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The Gene Countryman Show 10/06/13

Oct 6, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One name -- -- MS MS. Why -- houses -- all feed you for your. -- -- -- -- everybody is. Swearing in. -- you Shimmy Hannity and suing an honest -- -- -- it is really spectacularly beautiful. When this weekend this is what -- shouldn't -- all about the did you Germany here this is did you graduate radio show brought to you by had a computer. And my Warren Peters and always had these movies on the biggest screens. Monica we can. You read frank now. Live with Britain's thank you very much -- spectacular. Weekend. And am I hope you've had a nice we can go out again. And might have a chance to talk about that later because -- a little or not because you're going to be very busy here come here to the bottom of the hour. And only an -- McKinney she's written a book about. Well regarding who many of us remembers the book called regarding an epic life she's in town to do some book signings and we're gonna talk to her. Who lives just -- here at the bottom of the hour and one mouth now. -- friend and colleague John bachelor will be alone. And -- doctors assumes is still much things lithium about what's going on what's not going on. He had no Washington DC I mentioned when frank was saying you know be hurting our program brought to you I had a computer you're Apple Mac -- around here for over thirty years. Everybody Warren theaters. Always the biggest movies in the big screens get your question or comment and you'd like to three trillion. That I might be able to address to one of our guest. You can call us at 4361330. And why you won't be on the -- with a guest. On economic interest of phone will be maybe put your question I know not maybe she will approach questionable on the computer screen. Don't try to work it into the conversation -- 4361330. My website you'll know more about our guests how to get a book etc. She is -- countryman -- were at Hotmail dot com in the FaceBook pages FaceBook accounts. Slash. Country man. Show. We're just what do you think ditch you've seen south South Pole of the insults and poll of C embarrassments. It's possible to come out of Washington DC these days. Query in the room and they seem to outdo themselves. You know we've had a so called government shut down which usually a slow down as it turns out. I just read -- -- you know on the Drudge Report about 83% -- -- -- is still operating. Just fine but the park Rangers apparently we're told industry cut from a park Rangers. The news media did. They should make it as difficult as possible. For everyone during this so called shut down. Now this is our government telling us. That is going to be difficult to gonna make it difficult. For us now from the old days a multi customer money used to work group for us to reduce lead doesn't teach people public service. -- just sort of asked to do whatever they're there they want to do I'm. I'm where I thought before we've had a a group of he says it's a very worthwhile project. A vote on her flights that have gone out of Wichita. Out of Kansas and it takes World War II veterans back. To see the memorial now a lot of these guys two of the gals. Or eighty -- ninety years old many of them and realtors. And this may be the first time that a lot of them have been. To Washington DC and it might well be the last time. Did any of them have an opportunity to do go to Washington DC so you can imagine the insult. And the drama of there government. -- them out of their memorial went by the way the memorials. If you going to DC using them. The Vietnam memorial to Korean War memorial World War II memorial. -- open air memorial -- -- not vision inside buildings just just a matter of walking around. Well -- -- with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Tea Party. Was on her way to Washington DC with a group from down under the Gulf Coast when she got two words to -- department. Had blocked access. Panel what do you reckon she did police find out -- camera to the -- country joke Jodi -- -- good evening. Kennedy multiple things -- It's my pleasure thanks very much for being involved in his honor flights I've been out to the airport here -- some of the groups have come back and it's very very emotional -- is certainly how wonderful thing that you do. This so what does that tell us what happened you he had a group on your way to DC when you found out that they were trying to close the memorial. Yeah we have for anyone -- his parents and these are rumors of Gulfport Mississippi term that's happening you can't. And we actually had a local Debbie Allen a black or poor parents that was not -- oh yeah see you get the latest there. Now let's end up a couple of -- to pets. For two memorial the fact is -- I won't end that they are there is no barricades Keller could be kept. Help thinking that