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WSU vs Creighton

Jan 17, 2009|

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- have an anti statistician our producer in the studio might but the idea as usual. And it's pleasure to have you all what this and of course you have this part of the show works it's your chance to participate. You make policy anytime at 43613. Thirty with your questions and thoughts. Area code is 316 if you're outside -- touch dialing area 316436. Thirteen thirty love to hear from me with whatever is on your mind we'll have a trivia question for a little bit later. Davis. Creighton team the team that we were impressed with than say young team last year that. Made a great transition they lost four of five starters six of twelve Letterman from a 22 at eleven NCAA tournament team. And with eight new faces what 22 and eleven went to the NIT last year and so that's why everyone picked them. To win the league they've actually probably been a little more up and down since getting into the conference then Dana Altman would like -- -- some people might have anticipated. But still without question one of the most dangerous teams in this conference every night yeah. They do so many things well and he got a couple of junior college kids that really helped him out. He rebounds OK but they defend well and they shoot the heck out of the basketball and you better not foul them because if you do they're just about. Charged that -- -- -- up until it explodes might -- just an excellent free throw shooting team they're very good three point shooting team they're very good field goal shooting team. They're fun to watch -- put together well. -- -- And that's it another one of their -- if if somebody here a couple of somebody's have an off night they have guys on the bench that are pretty much equally capable they can come in on any night in and pick up the pace they play eleven guys at least ten minutes per ball game. They -- nobody more than 26 minutes per ball game they keep them fresh and it keeps the intensity level up. And since we saw them six games ago. They have guy or two that have dropped off a little bit numbers wise. Booker would Fox's so incredibly -- almost had to drop off a little bit enhanced. In his -- PL instead it to that is are still that no matter race is about as hot as you can get right now so. Again just a very good well balanced team. There -- there was a tendency when we saw them the first time. To -- get out of the offense so little this little one on one a little too often I mean that's not something we're used to seeing Creighton do. But again so that's used or even some other better players -- junior college players in their first or second year the program. But other than that made it's hard to find any real weakness with this team they're not overly -- here to bigger players. Spell each other in the oh so they almost never played together. But Carter of the junior college transfer there's only six for a strong body does a pretty decent job but. Doing the kinds of things you look for from -- format as far as starting other format and rebounding for well they're really tough to guard Mike -- -- first of all there are excellent transition they create a lot of turnovers they steal the ball over eight times the ballgame they get the ball up court. And then they don't. Take their time in getting shot up they'll move the ball pretty quickly. All of our guys are quick ball players they move off Falwell and as soon as they get an open shot they have no hesitancy in putting about what. Think it's been kind of interest -- Davis -- just trends. Although they are still scoring well they're not scoring as well in the conference as they get outside the conference and you mentioned steals they're not getting as many steals. In the conference in some of that I think he's just. People around the league being used to crate and pressing all the time they've they've seen it they've worked on it because they've had to prepare for that was great. So they will still precious to throw teams that are read them -- get steals off depressed occasionally but. In the conference it becomes a little more of just that a change of pace up to throw you off they've made up -- much against some teams is others. And and certainly with the scoring pace. Teams I think around the league in certain cases are trying not to let them get up and down the floor as much they'll actually take here -- a little bit try to slow the temple. While their presses the same as it was last year as it was the year before -- it was fifteen years ago basically. And as a result a coaching staff doesn't have to look at his take too much. Or to determine what in fact we're going to do on the press so it's a little bit easier to beat the press know where you're supposed to put your players. What I like about this team their a lot of things to like about them is they'll play four guards. In all of their guards are good offensive players all of their guards are very quick players. And what that enables them do -- cheat a little bit because they rotate back and help out because they're quick enough to do so. You know there's a lot of history on -- side in this series under Dana Altman they are 25 and five against with just us date so they have pretty much dominated that series not just back to Dana Altman to. But to some degree to Tony -- and before that. And Wichita State doing kind of interesting little bit different promotion today they're calling it black out great day they have been -- everybody or. Several weeks now to wear black to this game they're handing out black T shirts to everyone comes in. So great will be and the show actors team in accordance with that promotion are wearing their black Rutgers these tonight so great will be wearing white uniforms for road game here this afternoon. And on top of all the other stats they have in their favor against Wichita State in recent years I think they've won something like eighteen in a row against which it does state wearing. White uniforms sixteen straight I think it is now in Omaha. Plus a couple of games in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament along the way when they were the whole team because they were at a higher seeds. That -- -- hackers can break a few changes here this afternoon whoever planned that promotion didn't read the notes at that came out. But. What you got Mike is a team that's very self confidence. Although they haven't played quite as well on the road or three at three on the road so. If they can be had they can be -- women's movement that -- convention time has never ever even caller of the afternoon and that is. Ron and so Ron thanks for taking the time vigilance. A my -- -- Brandon -- wrote the I'm this. Me and saying. In our group Graham she and that is unproven group Google that was said earlier. Yeah -- around the realize that the subtly different is that it is. Those blues. It just drives me saying so that their war in the game is less double walls that the only -- -- We not heard away like he is created. -- I believe it is if you KM off beautifully in this issue. Truth is you probably enough in the groove in the game as consistently and -- you remember. That's my question you know I'm reading through. It for that I really. The reform and make you recruit through these. I'd do without -- there yes. Does she think there was. You have proven asset -- open up our inside game won't let alone calling -- -- Yes pretty much goes without saying and and I think you can go beyond Graham had just you watch David tiles shooting warming up if you watch here at stats shoot warming up. Excellent form. You know they make most of what they shoot at eleven Hanna is a guy that in game two seriously shut them almost that time to move it. -- -- That's the thing of these coaches have talked about you know we've seen these guys every day we're not a bad shooting team we -- Eric guy issued in practice and real and even in scrimmage is being guarded. It's all about confidence and sometimes concentration. And focus that more than anything confidence. And I think Graham -- one of those guys. It -- even for a split second he thinks maybe I should achieve this he's probably not gonna make it he has got to at some point. Into the mindset that if he's open let it go and let it go with confidence believing he's gonna make it. But. You know seven that just comes with playing more and and experiencing success confidence doesn't come easily after you've missed a few grams numbers aren't very good lately and you you miss a few -- you start doubting yourself and. And it's tough to get out of that. When you play in division one basketball and probably any college basketball you'll find that your one and two players are you familiar quickest player. Your three players usually -- more athletic player still very quick. But a little bit -- a little bit longer arms and what happens is they -- sugar and high school for example. They take just a split second too long to set and get his shot off. And you've got to accelerate that release so much more to play division one and when your -- against the three guy I think even more than mad because you have a chance of getting to block. So that's what brain has to contend with and that's why he always look so good to -- around. But it's a little bit more difficult -- bigger quick man closing out on and so quickly. -- thanks for the cost -- good opportunity to get more of your lined up on the phone lines at 43613. Thirty years we take a quick time out. On the Cessna aircraft pregame show. 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At some point that money has to wind up somewhere and what does it create creates inflation. So there won't be inflation one. He's on the radio mark -- and -- from nine to eleven. Hot news radio thirteen thirty. -- assets the shocker athletic scholarship organization or say so provides scholarships and educational support for over 250 deserving student athletes. WSU athletes compete in over thirteen NCAA division one sports and do so with excellent having won four of the last five Missouri Valley Conference all sports trophies. For more information on how you can help contact the shocker athletic scholarship organization at 978. SAS. This is KM SS you were listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In Wichita called Greg McCoy or can -- shooting. Slug back to ISO standard for every game show -- call in portion 43613. Thirty if you have a question -- thought forests and Charlie as our next voluntarily. Did have you it. I got what looked like it gets reduce its a great job you you really have it normative soccer basketball. The question is. Galactic to favor if you I think my -- might be -- vast but Marshall -- -- the competition in the Missouri valley the prayers that the southern proper. And how we -- this year that it might do it not offered. I capitalist. I I would not mind asking him that. I think best format data -- his from the night call in show certainly. Not after a shocker lost little thing could be a good time did test that particular question it's. Today addressing the question of an NF if I forget call in on Monday night and -- as well so be sure but I'm sure you'll be glad to I'm sure be glad did address that. But you're just dredging up -- and development. But but I will try to remember to ask him on Monday night or on as you know from six to seven on this same frequency from Applebee's on rough road. -- 43613. Thirty is an -- call thank you by the way for the compliment and incidentally mr. Kennedy Bob Hope called me at home this morning. And he wanted to make sure since he had forgotten or didn't have an opportunity didn't forget. To congratulate you has bill -- it's congratulates you was Gary Hartman and I congratulate you on nine. Hundredth consecutive shocker basketball games because. Well it's been a lot of fun and it's gone by fast and the only reason. I know somebody asked me a few years ago and I I got curious so I went back and figured up and since then I decided about his -- he tracks unaware of when the milestones come up but -- 900. Consecutive the other night and and then somebody that was on the trip to ask me how many road trips that it did for me and I I figured out how many games away from which -- tie it down which includes about twenty. That I did it. In the four years before it became the full time broadcaster bill and Vista in the games and I did radio when they were on TV and there were about twenty more than those were -- road games they've been 447. Games away from home. The last 33 years do you remember did did you call victory the very first game to call. I will have well I -- I've been it was though it would it would run home name those days you know have been home game and that was the year that the shocks when the final eight. The elite eight so that probably would have been a victory the first game did -- that stretched the you know one of the most memorable games that I've ever done was them that -- -- before I became the fulltime play by play broadcaster and that was the shoppers win over mark -- in Milwaukee in 1977. Because that was album wires. Last home game he would announce that he would retire at the end of the season. And Wichita State beat them it was a big senior day crowd hello -- was one of their seniors they had all the parents there and everything in Al's last game representative grandfather clock and and Robert L -- and she's Johnson in particular play. Extremely well on the shoppers one that game and then that Marquette team one on one the national championship Steve -- that's he played particularly well that game that he had a had a especially important contribution that. Larry -- Ellison duo fist fight -- get a tossed out of the game of the second. It's Steve Steve was a good player that good guys ahead I don't de -- This did -- used to -- island street. It -- accidentally make sure everybody else played a little bit harder to do well anyway thank you thank you for the compliment and we have another Mike on the phone now so -- thanks for joining us. You have to question -- that it was not clear number one. In John Cooper stood consistent approach called -- won't see what program did that. In Jacobson the coaches via northern Iowa. Come through and go without their thanks. Yes John Cooper is still an assistant at Auburn and yet been there for several years now there have been a decent season -- from everything I understand it's kind of look at critical year for that staff they need to have a pretty good year there's some pressures do. Be -- more successful than they have been that. John does a great job he always hear good things about him what a great guy he is in fact. I had no idea and and at the turn him in Orlando that was just -- state played in Bob hall and -- gave rural ran out of ride back to the hotel from the arena idea. He had stayed scouting wanted to play against teams shoppers are going to play. And somehow it. John's name came off and he had Earl had become very good friends that are oldest thinks the world John Cooper and no matter how bad apple knows him well I think maybe that on the recruiting trails and so forth that in that area. -- John Cooper still it offered ten Jacobs and they. Head coach at northern Iowa and as I think you all know by now no relation to defend Jacobson that was the players there's just 23 years ago. It comes from similar background to that Greg McDermott the former head coach for whom he worked as an assistant and played I think at North Dakota or North Dakota State North Dakota State thing were. Greg McDermott head coach and then he was on the staff there at northern Iowa for about five years as an assistant. Before becoming head coach when coach Rick -- left to take the Iowa State job so. Most recently. That's that's for. He is from and Bob Hope played one bubble was at metro state they played North Dakota State and like an elite eight game in the division to turn out there at their place North Dakota North Dakota State and then Jacobson. Was either on that team or just just missed being on that team his graduate of North Dakota in 1994. So. So that's his background is from that part of the country but. His main coaching influences really have to be Greg McDermott for -- he was an assistant for the last several years aggressive network. And he continues to recruit the same type of players. Iowa type kids kids -- and shoot the ball hard nosed kids. Kids that are capable of running a lot of different offensive schemes and I guess it really paid off -- -- they had they could be raped by thirty some points what is you know why they had a lead over thirty and one by 42. Yes that's I think what that program has done a great job both understand Jacobson now but before an editor Greg McDermott as well. Is recognized. Kids from small school small town schools in Iowa. That have potential but that they now are going to take a little longer to develop and redshirt them and bring them along and they've gotten they've. They've had a couple of guys here and there like joke records for instance and some guys just left a couple of years ago. They hit the -- -- to achieve victory -- but to have the heart problem yeah. But. Kids like cats. To have turned into you know all well your second team all valley type of players that others that. Had just been real solid contributors -- McAllen. Last year Adam -- -- -- did not stars. Good players skilled players can shoot the ball. And help them be very competitive in the league and then you know every once in awhile if you can get you throw an athlete or two in there like an Eric Coleman's. Though the sudden their pretty tough to contend. He he -- role players Mike it was high school stars that are physically strong kids and I don't I don't just mean physically strong I mean mentally strong kids. They work them really really hard but invariably they're all. Real good shooters and as a result it's paid off for the I thanks for the cause we'll take -- time that you're listening to the Cessna aircraft pregame show from Charles health arena. One -- is all about stated. So it's nice knowing that there's a team behind into the considers you. No assistance we provide premium health insurance with -- keeping you lost a good team player. Health systems insurance company. Jack -- with another entry from the Cessna obedient. Citation the greatest resources of all time -- in the 1940 Triple Crown and inspiration meaning. 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Dollars and greenbacks clams cabbage but snickers similar -- folding green red nose scratched my luck. I get a 1000000 words for I -- a harder time keeping my wallet that's what's so great about McDonald's I always get the food I love and still have some walrus -- left in my pocket. Don't get me down when it. Words can hardly describe the McDonald's to fully barbecued snack wrap and crispy chicken for just one dollar every day -- participation may vary. The crispy chicken snack -- boldly. You're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In what your dog called brand woody your shown Chapman right. Welcome back to. -- -- -- -- Maybe I'm being very blue jays here this evening and actually this afternoon got to get my -- parts. Straight your mouth and head of cervical collar on the first aircraft pregame show can't. And wait until I'm not drug that John has gotten so -- I can't give you ten years ago and you -- -- opt out there aren't a good. Many Christians didn't really about it out but I do this so hard to get okay it's because you're new program. Spend any talk. -- -- It's beyond me -- have they have. Proven themselves to let you do -- basketball programs. I just want to -- I don't want I want a military jury at his -- usually aren't who have minority religions -- got these two don't know. No actually I never criticized. Them as a program as a division one program. And at this time the Missouri Valley Conference brought them and they were coming off an upset win over Missouri in the NCAA tournament as a member of its -- Conference which. No longer. System. And I didn't have any problem -- that I just didn't understand it. The whole. You know beyond that beyond what they've done in basketball what they've really brought to the ballet and I still have some issues seven that -- very good track and field program a couple of the things today are the best in. They'll compete in the Missouri Valley Conference which is wrestling and football one double -- football. And it. The other thing is it is it's just hard to get there it's kind of out in the middle of nowhere. And it's not a fun place to go to in the -- -- that was so I was. Somewhat. Facetiously that somewhat seriously -- -- complaining about that addition the whole idea was supposed to be back then they paired up. Opponents who traveled whether it is like. Wichita State Paul says and later Wichita State Missouri State and other teams Philly came down and play those same schools on a two game swing. They still think -- women's sport volleyball women's basketball they have the same travel partners. But they haven't done travel partners for years in men's basketball that's -- During the time that northern Iowa's been in the late supposedly was going to make it nice pairing with drains the Wichita State -- -- travels do. Wichita State has played mass as a two game swing it won't want slot in the whole time they've -- the link to that was my complaints -- location. Just and it's not a very fun place in all weather wise etc. but their program was pretty good and they came hands slipped a little bit and then -- come back ends and personal questions and over the last. 63 years they certainly have been an asset to the league in terms of its. Overall baskets. All prestige and RBI and those sort of thing slalom. It was important for them to improve their basketball program wasn't coach Miller the coach there we used to go to Ohio State so they you know bastards. Yet they invested in a coach and day out improved their facilities. End. I think that they don't have a very good job it was interesting I'm of the -- may be a handful of years ago we were talking with some of the people from Missouri Valley Conference office about expanding and contracting where the plans. And somebody mentioned is it in under consideration -- northern Iowa would no longer be part of Missouri Valley Conference and we got a one word answer. Now and and that was -- so therein therein for the long haul. And then -- you know actually the one that that seemed to. Okay hey. Inclined to not stick around at one time was -- you know that's because. Their school administration was going through a very serious consideration as to. Whether or not they should go back to petition to write rather than staying division one and anything not just getting out of the valley that getting out of -- -- they seemed to have steadied themselves a little bit although that is a smaller private school it's always going to be a little tougher for them to compete in the valley than some others. Basketball has kind of been tradition there hasn't strong tradition and Marty Simmons seemed to be a guy who could. Get that going again at times they did get another sports like baseball that again I I think that's the program that. Probably we'll struggle a little bit stay up and some sports because this is smaller private schools have you looked at the attendance figures for their home games I really haven't I normally pay attention that I will start but I just I'm not aware of what they've dropped there. All right we have a break in the action -- should be good time to ask -- shocker trivia question brought -- -- as always by Applebee's neighborhood grill and bar the first call was correct answer 436. Thirteen thirty and a fifteen dollar gift card from. Applebee's. We talked about this a little earlier in passing shot her fans are painfully aware Creighton has dominated this series in recent years going 25 and and five against W -- issue since Dana Altman became the head coach our question is. Who was the last Wichita State head coach to beat Creighton twice in the same season. 43613. 33 figure that the answer the last shut your head coach to be Creighton twice in the season if you're the first one and looked directly answering UN that fifteen dollar gift cards from Applebee's and we'll find out who our -- definitely -- them. Are your health insurance premiums going up what are you going to do about it -- -- should be wellness works from -- benefit plans wellness works as a health management solution designed to reduce risk -- employee health and increased productivity wellness works -- -- employees to make better health care decisions when employees make better decisions your health care costs will be -- call Mike Keller an apartment benefit plans and ask about wellness works for your company call 6855585. That's 6855585. All right that said about a year. You're driving yeah why you've had three Beers -- -- fine. 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And under arrest a message from the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. It's a new and exciting season George WCU basketball and it's a new and exciting time in the banking business in these uncertain times you don't want to worry about where your money is kept. Community -- is that safe and secure place there experienced staff can assist you in opening a checking savings or CD with the maximum FDIC insurance coverage combined data protection with community -- sound and prudent -- principles and you can be assured your money is safe for the future community may 21 marine which in Wichita and 371 north main campaign is -- member FDIC an equal housing lender. Thirteen thirty K and S access your listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. Even Wichita called Greg Rodgers or Mike Rogers. It was the last soccer head to be great twice in one season telling. They have -- that's right. I'm sorry say again -- Now sorry Kelly that wasn't the one. Not back quite Florida -- that helps anybody Mac Europe next. I get any votes were well over there is the correct answer that math. Congratulations hang on the line we've got to a gift card for your for Applebee's and we'll find out how to get it -- if you're listening on a little bit. Eddie fogler. In his second season is Wichita State's head coach swept both regular season meetings -- rate that year both here in Omaha. That was 1988. It's been 21 years since the shot usually eaten straight allies. In one season unfortunately. I'm sad to say but. That is the case. Now it might get a Mike Cohen yes because Mike is the last -- head coach to get it whenever great in Omaha. But that same season which was 1990 want to -- Not want anybody to exit shot it's lost. Great here in what you Johns with the series so. There you have it that's our winner -- 3613 thirty is still a number to call if you have a question -- we still have a little bit of time left to take your phone calls. And want to remind you to make plans to go to apple -- and brought it it is steakhouse classics your choice of steak. Certainly -- it was too fresh handmade sides. And the topic juicy steak endless possibilities. Only at Applebee's and certainly great occasion to go -- of those stakeouts classics like beef. Monday night when we did this got time theatrics and I never got -- -- and best coaches in violent yet. Fred Marshall show of course on Monday -- will be six to seven. As little wraps up today's game and look ahead to two at home next week against Illinois State and break -- -- -- If there ever going to turn this season around. Have an opportunity -- lives over the next six weeks or so -- for the next five games here at Charles -- arena at eight of the next twelve. Here. If you look at just statistics Mike Wichita State spent very little chance of winning this ball game. But I remember when Creighton came in many many years ago and Dana Altman was struggling at that time and we thought his job was on the line and we ask for their their immediate people who we knew -- really well. Is that not the case and they said yeah that's pretty desperate. And he went on to beat Wichita State that game on our second three -- and you -- exactly right. And they went on to turn a program around and he's been on -- world since then and would that be nice. If the tables could be turned and Gregg Marshall could start his success stories with a win over great today. Well that might be asked about five PR game story to watch Ford says its actors take on the blue jays said that this will be seen around the valley on the Missouri valley network with Dan McLaughlin and Charlie spend hours and yet announcers for today's game. And again this doctor's home on Wednesday. Home on Saturday and I was curious to see if the soccer's newest commitment would be here today I see that his brother is here so I would imagine that. We'll have quite a bit of family representation. From the core family and say if it very well and we saw gave Blair -- Around for the game and man -- man I can hardly wait. Until he becomes eligible what a specimen years and he's quick inning put down a lot of nice and listen. Holy cow I'm just I'm very enthused about that all right we do have one more caller that we had time to take so they all use slipped and hit the wire here on the pregame show. I hate to get there -- places there where I was your -- is that going to go about. They're all -- one point recruit the hot seat with. The media outlet used -- maybe our whole hearted step forward or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I would certainly hope people are intelligent enough to recognize the situation that he says over and understand how difficult it is to. Gotta get a program restarted let -- all due respect to everything mark turgeon bid for this program that was considerable. When he left things had slipped a little bit of that last year and then. You know some of the recruits who have committed his comments. Coach Marshall really started off. Less than you would expect in the way of personnel and and do recruits and so forth last year from the program -- -- the program had been over the last three or four years. And so then you lose a couple of -- seniors seniors out of that group. And with the injuries and so forth they went through last year anyway. All of a sudden he's starting over from scratch and so I think you have to consider that has been very fair in your evaluation wouldn't take that into consideration that this