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2/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 17, 2017|

One of the biggest problems we face in this country is in our colleges and universities. We have parents who go into debt sending their kids to college and they come out as radical Marxists, or democratic socialists — completely different from when they went in! It’s not their fault, but because of ...

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We had an amazing year over at living 182016. And 2017. Is going to be even bigger now if you haven't signed up yet. Just two minutes go to CI TV dot com and sign up right now. You can get CR TV equivalent of only eight dollars and 25 cents a month. Which includes all of our other shows not just look into it. Now we've talked a lot of people who have asked us why should I pay for the news clarity get minus three why would a paper CR TV CNET TV isn't news. We're here to explain it and this massive would you. And all that shows on CR TV that's how you how politics economics culture and more well thank you and your family we're bringing you hot. Commentary education and entertainment next June long. Find anywhere else on. On television or online at a CTV dot com right now and it's insanity the equivalent of only now. Dollars and 95 cents a month art call us at eight scoreboard living TV again. Eight war war. Yeah EI and TV. Excuse me. And how broad. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again make contact without lead. Is mark lemon here aren't I number 8773813811877381. 3811. You know one of the biggest problems we face in this country is what's going on in our colleges and universities. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars. Over many years. Building these campuses. These empires. Paying for the professor's. Paying for the administrators. Paying paying paying paying parents. And students. Pay a fortune for tuition. Many students going to deep debt and it takes them 2030 years to pay off. Just to go to college. Of course Marxist Kooks like Bernie Sanders say the entries to make it free. Course that's not the answer if you make it free to become even more expense. Now the answer is the first understand with the promise not here's a case. They we learned about today. Costa Mesa, California CBS news a southern California college freshman. Was suspended for videotaping an instructive making critical comments about president trump shortly after his election. Caleb O'Neal nineteen said Wednesday he will appeal the punishment plans to file lawsuit if this appeals are rejected go get him killer. He was suspended for a semester. Any summer term and. Orange coast college and was told he must apologize from the instructor. And write an essay explaining why he shot the video his attorney bill backers said we think this is a clear example of unconstitutional. Viewpoint discrimination. The targets conservatives and we're going to challenge it backers say it. O'Neal the student will be the first to go through the appeals process at the college which will result in a hearing Becker said of the sanctions are up now. O'Neal will soon federal court. The college has ten to thirty days to decide whether or accept or deny the appeal Becker said. In December the college's faculty called on administrators to pursue criminal charges against the student. For videotaping professor all got her as stable Cox's comments or names criticizing mr. trump. The video was posted on YouTube on December 6 and on the FaceBook page for the school's college Republicans club. According to the fact without a way why shouldn't students be able to videotape. Their classrooms. Certainly have to college and university level if not others. Particularly if they're public schools you and I paid. For that classroom we paid for the teachers. We subsidize the service we pay for the furniture. Why is it something secret going on in the classrooms and we can't know about. I don't senior prom of that do you folks. Colleges and place to grow and learn how to engage in a world that has diverse and challenging opinion said English professor Gary Hoffman. As professors are job. Is to support students to think critically be resilient and learn how to form and articulate opinions unfortunately. In this case instead the orange coast college Republican club hopefully not supported by their advisors. Resorted to cyber bullying. None other professor Patrick Kennedy said the video seems like it politically motivated effort. Supported by national conservative group to intimidate and silence professors. What does this have to do it intimidating at sentencing professors. There's professors at the front of the classroom trash mouthing trop in the worst possible way. Who's the bully here. Cox reportedly received death threats after the video hey look I get death threats to. Right mr. producer I get death threats to. And wait too many. So that that that is nothing to do at this. The 68 year old instructor a gay like Tina told the Orange County Register last month she made comments about mr. trump. And author Avery human sexuality classes in an effort to comfort students upset over his election. And discuss access the resource is for those who feel discriminated. What are budget rent. Well I'm sorry. You feel. Discriminated against because he lost an election. That she did more than that. Jewish trash mouthing the president no question about it now. The problem is bigger than this classroom bigger than this college. And it's time that we as a nation. Taking a very very close look at what's going on in our universities and colleges and dot not just dismiss them Lackey subsidizing them. We have parents who send their kids to colleges and universities and when they come out. They cannot radical Marxist or democratic socialists there. Completely different than when they went in. Not because they're smarter not because they learned anything because of propaganda and social pressure. So I wanna have a little chat about this with you tonight. As well as other thing. Let's start at the beginning. For starters. The price of a college education. Is often financially debilitating. This isn't plunder and deceit. 71% who graduated in the last few years on average of 29400. Dollars an outstanding student loans. Why. They're buying gold at these colleges. As of 2012 the cost of a college degree grown 40% since twenty. 01 since 2001. The numbers are even worse when compared to a longer historical perspective. In 196364. The average tuition room and board. And seize 44 year institution public private and for profit. Was 1248. Dollars that's 196364. In 2013. Each 20000 dollars 230 force. The cost it ten colleges rising so fast that recorded the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The amount of outstanding student loans to the United States is reported on credit reports. Bhutto one point 13 trillion dollars in the third quarter 20141. One point 13 trillion dollars in student loans to go to any preppy schools. An increase of approximately 100 billion just from the prior year. And around 11% of the student loan debt was more than ninety days delinquent or in default. Overall about 13 of borrowers with student loans. Owned by the department. Of education. Are more than five days late on their payments. So he'd go broke trying to go to college and of course the Marxist answer is free college that's not. Mark Levine's answer we'll get to that in a minute. There's also something unique about college tuition debt it does not occur without the kinds of debt credit card debt auto loan debt so on. First. It's the fastest growing type of indebtedness in the United States that Pew Research Center found that in households headed by young adults. Those without tuition debt at more than seven times the overall network. A similar households with student loans. Those were a student loan debt also had nearly double the overall indebtedness than those who had no such a lot. The Federal Reserve survey of consumer finances as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Found that student debt now birds' 41 point 4% of those under the age of 35. Over 40%. Of those under the age of 35. In 2007 only 33 point 6% of the people under 35 had loans and in 1998. It was 23 point 3%. The balances of those who borrow have been growing as well 171300. In this survey up from thirteen 1002007. And 101000 in 1998. So for those beginning careers thousands of dollars in debt can take years. Years for a network decline in a positive territory. What's going on in these colleges and universities ladies and gentlemen if these were drug companies. Or. Any other type of company if these were oil companies. People we jumping up and down. This is a rip off. An absolute rip off. Tuition fees and room and board costs for colleges. And universities of all stripes rose. Faster than the rate of inflation each year for more than the last thirty years. These increases came weathering good economic times are bad weather the demand for college degree is far waxing or waning. Nevertheless colleges and universities. Have established some of the most prodigious fund raising operations and existence. The top twenty richest American universities all have endowments of about. Five billion dollars or more. There riches Harvard University has an endowment fund in excess of 32 billion dollars. But most of these institutions are not eager to use their own endowment funds to defray costs for students. Where's the congressional hearing on that. American post secretary education has become a huge industry colleges and universities employ about. 850000. People or about one point 5% of the total work force in 1960. Including administrators faculty and support personnel. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are now four million people working on the nation's campuses. As of 2009. Which means far more than that today. Or approximately 3% of the nation's workforce now close at a fortress. Of those nearly four million people. One point seven million listen to this where faculty professors and instructors. One point seven million. The rest or administrators and support personnel. Employees at these institutions. Are also well compensated mark re getting all this front it's in plundered this seat I told you. This is a magnificent book. It lays it happen. Employees at these institutions are also well compensated. As of march 2010 are right back seven years ago. Seven years ago that's the latest data we have. Actually 2014 is the 2010 is the is the common denominator in using the average per Aric costs for employee compensation for college university workers. Our 44 dollars and 82 cents. Just over 31 dollars and twelve cents a that's uncovered wages and salaries the remaining thirteen dollars and seventy per hour went toward benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics he should government statistics. The average employer cost per employee compensation a march 2014 was 31 dollars and 93 cents per hour. Wages and salaries accounting for 21 dollars and 96 cents. The remaining nine dollars and 97 going toward employee benefits. So as you can see. University workers. In 2010. 