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Johnson's Garden Show 01/05/13

Jan 5, 2013|

Johnson's Garden Show 01/05/13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Come to Johnson's garden you know. Unused radio thirteen thirty -- in essence. Marty and Jeremy Johnson and Johnson's garden centers are live in the studio and answer your gardening and landscaping questions phone lines open. -- point 3613 thirtieth that's 43613. Turning it. What can the Johnson's garden shows her -- birdie at thirteen thirty Kate and asked this morning Jermaine studio this morning. Morning Gerri good morning. -- Nice first. Saturday of that. 2013 year here in south central Kansas. But listen. Nice weather although you're looking at that averages. Maybe -- hide things -- -- actually. A little lower then. Every title last year. The court last last January. Seem like -- nicest human. Girls in the afternoon you know from work and you go out and play in and be comfortable on the team average last January was. It's a 5051. Degrees. Our average high for for the month so that. Little warm up I think headed our way. -- -- get this above the average for for the time here today looking at 41 -- 303536. Details but right now. 2945. Tomorrow and and into the fifties for the the first for most of the coming week. Maybe some chances that some. Additional precipitation here. For the latter part of the week as well. That actually -- great great week to. Maybe enjoy some some time out doors -- fifty degrees this. Awful pleasant. But -- we had some. Yeah that's some cold like we have. That area it is nice and of course then we all. So we all like the snow I guess we do we could -- use -- -- To help of the plans that the the crops help everything. But it's it's nice haven't. I'm 51 degrees -- can't get signed do some things and makes our utility bills. In the greenhouse at home wherever a lot more affordable than now when it's. Colder than that. You -- call 43613. To refute any questions about what to use -- gardening and there are some things that. He -- can be done outside. Or -- things that can be done inside. This forest. Gardening and horticulture goes. You have fifty degrees it's kind of the magic cut off at least for for me on I'm treating some some -- squeeze and you walker and -- landscape and see those weeds. Green as can be against them. The dormant backdrop and is coming we should be a great -- to get out and and spot tree with some. Sort of media for -- we freeze -- that her -- works works very well and didn't cool temperatures and you get a C goes weeds diamond you know we've -- of the 55. Degree day couple days as we are going to be looking. Looking sickened and not causing problems. Come spring time. Is that they systemic Riverside does it. Just plants that Sarah -- so if we straight wins fifty from the reads. I'm hoping they'll absorb that turns off cold. We can still -- I would yes. Yet of the weed killers going to be in the plan I think if they're gonna consider -- faster -- four hours so. There really is is a great thing to. To use even when we you may have some some chance that some some rain for hours later and and it's it's in the plant and doing it's it's things so. That would be one thing that I I would really recommend. No -- with one of these fifty degree weeks coming. Getting that. Done and I think to a fair use then that's interpret areas. You know we we do have some some ways we can can use that in. In very directed manners in the our -- landscape beds if you guys. A large landscape bandwidth -- that we blasters broad probe we blaster pro sprayer that as a little. Conan that's gonna minimize drift. This breed just -- that the -- is so that's an option if you do you have some some -- does have some desirable clients and it. Or you can use that Padilla ideals -- kills all though. Gonna take a little longer have to work. This time here. But that's also -- fast in. A short period of time I'm trying to think what that timing is on have been it's absorbed. Pretty -- also. Human and with with a lot of -- herbicides on thin -- we do much remembers to. We uses predator sticker that's gonna help the effectiveness of those plants also gonna help but you do into the -- system. Much more quickly. And it's important to -- -- and let you have it -- using more than we blasters you can use. I don't know that I even use one that you use kills -- land. I guess you could wash it out I'd like to keep once prayer for the kills all the non selective herbicides. And -- prayer former broadly weak and just you know I don't want any contamination and I don't wanna be spring any -- equate. -- -- -- -- -- Good practice. -- to call 43613. Thirty course to meet today and tomorrow. Is Johnson's storewide sale. I'm not sure are looking at that was part here which annual. There's -- Salem there. I can remember though you were cases date. You know