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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Happy birthday 9-1-1

Feb 16, 2017|

First 911 call in the US made in Haleyville, Alabama on this day in 1968.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking new JNSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the Candace has sporting news receivers Ted keep Macintosh. A man is dead after a car hit a trillion derby we've got the story I'm battlefield. Governor Brownback confirms that some of his office calls were intercepted by the feds. More rain brings renewed flooding danger parts of California punted the blurred those details just ahead. I can access meteorologist at panera more unseasonably warm weather will be in place for the next few days how warm will it be your forecast is coming out. The man died following a single vehicle crash and derby Wednesday night at middle market Perry lane. The vehicle crashed into a tree and police spokesman says the driver was not breathing and emergency crews arrived. And was pronounced dead at the scene of witnesses say the car was driving erratically before it struck that tree. Kansas governor Sam Brownback says his office has received a letter from the US Justice Department about the federal government intercepting calls to his office from a former legislators number. The governor says his office received the letter Wednesday about calls from a number that in 2015. Went to then senator Michael O'Donnell Republican from Wichita. O'Donnell said Wednesday they he was shocked to learn his phone had been tapped into when he fifteen. The governor says his letter is similar to letters sent to reporters in Wichita. Where businessman Brandon Stephens has confirmed. He's the subject of an inquiry into poker and his efforts to open a casino in southeast Kansas and 2015. An aide to senate president Susan waigel says her office also receive a letter. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Is Kansas governor's Sam Brownback says he will not sign a measure that one initial approval in the Kansas house Wednesday. That would reinstate a third tax bracket. I am opposed. Broad base rate increases. On. I don't side. Its own against that trend everywhere in the country not in the world and I don't know why do. The governor later Wednesday released a statement about the bill's passage and called the democrats' tax bill despite support by more than half of house Republicans. But the measure Wednesday. Democrat representative John Carmichael Wichita expects to build to easily pass one final action today. Officials in northern California are racing to fix the oral build them and lower water levels before more rain comes. It's not the only reservoir it's in danger of causing flooding in Southern California the Anderson reservoir is 99%. Full and could spill over. Santa Clara water district spokesman Marty Grimes says crews worked to lower water levels ahead of last night's storms. We have a number of very low lying communities that are close to parity creek. They are still in the flood plains so there's a risk of some of those areas could flood. Today the senate aviation operations safety and security subcommittee. Hearing about how to improve the Transportation Security Administration. The hearing will look at quote improving TSA for the security of the traveling public by discussing issues like how the administration can continue adjusting to threats that are constantly change it to figure out how to best protect the public and manage these changes the senate transportation subcommittee is hearing testimony from industry experts including leadership from cargo airline association airlines for America and Denver International Airport MacKey really ABC news Washington. A teenager from the southeastern Kansas town of Cheney has been arrested for first degree murder. It is information networks Brit slider reports a Kansas bureau of investigation spokesperson says seventeen year old Steven Raines is charged in connection with the killing of 25 year old Brock Sanders of caning. Sanders was last seen leaving his home on the evening of February 8 was reported missing three days later bikini police department on Monday contacted the KBI for help investigating what they believed to be suspicious circumstances related to Sanders disappearance. Rain is currently in custody in the southeast Kansas juvenile detention center authorities say the investigation is ongoing and no additional details will be released at this time it is if you. Time now so little for 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Broad action last night in men's college basketball for Wichita State we've got highlights here soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. It's all coming up sports few minutes and undocumented immigrant is looking at a church in Denver to avoid deportation. That story coming up. On the gators are sporting news was even dead at. This is the benefit for its head down 7077. Minutes. At 7 o'clock on Thursday February 16 yeah. The kids' education today. There's there's a state is not keeping up with getting the number of students who post secondary degrees to match workforce needs. The Topeka capital journal reports commissioner Randy Watson presented state board of education members with national student clearinghouse data at their monthly meeting this week. The statistics show that of the nearly 65%. Of Kansas 2010 high school graduates who immediately went to a post secondary institution. Less than half of them stayed in school for a second consecutive year. An undocumented immigrant in Denver is now living in a church to avoid deportation. Denver protests against immigration and customs enforcement for ordering Janette did scare out of the country he's lived in the US for twenty years she's a mother of three children who are US citizens and she's here illegally. Now she's taking sanctuary in the basement of a Denver church trying to avoid deportation. Or attorney Hans Meyer isn't a priority to support women. So the priorities of port moms but I he says she is an enforcement priority because of two misdemeanor convictions Alex Downey ABC news. Believe it if you don't think it's time to get your legal affairs in order it probably is do you think you need a will. The website caring dot com says if you own something like a car or home or even something expensive like art or jewelry the answer is yes. Chief caring officer Katie roper says it may be expensive or time consuming to put your stick it. You're if eight is pretty straightforward. You may even be able to do it