44 dollars and 82 cents an hour right. Everybody else in 2014. 31 dollars and 93 cents an hour. Another significant factor for the soaring cost of college tuition. Is the irresponsible and extravagant spending on major construction projects. In 2012 and at times reported that quote. A decade long spending big to build a academic buildings dormitories recreational facilities some of them importantly lavish to attract students. As let colleges and universities saddled with a large amounts of debt. Oftentimes students are stuck picking up the bill overall debt levels more than doubled from 2000 to 2011. At the more than 500 institutions rated by Moody's according to inflation adjusted data in the same time. The amount of cash pledged gifts and investments that colleges maintain declined more than 40%. Relative to them out of their debt. The times that it did debate about indebtedness has focused on students and graduates to a barred tens of thousands of dollars. And are struggling to keep up their payments. Nearly one in every six borrows with a student loan balance is in the fall. But some colleges and universities have also borrowed heavily spending money on vast expansions and amenities. Aimed at luring better students student unions would more theaters and wine bars. Where it got facilities were climbing walls and lazy rivers and dormitories and a single rooms and private dance. Spending on instruction has grown at a much slower pace studies have shown. Students end up covering some if not most of that debt payments in the form of higher tuition room and board and special assessments. Well another instance his state taxpayers pick up the attack. Debt has ball Mota colleges across the board public and private elite and obscure. While Harvard is the wealthiest university in the country it also has six billion dollars in debt. The most of any private college that data compiled by Moody's shows as of 2011. Six billion dollars in debt and 32 billion dollar. Fund. Which you want to. For the most part. Listen to this as of 2011 colleges and universities have racked up a debt bill of it's as has a 2011. 205. Billion dollars. This is an out of control pilot copilot. Now I'm not done. Wait until you hear more it's explosive and it's been sitting there and plundered to seek for two years. People who read this know exactly what I'm talking about when it's time to get to the bottom of this. And to make this a national issue that sport discussion and investigation. And quote unquote reform I'll be right back. The very short segment here. I wanna continue that this I think it's very important. To real as much of this too as I possibly can and in addition. There's a lot to cover tonight I will not be on the air tomorrow night. But so this is my last night this week. So it's very important I can recover as much as I possibly can but. I'm gonna get into additionally. Not only the massive debt. That these institutions have created the east team the incredible salaries and benefits that they can fare on employees. The joke. Of in in many of these colleges and universities about professors some of whom have one class to class or teach three or four hours a week. The facilities that they continue to build it building on these campuses ever stop. This. Also I wanna get to the incestuous relationship. In many cases how faculty are hired and from where their hired. And in many cases how that works. I want you to know about this it's in plundered deceit that you know there's millions and millions of you who haven't read it's I wanna explain it. Then I wanna know. How is it that we investigate oil companies when the price of gas goes up twelve cents or we investigate. Pharmaceutical companies and actually provide us for lifesaving and life improving drives and all the rest of it and colleges and universities turn up. Let's give an exceptional travel many of you do that is a conservative who fights that Ty who swims against the tide. But too often these universities turn out individuals who hate their own country. But despise their own faith who turn on their own family. What are we put up with this. There's no reason that we should put up for this ladies and gentlemen not what none whatsoever I'll be right back. Yes it's true. That marks the thinnest or fastest growing radio show in America. Though my gloves and the show is on 98773813811. Man. Let's dig even more deeply and can. I'm sure you've never heard any of this before. And that's very typical house I'd be chasing shiny objects thrown out there by the media today. But this is your country these are your schools you've paid for. An even more importantly those are your children. Outstanding debt. At the 224. Public universities rated by Moody's. Who'd of 122 billion dollars into 2011 okay that's six years ago. From 53 billion dollars an inflation adjusted dollars in 2000. Rather than deeply there endowments. Some colleges Bard to help pay bills after the financial crisis that most borrowing was for capital projects. Per capital projects. Since 2000 amount paid in interest and principal has increased 67% of public institutions. To nine point three billion in 2011. And it increased 62% of private institutions to five billion dollars last year. So the status to answer to this unmitigated financial disaster isn't part the effective nationalization of the student loan debt. Language added to the massive that you may not know this language added to the massive patient protection and Affordable Care Act or obamacare. Made the federal Department of Education. The student's loan officer. Slipped it into the bill. It will now make nearly 100%. For the future student loans that is he will. The department of this and that that TO. And they will be federally guaranteed. I yield. Of course this does nothing to reduce the cost of post secondary education. Nor is the federal government a position to assume even more debt. Moreover Politico of all places reports that buried deep in its 2016 budget proposal the Obama administration revealed. But it's student loan program had a 21 point eight billion dollar shortfall last year. Apparently the largest ever recorded for any government credit program. Period. Did you know that. The courts are fake pretend media out there they're busy. Upset throwing a hissy fit about themselves but they'll never dig into the so I don't can't. The main cause of the shortfall was Obama's recent efforts to provide relief for Barley drowning in student debt. Reforms that have already begun to reduce loan payments to the government in fact direct government loans alone. Increased 44%. Over the last two years. Furthermore several reports by Barclays Capital have warned. But Obama's generosity with your money. To bars borrowers to leave to student loan program is much of it as a quarter of actually in dollars in the hole. In a decade. So rather than addressing the root causes of reckless education spending on and another should call this education spending. These efforts have ensured that this system will bloke further and eventually rupture. Then there's the matter of actual education. Actual education despite claims of academic freedom. But the public school system post secondary education is rife with the ideological viewpoints of utopian status. Now listen to this please. In 2011 over 62% of faculty members who teach full time at undergraduate colleges and universities in America. Over 62% identified themselves about as either liberal or far left. On the political spectrum up from 56%. In 2000. In 200847%. Of faculty members surveyed identified as liberal eight point 8% label themselves as far left so it's. Up by 20%. Conversely only eleven point 5% of factly surveyed self identified as conservative and point 4%. As very conservative. This was down in 2008 when it was fifteen point 2% except that the title a conservative on point 7% is very concerned. The status ideological orthodoxy is reflected not merely in the content the professorial lectures but also in the course work in textbooks. Selected by the professor. This is particularly prominent in almost certainly not exclusive to classrooms for the humanities and social sciences and taught. And of course journalism to. Here's one example from a textbook. You may ask yourself thinking like a sociologists. People used to College of William and Mary and the universities and colleges throughout the country quote quote from the textbook. By now you should be wary of any social institution that is hails supreme because it is more natural. You should be skeptical of any family arrangement that is deemed more functional than another. And you should hold the traditional family any critical distance. Especially considering the experiences of women African Americans gays and lesbians support the mainstream and the marginalized. Under the post modern family condition as Judith Stacey calls it. Clear rules no longer exist and are complex diversified and sometimes messy post industrial society. Gonna other ruling days of the normative Nelson's family's today take on many shapes and sizes that that's that's their fit their members' needs. They're defined not by blood ties but but the quality relationships. Let us count the way. And quote. Daniel Klein inch and and Chara let a stern. An article in the independent review a journal of political economy place much of the blame for this group think. The defeat a specific departments in department heads please listen I'm digging very deeply now. Which perpetuating ideological closed mindedness. They argued that the faculty any given department as last governed by the as I guess at the larger institutional community than by the modus Vivendi. Of this specific department Amare broadly the professional which it operates. The values of the individuals at the apex of that department usually dictate the standards and norms under which the faculty functions. Most often this means that ideas or opinions I contradict. Those how by the leaders of the department's. Are less likely to be published or even express openly my faculty. And tenure may also be offered or denied based on a lot of loyalty. To the app predicates of the department itself. There's also an incestuous network of graduates listen. When that top departments in different fields. Who hire fellow alumni. As they move it to the highest positions in departments and other colleges and universities. Klein and stay inside a survey the most prestigious 