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Steve & Ted in the Morning 09/24/13 Hr 3

Sep 24, 2013|

Westar Settles Rate Cut

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Electronic device that. An FAA advisory panel coming out with recommendations that might say it's actually okay to keep using most gadgets during takeoff and landing. This is ABC. Tell us live morning talk and entertainment this is Steve bad attendant -- news radio thirteen thirty and SS. Good morning 804 I Steve Macintosh. Wichita school board takes another look at bond issue projects that story coming up but first. Meteorologist frank wall and the cake first -- -- casket wanna drank. Good morning gentlemen we're talking about highs this afternoon moving up into the lower eighties mostly sunny skies not a cloud to be seen this morning just a few fair weather clouds this afternoon. Northwest winds today at ten to 25. Overnight tonight we get to 58 degrees under clear skies north winds turning to the east at five to ten. -- guys persisting for Wednesday and Thursday and temperatures trending up 84 tomorrow 88 on Thursday. Cold front eventually rolls to Friday Saturday bringing shot -- brain currently sitting under mostly sunny skies west winds at sixty current temperature at 61. You look into the possibility of rain on Saturday but that can change could -- for the old township chili cook off well we'll do our best right now it looks like a pretty healthy shot on Saturday I guess we got to take our pick is it either Friday night -- and out football or Saturday. And a lot of things going on Saturday and try try to set time of the year all right thank mr. meteorologist frank wall with Jake first learned forecast. Wichita school board members got an update on the 370 million dollar bond issue at last night's meeting. And a look at what's ahead so far eight new schools have been built fourteen middle and high schools have new or renovated auditoriums along with gymnasiums and significant athletic facilities to altogether 56 projects have been completed at a cost of over 258 million dollars 21 more projects are in design and bidding will start soon on them architect -- Cox says costs are going up but he's also worried about another problem. We've had to drop off of the number of contractors that are pretty some of that because of the green eyes and another issues we've had some contractors that are -- with -- anymore. Still Cox says the district could end up -- an extra five point six million in bond money if all goes according to plan burning cook rouge radio thirteen thirty KN SS. Wichita homicide police are still looking for a suspect with a gun who shot seven people near Douglas in -- Lieutenant Randy Reynolds says shots rang out in old town at about 2 in the morning on Sunday police initially located five shooting victims. One of which are later died veterinary hospital. He has been identified as cold beat KAOLB Lauren. -- -- -- -- -- He is 25 years of age. How he died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Police chief Norman Williams says it was an argument that led the gunfire in the 100 block of north need. Fact that this was all about personal responsibility. You know what I mean by that is this active active violence was done by. By cattle -- person that made the decision to fire -- fire -- gun. And a crowd of hundreds of people that were down have a good time on a certain night. A six shooting victim showed up at a hospital and eight hours later a seventh shooting victim did as well. The shooting victims are all men mostly in their mid to late twenties. Police investigated a violent attack early Sunday in the 3300 block of east Victor place in which -- college hill neighborhood. The times are Nolte says an eighteen year old man was stabbed in the head and neck allegedly by a suspect I on acid. The knife blade. Appeared to have been broken. On the neck of the individual. Officers contacted the suspect. He had apparently ingested some sort of drug that was creating. Him to fight and be combative. A nineteen year old man and I tried to stop the suspect by beating him with a baseball -- Stabbing victim was hospitalized in an intensive care unit he had surgery to remove the knife -- embedded in his skull. The 36 year old suspect was also hospitalized. A Vatican official is expected in Kansas to complete an investigation into a possible miracle that could help elevate to Kansas priest to sainthood. And -- -- your attorney will return on Saturday do finalizing investigation. Into whether the reverend able coupon. A Kansas priest who died in 1951 at a North Korea Prisoner of War camp. Become a saint. The recovery -- -- security college student is a possible miracle being investigated by the Vatican. When the girl was twelve she was stricken with an auto immune disorder and wasn't expected to recover. Her family in France began praying for coupons intercession and she has since recovered. The which -- diocese says it could still take a while after this visit from the Vatican official before final decision is announced. