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KNSS Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Another win for the Shockers last night in Illinois

Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Another win for the Shockers last night in Illinois

Feb 16, 2017|

Close at the half, but the Shockers get a 19 point win over Southern Illinois.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock vision McCain and as a sporting news this Stephens says that ninety Macintosh. President comes labor secretary nominee dropped out we've got the story I'm battle field. Governor Brownback confirms that some of his office calls were intercepted by the feds. And the governor is resisting the lawmakers' efforts to raise income taxes until it would work those details just ahead. I KN SS meteorologist Stephanie are more warming trend feeling that's more like spring time for the next few days your full forecast is coming up. An American Airlines flight taking off from Charlotte, North Carolina international airport slammed into a dear Wednesday. Plane made an emergency landing at the Charlotte airport this woman was on board and it happened eight pilot announced that Ferris didn't. They hit it tear in that they. Word gonna have to make an emergency landing the deer was the only casualty. President trumps labor secretary nominee Andrew Posner has dropped out following intense scrutiny. That includes a video of these ex wife wants on the Oprah Winfrey Show talking about domestic abuse she later retracted the claim but there were other issues. Posters been accused of disparaging workers once suggesting you prefer robots to human labor. He also failed to pay taxes on a former housekeeper not authorized to be in the US. Here's ABC's Mary Bruce on Capitol Hill. The first truck cabinet pick to go down. Facing mounting opposition from Republicans. Andrew Posner announced after careful consideration and discussions with my family. I am withdrawing my nomination for secretary of labor. Amanda died following a single vehicle crash in derby Wednesday united medal Larkin per relaying. The vehicle crashed into a tree a police spokesman says the driver was not breathing and emergency crews arrived. And was pronounced dead at the scene of witnesses say the car was driving erratically before it struck a tree. Kansas governor Sam Brownback says his office has received a letter from the US Justice Department. About the federal government intercepting calls to his office from a former legislators number. The governor says his office received a letter Wednesday about calls from a number that and 2015. Went to then senator Michael O'Donnell Republican from Wichita but Donald said Wednesday that he was shocked to learn his phone had been tapped into one a fifteen. The governor says his letter is similar to letters sent to reporters in Wichita. Where businessman Brandon Stephens has confirmed. He's the subject of an inquiry into poker and his efforts to open a casino in southeast Kansas and 2015. An aide to senate president Susan waigel says her office also received a letter. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. In regard to that ongoing investigation Cedric county commissioner Michael O'Donnell dais and news spoke with a O'Donnell about the investigation I think everyone sees other things that are going on right now in the community including. Connecting some dots but but as far as. Any type of involvement or idea of involvement that I might have. I don't have a comment on that as things are sorting out but I'm sure once. Once. Things are more sorted out I will have a statement and be able to talk more freely about it. The US Department of Justice intercepted his cellphone conversations two years ago when O'Donnell was a state senator. Kansas Republican governor Sam Brownback says he won't sign a measure that one initial approval in Kansas house yesterday that would reinstate a third tax bracket. I am opposed. Broad base rate increases. On. I don't sign. This won't just sit through everywhere in the country not in the world I don't know why didn't. Governor later yesterday releasing a statement about the bill's passage calling it a Democrat tax bill despite support by more than half of house Republicans for the measure yesterday. Democrat representative John Carmichael Wichita expects the bill to easily pass on final action today. North Dakota's governor has signed an order for the mandatory evacuation of the Dakota access pipeline protesters north Dakota's governor Doug Byrd among Wednesday's signing an emergency evacuation order for the remaining protesters in the cannon ball river. Now saying they could start lining up contractors to clean the area where they've been camp as early as today. The governor ordered the evacuation as officials fear warm weather may cause water levels to rise posing a danger and the debris left behind could get into waterways. The standing rock Sioux tribe which has led the resistance has asked remaining protesters to leave and is coordinating cleanup efforts marketable RD ABC news. It is if you've done now eagle 4:4 minutes past 8 o'clock. Out of the Wichita State shocker men's basketball team they are on the road last night. Glad highlights your coach Marshall one of the stars of the game softening up the sports. And undocumented immigrant in Denver now living in a church to avoid deportation that story. And more news coming up. A McCain is a sporting news receiving death. The case is escorted users to either dead no eight no 8:8 minutes at 8 o'clock thirty degrees. Gun rights advocates sensitive strong signal. That they still have enough clout to the Republican controlled Kansas legislature to make sure that concealed firearms. Are allowed at hospitals. And on university campuses starting this summer. The house federal and state affairs committee yesterday narrowly rejected a bill. That would have allowed the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City to continue banning concealed guns. And undocumented immigrant in Denver is now living in a church to avoid deportation. Denver protests against immigration and customs enforcement for ordering Janette did scare out of the country had lived in the US for twenty years she's a mother of three children who are US citizens and she's here illegally. Now she's taking sanctuary in the basement of a Denver church trying to avoid deportation. Returning Hans Meyer isn't a priority to support women. So the priorities import moms but I he says she is an enforcement priority because of two misdemeanor convictions Alex