is a complete restart and eighteen months from the time you took over the program. And I think everyone can see there's some talent out there he has done a great job recruiting he had his staff and a short period of time. Given the chance to add another class today rather than any more so in the future including the guys were talking about Johnny coy game -- to sitting out. And that was either and Dana Altman's thirteen year or even possibly -- here thank you very well. When he was still kinda struggling to get it going I think it was even the fourth year the third year they'd been about 500. And there's that season we're talking about that we had got a kick started them -- about a six game winning streak. And they ended up finishing well enough to get an anti TB added that started the whole string of. Post season appearance for Missouri Valley Conference is populated. With good juniors and seniors very seldom do you have freshmen and sophomores that -- teams to victories that if you have a team that relies on a multitude of freshmen and sophomores to be your leaders. It makes it even more difficult that's what Wichita State is looking at this year. And I think from what I hear in the athletic department and what I hear with the folks that have been involved in Wichita State athletics deeply involved. For many many years there's no this enchantment there's no impatience they think he's going to be just fine. And that's the other thing you have to keep in mind is even some of these teams that are going through a little bit every building like southern Illinois they have a lot of young players having this -- the time. They still have Brian Mullen who has been a forty years starting point guard on championship caliber teams. And even Tony Boyle is a fifth year seniors played a lot of -- -- on championship caliber teams and those guys they can rely on for leadership and to make solid plays with the game on the line. Which just doesn't have anyone that's been here more than one previous year in this program meant. And it just one period -- Hawkins who's played more than one previous year division one basketball it's not the same day aren't talking about. Experience and veterans of leadership. Cleland especially got a a system that Gregg Marshall employees that's relatively complicated and he's tried the ease off that a little bit but when you're. Trying to teach so many new players you don't have older players teaching younger players your TT everybody's but it takes a well once the systems in place. Then the older players can teach the younger players in the catch on more quickly. Thanks for the call good questions today folks -- appreciated billion -- to stay tuned -- -- coach Gregg Marshall will be joining me when we return. -- he's -- a new owners so far. I'm pretty excited about the company's teacher who reminds me I need to -- -- 41 -- that's what I'm talking to Baxter and associates did decide what's the best thing to do with my 401K their 401K rollover specialists. Golf Baxter and associates -- 65211. Or visit them online ad money -- planning dot com. An advisory services offered to us -- -- -- -- remember dynasty is a PC and a registered investment adviser thanks it's incorporated -- -- incorporated -- separate and unrelated companies. Birth insurance cold outside but don't worry farm equipment put them away don't have the equipment you need to keep your jobs running this winner including space heaters generators propane and kerosene. Don't -- come out in the cold. Instead give a hardware took off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Christopher Mueller M Daley and his staff for the only health care providers in the region and employ most. A micro graphic surgery just been recognized as the skin cancer treatment but the highest cure rate. Please don't wait until it's too late to learn more about most or to make an appointment please call 6827546. Or visit WWW. Your skin your life. Dot -- you're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In which your job cold Jackie crickets or Gary Hans Berger. Greg Marshall joins us -- set an end game right here Charles could period and -- just. Go. The fighting through what you struggling through right now -- been trying besides -- into the tunnels. Well we we just need a win my game. First in order to get that we're gonna have to get more quality performances we're gonna have to get every war and competing like they want to. To get something accomplished. It's it's it's up and down with with young kids in them and with that the haven't experienced any success lately. In terms of not just playing well but it. Giving it everything they've gotten that was a that was a very disappointing performance at Missouri State those kids came out here like they wanted to. To get don't know oh win it and and protect their home court. That I guys I don't know what they've they've played like they did not play like anything that I want to be represented by in the quite frankly. There had been a lot of fun around here last couple days and we've we've we've got to figure out a way to do we can trust has coaching staff. Two to bring it. In in the way it will. Give great effort and hopefully success. He showed me go through a stretch like this it seems G -- a fix one thing and something else you know becomes a problem -- shot much better about the last three games with the defense hasn't been as good as that just did that need to be re emphasis on certain things well I. I'll be honest with the you know I would if I had if I had to choose and so I don't I don't like Kevin to make this decision if I had to choose I'd rather lose. Fifty to 39 that I would 7658. I just cannot stand not defending not rebounding. And we -- week. We gave up unbelievable. Amounts to second shots we gave up. Layups and dunks because we didn't handle all lived in Nevada against Missouri State and I just can't stand that so that's that's really bother me. You know we're trying to play a little faster to get our offense going and and then and I think that may be part of it but also just just the fact that we were very tough. Just we weren't very tough against Missouri State and defending and rebounding and that's that's that's his heart and determination. The second time around this great the first to the -- teams you face for a second time in do you feel like there's things you learn from the first game that if you get executed gives you chance. Well army we we've played fairly well against Creighton the first three times were took pictures that bill better than us -- it's obvious and and we've we've got to play better for longer stretches. We can't the -- twenty minutes are we can't played nineteen minutes we can't play. 28 minutes against Creighton with this group to win. Even before at home we've got to play closer to 38 minutes 36 minutes and hopefully those minutes that we don't play particularly well. Our. That we can overcome them with equality away from the majority of the game and it's it's something that this team is have a hard time doing bit. You know we've had a couple pretty good days of practice will see I don't know if we're gonna be fully healthy enough JT -- will participate. -- we that's near whatever was I'm not even sure what it was but it's not serious. Its its staple was just a matter now have been -- look play was a little bit -- parties and he did not. Participated practice very long either day. Check it catcher Gregg Marshall stage -- -- what you just state and Creighton from Charles -- period. Everyone likes to root for the home team that's why -- Coventry Health Care in Kansas supports our Wichita State shoppers when it comes to health insurance group -- in -- Visual Coventry Health Care of Kansas is the number of one choice from HMOs to PP goes to high deductible health plans Coventry Health Care and Kansas have products to fit your needs call toll. 38667953995. Extensions and 59 for more information that's 8667953995. Extension 1059 from one home town to another Coventry health. Health care says Joe -- Shocks. You're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance in -- call bread all of beer or dusty self. Just kind of -- as we continue -- every game lead up to Wichita State. -- second and. And all the time this we'll be in the -- get together between these two basketball program. Great leads the series fifty to 39 thanks to winning. 25 of the last thirty cents Dana Altman became head coach and eleven of the last fourteen the last four in a row including a 6856. -- Wichita State. That was an Omaha on December the 28 Wichita State. Still has not faced three members of the Missouri Valley Conference yet but they will play the blue jays a second time. And also little play Drake. For a second time next week before seeing -- Indiana State and Evansville for the first time Shaq has let their first meeting with -- Illinois State. This coming Wednesday all of which gets to send two more discussion of today's game and bring you the keys to the game. -- dog he's presented by rusty export of the keys are anyway. And that's free to take advantage for employee pricing flushing -- people all the rebates on new Ford cars and trucks can't be better than that. -- -- Absolutely. Unbeatable. If you Google free throws when your computer system. The name brightness going to come up -- 78. 3% from the free throw line it's tops in the Missouri valley its seventh in the NCAA. Wichita State has to keep them off the free throw lining -- to go toe to toe. With -- days on the line is that it can I had run their dad's. The answer and they shot eight according to against the shelters in the first game sixteen of nineteen and that's one of six games in their last eight -- -- 80% or better at 843. As a team over those last eight games that -- -- -- welcome aboard and I'll Kennedy that's not good news. Secondly the shots that need to light up the score -- to look like. Times square on New Year's Eve and I mean shots happens or at least seventy points Creighton. This year just read to whether opponents scored seventy points. Wichita State has won three of the five games against Dana Altman when they scored at least 73. It's all about opportunities Wichita State doesn't get enough opportunities they don't in the field goal attempt -- -- free throw attempts. They turned the ball over an average of twenty times a game in three the last four ball games and there's not rebounded and lethargic. On the rebound hand in what they need to do was recaptured that today number of warcraft off the apostrophe. In reality. Is silent. And Wichita State needs to silenced the balanced and at twenty points a game and for the last five ball games. He looks like the player of the year candidate he was projected to be -- get knocked him off his high horse he's too valuable player and finally. It shocks -- to put the -- back in the alphabet soup it's been lacking Mike I mean Wichita State is night and Missouri Valley Conference games and the fans. Giving up 48%. From the field to Wichita State needs to keep them around 40% from the field in the shot takes over 40%. Here's a kind of alarming statistic to say the least you know has been a lot of talk about Wichita State's offense over the last three games they've shot 48 point 1%. 23 of 51 threes and 45 point one. But on over those same three games they beloved her opponents to shoot 57. The shot here's a shot. Twenty fewer free throws in three games they've been out rebounded into the -- -- an average sixteen point seven turnovers to their opponents. Eleven points at Wichita State shooting the ball better it's been enjoyable to watch and then three of the last four ball games because they're more accurate. But darn thing never get to the free throw line because they never get the free throw line even though there -- more accurate from the field. They're not scoring twenty points and they need to score so that comes back to the bigger guys create more assertive more aggressive around the basket. But then you also have to finish this was a first meeting between these two teams. -- Wichita State dominated the offensive glass fifteen offensive rebounds to six they didn't shoot that well but they didn't shoot -- here. And the shoppers couldn't finish on the second chances may have. Five shots blocked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How about getting as many as three year four or five guys all play well on the same night to show actors who get two or three. And it's just not enough against good teams it's particularly not going to create enough against a team that is as well balanced -- the patent. Yeah and played well that's a lot of different definitions. But how about getting back he doesn't rebounding column on the positive and that how -- Are rotating on the fence -- -- -- -- so well against you and how about getting. Three or four guys in the starting lineup that can get four or five field goals each instead of zero or one field goals from two -- three guys not to mention something as simple as just running the offense the way it's designed and making smart passes the -- turnovers. In the recent gains that we talked about. Weren't so much a result of high pressure deep -- in the opposition it was a lot more just making bad decisions. On the ball to the post or five times that -- stayed on Wednesday night when there was absolutely no chance of the ball ever getting in there and -- rudimentary things Mike there's no ball fake there's no head -- -- catch. And pass and they just can't do that they've got to get a little ball a little head fake get a man leaning one way or the other get them off his feet and then deliver the basketball. One thing it's certainly encouraging as you look up to the upper reaches of this arena today. It's filling in and and there have been over 10000 at every game here to show actors are averaging over 10300. And so when there are fewer empty seats its nose up at the top especially to top the student section and about the band and those are. Getting almost filled -- so it looks like we're going to be very close do not only having a sell out. Ticket wise but having people in the seats and pretty much everybody's wearing their black today as they were asked today if not they're wearing gold and so we've got the shocker colors every. Configuration a black all of the arena today while on the going to be loud also I don't think there's any team in the Missouri Valley Conference that these people and you and I included would rather be than right. I don't mind don't -- it you know standing up to that little acknowledged that stuff and tonight sky warriors brought to you by actually two days skyward piece of what's -- worried -- might be too late today's sky warriors brought to you by your airport. Wichita mid continent and -- -- airport which it's not that kind of you can fly to Denver and connected it's not ski resorts throughout the last. You can customize your trip with -- lift tickets equipment lessons and much more. -- -- -- only available and you fly frontiers visit -- ski vacations dot com while -- think guys -- little guys the welterweight for the guards and a great start for guards basically to call one forward but he cigars. That's where they get their points productions from their guards so Wichita State -- to -- -- to -- with -- they've got to be loath. For blow with the guards and we could be able to combat. With the welterweight instead of heavyweights I think ray Murray and I expect him to beat the sky warrior football game today. Add to. You know to ray has been playing pretty darn well for a fresh and over his last nine games twelve point six points per game. His overall field goal percentage over that stretch right 40% es brightest three point shooting over those nine games up 36. And shooting almost 77%. From the line so those are. Good numbers said and getting better all the time it's just it seems like what he does make a mistake it's. Really costly 11 of those turnovers on the perimeter that goes the other way -- -- on which can't think of also is he's basically turned into the go to guy and he's built in guide that's -- -- -- offense is going to zero in on. That's an awful lot expect from the freshman but I think it's open up quite well. The injury -- distracted by the accident we have retained a shot -- Thai king James find Jeff Chavis and -- album dedicated. To your recovery if you've been injured in any type of accident he accidentally every team reformer insurance company trial attorneys they've been there. And they -- -- they help you them through Wichita State I think we have some relatively good news. That is that. JT purely who reference was made to back Greg Marshall and his pregame interview -- Possibly not able to play again today looks like he probably will play we're not sure how close is 200%. Or how much of fire have a look. But after missing most of practiced the last two days he did participate everything at shootaround today. He was out here warming up before the game and so far this afternoon and again before the game. It's a little bit ago he seemed to be moving around pretty well so. You know we'll save that but he at least looks like he's gonna be in uniform is going to be here in a situation to possibly play. So that's that's Wichita State's injury report beyond that everybody else is healthy and ready to go. And for Creighton. They will be without Chad Miller who's really about their eleventh man most of the time -- 68 junior who's averaging two point five points per game. And he turned his ankle in the southern Illinois game in the middle of the week. Add he has a -- on it it was not he was and is warm ups but not in uniform went -- was warming up today so it looks like. They're -- will be one man show abilities means they've got ten guys are displayed a lot of male hooker that's exactly right Mike in this team can get -- -- nine guys and maybe even -- some missing Millard is not going to make any difference at all. That's the injury report -- -- the starting lineup said get this well under way when we come back in just supplemental. And now we're shocked baseball players Kevin Hooper and green hills through big league baseball camp we're thankful for the -- we got from the suction. Playing days we -- -- that's why we're -- in baseball can't get back to our community. 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We rent them. Every -- giant rock gig for discount the part of the reason why -- airport itself more -- five part mini fortune on Tuesday. Once you reside. One Judy besides announcing the fifteenth we're giving our. You got down fifty. You have all the employ the money all the rebate money and all but there's -- -- to you I've -- game can. I can't they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again great one by wild -- Omaha. On December the 48. And they have won the last. And that's true road game. To unwind in Missouri valley road games including Atlanta. Is their most recent road game at Bradley to have -- it's only conference loss so far this this team -- has all the ingredients to. Play well on the road. Including some experience -- games taught that that's probably not a big factor to what it does day. Certainly does have a better chance to win that halted its young team and a rabbit home crowd behind one of the reasons are able to win on the road might get -- The little things. To make your free throws which they always do leave their home or away they don't turn the ball over very much so they don't. The cells in the blood and they force a lot of turnover. Right off the bat to be successful and then add to that the fact that got so many good shooters and that just makes it difficult formula defeat. Source Wichita State for the record of six and eleven overall they are five and three at home. Poland six though in the Missouri Valley Conference and now our national anthem. The -- -- arena and we're just about ready for the introduction. The starting line at Wichita State's last three victories over -- in the series have been. Here in what you -- two of them here Charles cook arena and 2006. And 2007. The other. A couple of years earlier with -- shoppers are playing their home games at the Kansas coliseum and upset. A nationally ranked -- ballclub all those winds of course under mark turgeon his head coach. Frank Marshall -- and throwing so far his very brief coaching career with its onstage against the tree Bluetooth. In Altman and his fifteenth year at Creighton and he said a 650 winning percentage of those fourteen previous seasons. 75. Over the last eleven straighten out this march 12 consecutive. Postseason appearance at one forward for the blue jays when their newest players. Just as Carter junior college transfer from Fullerton college originally from Gaithersburg Maryland six Ford junior averaging seven point three. Points per game. Josh don't -- veteran point guard and 61 senior from Bellevue Nebraska. Average is two point eight points per game but also three point two assists and over two steals per game. -- what fox is one of the other -- to 61 senior from Lewis built Texas sixteen point four points per game shooting 49%. For. Three. -- -- Here is the -- 6945. Pound redshirt sophomore. Inside California. Averaging eight and half points and four point eight rebounds per game and rounded -- the starting lineup. -- -- 63 sophomore from Las Vegas averaging thirteen point eight points per game over his last five games however it. Eighteen point two points per game and chanting almost 56%. From crayons 5050. -- as we sit here today what fox Mike is tied for the best all time -- school three point shooter. Great in this great looking just quite remarkable -- that three point shooters that they have. But it just days starting lineup presented by delta dental plan at Kansas shot here for the second year under very smart fill up. Back in the starting. Today 66 senior from queens New York averaging six point one flight -- the team leading seven point nine. Great value to our show back in the starting lineup AJ hawk -- his surprise here. And Oklahoma and averaging seven point eight points per game. That's center Europe's got a seven foot freshman from. And shooting over 51%. Headliner died at point -- -- holly springs Mississippi 511 junior's mother Hannah. Point one points a game of one point one is best at sharing this story -- let them freshman. Also averaging eleven point one points per game. That's the way they started out today Indian officials -- today's game and Olson former us PN's. -- Britain's. Well you have to remember that Germany had been playing pretty well. But he's got that twisted ankle we'll see how well he can't go but these lessons starting lineup is the starting lineup. Thus they had since the beginning. Another the last couple ball games that's starting lineup gives them the best opportunity to rebound with that may be itself. On the boards against freight. Want to make sure you're aware this is the first game that they men's and women's basketball doubleheader today they shot through women's -- -- Jody Adams look they've done Illinois State tonight and that is 8730. Tip off a little bit later than the typical 75. It's transition time between games with a shot eleven an Illinois State 735. Tonight. You're Charles wolf and I hope you can make it out or stay around if not. You could certainly hear the broadcast from Bryant put -- on these same. According to Wichita State gets out of the blocks quickly like they've been flat foot of the last ball game at Missouri State and they just never really got into the swing of things fell far behind him to stay behind. Milosevic dramatic -- -- senator Kenneth Lawson junior controls recruitment drive failed to break the record goes to Carter left wearing the cement down the loss loss and look at the back it down on stats muscled his way and it missed the shot rebounder among them. Imagine -- nice job of boxing out Carter have across the timeline. -- across the street to top. Dropped -- off on the right side of Hawkins go to benefit block getting lost that I believe with the block there's little the little that if you wanted but he's getting down toward the catch up with the offense Connecticut's not -- didn't have the numbers on the fast break slowed it down left way before it was thought started by -- comes to the -- Were slowly toward the right side -- Floor back in the middle of Carter's going to go through going to bring it back -- -- very very flirting Josh go to their cousin drives got by two right circles all the way and their parents and fliers left way short. Hello to the rebound of -- live from the parents got to get away from Lawson. Good hustle by the factors to get it back efforts to write very failed to box out go to our after the men shot and I just a mental mistake on -- market. He doesn't make too many right where implemented to pray for three AA off the -- was brought online the a lot of rebounded just in Carter was very aggressive timeline quickly Jeffords and right wing by what fox comes off the bat rebound -- -- saved by -- that he's going to fire it's very off the -- that's too hard. But in port Murray -- And what -- in the falcon available live on Booker would flock okay we are afraid very. I was kind of a tough call because they had somewhat equal position but the feeling by Steve Olson was that would plus reach -- book -- arm. And what fox never gets in the foul trouble Mike 25017. Ball games he's going to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to -- trailing drives. Makes contact NFL implemented yet. -- from the air they -- body the body of the fell on the -- first -- the -- letter to the line. Fourth two shots what you can tell Ramon has that energy that is. Allowed him to average earlier in the season nine rebounds -- games averaged only three rebounds a game the last three games was rebounding average. Dropped off -- just under eight contests. Whether in Missouri Valley Conference games in -- eighteen or nineteen. From the free throw line -- 87 point 9% for the year any thoughts that went down for the first point applaud you who doesn't shoot well for the spot club might they're free from students just extraordinary it was seventy. The 8% of the ball club seems. When his second try -- try to make it at some point lead. Even -- -- listed alphabetically sometimes to talk fifteenth. Didn't missing ones praising them a lot of time. That are -- one -- two in the shot present it down one not like two minutes gone in the report Hanna was gonna go to Maria -- -- coming off the street Levin still on the drivel against coastal gets a high street for its not that security for the tickets to create good. In the last few games and some -- -- got his first of the season -- -- stayed on Wednesday night harder for free apparatus he hits and he's an unlikely three point -- five up 26 on the air coming in that started the year. Over twelve and made his first went against Wichita State in Omaha everybody's got the green light for three points out this -- club full court pressure as usual by freight mission doctors get enough into the front court. And Hannah goes on the left wearing the very true it was look at the blossoms that's not drives goes baseline. Pick it back out to stats here left wing almost had taken -- sort -- an effective three lots of psychosomatic epic traffic parsley rockets at that all of this -- Tips and lessons and -- the productivity because that's over the back. Time -- Kenny Watson junior Kyle Lawson insisted he'd been my keys defensively he's a tough tough defensive player but more importantly. Number one blocked shot artist in the Missouri Valley Conference thirty coming in the except. -- -- that Jeff Kent walker has nineteen and twelve minutes a game in seventeen games have between them they. Pretty much take care three at Creighton street point eight blocks for games to their rightwing gets to realize that's no good but the rebound Lawson and I think we've got a -- on unauthorized about a lot of -- Don't go bats what -- going to call for that they pay for getting in under him a little as it came down with the rebound. Only because he did they allowed it if they allowed it and getting lost its call for stepping out of bounds of the job. Doctors get it back. -- -- Long prospered as. Lamenting gets it across the time Wanda Hawkins AJ -- and the circle back to him afraid. Are you gonna find somebody along the baseline if the Sox yet. Now and back door called on eleven and a Steve Olson calling him for a reach around. That's going to be clever and spurs and the show actors third already has a team fallback that would -- If the scoreboard is right that shot by Carter was only counted as a two out of three -- evidence 53 what you cannot stay. No argument has come up great and so apparently stepped on the line but he shot them Carter has it beyond it's not for the -- left wing dissident. Into the line down the line jumps fifty two winner who tries to penetrate keeps his dribble going drives -- getting help from starts right now. Very all this massive job while -- -- it was delicious John states. -- very and it's got sandwiched weather and learn from behind. His arms around the ball kind of rip it out of they call it a jump ball give it to Wichita State. Little man don't split among. -- -- just -- you kick about unscathed and that's exactly what happened there were two guys that got their arms and -- stood -- and -- hustler checkout for Creighton Caleb. Korver is in the third at three Brothers to play in the Missouri Valley Conference at Creighton and Drake. Calif kind of a three point specialists and also Antwon young freshman point guard is in replacing ghostly dreamer him in the for a short. Plays off chances offhand what comes off the street by Clemente the top right -- to Hawkins. Looks for Hanna heading back door wasn't there with the ball screen for the stats drives into the line jump -- blowup. Missed it. Jeff kept alive by stats any cases it can be forwarded the ball double team tries to throw up for a got to deflected in stolen what are back the other way for -- Picked up it's not by him if Brandon discussed lost the ball -- on the floor again get 611 minute shoppers trying to -- it got worse a little bad Hannah. Trying to get the -- left side -- -- schizophrenia leg. Fourth and -- morning mr. 43% from the three point stripe and four of his last five ball games he's been on fire from outside hey -- Wichita State -- out between the circles -- the right side where there in the water three for -- was -- that mr. Carter sliding toward knocks it out of bounds. It's it's. Time. First. What should just stay up no hustling start -- break. They just play this game break right -- by sending us sources. Life is all about staying in the so it's nice when there's a team behind into the considers. No assistance we provide premium health insurance for -- Keeping you lost a good -- Health systems insurance company. We rent them. He had -- discount the part of the reason why -- -- port itself more -- court fight for the once you. Once you do besides announcing the 58 we're giving our. You got -- fifty. You have all the employer money all the rebate money and all -- -- -- money to you I've bronze age. Cable -- 1 vehicle but that penalizes your listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance in valley center called Tim tank even derby called Jim coffee. 