that. Cotton Bowl. But clearly were doing -- sale that year that would have been studies. Six and 97. In January of 1997 I believe. We've been doing this a -- it's turned into a very popular event in. Just like a lot of arrogance they started out as. He one day event -- for -- I think he was like -- from 1415. -- afternoon. Had the -- lawn care program on sale which does have a very popular item plus cut everything else in the score. Now we've got to wised up to make it easier for the customers and for sales of course it was on New Year's Day. Originally. Which is crazy. The -- now it's drained a moral. Everything is 15% off in the store plus we also has some other specials that. Let's take a break we can go through a special and talk about of the offerings we're gonna have so. Satan -- to call 4361530. And we will be right back. On news radio -- Assets. Front now's a great time to call with your questions -- 3613 attorney. More of Johnson's Garden Show is coming up and now from the Cato Institute the Cato constitution minutes. The constitution was not America's first governing document the first was the articles of confederation created in 1775. Under which the existing states groups themselves as a union. Under the articles votes by the thirteen states have to be unanimous and what was enacted didn't have the force of law it was merely a suggestion to the state. The constitution supporters the federalists argued that the articles were weak because the nation couldn't make good on its debts or prevent squabbles among states. Be careful what you wish for their opponents the anti federalists warrant. More powerful federal government could dominate the states and people -- anti federalists lost that battle and the new constitution was ratified. But it is in large part thanks to them that we have available writes the first ten amendments to the constitution. Adopted to address their concerns. To learn more visit the Cato institute on line it's -- -- work. This Keri hall America's health care -- shows separating fact from fiction Sunday mornings at 9 AM here on KM SS -- Now's the time to start compensating come to Johnson's garden center for -- once a year -- care programs sale this weekend only. Save 25%. On our doing yourself find stepping on your program which provides all the fertilizer your -- Will need for a full year. Save fifteen to 60% and other items throughout the store during our storewide sale this weekend only. -- through this once a year sale and save. Come see us at Johnson. Zero local source with three locations were all of your lawn and garden needs -- -- four generations. And it Johnson's garden dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- News radio thirteen thirty. -- -- -- We now return to Johnson's garden. My news radio thirteen turning ten. -- -- and Jeremy Johnson and Johnson's garden centers are alive in the studio and answer your gardening and landscaping questions. At 43613. Turning. Looking back at Johnson started showing her misery of their team directly and asked they asked it was difficult for 36. Thirteen thirty -- in Germany in studio. This morning talking about our annual destroyed sale which is today and tomorrow. Or say 95 tomorrow they are one to five. This is that the day that everybody. A commander live by the launch your program for home launcher program in those items are 2.5 percent off this weekend only. And -- that's -- the best deal one can -- even that it's not on it we've got people that are converting from Naples to responder program to. To this and and I always hear I never hear anybody. So they're disappointed -- they've made that switch staged their saving -- dependent on the products they need. When they need to be applaud. Who knows that better east storm. This morning and and that the foundering in. Course it was 730 and we weren't weren't open yet -- It was a good. Command calling from. That. Knew we hatter or storewide still this weekend and -- for. Which talked to Tulsa. That has discovered that there's not anybody there that knows how to. How to take care of yard. So he was calling. Ruin us to get you from Tulsa was -- easily store on the east or to get. Get recommendations and to to Cuba ordering he has his lawn care program. Because he was so satisfied with the results of that he would he tried some. Some of the lawn care company is there interest was. Frustrated with that the results he wasn't getting so you can get a printed up a period going to be in town a couple weeks and in a pick and open. That. And it really is have a great great program immigrant you know great. -- science behind the program at its high quality products. Doing that put more on the law on what it needs when it needs it but tailor the program to -- -- never says. Based program but you know it there's something that that you feel you and -- on needs or something that you know an