Downey ABC news. Even if you don't think it's time to get your legal affairs in order it. Lee is do you think you need a will. The web site carrying dot com says if you own something like a car or home or even something expensive like art or jewelry the answer is yes. Chief caring officer Katie roper says it may be expensive or time consuming to put viewers to get it there it's eight is pretty straightforward. You may even be able to do it's all your own and I download a farm off the Internet. In the blanks finding get it notarized in your car a roper says only 42% of Americans have wills Gary all holding our ABC news. Cain is a new time now 81010 minutes that's 8 o'clock on Thursday morning of February sixteenths. Two accidents to watch out for here 1 of the Mets central Emporia essential and Emporia. Roll over traffic accident there we also a traffic accident eastbound on Kellogg it's the ramp from Kellogg to rock road there. I'll watch out for. As traffic slowed down because of an injury traffic accident there as well traffic update on innocents radio yet chambers and now the forecast we've Candace has stamped meteorologist. Jennifer there aboard a rather Nikki starts you are day to. We're gonna see a quick warming trend today afternoon high hitting seventy. And that is it twenty to 25 degrees above average a lot of sunshine for today with a gusty south southwesterly winds. Tonight clear and forty and sunny on Friday the high seventy keep it dry with upper sixties Saturday. I'm KN assets meteorologists are different era more. Thank you Jennifer now clears guys southwest wind ten miles per hour and thirty degrees 8011 now 11 minutes past 8 o'clock. We Steven tendon disk if you heard it and use of over the go. President from secretary of labor pick Andrew poster has withdrawn his nomination. With more on the story now live from New York ABC news correspondent bread milk a good morning Brad. Good morning it was just think that would that he'd upon an external list in question marks around several double trouble. These cabinet nominees and several people large scale protest against some of them. It was Andrew hunter who you poster we probably did not have been named a month or two ago. He was actually build one so far ago in this drug administration. He's a businessman tell me about his these business background and are committed and always a good businessman. We'll hear the head of a CKE dot com Carter enterprises that Carl's junior party that we can fast food titan and he intensity you know he was lauded somebody who has. Sort of successfully battled against labor unions he's a police the minimum wage got to a lot of heat from the left. But he he also a little skepticism with people on the right for things he'd said about workers he said. Immigrants make better workers at least in fast food and then American born workers that did they simply work harder and are willing to be jobs American. Port workers aren't he talked about having robots these enthusiastically. Talked about how to trip automated. Services restaurants that would sideline workers. And so that kind of a lot of respect from even people and sort of that the speed dead in the wing of the Republican Party you might say and all of that. That. You know combined with some of the personal scandals we've just seen unveiled last week or two. That led to a number of Republican senators thing I just don't know that until four. How he would eat out you know when you when you can't get that support from from the Republican Party. You'd have a hard time getting anybody through there and. Yeah and he had you know it's several Republicans were saying yes I'm on the yacht. Do what many Republicans saying no but there were out there and Republicans is that honestly I do I can't tell you I'm that a vote for him right now. I wanna curiosity hated hearing inaccurate which would be today and of course we know we never got there. Now a little bit about this the appearance of his wife on the Oprah Show this was several years ago was it not. Earlier decades ago it needs an eighty. Andrew posters wiped. Went on Oprah a into the sky you know we did a lot since and dead at that position called little by different name and she said that in the western. You know well as well heeled women that were actually in abusive relationships now. Nobody knew this was local until just a little while ago with and she's actually recanted that story in recent years that part of it were made up. This year the council to do this sort of part of divorce proceedings however is that combined with some other scandalous issues the fact that that he hired. Undocumented immigrant housekeeper for several years just recently sort of sucked up to that that I just found out about it that paid back taxes that I as I've made it right. But that those two things combined to kind of pain and it's very toxic to a lot of people capital. Well that's yeah that's the point I mean. These people are they run for office or elected and they wanna make that vote then it's public can name the folks back home take note on this kind of thing and if they. Yeah it'd kind of speak to the disconnect right between it and I think more grassroots opposition in a lot of cases to people like that he'd bought but it's GOP senators and that sank. You know we're we're willing to vote for her. Is this case I think there were not GOP senators who is gonna look really bad this is something it to white and obtain the allegations were true yeah it. It's something else today you know he's as another issue with that and illegal housekeeper and ended it did they thought that would reflect poorly on them it's simply sort. Protesters out indicate an outsider offices so it again speak stepped sometimes you're senator it is worried perhaps about different things today and how they're vocal look yours now. Right bread they consider Andrew poster withdrawing his nomination as secretary of labor ABC news correspondent bread milk you live from New York with Stephen's dad. It's 815 now and which does high temperature Wednesday it was 59. Degrees. And that they could but the brother looks great here today to add. Another story about somebody who met. I don't know I guess which they have somewhat irresponsible but their video OK and northwest Louisiana tourism director. Has lost her job after accidentally. Sending nude live video of herself to a tourism accounts and instead of her husband and can. News outlets report the Webster parish convention and visitors bureau voted to fire executive director Linda Dorsey. She did on paid leave