1519 because the first half Wichita State has started -- forget seventh over off the field just an okay 42 point nine that -- to breathe. From three point. A lot of great. Only one eight from the field -- wanted to penalize the blue jays are over horror from the three -- drive while I like the pace of the game might Wichita State shifted in the passing -- and they've kept it up. The last two balls in -- average. Field goal attempts for ballgame and that's not because they're going to the free throw line they just returning the ball over too much and not giving any offensive rebounds. Normally they shoot 54 shots per ball game their well on the awaited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The man who is behind even had a box tonight Greg Moore show. I think. A lot more upset with the ball that he is upset appearance Stutzman. And we'll save both now have 2000 early in the first half thirteen 41 to Greg Marshall given it to -- Borowski about the ball. And checking in -- hatch and JT dearly for the shocker what Bob says he shot clock primary itself like you're right soccer thunderbird. Very left way look at that drive achieves the play off the brother and this time -- -- to can't out of bounds up. Let. Me. Players flip flops and tasted terrible headache -- around Olympic flame them about a out of bounds of Wichita State -- -- a Wichita State is playing Mike with now. Three non starters they have started at least one game -- but let's see if he's not starters can hold this lead in Wichita State started to play so well but -- eleventh -- shoppers. That's right now if it's. Well. Wonder and a -- -- gathered earlier on the block but these Dele had stood at back in the game press corps what thoughts go to are in the quarter look at the loss in the -- -- covered up by purely go to restaurant off the screen to the left -- back confronting here in the Windsor -- I do what -- becomes -- -- -- the -- Baltic out of his hand recovers it. And I tried to drive it cut off out of the link to they'll playback in front 2 -- ten this year. -- -- Her notebook drives baseline once again. -- -- -- because for the Kerry tried to slow down and then accelerate again got his head under a little bit this doctors turnover. 1247. To go on the first half it is thirteen to three Wichita State. Club with a headache gets his first -- -- Chamberlain to exit if you can keep from turning the ball over you've got a chance of beating a very good shot at the Wichita State's capitalized on in the front court ruled that -- -- -- -- guarded by Graham had just talked to a five left corner here on the German -- up to the wind picked up his -- back on the post a loss -- -- double team and I tried to muscle their lost the handle saves it throws underneath instead they got behind Graham had to -- there. That's -- they got caught watching the play away from in there and -- that slipped in behind him later this. Thirteen to five shots you're 1216 to gophers can't change -- -- one on one against socialist. But could become a front of the -- -- transport goes to catch him there in the balls through look at the drive it gets in the line stops. And called for traveling and I don't think he did. I haven't really disagreed with some of those other polls that looked like he has been that looked pretty well established their -- turned it over. And turn over camp starting to mount a little bit that's five which -- -- -- the first -- -- forces seventeen turnovers almost eighteen turnovers for ball games here but on the right -- just that drives baseline had -- -- forces anyway air ball. We've got a primary could -- -- -- -- on the record here on CNN that a correct sort through very very often screened by alaskans of the top -- it down the line. Dishes north corner pats wide open for three off the upper side and Ellis contesting the rebound Casey haven't controls -- to go to -- Great dish by very Graham had to as wide open but could not. What thoughts left laid down the block for loss and contested but to that missed it -- try that -- -- -- to just stay up believe. Next and that's going to go to the line. Drive to follow that went up on the outside. Going to be on JT purely his first. 16000. They don't Wichita State the first step at a time out of the floor. 1126. Ago the first half its Wichita State thirteen great -- this game break brought to you by sports time paying job. Delisting for a score of yesterday's after the games. Greenbacks -- cabbage books snickers similar leans folding green red nose scratched hula. I get a million words -- -- have a harder time keeping my wallet but what's so great about McDonald's at least get the food I love and still have some walrus -- left in my pocket. Don't get me down when it. Words can hardly describe McDonald's to fully barbecued snack wrap and crispy chicken for just one dollar every day -- participation may vary. The crispy chicken snack -- -- Until. Carter and Casey Blake -- driver to -- need to -- any other teens knew they were in the midst of greatness. 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The good news as what -- you just -- -- is leading break byte eight. Bad news -- -- head shot and board fifteen over buys from me they're only down eight. So I guess you can look at it butterflies looked just -- has played well as doctors of forestry turnovers but they often. And it only get a great in all those misses that's thirteen mrs. only two offensive rebounds -- dominated the boards 56. PL instead ask. At the line bashing -- free throws 77 point 8% on the and that is -- short. He. -- this data keep bragging about what a great free throw shooting team this is they usually are in eight of his last night games he has 26 of 29 missed three free throw attempts to lead Atlanta. Yeah -- after a very getting your breeder and Hawkins is back -- -- the shot it's purely Ellis still up for. And it teaches -- filibuster that good. Reality now with -- of Creighton seven Wichita State's lead your brother of their 613 to six lead full court pressure real talent about -- hand and the ball games if they can withstand this pressure. -- and the dearly they were handing Chamberlain -- took a couple of dribbles and gives it direct to unite brings it up one on one against -- that if hopes for the life. Hustles after it Chamberlain essentially held even proudly but he gets it to -- And back to go to crosscourt. Maybe -- -- for three -- almost an air ball Gray's career rebounded by Chamberlain had jumped out on Korver -- -- bother with the shots. Shoppers get it in the -- course. Much to double team -- going to have to do a better job against him that speaks of other dribble left wing purely squared -- one loss included on the floor and got extra JT fairly new over handled of the few times it the last couple of games doing it again there corporate backing out. You know policeman right -- just -- -- looking to drop it down close the loss of backup quarterback in the loss of turnaround over dearly that was well contested shoppers but agree about it we've got an -- about -- Casey parenthood. As -- Chamberlain. Had a box -- and Gregg Marshall led face burning -- and tell him -- to be stronger with the ball fell -- -- only their second the first the first on -- Wichita -- get -- that still upset that. I don't think it's a matter being stronger with the bullets of matter being smarter with the basketball don't put on the floor bounces in the first place Satinder Reggie Chamberlain. And for the -- it's still the same lineup. It's a net loss since Carter's back here along with Korver and notes with a straight men. Chamberlain's pastor the way he started did make the pass then didn't think that this figure tried to stop himself and only ended up doing was making -- have pass that bounced out of balance. Shoppers turned it back over and -- -- comes back into Richmond chamber just an abundance of turnovers but fortunately those turnovers not leading the baskets. -- slowly into the record for treatment toward the left side looking to come back the other way off the Wall Street walkers setting a moving screen left wondered if Carter. That got his counselor. And mostly directed traffic gets a stream drives it. About a seventeen footer. That's and that's the shot you don't mind him taking normally the notes were knocked it down entry titled beautiful run to -- factor within five. His. Out of hand -- We'll show not Dunston that -- that court guardian. Eleven handles those that picks up his first 1213 fell and great all the momentum all the magic of Wichita State had. Kind of evaporated. When stuff to implement a once the bench. They were up to an outside group who scored the last five points on the left wing Hawkins Gartner advised -- -- That's -- -- purely can't walk with him to play outside on -- gives it to Clinton had a clinic at -- -- -- -- -- a man in the -- that tries to clear double team go to -- to -- he -- shipments rose of the latest and at the freon to create the net driving. But what he traveled -- up for writer wouldn't go and it's not down and finally picked up player now must prove to us through. Goodness nobody shoppers to get warm front plus the -- got to win the treble bid -- Ellis from the top of New York. Shoppers finally stuff the -- -- tell us knock down his. His first shot attempt of the day four of six from the field over his last three ball games -- a lot of confidence -- and outside shots that left wing want the ball stream. Didn't get it goes down the block the walker Walter puts it back Baptist of that now set the ball screens -- -- back to walker rotating and missed the pull up rebound there goes through Wichita State. Not the way from behind a bipartisan call -- on Justin martyr for. And in on the armed. On the -- and Ellis of Carter's first. Break up one point had one found it was 66 they have forward to six. This is just days going to -- to -- it's got back in the game playing with two fouls which cut statement all of before time. Six trips down the court we just need to take a much better care of the basketball at least give them a chance to get shot up off the board. Chapters. Again dominating the boards they've outrebounded great and so far. Like the nineteen to six but. To -- Marines going to check in for brands -- to ray got a nice long rest. And he had handler now reunited in the backcourt was not Hawkins and I was upfront. And one young is back -- -- along with winter and Carter would box and fit walker. -- quirky left -- right almost lost admirable double team finds Murray got stuff works the people drives the basket. Threw it up while walker messed my three black comes up want to get. -- -- -- great especially in the press corps what thoughts on the right went through labor right now -- -- Wichita State's lead back up tonight Carter drives -- dribbled off his home going to call blocking foul Wichita State it's gonna go on air analysis. -- knows his first team's seventh. So one and one for Justin Carter who got -- get bailed out there and a ball but he appeared to dribble off his foot Gregg Marshall again. Questioning the call -- go to the line. Three shoot 67 point 7% he does not belong on this ballclub -- it. Anybody that she slipped to 75%. Of the on this ballclub he makes the first inning as three points the first half Creighton as a team. Now three of five from the free throw line. Carter could pull it back to 72 and half minutes to go the first. Thrown its way short armed that a little bit but it bounces in -- bounced about three times that softly. And they'll live to its doctors play it from out of them to get full court pressure. Related to hear it steps along the sideline try to get to have guards and gets to AJ hawkins' who'll play the role of guards bringing it up now -- against -- -- and expressed a timeline for the top of the theological applauded requires a relief -- stands -- we'll just let the head. -- -- That's the software turnaround guru he's got four points to shoppers snapped up by nine -- need to back forward he just turned backward was there he decided to go straight -- the basket -- -- driving down its -- the locker cross court to later people on the right -- begun and one young bringing it -- not -- at 2 o'clock stewardess left side of the floor with him for a ball screen comes to the top which reverses dribble left -- Carter he drives down low. Kicks it out. Three by that's good -- -- hasn't scored much this year but the freshman from Bellevue Nebraska is just starting to put up some numbers the last couple of -- -- just a lot of -- winners either. -- analyst at five. Unforced turnover in fact or Gregg Marshall. Latin. Rim shot hammers and bats and balls that aren't getting made -- I can't walk away from him. 736 to go to the first half we've got this time out this game break brought -- -- hard to benefit plans it is what should just stay nineteen break third. Life is all about stated they. So it's nice knowing that there's -- team behind some big considers. No assistance we provide premium health insurance with a keeping you lost a good -- Health systems insurance company. Yeah these pizzas -- unbelievable. Began pizza yeah -- -- -- the -- the best part they're only five bucks everyday -- kind of goes against the old saying you get what you pay for yeah that beats me as a -- you don't get what you pay for because you're getting this amazing pizza but surely pay five -- I don't know it's more like you get -- you don't pay for because you're getting -- amazing pizza. But you're only paying five bucks. 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They are -- Plus with the Dodgers trailing nineteen to thirteen which it does -- totally out rebounding great. Some of that advantage by turning it over ten times -- three for the it was okay. And Wichita State would have even more heavily -- they had they not puts great on the free throw line they're only for six if you Chad. But nevertheless which is Todd day. One of Wichita State nemesis is they don't go to the free throw line as a matter fact the last of them. Missouri Valley Conference and free throw attempts great with the ball and record after a shocker turnovers there and Alice stepped out of bounds -- -- the time out rightwing let my try to pass it got deflected off somebody's led by the -- comes out of there when it drives and at the other end of the floor was get issued a three gut check I get to back from -- and does she -- three. NN outfit and -- I thought mr. Typically sliding for a rebound tip static controlled by god to a great chances wide open -- journal late great -- -- get down low and get in position to tip that would have been missed the follow. -- I tried to would clocks back on the left wing it's hard drives it picks it up handed off to bigger and starts toward the left comes back to the middle. I tried to drive you today Evelyn -- thoughts. Because most of its not picked up his -- -- departed shot clock well not Carter drives if he goes and goes into the -- domestic. Didn't lose my walkabout -- like your neighbor he had a clear shot to the basket I think nobody's gonna get a shot blocked my. The -- clearly on the drive and then dismiss an uncontested layup. -- artistry pulls up from twelve off the bank a little hard rebounds -- -- Hawkins flooding port it's still lose out comes up with a loose ball crosscourt to cannot dodges a man takes a three and have. Three point -- it's okay. Point basket of the game. They can really bring them together -- to a seven. In the free the last four game. When -- average soccer game can be heard on the Internet powered by hubris communication. For fast reliable and at this from a local company that does an unwanted hubris. Or call eight. The ball well at making it difficult for Creighton. Ever double team. When they stopped dribbling out around the perimeter and start passing the passenger Chris nobody holds it for any appreciable length of time of the ball finds an open man. And this is -- -- playing with tremendous effort and a -- nothing that was really badly lacking on Wednesday against hill I like the way that they're shooting the. Basketball I like the way they're following up from getting some -- offensively. -- full court pressure by the shack has now bought mistress Venus is in the game will be guarding Casey pyramid and -- Allen CNN -- it brings it across the time line for you today on the right wing to forever. -- -- -- That's on the right -- to corporate down on the block its heavy loss -- back to -- against purely out threat go to make history had a playing off loaded. -- -- -- -- -- threat go to makes the drive down the block the loss of that in advance this friend of Wheeling them dearly and I gotta hand not a loose ball just comes on the floor after. Very -- so I didn't get. So again -- what you just gave up into the offensive end accident benefits not drives it. Pulls up sixteenth where good weather. And like when I. Great leave Wichita State takes advantage job. Carter trying to drive couldn't get. Very all of this stuff and -- learned to fly brought into the closest to the left wing -- go to eye toward the baseline comes back after the way way out front before -- Right wing of the pyramid gives -- dissident. -- -- Part of my confidence monkey ball screen directing traffic if you tried to drive it won't figure who drives baseline into traffic while concludes Yemen saved up to darkly left wing. Barbour didn't have a polls opened -- is that a lot do. The -- -- that's a jump ball who go back to Creighton. It's down there 12 on the shot clock. And -- get a -- 35. Good recovery by the -- -- -- initially was wide open these 50% three point shooter but he's really been rushed on his attempts to -- that time somebody else flying out of -- constitute. A job stepped inside the three point -- getting shot at flattered that lodged between the -- and the basket support for overtaken 53 shots from. -- during the bottom that's. Put a steel diving on the floor scramble jumped off shoppers look at. Jacquelyn hi this is not even -- The latest. Restate my. A couple of days ago but Gregg Marshall spent a lot of time in the locker room with his team after that gave and I think that -- that was served -- this away you'd better play the rest of the season no matter what else happens. They're gonna be expected to play this card -- of this kind of hostile and it makes a world of difference the way they're going after today well it bolsters your confidence but what it does is it opens you up for some shots. Your adrenaline gets rushing and if you just play a little bit harder on defense also play hard and often -- Chamberlain back in to handle this is big men expert Chamberlain takes care of the ball better than he did the first time he was out there and try to make something happen now afraid of risking this modest under for early face -- because. Air got hit by two guys from behind it actually -- really -- a much as the largest got knocked towards the basket but it almost went in. -- will go to the line for two as he wants technically in the active shooting and the fell on freight goes against the Allen stood at his second. Wichita State is catching -- TV out around the perimeter and it allows them to find open guys along their back line. Nearly from the free throw line and here than out. JT has two points on one basket so far. His last eight ball game seven at 1547%. From the free throw line that's over the last three games. And for the season that has left him at 56 point eight this one's up that would was offered in that rebound Chris this try to fight it there this foul. Now only Davis six -- Now so modest will not shoot free throws -- Justine -- -- of the soccer's best free throw shooters that they will play -- -- -- Great -- again on the boards by Wichita State's contagious. For 39 to go first half a lot comes in -- to restrain yourself refuge chamber of -- slipped the ball and eleven point les Murray in front Chamberlain -- -- a. That's he's gotten. -- fourteen no hesitancy on any of those perimeter shooters hitting the ball off. PLO instead it between the circles look at the drive that's been on the right Linda Carter. -- back got threats to sit at my side go to. -- -- -- Hit the ball screen comes it's up slightly barber under floor walker block for the -- Surely didn't see the past can. Again there to can't Walker's sorry kind of quietly turned at a -- team has a shot at that's going to be two on purely. And 18000 Wichita State -- shots for Kent walker who a year ago as a freshman. Made eight of eighteen from the free throw line 44%. This year he has 22. Of 26 and has made his last fourteen mineral. Hard work and a little more comfort level of the free throw line. -- street itself in good. He has two fouls Clemente has two fouls stops as -- fouls. Let's coach Marshall a little bit into another dilemma as to what he's going to do with four minutes left hand right now dearly is staying on along with Christina says the fourth five million. Instead madness about he has two. Second free -- for -- walker. And it's dead so he runs his strength to fourteen in a row was sixteen now. And straight back with -- not fair to us are within 122750. Hatch into JT barely holding it back more against the press gets the ludicrous Kingston out of Richard Chamberlain. For -- terrorists work -- -- across the great work -- it up quickly across the timeline. And now the -- to their half court offense 354 golfers have. Merger is based like gonzo the life want to partially blocked three -- walker. The fans wondered -- now there is word got all the way to the back orbit -- guy wanted to. We'll talk about whether it's you can read why should get them. As the shoppers come up three. Important portability of personal. It's what just does state 27. -- fifth gave this game break regular sports event just don't have soccer's world yesterday's after the game. Jack opens with another entry from the -- -- Force created primarily by no means acting in opposite direction of gravity factor only sustain demolition team up to provide documentation for this and other -- Visit cents an icon. Wichita state university and Cessna aircraft company to great Wichita traditions and determined to be the best most making great contributions to our community Wichita would be Wichita without WSU. -- -- capital of the world would not easier capital without access not we contribute about two and half. Half million dollars each year to fund united way agencies community projects like the Cessna penguin cold but the Sedgwick county soon and programs at Wichita State University. Together we are committed to giving our community alert for. A Cessna aircraft -- He's proud to support -- -- -- and enjoy the shocker nations in cheering. He shot her fans if you. Dreaming of hitting the open road and are -- Davidson motorcycle and leaving new world behind then maybe it's time to make those dreams come true. -- else Harley-Davidson they believe that life has would you make it indeed they did one hell ride -- You can if you tires were a seasoned -- come -- -- -- -- who experienced firsthand what millions of other. Harley-Davidson owners already know it's time to read enough -- -- Harley-Davidson located at 535 and 53 street work. Open Tuesday through Sunday through. All right needs and. These radio thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita as news and weather leader you'll listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In Wichita call Chris -- store brand bloody. Which is just days leading break. 1715. -- 340 portability the first half. Eighteen points at 2713. Before a couple of free throw conversions. By great big shocker we'll have the ball there outshooting Creighton. 47 point 8% to seventeen point four. Seventy. The same number of attempts to soccer's eleven of 23 Creighton. Four of 23. Which it does state also has made by the nine -- the difference it's keeping very close it hit six of eight free throws to Wichita State polls to right and once again nineteen missed shots for quite nineteen. He missed shots and human rebound the world. Full court pressure about a day's -- it's -- -- -- -- very about a simple man -- recorders were pressured very against a Bellwether for into the French court picked up his -- somebody -- to come to the box Graham had to -- right sideline god why would fox it's a Wall Street from barely -- it into the -- down the line upload runner -- belted out good move by hatch. Couldn't get the shot -- almost lost it. That's diving on the -- to try to still effects three times out of shock isn't that right there within a couple of feet -- couldn't get it down dearly missed one in their head for the good try there. Had truly stand out what fox he came off the street goes left when the Carter he drives it couldn't get by Christine history to back out to the way. Sixteen to shoot three minutes ago the first half -- -- right way. Way out front adults -- high post left elbow walker faked the hand back turned to face of god does -- winner. What are try to take it down low -- the water doesn't pass it up for what -- retreat that's good. But there would fox a floating free for writer Robert Graham -- extended hand that's his first three points of the game what a magic touch he -- my as a matter of fact he shot over 72%. Three point -- In two in the last two ball games and just you can get on fire just magical. -- full court pressure but very drives it up for -- but what's legislature a body not to the last. One of the reasons guzzler averages over two steals per game he's not super -- but he's really learned how to set up. -- handed here had there not people he's not super quick but he's got a very quick -- It's free status to the -- bad -- and Ellis back in for the shot -- they'll be in batting under their own basket with 226 to play in the first half century Murray will be the event's master. And global -- -- Kent walker not to hold -- their hands in the -- in the left corner out of the -- club in hand in -- AJ Hawkins. AJ high posted -- really looked at the turnaround that deployment handled. But it on the floor right -- the Hawkins near the corner to Murray. Looks to drive it comes off the street by Ellis tries to get back -- tough -- but he -- there's got. Toss -- -- Jeff trepagnier bounced off it can't walk out of bounds soccer's world a better chance now to inbound the ball at nine seconds on the shot clock. Just a very smart move by -- notes -- he was nowhere I -- he was along the baseline -- underneath the basket there was going to be at 32 call on -- going to be a tie -- but he bounced off the man's -- -- -- -- all started with a pass that was too soft on the -- for -- to Ellison didn't have a chance to really -- -- any kind of position that is going to have to force now you're always going to have to force for the -- they can get to -- -- I do capitalist Bob if the shot clock violation. -- -- only had nine seconds on the inbounds play. Dick get a shot off and it didn't seem to recognize it quickly enough to have ended up with a man of his face -- no -- ago this very good decent -- -- also. Go to into the record on the right wing do winter later almost double the dribble away to right -- really get -- -- and he gives it up to a fox would -- back later -- it right where the -- -- out -- -- for the -- put it on the floor out. The timeline we're guarded closely by -- -- going to be on the dribble works for the left wing reverses given go to war. -- -- -- Already shaken up jumpers -- -- encore plus a wide open jumper from the top. Now just now was six points in the first half two jumpers have been just inside the free ride are Jeff walker still down on the floor and nobody other than what took us states Todd faded within any big hurry to get out there and check -- it. Does he got a shot clock he would have made the shot. Made the basket that they would've rushed to his insistence Friday night eighteen which it does state of the netted eighteen to go the first to have great we'll have the ball that Kent walker. After getting that shot blocked from behind -- it hard to the floor and is still down looks like he might get hit his elbow or shoulder on the floor. Shoppers on the Internet broadcaster brought to you by public -- east next to Sam's Club east bank club worker west. Next to Sam's Club west even though it's called club -- remembered no membership is required in fact they welcome me to stop it anytime. You'll find a really great helpful staff at both locations. Ready to serve do have helped you find whatever it is you leave you could not only stuffit to visit them online to check out there have been soccer club record. God. I could think that's really a great concern from Wichita State I think they have. I'll -- frightened. In every aspect of this basketball game except they've turned the ball much outplayed in the way they've shot the ball the way they've rebounded the ball. And yet they're only up by eleven points and at that seems like a lot but against frightened that. That can be snuffed out in the matter of minutes and a half and there was a there's been a tendency to let teams hit late shots and make little runs at the end of the first half we'll see if the factors could stave that off but maybe ticket double digit lead in the intervention. Rate -- the -- right now I've tried to padded inside eleventh. Carter in the record hands could go -- -- -- Walker's left elbow but apparently hit the war against him out holding his left elbow harder at the top gives it up the winner of right way to go flu shot clock and AT down the block the loss of Lawson was clearly behind him. It's backing up what fox drives baseline forced up around -- and it rolls in that was not a very good shot that they've managed to get the -- what fox with five that's the only denied. The -- you're set to take care but make sure they don't turn it over get a good shot themselves tempted to tell us commemorate the race fans people all around -- drives and support -- all the way down the -- Bad they're going to college -- This one of those occasions where to re emerge you'll love this confidence but also. Just his decision making some time he was he -- on four he almost got it swiped on his way to import. And then takes it down the line jumps into a defender picks up his first like a bowling ball trying to pick up a split I think he ran into. A couple of players down there. -- afraid with a chance to Italians do what is now a nine point maybe if they didn't really all of a sudden it's six very much the ball game formats there. I feel it's -- Between the shot clock in the game talks about two seconds. If they decide to play it down -- doctors won't have time left what is floating through the mellow and now look at us. And that's -- foul shots and that's it's just takes him about okay. They have called on hand as of now he has to. Joining stats clearly implemented. We all have to. And two shots for the Bellwether who's an eighty plus percent increase your shoes. On the season only three players have filed out of the game from Wichita State so really they're pretty careful about it but. Once again. Except for players and -- Twelve point four seconds to go the first half loader is one for two from the line and this went up for Nokia. About this day. He won't miss another one today shooting 88%. For one year you were thinking that that's what threw him off. 96%. From the free throw line 25 of 26 over the last nine games. Missed who already deceit. Wood box comes out and employing young is in -- of the second of two. So we're here to report the line -- -- by seven and now Wichita State will first try to handle the pressure then got the ball up court. And see if they can get a store Balkans and the club and handed Justin sits going to walk on this very rarely plays in the game for great -- -- depressed pockets down the left corner braver pick -- no -- One seconds to go -- that's a credit also that terrain Murray that's the shot was so soft that when it came off. Journey was standing right on the other side of the rim jumped up the ball didn't go out very deep but all literally was able to get his meat hooks on it put back through JT -- for two from the line today soft free throw a bit too hard rebound Lawson and -- -- And that's the end of the half who wanted what could not stay. Looks like laughable. I have for the factors tickets ten point lead into the intermission if Wichita State 31. Great in the in the twenty -- stay tuned for the McDonald's halftime show. Life is all about staying in the so it's nice doing this team behind some big considers you. No assistance we provide premium health insurance with the way. Keeping you lost a good simple. Your health systems insurance company. -- -- shocker Vince -- shocker Vince Taco Bell is a proud supporter I'm Debbie issues sports. After the game make it a point to stop by any Wichita area total bill location to pick up any item up -- why pay more then you should -- not shows cheesy double -- -- -- tacos and much more offers 7989. Or 99 cents nobody doesn't like Taco Bell Taco Bell you can soccer fans boys and their wallets. Many of you know being -- recovery team sponsors safety program to help protect children Jeff -- James Klein and -- can't handle any type of injury ranging from grandchildren and nurseries to grandparents in the nursing -- vehicle accidents from cycles to semis broken -- to broken necks and workers' compensation injuries to wrongful death tragedy still no matter how you've been -- call the text and recovery team and it 866. 