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KNSS Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 LA tourism director sends accidental nude video

Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 LA tourism director sends accidental nude video

Feb 16, 2017|

Sent the video to a department Instagram account, instead of her husband.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on us. 730 feet to get the more extreme back into our fifth Woodward. And as governor Brownback confirmed Wednesday that he had two of his top aides received a letter from the US Justice Department. Telling them the federal government. Intercepted phone calls between them and an ex legislators number. The Kansas senate's top two leaders also receive the same letter dealing with phone calls in 2015. From a number four then state senator Michael O'Donnell Wichita Republican who now serves. On the Sedgwick county commission. I'm singling forecast now with gay and assist staff meteorologist. Jennifer Barrymore morning Jennifer it is a big. Ridge of high pressure little searching extend on an across central plains very quiet weather in our forecast here in very warm weather CU. Increasing south southwesterly wind as the day wears on and lots of sunshine today the high seventy. Mainly clear tonight Alou forty sunny on Friday the high back to seventy. I KN assets meteorologists at different era more. Again Eric there's got now 31 degrees south wind at seven. Police have good descriptions of a suspect and to get away car in a robbery was Monday afternoon in south Wichita. A man robbed the Juarez bakery north upon me in Seneca. Police Sargent Mickey would grows as the suspect indicated he had a weapon. The suspect obtained an undisclosed amount of money from the business. And fled and they stolen 2001. Gray Buick Century. With Kansas played 112. G isn't George B is employed gays and John 112. GBJ. There is a photo of the suspect and the stolen car accompanying a news story on our website TN SS radio dot com governor Brownback says a bill advance by the Kansas house that would increase personal income taxes is a big step backwards. The governor made his comments on the speech Wednesday at the Statehouse to members of the National Federation of Independent Business. His remarks came after the house Steve first round approval to a bill that would increase income taxes by raising more than one billion dollars over two years. Supporters are promoting it as the best way to balance the budget. The bill would abandon core policies Brownback pushed in 2012 and thirteen. The governor contends tax cuts previously championed have created economic growth. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Kansas legislature is debating bills that would increase the income tax. An economist with Kansas department of revenue expressed his opinion that the state would be taxed more equitably with a sales or consumption tax rather than an income tax. This is Michael Austin. You'll find them under a sales tax the rate that we pay on items today is the same rate you pay tomorrow. Same rate you pay. Next year if we connect to the hurdles metaphor and that's like having hurdles the same the same height all throughout the race and income tax unfortunately works different. An income tax not only prices for consumption today but it also eats out of your savings. Gun rights advocates have said a strong signal that they still haven't up clout in the Republican control Kansas legislature. To make sure that concealed firearms are allowed and hospitals and a university campuses. Starting this summer the house federal and state affairs committee yesterday narrowly rejected a bill that would have allowed the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City. To continue banning concealed guns Kansas congresswoman Lynn Jenkins joined fellow house Republicans on Tuesday. The block a Democrat pushed to obtain president Donald Trump's tax returns the story from the Kansas information networks Ryan ogle. The Associated Press reports a Democrat on the house Ways and Means Committee were unsuccessful in their attempt to use a law passed in 1924 that allows the committee to review tax information. Democrats tried to frame the issue as a matter of national security citing concerns over Trump's alleged investments in Russia did insider with the other 22 GOP committee members in a straight line party vote rejected democrats' efforts a spokesman for zinc and says she did so because they'll be a slippery slope of targeting tax returns a single individuals for public disclosure the spokesman says the congresswoman believes the issue should be handled by the house oversight and Government Reform Committee in -- us. National news time 634. In Washington today about national security had to surrounding former NSA had Michael Flynn and contact between those in the trunk campaign and suspected Russian intelligence officials before the election. ABC Brad Nokia has more leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee that's the Department of Justice for a formal briefing on Flynn and for the transcript of the intercepted calls that brought him down but the president has had the real story is the leaks from intelligence officials. House Republicans are pressing for an inquiry about classified intelligence and how it's making its way to the press. Flynt meanwhile has had a security clearance suspended the president's choice labor secretary has withdrawn his name from consideration Andrew posters CEO of the hardee's and Carl's junior restaurant chains have lost support among those on Capitol Hill. The senate is on track to confirm Scott Pruitt is kind of the EPA is Oklahoma attorney general he sued the EPA several times in the past. Some congress today without immigrant protests and closed businesses in several cities to show how critical immigrants are to work for. Sherry passed an ABC news. Seated in the morning. Take finish at 635 now your only through the morning of the northwest Louisiana tourism director has lost her job. After accidentally sending nude live video offers help with tourism account instead of her husband. Accidentally. Lose news outlets report the Webster parish convention and visitors bureau. Voted to fire executive director Lynne Dorsey. He'd been on paid leave since sending the video to the bureau's its decrepit now in deep snapper. She said then that she met at for her husband. Attorney Lydia Rhodes says the 61 year old Dorsey is considering a lawsuit. That's. Their