200 economic departments around the world. They write graduates from the top five apartments. Graduates from the top five departments account for roughly 13 of all faculty hired another department survey. But top twenty department account for roughly 70% of the total. Graduates from the top five departments account for roughly 13 of all factly hired and other departments. Graduate from department paying. The third of them are hired by department BC and it's incestuous. Even worse. Of the 430. Fulltime faculty employed by the top twenty sociology departments. Only seven less than 2% received her Ph.D.s from non top twenty department. The field of law Richard Redding finds a third of all new teachers hired in law schools between 1996 and 2000 graduated from either Harvard. Oreo. Another third graduated from other top twelve schools and 20% graduated from other top 25 law school. So a third or Harvard area. So whatever the professor props to sort it. Classes during those Goss has enormous impact on the rest of our most. So the enforcement of ideological groups think extends beyond the fact that. College and university campuses are now among the least tolerant institutions for inquiry and debate. Number I wrote this really two and a half years ago. When he came out eighteen months ago. Do frequently they accept or even encourage an atmosphere of discomfort intimidation or militants seem promotion of the state just orthodoxy. The purpose is primarily political indoctrination of the sort that is high style to the civil society in America's heritage. And toward this and the campus in classroom atmosphere narrows the scope of what is considered legitimate thought or opinion. Dismisses or derives more traditional view points that challenge status conventions. And disregard outright the prospective of individuals who are not identifiable members of a politically afraid group either by birth or belief. Even as students graduate from colleges and universities most retreated to one last speech. From a status spouting ideological boiler plate. Pretty young Americans foundation is reported by Fox News in 2015 quote. Liberal speakers outnumber conservatives by at least 61 but the nation's top 100 schools as ranked by US news and world report. Among the top ten of the last nine. Posted conservative speakers. At the end of his great book. The closing of the American mind the late philosopher educator and author of genius really Allan Bloom. Questioned whether the nation's failing educational system most notably higher education. Could quote constituted reconstitute the idea of an educated human being. He wrote this is the American moment in world history the one for which we shall forever be judged. Just as in politics the responsibility for the fate of freedom in the world is. Evolved upon our regime so the fate of philosophy in the world has devolved upon our universities. The two are related. Is they've never been before. The gravity of our given task is great. News very much in doubt. That the future will judge her stewardship. Now folks there are selling it realities that very few and academia. Apple acknowledged the most prominent is that education is not supposed to be about administrators and educational bureaucrats. Labor unions. Tenured educators. And prominent construction projects in status indoctrination. It is supposed to be about the enrichment an improvement of young people and society. Students are not lab rats to be subjected to endless educational experiments they're not have labs dog. To be conditioned as social malcontents. They and their families and the taxpayers and act passed passed for reckless spending and debt assumption. If they aren't American education is an unfit doable their election. Of one generation to the next. Plunder and deceit. This is why we have what's going on and somebody respects in this country. If you ask me. And this needs to be addressed. All aspects of this. This is paying eight death march in education today it is insanity. That we educate our children and young people. They hate us and hate our country and hate our beliefs and here faiths. We're going bankrupt doing. The secret to having a great day start. Is having a great night's sleep. 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But what they've done to post secretary this secondary education colleges and universities. The the unconscionable spending. And acted. And salaries and benefits. The mind control and indoctrination in the classrooms. The ancestral nature in which faculty has hired. That we tolerate this we pay. Billions and billions of dollars in this out of our own pockets. Or to watch through state and federal governments. And there's no investigation into any advance. Indeed tenured professors how much they work there's no investigation that pays skills no investigation and it don't tell me this is capitalism. This is government broke through. And now we're told that you and I have to assume all the debt yet again more. On top deck which in the end means our kids and grandkids. Are gonna drown in mass. And then look at the final product. More prep courses. Marching in the street. Attacking our values. Worst America when it comes to these professors. Who's overseeing the people overseeing that. These are little fiefdoms these. Colleges union rep the greatest job in the face the earth is to be the president of a college. They get a house to get card to make a zillion dollars to get that incredible tension yet it's it's just an unbelievable job. Those little Noble's if you well the kings nobles that have their little fiefdoms. And they know in order to be president. Dick got to be a leftist. If you're not if in fact you're not one you know I got to play the role otherwise out the door you got. Now what I was a college hit. We could record and we brought tape recorders into the classroom wicket record what professors were sank. In order to play them back to study and so forth there may be in lieu of notre maybe take the notes from the recordings are what I read it went amiss something. I didn't do it a lot rarely but other people did it all the time. Now all of a sudden you're not idyllic. And I talk a lot. Because you add these hat Marxist leftist professors. Overpaid under work. Spewing. Propaganda and their poison and they're caught on I phones and they don't like it. Not everybody else is caught on icons everybody. Ounces caught on android's everybody else's gotten is deciding on these devices but yet can't touch the professors. And not oncologists because after all we're all about academic freedom here. So we have to defend back about academic freedom by destroying free speech. Right. It's like you can't criticize judges what are what is written those ads. They're good judges fetish perhaps. They get well as sometimes somewhere in between. I can't comment on that on the freest nation on the face the why not. Folks we've got to learn to comment we got to learn argue and this needs to be investigated. He was there. Oh. Normally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the everybody in my living here are number 877381381187738131. And I'll tell you why. I wasn't planning on that. Continue with this I wanted to move on even though I think it's an enormously important stuff. And it's it's it's a perfect subject for format like this you know we folks and talk greater most of us with three hours. But only to race through all the talking points on various web sites and so forth and so on. Sometimes you need to take an issue and wrestle it to the ground. And that's what we're doing here and there's really some are remarkable callers here I wanna take them. You gave it to this issue but colleges and universities post secretary educate the secondary education. You're paying an enormous amount of money for this of your tax Payer if you have kids in school news in the US subsidize this. We have absolutely reckless spending going on on construction projects. Reckless spending in terms of salaries that are paid in college campuses. It's just that it's appalling what goes on classrooms at least tenured professors. Nobody's keeping an attack on the Molly does run around academic freedom academic freedom while last year conservative kid and some college or university but there's academic freedom. Asking evangelical Christian going to Rutgers university of there's academic freedom. After the Jewish kid is going to the university California Berkeley. There's academic freedom well with the Palestinians there just ask. As if they can say what they want. Respectfully civilly legitimately in a classroom. Or what will happen of that. Jack Passaic, New Jersey degrade WABC will kick off radio Harry user. Good stereo very well thank you. I'm. Not my real name on kind of worried about given an out crooks don't worry about that. Jack we'll call you Jacqui real name is in Florence is a no I'm just checking parent headline from. I am I what are you gonna give you university but you know what I am truckers and I'm I'm not an adjunct professor there. Aaron Burr under extradition Obama pitched a but I don't want if he would major I don't know did didn't we yeah. Yeah saw an act and I can completely agree with your now so that's our 100%. But it's really bad. You know there are conservatives students is that even and in many courses that taught. And they they they certainly feel. That there opinions are not being properly. Expelled stay end. And pardon me and it's it's highly political political environments. Even even I can't give my opinion played I keep to myself. And many tenured professors Leonard you know. Or are also solid conservative brand they do this sort of work within the shadow so to speak. When it comes to expelled in general look at. But in terms you know an overwhelming majority of professors there. You're right these kids don't have academic freedom they can't. It can't get into meaningful debate. And then to to put more fire and learn more fuel the fire so to speak. You have. Highly debated topics such as climate change in my opinion as I've read do a lot of work common. And I just know I just don't body. And yet it's so. Almost require kid in integrate into courses that have absolutely nothing to do. Lit the climate policy at all. And majors you would never expect that to pop up. And I mean the other thing too is our chancellor lovely change insular actually would go into. A protests. Giving speeches are on campus there are few weeks back. And they're sending out messages on behalf of the university. The other thing I got that banking law as well this message. I thought you know your representative of the university you're supposed to represent all of the student body collectively. But I'm not everybody within the student body agrees with those highly politicized personal opinion. Like