everything at -- -- not had any problems. And we hate to be sharing when we -- -- calling immediately he Chapel Hill hit everything feel good. He that I got bad did it just a few minutes ago the -- and went off the barricades went up. Of course. We weren't you know little distraught I mean awards do better -- he -- -- -- but the trip hit the -- more to -- more more. -- don't complain. So. She's usual this cardinals winning quite know what -- are these days. And we get everybody on the fact that -- We head down to the war two memorial will only get there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The local delicate. We are prepared that senators. Saturday and you few of the hour from from other states Florida Texas Michigan quite a few days. It -- that. We we Revere for a little bit angry and seen him behind the barricade and of course the barricades. Had yellow police tape police line do not cost. That's not there he impact. Then attorney who represented were speaking with park Rangers believe there can he you know proved what he's gotten in. It's right they'll duke it. They didn't they weren't having it all there -- that they say you know the parts of the shot -- -- -- You ordinarily wouldn't know what you know exactly who did why don't we have the barricades opening. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well good for you. Do what is the park Rangers doing UN in. Well they really in that fifth opening that he's creating. Team. And -- need to continue. Think you want is even her fatal. -- better and better and we can profit from Vietnam memorial. So we know we never other people wasn't he has just hot and the honor flight. Anybody without hair and -- narrowing of the memorial and nobody was stopped ever -- that -- What was the veterans reaction I return to Judy bowers -- does -- do the demo -- Mississippi gulf course Tea Party is she had -- the very first groups that there when. The government tried to close at memorial this local government to shut down or slowed up close and veterans -- a reaction -- How -- But it's here at school. Common -- feud you know her brains is there's a lot of clapping going on here but we're he had very emotional. You know I I can -- I I can imagine. Because I've seen some of the groups is they come back to which are we talking here just after this personal timeout with herb -- and he's got to Kansas on her flight does -- ago. Or is planned to go later this week we're gonna see if he's still gonna make the trip arguably more trips planned -- We do we haven't -- for November the fifth -- -- -- -- can't -- -- any contact with all of the other hand across the United States. On that that. At this point they're not gonna stop Indian -- quite here we do you have to have permits the inner at the memorial such a big group. And that's something that we apply for her long long before we ever make actual trip here. And then tell that and we have a permit -- out how the honor flight. Groups to go into the barricades you -- be allowed to move the barricade. I didn't shut the parents hate behind and then you're ready to leave. We have that you know I -- and the ocean compared to sign it -- others are not gonna be allowed to get old. Chancellor is dead dead disgraceful the -- eight is an amazing -- World War II veterans. That members of the so called greatest generation. Many of them probably on their last trip torsion and EC would be treated this way and everybody else will be would be treated just squeezes his remarkable. I've only have a couple minutes left here Jody did you hear Padilla ran up on that radio talk show host Mark -- made its. Now what it. Power play out here just -- -- this first a break from Tony it's classic and he summed up. Pretty much what we all things about this and I'm -- play them when I talk to our local. -- Kansas honor -- is make sure that they're still going to go. Because our congressman I understand mr. Pompeo he came down and and help move some of the barricades also. Well I'm congratulations to you Laura for getting him in there I -- it -- a lot to them was because I say I've seen them come back here I know while they come back with tears in her eyes and it really is -- A once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of these guys so thanks very much -- and thanks for taking the time. To tell us about Jewish periods. You're welcome thanks for had a hole. Seagate but life -- -- with the Mississippi Gulf Coast of the Tea Party. Just another person has just was gonna be shut out. Of the World War II memorial the World War II veterans. Are going to be shut out feet. World War II. More. Can't make this stuff up folks got to talk to John -- -- is coming in about an hour bottom of the hour Maura McCann he's gonna talk about two of her new book Willard Kirby an epic life. And might come back brightness little timeout I'll Wear a plain unmarked pleasant little