objective you want to make we can can definitely help. It is. If this man. Actually are in the thing of about this program is. Who were not putting. Herbicides -- -- I guess the first one all for all seasons. Which is to launch the post script -- and we prevent her you need -- herbicide that prevents her down for the entire area because you want. You don't want progress coming up. Anyplace in in the law so you you want a broadcast application event as a. About a half for three quarters of a feeding. Long competing with that and firm first as cute as can be and -- the coming get it kick started in the in the spring not gonna cause excessive growth coming kind of gonna help it emerge from from Dorman C. That it is this this on 5000 square feet. That the cost is eighty dollars and 21 sense that the sale precious moments 106 bit that the crabgrass prevention UA it it's a pre emergent. If this goes on 5000 square feet how many weeks or months. -- people get. Crabgrass control I guess the question is is if they've had a bad case of progress in the past the need to put something down in the summer or. Who would your recommendation. Eight to ten weeks. Of warm. Weather's we're gonna give. Before all season so I'm -- more moisture to what. Excess moisture going to to break it down. Quicker but you know -- if it's something if you put down in in January. You probably waist and some of them the fertilizer you're gonna have the protection of the current -- -- down there and you're still gonna get probably ten weeks from the middle part of march. So early June as his win. You would maybe expect it to sisters in some great person if you have had a problem. It is maybe a good idea to around Memorial Day put down that the dimension product which is a pre emergent without. Herbicide. Without fertilizer that. Well will prevent further progress into the thing with with most of our loans though is is with you what's who've been on the the program for. For years you kind of broken this cycle of the the -- -- so we've you know it doesn't you don't get that additional your initial termination and you know if you can stop that that's when that. Biggest problem usually gets going so. And -- was the other steps that are gonna help to fill in that -- making it thicker turf. -- You're taking my. Certification test for a commercial application this fall. His interest in talking to K state people there are some different products they were you're talking about. And basically the bottom line was a thicker turf in and just like what you just said a thicker turf. Is the best way to have. No wheat because they just they just can't compete with. With with a victory for just there's no light there's no room for those those -- to come up. Yet and that's you know that that's why were were able to. Do that do program with with that being the only. The broadcast herbicide because that's that's typically the only thing we need that we. The people took the wonder about that the -- reason and we talked earlier in the show about you know some spot treating and oftentimes that's all that's. It's really needed for him to keep BP we've rely on us some spot treatment. And all we know we killer and not a dialog not a broadcast weed and feed. You know there are people don't like to to put that down and and do you have some some weed problems and and we can said so about one of the winner answers in the fall. And and get that we control taking care of at the the proper time. 222 really beat him the most effective. Form of treatment but -- looking at that the program convert march 2 step is they. -- iron hide behind nitrogen or were higher nitrogen feed. In the program on tonic and ministers to agree. Product to to put down as exit as the iron and this is gonna help keep that it turf green. Without causing. As much excessive growth that's gonna go down late April 1 part of may and going into. To that this summer. And in the third step we talked about this in the past is that natural guard top dressing which is a a product that there's a really fertilizer I guess he does have just a little bit of fertilizer and I think maybe 1% nitrogen that basically it's. Naturally he makes that. Breakdown thatch builds the soil -- them from the microbes that really help. Help along the healthier. Yet it's. Who was who say it breaks down that there are rescue is that a typical -- truly fashion. Grasp of it most of us if -- managing arbor turf correctly or arm altering their. Beat the blaze in. And that will help to break down those those blades quicker north of the mulch and report cutting up of the clippings -- anyway but it. The Tucker thing's gonna help him to break this down turn him into basically free food for the the lawn can help help defeat the soil which. And that that healthy soils really -- -- those plants respond better to. Two of the fertilizer put on also gonna you know help