all your own and I download a form off the Internet. In the blanks finding get it notarized in your car the roper says only 42% of Americans have wills stereo holding her ABC news. Data says it's time now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock Stephen says the. And so far this morning things looking fairly good in traffic not seeing any big slowdowns out there at. This time and those conditions looking pretty good the gasoline prices. Around June 15 a gallon traffic update on Kagan as his radio on jet chambers of fresh air and sunshine and I think it's just about cured my sniffles. But can we expect today more of the same. It is this storm trackers report this now from Kansas today meteorologist beyond sort of a good morning. Non morning gentleman's place games now. Pupils you like yesterday were happy with yesterday's forecast assure the scale is a mixture of play and a happy unable to the case so. At its import elevator mechanic really tight. I when I came in this morning at oh dark not and I what today's forecast from the previous seat you know economic. This is this is beautiful this this. Today it was fantastic. Start to look at all the models and you know from the dart's news Netscape box and the numbers I came up with a even higher we've got a beautiful day it sort force sunshine you iCloud. Seventy degree middle of February 70 degrees B flat. And it's not too bad end of the not a lot of wind out there either. You know I'd I think by this afternoon on that read a kick in maybe 1020 miles an hour but I'm you know mid afternoon but helps to get us up in the seventies but I can't this standards were hard yet. And you know Leo today is Thursday in India that means it means tomorrow is Friday and then Saturday so it looks like but a great. Weekend shaping up at so far everything like. It looks like aground and had no idea when in about being. Pocket next time round don't see your shadow because spring as early as tomorrow is almost going to be like Groundhog Day and it's going to be wash rinse repeat sunny and seventy tomorrow as well the weekend be cooled down maybe sixty haven't. And just unbelievable and aggravated this extends the whole forecast period next seven days will look at upper sixties low seventy. So Punxsutawney Phil is a fool I like actually act equally because bunkers used at semi a ten dollar bill there really weak great but. Like Leon. He distanced or Gregory street forecasts from Kansas today meteorologist we don't smell them now 7-Eleven with Stephen to add to. And we are looking actor. The roadways you know. And and how dangerous they are we. People out there driving your right right down you may be just had a close call him thinking about it but debt how we've been doing here is part of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities. ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan is in Dallas did it gives got some new information for us this morning of the boards there. Are we do it not so well Steve the is that mr. confirmed. To be the first time since 2007 that more than 40000 people have guided. Motor vehicle accidents that have figured that coming out of 2016 the preliminary numbers from the National Safety Council disappointing. To safety advocates and law enforcers who have watched you over the last several decades has generally the trend was toward lower traffic fatalities so. Last year of majors by making those testy. So what do you think you wanna do what do they think he's basically this ever got any idea. Well a couple of things I mean human error. Frailty as human fallibility is is part of it certainly people still driving drunk people are still messing with their phones while they're driving. Age you also don't have the economy play into it things have been better in the last year or so gasoline prices were down. A replay would count people feeling more confident in deciding that the Al Gore a net. And take a road trip up more on the road maybe. Yeah exactly more people more cars and trucks more people and it unfamiliar territories they take long road trips there because they feel confident in doing so that they can reported so. Deputy economy does play into it sort of a you know it's unfortunate that you did you get this piece offered the economy goes up. And so do traffic fatalities. Well you know the newer the newer model the cars and trucks that are Kellen it seems like you I I get to do what about every three or four years and it seems like every time I get a no and a it's got some new safety features on little thing here little thing there but to they're really concentrating and that kind of thing I would think that would help the situation. Well he had yet to consider that these statistics might have been even higher had all those safety features the automatic braking that. Yeah you know that the Ayotte braking systems and air bags of those things were not on cars and trucks now that. Still it ended did you see these statistics continuing derived. But along with the technology that makes accorsi for you got new technology built into Smartphones the people just have to. OK and again it's just a numbers 40000 people. Killed in traffic last year. Yeah yesterday and did it did had a similar numbers expected out of Kansas. The yet it was preliminary numbers out Kansas were even higher than that it's 60% increase over the same period. In 4050. While all right thank you did appreciate your time this morning ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. Looking at a 14%. An increase in the average Fidelity's. From 2014. The most dramatic two year Verizon traffic fatality statistics since 1960. War. Though we're doing something wrong some office and in. Bad part is if you do. At times when somebody's making a mistake to be in port in the and the biggest possible way at 715. Steve and Ted today is Thursday February 16. Which does high temperature Wednesday was 59 degrees to local content up to about seventy years so. A big swing so wing. On this date in 1968. The nation's first 911 emergency telephone system was inaugurated. In Louisville Alabama of all places. They started this 911. And it he bought it just call it worked out. So that's it you know it's a standard today he would beat up the phone dial 911 little kids. Who received to go wrong with mom or dad in all 911 right. Alan I was a kid on top of bile would operator I'll zero hours of there's a fire right right through it that chain and at some point. That changed to 911 as Milan or or people start usenet system globulin mess around looking for the phone number for the police you know that. Seven digit numbers like that indeed they simplified it. Down through 911. 