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and. SS. People are organizing a donation drive for a silver lake family who's always been destroyed by a fire. Heather and Greg Pearson and their children lost everything in the Sunday night fire. Greg Pearson is paralyzed the family has no insurance. And account has been set up at the silver lake bank. As Kansas election officials debate how to handle prospective voters who have not complied with the proof of citizenship law. Hundreds of registrations have remained on hold for other reasons. And Associated Press analysis finds that more than 2500 registrations have been on hold for more than a year. The new law took effect in January. They tend now ten minutes past. 8 o'clock -- -- the radio thirteen thirty K and has asked. -- to traffic again at chambers still watch out for a big slowdown that Kellogg and 135 street west we've had an injury traffic accident there. And I just got a call from one of the traffic trackers and Daniel said that deaths. This is on eastbound K 96 between all the -- would want us. Traffic hazard lumber in the roadway apparently truck blossomed to a -- worse. You know there in the roadway east 1996. Between all of her would look at and could be sunny today with a high of eighty degrees to the great great but today like yesterday. Clear tonight the overnight low 57. Eight Wednesday aimed mostly sunny and warmer. Tomorrow's high 84 now partly cloudy we have a west wind at sixteen miles per hour. 61 degrees at -- SS -- and Jack's new fall line of hats has arrived at. Fresh nearly looks for everyone let's have -- Jack's put you in the perfect -- at the clock tower and delay no hat man -- 601. West Douglas. Coming up on eleven now it would Stevenson on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K Unisys is going to be a nice day out there. The data cannot do little walk and run and play in golf what everyone to do with a high around eighty degrees and some north wind. And with us this morning is our guest Jack -- co-founder of law enforcement against prohibition to -- Jack. Good morning think we had you -- the -- four years ago you did you have much -- couple of times well I grew up in which that's right. What school did you go to. -- -- -- Perhaps like mr. gates is having a birthday tomorrow. With the you know that's all I did know that and the guy who was C as secretary of what secretary of state secretary of defense since defense. I didn't realize that a fallacy there. You'll have flunked out -- probably their lot and many years before him. That they keep you have a head appears -- Wichita west which don't Rotary Club of new. And then at 7 o'clock tonight at Friends University. What are you gonna talk about what your what your dealer Jack. Well my deal is in 2002. After our retired from 26 year career in the New Jersey State Police whose arm -- detective lieutenant. And fourteen of those years I was undercover narcotics that I felt so bad about my role in implementing. What today I I know is not just a failed war on drugs. It is also far worse it's a self perpetuating constantly expanding policy disaster. So when I retired I sit down with four other police officers and we created. -- international nonprofit educational organization. Known as lead which stands for it's only a piece stands for law enforcement against prohibition. -- We said don't we tried to figure out what should law enforcers really be interested in and one we boiled -- down to the essence. We decided. We should be interested in reducing for things to death disease. Crime and addiction. And sadly. The war on drugs just makes every one of those categories infinitely worse so that wasn't what we want what we want is. Actually expressed in our name we want to end drug prohibition around the world. Just like we ended alcohol prohibition here in the United States in 1933. Because looking at that from the viewpoint of the law enforcers. We understand that the next morning. Al Kapono is smuggling bodies were at a business right there were offer streets there were no longer rail they're killing each other to control that very lucrative market. They were no longer killing our children caught in cross fires and drive by shootings there were no longer killing us cops charged with fighting that useless war. So we know that if we legalize these drugs. We can take them out of the hands of the criminals. And we can end the violence -- and is -- states have legalized marijuana are we talking about. All drugs some drugs from what we talked about it we're talking about all drugs and the reason we say old drugs. It is because the more dangerous. A drug is the more reason there is to legalize that. Because you can't regulate or control anything when it's illegal. The regulation control is in the hands of the criminals once -- legal. And they're and they're not doing too good a job that -- -- it costs a lot of money can you talk about him I'm -- treatment for people who have problems -- judgment cost a lot of money you know actually would save a great deal of money you we've been fighting in the -- -- for 43 years. And during that time we spent one point five trillion dollars to prosecute this war to -- sees people imprisoned them. There's there's just a lot better ways to spend her money. We spend. A little over eighty billion dollars every year to continue the war on drugs. We can say that money if we legalize some drugs. And we can also taxis strokes. Two years ago. -- Commission to study with at the Harvard school of economics. To see if we were to legalize and regulate all drugs in this country and just tax them at the rate of tobacco or alcohol. How much new money with the federal government and the state governments realize every year. And the figure they came up with a very conservative groups there. Was 88 point six billion dollars they say we would save forty million a year went -- fighting the war. And we would gain another 44 point eight six billion dollars. But -- 48 point six billion dollars by just taxing these things. Jacqui you've you've -- as a little bit -- like folks to say you know the income taxes or read affair text and and it sounds good but aren't you pretty much it's one of stream on misty ever make any and what do you