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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Steve and Ted enjoy a box of Carmel diLites

Feb 16, 2017|

It's Girl Scout cookie time, and Steve has some of his favorites this morning.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Employee feedback and talk to put words. Kansas governor Sam Brownback confirmed Wednesday that he and two of his top aides received letters from the US Justice Department. Coming from the federal government intercepted phone calls between them and an ex legislators and number. Kansas senate's top two. Leaders also received the same letter dealing with phone calls in Tony fifteen from a number four then state senator Michael Donald which the Republican. Who now serves on the Sedgwick county commission. I disagree forecast here with Candace has stamp meteorologist Jennifer Arab or good morning Jennifer. It is a big. Ridge of high pressure little searching extend on an across central plains very quiet weather in our forecast here in very warm weather CU. Increasing south southwesterly wind as the day wears on and lots of sunshine today the high seventy. Mainly clear tonight Alou forty sending on Friday the high back to seventy. I KN assets meteorologists are different era more. Yes for now clear skies and seventy degrees and no southwest wind at ten miles per hour. Police have good descriptions of a suspect and a getaway car in a robbery Monday afternoon in south Wichita. A man rob the war is bakery north of pony and Seneca police Sargent Mickey would rose says the suspects indicated that he had a weapon. The suspect obtained an undisclosed amount of money from the business. And fled and they stolen 2001. Gray Buick Century. With Kansas played 112. G isn't George B isn't boy case in John 112. GBJ. There's a photo of the suspect and the stolen car covering the news story on our website K and his his radio dot com. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has a bill advanced by the Kansas house that would increase personal income taxes is quote a big step backwards. Governor made his comments on the speech Wednesday at the Statehouse to members of the National Federation of Independent Business. His remarks came after the house Steve first round approval to a bill that would increase income taxes by raising more than one billion dollars over two years. Supporters are promoting it as the best way to balance the budget. The bill would abandon core policies Brownback pushed in 2012 and thirteen. Beat governor contends tax cuts previously championed have created economic growth. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. And to talk about a possible income tax increase in the legislature an economist. With the Kansas department of revenue expressed his opinion that the state would be taxed more equitably. With a sales or consumption tax rather than income tax. This is Michael Austin. You'll find them under a sales tax the rate that we pay on items today is the same rate you pay tomorrow. Same rate you pay. Next year if we can that to the hurdles metaphor that's like having hurdles the same the same height all throughout the race and income tax unfortunately works different. An income tax not only prices for consumption today but it also eats out your savings. Gun rights advocates have sent a strong signal that they still have enough clout in the Republican controlled Kansas legislature. Make sure that concealed firearms are allowed in hospitals and on university campuses starting this summer. House federal and state affairs committee yesterday narrowly rejected a bill that would allow the university Kansas medical center in Kansas City to continue banning concealed guns. Kansas congresswoman Lynn Jenkins who joined fellow house Republicans Tuesday. To block a Democrat pushed to obtain a president Donald Trump's tax returns. The story from Kansas information efforts right and ogle the Associated Press reports it Democrats on the house Ways and Means Committee were unsuccessful in their attempt to use a law passed in 1924 that allows the committee to review tax information. Democrats tried to frame the issue as a matter of national security citing concerns over Trump's alleged investments in Russia did insider with the 122 GOP committee members in a straight line party vote rejected democrats' efforts a spokesman for Jenkins says she did so because OB a slippery slope of targeting tax returns a single individuals for public disclosure the spokesman says the congresswoman bullies the issue should be handled by the house oversight and Government Reform Committee. Paid as has national leaders time 735. President trump says reports leaked about former NSA director Michael Clinton's conversations with the Russian ambassador not to criminal action. There is now a letter from two congressional Republicans in the house. Asking the Department of Justice to investigate the leak there are also calls to investigate the phone calls themselves. Immigrant rights advocates are urging businesses to close their doors today is part of what's being called a day without immigrants. Hey when hundreds of thousands rallied in downtown Dallas at the mega march some in the crowd were criticized for carrying Mexican flags Austin business owner Paul has steel hopes today's protesters waved the stars and stripes. We're Americans you know we have the right to bring the American flag. If we want to bring why it to show piece. School districts have warned students that skipping class to participate will count as an an excused