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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 A new movie about a forgotten Beatle

Feb 16, 2017|

A biopic about Jimmie Nicol, a Beatle for 2 weeks in 1964.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning Steve back into Ted Woodward. Kansas governor Sam Brownback confirmed Wednesday that he and two of his top aides. Received letters from the US Justice Department telling them the federal government. Intercepted phone calls between them and an ex legislators number the Kansas senate's top two leaders also receive the same letter. Dealing with phone calls it Tony fifteen from a number four then state senator Michael O'Donnell Wichita Republican who now serves on the Cedric county commission. RNC look at the forecast here with the Cain is a staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow margin for. It is a big ridge of high pressure little searching extend on an across central plains very quiet weather in our forecast here and very warm weather CU. Increasing south southwesterly wind is a day wears on and lots of sunshine today the high seventy. Mainly clear tonight Alou forty sunny on Friday the high back to seventy. I KN SS meteorologists are different era more. Again Jennifer now clear sky and thirty degrees. Police have good descriptions of a suspect. And get away car in a robbery Monday afternoon in south Wichita. Amanda robbed the Juarez bakery north of on Ian Seneca police Sargent Mickey Woodrow says the suspects indicated he had a weapon. The suspect obtained an undisclosed amount of money from the business. And fled and they stolen 2001. Gray Buick Century. With Kansas played 112. G isn't George B is employed gays and John 112. GBJ. There is a photo of the suspect and the stolen car accompanying the news story taken out on our web site KN as as radio dot com Kansas governor Sam Brownback says a bill advanced by the Kansas house it would increase personal income taxes. Is a big step. Backwards the governor made his comments on the speech Wednesday at the Statehouse to members of the National Federation of Independent Business. His remarks came after the house Steve first round approval to a bill that would increase income taxes by raising more than one billion dollars over two years. Supporters are promoting it as the best way to balance the budget. The bill would abandon core policies Brownback pushed in 2012 and thirteen. The governor contends tax cuts previously championed have created economic growth. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Meanwhile an economist with Kansas department of revenue expressing his opinion that the state would be taxed more equitably with a sales or consumption tax. Rather than an income tax this is Michael Austin. You'll find them under a sales tax the rate that we pay on items today is the same rate you pay tomorrow. The same rate you pay. Next year if we connect to the hurdles metaphor and that's like having hurdles the same the same height all throughout the race. An income tax unfortunately works different. An income tax not only prices for consumption today but it also eats out of your savings. Kansas congresswoman Lynn Jenkins. Joined fellow house Republicans Tuesday to block a democratic push to obtain president Donald Trump's tax returns. That's story from Kansas information network Ryan and ogle the Associated Press reports a Democrat on the house Ways and Means Committee were unsuccessful in their attempt to use a law passed in 1924 that allows the committee to review tax information. Democrats tried to frame the issue as a matter of national security citing concerns over Trump's alleged investments in Russia chicken sided with the other 22 GOP committee members in a straight line party vote to rejected democrats' efforts a spokesman for Jenkins says she did so because OB a slippery slope of targeting tax returns a single individuals for public disclosure the spokesman says the congresswoman bullies the issue should be handled by the house oversight and Government Reform Committee. Here is there's national news times 834. Secretary Dick Rex Tillerson meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov for the first time today asked about Michael Palin's resignation is NSA director and communication with those in Moscow. Lavrov said Russia does not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries. President Charles pick for labor secretary withdrawing his name from consideration for a number of reasons ABC's Mary Bruce is on Capitol Hill he wants suggested he refers robot to human employees. Saying they're always polite they always up so they never taken vacation. And took aim at his workers appearance. My first memo was no more people behind the counter unless they have altered. He also admitted to implying an undocumented housekeeper for years though he later paid all necessary back taxes but at all proved too much for his nomination to survive immigrants across the country expected to stay home from work and school today to show how critical they are. To the US economy Jerry Preston ABC news. Defense to head on pianist zest. Steinbrenner tape that you can supporter 110 foot birdie here ball on a Thursday morning to see how angry do you get when your microphone doesn't work. I've refreshed set due out. Now how ticked was Metallica after that Mike mishap at the grammys on Sunday. Metallica drummer Lars Allred telling James Gordon that when James Hatfield Mike wasn't working at the grammys. During a performance at lady di di Hatfield came offstage breathing fire that he hasn't seen that field at Madden twenty years. But despite the problems already started all turned out okay. We'll do the grammys have a race problem when it comes to its highest honor when Adele won album of the year. Even she felt she didn't deserve it she wanted to give it to beyoncé for