26355. For a free case evaluation -- The shocker athletic scholarship organization or safe so provide scholarships and educational support for over 250 deserving student athletes. WSU athletes competed over fifteen NCAA division one sports and do so with excellent having won four of the last five Missouri Valley Conference all sports trophies. For more information on how you can help contact the shocker athletic scholarship organization at 978. S eight SO thirteen thirty K and S and hence it's time for the McDonald's halftime show presented by the Wichita area McDonald's restaurants where shocker fans say I'm love limits. Welcome back to 2000 no brainer it's gonna be funny. There's just just a little cold water on stage -- The last seven or eight years has come back from double digit deficit to. Prime time. It's a lot of a long way down a lot of basketball league play -- was just us they really strong finish for the first half. Leading by ten and happy time. Is trustee of my doctors lance. And baker I -- associates provided Nicor. You stop -- -- -- -- good way -- -- your contact lenses custom made glasses and creating your. They held here if you've -- -- -- for the past thirty plus years doctors -- chipmaker had shot pride themselves look providing state of the art I hear it from. Look friendly atmosphere separate location. The thirteenth -- -- -- lasted 37 division ambitious carbon county. -- an office at six remaining hair her her little game called doctors -- -- right -- associate. -- more like qualities or. All starts with the -- first of all my can Wichita State -- who have lost that lovin' feeling on the offense is a matter of fact. Invalid games they were allowing their opponents to shoot 48%. From the field ninety of the in the Missouri Valley Conference and could not tell that to how this afternoon. Wichita State and Marines they were pitfalls they were tough funky stance and as a result -- just couldn't get an open shots -- -- 25%. From the field. Secondly Wichita State a dominant. Rebounding team in the Missouri Valley Conference for years all of a sudden we're starting to slip we'll they're gladiators at least in the first thing after almost from another planet. They -- dominant. On the offensive boards -- dominant on the defensive boards. Creighton has missed twenty shots they only have rebounded the three of those -- -- -- shots of the soccer -- Dominant there -- About the ball movement and that's what Rick the ball movement -- quick hits. Risk their Friday opened the end of thank god now they're not pounding the ball to the floor and then moving the ball around and tried to slowly. -- that's very quick ball movement they're getting open shots they're looking at very high percentage. Area's -- -- weekends defensively. Points in the -- to. Wichita State is ahead eight its -- another area crazy -- -- from fifty cents he has. Second chance points Wichita State has 122 chance points. Zero now what would you like to change about what happened. First half by the turnovers. -- to -- -- stripped the ball over twenty times -- ball game in three of the last four ball games that's what hurt them out but ray. When Drake came back into the ball game and shots at eleven. Well on their way to funny again. Remember book wondered turnovers in the last eight hit that first half. That's and that's the other thing well they had -- it was ten -- at one point it ended up eleven to seven so the last seven or eight minutes it was one victory sport. And -- -- turnovers. And then their turnovers and shot just turned it over eleven time history only had six points after the doctors there developer. -- turned it over seven foot putt Wichita State had ten points off the net so they have the story is very clear even though they had mortars like they were what you would call. Passive turnovers turn over to help -- the fast break basket. Which has been able to Wichita State along with their offensive rebounds to get to march field goal opportunity from -- -- in the first half. That's dark here the first -- to -- -- up ten at the break. 3121. I'm afraid we'll have all the first theft statistics when we come back. Okay. JD power and associates now certified as insurance agencies based on customer satisfaction. -- -- has certified agencies has more impressive quality incoming. He just with the American family. In fact our agencies are the first to burn this distinction health policy -- take our distinguished insurance agency consistently providing. Outstanding customer experience. If it can't stand dot com did. -- All your protection. Under one roof. Jack opens with another entry from the assessment media sanitation. 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Or visit them online ad money guys planning dot com securities advisory services offered to us this isn't worth remembering me ask you. Like PC and a registered investment adviser extra. It's incorporated NSI investments incorporated are separate and unrelated company. It's time for the McDonald's halftime show presented by the Wichita area McDonald's restaurants where shocker fans say -- love limits. First half statistics brought to you -- restaurant at 21 hand -- live and almost all of the statistics favor Wichita state of the first half as they lead by -- straight shot only six 26 point three point 1% to update from three. And seven of ten from the free throw on a very good 70%. That still. Below their season percentage Wichita State thirteen of 28 overall 46 point four. 50% from three on five two and they were over three from the free throw line all of those shot by JT -- Which it does dating huge edge on the boards 26 to twelve including nine decree on the offensive glass and freight. Only at seven turnovers to Wichita State's eleventh attackers had ten points off turnovers to -- six only four assists. Are great not only they only had six baskets which -- ten assists on thirteen field goals -- -- -- leading scorers hooker would Foxx -- with five ball late in the half. For flights for just Carter three apiece were. To court judge -- -- to Africa though litter and also to for Kent walker. The Wichita State. The right very with tan for a ten overall to a five 36. Points for air and tell us on three for three shooting. Five points for -- -- for for JT purely. Three apiece for Garrett Scots and Reggie Chamberlain each going one for one from the three point drive. Four assists for revenue of three for -- and -- to portray -- -- in the rebounding. Ellis was six very five lament today would complement stay with four. Three for Garrett stats. To fouls apiece -- from update stats and purely. And also well we thought there were to -- and -- it just wanna club and and the shocker said five steals and five blocked shots -- Ellis. In eleven minutes had six point six rebounds made all three of these shots at three assists a block shots. And only one turnovers -- gave the team a huge lift up the bad and the shoppers up 31. 21. They're providing the -- its restaurants is just right down the street Charles Guthrie if that's worth mentioning with a shock result for a couple more games this next week. It's a great stuff on your way to the arena because it's close it's fast you get in -- -- quickly ready you dine in court go through the drive through. 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If doctors will get an additional fifty dollar put into the deep -- -- -- until the next game we'll have that for you after the game. So good candidates are playing the game the first half of the shelters have flooded that a sport itself. As they try to put this one of the decree is dead end their six game losing. There's nobody has scored more than five points -- Creighton which is pretty remarkable and he -- the net. Who has played so well and averaged twenty points a game -- in his last -- ball games only has -- pointed intervention. Please keep in mind there's another game in this building tonight at seven. And 35 which is just -- women's table to put up against Illinois State and another Missouri Valley Conference battle. Shocker women losing at the top one on Wednesday night the first place -- do -- to stay here fifteen to 48. His dad died and seven on the year one and glory of the conference's -- of them that I hope a lot of you'll turn out if you can't make it joins Ryan Estrada for the broadcast. Here at the tipoff 735. Pre game at 750. All these same outlets next game with a -- mainstream. Wednesday night against Illinois State that will be at 752. O'clock here at Charles Phillips arena. The only previous gave in the valley today has been deployed northern Ireland defeated Drake 81. 59 movie -- Iowa who's six and log in the late breaking up for a -- Tonight Indiana State -- Evansville. And and tomorrow after. That's Missouri State and at Illinois State and Bradley -- southern Illinois. Bradley and northern Iowa the only one Lawson valley teams going into today's. Mike at Illinois State once again coming in next Wednesday is a barn burner but the real surprise to me is northern Iowa the way they played and it just goes to show. That you don't have they have necessarily the best players but if they play together well shoot the ball well don't make many mistakes. You've got a chance of doing very well military helicopter. If you need a plumber we want to recommend the services of the bunker which established a solid reputation of the community for a long time. Cleaning carpets and they -- doing today it got. Remember they never close down performers on hand to handle any type of plumbing job whether it's nothing simple or a major emergency in the middle of the night -- you need a plumber look for the -- learned here AT and two yellow pages. Wichita State. Getting good performance from -- bench is the first half Eric tell us -- chamber and connected with baskets JT clearly will. 4 points off the bad as those three combined to give the shot here's. Thirteen point -- the fashion shocker bench outscored break. Dispatched thirteen to nine. And we'll see if the feds can continue to contribute but also the shoppers can get a little more out of their starters his spirits doubts about -- that they got off to good starts with -- picked up for a second felt pretty early. Nearly finished up the half with 2000 and we thought that Hannah had to -- were mistaken on oneself. Those brave front liners are the shoppers are left to be a little bit careful of 2000 early in the second -- that -- could look at the stats he conceded Clemente has no points and Hawkins has no points but I thought defensively they've pulled -- the very very good job inside straight has it first to start the second half of the past for the block Eddie Lawson junior doubles team did there -- to go to get a bloody -- -- makes it he had not even take it one. In the last five games he was a -- three point -- the last two years so you don't take it eight this year but he's now made for a demonstrate that the weather service coastal had been -- for two from three -- -- in the last night ball games they'll probably still -- dared to take into -- drives all the way of the other. Avalanche -- normally the glass Carter try to block fit together and stuff. Appeared to tie up what flopped on -- drive to the basket but they're gonna -- here for a foul. And what would flock to the line petition and that's exactly what you have to do it that's that's his third foul it's unfortunate but he stood tall. And he defended boots talks to the Baldwin. Wood walker led clocks. Almost a sure thing at the free throw line most of the time for 89 point 2% 5865. Free throws up said yeah. Streak of thirty -- great 36 excuse me straight free throws in the ten games prior to the last game and in the last ballgame. Before that he was 243. Points per. He stands. As the fact that the circle. It takes a step up for the love with a that gets it he has had a bit unorthodox stroke it's got a little short -- -- you. Watch that you wouldn't think -- -- get a free refuted eighty ninth person shot over 80% -- -- -- it's great because it back to seven against 3326. Dreamer into the correct -- hit the ball screen from implementing it goes around that left to right to the right side of the heat dries pulls out jumper rolls off. Kept alive by diplomatic -- And Delhi comes up whether it's eighteen just in the game had a keyhole. Right -- Hawkins right corner Murray makes drives but took a short runner -- diplomatic. Going to help the basket and cauliflower. Get a lawsuit came here to search category called sneaky boost because that was sneaky move implement today. A decent shooter but he struggled from the field recently but with -- left hand -- sit up there. Almost like a volleyball snap and what I heard the whistle I was afraid they might be calling him through the Baghdad noted they've donated it made it -- primary. But. Won't. -- making the free throw and we said another shot because what he brought the ball back hey he had a great player had stepped in the lane but Clemente gets the shot. Converts for the toothless lot harder push it up court but under the light and ran over -- and -- -- disheveled and often lost in the man clearly is starting to be done it. The only never moved never flinched Carter stumbled and crashed right into it would no -- Clearly avoiding a steel -- dribbles up himself as they really played the guards his adoptive terrain very. Get a lawsuit that not getting his first two points -- try to wear sunscreen and a fat hog -- Purely said he could not screen that would really kind of slipped right quiet. Every kid called I pray that -- going to go on Booker would -- his second the team's third already in the second half. That he he doesn't get in the felt horrible leader Mike -- -- of the free throw line all that much. 3628 shocker talkin' to what put a -- they look to the block that drives at the life spins and they're just the that's true. Problem most dramatic day would fly ball here early in the second half blood -- that threw me off the -- rebound AJ -- -- particularly if misty may very very often -- Headed to the -- for the war now drives bounce pass to Hawkins yeah. Latest -- and momentum. Yeah and the elderly is the crowd -- -- again is great and taking time out. Want to remind you that following the trials and tribulations of today sometimes demanding the place you'll. Greg all of located at thirteen into the web of the waterfront property the service until -- barber shop was bubble headed for the country club atmosphere. Try to work just stop massaging Champloo hot jobs treatment expert here Scott Skiles scored. Medicare falls -- just inside topped -- with a complimentary beverage all of Rego. -- service is compromised. On the wall man and one of the things that Gregg Marshall has always talked to his team about a bit player forensic team like grade. It's all about handling his first Edouard making plays at the other end they've been through an attack that -- That's certainly what did you -- early in the second hand shot clock. We need to -- like you might as well take it down which is our state is getting that shot up within ten. Of the basketball there filling out. Because break is over Blaine tried to board which drives they can't try to create the turn over the shots are -- any of taking the ball right to build. 1753. It would -- just days you know a lot of five straight points to go up right. You know -- private yeah. Actually -- as an updated yet. Studies. It was could have done what it does today. After giving up hopefully this does the second half by judge doesn't it make you scared the ticket. What comes storming right back to rebuild their leave it well and it's kind of interest if that's a good strategy whoever I was guarding those bird I think it's Hannah. What dropped right on down -- double teaming gift filled for the open shot now he showed he could make that shot but don't give him that shot again -- -- 42 point 9% three points right but it's a three point attempt at least three games and actually get. They don't understand himself and a little bit of an unusual to eliminate this this afternoon. The end he's the driving. Why they can get instant -- -- -- is also going to play deep inside that he's been. Defensive effort on a couple of places. Right now he's out there. -- the lineup would have been all good. And -- Carter. Clifford over the top slot been lost that wasn't there right wing goes full backing up to littered with Carter left we would find it plots being guarded by jay Hawkins comes off the street got help from Germany winner down the block the loss of shocker recovered well will energize the baseline torsos -- -- -- -- That was a tough shot I thought there was I flew far behind the board. -- that would definitely -- but he made it. And -- -- did not unlike he made one in the first half going the other way in the right hand side of the basket. Full court pressure but as soon as they gotta -- -- recognize that we just gonna be man to man waved his teammates of course brought it up against what is now Hawkins severely comes out of the pressure release puts it on the floor -- to -- -- look at to drive it. Since it to the top back to dearly I'm sure wheels lined up to Hawkins he drives baseline into traffic -- A month. WiMax day it was seven points all in the first three plus minutes of the second half of what they're doing is they're forcing youthful -- returned a short and the ball deflected off -- his dad -- -- Now what fox jumped her that's an eighteen -- inside the -- After what plots now with nine in the shot in the is -- once again -- to beat the man on the dribble forcing an inside player to come -- as soon as the man comes off to help out we'll take the shot was. Was finding the open man underneath 1631. To go him just -- sort -- a mugging by -- I wasn't sure you're -- -- -- -- -- us he's got to do what's right over the top of his. Try to knock that went away lawyers burst out with the fourth team fell in early in the second half drive. About three and a half minutes of action and you -- great heat up and you'd think oh my goodness look at them shoot that's helping normally shoot Wichita State played excellent defense in the first half -- you can't expect -- Creighton. To 23%. For the entire ball -- -- walker until on younger into the blue jays Graham had choosing it from Wichita State. And handed -- right corner to -- really look at the drive that's one does put it on the floor and now comes back up top. You can for a screen from -- drives the right side goes down low that up front to handle a three on the way off the bat high rebound just -- about -- -- a -- shot down people. As a matter of fact I thought Reagan three -- got fouled underneath never got his hand on the basketball was almost undercut. I was a good pass cross court to hand except that it was low it was down around these shootouts and it took him out of rhythm a little bit. Making the -- he was wide open but out of -- missed -- shot high off the back yard. Are looking to get -- and diplomatic in the right corner route along the sidelines handle my post match -- -- -- left wing Mercury fakes it's around young pulls up. Way out front to hand. Brake and zoning off of that inbounds play it looks like Wall Street for -- into the line drives on the way -- for three were way short. Had a pizza a lot of play sports out of bounds last touched by. -- -- Very -- -- -- that's got a little bit and it was about as flat as it could -- easily get a good time I was 1515 to go and what to just stay up quite dead at the shoppers according to. -- -- 32 this game break -- by sports time fan shop was super shoppers for the last few days after the game every. One likes to root for the home team that's why Coventry Health Care in Kansas supports our Wichita State shoppers when it comes to health insurance group -- into the visual Coventry Health Care of Kansas is the number one choice from HMOs to PP goes to high deductible health plans Coventry Health Care and Kansas have products to fit your needs call toll. 38667953995. Extensions and 59 for more information that's 8667953995. Extension 1059 from one home town to another Coventry health. 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In Wichita called rich conflicts or -- Harding. 1515 to go on the second half. Wichita State. -- -- Which it -- Davis head into. And developers keep fighting Baghdad they are all. -- -- And what you're seeing in the first half Wichita State hit long bomb after long bomb in the second half. What they've been able to do because Creighton tries to -- challenged the outside shooter is thrive on them and hit the open man with the very. Great basketball the -- showing some full court pressure. Justin Carter -- would fox would flops double team gets it back to Carter. I can't find out that break we'll try to push his -- down like -- put their uttered scores that was too easy and flying -- -- five points ahead Creighton. Back to eliminate the showing a sense of urgency that releasing the ball very quickly should be very fast food and handle bringing out one on one pressured by Fidel -- that recorders court. But for the first time line it's a ball screen to implement any help from Carter worked the right way as a backup -- it reflects -- three looks for the drive double team on him. That he dearly in front. JT was gonna swing mr. Hanna now back to birdie on the left side twelve this year ray drives down low blow up -- -- -- -- to. And the. -- -- no -- say wow okay from off the bullet and a foul called on Clinton for somebody sliding it under. My goodness Mike who is this guy were implemented in the and that's the way he's always played on deep sense that's the way he's always gone after the -- to rebound but not this. War he has been magnificent this afternoon. You know this is blackout day that he needs a red S on his chest after that play and implemented the line drive over his second -- Three point play of the half the fouls on what boxing is third. It's ten point game again Ramone can make it eleven. And the free through his ups and -- off the -- -- rebound chased down by a Bellwether for free so it remains stand in effect sort of fell litter on the right wing. My cat and -- dance one drives it down the line goes all the way to early block kids tipped up America. JT -- LA got up the block his shot after 6 o'clock -- -- -- into the front court drives less subtle way got a was solid shot. Called on the blue jays on the drive that was one of those that did very very kind of slowdown of an accelerated in dribbles that it fooled the great defender. Antwon young picks up his first. Marie changes speeds is back. If anybody in this conference and changes hands he can he is equally adept at -- his left hand or his right hand. Feels very comfortable dribbling from the -- which has left him taking a shot just as much as he does with his. Right Carter -- boxes out of here and then CNN -- -- rather than they must -- again the -- -- in the traveling -- of the -- -- and it. That was bang in there and Ramon call for a little extra shuffled steps of the shoppers turned it back over the blue jays Casey Harriman. Nancy Allen stood Matt came back into the -- -- -- as -- fox went out along with Carter right wings connect started by Graham much right now Witter. Now I'm Jennifer Hannah got his face he listed it definitely hear controlled by -- -- -- want to hear about. What they actually kind of that is normal. This afternoon -- Him and shot seventy picks up his second foul that is now seven. I headed for several major shows 16000. On the board against great. So sixteen -- anyway the shoppers will be in the one and one of the Nextel they still fourteen and a half minutes ago. Very in the -- backcourt near the corner guarded by -- you know been on a bringing up one -- one. Which it does stay with ten point lead the chance to push it beyond that handed down into the keyhole got the ball stripped its say -- -- -- day. How often handed purely saved by a very sad that try to come up and very drives in. Still rising down low into the -- try to flip put up diplomats say they does safe bet that he was on the end line. You read very over penetrating netstat and Greg were prepared Marshal tell everybody calmed down think about what you do and they'll have to force them while they turned into performers that time they take turns in the looking pretty rather than looking. Fundamental. -- that -- -- you out fourteen O six ago which is just say they like yeah instead -- just to throw the concentration let the ball go right through his hands out of bounds just took his eye off such as a member prodded. Since confiscated that got a gift after they've turned it over themselves. Now they need to capitalize and start building this weekend stayed around ten points this entire second half Hanna left -- -- -- -- top -- they would vote to go high loaded dearly couldn't get it to Madonna blows nearly stolen by paramedics out of bounds. Often handed frightened to very very hustling to try to recover. And Wichita State we'll keep that -- one seconds on the shot clock with. Not very strong ball handling that -- the checkers were fortunate not to turn it over again in the little passion with the ball handling they were. They were scoring because they were -- out of content to stay on the rim of the statute that Hannah -- ride applauded and hand. Reaching for the ball might have copied in the face with -- -- hand. Let down the line drive to the basket gets contacted -- -- Yeah I was seven what you just stayed up well. 463 floor at the top. Started toward the right side nobody here comes the left to the people -- -- listen -- double team on him this past spring. I thought Graham head -- head. That'd just grab that past he's going to be call for getting beyond that stood at. Took Graham had -- first now. The second team fell to half a Wichita State break we'll -- that -- in the New -- five Karen Ellison picked first half off the bench for the shoppers makes his first -- to second -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ended pick and roll but they were too close together and walker had had a chance to turn around and look for the ball and the past used almost hitting live again. -- Steve Olson. I like it warning to be challenged and added Graham head that there is a little bit too much extracurricular activity going on between them. Yeah that's good I like it a lot but didn't get it under control yet can't get it under control but it shows that the patches not -- -- -- Hanna bringing up will be guarded by -- one young now instead of littered flowed into the front court works the right side try to beat him on the -- could double team gets adopted purely. JT look at brother manhunt that's right. Tonight or deception against the shot. Breaking up but quickly -- downpours. Now haven't cross