to to fight a disease that can help to. Store more moisture during the during periods of drought so. You really is our our food for the the soil and and and and that can go on either late spring or fall. Have some people that they do it twice a year and and what at a second. So computers that are doctors instant. The -- -- the winner -- steps which would be. The last two applications in in the fall can substitute. Neither -- that we free zone or the we have post all fertilizer in the fall to control brought -- if you have them but and -- basic program and relate. -- turf the winner -- belly Unita in two applications. In the fall for the the -- season long. Really gonna help the -- that long green. Deep into the winner and then with the addition of the the top dressing and that the winner -- I think we've we've CR or Alonso greening up. Earlier that the people that are on the problem on your program and that really any of the the terps in the area you know dozens of the first -- turning green in the spring you can tell the ones that. Follower -- your program. -- mind the law and our back yard this year. -- I was drought and you know that just this area's debt that was brand kept getting larger and larger with oil my irrigation. Is -- like you should it you know I was kinda. I didn't check for grabs and that's actually what it was I had. A lot of -- damaged. Or receive this fall. So. I as a customer commanders say well I don't I probably won't have ribs again. This year are did put down the dial talks last fall hopefully killed a group of it. I'll make sure that isn't happening in so if if I go with this basic program and want to at a gravesite. Mean that's the nice thing about this we can customize it and what -- that product the. This could be that the group free zone. Two from from high -- Going to be be a season long blue -- of the season longer control gonna go down in the the late spring. Then -- -- of the life cycle of the progressive of the juvenile. Didn't do not changeover in and don't turn into the the destructive. Grows that the -- heat's Alonzo. Something that you know we we definitely like to add for for people that have had groomed. -- again and again -- don't like to have to put it on -- on because we we don't need it on on every on and years may need it. This year since you have a bigger problem hopefully completed on next year and you know really not have to not have to put it down for for another couple years so. It would would you put it they don't. Mean that damages pre local mean it was probably. There will be forty by forty. May be 20% of backyards so. Probably should treat the whole backyard the retreat development carry your -- is going to be at 5000 square foot average. Meant to go on 5000 square feet -- and not do any good probably to. To double that happened and just hit of the affected area harder to put it on the that the entire line. Because that you never know where that population. May have gone from. From the troop leave you kill that it. Likely that that there are currently some. Groups remaining in that that area but it just like -- of the -- do it if people have been an instant problem have wanted to be a flea treatment for further on we can put. So -- like to deter Frazier on. And that's going to you know be a good insecticide or for summer months and there's there's people. You know that that's one that if you do you have please and -- probably something that that we can put on every year in and -- to -- reduces. And those products will be 25% off. This weekend only this week and only correct -- but we're -- take a break give us a call 436. Thirteen thirty when we come back we'll play -- some other specials this we can only. Johnson starts -- others. Johnson's garden -- on news radio thirteen -- -- -- -- your phone call is welcome mat for 3613 turning them. Johnson's Garden Show will return after these important messages. Look for cloudy skies as we kick up this Saturday with a few light flurries or sprinkles out there. The first south when should you ran to the west at five to fifteen miles per hour more sunshine this afternoon with a higher to 44 degrees. Fortunately for mostly clear skies and light northwest breeze at five to fifteen miles per hour -- an overnight low of twenty. And it or Sunday lots of sunshine and fairly mild with a high -- -- at 44. Indicate grandmother like some meteorologists containers -- it. Currently at CNN since when they're out of the south. Ten miles per hour right now partly cloudy skies and 34 degrees until all the brand. 