lemonade. As did a lot of angry fans who have been trashing the grammys on social media. Set the only ten black people and never won album of the year and it hasn't happened in the nearly a decade. Asked about that this week by pitchfork recording academy head Neil port now says race isn't an issue he stands behind the voting process. Adding that Grammy voters are colorblind don't dozens of online. And pieces so far this week who would disagree. Ashton Kutcher and John McCain myth. Leave it. Ashton were better looking than the movie except anyway that was a lighthearted start from Senator John McCain Wednesday before Ashton pitchers testimony on Capitol Hill about a serious subject pictures chairman and co-founder of Florida company that builds off fortified human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children the actor knowledge some people might consider him just another celebrity with a cause who should stick to his day job. We were the last line of defense and actor and his foundation. With a potential last line of defense. That's my day job and I'm sticking to. I'm Christopher Watson. Roy Orbison son has acquired the film rights to a book about the drummer. Who filled in for Ringo Starr during The Beatles tour in 1964. Billboard reports Alex Orbison and secured the movie rights to The Beatles who vanished. It's a book by Jim Burke and staff about drummer Jimmy nickel nickel was a Beagle for thirteen days. While Ringo Starr was hospitalized with console lied us more. And Darren giants a nickel played with The Beatles in Denmark the Netherlands Hong Kong and Australia. At the end they gave him a check the watch the plane ticket home. You avoid the spotlight afterward. Alex Orbison says he's fascinated to nichols' story not just the brief stint as a beatle but because his life was kind of a mystery after that. Somebody who was. Famous for two weeks and then just faded away in Brazil at that might be pretty interesting story. And get some good stuff going on there so we'll see how that. Paul turns out. TV host Regis Philbin. Says he has not kept in touch with his former cohost Kelly Ripa since he left the show they headline together in an interview with the Larry King now posted online yesterday. Regis says ripple it took it personally and was offended when he decided to leave their show six years ago. He says she she thought he was leading because Kirk. But Regis who is now 85 but told Larry King he left the show because he was getting old Vernon says just wasn't right for me anymore. Regis says he still misses posting asked if he would come back to television he said it would depend on how often here. The daily grind it might they get to an 85 year I just so right Regis there's nothing personal news it was time believe. Maybe Kelly Ripken is taking it personally and Steve today marks the tenth anniversary of the movie ghost writer. Ghost Odyssey ghost writer Steve. Don't believe I got around that Nicolas Cage movie went up when renting it. Awful based on the character of the same name appearing in Marvel Comics you got Nicholas cage's ghost writer slash Johnny blaze. Puzzles about Eva Mendez Sam Elliott. Peter Fonda as well the film and a lot of negative reviews by critics and about ghost rider fans but it's a huge success at the box office. The budget day was made for a 110 million dollars it earned 228. Million dollars though did well the box office. Where she got Nicolas Cage. Playing a motorcycle stunt man who makes a deal with the doubles that he can save his sick father. Transforms into a super natural demonic soul hunger that'll store but Ellen yeah and of course who plays the devils. Peter Fonda theater has meant to stop police with whom blaze makes a deal and turns him into the coaster ride here in the U credited Jad. Yeah I did was awful out really was zero of those one Conan Conan O'Brien always makes fun Nicolas Cage from making movies like this. And that's songs on that pretty rife roster yet exactly terrible merry go today is the tenth anniversary of the movie. Ghost writer whom and finally finish up with Matt Damon Mel Gibson and some birthday. That David has battling back against allegations his new movie the great wall whitewash his Chinese history what is it they want. David says the movie is not a historical drama it's an epic action popcorn movie. This was designed as a giant east meets West Coast production. Creature future months you know so. So while those concerns are are real and justified I think in general and I think. You know. Don't I would be surprised people thought that by. The great wall it's Peters tonight. More signs no Gibson's comeback might be complete is that it was being thrown around for a big Hollywood project is director of suicide squad to end he'll act alongside Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in the daddy's home sequel. He's happy birthday to date to the weekend who turns 27 and Ice-T who's 59. I'm Jason Nathanson. You go entertainment news in the blower is brought to you my good friends at pizza Johns in me. Serving up tasty thin crust pizza day after day problem. Source pizza I'd recommend pizza enter your salad person or whole house salad yeah. If Sarah's salad which is so that's good hands as black olives green peppers onion cherry pepper tomato slices. In that pizza though though we have got to get their feet it's right there in the name. In the sixth and on down to pizza Johns in derby it's on K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore Pete to Johnson and it can't get enough of allergic to help the works this. Updated throughout the day it came as Israel vodka. 842 now. Even different editor bill that would stop business journals coming up enhancing care especially medical center. Bills he'll tell us about that the weather on the way Stevenson with on Kate in a sense.

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