judges and he noticed there's the certain areas of American life. That they control and you're not allowed to criticize. They control the courts for the most part and say you're not allowed to criticize judges. They control the universities for the most part you're not really supposed to criticize. The the core of what goes on in university campus because you're really trying to. Impose your will and challenge academic freedom and the opposite is true. It's they who are doing this and so we have these areas of public life and back up but in American life. Where we have been told time and again you really can't take them on you can't win anyway so what's the point. And I was saying yes. So we got to focus on these colleges and universities we Obama. Some of them being claimed to be private but we fund them we build their buildings we subsidize their professors. Jack I wanna thank you for your courage in calling us for now I'm gonna send you a copy. Of America so Pia here and adjunct professor. And I think you'll enjoy that Saddam hang up. Let's continue Henry's. Basking Ridge New Jersey to great WABC go. Thank you particular cause sonar and you're on the out. College Alicia and I do have a seventy year old daughter who will be go to college this year. Ed. Or it. Quote what Bill Bennett says. I believe he says to eliminate the Department of Education to Ronald Reagan. But who supported is that true mark. I don't remember Bill Bennett eliminating department education I know regular wanted to leave me just point out even before Bill Bennett was on the scene he tried. He was blocked by the Republicans in the senate who are in the majority and they were in the majority thanks to Ronald Reagan's landslide in 1980. Mean it's conceivable I don't know but they go right ahead make your point. Yes sir yes my point is so you're talking about our college tuition and growing up aware out of control and I would like to know why. I believe the reason why is because that the government. Pell grant system. The goal and then tell grid system this financial aid for students. Problem. Apparently coach who can't qualify pay for the torch insult. The government increases. The pell grant every year year every year that held radical soft so. In order for the colleges. And universities to to justify. Grabbing free money it's free money quote for the taking this to increased tuitions. So it's a question of the chicken it would be yet and I believe. Because of the increases every year that's why college courses go out. I think it's that part of it but the fact is the vast majority students don't get pilgrims. So I agree with that part of it it's just like Medicare dragnet Medicaid drives up the price of medicine I got that you're exactly right. But it's even bigger than that. It's it's the programs these people put in place it's the salaries these people put in place. And even more they're not responsible for the output. The end product. And I really they have become these these sort of Stalinist. Institutions. And that's the problem thank you for your call very good cooperation. Jerry Claremont California Sirius satellite go. I think Taylor called mark I just wanted to chime in on the student loan out of debt fiasco. I'm that you caption it's called PDF confessions of us he loan debt collector. I would get up student loan debt collection agencies purely contract for the government other type of bumped my own sponsors. And there's something called the student loan rehabilitation program basically it regenerate and they need to get people. Out of B fault that they can get more student loan debt. Erin basically. 70% of all the student loan rehabilitation. Went student loan. It is in default I'm a student loan borrower can pay only five dollars per month. Over nine month period and now allow them to get better look on out of default. And that make them eligible again to borrow a mortar student loan beat you up to get pursuit. Herders have basically it's dead on debt isn't really. It's dead on debt with the band aid to dependent ecosystem alive it's kind of masking the real default rate delinquency rate out there. And I and here's the thing Jerry let's step back and look at this. We look at what's gone on on that that part of the ledger. When you look at the overall spending the federal government. Because in essence these loans are being nationalized then you look at the overall spending the federal government you have twenty trillion dollars in fiscal operating debt. Then you look beyond that at the unfunded light liabilities when it comes to entitlement cycle up by the by five to seven trillion dollars a year. It's well over 220 trillion dollars right now. And this is viral plunder and to seek the plundering. And then the deceiving. And nobody's doing a damn thing about this but at a minimum we better start challenging what's going on in these universities and colleges they don't believe an academic freedom. Other training our people. Not you know we have conservatives who who really have to fight to get through these institutions young people who are really solid but the fight to get through these institutions and really. Have to have to labor in order to get good grades more than them more than your typical liberal student who just you know and regurgitate the problem. But I'm talking about all the rest of them. We you know we're free society quote unquote at least theoretically we shouldn't have to put up of this and so we need to start looking into what how do faculty get hired. And don't tell us we can't talk about what goes on in the classroom. We wanna participate in this academic freedom stuffed do. And don't tell us we can't question building another dorm room mark tennis court and indoor pool choice how we can. We're paying these tuitions and west subsidizing this stuff through our taxes thank you recall my friend. Again notice she can't question the trial lawyers. The trial lawyers can't tort reform. What reform is capitalism that is states deciding that they wanna have certain rules in place at all this rules of evidence. Rules for recovery. And so forth and so on stage do this all the time. But they don't want tort reform in the states the trial lawyers in the liberals don't want it because their cash cap. The universities. With the liberals in other doctor in aiding people to support. Nancy Pelosi views and Chuck Schumer is views in the last views and so forth so they never come under my Christmas microscope. They're never investigated further out. For their conduct to what's going on these college campuses never. And again I'm not attacking the First Amendment issue I'm just saying look at these empires that they've dealt. Surely we can look at that. What is it with this this this ten year and these professors who barely teach. Why are we subsidizing them to such a high cost. How these people chosen. I I really think. It's time to really drill down on this personally. We'll be right back. Make calls on this Saturday night doing and a few more. If you don't mind there was some press conference and we don't Trent. And here's what the media in this country do not understand. Their hate it. I everything. Because their objective so I had no side and one has have known. It's because the last known as your left and they don't think you're aggressive enough. The rest of us know you're left and we can't stand. You giddy little White House when they call correspondents dinner. And you repulsive. It's like the sector Roman empire. The clown show up in the throwing cake Iran and their eating cake and how many grand old time and you're the client. It's obvious that you report on one president differently than another president top the issue protected Obama and is long list of constitutional violations of legal violations and so forth and so on. You were history trying guard you're still mr. trying to. Look at your reporting on obamacare. Look at your reporting on obamacare. You spread Obama's lies look at your reporting on the Randy. You spread Obama and Ben Rhodes his lies. And you'd never apologize to the American people. You know damn well in the shadows of behind the scenes who you're talking to that you're getting talking points from in new York at. You know damn well. Today you're working with Chuck Schumer. Today you're working with a Obama operatives in the bureaucracy including in the intelligence agencies. That you're doing. You try to take tennis president thank you try to take down Nixon and you succeeded like you tried to take down Reagan in itself. You also tried to take down George W. Bush. On the Iraq War. We're all too familiar with. You don't care about the constitution you only care about one sentence. In one amendment. Freedom of the press you don't care about free speech look at religious liberty today we had the Washington State Supreme Court. There aid they pair. What are her hair a big check today. For same sex wedding couple. I guess their religious beliefs she's always baked cakes. Predate. And gay couples but she does not believe in same sex marriage and she was ordered today that she must. Make it today. Much like it take for same sex wedding. I didn't hear the media go nuts on that. That's what we call tyranny. No they don't go nuts on that they wanna talk about themselves they wanna talk among themselves. And that's just be 100% honest about the state no better than faculty at a college campus. They're leftists. For the most part they're Democrats for the most part. And they pretend they're not. You can look at the background to settle them several of them used to work for congressman and senators. What are you sort prep president actually several of them used to work for presidents the vast majority of whom were Democrats. At least the old days the beginning of the republic. We had a press and they would announce what party they support. Didn't pretend to be all work professional journalists an objective. And truly what does it take to get through journalism school and I killed about seventeen. Really is that with the smartest people go to journalism school I don't think so. Offense there's some Smart journalists out there but as a group pretty stupid. It's like gas sportscasters. There's a handful of Smart ones. Michael's. You know my buddy Smith handful of them the rest of them are pretty damn stupid quite frank. This won't press conference today. There are some oddities. But on the whole. He guessed it was like gap. Should efficient about. I loved it when they got from the BBC comes up with his accent. He says were you front. The BBC says there's another beauty. Mean that's funny and correct. The BBC is liberal tried. It's cracked. Government broadcasting way expect. Another thing that annoys the hell out of me why do we have government TV and government radio we don't need the