court system that -- almost had not candidates can't -- -- young guys off the screen. -- double covered -- -- managed to squeeze it and then I said yes you know highlight. Touchdown at work here Allen stood out at once again Steve Olson. With no warning forest and added maybe for Graham had. Wouldn't have been like geologists say anything from them into the -- -- ray Murray did play it in Georgia just stay. Wolf what has just done great apparently the warning that time all of the dearly. Pressure and nearly gets into it dreamer and Rupert and up which it just made up twelve with 1230 what ago. Drink driving instead that the -- backing out comes to the middle down into the -- but with the fellow I know -- -- I'm afraid we've got sandwich and not for the death grave very of the line for two. Now is unstable so he has through at what clock says three for Creighton seventeen for now but this will be if you shot opportunity for jury verdict. And how about a guy that could create its own shot to Ray Emery could shoot out outside or taken off the dribble and finally a guy that can pull up and take the fifty foot. Hirsch drives the mind is up the good right. All right this afternoon. And he's dead for shoppers most consistent free throw shooter all years percent to 75 point 6%. But he just stay right around that figure all season long hasn't had a lot of big ups and downs swings what she finally bringing TV as they elevate -- minutes. More than Wichita State they played more guys more minutes from the -- In the shoppers to Wichita State had three guys -- -- fifteen minutes in the first half. Great to have won with 51 with sixteen in the first half Gregg Marshall with a thirteen point lead at the moment Marie trying to make it fourteen. God -- marshals saying it was a good opportunity. To get Reggie chamber of the game -- eleven minutes -- also get a Hopkins comes in. Fourteen points for your library as he sits down and straight passes or -- to ducks where almost threw it too far Chamberlain was up after not go to in the front court. -- the good on the dribble -- post a loss and Lawson started the behind by doing what he stood there if that's the loss of with the top for the New -- another rightwing that would fox guys pulls up got to get -- Graham had to commit itself. Pretty obvious there ram go for the block hitting hitting hard from the side that's going to be -- two seconds they'll. -- thirteen fell behalf on the soccer's -- puts would fox pretty much. 90% free throw shooter on the line for two he's missed two free throw attempts twice this year. And that's his -- that's his worst performance he doesn't and it's used to pretend today has nine point. Institute have to get this out of a short little push from in front of him. He walks into the shot he starts at the back of the free throw circle. Takes a deep need band that walks up and as soon as he gets up to the free throw line. Hesitates for a split second and should sit in Caleb Korver has just been frustrated. Good I would fox you -- -- eleven points -- trails by twelve go fifteen to 38 with 1211 to go. AJ Hawkins running baseline incident purely up to Chamberlain -- Chamberlain was socialist like for the football puts -- on the floor -- to screen from -- just don't learn even though he's not quick Mike he's in the top ten all time steals for freight. Chamberlain left side of the Florida had shocker profits pushed out -- right now -- drives that don't go away the best kept. Can't -- and got on the drive that's what floor. I was just a step by fourteen again beautiful screen by purely out on the out of the perimeter foot plus driving tough I had but good shot four years so tough to stuff that was a really difficult shot by Booker would block third 32 timeout taken by Creighton. Flip flops in the snapshots still only counted to twelve little. At 1139 develop. We'll keep for the area and don't forget about Harley-Davidson is giving away a free trip for two to have a very -- -- -- -- -- Saint Louis in March to stop by Al Harley. I -- 35 and 53 street north and registered. Go visit the grand prize drawing you can win this trip that's the end of the year I guess I won 35 and 53 street north house Harley-Davidson. Open Tuesday through Sunday for all your -- pleasures which does take keeping its foot on the pedal in my field taking the the basket not wasting any time in getting very good shot up. But to just sit leaden story back to ray Murray -- fourteen -- remote equipment today has 9/11 -- seven. Aron -- six. Horford JC purely for for Graham had how impressive as purely yen today is just. Reader and passers for the shoppers'. Pockets looking to get it and have a little trouble finally gets a degree in have to know Richard Chamberlain. And Nat -- the man -- bringing up against Josh Stouffer. For -- the time line -- 1132 to go to the top of the key left side pockets. Accident for a little bit lookin' for the screen from there really gets it double -- get to delay JT. But it on the floor back to Hawkins left side seventeen to shoot Hopkins drives and going up to Chamberlain passed up to three. Drives it cut off. And now wheels back -- ten this year he actually had a pretty good. I double team gets it could -- had stolen by adults wear though for pushing it up court into the way out to a fox opened create guess. You know you can't pass up that shot the Chamberlain hit that three point shot Wichita State has been scoring well because they take he opened shop -- -- -- and that that's the lead back to 95243. Shoppers break the presto watch rather go -- the basket while. Don't go for. Had a chance for a three point play. Well as George Bush says hey I filed and that's an intentional polish -- should -- the free throw. The ball anyway. Got out of the lord 1015 they got a shot -- keep bouncing ball hit Wichita State that people are frightened. Importing food brands -- joined the line after this game break presented by should be allowed sources. -- -- You're deride exit it's true it's. Body -- in. It talks talks writes no real check this out. -- thankful and appreciate the. Sweet meats -- your card just insulted me. He didn't feel it I'm saying it's not smart pregnancy and oh yeah -- what are you know you're caught you know and a legitimate okay. What do you here click it or ticket what. If you're bluebird and lunacy that incident and could get a ticket cars right put the love. Save your cash for gas money. Yes your fruits one smart car. It's true if -- pulled over for any reason not buckled up you'll get two tickets could give. Or ticket a message from the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. What is open to new owners so far. I'm pretty excited about the company's teacher who reminds me I need to move -- -- -- that's what I'm talking to Baxter and associates -- decide what's the best thing to do with my 401K their 401K -- specialists. Call Baxter and associates today at 6511. Or visit them online ad money -- planning dot com. -- three services offered to us investment worth remembering his music PC and a registered investment advisor actually this is incorporated NS INS incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Thirteen thirty KNS assets your listening to shocker basketball. Presented by American family and -- Orleans. Even what you talk call sign wigand's -- damn beat. What you just today continuing to show. I have this job creation have a unofficial -- businesses that service seems to be working but we've got our own gave him that he's got. Thirteen from the field of the phone could happen eighteen of 31 for the game five of twelve from three. I'm sorry that's just two pointers in the second half but overall for the game 23 of 43 they are. Had a fifteen homer off the field was. Second -- I'd like seeing shots are also might most of those shots at point blank almost layoffs. And that's the reason -- field goal percentage is so -- which must it has missed a lot of those in the past. Graham had to did not shoot a free throw his freshman season he's eight for ten this year in this that would involve tip list like diplomatic that chased down by what Fox's factors. Not getting that many free throws that not shooting them very well this afternoon nevertheless they leave by 111041. Diego Calif orbit brings it to the top. Gives it up to go to the right wing of the Herremans. Chairman guarded by -- at the moment. Why not try to go to go to high post left double a walk through fumbled it -- hands that could go to a fifteen to shoot because we're driving it in the traffic go wild past but they say that caromed. Except it's not that -- walker almost -- like Chamberlain. It's that adults where he puts it up way short almost an air ball air and Ellis Friday imported into the hands of -- Chamberlain. Good defensive stand by the shock -- Straight got a bad shot that time Wichita State with the ball leading violence have to be careful these steps out except those -- those almost Dave will probably want to -- street -- pockets cut off my walker who gets all excited Chamberlain in the quarter to -- get discrete from -- brings it up high. Rise to the top looks inside. Looking to drive it. Cut off while not get a balanced like crazy but Graham had nowhere to go on that 111 on the shot clock -- Wichita State were played in. From near the left corner on the baseline and Gregg Marshall. Hit some pretty good health program Hatcher Richard Chamberlain off the bench for a couple of minutes is gonna get eleven Hannah and during a very hopefully. Refresh -- little bit back in the game and they often will counter with. Antwon young can Bellwether are you noticing how deep -- -- getting in the shot clock they get a shot off the last three times -- work. A little too patient than they had the open three for Chamberlain with him to shoot the last time but he didn't take it. Eleven to shoot. Hawkins from the left going to play it and trying to get to hand instead of lamenting out -- the timeline remote try to get it back to him not to shoot rob puts it on the floor going to drive it all the way down. Across the -- -- setting this whole idea but I -- -- Presence of mind by twelve -- says that's not normally his game to put it on the floor and drive twenty something but he handled it okay and then made a good pass to Ellison -- open on the other -- -- -- it is in his repertoire this afternoon by just about everything that's. Mellencamp and walker his second free throw good -- hair analysis now has seven points today that's the first -- the second half this -- -- -- -- shocker maybe get on the line more often 24 of 32 over his two seasons that's twelve to fifteen this year for 80%. That one little flat panels then there and tell us what they've had a shot his lead by thirteen 5643. Foot 939 to go. -- walker hands it off Antwon young. And the -- -- -- -- court. To Booker would not try to PM Hopkins almost stripped it would -- recovers it was a way for stood up then gets developed pockets. Hawk was trying to do stay with me but. -- -- On the drive popped up very quickly and right into the chance debate jay Hawkins who was moving within its critics who found with this small lineup -- got three players are all about six foot with this mall lined up. For -- Wichita State can put a bigger player like Hawkins on -- -- Last week showed good -- 55. All of the second half Wichita State has only committed four fouls to nine for Creighton have. And yet this will be their six free throw. That was our State's seven so Creighton is getting out in the active shooting 2010 become more out of the court of Wichita State could. -- fox has been the only one to shoot the free throw for history of the session and this -- not been rolls yeah. That is true as the others but he still six for six and has eighteen points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That got to start knocking them down let's see if they take their destiny into their own hands now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Factors are now five of the eleven. As a team. From the free throw line this is it. The team that over the last two games had picked it up to 26 of 32 for 81 point 3% still however last in the Missouri Valley Conference and free throw percentage. Second drive for Ramon that was hit. Areas ten points now all of the second half Wichita State's leaders twelve with 93 to go. Young right side of the Florida to Bellwether have a back toward the top and what's the call it got a foul foul. Somebody fight through street I think you're an analyst. Actually on Hannity. That is Clinton's third fifteenth on behalf of Wichita State 58 still to go straight -- -- with a -- 35. Between the circles and one you know onto their rights on the floor comes back left off at double screen back the other way into the fuel area. And try to throw for a hundred another foul called -- and -- He was so far off balance Mikey it's too bad they've reached in the try to found them. Try to stop him because he was going nowhere on that ride. It's -- on -- announced 16000. Which is a state once again straight win badly. Another going to say was an active -- In the years sixteen of 4217. Point 7% of the Marxist the sad thing about that is as young was reveling from the left -- the ride and he was going to throw it up with -- right hand he's a left handed shooters so he had no chance of me. Yeah. Islands and good. You don't want to get -- Free throw contest with this team seventh that's free from ski team in the country. Cannot reason batting against pressure Hawkins left court to implement it gives it to -- 842 to go straight down ten X 5747. Wichita State -- right -- to to re emerge driving. To that to the baseline back to hand trailing takes a shot up penetrates. And on the block lamented -- Kevin double team him and dribbles out of their -- this. Way out front to Hawkins when the left side emerged ray gets the ball screen Carter jumps out the picky about forcing him out eight to shoot. Derail the screen for three you head out rebound kids. And the hope and -- this Casey chairman. I've offensive rebound for AJ hawk games they've been looking for more of that from him -- his way out there to snatch that would impairment clapped him on the arm Hawkins -- to. You have to hand it to Creighton what you're doing is forcing Wichita State to take almost ten seconds hitting the ball into the workforce which means they got 25 seconds left and begin their offense. They put some very tough pressure on in the meantime in Wichita State has a tough time getting that shot off Hawkins missing. And he had picked up the pace he had made eleven of fourteen and up until about the last three games that he was four for eight in the last two or three that's right in the last week. Nano for one here today. Doctors now six of thirteen from the foul line. You can make it an eleven point lead. And miss that one but Ellis try to agree about almost edited ends up in the hands of -- that is. Bounced away from the factors. Both of those were way off the mark there's two free throws great you get an inside genuine driving had a -- why. Clemente comes out of there would -- And gives it up to your neighborhood. Shoppers make it a bit defensive line. Very with a fresh hard driving on all the way to the best get daddy got -- on the drive young was all over into this time to re very we'll go to glide for two. And -- one wrong -- this second. I'm out of the floor long way to kill -- at 755. To -- with the shoppers staying aggressive leak rate in 5747. But today very going to ride this game break brought to you by hard to benefit plans. Life is all about staying. So it's nice -- this team behind some big considers. No assistance we provide premium health insurance with the keeping you lost the goods including. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love you were listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In Wichita called Greg McCoy or can -- the. I could just covering. What should just stay still waiting for me by CN 57. 47 but the shoppers have slowed down a little bit on offense the last few times get -- -- the shot clock for shot several times. Have -- -- a lot of this doctors are going to the free throw line they've got to start making more than they have been that we finally have this debt service backup for. The second half break and made eight of thirteen shot 61 and a half percent the what you just days. Has made ten of sixteen for 62 and a half percent. They're only six of eleven from the line -- eight at eight. -- about scored Wichita State by nine points from the line which means what you gotta stay -- -- outscored visitors by nineteen. From the field in this -- Mike and they're shooting 83 point 3% from the free throw line in the last eight ball games before that. Great shot 84%. From the free throw line -- -- tooth for -- -- as fourteen point systems too hard off the -- Soccer's starting to open the door for her it was 755. Still to -- right now I can get some hope. From the way what you just eighty shooting free throws one mess after another free throw out that once -- Very valid fifty leads all scorers for. That's doctors. Kansas won today Colorado 7356. Just one final a short time ago the blue jays with the basketball -- stood there on the right wing -- to Bellwether. Got into the line. Was -- out of the way -- for three yet. Casey chairman that's kind of what he does -- a spot up three point shooter only shooting 49%. This year but shot 43%. A year ago of the shadows lead. Now -- and Harriman was sold for 63 points right over the last four ball games and -- indicator. While doctors in the front court nearly turned over -- Hawkins gets -- three in the corner no good to fight would save their lives to net and it goes to Carter's shot there's nearly stole without going to be called -- -- hand. -- are starting to self destruct a little bit like the lead is down -- eight cannot be free throws and not hitting good shots now on hatches there. Seven so now one of wine -- -- -- and Carter will be at the winery is -- for you to vote. Graham had Jack -- handed back here after getting a brief rest and also little protection with three fouls. 713 to -- that's a lot of. The better and confident -- can -- it goes up and rattles in and we'll get the bonus Carter now with five points. All of these guys are good shooters rate. Brodsky warning Harriman implemented they were. Company to do too hard there on the film. Yeah. Second free throw on the run that was good. To -- now within six and that's the closest they've been me. An entire second half and cut it to seven twice curling shot -- -- had a definite that it is fourteen. Offensive to to re emerge from ray we'll handle it against it and bring it up one on one. And get some time -- processes but conflicting make it to the Hawkins left side of the floor with the ball screen doesn't use -- left wanted to -- quijano for putt data blocking foul on Creighton Harriman. Was late getting there complementing its flash to the basket. Casey Harriman picks up his fourth foul. And commentary to the line for two shots with 658 ago. And Hawkins had adults are on him you could just taken them underneath this amendment defense taking them underneath. And I've gone one on one with them because stilts -- just can't handle him underneath. Going to take two for. War from the line that's too hard. And that's been what most in the preamble they best they've been too hard finding out about -- freight is doing his trading. One point or none from the foul line with the shoppers in for a couple points of their -- of their right back you know. Today it's the second. He has eleven points all of the second half race against in full force pressured go to a villain back court -- -- And back to go to across the time wanted to -- -- driving Hawkins goes into the basket cut off there before his retirement nest of -- -- -- have stolen primary. I don't port Austin that is still the fact that -- gets -- back and that's not a bad -- stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have lakers teammates he was one two. -- and it just wasn't a percentage try to try to take it all the way in. I can just experience -- They couldn't write plays and situations like that. And that's how you learn to get into that situation and see what works what doesn't work there and -- thought JT dearly and for what you posted 636 ago Wichita State leading by seven coach -- -- the top. Right wing -- winter makes history try to penetrate was cut off night drives and those that cannot go to live. Carter just left with a few. Handoff to a to an eighteen to shoot off -- ball screen. Girls at the keynote mostly download this puts it up around the basket and. They -- sprawled that was just a bad flyby go for -- -- was trying to lob pass rather than shoot about a five footer there and one great position by -- inside walker all walker could do was to -- the back. Well Wichita State in the second half Mike. Has ten field goals but I don't think they have scored a few -- about the last six and seven minutes time for JT purely to step up and make a couple of free throw shot 63%. Last year -- over three today. That would get enough -- yeah. -- -- Five points that's his first point of the second half Booker would flocks in for Creighton go to route 617 to go off. And now JT could make it a nine point lead. He can convert the second free throw. That's up that's good. Nice form on both of those which has done state by none of the 617 below 6152. The fans driving up the defense's ability. Room to maneuver 11 Jackson -- I am sure there won't about. And boy. Just square enough unburdened shut about a point four -- for a very -- -- He wanted to be in the highlight film season highlight film -- -- full court pressure that they get them to handle -- backs off the press ahead. They wanted out though because stuff like the Bellwether of the time -- under six minutes now had a spitting on the dribble litter all over him. We haven't caught the ball screen. Split to double team and turns it -- this out over dribbled glitter was all over and about the Steelers twice and finally did now letters spinning into the -- try to pet pets at all. As Hillary got it in his hands and whether or not get away from yeah. Winner over penetrated data often spreading his son's telling him slow down we've got to be tried to thrown off real quickly you'll -- threw it behind -- Clearly came up -- it then what are hustling try to get it back not get out of balance. Antwon young England -- now the ball at 537 ago. And slow down applies to both -- Let them handle being guarded now by younger -- to timeline above the left wing the pocket gets the screen drives off the other leg goes under the. -- still below their superior height and strength. And no help underneath for -- That's not flip -- can get the prelim happens almost don't look nice steps through those open a line drive -- now under way. That's too bad he had no he shot about left handed yet no shot at. Gregg Marshall. On the sidelines. Demonstrating to JT purely just hold your position extend your arms straight out. Eighteen felt that this will be two shots for Booker would flock who is six for six from the line today. What to put him above 90% for the season. 512 to go free throw good. What thoughts with nineteen hailed the thing. I mean every shot it's exactly the same. It's neat picture perfect. Sixteen point four points per game on the season but again -- -- today to lead all schools improve good. Ruskin high school product out of Kansas City would trucks with twenty shot just -- against full court pressure leading by nine lives all right winner was from restaurants comes into dearly. -- headed back toward -- Adelaide hospital drive -- -- across the -- no pressure on him. -- we'll get it under five minutes on this position pockets to Clemente right to life takes a shot -- walker from the era to Hawkins the blame Dillon takes goes up. -- partially blocked by Kent walker to good defensive play by walker would Botswana one pulls up over Hawkins and out. Bad -- His. Position again by JT Delhi and got away. Have just missed the shot under the basket of the other end and got back down was one of the first two or three guys down the Florida being positioned to rebound that would. And how about this with all the -- that we've seen from -- they'd still only have more offensive rebounds on you after. JT clearly you've just made his last two free throws to the line for two with 447. To go he can -- it back to a double digit lead if he makes even one of the two. Free throw good. Really start to put him down here down the stretch is now free for five for the game has seven point Wichita State. Actually above 50% now after a horrible start eleven of 21 from the line. This -- up. Off the back to our vents that like. Any -- getting out of balance of the shoppers would get it right back. Their own basket with 445. Ago and the object is not. Each time away from the clock because -- it's gonna steal that ball fake slide. And a look at the capacity and way out front AJ Hopkins. On the right way to club and handed drives the baseline goes under all the way under. From Connecticut decision they're not to take it too much traffic into their hair analysis came back in the diplomat here asked -- holding it out on the court. 42 on the shot clock for the top back to Telesis trigger pull up ten footer short. Rebound tip by Dele added is out of bounds last touched by -- Doctors -- get a new 35 with 444 legalities of whether or not making shots they're hustling on the boards in contesting every rebound and -- up so hi Mike thinks they've looked more athletic today they looked -- Canada played in. Looks under than way out near the time on day jay Hawkins left wing had a first through -- What -- had to pick up his troubled young guys who monitor the tickets through the that's Canada. The odd moved what call fouls on what to tell us data -- on -- and Ellis over the back of Kent walker I was 45 to go. Wichita State hasn't backed up to thirteen on the big shot by club and had a second three -- it again. Well they still aggressively go after the rebound -- can occasionally one of those we'll slip through. Through and that's exactly what happened walker now goes to the free throw line he was for a -- last ballgame and significantly better for. It's -- last year. To those kids today is may sixteen you know free throw it's bouncing out of the rebounded Jaycee Carroll. His first mass in his last seventeen tried and couldn't come at a better time. Which it's not state where the ball and a thirteen point lead to write very driving the right side who -- Carter out takes a drink -- 3M purely fighting for Hawkins fighting for it. -- a fighting for young tries to save it and does the watch box I was not about how how soccer basketball. Read Marshall sending -- that's -- in the game. Dad Greg Marshall -- you're right very that was a little flicks we did was that went quite better living up beds but. Just to keep up your own distinctive. Good morning private go to other out of the floor this soccer league great by thirteen this jailbreak -- to -- sports not bad job they're listening for shoppers were about yesterday's after the game. Jack opens with another entry from the Cessna -- Force created primarily Biden's acting in opposite direction of gravity factor only sustain demolition team up. To provide enriched our community this and other systems. Visit cents an icon. Wichita state university and Cessna aircraft company. Two great Wichita traditions those determined to be the best most making great contributions to our community Wichita would be Wichita without WSU. ND year capital of the world would not easier capital without Cessna we contribute about two and half. Half million dollars each year to fund united way agencies community projects like the Cessna plane went cold but the Sedgwick county soon and programs that Wichita State University. Together we are committed to giving our community alert. A Cessna aircraft company is proud to support which -- Steve -- and enjoy the shocker nations -- -- Just like the shoulders of for the winning team on the basketball court I -- Winning team at the big corner of one -- -- -- -- hi this is Lisa Hamilton -- -- and Ford and if you're looking for a new look beyond the come see the winning team and they'll -- -- -- you'll find huge selection of all makes and models in my life or. In business and make -- dot com I know soccer fans understand the importance of when in nineteen. Would like to win more business by providing the best customer service biggest selections and financing the picture -- now I am looking forward for better. -- NN says Wichita you're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In what your dog called brand woody your Shawn Chapman. Three minutes 45 seconds to go in the second half of this Missouri Valley Conference. The soccer -- the blue jays 6754. -- reminder you need a plumber easy job. Tough job water -- your house for middle of the night 24 hours today were needed a plumber. Look for the -- Feel free yellow pages which -- stayed at 67 points with 345 left in the ball game they had averaged 57 points a game and five of their last six got to score points between games. He scored 56. At Omaha on a loss to the blue jays regarding Russert passed out at a time out taken by the shocking -- They were having trouble getting the ball in on that sideline inbound -- getting near a 52 count so they take a thirty. They don't forget we've got a brand new. High class sports bar and grill which does he sided when it first of what happened Cambridge market it's called Luis villa bar. The food import includes everything from pizza burgers and deli sandwiches to his signature Mac -- -- perhaps. Fowler other features include an -- full service smoking bar. The private bank but there was sitting up to 35 for no added -- may fourteenth TV if she could watch all your favorite sports. Ten Beers on tap flooding killed bottles and signature drinks like like frozen lemonade from. City and the club's special their open 11 AM to 2 AM on Saturday Soviet by the night. And enjoy -- grill and bar in Cambridge market Wichita State still has three timeouts left. Creighton has two timeouts left this time they get it in quickly -- -- -- and then the -- -- being guarded by Antoine work for the group a lot for a tragedy to the people -- almost lost double team coming get to the way to -- patch on the right wing to pockets AJ drives at the top down into the life goes all the -- -- off the glass wouldn't -- -- -- wouldn't go