think. Or making tremendous headway or why do you think the and two states last November legalize marijuana. -- medical marijuana they legalize it across the board even for recreational purposes. And you know they the Mexican drug cartels of vicious vicious group of people they've killed. In the last six years they've murdered 95000. People in that country and there's another 20000 missing and presumed murdered by those folks. I mean that these are the kindness that you get from real shooting wars not from police actions. They say that the that I. Drug cartels in Mexico 60%. Of their profit comes from marijuana that's sold in the United States. So we were to legalize that we could stop this -- the influx of marijuana from down there. And and we could provide jobs for people here and we could cut off 60%. Of their profits that would really hurt the drug cartels -- You've got to bed knowing you're at the west Wichita Rotary Club -- to 7 PM out of the -- university of running. Fine arts building of some rustling yeah boy say it signers of industrial automation and then you can kind of sit Lee -- AP dot CC. Or if you can remember that the CC instead of com you can you can just Google cops say legalize drugs heartache thanks for being with Jack. Appreciate your time alone and and even if you are a graduate of the east high school I went to west and that's okay. The will to be on the everything right I think you inject coal co-founder of law enforcement against prohibition and 817 now Stephen -- in the morning. News radio thirteen thirty K and as soon as seats in time for sports -- Ted Woodward. And it just waking up this morning. May not know what happened with the royals ever played last night on the West Coast. And they are actually playing until they had extra innings so they went I think -- about 1:30 this morning our time and we have the results for the right to it. The cowboy Kansas City in Seattle last night it was a one cloudy game in fact it went extra innings between the royals in the mariners'. Big play in this one came in the bottom of the tenth inning it looked like the Mariners are going to win if they had a runner on third nobody -- And point in this have you heard the game last night late on -- -- -- trio to -- -- -- -- Towards left. -- back makes the catch seekers coming home. His seventeenth assist the can you believe it. Gordon's throw was a bit off line but Salvador coming off the plate. Catching the baseball diving to the plate and getting Sager before his hand got there. What an unbelievable. Situation for Kansas City. With Seattle a man at third base and nobody out and they do not score. Man and two innings later Gordon scored the game winning run in the top of the twelfth inning Kansas City beat Seattle six to five. He -- ended at 1:22 this morning about seven hours ago. The royals remains three games back for a wild card spot with six games to go. Casey and Seattle again tonight live coverage of the royals in Seattle at 8:30 this evening you can hear it on Sports Radio -- FH. 12:40 AM 97. FM. The Minnesota Twins beat the first place Detroit Tigers in extra innings last night for three in eleven innings a starting pitcher for Minnesota which could cause Mike Pelfrey had a very good outing went six innings only gave up -- run. -- five point two earned run average to twins beat tiger's. Already the National League another win for the first place St. Louis Cardinals as they edged the Washington Nationals Fortis three eliminating the nationals from post season. Competition. Are four potential propose he's in competition won the nationals eliminated the cardinals get the win a big. Game go ahead two run home run by former Wichita Wrangler Carlos built on in his when his 24 of the season. Very exciting for for us and happy day you know right now we have an spot. In the playoffs but you know. We have a lot of games played in you know we're not thinking about that you know we want between our division -- so that's going to be our main goal. Children's -- to 98 on the season the winning pitcher Adam Wainwright his eighteenth win. Coming out of the bullpen to get the final two outs for the save it Trevor Rosenthal former Kelly college pitcher. It's his first Major League Baseball say it. Get a two point seven earned run average the cardinals over the nationals 43. Monday Night Football last night in Denver another bunch of points on the scoreboard by the Denver Broncos another win for Denver they beat Oakland 3721. At. Broncos are now three and -- tied for first atop the AFC west along with the three you know Kansas City Chiefs. Starting at corner on the Denver defense former Kansas -- Chris Harris had five tackles in that game last night. Men's basketball. Reward for shocker head coach -- Gregg Marshall who led the team to the final four last season. Financial rewards yes his base salary being greatly increased. By April his base salary -- one point 75 million dollars giving him a 70%. Raised. From last season at that time -- head coach Gregg Marshall greatly augmented financial deal in his base salary contract. And high school girls golf yesterday -- invitational -- -- Mueller wins by 25 strokes over and over big win for the Baylor girl's golf team. The sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bullseye shooting range where they know and use the -- they sell -- that a bullseye Wichita dot com. Be safe shoot six bullseye shooting range 1455. North terrorists. I'm sure the folks of which of -- say very much conjures of the lack of that. The cost of living is constantly going up and so 70% should take care of that cost of living increase for our -- outright well we hope