absence Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas presidential pick for labor secretary has withdrawn his name from consideration after senate pushed back. Sherri Preston ABC news. 36 now hosting content in the morning on things in this sense. The president of Kansas State University is asked wildcat basketball plans. To stop using Volcker chance targeted at the Kansas Jayhawks were in the rivals meet in Bramlet coliseum. The Wichita eagle reporting Kansas State president Richard Myers spoke out against a chance Wednesday in a letter to the public. Posted on the university's website he described the chance as personally embarrassing. Kansas State's students tend to an expletive followed by K you in a variety of songs when the jayhawks visited Manhattan. February 6. Myers is friends at the prosecutor reached out to him. And expressed dismay. About the concept conduct of those can't seem to attribute names are on TV a whole world these TV when that happens there's no filter there no. And by the way that kind of leading up you know got. Thousands and thousands of people yelling the F words and Eric and I you. Remember back back in the day when I was a student and this can just put a net root for Kansas State those people those wildcat fans don't haven't written a parquet eucharist and get a I get a shout those kind of things in Texas Tech comes attack none apparently doesn't it reserve or vulgarity 41 specific program. And that is the folks from arts. That. It is a little embarrassing lists. The corporately any ramifications of this are the things I think it's going to happen as usual I wondered would they do that and football with. With the coach out there but Snyder out there that I don't think they've ever to and in football. The bat he gets instinct I hope that coach woods. B of just be completely. Embarrass. Not only made him because there's no hatred for the KU football team efforts that you come out and can't stand up and don't care about it and it just happy to have another and guys. A 738 Dallas Stephen Ted and register within arm's length of the yours truly and Ted right in between. A box of what we call carnal delight Girl Scout Cookies. Yep my granddaughters and started selling the cookies in there in the neighborhood last night it went over to see him and they're twins are ten years old. Mary and Jocelyn they were out selling Girl Scout Cookies hopi dates scam that box LP legally paid footnote though don't we bought okay give them out of five boxes arsenic. My wife and I everywhere support Girl Scouts. It was interesting to me though that. And endeavor don't well amid eagled the door and they've they're nice they're polite and what somebody says they'll thank you they say thank you anyway and you know they're they're very nice it's teachers have so much. About you know just pocket of people and sales Wilshire atlas person ship that's the old deal like that. But my wife's brought up something the other night she said to funerals where where your girl scout uniforms. Where we don't have apparently that's not a big deal. Era. And my wife when she was appalled as if she was a kid she'd love for girls got uniforms to reward every day. But she was that essentially Chile was an achiever. She got a new Girl Scouts and they had opened here's a book and you do this and you achieve this and you get a hatch. Although if you get a reward in the putter and that is it she says she she toll her sash. That you know goes from one shoulder down across. She sits at two over that thing was over. With those badges. And then somehow she you know over the years he left of her mom's house and and it got lost and captured in doubles anything if you still at it but it. Yeah she achieved the Girl Scouts were terrific for my wife. And you don't hurt him. Gilbert task and she does know out and around here we go here it is get back is that gonna do business in this kind of person she is that if you a lot of it came. I think from from being in the girl's got she absolutely loves doubt. I enjoyed the cubs and the Boy Scouts as well but that was not you know what really into it he's the original scoutmaster aria. So rhetoric girl's got cookies go around. That timing here here we go. Arnold lights movements still go and trying to get Obama and left them a couple OK there's still trying to get over the sniffles on hand for the galloped on on whether you're certainly sneeze on generic and covered that up that I decide yesterday. You know things were getting any better I'd say after my net I'm just gonna I'm not stop taking the stupid medicine which seemed to make everything worse. Data to sleep and kind of on it and it just didn't didn't it didn't stop the dozens if not just kind of thing. South neurologist Gupta do what I do best what I think is best and what opera and sure enough the endorphins stick it kicked it and I started and better and those are dried up and I don't cold remedy there Ted. Exercise sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hand yeah. I fight this thing most over the counter medicines are just. Now there it is the lottery basically glorified. You know listening to Sutton that put him out that and then you psychologically a lot of field I don't know exactly. Some of them are pretty well but yeah sometimes I doubt. At 741 now Steve and tad bit. Another new company for an active local businessman this guy is busy. Editor bill one which tough business journal coming up in traffic and weather on the way Stephens overbought on Kagan SS.

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