public broadcasting service. If you like some of these things. Oh investment arm. Couple years ago I said go ahead and get rid of Sesame Street off of that PDF or what are you got to go I said. Quiet I'll get five other guys to buy it well I won't run it on commercial TV. Yeah that's what somebody can't. That was a cash you know. Why do we need government TV when we have a thousand stations and of course conservative reviewed TV. Why do we need. National public radio. What we have hundreds and hundreds of radio stations. And channels. And satellite radio and digital radio and all the rest of it we don't. Why don't we have voices for the government for the. A lack if you will. Unnecessary and you already have them in the Washington compost and an ex lines and all the rest of it. I'll be right back. To defend liberty. Preferably here it's called a mod we're being shown up at 877381381. Waterfall I see the grim reaper is back on the F Fox News Channel. AKA Karl Rove. Imus must be rough. You know. Ladies and gentlemen. He talked about student loans over a trillion dollars if talked about the debt these colleges and universities are in this can't go on forever. I've talked about twenty trillion dollars in fiscal operating debt that's what the government shows it doesn't want to show you the unfunded liabilities of 220 trillion dollars and growing astronomically every year. I haven't heard a single proposal for getting this done under control to even begin to get it under control for the next 102030 years and yet that's what's required here. What happens when the bill comes due. What happens to Medicare then. It happens to Social Security then. What happens to middle class families then what happens stay here homes in your cars and all the rest of them. It's a disaster. Now some people. They live in never neverland. Some people. You know they don't wanna pay attention to this they believe these politicians and so forth and so on. But then there's the rest of us. What do the rest of us do. Early one voice when it comes to the political system but Joseph RV. Voice when it comes to your own finances your own assets and so full. And so what they're really really good. Professional advisors suggest this you diversified. You don't know what's gonna collapse you don't know what's gonna increase she just don't know. With 100% certainty. So what I do is diversify. And I diversify. Through my pension plan and brother investments but stocks and bonds are now bombs work I just I have someone. Who mutual funds and so forth. Question I have some real estate. And home and and other investments. But I also have gold. Goal corn is. This typical Clinton why have I done that because I believe that should be part of my portfolio. And that's how I diversify. 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Give them a call right now the government may be close thankfully the goal line is open. 877365. Point 877365. Point if you can and I thought. It curious about it check it out. 877365. Point. Well folks waiting to hear this because this is something that I was pointing out yesterday. I think it's important David Drucker senior congressional correspondent of the Washington examiner on CNN today. Hat tip right scoop truckers and camera Otto the pretend reporter and then Drucker again cut sixteen got. Are Republicans are on the hill. He's here they're concerned and then house intelligence chairman DeVon knew and as a solid group of us just a couple of days ago that they wanna know. How Michael Flynn who is an American citizen was wiretapped. On American soil. And how that leaked and because they just listen in on all con on alternate way it's supposed to work first of all if you're an American citizen which includes Michael Flynn even though he's an incoming administration official at that point. Is that the intelligence agencies that's fine for us are not supposed to spy on American citizens. The FBI can get a warrant and they can wiretap anything else that's caught up. In wiretapping of foreign national such as the Russian ambassador to the United States is supposed to be washed out. And done away with the and so where Republicans are gonna go on their sap. Right there. Does that bother you missed him around. Being a professional journalist as you does that concern you. And in fact what might have happened. Is that this was picked up by an intelligence agency in not to re faced so warrant. To an FBI want. Does that concern you does that concern any US grand reporters out there. Are you so in the tank he can't help it. I had. Want to know everything and we've seen and talk about especially in the senate. Wanna talk about the leaks and we wanna talk about what Flynn was up to and the president's Russia contacts but what they're gonna ask you you're gonna hear a lot about this. Is why was Flynn wiretapped. Wasn't against the law did the FBI have a Warrenton and it was this a rogue element of the intelligence community trying to undo trump. Now let's stop right there and who's been hammering this. I've been hammering us. And I've been hammering it because I'm a former Justice Department official chief of staff to an attorney general I know how this is supposed to work. And so everybody's chasing squirrel over here. To target so there. Met that I mean. What was our government up to exactly. In fact. That in fact. The latest. We now know it's more than one call. Several calls. That the eavesdropping was incidental. As part of a Faisal warrant. What happened here exactly. And if intelligence agencies just happened upon him speaking to X or Y or Z. You're trucker said. There's a whole bunch of hoops you have to jump through before your gathering information on American citizens. Have to have some reason. And that reason has to be. In essence certified or sanctified by a court. In this case a secret court. Or maybe it's part of an investigation and something pops up but it can't just be some routine thing. You know we're supposed to have some protection. You don't hear from any of the civil liberties groups on the left you don't hear from the ACLU you don't hear from an ACLU's busy trying to get terrorists in America. So there are very busy right now. And all this so called civil liberties groups led justice fake as the media are. Just that's fake does that mean ADR. This is a big deal. So far. Even national pubic great national public radio. They had to report today. I Terry US intelligence officials tells NPR's Mary Louise Kelly held resentment. That there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the transcripts of former national security advisor Michael flames compensations. With Russian ambassadors JJ kiss the act. Although the official noted that doesn't rule out the possibility of Lee illegal actions I don't know what that means if your actions are illegal. That a criminal. But the first like no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. And this is supposed to be scandalous is supposed to be the equivalent of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. According to Pulitzer Prize putts Thomas Friedman. And Dan rather. Another phony journalist. Another independent professional journalist who was never a liberal Democrat never went after Republicans are protected Democrats throw I don't know. Like Walter Cronkite the great Walter Cronkite another left wing Democrat hack it. Yes he was cool true you know. True. So even Nash NPR. The leaks going to NPR's that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the transcript this is people who looked at the transcripts and are now committing. Felonies. By talking to NPR. So why is this a scandal. Because ladies and gentlemen not because of Mike Flynn. But because of Barack Obama. Because a Loretta lynch and I'm gonna keep hammering this and hammering it. Because I think it's having an effect including on the Republicans. How many how many eavesdropping events took place with respect of Michael Landon. Or for that matter did any take place with respect to Donald Trump. I'm hoping the answers now. Where they recorded where they transcribed. Where it. What was given to Barack Obama it is intelligence briefings. With respect to this information. And we also talked about yesterday our friend Michael Walsh. Reminded us that they had New York Times piece just in general. Well the door. Soon at the door actually last summer. Barack Obama expanded the NSA's ability to share the information gleaned from these genes rapidly dropping. What other agencies will law enforcement intelligence sixteen other agencies and apartments. So of course this is an inside job. Because we didn't do anything. Not trump said that today truck has read the intelligence. Reports not necessarily the trench Rhett. And that transcript will be released. At some point. Incredible and trucker makes the case the way it's supposed to know where if you're an American citizen which includes Michael Flynn. Even though it's part of an incoming administration is that intelligence agencies that spy press are not supposed to spy on American citizens now. Even if they picked him up. On a conversation was this guy or that guy the other got. Even if they do that. They're supposed to. Redacted in essence turn it off push it aside. Because they don't have a legal legal authority to do that. Now if it's during the course of a warrant. That's what we needed out. So there's a lot we need to know. And I would say the people who are leaking from the is it intelligence. Operations have done enormous damage. Her intelligence systems in the country in this country. If an enormous damage to our agent. I don't just mean PR they revealed now to the Russians that we currently have a regular. Tap. Or. Or eavesdropping on their ambassador. Now they may well known. But that's not the sort of thing that you prevalent. Is it now it's not. So that's very very troubling that we'll be right back. Open. Good writers do of programs. Right now I don't think it advances on young talent. Conservative talk radio. And their experiences. Welcome to stuff going on behind the scenes and conservative talk radio. They did bring in Ben Shapiro. Steve bass and Alicia prowess and some others. All of whom are friends of mine all of whom are wonderful talent. And others. 