so. There may -- that's. Public he's got enough money now let's do is give these kids go to college -- nine I think that's probably not a concern and to. -- guy -- the final 4 with who I am a little more money. Well it's worth a you know he's worth it he -- results have paid off your best of luck this year as well sent. 822 now and 61 degrees given here for your daily dose with doctor -- how to stink less. Don't judge chambers wrote that traffic weather also coming up Stephen techniques for thirteen thirty K and has asked. September's the month to start shortfall projects during the more you buy the more you save sale head start Anderson 400 went skewed view more on. More savings more selection more performance and more confidence because there Anderson. And they come from scars how were you have the security installation plus star preferred remodel. You wanted to store that really cared about to a home star deliver. Let's make it be -- what kind of -- deal shocker deal. This year the -- yes you alumni associations turns 100 years old and we're going to throw the birthday bash of the century. Iraq and around the house on Saturday September 28. The night is going to be full of surprises what kind of surprises for one mining hop yes let's make a deal saying. He's going in -- live auction with -- I mean I bet you're wondering why money hop right. Well actually I know why it's because of the shocker ties he was made an honorary WSU alumnus for helping organize and host a benefit show following the football plane crash in 1970. That's it that show the night of stars. Aired from around house remember and money -- coming back is just one of our special birthday -- -- -- -- shock and birthday cake champagne entertainment food and drink and the icing on the cake while we are silent and live auctions sounds like a great party how to get tickets that's easy just visit our in our -- issued dot com. Or call the alumni association. Let's make a deal and rocked the round house. Getting great buy for apron strings and the Wichita parks deal of the day. Strings is today's kitchen store we carry everything from gadgets to -- wine glasses to dishes will. Hope you with any and all of your kitchen and dining room needs so deep. Practical let's style and you can get at twenty dollar apron strings get certificate for only ten dollars by logging on to which top perks dot com to give them which top -- deal of the day. Today front apron strings today's did you -- with ties to pass. My business was losing money because I was wasting time searching draw much paperwork in computer files to I had boxes of papers all over my house I couldn't find anything. Then I got to meet digital filing system. Now all my documents are organized in one place within the system the boxes are gone and I can find anything I want in just seconds now I'm making money instead of wasting time. My life is totally organized. The need digital filing system organizes all your printed paper working computer files in just seconds in one -- easy to find digital place. Is simply have to try need to see how simple it can be. And now you can try the new system for free just calling 10703140. Not only can you organize all your documents and second. You can find anything you want in just seconds to just typing one word I -- system yourself for free just call 180703140. 180703140. That's 180703140. Yeah. Yeah why it was hog wild good barbecue voted Wichita as a favorite barbecue -- for years in a role in the readers' choice poll let's ask Josh Hopkins talking whilst partner in general manager had thirty by fifty north would -- that all while we start with the with the best because that means and rode with our special -- in the season. We didn't slow smoked for hours over -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They weeks. Why do you save money for retirement business to take care of what's really important in life like your health your same -- in your financial well being. Hi this is -- Iceland. Have you heard things from your financial advisor like don't worry the market will come back or stay the course here in this for the long haul let me ask you how's that -- California. Your portfolio just now back to even over the past decade. Well maybe it's time for a new approach planning for retirement involves more than just buying a few financial products that freedom advisory group we develop plans and strategies designed to help you achieve successful retirement stop wasting valuable time now is the time to take a new direction with your investments and we need to talk. Call freedom advisory group today for no pressure no obligation conversation at 3167192900. That's 3167192900. State 27 -- head of the morning is ready a thirteen thirty K and SS. It's time for the traffic -- -- chambers. Slowly gets eastbound KE 96 between Oliver and look Lana. Truck lost some too before -- of itself out of traffic hazard lumber in the roadway -- student -- and these bounty -- six between. Oliver and would -- watch out for that this morning the gasoline prices here in Woodstock and I settled around 335 account. You're -- weather center forecast sunny today with a high of eighty degrees clear tonight the overnight low 57 Wednesday mostly sunny and warmer. Tomorrow's high 84 now partly cloudy westerly at sixteen miles per hour. 61 degrees at -- and SS coming up usual half hour with Stephen dead old town shooting investigation continues. It's your daily. Dosed with America's doctor doctor -- -- stock drops we've all been crammed onto a train your stock at a crowded elevator and unpleasant -- -- -- air passes under our nostrils stay tuned for tips on how to avoid being an -- offender. If he knew from Max. -- you'll get through this and the gift book god will carry you through. You'll get through this you fear you while it's. We all do we fear our burdens will never lift. And -- loads will never lighten the maximum -- reminds us that god will use our turbulent times for good to be encouraged and comforted by America's pastor. Max has paid out in his new book you'll get through this and the gift book. God will carry you through. Available wherever books are sold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shower -- at least once a day with warm water. Hot temperature kills off the bacteria on your skin. Look to close -- natural fibers and cotton or sell these fibers a lighter -- the -- and optimize sweat evaporate should finally stay away from food is curry and garlic they can make sweat even more pungent. Stick with these tips and you won't be shy about just now. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise body mind and soul. From the 24 hours studios of news radio thirteen thirty day -- SS this is Steve Baghdad in the morning. Good morning 830 Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward 61 degrees now looking for a high today of 80 that about 2 o'clock Sunday morning some sort of argument. Led to a suspect firing a gun into a crowd in downtown Wichita old town near Douglas and made it. Police lieutenant Randy Reynolds has 25 year old Colby Hopkins -- shot in the head and died six other men were shot as well. As far as the the motive for initiating I don't know that. We just noted there was a couple of individuals. That we're getting back in force. Amongst this large crowd of people. But I some of these individuals involved are documented gang members. Police chief Norman Williams says officers are looking for people who may have seen the argument or recorded any of the violence on their cell phones. Important for citizens to be -- come forward and help us to identify this person that pulled out of and then discharge in part that weapon into a large crowd you're talking hundreds of people were fortunate. That we didn't have more people injured. Base of effectiveness personal views and a semi automatic weapons. Those injured victims include a 35 year old man and five others in their mid to late twenties. The Wichita school board learned last night there might be some money left over from the school districts 370 million dollar bond issues. Altogether 56 projects have been completed at a cost of over 258. Million dollars 21 more projects are in design and bidding will start on them soon if all goes well those could cost about 101 point five million dollars architect -- Cox is cautious about saying there could be five point six million dollars left over. On paper read we can't guarantee will be either I -- that is quick to say I much rather be here we're joined some comfort levels number -- -- and then the other direction. Forty safe from storm shelters have been built and another eleven -- plan that will likely make Wichita schools the best protected from severe weather in the country -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KM SS -- A man was killed in a motorcycle crash in Butler county. It happened shortly after five Sunday afternoon on US 400 about three miles west of -- on. A motorcycle driven by 69 year old David snyderman of Wichita collided with a car. -- died in the accident the driver of the car refuse medical treatment at the scene. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. The University of Kansas graduate student caught in immigration limbo has been flooded with marriage proposals from people wanting to -- stay in the US. And journeys mistake has left 25 year old Tamara -- towel. The green card and she could be forced to return to Germany without the rest of her family. For now she's turning down the offers of marriage to search for another way to stay in the country. -- an assist national news time 833. Now underway in New York United Nations General Assembly President Obama scheduled to speak within the hour also possible to meet with the new Iran and president Hassan -- Hani. Nothing official is on the agenda. A team of FBI agents could soon head to Nairobi it. Approved by the Kenyan government were told the FBI would send experts in evidence collection explosives and the should Bob terror group agents would come from a variety of places that the case would be led by the New York field office which has jurisdiction over crimes against Americans in Africa. The FBI is still assessing claims by the Kenyan foreign minister Americans were involved in the mall attack so far we're told the US has no reliable information on whether any of the terrorist had ties to the US. ABC's -- could -- -- remote southern Pakistan has been hit by a massive earthquake the US Geological Survey says the initial reading a seven point seven. US home prices rose twelve point 4% in July compared with a year ago that most since February 2006. According to the Standard and Poor's Case Shiller Index of twenty big metro areas Scott Goldberg ABC news seat 34 now Stephen did in the morning decay and -- opinion line is open at 24713. 