there and let's get another offensive rebound after twelve Amanda shoppers -- -- offensive rebound on the afternoon. Hanna off the screen by analysts were from the left side comes back that up front -- jumped up. Graham had told to get out at the time line that wanted to shoot game clock working down close to three minutes has gotten -- life although but the. And protecting. The bottom left hander off at last he's got a if you wanted to be the man Mikey took that big shot fifteen point lately -- afoul of the past by -- beyond too what Vioxx can -- the baseline I think they're gonna call Hannah. For -- beyond that will be the call it's clemency for the 15002. Shots for rent one you know want to keep him in the ball game and it's done -- a remarkable job of taking care of the basketball today. Antwon young. At 72 point 7% from a it's that once previously maligned didn't make this freshman from Bellevue Nebraska had scored six points early against Arkansas Pine Bluff. No other game with more than three until the last three of these now scored thirteen against Bradley six against seven Illinois -- today and that would have been good. Nine for -- -- Wichita State. Still leads by thirteen with 257 to go while he's a freshman in defeat freshman normally defers to be established players in young starting to feel this way. This is now all about taking care of the basketball and then storing. For getting fell Hana Pope at the fell right off the back to heart rebound just in front of not a bad shots and really not a bad shots look. But you know have scored all the way under throws it out of the corner -- for three off the edge of the fact Ford and Carter gets the rebound 4. That's a bad -- gone a -- lamented he stood there are stationary arms extended. And all the contact -- from Carter jumping -- to him that Joseph Carter over the line for 21. Horrible horrible shot like where we're on the side but Carter saw the flight of the -- little bit better than any of the shoppers that he was able to gather reading and -- the -- -- Now has a chance to Creighton with the end. That's the eleven. Carter makes about two thirds of his free throws but he's perfect today war for four. He has six points he scored 64%. Of the street was over the last four ball games -- this. -- -- -- Carter transfer from Fullerton college in California. His freshman year he spat at Compton college were not only played basketball what was the MVP of the football team and set a school rushing record. -- -- up and that when bounces off. So Carter with basic statistics. -- -- -- what plots have combined to go fourteen for fourteen. And young has added four for four straight from the line. Is 23 of 27. Wichita State's eleven of 22 of the shocker still leads by eleven with 250 fold increase ridiculous and hatch. This try to cut his throat over the head. Hawkins and -- I am not grateful for the chance three from the corner good -- at one. Just an inexcusable. Turned over time pressured. And that phrases. Now what's so Gregg Marshall wanted time out to eighteen pick out curtains pulled would have faced with 218 left. Which doctors call a timeout to avoid a 52 -- that will leave them with two timeouts. Again his sister did to a wild went down the stretch of soccer's. Had a thirteen point lead just moments ago at Creighton scored five quick loans on a couple of free throws -- at three point basket. I'm pressured Graham had just rushed is inbounds pass -- Graham not a guy who turns it over very often. Still the shot has had time on their side but again it comes down to taking care of the ball. Using a little clock for the you've got a good shot out of the -- -- -- the last time the other -- have had a pretty good look at an open free throw line jumper but it was just a few seconds into the possession and so it gives you -- the chance to transition quickly what's happening is Wichita State has lined up four guys along the free throw line trying to get the ball in balance now we're not doing that. -- very will -- it and you can run the baseline. And gets it ended purely. JC. Tried to drive back to draft almost threw it out of balance is -- Apart from the fifth through a very fortunate nobody recovered different sort double team trying to get rid of that and took another time enough you cannot dribble across half court especially at this point in the ball game and pick up your dribble in the form and that's what rate did. Forcing shoppers to call another crime nothing -- He left it certainly one of the worst things that could happen here homered businesses to have a -- -- or maybe aligned your dishwasher washing machine yourself but fails and you've got water rushing into your house or business well that's what the butler. Is at its best. Certainly nobody likes to have those situations but there's. -- cannot quickly and take care but even if it's in the middle of the night the butler has 24 hour emergency service available for the for the butler. In your AT&T yellow pages -- really need to get this for now Mike I know there's still up by eight. Fresh to get through them and make what they need to do was break the momentum at Creighton has gotten on their side. -- day back at somebody for the last couple of free throws down whatever it is they need this war but. Couldn't get -- in in the club and handle on the right sideline guarded by Antoine Leon he's tried to clear things that give himself some room to maneuver over there. That threat to marine -- -- almost could -- is that when. Now on the left sideline to have committed 54 to go back to very confident get a good shot ten to -- very going to try to take -- one on one. As it down the line pull up from fifteen to. He's got 78 and that's excellent backup the -- -- fortnight ago. -- platform sing miss seeing -- down -- that's true what you just days. I am looking to clear what brought to open to steal it because of the way ahead. With. Them. Minute running left that could then the big -- but very very 7161. Rightwing very catches against -- one young kids adopted. Dude purely an appellate court -- they have to. And that they were waiting to get to the ball to somebody they wanted to -- doing the only guy out there that's a real good fellow candidate. JT today is three for six from the line. But he made three of his last four free -- -- 60% on the year the other shooters out there are all 70% plus free throw shooters and -- -- -- hand and that's why Gregg Marshall has them on the floor. Released free throw yet. No time like the president to step up and knocked down some big runs and it's been awhile free throw up yeah they can go right now has in mind. And now we're more implement today replaces JC's Purdue offense. And it's down don't midnight -- interest rates may lead portrays just -- time and even have to Jack it up very quickly. Young into the report -- -- to Forsberg back beyond help fire over handout that's off the back. Rebound very fighting force that's what it takes takes control any -- blogs video go to the line to shoot two. Value continuous. Have a good man that we shot the fans are all other. Yeah. As Dave said before the game there's this is just the honest truth -- nobody shot the fans would rather -- the very -- the finally get away and after six straight losses. And gathered against one of the league leaders. And had to be -- and makes it especially sweet for the soccer fans today they have come out and jam packed to capacity numbers. Well implemented from the floor today is three hour from the line sorry is three out of six. But now by the way was on here -- who found out of the game. Free throw good now everybody's making. Surely implement then combined to go drink refrain here in the final minute and a half to lead is now third. -- Of complementary with twelve points all in the second half to go along with eight rebounds. Read through a short. Loose ball format today is the first one -- Where's -- now let's not get flooded and a -- Was -- kids are gonna break their losing streak. You're right very -- guarded by -- looks like Britney has no further plans to foul up the Graham Nash. They've doubled to nearly drive so on the sideline. In the corner Ellis drive into the lined up to -- in -- way -- in -- -- We appreciate your -- in the lives slips and falls but since -- Canada more this year Robin in the quarter the murder for three that's off the rim so -- you -- Various 10000 plus -- to. But Charles still carried out final score this dodgers' seventh in Florida blue jays sixteen -- stay tuned for the post game show. -- told about it is going to its toughest economic time since the Great Depression where do we go from here. Tony in -- watch the fixed as ABC reporter each talk with the experts. What's the fix each morning at 810 starting Monday on the take NSA's morning news watch with Steven dead. The shocker athletic scholarship organization or safe so provides scholarships and educational support for over 250 deserving student athletes. WSU athletes competed over thirteen NCAA division one sports and do so with excellent having won four of the last five Missouri Valley Conference all sports trophies. For more information on how you can help contact the shocker athletic scholarship organization at 978. SA as of today. Game is -- like grown and grown alleging official sponsors of the time now realize from a tough place to store the grocery store Petit makes eye contact TJ is freezing -- Former tracheotomy this man is choking PJ widely called a -- he's receiving a fake phone called Ohio mom sure I'll bring your violator touchdowns did you get your number. And they are going forward corona -- This game was brought you back corona and corona light refreshingly laid back here's the reminder to always use your time -- wisely. It's sort of like an import Chicago Illinois relaxed responsibly. And now we're shocked baseball players Kevin Hooper and -- built for big league baseball camp we're thankful for this -- we got from the assumption. Playing days which are saying that's why we're in the basement candidate. Friday January 31 Sunday can -- -- team dubbed YMCA to help raise money and awareness for the strongest. All ages and you teach every fundamental baseball softball -- -- best professional players in the area. More information in registered. -- -- -- dot com space for campus limited character overtime where lessons on how to get ahead of the game and part of the proceeds from the Campbell helped support the winds A strong kids campaign. Again the address for more information in the register is big league can dot com if you want to be the best you gotta learn from the. It's time now for the preferred health systems post game show with Mike Kennedy and -- to all. Brought to you by preferred health systems health plans that work. But come back to Charles -- period it was fun here today which it -- day. Coming off one at their very worst performances of the year on Wednesday night at Missouri State. Found a little magic today started playing like the team they need to be hustling and scraping and hitting the boards. And the show actors shot it pretty well too as they'd knock off Creighton. By a score of 7460. -- and we'll start our post game show presented by Cessna aircraft. But -- dollar recapping his keys to the game presented by rusty act for -- you can now take advantage of employee pricing. But to get to keep all the rebates on new Ford cars and trucks can't do better than that resting yet forward. Absolutely. I'm Anita boulevard days recapturing his -- want to mention also quickly that. This time use the shocker is that giving you a 15%. Discount that sports time fan shop tomorrow only eat their location -- -- Storing over seven days for the discounted 15% on all shocker merchandise exports to advance -- east and west tomorrow. Well we said if. You could Google free throws on the computer. Crichton's name comes up they hit 78 point 3% of their free for opportunities tops in the Missouri Valley Conference. Seventh in the country there 84% from the free throw line over the last eight games. And they didn't do anything to diminish that at all 85%. Today we said Wichita State needed to try to keep them off the line what they did not. But the shoppers needed to do a good job themselves well they didn't wait particularly good job except at the end of the ball game. They hit seven of their last ten free throw opportunities. So Wichita State converted when they had to convert. Second lake. We said the shots needed to light up the scoreboard it needed to look like times square on New Year's Eve. Creighton was just three into this year when they allowed seventy points and Wichita State. Beat Creighton three of the five times that they scored seventy points we said seventy points is the threshold level of the shots can score at least seventy. They will win the game and they scored 74 points and they won the game third. It's all about opportunities. But Wichita State wasn't getting many opportunities. They were shooting far too few field goal attempts because they weren't rebounding they weren't getting offensive rebounds they turned the ball over far too often. Well tonight they had 55. Field goal opportunities to 48 field goal opportunities. And you'd say well wait a minute. -- shot more free throws -- and shot 27 free throws admittedly -- Wichita State shot 26. And the reason that they kept it close and actually be in the field -- opportunities is because. Twenty offensive rebounds and although they had him turnovers in the first ten minutes of the ballgame they ended up with seventeen from Wichita State for the game. Fourth the apostrophe and eat in for the last five ball games he was scoring twenty points a game he was playing like the player of the year for the Missouri Valley Conference which he was projected to be they needed to knock him off his high horse. Five points and thirteen into games against the -- if you're just right. And finally the shocks needed to put that -- back in their alphabet soup -- service that was supposed to get over forty today and we said. The shocks can't let crichton's thermostat get over forty they needed to keep their field goal percentage under forty and they did that end then some 33%. From the field Creighton. We said conversely the shots keep this shoot at least 43%. From the field. Now they -- they shot 49 point 1%. You're right out of going getting on -- -- the cylinders today and -- they've given you ten cents for the chances of all of those who -- -- 41 of them. Federal we will have more final stats and mark Gregg Marshall John is probably a little horse but we'll have -- bad I start the game and could have been a lot of those today so stay where this is our sister aircraft post game show. Continues from victorious -- They're very gently played against Florida at Kellogg can really throw rear end up buying we need your exercise equipment people are -- -- the -- getting input. You've got a treadmill the elliptical away their home. Home you have. That we could go we really need right now you want to make some cash now's the time doing your values and -- Okay we're gonna number hopefully you get the whole thing they want those who think they won't even come on get. Played again toward -- removed from Wal-Mart parking lot. -- need your exercise equipment bad. 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The crispy chicken snack -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. -- Wichita called Greg Rodgers or Mike Rogers. Talk about Charles -- for another Cessna aircraft post game show. We'll have Gregg Marshall winners are star of the game tough choice on that one. Lot of contenders today throughout the season escape -- financial and investment planning donates ten dollars for every shocker three pointed to the shocker athletic scholarship organization. The benefit student athletes in all sports and elevate one of the second half that six for the game. Don't -- sixty dollars added to the total bringing it to 1150. Dollars for the year -- say so. From -- frugality should talk to change soon about wealth management. Solutions. Getting all the stats in just a moment but David has the view of the game bracket by doctors labs and baker I care associates providing -- care for your entire family. Doctors Tom let's head baker and Steve -- of course provide direct contact lens as they can custom make classes for all types of special where. And they also enjoy working with athletes whether it's just recreational. Or serious competitive high school or college athletes can help improve your vision helped facilitate perform better on the athletic court or field. So they could -- have been anyone at three comfortable friendly locations east what you -- thirteenth and rock west 37 at ridge and serving Harvey county it's six and made him do you. -- your the other game. While doctors -- and baker I care associates 634. 20/20. Just hope that the shots after playing so well in the first half -- going to get a good start in the second half much like they did it in to Moines against rate Mike they played an exceptional first half. And yet they turned the ball over five of their seventh for seven trips down there the court in them when they did not do that each team scored ten points to start off of Wichita State was able to stem the tide. I thought remote -- it was the accelerant and there was a literal forest fire. Of -- played the entire ballgame and I thought he was the heart and soul of that team in the second half. Secondly free throws. They need to renamed that. The adventurous owner something I don't know -- but it's not free throws -- -- free about it there was a lot of drama on the free throws but darn it. Down the stretch when they had to have a hit seven of their last nine. And it was magical as they did that. They turned the ball over ten times in the first ten minutes the ball game yet still shot well enough and defend it well enough that you thought if they continued turned the ball over it's we don't want them. There was no haunting to be had because Wichita State turned the ball over only seven more times in the final thirty minutes of the ball game. And debt even though. Creighton had nine points off of turnovers it didn't -- Wichita State which created seventy points off turnovers. Wichita State had struggled struggled rebounded they had to recapture the rebounding edge and that they did they doubled up. Creighton on the boards 47 rebounds to 22 gave up only six offensive -- rate -- twenty for the shocks. The shoppers weren't offensive lightning rod. They had shot 48%. From the field and for the last five ball games but they do it again against the very good defensive team tonight yes they could -- more 49%. From the field six players. Scored at least eight points. And finally -- keep fans coming it was like a prize fight was devoted to throw it was who's gonna give him. Wichita State was not giving in they didn't back down it was going to be the last man standing. Well the shoppers were the last man standing. When you're talking about free throws some lyrics came to my little Janis Joplin sought freedom's just another way for nothing left and there's. If -- -- that well I've attended the suckers I -- the stretch our star of the game is presented by preferred health systems health plans that work and as we said. Multiple stars today but not on the picture -- lead this doctors and scoring with seventeen points. He made plays he forced to these events suggest to him and then but it looks like curry might actually sneak back into this one. -- knocked down a big shot late to get the shot here's a ten point lead -- that was pretty much the ballgame to raise. Congratulations. And can you express what it feels like to finally get that. Losing monkey off your. What would you work all about you since. Christmas time. Loses. Seven against the lowly to have come on here. For Rahal ground that was -- but also -- route out of losing him to want them I would win. They've proven by them live together. And did you maybe along the way approval stuffing yourself about the got a team we've completely played that part and that aggressively will coach this doesn't home. You play hard look at on the floor played so. Lately going -- -- going to lose through investment coming week so can my news tonight. -- all Tucker who. That could really. To -- it explain to me if you can't. Earlier in the season Wichita State for most games shooting 35 or 36% from the field for the last five ball games all of a sudden they turn to some pretty good shooters 48% from the field to 49%. Tonight why all of a sudden are things rolling on the offensive end. Well is based -- of confidence. And practice. Who glory took every day. This stay positive in practice notebook -- the loser mentality. And we just -- well with a practice and it is turnout tonight they're upset about it today -- -- yeah I know that day it's been kind of an ongoing part of your development in. Having that confidence it that you don't quite have the ball in your hands with a big shot needs to be taken and that's a great -- made a big one today and then also at times. No 11 maybe did not take it too quick and I'm sure that that's something that continues to be a learning experience. Willow Marcos have little of both culprits and so Glaxo I'm not -- with a time of good. You know you never cut it down so good as it is always space where you can access and that's what this. I mean among continue to shoot it in. The full excellence and. And you don't feel like you have to take that shot because as we said. There were five players six players that scored at least eight points had a lot of players out there today that were capable of hitting big shot. Yeah home I have book confidence and how much in those clever. -- particularly. He knows just saw a team effort. Definitely today. Just put out a whole different feeling on things and you guys that work it hard for actually partners just make everything feel a little different than it has. That they're losing news. These words. To want for -- win. I hope hopefully. -- going to turn it and one more game. Had a six game losing streak. Don't know what to expect yet come into an -- that's jam packed most of the people wearing black is invited to do and these people were not the whole ball game. We'll that's that's well -- but Wichita State and defense that great. Always in that game in the view opponents who know going to open. Congratulations -- a great -- -- in a great win thanks for America start the game and again. One of medical you know the wall of the more is that given the stats the shocker whatever Creighton. 7461. And the final stats are brought to you by -- restaurant celebrating now over 25 years of great food. And great service remember. That when you're out at about then get around town and on the go and you're still trying to eat healthy and maintain a diet well part of what you do that because they have. A lot of variety but it's healthy food and you can still get in and out quickly -- -- the eat well and be on your way. Four different salads made from scratch every day if you don't want to eat -- -- all the time all of their eleven sandwiches are made with your help the mind the same way with their soups you can have them in combos. And you're gonna get a great meal could taste great and you're not going to absorb a lot of calories and fat so stop by bars restaurants and at 21. And would -- The shocker today. Shooting 49 point 1% on 27 of 556. Of seventeen from three they were just one of seven in the second half from the -- but still 35 point three. Fourteen of 26 from the line 53 point eight but it did make seven of their last nine down the stretch to help put the game away. Meanwhile they held Creighton to 33 point 3%. 23 in the first half. Six of nineteen from three for 31 point six as the team that -- just under 40% from New York. They were 23 of 27. For 85 point 2% from the line and that's how they've been shooting for nine games now for more than 84% now. Over the last nine games. Wichita State turned it over seventeen times to -- twelve but. Scored eight more points off those fewer Creighton turnovers than great and got off the shocker turnovers in Wichita State. Absolutely kill them on the boards 47 to 22. Twenty to six on the offensive glass. Individual leaders for Creighton Booker would fox with twenty Antwon young with twelve just one off his career highs of freshman. Eight points for Justin Carter five each for. After -- was seventeen plus six rebounds two assists and two steals ten points five assists three steals for eleven Hanna made four of seven shots. Twelve points nine boards all the points in the second half for Ramon Clemente was four of five from the field. 98 points nine rebounds for -- and Ellison was three of four from the field plus three assists eight points. For -- hatch on four of six from the field JT dearly nine point six boards and blocked shot. And then rounding out the scoring for points ray jay Hawkins three for Garrett stats. Three for Reggie Chamberlain a shocker when it 7461. We've got Gregg Marshall in the interview room let's pick up some of that conversation. But. I was very passionate and very emotional very tough. The last couple days and it takes a lot out of every one. You just. I hope that trade they don't need that consistently. To -- have to get time. To get some standings. Some muscle have to get some muscle behind me. That I'm really proud of this written in. They're home. That's a good point you know -- team like -- don't want to play. -- I thought we played well there for ninety minutes and then. They took over he took over right before half and I felt a little bit right before the half. This time but then we made a couple place. And you know has been well documented that we've had teams that it runoff for vascular too right before the half. And this time I think -- that -- chipped in and then got fouled. So but it looked like for a second there 'cause they score like fifty seconds ago. That they they had they would have a chance to score a couple of times what happened to. But it didn't happen. We have a nice cushion. Going into the locker room and an organism that is. Teams that are used to winning with which a lot of character do -- we knew they were gonna come actress with pressure we knew that we're gonna crash the -- glass. And I thought we did a marvelous job. Checking them off the offensive glass because they needed some second shots tonight. And that's where our advantage on the glass became evident and in really -- a big part we handle the pressure okay. I'd like to limit the turnovers but. Some of whom work. Just lackadaisical. Others were due to their tremendous. They're now let's. He's big you know he he played like 69 got -- today. He played like a kid that. Could help us. And you know he's. He's going down he's been hurting like we all have made even more because. Of his lack of production and basically searching. But he always he does he does play hard you know I don't know there's a lot said about him. He generally pleased. Very heart now he's not the strongest guy in the world he's not the most physical guy in the world -- and he's not. She doesn't understand are what we're doing out there all time announcement that some of those things I've talked about her mindful because I've. Trained him to positions early eleventh. And then the academic issues within the true issue and all that back in the fall but tonight. He just played he looked good and certainly helped this 99 rebounds and twenty minutes is pretty good as well as Clemente -- nine. In nineteen. -- -- Hatch. And done specially hatched at each day to double to the basket tonight. Very strongly. And even under control. And actually made a couple -- didn't charge. Hatch was finishing in the air in those pleas were were big is is they were -- -- -- had a portable and I hope you finish they can play that now. -- We're back courtside Gregg Marshall will be coming out to join us we'll get more comments from him and we will be back on the Cessna aircraft post game show from Charles -- arena following Wichita State's 7461. Win over great. News radio thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita as news and weather leader. -- is intended as we wait to get them exuberant. Just like three months and zoom in Kansas testing. -- -- win a race weekend until intends speedway and NASCAR truck series and many don't. Did you don't know I -- Did you know that can't -- Tonight's super Kansas gas jackpot is one point two million dollars life is all about stated. So it's nice feeling that this team behind some -- considers you. No assistance we provide premium health insurance would go. 