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And another one another one was a hundred and about 78000. Herself. It's just crazy if. For peace it is it's ridiculous and they keep given these student loans in the morgue is that the which basically it seems to me that the government. Is financing the this stuff for the financing these colleges and if they wore these peace salaries and all this other stuff going on. Wouldn't be able they'd have to get costs under control. Meaning. Her taxpayer any any time the government steps in the cost shoot up and the benefits and product that quality go down the notice that. Every time I mean look at leaving him with the to the tax code. When the treasury. Change the rules for depreciation and wiped out all the savings and loan. Back years ago you remember that change lots of ownership and now they didn't make it retroactive. So all the partnerships. There's a limited liability partners said well my limited my idol liability is limited. Here's your partnership back in all of factors savings and loans they didn't make economic sense. And the government stepped in my seven years later what the RMS or whatever that was and sold all his property. Yeah he and and the savings and loans got wiped out and yet and everything they get into is that disaster. All right Roy but deceit and soon my friend. Appreciate tree called John. Who or not is it who are not arc and a Alaska howry John on the mark living net. Very good sir thanks for taking my call. This this. Situation would be so long as interior neat for years and years and I taught physics. Both graduate and undergraduate. Com man. And I would have been horrible student in your class hi I never clicked with physics I don't know what the hell it is but anyway go right ahead. Well I idea I had premed science managers engineers etc. And it was from the middle sixties to 1990 when I retired. And I had veterans. From Vietnam etc. I had. You know various students. From that era. And I say it would state university. I interacted probably with a bum a thousand students. That I got to know over my. My period of. Teaching that I got to know pretty well and you know these are generalizations. And I'm saying but make when Quinn are gonna go soon. What say say say sent this and give me your bottom line we got fifteen seconds. That's students were big Eric military the next Bear Stearns were those who work their way through college. Need. Hi my friend appreciate your call will be right back. He's here. Now. Literally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere from to a brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the everybody mark living here are number 87738138118773813811. The media are tonight reporting on themselves. Getting reactions among themselves about reactions to them today. That's fascinating. Now part of the trump press conference some of you who work for a living weren't able to catch most of it. That's only a little bit of it about the Russians. Some back and forth here let's see am. Actually Mr. Big is so let's start with cut one please go. I don't testing you do believe sir no I don't think so I think Putin's probably assumes they can't make a deal with me anymore because. Politically it would be unpopular for a politician to make it I can't believe I'm saying I'm always. After a second. Make it feel about what I'm not even for a make a deal about what nuclear arms. Stop threatening our allies getting out of Syria. Making what deal are we talking about. Stop buzzing our ships. Stop back packing our data and stop trying to interfere with our elections. What are we talking about when to make good deal of Cuban. Everything he's not a real estate deal thoughts I hate to say this I know the code pink Republicans out there wetting themselves but I I can't gang you know. I'm not one problem. I had. Blame them because. Look will be much easier for me to be tough when Russia but then when I can make you not I don't know though I make a deal I don't know. We might want to make a deal what is this let's make a deal. Who was the guy that was on let's make a deal I don't remember a good guy. The house he was air forever. Just whereas this and let's make videos show behind box number one to a three. What do you take number till. And they got a models walking around out there. Yes I mean Monty Hall here. When I make it dealing in a deal a deal do you lose you lose that my team that they now and I know what to blacks come on the red act I don't ahead. But it would be much easier for me to be so tough in the tougher I am in Russia the better but you know what you have been tough put all on ration. Honestly. I say this will all due respect. Where we've been tough for the Russia under either Obama or drop. I had. Do the right thing for the American people. And to be honest secondarily. I wanna do the right thing for the world if Russia and the United States actually got to get. And got a law and don't forget we are very powerful nuclear country and so anyway. There's no upside. South Heidi get along. Mr. President. I keep saying you wanna make it DO not severely criticizing Russia for what they're doing. You I don't know how you you get Russia to make a deal he look at the Reagan right. Massively Philippine military. And that you pushed back. Because that's what dictators respect whether they're Communist or fascist or whether there. They respect strength. They fear strength. To keep gonna wanna make a deal I wanna make it the and then Monty Hall I wanna make a deal I wanna make it DO they're gonna last to use the way they did it Obama just some friendly advice. I had. Very powerful nuclear country. And so then I'd been briefed on I can tell you one thing about a briefing that we're allowed to say because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it. Nuclear holocaust. Would be like no other. We know this in this is that the first time OK man I mean this is ridiculous quite frankly. Imagine Reagan talking like this and he was the most successful president we've had a hundred years. Can you imagine Reagan talked like this when it comes to Russia. I'll tell you what I actually think trump would have taken the deal to Gorbachev offered Reagan. In Iceland. Let's just eliminate all nuclear weapons I think trump would have gone home and say yes radiance that now because I'm not eliminating. The strategic defense initiative which is crucially important today to us and other countries. Pregnancy now. And Reagan had another plan the destruction of the Soviet Union. And there's a differences and I don't know what Andrew Jackson would have done. Pop I do know what Ronald Reagan did it. I had. Very powerful nuclear country and store away if we have a good relationship with Russia. Believe me that's a good thing. Not a bad so when you say they're not good who do you mean that we're just not thought when I read off a three things that are recently happening license or not happen but they damage the relationship they all have my musical dogs countries who lied to work with Russia they all happened recently and I understand what they're doing because did doing the same think they'll. Again maybe I'm not gonna be able to do a deliberate but at least I will have tried. I don't know what deal we're talking about it deal about what. For what it. Hmmm. Can't. Pact to go. You know they say I'm close to Russia Hillary Clinton gave away 20% of the uranium in the restrooms. So close to Russia yeah why you don't like after Russian. You know I get nothing nothing we conclude there will be no response to these particular provocations. If I'm not gonna tell you anything about what response I do I don't talk about military response I don't say I'm going into Mosul in four months. We are going to attack Mosul and four months than three months like we're going to attack Mosul in one month. Next week we are going to attack muscle meantime muscles very very difficult you know why because. I don't talk about military. And I don't talk about certain other things you gonna be surprised to hear that and by the way my whole campaign I'd say that were so I don't have to tell you. There I don't wanna be one of these guys just say yes here's what we're going to do have to do that there I have to tell you what I'm Il and North Korea what does it. I don't have to tell you what I'm gonna do in North Korea. And I don't have to tell you what I'm gonna do with the ranch. You know why because they should know. And eventually you guys to get to get tired and asking that question. So when you ask me what am I gonna do with the ship. The relationship as an example I'm not gonna tell you but hopefully I won't have to do anything but I'm not content you. Well armed for that just do something. NTELOS after the fat. The other words he's saying look I need to have the freedom to do what I think they need to do without telegraphing it to our enemies are at the series I'm not I'm not proud of that. But when you do something we let us know because that's what I wanna. Desperate ten Putin is the president of Mexico. What the prime minister of Australia. Tax break out. I don't nothing in Russian. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russian. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the winner of the election. He then called me up extremely nicely to congratulate me on the inauguration which was terrific. But so did many other lady is almost all other leaders from almost all other countries so that seeks at. Russia is fake news Russia this is fake news put out by the media the real news is the fact that. People probably from the Obama administration because they're there because we have our new people going in place right now. And can't. Saying it's continued cut for you have Jon Karl on ABC news go ahead. They can use. We'll leisure real you the one that wrote about him and reported amendment the leaks are real you know what they say you saw. And leaks are absolutely real good news is fake. Because so much of the news this takes it one thing that I felt it was very important to do and I hope we can correct it. This is nobody I have more respect for maybe a little bit but then reporters and good reporters it's very important to me. And especially in this position it's very important. I don't mind bad stories. I I can handle bad story better than anybody. As long as it's true and you know over course of time I'll make mistakes and you write deadly animal K with that but. I'm not okay when it is fake him and I watch CNN it's so much anger and hate. I agree that. CNN is now off the rails. There really is CNN is now off the rails. It's up there and MS LSD. Cut. Let's go let's let's move on let's go to cut six would Donald Trump. The president go ahead. Mike Flynn is a fine person. And I asked for his resignation. He respectfully game that. He is a man who. There was a certain amount of information given to vice president pence as well that's today. And I I was not happy with the way that information was given. How he. You know it's not that this this is the one thing I find so odd. Apparently Donald Trump the president trump and others knew the information. Actually my friend. And they didn't tell the vice president in. Now you wanna know the real reason the vice president the United States that no one Donald Trump too because most vice president don't. Because