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Now's the time to stock up and say it's come to Johnson's garden center for our once a year lawn care programs sale this weekend only. 25%. -- are doing yourself find step lawn care program which provides all the fertilizer or your month will need for a full year. At -- fifteen to 60% on the other items throughout the store during our storewide sales this weekend only. -- into this once a year sale and save. Come -- -- -- Johnson zero local horse with three locations for all of your lawn and garden needs for a first four generations. Ended Johnson's garden dot com. Next week agreeing to -- -- nominations for president Obama's cabinet chief of staff Jack -- likely to get the nod for treasury and former Nebraska senator Republican Chuck Hagel as a front runner for defense which ABC's even -- -- -- Could be complicated critics from across the political spectrum taken aim -- Eagles record toward Israel. And what's on the called the Nebraska and lack of experience to lead the sprawling pentagon bureaucracy. The controversy has set the stage for what could be a contentious confirmation process Steven Portnoy and Washington the East Coast buying arms shell is underway in Stamford Connecticut. Forty miles down the road from the sandy -- massacre. Other shows in the northeast were canceled one in Saratoga Springs, New York will not feature -- -- style weapons. The CDC says there already been flu outbreak in 41 state but doctors say it's not too late to get a shot. Over these Venezuela's vice president says the country should delay the inauguration next week if ailing President Hugo Chavez is still getting treatment for cancer in Cuba. Scott Goldberg ABC news news radio thirteen thirty can SS. -- Johnson's Garden Show hot news radio thirteenth hearing KLSX. Marty Jeremi Johnson are available to answer your questions right now. Point 3613. Thirty. Remember conducted Johnson's -- shorter imagery of the injury -- and has passed. It was a call 43613. Thirty you'll. Answer gardening questions I'm looking on this list of items you're -- that are on sale. Today and tomorrow only. 50% off helps plants. And we talked last with these these are not carry over. Tropical have discussed from. This are these are. We knew. We had -- for this. Paul -- Christmas season. Shipment tropical that -- Gonna kind of consult with the greenhouses. To make her when uterus and house plants in their 50% off of good quality. -- you must. Quality -- we were at the inventory this past week so we haven't had an intimate look at over. Green houses really some some great. Great plans out there whether your your looking for or something large to put an at large pot and make of that statement purchased you know something to add to -- desk you know it's really nice to have. Life plans on our. And our our desk and people to enjoy. At the at the officer in the kitchen we've got. That herbs or -- planters there's some. Rosemary appear trees which we would go and our kitchen that it's really nice to have you can look at a single Christmas tree. Have Europe get the fresh Rosemary there too. To use revenue cooking in the -- great thing about adding herbs to our. To our our kitchen is is -- we have been there to use -- the more we use them that the happier they are so. I'm play is that. Well makes this the plants do better -- -- but you think we're doing is we're basically pinching them and cause cause them to to to. Lot of early branch so you're you're gonna get. A bit thicker bush your plant. Where -- you just let him grow at all. Bring -- baby girl one stamina and ten to two good -- so. You know especially conflict like nasal if we can intensively use them they're gonna be able to keep them for for a long time. -- -- a house plants herbs. -- with the secular ones yes -- billion usual six months. Swisher and our our west thirteenth street store got a huge selection of really unique secular and then. Both from from some commercial. Sources as well is that some I mean column heirloom plants from a couple of our. Employees that bit of a lot of us to do some production some really unique things. In the in the secular department and and those are you know -- through them as -- -- single pot plant we're greedy and in combinations because they are relatively slow growing so you can either put them together in -- -- interim type. -- about dish garden got some big martini time glasses that that we've done some freedom gardens and relive a versatile group plans. See I think. The -- do well in strawberry containers too because a lot of those are. And to see them as -- and those would be when -- party but a lot of them may not be that some of those are kind of a trailing tripping plant and some strawberry content owners and that would work well for -- both herbs and for. Some of the secular to. And -- glazed pottery. 60% off. Soon get more we have more coming in through need to. To clear out some of the it's like Parcells and I know. -- and I want this car people. Do our -- spots with -- election unit that's another when we were doing inventory and got to get to count all over the -- through some some unique parts. And and really all all colors of the spectrum so. 6% off glazed. Leased containers. Whether they're workers small central wanting to have. Just get a good selection and we've got a lot of different colors. Options out there they're too. And the remaining Christmas item 60% off. -- be most everything some of that collectibles are still pt percent -- really. Christmas artificial trees. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that the shatter proof falls there's there's picks and laurels and ribbons. All of that's going to be 60% off. Through the the weekend so Michelle -- balls and we mentioned those that. They're different than just the red and green balls of yesterday there realists and unique and different finishes on them different color combinations that -- With the -- any new decor. Compliment anything at one would have no. Lot lots of colors the different shapes and glitter plane matte finish there. It's about what went one thing -- we didn't talk much about it this this Christmas season but I think they're also going to be 6% for the that a small item of the -- bubbles which are. -- looks like -- a ball on humans and then have that Benji and in the middle so. Works great for hanging garlands around ministers it's something that we. Period of last year -- I didn't didn't use them and then. Got to the package for the that house this year and and really we're we're happy with. Pleased it makes makes hanging -- so easy on what we've got to railing or Bannister. Some things we missed the rep -- around and in the the balls per variety. Of decorative. Look. An MS I think although it's on sale now been really can be used. You're rail before. If -- wanting to -- -- Hold something onto -- railing her Decker. -- assuming your orange electrical. Extension -- who were great for them but it's more than just a seasonal Christmas time now Arthur sound that had jingle bells on them there there's of new issue was a jingle bell. Line as well so. -- of the possibilities for that jingle bell. Two kilometer bike with a -- annoying. Defense -- you. The people around me. Point kids and bring supplies 15% off. Third thanks -- store. Only on on the home Bruins and no one making. Ingredients and an equipment it is great time to to get in and you know whether Europe. An existing brewer or winemaker getting started -- -- Don't -- for Christmas and and one -- Great savings on especially that the wind kits which we've we've talked in the past. Going to be anywhere from sixty that the couple hundred dollars for cricket it's gonna make their belt Hillary until a full retail gonna make. Thirty miles of of a pretty good one so. It's going to be B 15% off. And -- if you are of the brewer of the wind maker out there you can always use another fermenter are better about -- dollar per car boy does it. See that's I fail on this you incursion meted. Yeah I had not done either of these until this summer if Obama makes someone said it's just like making Kuwait. So I started with. One. And now I've got. Music's. And at six that there are. Things can -- to cherry. Your reasoning. I've got my -- five. Different. That the league starting Q yeah it's like you go there and look just like folders and a black Brimmer low. Which is a favorite of let's say our neighbor next door and the orange angry and those were both. -- going kids I've had a hard time keeping our neighbor. Lady. Stocked up on on those. She's -- -- -- when it come walking or with the ball and move. Some black -- -- indoor gardening supplies also 15% off which. -- savings for. The people that are looking for. Nutrients. Lights. Nutrients lights under products systems and and me talk later in the -- seed starting. -- and and supplies. As well you know all of the indoor gardening. Media soils. Auckland B 15% off. Spurs haven't asked how mine -- peppers were doing was looking online here during the break for some. Other papers too since they couldn't find a -- I have to source -- myself that. A group of blue jewel is going. And I hear there's something that's even hotter than I've got to try. Looking for those. That they -- the big jeweler can have the ghost peppers you when. And we're able to get some season. Started and then grew them. December although we've we've learned it's very extremely long. Seasoned pepper so that's one it. He started about two weeks ago three weeks ago politician day was December 10 it's exceeded those three weeks. Four -- America. Have -- 120 day. Peppers though that's one that if if people do want to start trying to agree that the super odds of them. Springs a ways off but for getting -- some of those plants started now it's really when we need to. -- -- My goal is to have. And if it's possible we'll see but maybe have those those -- percent almost -- the peppers the pods. For sale. The stores. I mean I have available but that. This summer earlier than the -- broke the actual policy will attempt that people