students chanted and it exploded followed by K you you your imagination in a variety of songs. With the jayhawks visit Manhattan. I visited Manhattan February 6. Myers is friends across the country reached out to him. Expressing dismay about the cabinet. Richard why not just you third Kansas. Saying nasty things like that chanting nasty things that like you said it's been going on. I don't like it is at at him again it's Kansas State I have sober really good friends who graduated from their back in the sixties and seventies and it. They sit and think they gap that you comes down. They're talking to say it do anything you want the just eight and that's okay I mean it's quite a rivalry there 614 now Stephen Ted. You might have thought your election stress would dissipate after November finally brought an end to a lengthy bitter presidential race. Between August 2016 and January 2017 however. Americans overall stress level increased for the first time in ten years. According to a new study from the American Psychological Association. You organizations stress in America coping with change. Survey now that two thirds of Americans are stressed about the country's future. With 57% citing the current political climate as a very or somewhat significant stress sorts. It was stress about the news. America's overall stress level on a ten point scale. From little or no stress to a great deal of stress. Picked up from four point eight to five point one between August when he sixty in January 270. Both the majority of Democrats and Republicans surveyed regard of the country's future as is significant stress shorts. A B 76% of the Democrats obviously in 59% the Republicans still two out of three in a Republicans. Stress levels. Gonna. I don't know the mine is I would I don't I guess I'm in the minority on this two I can do absolutely zero. Oh about that this is one of those seemingly out of my control this is one of those things at. We have not been saying about there are so many things in my life that I do have control over the cause stress though. It's such jets will not mean every morning yet familiar face that now you're. Work late to get up early and I got to pay bills you idols as a parent thing I mean all those the things that cause me stress. Day to day life things that are going on the East Coast. I I can't control and and that is the secret of I guess happiness in life is knowing what you can. Actually control. And what you can and basically can't control anything except Al you responded. To the stimulus right right. So how do you respond to stress some people. Drink and drugs other people exercise of the people I don't know sit and spin. So anyway I'm not I was the I'm not that stressed about the national picture. Chris and I hope for the best yep we're talk radio and we didn't talk radio for a long time and end our hosts all. Talk about this stuff all the time you know and so again keep attentive and perspective. And it's it's been a little for a long long time. On a happier note and less stressful my granddaughters had their neighborhood with a Girl Scout Cookies last night. I showed up just in time bit. Watching go to a few houses and I guess it all right unit at the twins. Mary and Jocelyn they don't have girl scout uniforms in my wife nailed a moment where urging uniform yeah accounting we don't Wear those we don't have those anymore I don't know what's going on about it. When you Shelley was in Girl Scouts when she was a kid and she's not the uniform. It was part of the reason she was accused of the uniform in the bigs yet apparently it yes he tells me into I don't know where this is probably lost somewhere in the dump some place currently she had a stash. You know they. They put a big girls had sash the ticket put their Ahtyba badges right and apparently a thing or just covered. But you get a many if you know low life yeah she get in there and you shoot OK and he's just an OK now let's get this. I wish I had it in cheaply enough ignored is have lifted her mom's house of torture mama's passed away and it's you know it's long gone and that she would. She would love to have a net because it it you know. In those days it was a way for girls to really you know excel and do things in and have some feeling of achievement. Boys do I like cubs and a Boy Scouts but I was never that. That intense about my wife is one of those people and you well then. And I've got a son who. Who is really caddie in to that stuff and he collects things like get medals and things honest yes he's he's in the reports. He's got muscle laser like see like not SaaS necessary they didn't have assessments and hit it. That he collects things like that so anyway the Girl Scout Cookies are out there brought us some parable the lights for you guys today bloom. I had to add how many of hedge a couple that you don't want Ural wired in and I kitty down whole blocks. And have been telling you guys to have some ingredients let's first ingredient butter or sugar of course at whom. They don't have a little more energy today. Sounds good. I'd 619 C even dead on K and assess type pretty it up sportsman Ted Woodward here to Thursday morning after they. Shocker basketball teams traveling to southern it'll last I stepped down shocks on the road in Carbondale taken on the salukis. Tight game at halftime shot only up by four. At the intermission. But the shots nothing is geared up in the second half Wichita State. Scored fifteen points in the second half got up by as many as 27. After half time. On the way to a nineteen point win might Kennedy and Bob hold solid game lies not in 103 point seven KEY and. Quietly not gonna get out of it feels pilot lost the handle. Duffy picnic basket double pump links media outlet it's the other way acrobatics they why they. It doubled we the forum later on land is absolutely. No plans. It's he has left. Right well. Make Duffy made five of his six shots no wonder he was having a good time thirteen points nine rebounds. The shots when it by nineteenth. On nine game winning streak for the shots markets but Duffy. I'm just gonna put both together and now hopefully. I mean this is the star rock and we'll put it altogether you know. Arm on the office showed in the score Justice Thomas is here where. Mean are going a little slump while trying to get better on working. You know and try to do all of the things I'm trying to be all around player though this team and I think ever since I started doing that we start winning games. Like it gave effort for the Sox last night Landry Shannon thirteen Connor frank camp made all four of his threes in the second half. The charge Kelly had nine rebounds Jack Morris had twelve points shocks when it. Here in their game not an a plus effort the whole way shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. I thought our guys up for the most part played well there was certainly stretches where I was pleased. I'll have to go back and look at the videotape we had some breakdowns we didn't secure the ball like I like we do. Didn't pass the ball great that we had enough good performances where. We were able to come out with a nineteen point win on the road. There's been a pattern here. And have. Morality of the other people the first episode they have about smoke if that's. We saw only two games on the road trip. It's pretty eye color things against Loyola how we see is what he knows it is a team that makes adjustments in the halftime. Now shocked certainly did that yeah and they now have a nine game winning streak 24 and four on the season. Not so good news from Manhattan last night for Kansas State. Iowa State shoots 61%. From the field in the first half K state got down by nineteen. We're not able to come back Iowa State wins it in Manhattan 8779. A sweeping the season series from the cats for the second straight year. Kansas State has now lost six of its last seven. Drops into a tie for seventh place in the Big 12 Conference. And of the NBA last night the New York Knicks were in Oklahoma City taking on the thunder so back to the midwest performer shocker Ron baker. And he came off the bench early the next as the sixth man Ron had six point 22 assists last night. The knicks ended up losing. By eleven and Oklahoma City last night or early vote for what it out with them see that on a lot of folks from Scott city. Went down to see Ron for your driveway in Oklahoma Sooners that are miles 300 miles. And I'm there I'm sure there's nights didn't soccer fan. Bob Lewis from the Wichita eagle went down over really nice feature on Ron Griffin checked that out neagle today. Sports was even Ted KNS and I did six Tony you know given here for Fox News commentator and start earns it. The NFL is backing the LG BT agenda is it's god it's. Trying to get by the cabinet Steve intent on KN SA us.

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