it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a big issue. Michael Flynn didn't do anything. And so that's why. Then as I said I I am really very disappointed in the vice president not stepping up. The defending Clinton. Just tell the truth which is look they got briefed me he didn't tell me about the discussion with respect to the deportation of the 35 Russians. He didn't negotiate as best as we know. On anything related to them. What Obama did go to Russia which by the way was so weak it's not even funny. But like. He said he made a mistake he said he he had recollect that therefore the information provided me was an accurate and I said fine let's. It's worked better at it next time let's make sure it doesn't happen again it's awful NN actually pence had to say that there are reports that pence. And rich previous went in the trump and insisted that they get rid of flan. And that and it was the bad guy he went in there and he gave his this pink slip. By the way it's good reason to abandon and rents are aren't getting along. Lovingly. That they are in fact a very wonderful couple as it turns out. And and then my buddy Steve got very very angry over there at some of the folks are bright line. Limitless is where does he did an interview with the Atlantic which is a left wing site as far as I'm concerned. But it's very very good that that marriages are working out so beautifully you know between preakness and a pen. Let us continue mr. produce it let us go to at 70. When I looked at the information. I said I don't think he did anything wrong to anything he does something right he's coming into office he looked at the information. He said. Hala let's find the truth is supposed to do this supposed to be mean you can just go Russia he called. And and spoke to both ways. I think there was thirty some odd countries. She'll jump you know he was just doing his job. That thing is she didn't tell our vice president. Properly and then he said he didn't remember. So either way it wasn't very satisfactory to me. Pat Hyannis police think. And I don't think trample ever say that he probably feels bad policy it I really do this sounds to me like a bit of a walk back. He's gone way out of his way to praise. Flynn found a way out of his way to say didn't do anything wrong. But he he was concerned about but he didn't have a vice president or he made some kind of mistake it. I wasn't satisfactory. Eat you don't can't a guy from. Not a not a guy who stood by you in the campaign. Do you. Who is very beneficial to you bringing other military the senior officers on board retired officers. That this is an nothing better. It is. And I really feel in his heart of hearts from probably feels. It was a mistake to do what he did and in the meantime. They push this guy heart. To replace Flynn and he just turned it down. Now I can't read his mind but I suspect he turned it down because he stood. Probably thought geez if there's a problem though candy to another would you get a start stand behind your guys you gotta show some loyalty and that's they get loyalty. I'm not saying Ronald Reagan one of those that eventually can't Flint but he would've fought a lot harder than us. It would have taken held a lot more than this. And George H. W. Bush would have been a lot. Stronger man than Mike Pence turns out to be quite frankly and I'm very very disappointed. They just sent. Let us go to cut six now this one ladies and gentlemen troubles me a lot. Cut data meant. Yes this one this one troubles me a lot Heidi go. We showed great heart daka is a very very difficult subject for me I will tell you to me it's one of the most difficult subjects I have because you have these incredible kids. In many cases not general cases and some of the case is. There's none of the cases their middle aged man. Like 36 years old. Who were here as children but go ahead. There is in the drug dealers to put you have some absolutely incredible kids I would say mostly. They were brought here in such a me it's a very it's a very very tough subject we didn't deal with Stucco with heart I have to do with a lot of. All we know it sounds like you. Jeb Bush. Who he trashed on this issue trash brutally. Sounds like Jeb Bush and I am sure the rockettes and the the pump commerce have all pointed this out today have a thing. He's adopted Jeb Bush's policy the policy when it comes to. The dreamers. Just thought I'd point that out that's big news. We'll be right back. Open. We know. Okay. Okay. Man. Let's play that Clinton's call it on this issue of the dreamers. And doc and let me just say this. Barack Obama. Violated the constitution. When he conferred temporary legal status on 45 million people. In com dream regime calm whatever you want. This is an excuse. Whatever happened to leave the country get back on line. Even if he doesn't believe that. I can I can hear you Lanka whispering in his here. But this would be a complete capitulation. A complete turnaround. So I want you to hear the entire part of this press conference you know the press is busy reporting about the press that this is an important point the press conference and went on over an hour go ahead. We showed great heart docket is a very very difficult subject for me I will tell you to me it's one of the most difficult subjects I have because you have these. Incredible kids. In many cases not all cases and some of the case is there any duck and that gang members and their drug dealers to. But you have some absolutely incredible kids I would say mostly. They were brought here. Consistently satisfying when I am and stuff. They're not all kids. In fact a certain percentage of them recant a certain percentage of them are in their twenties and the thirties. Some of them in their low forties. So why do you keep saying kids. I had. Very very tough subject we're gonna deal with Stucco with heart I have to do with a lot of politicians don't forget and have to convince them that what I'm saying is. Is. Right and I appreciate your understanding that but. Did Dockett situation is a very very it's a very difficult. Thing for me. Because I love these kids and I love kids I have kids and grandkids. And I find it very very hard doing what the law says exactly to do and you know the laws were. This is amazing to me. This is amazing them. Did I miss the Republican primary debates. If this isn't Jeb Bush The Who has. This is just stunning to me. Even the way he's expressing it is stunning. I would be right back. Liberties voice. Mark love. Talk what that voice now and 773813811. You know one of the best mom. Hayes. By Donald Trump is this Fella. Pruitt. Who he wants to make him. Administrator of the EPA is very solid guy. And the Democrats plan to hold an all night here. Which means of course will be lots of Goosen and dancing women and anyway that's what they plan to build. And so far the Republicans seem to be holding fairly firm except for. Susan Collins of Maine she's announced will be voting against. Susan Collins does not vote for a solid. Conservatives. And she's bought and paid for by the environmental movement she's bought and paid for by the NEA this is why she gets. Wonderful press lavish upon her by the live media. She voted against a loss. Who I had some questions about but I would have voted for her. But the NEA said you vote against her Susan and she did seem the idiot from Alaska Murkowski. She voted against. Divorced. So now she votes against this guy Pruitt. Nothing unethical and his background he's paid his taxes been a good guy and so forth and so. Doubt Susan Collins wouldn't have any problem voting for a leftist nominated by Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. Patches are probably they conservative a real conservative. Running the Environmental Protection Agency. She's a disgrace. Also interesting that Mitch McConnell doesn't pound away at her the way he pounded away at Ted Cruz. I mean Susan Collins puts in jeopardy any potential. Nominee by this president right because there's only 52 Republicans. And yet Manchin said he's gonna vote for this guy because of what they've done to West Virginia the EPA. And there might be another Democrat who knows. But not Susan Collins. Susan Collins who talks like a bad Katharine Hepburn. But on the other hand and a there right life looks a little bit like French influence them that I'm just saying it's not personal I don't know whatever. Whatever just the thought. I know that you he gets asked how important the Supreme Court hears. And how we must seize this historic opportunity to right the ship right. The High Court affects our politics society and very lives but how much do you really know about the court's decisions. And its role in its history. Well Hillsdale College when you don't understand all these things. And it starts with taking a short quiz he fun quiz actually define that how mature already known how much you thought you didn't. Go to Levine for Hillsdale dot com LE VI entry Hillsdale dot com take this enjoyable interactive short quiz. And just for doing that you'll get a free pocket constitution. I guarantee you this is one quiz are actually gonna enjoy. That some of the answers will surprise you mean even if here history teacher or a lawyer. I betcha gonna be stumped on a few of these. The quiz the pocket constitution. Everything you learn from Hillsdale are yours for free as always because Hillsdale College exists to help all Americans pursue truth. And defend liberty. Take the quiz right now living in for Hillsdale dot com that's held dvi and free host of the outcome. I'm very proud of our relationship with Hillsdale college and my buddy the president doctor Larry aren't. No the first program they began advertising on was this. It makes a hell of a lot of sense. There is no other show that spends so much time talking about our institutions. Talking about the declaration in the constitution talking about our history. But for the first hour hour and a half of the program how we. We went into that deep substance on education. The live media. That of course. Despises me and most conservatives. Have you believe is that phony front line showed did member. I divided we stand or something that affected divided nations of American. And the clown producer of that program would not come on my show would go everywhere else but not on my showed all it would do is cherry pick. One liners from. You know calling somebody had Jericho or. Calling Obama marxists all of which was true battling but takes it completely out of context. And puts on Frontline. Which I pay my taxes to subsidize. So that's the joke that's the fake media. And the term fake media was first used on this program fake media fraud media. This mr. producer and inform me sometime ago and reminded me and I am glad it's back. You know on a stick. More calls you think I think so full