probably should. Pre order of those and -- for those -- Of those. Everything else in the store and and you mentioned at the -- one point mixes 15% often. It's a great time it is familiar need -- just potting soils. Those times come in. This week in and and get those 15% off. We're gonna take a break give -- -- call 43613. Thirty and we'll talk about include items. We still have on hand fields it will still. Stay tuned to get some coffee and we'll be right back. It's an -- Johnson's Garden Show. -- news radio thirteen thirty KM SS right now is a great time to call with your questions. Dial 43613. Thirty more of Johnson's Garden Show is coming up. One man on the user who really truly. Gets and one of the big differences quite frankly. Between conservatives are not conservatives in the court of public opinion and elsewhere when we engage in these debates one side. Tries desperately to use facts and science and reason and evidence the other side doesn't give a crap. They throw all kinds of stuff against the wall to divert to spin to deceit. He's on the radio. -- -- Late on news radio thirteen thirty K and as SaaS. -- -- and baucus black heels and -- -- -- in 99% alcohol free syrup and great -- laws -- in spite of -- naturally -- has -- care naturally released common flu symptoms such as chills fever congestion causing -- minor aches and -- sneezing sore throat and stuffy or runny nose right now -- whole -- save 50% off on sale for only 999. -- central and move on what's that Tony first and -- resort north that's when he first was abandoned check FaceBook for more influence special Smart. Now the time to stock opens today it's come to Johnson's garden center -- once a year -- care programs sale this weekend only. 25%. -- -- do yourself a five step lawn care program. Which provides all the fertilizer your -- will need for a full year. Save fifteen to 60% on other items throughout the store during our storewide sales this weekend only. Korean for this once a year sale and save. -- ES and Johnson. Zero local source with three locations for all your lawn and garden needs for over four generations. Ended Johnson's garden dot com. It's your wallet or purse always makes a discount. You aren't taking advantage of all the deals -- which -- -- deal of the -- has to offer you can be stating -- 50% or more on food clothing merchandise massages and more just log onto which is -- dot com don't like today's deal and check back again the next day like -- deal biased and using your lease your start saving 50% or more just -- by -- Turks are gone for the deal of the -- and -- of bargains again. News radio thirteen thirty. KN SS. We now return to Johnson's garden. -- news radio thirteen 3010. -- -- and Jeremy Johnson and Johnson's garden centers are alive in the studio and answer your gardening and landscaping questions. At 43613. During the. Madden batters. And around the. Town. Full marrying while mall are you. Pass from hole. On Brandon and -- and. And that. Okay. But you don't guards -- Short films through your briefcase in SS. Have no idea Germany the last ten minutes the show here. Push think they can name that. Protesting that song. That great hit. Will win. One of the but to look -- ghost peppers. So gifts to call 43613. Thirty you're listening out there you know who sang meant. You -- Maya private reserve. Mr. -- and who -- in Germany I do I live -- on. -- -- you do have a compact disk and I think. Artists signed with the -- cuts on signed -- -- And three of those. That go along. I'm I mean if given more what do you think rebuilding has warned it can has -- and you have one question kept mightn't get another one may be. We cancel gives a call for 316 who sang that song. Food items -- so -- -- or 15% off. This weekend only in. That's the favorites in that. Course that the wind and well -- mixes the locally made. Homes made products. Featuring some of -- Johnson's garden centers owned. Roasted. Hatch green Chile New Mexico agreed to chilling New Mexico green Chile and then. He says he SuSE. Stakes Austin. Marinades. All while made right here locally grown. And so the F -- tavern soups and out of Pennsylvania. And all of -- -- starter ingredient mix that. This has proven. Two B two B. Really popular. 