job back you know one little tiny mistake. And you pay for it forever to it. That's why I don't. I don't know you don't do anything in that kind of exact battery in this and yeah just don't do anything you'll be okay everything. My motto for life. The Massachusetts woman has sued Howard Stern in the federal government after her telephone conversation. With a IRS agent was aired on Stern's show. Here is for artists. Says she call the IRS and may 2015 for a question about are taxes and was connected with an agent who was on hold with stern show somehow her 45 minute call. Can be heard by Stern's producers lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Boston. I guess says that after the conversation was aired yet difficulty sleeping and eating sought treatment. And has had difficulty finding a job. She alleges invasion of privacy and negligence and seeks unspecified damages. Stearns company did not immediately comment the IRS says it doesn't comment on pending litigation but takes a confidentiality of taxpayer information. Very seriously as well you should. I can't imagine. These clowns. Putting us on the air. Apparently today and obviously they did but somebody like somebody is at fault here and and we have some sort of directive from the home office recently about putting phone calls on the air Wilshire. And in our company is very strict about that all our company does not wanna get sued re done only that we would respect people's privacy. And it's can't imagine that Howard Stern is. I guess I can't he has bozos or they're probably sit out there it's funny every. Legal apartment they covered you know but the level lawyers sort of anyway we don't have that the lawyers had to sort out something for us it would sort of up quite a united sort out our termination Iraq exact fired at the a lightning circle of officials. Who received word that their phone calls were intercepted by federal agents including governor Brownback Susan waigel. Michael O'Donnell of course this big Y in whatever this thing is. Apparently has to do what occurs but the casino or something a couple of years ago they're trying to get in there in the state. And that we don't have any answers on yet nobody's talking about it I just you know. Stephen generally adjust more to make a disclaimer to the public Stevens had have not been informed that our calls were intercepted. So I'll talk is we did not get a letter on don't we didn't you letter so if you yup you called us to do a contest during like debt. You know apparently the federal government was not listening to that. Some are coworkers got. Letters. I think at least three of the unknown. On this thing now while I didn't know that what you bring it. A well on the same we have we have members of our sales staff that. Made phone calls to either. Brandon Stephen Moore. OK mostly were talking not to brand Stephen about sales calls these the people must have intercepted every phone call and we'll have failed they did they. He's been on every phone call that Brandon Stephen made. OK and if so what ails it members of our sales that I well understand and they got a letter and they didn't know that the post op. There are at a post master brought them a letter on Tuesday he had to go yet assigned to that is no that course when the sales people around I'm never around and I don't hang out of the like unity spent a lot of time with a -- bending the album but at. I didn't know that aren't that interesting ever get what they a lot of people got letters I get to call him if you if you're out there you haven't been intercepted memo activists call. We value meanwhile Moscow I have not ever spoken with Brendan Steele and on the on I don't leave a government him. I don't believe others spoke to Michael O'Donnell. Maybe is maybe an interview some well yeah maybe an interview hernia but anyway. 639 now Stephen dead and a time for our key interests has commodities update with littler of what the commodities can point I'm. Well good morning feet. Yesterday drive cattle closed negative and upbeat and positive after two sides trading cattle complex enjoyed annualized for the week people were slightly lower. But it can't achieve full 15100 statistics they had ever before you have reported Q did. Shiller data weighted average price of 190 don't sport last week Parcells won 1760 but. 118. Only dug out some late new site for the weekend close they could be. Are the closest thing it's alive candlestick five cents lower 113 35. Parts being exported seven and 124 point seven. People leave out fifty to lower at 7077. That led by the double digit gains of the soybean futures. Soybeans wheat and corn all close possibly reinstate the great thing until a couple of false start decision negative then took off to the upside. The return of fund buying was yesterday supported Specter as a with the lack of fresh market moving news. At the moment we're looking at them like mark Casey went to the quarters cents lower trading of course 67. It's court that a penny they have at least 77 and a quarter parts soybean board to a record low attempted to pick they have. What could rose one point five the entire 5336. People go five and empower our corporate 3860. The market some people went forward when he 346. Of the AF parts dollar index jumped 49 that the 100 dollar 68 cents. There weren't scheduled speech or 32 points lower. 2000591. Commodity trading great marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the program on the web by using. 866 to go to tell. Time within arm's length to me about it and regret over there and that I have couples electoral scout cookies one. I wish I could pass one down to the microphone so you could have want to you know you're just salivating over that aren't. Boycott it sure would you have coffee. At Oak Hill are eager to buy any Girl Scout Cookies. Right you know like she vice. You let your light a year. Epidemic we don't we all we six. I. I doubt they get their 641 Stevens said don't forget the album of the landscape yelled coming up. Etc. do this is march 3 of the dead now play a lot. It's that time of the year were all gonna get out there you are do some gardening and yard work and all that this is the place to go over great ideas the upper limit of landscaping you know coming up. March 3 in the pay of the century to 642 down Stephen dead and I grabbed CF beat the bunny tracker. And should be talking about student loan debt in retirement really. I've asked yes.

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