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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Student loan debt in retirement

Feb 16, 2017|

Don Grant talks about many Americans carrying student loan debt into retirement.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Didn't ninety exhibited thirteen thirty K this past week or even dead in the morning. 646 now. Big big fingers three more rain increasing flood danger in California. Governor Brownback says lawmakers' efforts to increase get his income taxes are a big step backward a lot. Number it has Fed's intercepted his office phone calls predict things Steven dead on K in excess. And the traffic volume is really starting to pick up now starting to see some heavy traffic eastbound on Kellogg and around Dugan wrote it. All the way over to left. West Street and even beyond to meridian the eastbound traffic here on Kellogg very heavy right now. Traffic update on Kate and assets radio on achievers sunny today with a high of 71 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 39 minutes Friday sunny tomorrow's high seventy. Now please guys salvage seven miles per hour 31 degrees. Can assess whether brought you by the monarch offering five dollars select advertisers Monday through Thursday. From four to 6 PM for happy hour or cocktail menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch in Toledo. President trap is upset over the treatment of Michael ladin. And. Focused on the White House. President trump possessed retired admiral Bob hard word to be is next national security advisor mr. trump is also blasting intelligence officials and the media over treatment of the ousted Michael Flynn. I think it's very very unfair what's happened to. General Flinn the way he was treated and the documents and papers that war illegally. Stressed that illegally leaked. With the FBI looking into reports trump campaign officials had contact with the Russia prior to the election the Senate Intelligence Committee is gearing up for an investigation of its own and his news conference with visiting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the president indicated the two state solution may no longer be the cornerstone of US mideast policy. I'm looking at to stage and one stage. And I like the one that both parties like I'm very happy with the one that both parties I can live with either one. Richard cancer ABC news. Well on Wall Street Wednesday the Standard and Poor's 500 index rose eleven points it's the seventh straight gain for the index in its longest winning streak in three and a half years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 107 points the NASDAQ Composite rose 36. Seven stocks rose on the New York Stock Exchange for every five that fell. President trumps nominee for labor secretary abruptly withdrew his nomination Wednesday after senate Republicans. Balked at supporting him in part over taxes he belatedly paid on our former housekeeper not authorized to work in the United States. Production workers at Boeing South Carolina plant voted Wednesday knocked. To join the machine is maintaining southern reluctance toward unionization while vote totals were not immediately available that was a big deal. And they sit up to the machine machine. Government experts say the nation's problems with rising health care spending is back and hear each day. There's some good news dot that's nice Wednesday's report from non Petr partisan experts and health and human services concludes that health care spending. Will claim a growing share of national resources for the foreseeable future. Bend over and it's not for your yep physical regardless of what president Donald Trump and congress do with the Obama era health law they say it's. It's worse it's just gonna keep getting worse we have not addressed what's costing. Of them at least are returned to do put band aids in this. 651 now Stephen Ted civil loan debt in retirement I know that it. Ted Roberts still got student loan debts and he'll be in retirement and pay enough right to it. Nom click on you Korean players on their hair that data about back when we went to college he was eighty bucks to go to college you know I project every semester. I read so happy to let it rest talk about as you know probably no surprise. The student loan debt continues to pile up according to the New York Federal Reserve board outstanding student loan debt is more than doubled in the last decade. From about 450 billion to more than one point three trillion dollar off 2006 now. And more seniors sixty and older. Are carrying. That debt into their retirement the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports. That the average amount of student loan debt among older than double among the older that did elders had to doubled. 223500. Dollars in 2015. Older borrowers represented nearly half. Of all student loan debt that 66 point seven billion dollars. Is held by older student loan borrowers while. Your retirement can be dramatically curtailed if you enter into caring city you know enter into it was scaring some student loan debt and the Social Security Administration has the ability. To withhold benefit payments for those who carry outstanding student debt the IRS can also apply tax refunds towards student debt. Some of the debt comes from loans that the retiree incurred on their own education the GAO or Government Accountability Office reports that 73%. A senior student loan debt is attributable to helping a child or grandchild get through school. Well it's a noble thing to help pay for college for a child or grandchild but. You need to consider your own future first now if you choose to help. Lender associates like student loan marketing association or Sallie Mae. Recommend that parents or grandparents is not incur more than one year's salary of debt. For all students in their family and do not take debt that you can't pay off in a ten year period in or fewer years. Every situation will be different now I have Willie well wealthy clients who in spite of their ability to pay for college set limits on what they will pay for. Some require the kids or work part time for their spending money. Or if they drop out of school for a semester they will pay for a junior college until they get back on track. Now these are good lessons that help students are really appreciate the education that they are getting in a courts if you have any questions you can give me called the number 63422. Twenties and I can't imagine doing that I can foresee a get seven grandkids and Opel and are gonna go to college I really don't know biking and I can't see gifting them something. For semester say here's some money for this serve them right net but I would not go to debt well here's here's another thought is that if you don't you know put away for your retirement first up. Help here's help your child or grandchild get alone on student loans and now I'm for propagating getting more loans but did in retirement if you planned well then you can help them pay off that loan. At your own leisure as opposed to being indebted yourself in you know going into the into retirement. And I got a message here to on FaceBook from Daniel. Won a pair of tickets to the tower power concert while listening to the Stephenson Joseph. The concert was great he had a tower of power has such a righteous sound and so tight thanks Stephen Ted. Sounds like agencies are right this can't forgive those who edited it. Your neighborhood your McDaniel. Look at very exit before now but had a good time today is national innovation today. It was created yeah it was created to encourage children and young people to be creative and innovative. I liked it I mean just one day UK guys we create today now go but you jiffy get a goal and one day. Then they'll do it again that it will be a lifetime of discounted I had. Our granddaughters had did these little boxes for Valentine's Day and they had to decorate. And I was nullified listing on the phone when Mary call the other night and she started rattling off ideas and I couldn't keep up whether. While billion account current ideas I've done I've been there were good ideas but the bottom in a pen an elephant to that are you like to have huge stake a little bit about there's going to be. In OpenId so encouraged. Innovation I think that's a great idea. 650 divest even Ted coming up at 7 o'clock this innocent sporting news as he could get a complete look at today's news including. Who all follows we'll intercepted by the federal. Agents produced. See them on the list coming up at seven was even dead on in assess.

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