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The Good Life Segment 1 02-18-17

Feb 18, 2017|

Guy is joined by Jedediah Karban, the Midwest Regional Sales Representative for Miele U.S.A.Products about Miele's history and some of Miele's high end home appliances.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the good life food wine and all the good things of life. Oh here's the host of the good life guide our. Could have been welcomed the program and a beautiful day outside the news. Be nice. Today it's time to get out going out on two wheels a little bit later. Those of you who were at the woman's ferry yesterday we had a great time 530 we today. A wine tasting. Rose's that was kind of fun for. Well we did five I brought four enough for the pasty she'd had it but then my good friend doctor John Brewer. And Cayman he brought his rose of chambers and and what a great line kemba down to wildwood sellers. And on down there and trying to and it's. The beauty. Did you look at the two goes section this week. About debt dining with the knees supper club. Gonna start that's. First one's at 6:30 PM on March 7 it's going to be really cool blitzes. Great opportunity not only and with the needs to go to Moline shows then tried some of the great cronies making a special menu that night. For the dining club and it's starting with the days you can learn more at. Where you can call the Wichita Eagle Academy questions but more importantly find Denise on FaceBook to make reservations. Or sugar do you mail it the Neal and the guy Al Wichita eagle dot com. It's. OK so the program there's going to be kind of interesting I had the opportunity while pickets in place not long ago and her new location on east of the island district. And at jet car Ron he's. The midwest rep for me away appliances. A German company with a great history. And at that and talk about some of these appliances because man stopped by the kitchen plays and check out the demo and it's really cool. Just nice localism Europe is weekend gents good afternoon to welcome to the program. Gary how are not bad ready how things down and tea house. Her backpack I thought that we're occurrences. Here out of whether Google and we're just doing like so. Well let me or your actual. Well thanks. Let's talk a little bit about what what has gone on. At the kitchen place in this beautiful kitchen of put together isn't just probably. One of the best if not the best in the midwest simulate demo concludes. Yeah there are particularly here at. Particular places out there and because there are what they did they do. There are things that we do it our own branded location where we what we call experience banners. And we have an awful lot of product in twelve locations throughout the United States. And what pat did was try to. Duplicate there is no Asian given up pretty forward Earl expert of our product everywhere from our copy is that the to wash. Even back it was at some point. Pretty cool stuff. I'm let's do this let's start with a little bit to history. From your perspective about this company and how they pretty much changed the face of high end. Appliances not only for kitchen but like you said vacuum cleaners and a number of stuff them. It'd be kind of an interesting history. Absolutely I mean we've been in business and he. 99. That status by Karl me. Is. Partner at certain. Is that. We've been writing. Manufacturer on the first. We start out. I heard that the operator that operated cream. And there was something at that time which was done by hand of their eastern risk weighing. And it became alternately. Footprint in the guide to developing prepared burst washing machine on the news by nineteen. 03 we are creating order prize our locker. Washing machine and then from there. And we became absolutely designated to. Major appliances. And he's just been contained to about being mean our motto is there which is forever. Matter and that's one of the things that the era stamp it out that's what generation group strives for two. Bring something new and innovative to. Being that a practical but that was used every day so they are you buried. You do differently as well. Eating foreign experience of the person using a meal products. It's. You know. You're not as old as I am meant if you go back to your early childhood certainly if I do. You know your folks bought a refrigerator lasted forever they bought a washing machine and lasted forever they bought a cook stove arrange. And and it is like. You grew up with that and that's what you have when you came back from college you know same thing. Today it's my opinion that. We've gone full tilt and this you know disposable. They and they're not built the last kind of mentality with. Asian imports that give on big box store shelves. And obviously that's not the case with mile. You know on our I mean and bio means there's a lot of great product from the market place by always you. Released in the past the car dealers one of those companies and it's partially because we. Are Campillo which gives a lot of leverage to desire what can go art care optical market. Op how much time is spent on research and I'll I'll take input levels of there where other people are put it corporation. Mark pushed too. Eight profit and it's something doesn't work well we take it scrap it. There has really limited they're product quality over the years. From being at the street but you know nearly twenty years which is half my life. I'd even bet that they've really changed either the IR. But other than it Erica made it products that were great are still great that day. More more or changing as we become more globally active portal was invited in terms are marketplace. And Hillary is already poised for that because they. Have over 360. You know countries that they've been doing is reformer honored here. Earn it like a puppet companies although they have a different. Quote the market. Like we're the greatest pieces that pet. Particular places are arranged and the great example here speaking here. That's something that we. Took twelve years to bring in the market. It was one of the missing pieces from marketers. Are. Please spent a lot of time we are. Putting it Arafat. 65 different case studies and other out of practice and kind of giving feedback into the arc about page. It was happening is that prototype home pat. Just a long time Internet research in the dark days. Are reliably you're dead that we built in thirty years and wanna make sure that hitting all the highlights but also giving all the records happen and he's here. Reform the ways we expect as apparently company's pop putting product out there 41 market. Let's take a quick break we'll come back and talk. I'm I'm so amazed at the technology you know I love it used to crank up a little analogue good dialogue and senate on some predetermined temperature and you hope that it got of that and things have changed a lot I'd do just joined us on top of the jet car brought these. With it one of the best appliance builders and and we have so much fun playing in the demo kitchen at the kitchen plates we just had a month when we come back well thought would shed more about relay and how you can go see what it's like in this some of the events coming up to play a guy America collectively we'll be right back.

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