50% -- food items that I did spend some holes and insult actually to Minnesota. A thought on FaceBook I didn't see that -- you know I was talking to a period vendors and one of our friends in. Indianapolis them. Salesman -- abide by a lot of our pottery from him in some more artificial Christmas trees. He was getting he was heading out to go hunting today. And he was looking forward to dipping into some some Marty's roasted green Chile insults that we've sending this fall so. He even dictate pretty obvious case. -- is like beside himself with excitement he was gonna get to open up. Open a jar of party's green Chile. He's more excited and that neighbor getting into a -- a blunder Amarillo diocese and the Minneapolis Minnesota the I'm -- assaults. To salsa bicycles. This appears -- sent them some homes made. Marty's. And tell what can be. Marty's. Green Russian that you reverted absent in the nightmare. The that the scoop on this morning and visit with check morning check. Good. Good. You got a question or do you have the answer I have the answer really. And there are other. Job did you know that well I have a guitar -- actually -- periodic. A lot of -- -- know it. That's. That's quite -- thing have a an autographed guitar. -- on. Yeah he's got -- -- morning. After church. And it made it hurt my partner. That's pretty cool. Yeah it's pretty cool. What are you -- where it. -- -- goes back to. To look online triggered more late sixties probably. Would. Our old if you wanted to via the just peppers. Mean you'll. Get sure. What's your last name chuck. Hawkins. -- eight years ago. All right. What's -- gimmick called the office. 9423751. Thing he Marty you only an -- goes pepper. And we'll get a -- so. All right thanks -- All right. Thanks offer for calling in and knowing that answer that's only -- home broad and hear from. Which -- Kansas. Talking food items. We have the saw some -- to ever instruments is as well. Yeah I think there's a different varieties of those and them. Great way to view to making a fresh tasting soup. That you've you've got kind of the basic you add to add a few ingredients from home and I'm really makes -- a good pot of soup with with relatively. Little effort not having to run around in and get a bunch of ingredients together which I sit -- easy to make there's just a lot of times is a lot of ingredients and that's the -- and does that the work for you. Every -- suit tends to be different and there's I guess arrest be on the backward corrections on the back. That. Alkaline or you would mandate Thanksgiving Turkey soup things that you just kind of clean up the refrigerator -- and making that -- I think he can do that with the -- -- just like. Kind of follows. With. With with with well -- makings of kind of followed directions and make an appeal so that's Quebec the phone lines and visit with bill -- morning bill thanks for the call. Hey pat I just wanted to know that we know having problems. We enjoyed listening here show airs Saturday morning. And -- hear me again. And that he make our day. Well we sure appreciate that bill. And you are you from here entailed -- derby derby. All right well hey maybe I'll give you one those goes peppers all you want one of those. I their their real really hot. When -- hope that -- that. Are they aren't going to you know -- Hot tea if you go on YouTube and typing goes pepper. And -- -- that is of people eating them yeah. It's. You'll see how they are go union. -- you know Bob sent it four years old I don't know whether -- get a handle on fast. I'm I'm 57 and I've not I've not -- one by itself I like it in some mass also are using nothing Germany's. In New England Germany -- -- -- couple this December and they were. The hot. Bad that -- go at it Leo and I want okay Lou we proceed to calm and I don't know if you guys keep up to good order because. I got sick it occurred Saturday morning. We sure appreciate that. Are right thank you bill -- and us comments. Again -- Jeremy is error thing -- march -- sales stores open here just about a couple minutes. Opened to fight today tomorrow won the 525%. Off of the problem lawn care program. -- custom make it for you 15% off basically anything else in the store. The thing we didn't didn't talk that would get a warmer shows this fall got a great buy on some fertilizer spreader that. Did they came in right before that kind of planning on him for that the spring season came in before that the sale here so we'll have those. Think regularly about a forty dollar fertilizer spreader one after 2499. This. This weekend weekends only. To get about a hundred of them so. Hundred lucky people. Pick up -- new fertilizers burner for further on your program. In -- items that you think you'll need. During the gardening season. And degree returned to Miami have garden seeds the recent seeds. In stock C starting supplies the nano dome just like what I have on my desk that. To start your own that peppers in and planned for spring so thanks for -- the calls. This week and they have a great weekend and then be safe out there and will visit with you later. In this review and assess every Saturday morning -- -- party and Jeremi Johnson are here to answer your lawn and garden questions -- Jeremy invite you to visit -- -- and as it was in talks now -- -- -- Locations to serve you throw -- first in what lawn twice Minnesota west thirteenth straight out to Northridge road and visit Johnson's garden dot com the web for more. More information.

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