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Citation the greatest resource of all time career in 1940 Triple Crown and inspiration being the greatest line of business jets at all times the Cessna citation for the recognition given to -- employees for their hard work throughout -- -- another -- video lessons this Cessna dot com sister didn't become the world's largest manufacturer general aviation aircraft -- -- -- it's a team effort that takes the commitment mar 16000 employees worldwide. While thousands race here in which time thanks to the hard work can be sure employees throughout the year we can carry the momentum of the successful 20084. We're successful 2009. Or Wichita State University. -- -- Thirteen thirty KN SX. You're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance. In Wichita -- Jackie crickets or Gary Hans Berger. Welcome back to Charles Pellegrino Wichita State -- 7461. Win. Over -- and we're joined by shocker head coach Gregg Marshall presented by. Coventry Health Care. Kansas and well anyway and -- have been great but this was kind of had a special the way this dollars and a couple of. If any any win right now mine can in. To have a win over the search quality team it is in. And in a way that we did you know it was it didn't come down to a refs call -- making a play just. It was it was it was thorough it was just an it was an effort a team effort. That. You know it pains me to say this but it's been lacking all -- offer for -- -- the amount -- time I can honestly say without looking at the video. That four. Thirty and. It's between 35. And 38 minutes we competed like you have to compete. The way you can win ultimately championships you have to compete that way in and it's been hard hard struggle to get that from this particular group and I hope it's helped it's an experience I hope it's youth. I don't hope it's you know just haven't. Is that the inner fortitude. And conclude a -- to do that all the time. Well and -- comes in and they go into every arena very very self confident they carry themselves that way yet we stood toe to toe. And the shoppers did not back down one time that I can remember -- that'll -- it now. You know make couple free throws it it it's -- 171819. Point game. Just were we were relentless on the glance -- the fruit was tremendous especially in this in this in the sect in the first half. Made enough plays made -- of shots I thought we drove the ball extremely well. With -- with against this team and just really proud of like in an analyst with nine words in. In hatch with at least two very strong takes where he stuck the ball in the basket with with the you know some contact you know. Hawkins did that is well. Two -- Mercury boy can he get twenty -- -- that he's not shy and had to talk to he had Clement both about. All put triggered how we will have a lead it's still hold it in the kitty. They both had a quick trigger earlier in the last couple of minutes but. Sterling you know -- even elderly with -- To his credit he did not practice much last couple days. But he stuck those free throws at the end after going over three in the first half. He made a lot of good plays around the basket and honestly. Going -- when -- when I left the house my -- that are you without GT today and I said. I have no idea probably. And and honestly some things that he did that we haven't seen that much hand on the ball pressure release and in passing and he made a play where he. I think got a shot blocked under the basket. And they quickly transition and somebody mess and he was right under the basket inside walker to get defensive board Gutfeld over the -- -- -- to run the floor. Partisan. He like the rest of them have that in -- -- and that's just. It's my job and it's my challenge. And -- in middle. It's gonna make or break me. But I'm gonna get that out of these guys and and it in any any one that eventually wears his uniform Johnny -- was here today there he's on the court now and just. Just ecstatic you know because -- was one of the teams that that would love to have right now and along with draped cube and you know a couple of others Saint Louis who I don't know if they offered but they talk to them. He's just excited you know this this atmosphere this this crowd support -- and six mean I was asking the media room back there. Did -- I didn't think about it honestly that I have more things to worry about right now. And then then whether the crowd's going to show up but it is such a comfort. You know 22 in the back of your mind. Know that there's going to be a race craft whether to sell out or not there's can be a great crowd. And in with the atmosphere to day. In the noise level just help help these boys get through and in. And they appreciate the kids appreciated in and I appreciated and and no. I know we haven't played our best lately and in bottom line is we've got -- -- Keep getting better we've got to build off this performance now and and we've got the red birds on Wednesday. You know one thing that I thought was significant today edit it just happens when -- team is struggling but but in -- closer games Bradley. -- where there's been some little thing that happened and and maybe it just starts to swing briefly the other way. It seemed like he couldn't get it back there are plenty of those opportunities. Today. But every time it looked like they were gonna make a runner that things are start to slip a little if found a way to suck it up and get that. Really did that was -- that was just play after play I'm really going to enjoy watching this game on video and and breaking it down and it is hasn't been a lot of fun around here lately. And you know it's it's been very hard very hard very difficult very stressful very. Physically. Mentally psychologically emotionally. It's taken a lot out of these taken a lot of the teams and I just hope they can now build off positive. As opposed to make it. And there was a lot of heart every everybody -- that's you know I asked him for their head their heart today. You know mostly hard. And I also told them that. I would let them know when they could stop competing. That would be some time after we got back in the locker room but to play. Through the whistle. Play through the play. Be like the boxer. Who not literally but figuratively has to be told that was a little bit after the -- And I think for fifteen rounds we did that today while on the most crucial I thought the first 45 minutes of the second half land. They tightened up the defense a little bit more yet you were trading punches with them and actually gained some ground them spectrum now. I heard the radio. Coming in the last thirty. Times we played. Pretty it's been five and 25 men. That's not a good number one six. It's not that number and it's not the best one out of Atlanta the last one. You know we had our opportunities last year both places and you know that that. All you can ask as a coach is is that they play as hard as it possibly can hear him play as smart as they possibly can even if they do that you know. With the with the talent that we're going to accumulate here and hopefully with. Not you know it's not John -- stuff it's not to read our block. It's not even been all of its. It's just try to be solid -- basketball. And and if we do that we will be in in the fray. But you know we have to give everything that we've gotten we certainly did that number I'm proud of them I think him. But I'm I'm ready to get that more on a regular basis in him in that you can norm. Atlas one to be proud of for all the enjoy it but right back to work realistic six coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State winning it. Over the great blue jays seven before. 61 coach Marshall presented by Coventry Health Care Kansas -- our final moments including the play of the game -- combat. News radio thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita as news and weather leader. True story one night last fall I was in tears a pipe and broken in the middle of the night and we had water leaking everywhere I -- a few plumbers who claimed answer their phones 24 hours today I got was answering machines then I called. The butler a real person answered the phone and in less than an hour a plumber was at my door the butler saved my house for major water damage and I'm a customer for life so for any funny situation routine emergency call the butler plumbing and water damage restoration 7719889. Jack opens with another entry from the multimedia. 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And 24 channels of DirecTV service at every Airbus -- -- -- arrived relaxed and refreshed look today at Frontier Airlines dot com. -- -- -- -- -- You know it's really interest in we said before the ball game that Creighton starts faced the column three guards -- forward center they start for arts. And then their top substitute as the guards they got these little guys in the play like big guys and -- -- it resulted in a lot of wins for this book club and that's what he likes to do but -- welterweight they're not heavyweights of the shocks needed to go toe to toe with the world terminates. They needed that match the blow for blow Welch relates well to wait for welterweight. But since the guards are producers Wichita State needed to guard to be a producer also they needed to guard the stand tall for them and show their guards. That we were superior. And that guard was -- said terrain Maria we were correct on that one too he played just the magnificent ball game. And all the players -- -- Wichita State to -- -- we felt was our player of the ball game. And he certainly deserve better honor and he certainly deserve the honor and sky warrior against credence at this after. Well for the clean -- Actually did make a little bit of around Texas and shocker is missed free throws down the stretch. And with inside two minutes to go it was an eight point game and Wichita State was getting late in the shot clock they needed big play and to -- delivered. -- -- -- -- in the club and handle on the right sideline guarded by Antoine Leon he's tried to clear things that give himself some room to maneuver over there. We'll get threat to marine corps over almost intercepted them. Now on the left sideline the -- and -- 54 to go back to very confident get a good shot ten this year very going to try to take -- one on one. I sit down the line pull up from fifteenth. He's got 78 and that's excellent that's got the chance to -- fortnight ago. Flip -- certainly a closer look at that. -- stick at home from there with a thirteen point where the proverbial dagger that did it you could just see you could see their players on the court just sink. I immediately looked at the bench over there in the Creighton people on the bench the coaching staff the players all just sighed and it was over there spear was on. That was presented by Litton applied should lower your favorite place to shop for over fifteen years of looking for quality appliances that everyday low prices that when the manufacturer's lower their prices Clinton's passes the savings. On do you right now save big on factory closeout from whirlpool and may tick on high efficiency front load. And top flood watchers say 300 dollars on the -- MFW 9800 TQ front load washer. Now only 699. Dollars while quantities last with a whirlpool duet sport. WFW 8300 SW a single price 699 dollars check out Clinton's -- laundry showroom for a really sweet deal. On quality whirlpool and -- today. Washers and dryers. And the scoreboard and a few scores to report in the valley earlier today in northern Iowa beat Drake 8159. And tonight it's Indiana State to a four at Evansville three and three -- -- tomorrow Missouri State one and five. At Illinois State 425 and one Bradley at two and four. Southern Illinois after this afternoon's games right now stands for in three straight four in three northern Iowa jumps to six and one. And the soccer's get their first win against six losses in the valley and improved to seven and eleven. Overall couple of former shocker opponents want to candidate TCU three pointer air force -- not twelve and six -- leading the metro Atlantic played second place their field and beat them by 167862. Siena fourteen and five. Texas Tech got clobbered at home by Texas number eleven in the nation's 7149. -- other scores of interest Kansas wins on the road Colorado 7356. The jayhawks now thirteen and four. Other former shocker for at thirteenth ranked Georgetown played at number three duke today -- -- when's that 176. 67 elsewhere in the big twelve misery over Iowa State 7746. -- beat Oklahoma State and overtime 9892. And that's pretty much in I think two undefeated team number two Wake Forest number ten Clemson fifteen an elegant sixty you know. At Clemson wake winds at 7868. They're now sixteen you know and keep the pressure on Pittsburgh. For number one and coming up. It's the which to us state women against Illinois State with tipoff. At seven. 35 not 75735. People more time between the two games -- the try to we'll have all the action but we hope he can make it out and support the shocker tonight. As they try to get back in the win column in the Missouri Valley Conference -- seven right now on the year and the scoreboard presented. By late point -- senior living in remembered for the most deportable senior living in the greater Wichita area. Look to the lake port residences in Wichita a guest at. Elder radio and rose -- Independent living price from just 990 dollars per month call any of their residences anytime. For a -- -- luncheon to -- lake Pointe senior living. Just how you want it shocker is when it over Creighton snapped a losing streak now they get another one of the valley's. Not teams coming in on -- united Illinois State red birds face a shocker for the first time this year have -- and and the shocker served notice I mean were alive and well they say they say. Things are looking good feel fine played well and -- capable of doing that more consistently they certainly played that way in the first half against Drake. And I just I have all the optimism in the world of Wednesday's going to be a repeat of tonight or this afternoon's -- well. The shoppers were getting this kind of effort early on when they played Georgetown Michigan State to the wired beat Siena. Somehow it's kind of slipped whether some of that was just frustration and or. Heads down after some losses. But this team and I think everyone who follows this team just needed a reminder of how this team could look when they play that hard and that tenaciously and with that much confidence and and certainly. This will help them get things headed back in the right direction it will make kind of lost their way Mike I thought that they were playing much better offensively but not getting enough shots but they were shooting 48% from the field and for the last five audience knew they could shoot the ball. They needed more shots but well what happened at their deep sense of what happened of the rebounded well they certainly found that this afternoon. And if they can combine that shooting with that defense and that -- -- -- or for a lot of wins yet -- the season and actually that's the easier part because that's mostly effort that's what they got back today as coach Marshall referred to. Well we hope you enjoyed it we certainly did end data show hackers will be back in action Wednesday night against Illinois State our pregame at 6 o'clock tipoff at 75. In between now and then coach Marshall joined me for his weekly coach's show and Applebee's on rock road from six to seven on Monday night. And on Tuesday night at 930 on Kansas now 22. Shocker sports report which will include coach Marshall and women's basketball standout Marcy said that. And Gary Frazier so lot of shocker -- stuff coming up. Don't forget the women's game once again this evening tipoff 735 -- try to have only action for you. And David we back Wednesday night the checkers in Illinois State big win today states into the locker room show it to it would hurt from the back alleys sports grill. That. Out of the east side of town out of taking may sixth and thirteenth street and Ted will be along next to the member of a shocker coaching staff. Next to Mike with laughter is always excellent work in the studio to David him and has a computer's broke down today. And David kept his -- with the stats. And -- -- for his work as well for Dave -- Mike Kennedy saying thanks for joining us the shocker -- -- -- over Creighton. 7461. This Wichita State broadcast on KE NSS is oppression and abuse GM sports marketing. You're listening. K and SS. Everyone likes to root for the home team that's why for the Coventry Health Care and Kansas supports our Wichita State shoppers when it comes to health insurance group -- Visual Coventry Health Care of Kansas is the number one choice from HMOs to keep he goes to high deductible health plans Coventry Health Care and Kansas have products that fits your needs call toll. 38667953995. Extension 1059 for more information that's 8667953995. Extension 1059 from one home town to another Coventry Health Care says -- -- shocks. Wouldn't -- go to new owners so far. 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And good afternoon everybody welcome out of the back Alley after a Wichita State win this afternoon one -- time and co created today. Wichita State wins it over the great blue jays 784161. The whole Lotta fun at Cobo arena this afternoon as always feel like cause any observations. The questions you might have. A phone number is area code 316 in the phone numbers for 3613 thirtieth once again it's 43613. Thirty phone number. The area code is 316. And we're here for the maximum outdoor equipment shocker locker room shelf after soccer victory today 7461. Over Creighton. The shocker only trailed once in this game that was when it was one to nothing after that Wichita State. Played very well got the lead in the first staff and held onto the lead throughout the game. And nice forty minute effort for Wichita State tonight lot of good stuff to talk about three players in double figures. -- buckets off the mentioned. Taking care of the ball in the final thirty minutes and taking care believing. But the final month 36 minutes nice jump for the soccer -- over at the Creighton dean came in tied for third place in the valley fourteen and four on the season and at Creighton. Head we know that seemed to really -- been seventeen and one coming in three of their closets very very close that the of this one. Goes to Wichita State by thirteen point margin we're joined nightlife suckers think coach Chris Janzen. Coach it really coming off Wednesday night's game. I guess I want to talk about the Genesis of where this effort came from tonight -- certainly at this afternoon certainly an awful lot of fun to watch and I think we -- team got to come to get a little bit today. It was a good quality win and Creighton is set the bar for group for this league the last ten to twelve years hotel and staff have done a tremendous job there always. Seems in the top two or three in the league every year in. Colorful season. -- -- For for us. Were obviously really a little bit and -- a lot of success in the league for to come out and play with that then energy passionate we have shown. Certainly in the long spurts. For whatever reason -- not nearly as often as we'd like not nearly as sustained effort as we like but. For us to come -- and get that win against Creighton at home tonight was was pretty awesome and obviously kids really needed that. Milligan kind of persevere and continue to work hard and you do whatever is necessary if you win but obviously they're human beings and it's really easy to get down on yourself in question. Your game and even questioned what we're doing the dollar kind of stuff and credit to them they stuck together to fight continued buying what. Let's coaches were trying to teach him. Million Kennesaw team have little bit of -- coming out party tonight it's great in terms of at least put -- putting it together for forty minutes. And when you talk about it seemed to visit had some trouble getting conference wins this season we talked about the doubt talk about the questioning. And in some of those things I guess those of things that happened in practice ended before he hit the spotlight on game day. I didn't see that I didn't seated now I didn't see hesitation here on game day outside team that was pretty focused and really came out and end took it to a very good great thing. The question and be honest with you kind of felt at great we've played that way as well. On the road against I think at the time they were sharing. For the conference lead in. We came out really felt good coach Marshall of the tremendous job leading up to game to give -- a little bit looser and can take some pressure off on the we have some fun with from the night before and -- -- -- is really good going to the game and we put ourselves in position when it becomes a tight game with two minutes and forty seconds left in. No they came down and their best player -- it and want to we've come down turned over no difference in the game. No in this league the difference between losing his very very small to discuss many times and certainly is this year as well himself. Without Missouri State -- I think -- the -- because you know could have would have should and for whatever reason you know we didn't play well -- -- -- -- very well you know passionate game. That was no one through. Corny you know from from everyone in the program didn't do very good job and it was nice seeing bounced back against a -- routine and really do good job of this afternoon. It's such a different dynamic came in we seen this team get down by eighteen points early. Completely the opposite today here up by eight or ten early. And it certainly changes the way the entire game flows from there to have that lead. He suggested different mentality to different different dynamic how things operate the rest of the way this that getting an early lead today think really help this young team. The question and help the young team and help the team that was struggling in the leave. Really talking about health team that's -- question themselves and a lot of different things in. We haven't. You don't have had to protect the -- very often this year is certainly not lately in the league game. No for them to to get the lead in and hold a mob from you can keep trying to extend that keep playing hard and not going to lose although there and here we go shaky for awhile but he had no choice of -- -- retention. I don't know it's something we haven't done a lot lately you know particularly the last port -- the games we don't have pub experience at least in the valid place. And I think for the most part that it'd -- good job and I've -- Creighton. You know didn't didn't stop fighting didn't didn't quit at all and you gonna continue to hang around and make -- run into this because -- got very good players are very good coaching staff and they're there they're at a point their program right now what -- they expect to come I think they expect to make a run accident. You know and I can get you down and start doing stupid things and saw that tonight we're you know they they can't pretty hard and fortunately for us from what we would help to change. Talk to be a little bit about Creighton -- data and intercede team for the second time for the first time this year what the what did you glean from playing -- the first time in Omaha and in what were some things you were looking to get accomplished especially some points of -- against them today. Well I mean last time we played them you know again it was we'd like where the game was that -- about the last few minutes of first half. No we we let but what fox get away from us a little bit nailed a three and then we think we had consecutive turnovers they that we did or misled them and come down. We have the last second shot of him. Fumbled the ball away and -- women's relations for the last five points in game can deflated us at -- time but even after the game noises that signal. We can beat this team in place team and certainly could've been one who's listening here we certainly expected to leave her placement. In terms of -- learning anything or green you anything from you know obviously the players get. You scout reports one things in the film's one thing but when compete against someone got a better fuel what the game's all about and tendencies so. No it was good for -- to to see that these kids who found the world of playing team for the second time in didn't know discover important game even a little bit better but. Ukraine is looking isn't impressive had a very full court. No they don't give enough credit for denying in the half court let you do make it really hard on the people to run your sets and beautiful because that person the bombing in the united passes. And they like to play fast and often and so they they continue to put this in -- you have from the person. Williams is speaking of that let's talk about Creighton a little bit the way they. We're really grabbing at the ball and in Wichita State had a little bit of trouble protecting the ball seemed turnovers in the first ten minutes but I thought you guys are really kind of get a -- gut check -- -- -- value the basketball little more and then. You really shut that valve off for the Creighton beat Vince took care of the basketball little more and that really helped keep the hold on -- Well and unfortunately it was a key to start the game we certainly work done a lot of practice and talk about it but you don't. You can't replicate the whole team doesn't if you don't do that every day. -- they pushed back just a little bit going to puts us in the got into the wind out of us in terms of that part of the game and you most proud of how they react to it. We certainly talked about it timeouts and talked a lot about halftime -- we get some things and -- -- a good job and we'll -- run as -- sets in the second -- they could sit on -- cuts and we just kind of went to a spread little deal was that small screens and spread the floor and and doesn't have as much emphasis on tiny notebook passing kitchen and new -- like -- Try to -- them for a little bit and sets. Sometimes known himself in trouble -- threw the -- and -- it easy baskets and soccer coach for the really good job of making a little bit easier on our guys and not run as many since it's been. Having going to turn the tables on a little bit after some early shopper turnovers. Then I think Wichita State on defense started becoming aggressive little bit stood club and Hanna was broken his hand in their get the volatile -- Maria and Karen Ellison using their length. To -- getting there and in then again passing lanes and frustrate frustrate -- A little bit you know again I really believe that -- that goes back what we talked about earlier and feeling good about themselves in the game and have -- confidence that. You know they can play -- these guys and obviously the crowd was unbelievable. I mean it obviously been around -- for awhile now -- we've been here two years but. No that's what I remember sitting on the opposing bench what felt like that you know I think November a little bit as well and certainly kudos go out to. Homegrown -- because they were they were awesome but no it was nice to see some guys you know have some confidence defensively and guys that have the right to use their mind and and play aggressively you know you kind of got tickets to them a little bits that -- -- -- -- Suckers when it today 7461. Over the Creighton blue jays Wichita State its first conference win of the season. -- calls to fourteen in podshock improved to seven and eleven and if that conference win part of a sellout crowd -- arena today. Which constituting 49%. From the field and holding -- blue jays 233%. Shooting on the day. Wichita State led by seventeen points by freshman Terry Murray seventeen points six rebounds. A dozen points nine rebounds for Ramon Clemente ten point -- club and hand -- to go along with five assists and three steals. At the shocker take the early lead against Creighton and hold onto that lead throughout the game. Once again if you like to join us today on the maximum outdoor equipment shocker locker room show featured it was called for 3613 thirty the area code is 316. We're here as always says we are after every shot her home in basketball game to back alleys sports grill. Thirteenth 1996 right by the Warren east theater very easy to get -- from -- arena just about a ten minute drive. From the -- arena parking lot -- the back alleys sports grill don't forget every soccer game day the back Kelly sports grill has shocked top -- on special. -- just five dollars for the first -- collectors glass. And refills after that are just three dollars. And of course they have food and drink specials every day of the week here at the back alleys sports grill as they nonsmoking environment of course. You can always come often enjoy that and of course that these Saturday and Sunday weekend specials. Art the 200 pounds -- beard get. Along with that he gets and advertisers for half -- get chips it's also you can big -- spread -- city has waffle Fries -- toasted ravioli all perhaps off when you buy that 200 pounds. Power of fear on Saturdays and Sundays through the back alleys sports grill and of course. Plus spokesman ordering pizza too it's great to -- sitting here right by the kitchen will speak to come out. It's great smell. Wafting through the air here at the back -- sports grill. We'll take a break be right back with more here at the maximum outdoor equipment shocker locker room -- -- when it today 7461. Over Creighton. You want to gives a caller phone numbers for 3613. Thirty we'll be right back -- back alleys sports bureau right after this you're listening to soccer basketball coverage today on the radio thirteen thirty. TNN says. 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Welcome back to the back alleys sports grill where you're at thirteen contains 96 easy to get me. The green -- by the Warren east theater about a ten minute drive from Wichita State University. As we continue with the maximum -- equipment shocker locker room show suckers when it tonight over the great blue jays 7461. Part of the pack sell off. House dressed all in black it Coke arena quite -- quite -- fun. Fun game to be at today's shocker when it. Wichita State -- seventeen points out of freshman -- Murray. And -- terrain made it three of them when he made back to back to back buckets early on coming off the 33 tie. Eleven Hannah. -- the great -- in the terrain very -- the go ahead bucket topic would never. The behind or tied again he followed that up with a three point or another sister like Levin and other shots at 83 and then all of them put another three pointer. Would put Wichita State up eleven to three and then it was -- very block on the defensive end that fueled another bucket for the shoppers -- -- TT barely. But Wichita state of thirteen to three in. And that we're joined by shocker assistant coach -- -- tonight in. And coach that was a nice stretch their work very very kind of got the hot hand early and all of a sudden. -- -- -- offensive possessions -- your offense and as you see so many times that can really help it was a blocked shots by -- -- Ellis immediately after he came off the bench kind of got things rolling and another block by three Murray led to a -- but it might end. 26 minutes into the game he's in the defense really really carried the day early on in that part of it is the stretch. And that's good news for us because. We haven't been scoring a tunnel for defense. In the league in. And we'll always felt we had some athleticism and some ability to get up and some people in. You know blocks shots of protected basket and we did that tonight imaginary and Alice -- thought he was terrific. He was awesome and -- great energy. He took good shots. Knowing and -- talked about this before we see it a lot practice we see that guy in practice. More than we see the guys that had been playing most of the games -- recently. He's just long he's athletic he always plays hard. You know he hasn't been good rhythm. Shooting the basketball -- but he looked good riddance and I didn't and he just felt like -- kind of like Spider-Man out -- and I was all over the floor just long and elastic if you will in the he he was a big boost for us the game and hopefully that'll catapulted him into mothers took the -- good about it knowing you know what you can do to. The helplessly game. And that was especially -- in the first daft guys like him coming in off the bench beauty that energy eight points. Nine rebounds four offensive rebounds and in just keeping possessions alive for points. To help you keep building on that lead throughout the first step that was silky and only all. He -- twenty offensive rebounds tonight which is an amazing though. That's a ridiculous number that's that's a big numbers alone mean gosh we've missed. 