34. Is which -- old town still a safe place to party. He yeah I'm gonna go -- and why brought at least Alabama anymore not now. I don't outdoor that is -- well that -- other friends list and European party as the dangers -- there. Tell us what do you think your comments may be heard on the Stephen judge Joseph called the opinion line at 2247. Thirteen 34 come up on 835 now with Stephen -- in the morning time for entertainment news -- border. With Ted Woodward and the Michael Jackson trial seems to have gone on now heard Yahoo!. But it ought to look at his may be a wrap up looks like we're getting towards the end of the long a Michael Jackson wrongful death trial in Los Angeles after ED three days. Have testimony jurors begin hearing closing arguments today attorney Kevin -- represents the Jackson family and says concert promoter AEG is responsible for Jackson's death by hiring the Doctor Who was caring for a he was the King of -- -- -- the greatest entertainer in the -- and defense attorney -- -- -- representing -- -- -- -- company had no role in Jackson's -- as a contender -- the -- out of -- -- could -- remember -- the jury could -- the case by Thursday -- -- ABC news Los Angeles. Oprah win very Oprah Winfrey revealing for the first time details about her near nervous breakdown last year and a new interview airing this week. Oprah tells Access Hollywood I was just sort of speeding in a kind of numbness and going from one thing to the next thing to the next thing. I thought if I don't calm down I'm going to be in serious trouble the Mobil's own -- hum moment coming she says during her interview with -- 2012 director Jason Russell. As he describes his very public meltdown. So even Oprah has dropped -- -- go all that money half and she still had a new owner has -- and now ABC -- is GO Benitez with that story. Paul McCartney made his first ever appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and on Monday night -- stroll down memory lane with host Jimmy Kimmel performing the title track from his latest album new. Kimmel asked sir Paul if there are any unreleased Beatles recording of that exist audio from ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Does want -- things but. The what the sort of -- finds keep requesting -- -- callable lies but it fixed very far out. Movies will move swiftly. Yeah trust fifteen minutes yeah we'll just do what. Runs and okay. McCartney and Kimmel last night. -- family man isn't the first thing you usually think -- it comes to Mick Jagger. Truth is his family is expanding and one of the world's greatest rock stars is about to become something else that's great body -- Turns out getting old is it nearly as bad as Mick Jagger thought it was going to beat the Daily Mail reports that this seventy year old rock legend. Is going to be a great grandfather next year. His 21 year old granddaughter Assisi is set to be pregnant she's the daughter -- daughter -- that also means it will be a grandmother the age of 42 source tells the Daily Mail -- be joking about becoming a great great granddad and still performing David Glass dean ABC news. Nobody came last time I saw he was jumping around like a ten year old Mick Jagger a great grandfather now. -- comes the big news from share she's 67. And she's going out on tour starting in March shall embark on a 49. City North American tour. And it's all in support of her new -- closer to the truth the name of the tour is dressed to kill. Share will be appearing in Kansas City and in Tulsa but not Wichita. Glued. Luge there once again a Tulsa gets McCartney twice they get share. Wichita. This is -- time on the shares 200 and we -- and her on the air to promoting the things a little closer we get a spot -- -- we can bring Sheryl I'm not coming here. -- -- The first couple of the season has been voted off Dancing With The Stars. When the season started there was only one athlete competing now there's not these jobs and Sharma former NFL start he Shawn Johnson and his partner Charlotte burgers with -- first to get the ax this season. But they didn't have low scores from the judges that honor belongs to Bill Nye the Science Guy. After the show I caught up with -- John. Little disappointed terms of being eliminated but this same time I understand as the competition if for me. You know my experience in doing this -- if I had to do it all over again I'm I'm first in line. High School Musical star Corbin Bleu had the high score of the night -- and he didn't and ABC news Hollywood. And go Dancing With The Stars underway with an elimination wasn't you know. -- a few notes to finish up with 75. Years ago today Steve the release of one of the great cartoons of all time porky in whacky land. Porky and Lackey and a wacky language that was voted as the number eight. Greatest cartoon of all time kidding. What was it that was a porky he goes to. Deep dark Africa to find some kind of rare -- -- to -- very surreal and Salvador Dali and then the drug induced -- -- -- very odd. Wow it's very very odd. Which can't take your eyes off the one of the top ten greatest cartoons of all time since the industry panel yeah and it's it's preserved in the national film registry -- there you go. Porky and what are you land that same day also 75 years ago on this -- the release of the Warner Bros. cartoon a feud there was. But killed at least fighting each other -- -- CNET and it was the first Warner Bros. cartoon in which the name Elmer Soledad who was used commercialized yeah. Or send. Elmer fud actually does a little singing in that cartoon it's there it's done by Roy Rogers. Just shakes things up -- -- the streets -- and also came out 75 years ago wow. And Steve today marks the fiftieth anniversary of a very popular TV show. -- Are. -- -- and I got a little train that is the student junction. Connecticut Petticoat Junction first came on the air fifty years ago on this night and -- -- a follow up to Beverly Hillbillies a rural comedy and they wanted to come up on another one and he did Petticoat Junction and then it. Had a spin off called green acres which was very very popular as well and any others like cross over between -- Travolta plays around -- -- Giuliani out there. I gotta get the forerunner of some ducks and limited to -- -- nice -- -- CNN day and how do over fifteen years ago. Petticoat Junction was on the air for seven years 222. Episodes. Extremely popular show his first year it was the number three TV show in the nation -- beaten up by only to Beverly Hillbillies and bonanza and critical junction was number three -- did never did finish out of the top 35 that's extremely popular shows on Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock on CBS and. The CBS lineup on Tuesday night started out with Marshal Dillon which -- gun smoke free pizza you know and in the red scale narrow enough that -- junction in the Jack Benny program and Gary Moore show. Are CBS lineup media Tuesday night red skeletons in we'll Petticoat Junction was up against the greatest show on earth and the Richard Boone show on ABC and NBC so that is I -- your choice is pretty good -- from the so that's good stuff. All right Petticoat Junction first came on the air fifteen years ago on this night and always have the blurred today things at 841 now 61 degrees keep -- here for The Osgood File. A salesman who makes a clean sweep. And traffic weather on the waste even Ted used radio thirteen thirty. -- and a sense. The jobs. Chest pain dizziness shortness of breath I know the signs of heart disease and take action. I got -- doctors -- -- -- -- actually probably save my life. 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And it ought to do unite this nation listened to replace and attacks told folks. Common sense you just might learn something coming up that man right after this. Even. SAS. Take 46 DB due to the morning tell brilliant trap break with Jeff -- -- should. Another sport in the gasoline prices friendly settled around 335 overseeing 335 during the weekend but. Yesterday prices cannon shot. Up a couple of horse sense and people were 339338. But seems like everybody's kind of settled finally. 1335. For the gasoline price the -- price to around 370 and -- -- weather center forecast sunny today with a high of eighty degrees clear tonight the overnight low 57. Wednesday mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow's high 84 now partly cloudy. With a west wind at sixteen miles per hour 61 degrees that -- and their staffs. What is brought to you by Wesley rehab hospital an affiliate of HealthSouth the largest provider of inpatient rehab in the US. Located on west thirteenth across from -- with high school. Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. Coming up though Wichita business journal update -- mr. bill -- airport passenger count is up Stephens had you -- to thirteen thirty K and SS. The Osgood File sponsored in part by court notes providing cloud based workforce management solutions for organizations of all sizes Carlos KO RO analyst workforce innovation that really works more at corner post dot com there's Charles argued. On the road she abused his college department does meet a lot of high powered politicians or famous celebs but he does mean a lot of fascinating ordinary people. Actually activists. I've been using Stamps.Com. And telling you know easy and convenient this for quite awhile now. Turns out I'm not alone stamps Doug comes customers are already sent more than two billion letters and packages. So why used to going to the post office for your mailing and shipping needs. 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With the help of a caretaker friend Melvin goes around to businesses and Little Rock, Arkansas thank you asking the owners and their customers to buy one of his troops could you -- -- -- yeah yeah ten dollar rooms at all he -- How many years you've been doing this that my opponent 200 you. I hear you been doing the 63 years it's obvious they have been doing this so alone. According to family Melvin started selling -- around 1950 works six days a week to sport his wife and their four children. His wife has since died in the kids -- -- on the depth work ethic just will not go away. In fact some people say Melbourne is the best salesman than ever seen he's got a special magic about it. And then it persistent. He's just been harping turning and then I'm sorry got. That might need one next thing you know what you have a good man advantage at Baghdad's they didn't. Sale closed. His number of victims advice you can -- an equivalent number wing man and a woman -- quit you know. The Osgood File and I actually you won't amount. Charles -- on CBS radio network. The dead 8:50 Stevens in the morning but we ended down. Close on Wall Street Monday Dow closed down fifty points NASDAQ down nine SAT down eight. Now to go to the national business here. -- the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer commission because stocks little changed. The Dow Industrials down nine at 15100391. The S&P 500 is down almost to the nasdaq's up almost four. May split silver of -- that NASA management says global factors are keeping Wall Street from gaining much ground. When you have or at least geopolitical events going on and corporate announcements are taking a backseat it makes it very caught -- -- -- traders to have a high degree of confidence. GM has agreed to by about 3.2 billion dollars of stock owned by a retiree health care trust. As it continues to restore its finances following its 2009 bankruptcy. Credit rating firm Moody's responded to the transaction by moving GM's -- from -- level two investment grade. Your Twitter feed will soon contained clips from CSI you or sixty minutes. Thanks to the company's new partnership with CBS CBS will join the social networks amplify a program and this is the Wall