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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Happy "Do a Grouch a Favor" Day

Feb 16, 2017|

No, Steve is not just asking for favors.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How would like to hear from. We are more about global trade ins and relations. How old would we do here affects others worldwide awards. Poor why do I fix this is what. 97 and thirteen thirty. 740 right now. Three big things from me. More raise increasing flood danger in California see it hedges governor Brownback says lawmakers' efforts to increase Kansas Interfax news. Big step backwards line. And the Brownback says beds intercepted his office phone call three big things David dead on McCain as things. And seen a traffic slowed down a because of the traffic accident this is on. I won it 35. Or Ike to 35. Northbound between Broadway and and as K 96 north junction there until 1935 northbound at between Broadway and the north junction. Apparently just some very heavy traffic in that area and see a traffic accident. And we have a very slow traffic in that area so what slowdown stepped up they don't heinous as radio and get chambers this is an. Almost unbelievable forecasts. Or February 16 but here we go sunny today with a high of 71. Degrees. Clear tonight overnight low 39 Friday sunny tomorrow's night Saturday. Now these guys southwest wind ten miles per hour. And thirty degrees. Finds the comfort of a hat and express your personality. Go to had been Jackson buying droves dial. Seems like people from around the nation they can't. And jacks they're destination. At the clock tower in delay no at brand Jack's. 746 now Stephen dead what a president drugs cabinet nominees is dropping out. Here you are political insights from ABC news it president comes first cabinet nominee to come down under fire and ponder has formally withdrawn his nomination as labor secretary after members of both parties expressed concerns over its employment of undocumented worker and for history of domestic abuse allegations. At the White House president Tran meets with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu again reaffirms our unbreakable bond breaking from years of US policy president trump says he's not holding on to a two state solution for Israel Palestine saying he'd be OK with whatever the two countries negotiate I can live with either walk but he did push back on Israel's recent expansions in the West Bank like to see you hold back when settlements were a little bit the president avoided any questions about communications between his campaign team in Russia prior to the election but over on Capitol Hill backlash over those allegations as brewing even from the from the president's own party Republican Senator John McCain tax. System's. Edge then those are your political insights Maggie really ABC news Washington. Comments this morning from FaceBook and kaine as his radio dot com tens of thousands of US bridges are structurally deficient. Paul says common knowledge for over thirty years we belly ache and do nothing. America's spies anonymously took down Michael Flynn Roberts says he took himself down by lying to the FBI and trump about his connection to prudent. A wrong is wrong no matter how it was found out comets this morning from FaceBook and Candice as regular account got a couple of economic business news updates for you sporting the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week but still remained. At a level indicating healthy job market. The department says claims for unemployment benefits rose by 5000 last week. And that's not much jobless claims are proxy for layoffs. The low level or claim applications just suggests that employers remain confident in up in the economy to be focusing on hiring new workers. And retaining the employees they already. US home building fell last month led by a drop in apartment construction. While developers broke ground on more single family. Homes. Commerce Department says construction of new houses and apartments declined two point 6% in January after big gain. The previous month point and it seemed like around here to us there's a new apartment complex. Pop up everywhere we do we have some right down near the downtown area to which of that and usual place it on the Burt replied to tell ya. I'm seasons. Some construction out there. On Wall Street Wednesday the Standard and Poor's five index rose eleven points. That's the seventh straight gain for the index longest winning streak in three and a half years and about that. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 107. Balls. NASDAQ rose 367. Stocks rose. On the New York Stock Exchange for every five that fell. Ever been watching this story out of the South Carolina production workers at Boeing South Carolina plant voted Wednesday not. To join the machinist union. Maintaining southern reluctance toward unionization. Vote totals were not immediately of it also the Boeing workers said no to the machinists union and South Carolina now like to know how close that vote laws. 715 now Steven debt and other new company for a very active local business men editor bill brought the Chubb is a show with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted Jason van sickle started a new company it's his third. It's a design build company called dig that tops he is also has a development company at a property management business. All three companies work out of one location in old town. Dignity console handle the construction and design of apartments he develops the new business has six employees including Jason's father Jeff van sickle. Sent her caddie is new chief financial officer the county taking the in from labeled off Lindsay pull Russo. She's been the end from CEO post since December she's replacing Chris crowd as he departed late last year after nearly eighteen years on the job. We so's served as the county's budget director since 2013 and now they'll have to find new budget director. Aerospace and defense set new AUS export records but Kansas share of that pie got a bit smaller. A new report shows that the industry shipped 146. Billion dollars of exports last year. There's been a 52% increase in aerospace and defect defense exports in the last five years. Exports in Kansas however declined year over year 2.2 eight billion dollars including fifteen. In 2016. Dropped two point 07 billion dollars. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess Santa which atop this mr. laptop for the Wichita business journal I'm due. Why are selling those big get expensive airplanes overseas. Really helps the Kansas export. Picture every year the million people around the stay reliant on that the of the manufacturing in this selling of planes overseas our exports right. Well the thing is there in that commercial ones I don't think Kansas gets credit for because that goes to Washington. I'll finish that's for their finished it but the ones that are built here in Wichita that's that's the case sorry. 752 nesting Ted. For the first time in its more than thirty year history and no this is the kind of thing that you liked east stay up on bill right American girl will sell a boy version of its pricey dolls. Now you know the American inaugural ball probably your girls have a cup of the yes they did via the eighteen age Logan Everett dole go on sale this week. American girl which is owned by Barbie maker Mattel. Says Logan is a drummer and will come with a doll sized drum Kia is an American dude. Yeah. It's the latest move by Mattel to be more relevant to iPad playing kids and their parents. A boy appeared in a Barbie commercial for the first time two years ago and Barbie got a major make over last year giving the iconic golf several. Ethnicities. And body shape and sell in the dull business they're trying to find something for everybody. Instead that GI Joseph thing used to who lug around Bryant Bryant and but that was an action figure. Right you absolutely had that one none at all yet he's now we didn't play with dolls when that was an action figure to have a porcelain like brothel and young man with a with a beard and stuff like dead when made up porcelain raining like there. Ride salad that plastic hard plastic and of course is joints were made out of plastic and pull the speed off it Oka Shia and how about clothing did you have little outfit should you skip alternate again you've got to address. The did the greens and there you have the marine dress uniform with that hat and well listen Belichick is kind of town controversy and in the basketball games appropriately education date some of those kids up there have been making some fairly and vulgar chants of in the case you folks come out. Half Nelson never happened yeah yeah sitting in the entire united it's that he is it the only one I've ever heard evidence is. Consistently is the one in Manhattan but you know well actually get. That goes back to the sixties are. You. And now there's there's certainly no love lost there but I am I'm I mean I agree let's let's clean it up a little bit there's there's no lead. Sense and do that right. I don't Europe the fury graduate of Tennessee team proud graduate. At a show has ever several friends who graduated from there and they're all great people highly educated. They are the best of the best and somewhat lucky somewhat pot about the time but now. Today is a bring its ups just for you and Ted today is duo grouch a favorite day. Top do it and make the world a better place everyone has been a grouch at one time or another what we do for a Steve. You're in. Year indicating here that I am somehow like grout keeper you inferred that. I don't think that's true I mean I think it's a bad rap. We think that comes to build you got any opinion about that bill. I can't imagine anybody who has listen and business offer anymore about twenty minutes and had to act. Should be able to come to their own conclusion well and anyone who's ever worked with me they'll all tell you exactly the same thing. He's a peach. Look. At that it's a word that rhymes with each you know there go win it Jad is not going to. A couple of all right guys thank you I think. Throughout day. Happy doing throughout your favorite. Coming at 8 o'clock I'll have to look into finished his morning news we Steve and dead all the news today. Governor Brownback resisting lawmakers' efforts to raise income taxes the president trumps labor secretary nominee drops out those stories and more coming up an eight. Stayed until the morning on K and assess. Which top business journal update is brought to you by half their TV and electronics.

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