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Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-16-17 Wichita businessman announces intention to run for Governor

Feb 16, 2017|

Wink Hartman throwing his hat into the ring for Kansas Governor.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think it Tony seventeen I want teen talk more about issues that directly affects the people rather than just concentrating on big music propagated to. They CNN. 98713. Thirty K in as good as we are even dead in the morning. 846 now. Pretty big thing Lucy today it's more rain increasing flood danger in California. Governor Brownback says lawmakers' efforts to increase Kansas income tax is a big step backward line found that says Fed's intercepted his office phone calls. Three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Continue to watch for a slow down rollover injury traffic accident central and Emporia. Needs to slow and that areas of continue to avoid that traffic updates on kick it as as radio on gas chambers. Sunny today with a high of 71 degrees clear tonight the overnight low thirty done it Friday setting tomorrow's high seventies. Now please guys southwest went to ten miles per hour and thirty degrees and Kate in the business. President truckers upset over the treatment of Michael Flynn should. Focus on the White House. President trump possessed retired admiral Bob hard word to be is next national security advisor mr. trump is also blasting intelligence officials and the media over treatment of the ousted Michael Flynn. I think it's very very unfair what's happened to. General flow and the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally. Stressed that illegally leaked. With the FBI looking into reports trump campaign officials had contact with a Russia prior to the election the Senate Intelligence Committee is gearing up for an investigation of its own at his news conference with visiting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the president indicated the two state solution may no longer be the cornerstone of US mideast policy. I'm looking ahead to state and one state. And I like the one that both parties like I'm very happy with the one that both parties I can live with either one. Richard can't sue ABC news Qaeda has used time now 848. K in this is breaking news. Wichita oilman wink Hartman is entering next year's Kansas gubernatorial race. The Topeka capital journal reporting that Hartman announced today make that day yesterday that he is running or starting a campaign for the Republican nomination. Governor Sam Brownback can't seek a third term leaving the job opened for the first time since Democrat governor Mark Parkinson declined to run in 2010. Hartman is an oil industry business or in GOP donor piece off the fourth district seat in the US house in 2010 the loss to Mike Pompeo. In the Republican primary Pompeo resigned to accept appointment as CIA director. Under president Donald Trump apartment says he's watched the dysfunction into peak it would increasing frustration. He says to begin is creating uncertainty. And making things more difficult instead of improving the quality of life for cancers. Which about oil man a wink Hartman. Tossing his hat into the Kansas gubernatorial race about that yet emerged who was the last Wichita businessman to run for governor Sam hearted. Could be all that's going back toys and I'll. Message came in SS on FaceBook from Daniel. Says what a pair of tickets to the tower of power concert while listening to the Stephen Ted show. The concert was great. Our power such a righteous sounding and so tight thanks Steve Internet Daniel day. Thank you Daniel thanks for us right and tipped it out we give away S. He pairs of tickets that concert at the or PM last night I hope our listeners at a good time actually sounds like Daniel did aren't actually pay some very nice. Coming on 850 now Stephen Ted in the morning. Enhancing care at Wesley medical center editor bill Roy the botched oppositional here to talk about that good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted remembered mr. white in grand forgot that's a lawyer and now I am now. Well Wesley medical center announced it was to become a comprehensive stroke center at the Wesley health care system plans to spend. Six and a half million dollars to renovate its intermediate medical into. Wesley will create a fourteen bed neuro critical care unit at the main hospital in central hillside. Construction is expected to start this summer Harrison Ford had another issue that the controls on an airplane this week. For mistakenly landed his airplane on a taxiway at John Wayne airport in California. He flew right over a jetliner. But a pilot we talked to says Ford has a good reputation as a pilot and accidentally landed on a runway happens more than one would think for travels to Wichita often for pilot training. And a big day for ten individuals and eight organizations say the 2017. Winners of the leaders of the diversity awards. The groups and leaders will be recognized. Today at a luncheon at the highest. We'll have profiles of all the winners they'll be published in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which of course will be out tomorrow. Local breaking business news everyday on K and assessing at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role that's. For a pretty big news there we cartons rawness had to bring it kind of early in the inning and going here right yup. Although I agree yeah I notably here's why you folks are probably interviewed Lincoln the few times get his page got his own arena named after about that. Now that's exactly right he's been in some breakfast at discussions with us of course ran for congress as you guys talked about and yeah it'll be interesting to see where this all goes. It was an extensive background in the business into. You know obviously knows what he's doing there and it will let. But all the voters say about that of yeah I'm I'm not sure eight you know one of the things you have to do is make sure your do you get out there and you have statewide this young recognition. I think a lot of people know wink Hartman and the Wichita area. He needs to get out to western Kansas I would think can that make sure the people out there are known as well OK so people who have actually from what you to have actually run for governor again who we got to. Who's on this short list and I'm the name and immediately Cano Limon you guys talking about it was mr. Wyden and he recourse for and a year that there was pretty crowded room Republicans you know group and bill graves came out on top of that you know. I think. Give them try again weather's white guy would have been good governor area that you can't tell is it never happened but Brian. Did you notice is Sam Sam hearted or hard thing because that goes back aways now. Okay course we've had very few governors period from south central Kansas Kansas history the one that bleached the mind is is is the docking now. In fact not. Bob do stockings. Yeah I remember what course they were bankers bankers from our camera Kansas city Kansas City. And I remembered the father. When I was just a kid he was that he was a governor. And lynch George and then Roberts came along at what four turned yourself think. I mean in the sixties it it was interesting guy very upper big personally universe small land short guy. They're great personality people just loved it. They've got elected him. But four times so now they have that and the docking family with a you know they had they were Democrats program tunnels Tom was lieutenant governor Thomas and ran for governor and didn't quite make it but that was close on I think 86. I and today is national innovation day you're talking about a this has been here locally used by an innovator this gentleman has been. Put together I think was your last Terry talked about him is talking about a guy who recent start but to retreated businesses already have Jason Benson yeah this guy has a lot from him he he's innovative he's out there he's got a new idea all the time. And today is national innovation day basically created to encourage children and young people. To be creative and innovative I think that's just a great idea it's it's tough to be created Ted and I. It is built sometime surrounded mullah Mohammad brainstorming session and frankly it it doesn't even condemning its cradle mean enough and at a press. We start talking about the old days the first thing you know we're sidetracked but do you guys ever need those kind of sections down there to business generally get a copper for it was announced that they were brought it's brought on there. Do you that we we meet at least once a week as a group and talk about different things what we can do better with him dance and what we can do better with the paper and what we can do better online seller we're trying to innovate all the time. Are terrific innovator national and loudly. And it's one more reason why can't deny. Just really admired bill well. Last year or anything it's it's Pletcher art go go wildcats you can tell that you foul mouthed bunch of people about that. Are right that a little to controversy regarding the the basketball teams the fans hollering loving he had KEU goal. Answer 855 now Stephenson John McCain has this news at nine more rain increasing flood danger. In California that story in more news at nine seasons at us on stage and assess.

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