Street Journal report. -- to do now seated at the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and as -- airport passenger count is up let's check it out with -- editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Good morning Stevie out of the airport not -- second consecutive month of year over year growth passenger count at just over half of 1% to nearly 138000. Passengers. July I was mid continent's busiest month and two years more than 149000. Passengers. General aviation takeoffs and landings however went down about one point 4%. An FAA advisory panels getting ready to meet this week of the members could make a decision that him just about everyone flying. -- complete its recommendations on the use of certain electronics during takeoffs and landings of commercial flights. Passengers may not have to still the devices away but they still will be banned from texting emailing and using live five. In the Internal Revenue Service official at the heart of the Tea Party targeting -- -- scandal is retiring. Slowest learner had been on paid leave since may she became the central figure in the congressional investigation over whether the IRS and look more closely at Tea Party organizations. That applied to tax exempt status congressional aides said Monday that -- retired. Follow -- on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect with a some Linkedin for the latest local breaking business news for can't SS and the Wichita business journal I'm Phil -- Miller had a big if not look in -- at the airport the other day data showing off their construction and where they were. At this stage of construction for the new terminal and I didn't go I did pretty much was -- something for the folks in the in India in the video was type of -- and our businesses did you go I see that. I did not but I've been -- it -- looks like they're making some pretty good product progress on that -- course eager to see what it's going to look like at the end we've seen the drawings but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take certain we'll check -- tomorrow morning coming up ABC world news of the top of the hour with the latest on the Kenya mole story. Widgets and a business journal reports on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- brought to you by Maarten Pringle attorneys. Law. Martin Pringle attorneys at all. Representing clients in product liability alone with David what do you just -- and Mike Jones approving this message yes we do best. And practicing twenty other areas to -- Pringle the attorneys have a lot of respect to. 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Fouls 3167336000. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can sink in the fashion business mistakes can be costly. That's why retailers are increasingly turning to trend forecasting. Pretty average annual fee of seven to 151000 dollars customers get access to forecasts of fashion trends and data covering IDS were colors fabrics and cuts. The forecasting companies offer analysis of fashion shows data on the current market offerings and for an added -- more in depth the research and consultancy services. The data are generated by teams of staff employed to scope out art exhibitions and events restaurants and even scientific journals. Especially companies use the data to plan their latest collection are catwalk show. But the online services replace him the bulky an intermittent style books that designers and merchandisers usually receives. Worth global style network UKB's forecaster of the counts every fortune 500 apparel brand among its 3600 corporate subscribers. Has seen double digit growth over the last two years. Misses the Wall Street Journal report. Yeah. So you're covered in sand -- -- waste thanks to the excessive -- of two very ambitious children and you think wait did I -- my impala back in the parking lot. Normally you just sit and Stewart and I. Would you -- -- a time when an OnStar app lets you control your car from nearly anywhere in your world like it's some extremely remote control car. Which kind of -- so you tap the icon that -- a signal that says your car -- here's a signal to flip the mechanism that locks the door that sends a signal back to your phone to say yes. Your car is now safely -- And you gotta wonder about the guy walking by when it happens it's like wow when you're like. And you slow your brain for just and then a second. You realize just how amazing modern technology UBE it's all because you drive a Chevrolet in -- connected -- OnStar. For details availability and system limitations visit OnStar dot com. And I'm excited. Stephen do in the morning on this date in 1977 the local premiered on ABC if you ever saw little voting was that they're basically. A series of vignettes of what to a three in in an episode Ted. Every time did the TV star reserve. Film's stars and it would come on and do these little minions right yeah a little. Light romantic story isn't. And the constant was so you had the the skipper for the captain -- can still -- ship's crew interacting with these passengers Gavin MacLeod righty and then he had that is the the cursor in the dock and all these -- go for an Isaac and doc and Julian own game. But great TV but. That's given out until an hour on content. -- weekend general Ted enjoy it's a bucket for -- a couple of that's our morning at 6 o'clock Stevens at the morning. He's ready to thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita. 61 degrees at 9 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg now underway in New York the annual meeting of the united nations general Sam.

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