715 now 716 was Steven Ted indeed you might have. But there are elections stress would dissipate after November finally brought an end to a lengthy bitter presidential race but. Between October by August of Tony sixty in January 2017 Americans overall stress level. Increased for the first time in ten years according to a new study from the American Psychological Association. And they measure stress stress in America coping with change survey found that two thirds of Americans are stressed about the country's future. 57% citing the current political climate is a very or somewhat significant stress source. Americans overall stress level on a ten point scale from little or no stress to a great deal of stress ticked up from four point 85 point one. Between August of when he sixteen in January 2070 now. Both the majority of Democrats and Republicans surveyed regard of the country's future as a significant trend source. 76% for Democrats 59% for Republicans so apparently there are a lot of people are stressing out about what's going on. In the world of politics here in the USA. Ted I know that you're probably not stressing very much about office. I'm not either or other things our lives distressed about there were attacked a lot of things it cost me stress that's not. I mean I'm concerned. I want our country to succeed and I want good things happen but it doesn't stress me out. Yes sometimes oasis I'll think about it but we do under violated in this in my by action this bunch and go the other way or. This of that but I'm with you on the molecular. Become completely a mobile go into the fetal position. Well what's going on and that stuff is so far beyond my control. I can't do anything about Norton things that are going on at that level not a lot we can do about that so if you're feeling a lot of fresh. Just listen to Stephen Ted and Mathieu be stressed that tell you what you get on social media and you started and stressed because it seems like everybody you know. Giving you an extremely strong opinion one way or another about it how I noticed that aren't you will you get on there and in. And the op people it's like it's almost like preventing as a nation. These seem to build up and we got to tell somebody somebody's up I guess. I'm not a psychologist I don't even play one on the radio I'm not Frazier Corey. We need Frazier crane he can analysts that you are listening amnesty 78 Steven dead. And it's time for sports down here this morning with the dead rumor and we've got picked shocker basketball. Last night on the road at southern Illinois right to teams soccer's beat by 42 points last month in Wichita. Not as wide a margin this time shocks on the road of Wichita State only had a four point lead at halftime. Then really kind of flex their muscle little bit in the second half. Not got the lead built up big time Mike Kennedy involved hold college game last night on 103 point seven KEY and. Daughter of the right side of the flow through his teammates up front Kelly but I love that the French camp wide open free drink get. I never get so wide open it was unbelievable he's got three straight three he had terrible defensive breakdown by southern accent leaving conference campus wide open on the right wing. She doctors by 1515. To 35. Now Connor had zero points at halftime many made back to back to back three pointers early in the second half. As the shoppers. On a huge run of 34 to eleven run in fact Sox got the lead up to as many as 27. And won the game by 198768. Was the final score as the shots now on a nine game winning streak. Markets make Duffy had another big night for the shots with thirteen points nine rebounds. Marcus and three steals do Marcus says he's. Very proud to be playing hard good defense. And high school you know plan for a coach Bob Hurley and everything I defaults on that saw me without. Plans for that program. Defense wasn't really going to be in my mind and I think being there made him Oman in the coming here it's even bigger you know. I just took prior and then I mean I enjoy I enjoy it almost just as much done in your office and you know. And defense really wins games and I hope a lot of the coaches can understand that those marshes as a result of. Shocker for the nineteen point win on the road last night 8768. Some good some not so good for the shot but it did end up with a victory soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. Next thing you know. They cut it to four and we're not playing great and we're just not. We're losing the ball secure me Shaq has the ball right or he's the go go right to his here as we had a defense Shaq get a defensive rebounds and I just. Touched him and the ball fell out of bounds off him those are things that we got to do a better job of passing. And securing the basketball. Sox when working on those things in practice Wichita State now 24 and four on the season. Kansas State's men's basketball last night not able to get a win at home. A state loses to Iowa State the cyclones shot 61%. From the field in the first half K state got down by nineteen. Not able to come back cyclones went at 8779. In Manhattan last night. Sweeping the season series from the cat the second straight year K state has now lost six of its last seven dropping into a tie for seventh in the Big 12 Conference stands. Pro basketball in the NBA last night just down the road the Oklahoma City Thunder hosting the New York Knicks. Of course former soccer Ron baker with the next Ron coming off the bench early last night as the sixth man for the next. Getting some action some of some of the play last night on ESPN. ABC the snap the borders baker. Beginning in two nights of baker the first point guard off the big city lazy day in Ohio the window. Now his defense is just out there playing at baker just took off for a little bit. Baker Hudson family of friends here today didn't. Stop data only got a two and a half hours drive away. Baker ended up with six points and a couple of assists last night the knicks lost by eleven at Oklahoma City last night 116. 105 maker had some fans in the stands from Wichita lineman Scott city. About them soccer fans go announced he Ron last night in Oklahoma City play in the NBA sports Stephen Ted Kate in SS 722 now given for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Mexican politician calls out trump for what Eagles human rights violations like for bought them up. Traffic and weather on the way stated that the morning on cayenne S and us.

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