board. Let us go to a tea people are still furious about this education stuff. Christopher. WABC Christopher who did you vote for. I voted for truck market I see and I saw and so I I'm sure you're disappointed today. Yeah not so what now not and I don't know not well know as far as doc is concerned at the end Greenwood couldn't come at her cram course he did it. Well why wouldn't it while it started this way Christopher's anything you disagree with a moment. Yeah there's that there's been quite a few things the volume one dollar cut its name an element. Name one. Why don't agree that I don't agree that everybody should. Should be thrown out of the country I don't I don't believe I'm losing everybody should be and other countries well I would daka is he's. Okay. Pay attention Powell you don't see her hit and run crap on the show. I ask you a question of trying to answer. Where do you disagree with him on everything nobody said throw everybody out of the country. Did he not campaign. In fact. That people who are here illegally should get out of the country get the line and he would humanely deal with a legally did not say that. Yes he did did you agree what that. No not I'm not a 100% I'll only 93%. No I don't think that everybody can be roundup it's not it's not you know round up everybody says you don't have to round up. Everybody what you do is you say hey look. You're here illegally. Don't get all these benefits. You don't get to work here and all these people aren't kids who are seven years old. In fact most of them aren't kids who are seven years old. I thought what to do with the kids out ten why do you sound like Jeb Bush to me. I don't care who are like the Packard while he usually can really sounded like what do you sound like Kasich to me. I don't sound like anybody except for I know that this kid didn't hear that have been brought here and so why did he say that door in the Republican primaries. What do you say what. Why did he not say that during the Republican primaries. I don't think he really knew that degree I'll come on how he's a Smart guy might put you down Donald Trump. But do you what would you do mark with a kid what you what you conjure. I've already said what I would do I would start immediately with the visa violators which represent about forty or fifty to forty or 45%. And I would deport them. And you say round them up like you're some liberal like we round people up but what you do is in the course of business. You send them notes you knock on the going to let them know hey how you get thirty days to get out of here he overstayed her visa. That's number one seed can deal with forty to 45% of the cases like that. Number that you go ahead and you build the law. To prevent people from coming in here illegally. And then you deal with the hard cases that's been elevated position since day one. But I wasn't running for president of United States saying that that position as a joke acquisition Angel what everybody this made that position travesty. I never said that. Think that he's saying that either I really don't I don't think I sang I clearly because he's doing. But it is amnesty isn't it sick. No it's not always believed I'd believe that you gonna round out the people you are boarded. Into a pretzel. If you're going to say that these young people are not going to be deported because of what he gonna do with the market. Then you're giving them amnesty you understand that Christopher. I knew I'd get up I thought I can't handle you anymore. This is at the head bangers I can't take it. No matter what I said. It doesn't matter. Now we all know the record we don't know what was set. Not all Helen Keller around here I heard what he sat. And I'm I'm throwing the flag the panel. Italy's flag and art what do you mean mark what would you do what what I do I said what I would do. But he didn't say that. Arab people just it's it's amazing to me. You know you can what this president the succeeded still have your criticisms. I worked for Ronald Reagan I wanted him to succeed I had my criticisms. That may well what you do mark illegitimate that's not a question that's kind of rhetoric that's not a rational reply the reply as he changed his mind OK why. What happened. Yet kids and grand kids before. Hitting. So those position is Jeb Bush's position. If you are now like it than current. Not trashing Jeb Bush. I'm not trashing Donald Trump I'm saying he's taken a complete reversal on his position why. And what we did in my what did you what did you do have it didn't let it get dilapidated I've already said. But by position it. Steve Long Island the great WABC go. They're marked you for taking me it's my pleasure have spoken to before we're very very I would want to get that I am the front supporter I have been told they want a registered Democrat so the Caribbean a portal but what I love duke. Is except those. Statement said he makes that next week to keep watching back number one he should never have gotten rid went. If you're really helped the car did not walk explained to me. Everybody in the world to watch a lot of got what kind of spectacle was. Not true as far as Taka. You're right those sorts over extended it is as you got thirty days collecting gracious thirty basic the country but it disable truck. All right how about this Steve if you really say I care about little kids. OK anybody 35 and older. You get out of the country. Okay then and I'm not talking about eight erupts. I'm just throwing that out what about that and I can't what would you do much so all of a sudden. His position has has reversed completely. And all I'm saying is don't we deserve a better explanation than this idea is kids and grandkids Steve. I don't disagree we're sure that I expect 100%. Listen we've all been told that all the people who comment to this country. All of them out old ladies with little children don't have their week. But I do believe somewhere in my head and in my heart. Additionally and knows better than that and what he did not want to listen to step to the point at which he could be hacked dot. I've believed in what he would say a lot of people there's a group meets but I have my daughter. But a lot of people disagree with him because he'd pull these people eight different. He held a different position. So a lot a lot of people are gonna be disappointed I had managed a lot of people are going to be this appliance and now wait a minute. I love yet I'm glad I voted for I want you to succeed. But let's not pretend you're not changing your position now we need a better explanation than you have children and grandchildren. US children and grandchildren eighteen months ago. Agree with that but what and peeling an open court. What are they they're going to be people look going to be discipline it would make. But people people because I think he's ultimately could go through what she originally checked it just it got what could be the final years. I don't think years. Which temple in Idaho let. So this. I hope alive baby keep hope alive. Who was that Jesse Jackson and remember. Steve always enjoy your call my friend we'll be right back it's. The next nominee for Labor Department. I know him. Know very distant way. They seem to recall he was a fairly moderate Republican. He served in Georgia to be Bush's administration that's my recollection. But that's all I remember. But he'll be attacked military and mentally you know. Whatever they need to try and taken down because it doesn't matter just fill in the blank. I'm sure Susan Collins will be there you know who your best and Katharine Hepburn impact invitation and a trying to think they should I have and that they Hamad town now. Write this down blinds. TER dot com lions TER dot com that's blind student dot com. You know I only tell you about products I believe it. Then so glad I found Lionsgate dot com the best when their treatment company there is and I really found it a few months ago. I don't let the blinds are dot com and placed an order and I couldn't believe how easy it was to measure and installed the lines and their beautiful. Look if I can do it you can do it. Because I'm all thumps. The line to get back confound a Kyle Cox this guy is sharp. He's personable he's an entrepreneur nor. Any case about one thing and one thing only customer service I don't I know that because I spoke to. It's somewhat. 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You know what I I talk to folks like Kyle. I have to work these things now. And 35% discount is a big deal. And he wants you to. To order compliance so they given you the 35% discount and the unbelievable unparalleled customer service. So check him out blind straight dot com promo code mark. Let's continue. That seat who shall we speak to live only Charles Atlanta Texas. On the mark could enact Dario. I'm good sir you know very well thank you. Yes sir so I'm definitely raises the emotional group senior mullah. Don't want more control on buying back their eternal struggle put in place of the wall in a market. I believe and it ends. Then you know are still so viable community still got friends over the children are brought in to races there Obama wore their prom. And I totally get it appears they've got to do lord does for its money. And we can get double what are we quit protection every years. Will get a photo handouts no government Oprah market if for Michael and course those. A discount on future but normally you know what to discover oil through about it. I feel exactly the same way and I think the president has to explain. His a 180 degree reversal. I think that I think he owes it to the people who supported him in the Republican primaries for whom this was a big issue. I don't think he just blow it often say I've children and grandchildren assistant tough this issue I've ever had to really deal with them. And in fact during the course of the campaign it wasn't that tough for. Quickly Joseph Santa Rosa California the great KS FO quickly go. Mr. Le menu or gentleman in a scholar and I appreciate you taking my call I'll make it quick you're having a great show today but I need to can test do you. I would commute every day on the way home sometimes so I yell at the radio I mean turned you off before. I am a bit of Iraq can I can admit. But I think it's important that the other rock can't. And some supporters out there realize that while trumpet surrounded by people who are either telling him exactly what he wants to hear yes men or you know another and the stock market we're just attacking him for whatever reason they tend. She needs your original us perspective. Thank you my friend and I appreciate that's what I'm trying to do. Ladies and gentlemen I we'll see you on Monday we salute all you heroes out there be safe. Thank god bless you.

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