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KNSS Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-17-17 Breaking Blur Entertainment News: Mark Hamill is still alive

Steve & Ted in the Morning 02-17-17 Breaking Blur Entertainment News: Mark Hamill is still alive

Feb 17, 2017|

"Sky Neiws" reported the death of Mark Hamill, Hamill himself disagrees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The favorite and is subject to talk about is. They feel they can throw in the human rights issues do that issues on us. Believe racial sexual. Vetoed anything like it or or even poverty issues since the. Good Morning America 713 38 an SS. Stephen Ted in the morning. Now it's time for three big things. Wichita police are looking for a serial robbery suspect this week saying. Kansas House of Representatives approving an increase in income taxes now the state senate set to discuss it. 59 people are dead after a bombing. In Baghdad and it may be in crisis group responsible. Three big things was even dead on 987 and thirteen 38 NM SS. Again this morning the gasoline prices here in the Wichita area gasoline prices June 09 a gallon in just a couple of places it. When he first rock golf central and amazed. Lots of other places up around at 214 gallon for us to find cheaper prices that prices would be coming down. And a traffic on Kate and test as front teeth budget brother Carl's Goodyear tire. Here's downtown market in Waterman in the east ferry street Moline on money Karl start dot com. Home of the 34 and 95 oil each. He asks and as we look at that weather forecast heading into the weekend. Breezy and warm today with a high of seventy degrees under mostly sunny skies and we mostly clear tonight Chile slowdown 42. Looking at the weekend tomorrow 67. Sunday 69. There is a 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms by Sunday night into Monday. That's after a beautiful weekend how about that right now on which it's always a breeze out of the south sunny skies 44 degrees. Steeper highs today 78. NS as weather's brought you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday. The menu may be found at monarch Wichita dot com look the monarch in the delay you know it's always great weathered its head up that. Patio the monarch this weekend. 849 with Steve intent on taking an SS you know tomorrow. Know a lot of folks will be up and Adam on a Saturday morning of course the shocker men's basketball team plays at 11 AM tomorrow. So you're going to be up doing things on a Saturday morning you need to tune in right here on pay and SS at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning for the weekly show which it Tom means business. With your host John Paul Manolo Johns and A thanks very let me slip in here this morning and I got a big day tomorrow big show. It's going to be I think it's going to be a really good show lots are great gas and the information things that I think people wrote to be in LeRoy Zaria what we got some problem Mike king he's with select Toms he and Mike Kirby can movements are great guys over there and gals but Mike's going to be coming into the give us a scoop on buying and selling arms in the westside area. I'm getting ready for spring you know markets just taking off already like crazy. I'm Mike in chart he's in charge of their options that they do with that with that part of the company and very informed guy and so he's gonna have a bunch of good tips on getting right buyers home excellent and then rich from children's allergies in the time in a nice if you wanna add some fun. Festive activities to your home you wanna tune in for this because he's gonna give us great information tells all about the pool tables spawn is helpful boards. Ping pong tables and accessories more you make a lot more stuff over and most people whatever you know realize and sometimes just think apple thing I don't like a lot of things they have everything so if you have a family or if you wanna just as some and you know in your house or real American entertainment area. Where these guys have talked to and so they're gonna command and talk about that excellent and Chris BZ brown we don't know her Chris Mara here forever and in the market and fun things that she's in charge with Diaz out. With the which album shows the stamps entry to this week in so he's going to be coming and it it I mean this is a huge incredible show. Lots of fun products and services it checked out. And she's gonna get us a rundown. On the show. IE they register. That today and borrow for a 500 dollar shopping spree that they have and so she's got all the details so a lot of fun and good information tomorrow morning. Sounds good and I understand even a Stephen Ted might be making an appearance at the women's show tomorrow well you know I figured Steve would be hanging out an album I don't know. Now want you know pain prior take is like shelling out walk around checker inning and exactly. So what Tammy guys in the league where there mid afternoon. All right so we'll we'll see folks down there tomorrow comes easiest you'll have fun now and then in tune in tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock for Wichita means business something another great show John thank you appreciate you let me commend and we'll be listening tomorrow morning thank you Wichita means business Saturday mornings 8 o'clock right here on KN has asked. It is 852 we Stevens had in the morning and Kate and SS. Who helps Wichita become more diverse. Let's find out. And chat with the bill raw way editor at the Wichita business journal bill. Morning guys yet of a story the Wichita business journal weekly edition on the streets today ten individuals and aid organizations recognize Thursday as Wichita as leaders in diversity. They were chosen because of their work to create a more inclusive diverse community and give voice to those who might not otherwise be heard. The awards were presented by the Wichita business journal along with Cox business and west star energy. The award winners came from a variety of industries backgrounds Chevrolet and academia representing local universities. Some more lawyers or connected to the legal field. Some were from community organizations that deal with low income which are tons of those with physical barriers profiles of all the winners in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal. In this week's top 25 list Wichita area engineering firms ranked by the number of which are hiring engineers. Professional engineering consultants with 57 MK EC engineering second with fifty. The rest of the top five WSP Parsons Brinker Hoff Bachmann and company and Dudley Williams & Associates. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS at Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita this mr. line bill Roy. Thank you bill always great information and we'll check in with you have a great weekend talking and bill on Monday bill Raleigh editor from the Wichita business journal according to research. A lot of people get engaged on saint Valentine's Day permit really out perfect moment for romance popped the question on saint Valentine's today. How many of those jet actually. Consummate that marriage how many make it to the to the wood to the altar I'm gonna guess a low number. Probably somewhere in the maybe 35%. Range that's me in your little bit of a pessimist a little bit of the past and it's just about half. Apps 54%. Fifties thing actually make it to the altar. And I would be interested to know what the number is of those that actually. Stay married. At a I bet that's my analysis now married to get closer to the number yours or even lower yeah now also to pop the question on Valentine's Day basically there's a 5050 shot of actually. Getting things done and get into the altar announce new. The baby Eagles 46% that don't make it actually know better and make the bright eyes position exact Ali is this this probably isn't going to work out let's not do this all right it is 855 with Stephen said. Here on Kate and SS heading into a beautiful weekend on a Friday morning. Back right after this on tape in SS. Are you taking.

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