28 shots in the from from read that correctly doing my math it sounds like we rebound -- and yeah -- -- ourselves as manmade and it's a ridiculous number and no it's certainly -- we talked about doing it you know clearly did it Ramon was it was from moment to moment. Effect was back into the game tonight in. Normally we elsewhere some other guys didn't want you to start is headed man. -- way above the fray and pulled one down one and you know and again you know wrote about kind of felt good about themselves and they -- the ball and you know anytime you've got rebound of what we do tonight you -- you think's gonna win game. Let's get our phone number tonight it's 43613. Thirty click to call and join us in our first caller of the night is our -- good evening are low you're on the locker -- show the right ahead. Inning guys. Great wink at things about one of the would stop -- just take -- -- And that we really appreciate just when I'd get Janet thank -- -- promote some of the things that impressed me about the game. The focus is prepared to yeah everybody was focused and everybody was on the same page. It's been awhile since I think it's been. The -- listing it was. I thought the other thing that made big differences he never let great and it into their rhythm. I want to panic great navigation he gains over the years and Creighton -- generate them they're just not much -- and whether these. Whistles at the right down the -- deals -- rebounds or whatever crichton was never able in their rhythm and I psychic commend you guys are not being able to keep them out of their rhythm. That must focus and and everybody be an on the same page as the great game great win -- as well as the guys on the air city. Thanks. Thanks Harlow appreciate that in. You know. If it goes back to talk about being on the same page and animal that's been on the same page with have a more guys had good nights on the same night. And we've we've had individuals play well and and we lose and I just thought we had more positive production from individuals and so. You know when you do that -- -- going to have a better chance to win the game and you know if you look down roster you know. If you look down and I would pick on anybody that really had a poor night so that's really. Good to see didn't I I think that the rhythm stuff -- we mixed since impresses his own press -- man crass and try to keep them off rhythm and that's something that certainly got to do it gets pregnant and I also think it's the fellas intensity kept them rather than they. Where they caught the ball a little bit further out and they wanted to -- and mostly good job against their posts to get them out of the annual Clinton starts her moves and know the guys -- regard number twelve those would get a good job of believe in him and dig in on the post and just know. Create some some distractions and some traffic you know we're -- -- be able to put the bomb holes so you'll love it certainly. I think most beneath the credit he's go to players in just the way they -- to keep great not a -- Well and illustrating that point Creighton now makes two baskets in the final eleven minutes of the game coach and out of if they get big -- and free throws the locker deepened to a great job denying Creighton getting into -- offensive flow like Carlos thing. That's great I didn't realize that in that's awesome to hear him. Certainly we we we put a little private sometimes in the second half and and they make free throws while they make -- we knew that going in. They kept true Foreman did a good job the free throw line but -- still that -- give -- up last this last twelve months it's south of the children. You mentioned the free throws to at one point Creighton has always had made eleven free throws in a row. And the choppers were kind of struggling to line a little bit pregnant -- the sixth made -- -- possession game. But and Ramon makes a free throw early -- a couple of zero AJ gets the baseline drive. All of a sudden you backed up by eleven again and then he started making some. Free throws down stretch at the kind of turned -- their barely make it those two with six minutes ago a report was really -- It was really big and especially after starting the game -- for three. -- the first pass so you really easy to be nervous up there and not trust your stroke and he stepped up there and made them. Really needed them and not even though they -- a high percentage -- some guys that normally for Creighton. That don't myths about this tonight. Who put forth about where I think he missed one free throw prior in the lead to tonight and -- -- market two for three hey he is fourteen for fourteen common into the game so normally you don't we feel as coaches we. We don't get those breaks and it was nice to see ya see a great to have threatened to. Shocker when it today 7461. Over the great blue jays once in a phone number is 43613. Thirty and our next caller you're -- not shocker locker room -- -- Chris. Good evening Chris you're on a -- -- Eldorado. We -- guys hey great we had obviously. I hate my question put to coach is. Everybody. On the -- -- on the floor seemed very very relaxed. And you can almost tell that the start of the game. Was there and is there a big philosophical change. Isn't in the method at at which your company that these kids right now. Or do you deceit maybe hopefully. The maturity start to pick up that may be a live experience cup overall. They didn't get good help. Thanks for the call Chris thanks Chris. No we're we're here -- mired in the -- them and you're not when as many games you can life you know. And tried just about anything to jumpstart a team and definitely don't think there's any philosophical change in our approach stuff for from the staff and we certainly. Taken different approaches. On different days. Just trying to -- set the mood in and give these guys. To believe what you're doing and feel good about themselves and but overall there's certainly no philosophical difference the system's sound approach is sound but you know every coach in America on a daily basis and and goes into new tricks those -- can try to figure out a way to continue to play better so. Hopefully answer the question in terms of -- relaxation and how they feel I mean yeah. I really believe bin Laden has he would have started Neiman with a good about it yet he uses the crowd was unbelievable and we haven't played a home -- much warmer for six. Conference games have been on the road and you know in the rally game with the -- then. You know I -- to look back but. You know you have to him in these games there are usually won or lost by a procession -- and and and little things can change your face real real fast if we win that game I don't think we're our record is what it is but no we can't change it. Hopefully you know we can do with bill from this and catapult distances to bigger and better things here on the road and obviously have an -- -- -- and -- -- Leon Canadian interest rates now we're four out of five brick home -- he do you hope to capitalize on some of that synergy and in them. This being the first step in that process and of course have. Of course once in a phone number is 43613. 32 like college tonight you're on the maximum outdoor equipment -- locker room jokes doctors -- Creighton today 7461. And part of a sold out crowd at -- arena in our next caller is Mike. Good evening Mike you are on the soccer locker room -- the right ahead. Hey congratulations on the win the night -- But I was wondering. Can you tell a little bit about the recruit -- -- and whether or not they can -- free -- because it looked like. Aren't -- -- suffers from being able to shoot this creek -- I'll hang up let. Well I don't have the numbers in front of me from Missouri State's I don't know what they were I can't imagine they were awesome. From the outcome of the game but. The funny thing is is that I think it's great we were sixteen for eighteen I'm not mistaken. The last time we played on the road tonight. We were fourteen to 26 so. We certainly got to get better -- it you know I'm I'm telling -- I see him every -- in practice and pretty decent free -- -- some better than others obviously Ramones. You know when you shoot 50% in the Senate goes up that's not a good studies. That's what happened to him tonight. In terms of our recruits and and it's free throw shooting ability you know I'm -- I have a father stats I couldn't tell you what they are from the line. Another great kids and other good players and we're gonna work very hard there can never bring a lot. To the table but specifically about what kind of percent musician. I really don't have that was right. All right thanks very much for the call Mike. We'll put another break here on the -- enough or equipment shocker locker room -- If you'd like to join us on the phone lines and comets comments are observations -- questioned you can call support 36. Thirteen thirty the area code is 316. And phone numbers for 3613. Thirty -- back alleys sports grill. Thirteen -- 96 very easy to get to you from. -- arena 1996 just about ten minute drive right here by the Warren. After Wichita State to win this afternoon 7461. Over the Creighton blue jays Wichita State -- scoring Creighton 2810. Points in the -- how about that shoppers. Very good inside it. The shocker it's also taking advantage scoring outscoring Creighton off turnovers 179. -- that you vetted but Creighton mistakes and winning that battle as well shoppers get their first conference win of the season and seasons split with -- -- each team winning at home shocker felon Omar but -- -- the blue jays on the return match up here today. At -- arena. Great -- in fourteen enforce the blue jays now fourteen and five on the season Creighton was tied for third in the valley standings. And other shoppers are able to knock off -- in front of -- a televised audience and of course right here on the radio you hear every shocker game on. News radio thirteen thirty K and -- ask. We'll be back to the back -- sports grill right after this here from more of the maximum outdoor equipment -- locker room show. You're listening to soccer basketball today here on the radio thirteen thirty K and it's that's. -- So it's nice doing it is to. 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And determined to be the best most making great contributions to our community Wichita would be Wichita without WSU. -- -- capital of the world would not easier capital without Cessna we contribute about two and a half. Half million dollars each year to fund united way agencies community projects like the -- -- would cope with the Sedgwick county soon and programs that Wichita State University together we are committed to giving our community alert. A Cessna aircraft can. This crowd support which -- numbers and enjoy the shocker nations -- cheering. Baseball players can. Peru and Kuwait -- for big league baseball camp we're thankful for the sport we got from which a community during his playing days of Wichita State that's why we're holding a baseball camp to get back to our community. Big -- canceled Friday January 31 through Sunday February 1 has teamed up with YMCA to help raise money and awareness for the strong kids campaign. -- campus for all ages and we'll teach every fundamental baseball softball muscle in the best professional players in the area who. Will be there along with players like Mike Pelfrey common last week Tyler Weber and other current and former. Professional players for more information in a registered go to big league camp dot com space for camp is limited carefully -- for lessons on how to get ahead of the game and part of the proceeds from the Campbell helped support the -- serious -- his campaign again the address for more information and register -- big league cannot come if you want to be the best you gotta learn from the best. You see there. KM -- radio you're listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance in valley center called Tim tank even derby called Jim coffee. And welcome back for more of the maximum melt or equipment shot her -- and showed tonight. If he'd like to join -- city comments or questions and phone numbers for 3613 thirty. The area code 316 phone numbers for 3613. Thirty -- we're here has always in the back alleys sports grill it thirteenth 1996 right by the Warren east theater. A nonsmoking environments big crowd on hand tonight you're back -- sports field joining us after Wichita State win over the great blue jays today 7461. The Sox get their first conference win of the season to start out a nice stretch here or Wichita State has four of five games at home. Coming up next for the -- Wednesday night Illinois State comes to town. And then on Sunday. A week from tomorrow the shocker to host the -- places of Evansville on Sunday afternoon game at -- arena joined tonight by shocker assistant coach Chris -- after the shocker victory in. We talked about a little bit coach but they're outscoring Creighton. On second chance points 22 to seven. It's it's so hard underestimate how you. You outrebounded team by 25. On the night 47 to 22 in. And so many possessions kept alive by just hustling on the offensive boards and that was a big part of today. Game it was fun for me it was fun watching going to be part of those guys were compete noon and just get half criticism into the game and no justice just playing hard playing with some groups and toughness and really got after the ball in the and had never say die attitude and they fell off one another and seemed like one guy did it means that I want to join in the fun and next guy did it for you know we have. -- packed -- going after them also that was it's really neat to to watch and be apart than. No we felt we felt all your -- it rebounding would be no one of things that we could always had -- had done. -- hadn't -- that way every game you really had there's no reason and it's not because we have the ability -- the personnel to do that on a daily basis and hopefully you know can this be another thing did -- that they take with him and continue to do that. Yeah you get for offensive rebounds off the bench player and Ellis three offensive boards off the bench for TT early and for -- many kind of reasserted his rebounding efforts tonight before offensive rebounds among his nine so. Get three players with three plus offensive rebounds. Really helped -- some of the game it was awesome it was -- who goes to the very very good job. -- when it today 7461. Over Creighton in the end. We mentioned at ten baskets off the bench that we I've mentioned -- in Ellis a few times that a guided haven't mentioned. It's grandma actually comes in off the bench and give -- eight points on four of six shooting off the bench and only one turnover in nineteen minutes and and Graham stood. -- basket for coming on penetration in the in networking the baseline importance of angles and getting some nice bank shot. -- if you if you watched him closely and I know it's hard during the game if you pay attention just to grant had some lasting. Four games may be. But the switch has been flipped a little bit for him. You know he feels good about himself -- he's our probably our hardest worker that we have he puts him so much extra time and came up that Mormon mission and I've never coached a player off the Mormon mission everyone that has tell us yet. First here's a wise. Wait for the second year maybe even that you're going to have to get his basketball legs back and I'm telling you he plays so hard. And you can watch him on film and if you just focus on him during the game you'll be amazed how hard he plays how we frozen body around almost like a football mentality and you know I think that's one of the reasons why do those other guys have joined in the fun with -- because. He's been doing that he doesn't you know its that I don't is that aren't always Austin doesn't lead us in many categories and on any given night but. And he he does he has been leading this in the category play hard. Lately and it's it's awesome to watch and it's a neat thing for him being a -- -- I think you're continue to watch grand hats developments play over time. All four of his baskets and -- came -- kind of on an inside play and three at the previous four buckets came just in the span of about three minutes there where you're you're -- up like double digits GT purely through crowded and found Graham all alone on the on the baseline for nice bucket he scored a couple -- There's one effect -- a fast break because it took only down the floor. He was on the left side of the Florida -- waited for the great and he could become find given they really didn't grants hey I'll take it all the way in any bids. You know he had a very similar pledge not to bring up bad memories he had a very similar play at Creighton in the first half and he had the ball in the same spot -- penalty was a break situation we broke the press but he can find himself I have a little bit moments garden. He's put his head down and throw the ball got all the way the room and I think he was -- surprised he was open they missed the layup and so it was really nice to see him finish it tonight and how -- -- it mean that that was a big play and I was anytime trying to hold -- the team -- best he gets a big player -- Nancy -- -- aggressively and you're insulated from. Tucker when it today 7461. Over the great blue jays were doing the not quite shocker assistant coach Chris Janzen. We'll -- one final break here on the -- locker room show we'll come back and wrap it up from the back alleys sports grill right after this. Let's get our phone numbers for 3613 32 like he gives a -- shocker basketball today here on news radio thirteen thirty. -- -- Dollars greenbacks claims cabbage bucks snickers similar leans folding green red nose scratched moo La. 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The shocker athletic scholarship organization or safe so provide scholarships and educational support for over 250 deserving student athletes. WSU athletes competed over fifteen NCAA division one sports and do so with excellent having won four of the last five Missouri Valley Conference all sports trophies. For more information on how you can help contact the shocker athletic scholarship organization at 978. S eight SO. Casey Blake Buren drive burns when they have to build the other teams knew they were in the midst of great. I don't think that's so mean recognize that envelope commitment -- back in class customers. Provides your team with the most satisfying benefits. Gains in Kansas and we hear players taking Kara you have time to focus on what's important to you while we focus on the needs of your team. Central Kansas and make your life easier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Grant them. KN SS which it. You were listening to shocker basketball presented by American family insurance in -- vein called Rob Davis be Newton call and bullets. And welcome back to back alleys sports grill -- thirteen contains 96 we continue with the maximum outdoor equipment shocker laundering -- Shocker when it today 7461. Over the green and blue jays. To ray Murray seventeen points among Clemente a dozen Clement and -- would ten points five assists at the shocker when it today. Out rebounding Creighton 4722. And shoppers get season split with great neat team winning on home floor we're joined today by shock resistant coach Chris Janzen. Coach -- with a stretch here Ford five at home I guess the key now is this was that this one was good you want to keep building on it and keep -- keep. Playing well at home and and keep -- keep confidence up for the players. Misty. We've got to snatches momentum from this you know we've talked about it in the game tonight but feel good about themselves in -- but good about themselves tonight. We're going to work harder continue to prepare for next -- to -- on -- No they're there for her talented and -- starting five animal fame could match him. Starting five wise that could put on the floor so we'll have her hands full on Wednesday night but. -- we just gotta. Keep this momentum going keep feeling good about themselves and in realized I was tonight if things don't go our way right away that that it's okay it's a forty minute game and keep from nose to grindstone so to speak and you know he didn't break here's their make or break here there and we can -- the -- back back in our favor so. Hopefully it will be it would do that on Wednesday. Continue to -- -- home. That game will be Wednesday night Illinois State comes in quote Illinois State currently is fifteen and -- Foreign -- the valley and they will host Missouri State tomorrow afternoon as they'll play tomorrow afternoon that'll be their last game for coming in town here on Wednesday night coach. I know it had to deal with frustrating with the with the -- so Wednesday at the Missouri State but certainly a nice win at home here today and in the has -- has been pretty happy locker. You know I'm happy for those kids because you know where there every day and you know how hard they work in. At some divers down. Someone and others in -- different days others -- -- down others don't but just really feel good about home. -- good for them and certainly feel good for our fans who continue to support us and -- senator before it was an awesome environment and it gives you chill bumps and everyone I've -- to us news and couldn't believe it after -- -- had -- to -- fans tonight to. Well William in honor of our fans will take one final call tonight and it comes from Thomas I Thomas here the last scholar and out of a lottery -- go right ahead. This. Word on loved regret that I thought a knife and just want to know word that they ended. And they shot it did very well on the board there will extradition. Is lesbians density is. You know we -- and the fact he did this quarter no. What -- your mouth was whoa whoa what -- the today I'll hang up a moment to thank you. Talk -- Thomas thanks very much for the call is certainly not the intensity was good it was up to watch this afternoon coach. Good questioned Thomas then I'll be -- to -- there's a lot of times and we ask in the same thing. -- why don't you play that way all the time in one of our favorite sayings is don't make a good players. Tough play an aggressive play and we'll tell him hey why do it anyway. And we're encouraging to continue to play that way we can certainly exhort them to play that way. You know everyone knows -- most of my mouth his personality and addresses. He wants aggressive style of play really get after another in. And play hard all the time not to relax and I promise you it's been preached to whom time and time again. For whatever reason we haven't been able to sustain that effort all the time. No I thought we certainly did tonight in -- we've just got to keep plugging away and hopefully this incredible first because. I'm telling you if you watch the teams in the league. No no would've would've. Offensive against the -- and I would have been leading the league right now when he played and I'm leaving it just kind of caught lightning in bottle and that's the way it is in league play and -- we're gonna try to you have for a stressful work. All right Thomas thanks for the phone call in coach we appreciate your time tonight congratulations good look Wednesday night thanks senator pursuit shocker assistant coach Christian and our guests tonight on the maximum outdoor equipment. Shocker a locker room shows the shocker to beat Creighton today 74. 61. For of the selloff at the arena. Of course the don't forget our maxim are us title sponsor has always maximum outdoor equipment. Located at Kellogg in West Street just blocks south Kellogg on west. -- and outdoor equipment is giving away a red -- -- at the end of the season to one lucky shocker fan. All you have to do we stop -- and register. A qualifier will be drawn. For every shot her locker room jokes and and that enabled -- grand prize drawing at the end of the season for the red -- tremor so once again if you would like to. If you would like to register it's very easy to go drop by maximum outdoor equipment one block south of Kellogg on West Street. -- their input your name in the bucket may -- will draw your name is qualifier to be a finalist. Couldn't read -- tremor that will be given away at the end of the season would that be nice piece of equipment to have once a winter is done in spring is here to get your lawn looking its best maybe you'll win that read -- tremor struck by a maximum outdoor equipment. A block south of Kellogg on western pitcher named in the bucket maybe you'll win it at the end of the season. That'll do it today for the maximum outdoor equipment shocker locker room show. Thanks for calling -- joining us today nice crowd on hand tonight you're back alleys sports grill. Our wonderful -- here in this nonsmoking environment you love being here after every -- her home -- basketball game -- thirteenth 1996. Very easy to get to -- -- pay 96 by the Warren. A fun that day so far for big -- basketball we got another game coming up to the shocker ladies. Taking on Illinois State tonight 7:35 PM tip off at -- arena hope to see therein of course Brian the -- bring you radio coverage beginning not too long for now at 715 right here on news radio thirteen thirty K and a sense. -- soccer -- coach christianity in properties -- back in the studio might -- diet consisted Woodward -- so long from the back alleys sports grill once again final score shocker men's basketball today Wichita State 74. Creighton 61. Thanks for listening to soccer basketball today here on news radio thirteen thirty TN SS. This is KM -- -- and ask -- Right hope for. Simpson. That's. -- -- He's stuck on them. So you. This is okay. SS -- job we now join in progress our regular programming. The only Wichita radio station with the latest market much business reports every -- -- our news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- radio thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita as news and weather leader. The plane recovery the plane is under way it's. -- playing US Airways flight 1549 a New York's Hudson river icy water brutal cold -- wind delay the recovery kitty Higgins National Transportation Safety Board investigator at the site says they hope of crane will. Have it out sometime tonight with water it weighs about a million pounds it's. Active very simply isn't lifted out footers so at a time let the water -- lifted up some more to trying to increase the way. And they also have pumps that can be employs him to help with getting rid of all that water. NTSB's Higgins. Read from the air traffic controller transcripts of communications was a pilot. Was there a possibility of landing -- New Jersey rather than trying to go back to LaGuardia says the plane was dropping too fast. For some discussion. About within the flight that landed Peterborough airport. Opera playing airplanes right side about six miles. And the pilot responded. We can't do it. Contrary to what was initially thought only one of the jetliners to engines is missing that's search continues. The president elect vice president elect and their families are now on Washington arriving on a vintage train car. And -- -- rally at Baltimore's war memorial following Abraham Lincoln's pre inaugural train trip from Philadelphia to DCMR Obama says the ideals expressed in Philadelphia. Defended in Baltimore at fort McHenry still live. The rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes not from all of but -- our bag. -- The time meanwhile the deadly Salmonella outbreak investigation continues don't eat cookies candy your ice cream made with peanut butter -- federal health officials. Though national brand peanut butter in jars is okay Hershey says it's Reese's candy is not connected to the Salmonella outbreak you're listening to ABC news. If you from the 24 hour news senator -- an SS I'm Chris Smith. Shots were fired around 2 AM Saturday at a party in the 1700 block of north Holyoke more from Sargent brad Agnew with the would stop police department. Several individuals started to fight hand some people were asked to leave three to four males return and when those whales return. For between seven and eight shots fired from handgun sergeant Agnew went -- to report that two vehicles and the house was struck by the shots however no one was injured. A former central Kansas school board member has been convicted of threatening to kill his wife as she headed to a fifth grade teaching job. Some -- county jurors found Gary -- guilty Friday of one felony count of making a criminal threat for the comments he made to his now ex wife Connie Nielsen. On September 5 2007. Jurors also convicted him of the misdemeanor count of harassment by telephone. But the jurors acquitted him of another criminal threat charge. It's stemmed from the school where his wife taught him being locked down for two hours on the day it also made the threatening phone call. Olsen was the school board member for the southeast of Celine district at the time. He faces possible prison time when he is sentenced march 2 Michel Bryant his radio thirteen thirty K in assets. Butler county attorney Jan Satterfield says the adoptive parents of the eleven year old boy missing for nearly a decade or suspects in his disappearance. And could face murder charges. Satterfield says no human remains have been found in the search for a Adam Herman but his first degree murder charges are possible. The KN SS weather center forecast calling for mostly clear lows near thirty tonight northwest winds ten to fifteen miles per hour. Sunday sunny with a high of 54 north winds gusting to around 25 miles per hour. Right now it's partly cloudy in the mile per hour northwesterly wind 45 degrees. Which does only 24 hour all news station -- thirteen thirty KN SS I'm Chris Smith. DN CX series of polls. I certainly recommend moves through these days.

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