since sending the video to the bureau's instant Graham account in December. Says dead there also. So he's got pain in her for two months after doughnuts at the head and investigate now brother said that deadly she sent. So that she meant it for her husband. While. Attorney Linda Lydia roads as the 61 year old Dorsey. Is considering a lawsuit. Maybe she should lose her job for an innocent mistake like that. And I don't know about innocent mistake how do you mistake you're your email or your text service for instant Graham. Well she did. Apparently it people can make mistakes with their parents to grant an email support and be a difficult one the main. I can't imagine somebody would do something like that on purpose what I think you're fired. And it. As a as Donald what you see on TV or fired at your attic your. Aren't. A widening circle officials. Who received word that their phone calls were intercepted by federal agents we've been talking about this this morning news governor Brownback involved Susan way guilty of and the US are in the state senate. Hours we haven't had a notification that Stephen tent. And now I'm not received any thing the folks there that it's just for your own information there are a lot of people. In the Wichita area apparently who. They're folds were intercepted their phone calls cellphones were intercepted by the feds so this investigation is. A little worse believed at that it will flied out here in a few days I guess when they. Dot the I's and crossed to tease about the great big phone interception. Is that almost every phone in the Wichita at. Has intercepted including the governor and his staff in the office up there. Inherently an investigation that's been going on for the coming years yup. C'mon guys strapping them they're a 818 now Steven dead on kaine is says it is sports time we did what we're dead and another tale of basketball last night shocker to on the road at southern Illinois another tale of two different halves of basketball. A little bit Wichita State beat the salukis by 42. Last time they played in which it's off. Man a bit closer this time around shocks only had a four point lead at halftime. But really got things revved up in the second half its Wichita State started taken over this game on the road. Mike Kennedy and Bob hole had a called game last night I'm 103 point seven KEY end. Quietly not yet hit bottom it feels pilot lost the handle. Nothing picnic basket double pump life. Yeah I'll put it the other way acrobatics they why they. It double we of the forum later on laughs it is absolutely. Am. It's he has left. Right well. And why not markets made five of his six shots last night on his way to thirteen points nine rebounds. Rashard Kelly coming off the bench also had nine rebounds the shocks one on 83411. Run. In the first half of the second half and got the lead up to 27 ended up winning in my nineteenth shocker is 87 at southern Illinois 68. Wichita State now the nine game winning streak another big night like we said for Marcus Mick Duffy. Thirteen points nine boards three steals. I'm just gonna put those together right now hopefully. I mean this is to start rock and having to put it altogether you know. Mom I know I've been struggling to score that this time of the year where. Mean I've gone a little slow bone China get better I'm working. You know and I'm trying to do all of the things I'm trying to be all around player though this team and I think ever since I started doing that we start winning games. Shocker do win it by nineteen last night although some moments were better than others who shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. I thought our guys up for the most part played well there was certainly stretches where I wasn't pleased. I'll have to go back and look at the videotape we had some breakdowns we didn't secure the ball like I like we did. Didn't pass the ball great that we had enough good performances where. We were able to come out with a nineteen point win on the road. Connor frank camp four for four from three point range in the second half. Wichita State wins its ninth in corona 24 and four on the season. The outcome or did nothing in the first net zero points in the first half. We came out his points in the second half hesitancy mountain pattern two games in Verona. Figure it's going first after has you shooting second actress has a good refreshments and have to areas that. Kansas State men's basketball not able to win on at home last night losing Iowa State 8779. Iowa State built up a nineteen point lead in the first half in the cats were not able to come back. Season sweep over case state for the cyclones back to back years now. Kansas State has lost six of seven dropping into a tie for seventh Big 12 Conference. Pro basketball in the NBA last night the New York Knicks in Oklahoma City just down the road taken on the thunder. And of course former Wichita State soccer Ron baker on the knicks' roster. Ron came off the bench early last night as the sixth man for the next some of the action on ESPN. Looks like a better shooters didn't prove to be filled chocolate he's instantly. That was a tough shots I was shooting shop rite flooded didn't drop which is prepared. Bronze finish with six points a couple of assists. The knicks did lose 16105. At Oklahoma City last night while folks from Scott city and shocker fans went down to Oklahoma City and watched Ron. In the NBA last night and Bob Lewis from Wichita eagle Rhoda really nice feature on Enron which you can check out. That's a nice thing to then we had we haven't seen an NBA team in Oklahoma City if we wanna go down there at the have a three hour drive down there and have a great evening this a year. You drugmaker get my books did yeah he goes fortunes Stephen Ted K and SSR. Right to a Winnebago weekend coming up you know town Wichita. It's still women's fair 2017. At expo hall it century too loose up Friday Saturday Sunday or every other Saturday afternoon chemists they hiked its cast even you have will be down their Saturday afternoon Lincecum say hi Louis. How about I've got my last pair tickets right here it's an eighteen dollar value to go to the women's fair and expo halts entry to this weekend. Let's give these tickets to color number of spot I have a call me now at 869. At thirteen 32 tickets to the women's fair eight when he to doubt given here for the Hannity morning minutes. Did former Obama advisors plots against Michael's win the basket by the governor Steve attend the morning on Kate in a sense.

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