rants before -- big -- about a minute that if you heard it. You're gonna wanna hear. Is that you -- radio show news radio thirteen 38 K and assists. Well I finally did it. I opened a 401K. Why that's why just plea for the inheritance we definitely had a rich uncle somewhere. We're one call away from the winner's circle at the derby dinners with multiple forks a vacation home in the country using summer as a verb you can actually think that. Do you when it comes to financial stability don't get left behind get tools and tips for saving and feed the big -- reward. This message brought to you by the American institute of CPA is the Kansas society of CPAs on the ad council. And there's no reason to lose general -- -- runs -- slashing good time to to -- but I -- Judge Saturday October 26 that features to be presented this yeah. East -- important Intel with dance contest -- -- silent auctions and featuring music video of the fund all of those -- prize for best costume drama series and if you dress for success -- -- -- whom -- teachers school dress for success and uncle -- and seventh -- in the penalties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better hockey has returned and it's time to bleed blue. IDs Friday October 18 against the Rapid City runs 375. PM. Reserve Saturday October 19 with a voter block party like Toyota starting at 4 PM outside interest -- Korea. Read the players hang out with a beer garden enjoy some live music. Then head inside and watch your back to back conference champions the Wichita thunder especially -- Americans at 7 o'clock PM. -- more a season ticket holder did you should be. Join the blue crew and enjoy all the benefits only a season ticket holder can get. Membership as a privileges and this is no exception. Every season ticket holders receive special discounts on merchandise -- road trip exclusive special event invitations and much much more. You want season tickets you need season tickets call 264 gold today and get yours now because. It's time to. You're listening to news radio thirteen thirty. OK MS asks. -- Will be here until -- The CD out of the hour the author of when you -- roller derby and ethical life. Moving along we're gonna talk to her about that and then -- to hop in the next hour. 7 o'clock or a friend and colleague John Daschle appeared on the border we got a lot to talk to him. About just before you guys chat with her Duncan who now heads up the Kansas -- flights. I mentioned you'd duty hours John in Mississippi and I'm surprised she hasn't heard -- Because it was broadcast nationally on the -- I'm sorry on the Mark Levin show marked. Program is heard here on -- an assist from five to 8 PM. Every weekday afternoon and this is what mark had to say and I think it sums up a lot. A lot of people feel about this business of trying to close down the memorials just to try to make life difficult for many. People as the Kansas is the mark provincial blow last week. I want to say this loud and clear. To the people on Capitol Hill who are listening. This administration. You may -- damn hand on one of those World War II -- -- that memorial. Hot -- has put really people that their memorial. You got the I'm sitting here this would think it about let's. Bring an eight iron game is. You'll ignited a movement in this country like you've never seen before. What tiger patriot army. It's veterans from all over the country every single foreign battle in this country. Republican Democrat independent. Ever. Not began to -- president. What is -- not one but there's in the Oval Office. What is smirk on his face. What it does stop card. I'll be damned if this president or anybody else there's gonna shut down that World War II memorial. And yet. It has an amount that you didn't understand. Period hats and little else someone minute from the mark Sullivan show last week that Vermont couple more ominous but does suggest -- month. That's that's getting right to it and I think mark. Express what a lot of people were feeling about this really sickening decision to try to find such easy. From their own memorial in Washington DC for heaven's sake. What have we become in this country. What have we become her -- organizes the Kansas owner flights. And he's got some future trips plans or plan or -- -- -- -- is a status is right now -- good evening. -- country. I'm doing pretty good. Oh Marca later -- you didn't. I'm weird is it PU. Plus in my heart and a lot of the car so other fellow Kansan an American. It just -- -- it's predatory it's an embarrassment. I have these things going on good night because the world is just looking at what we're doing. And it's it's just a member of a serious. So would you have some more trips planned. -- you are doing to make one correction though. I'm just a volunteer here in Wichita. We -- volunteers to help the altar boys the owner -- headquarters is in the -- Here in the Hutchison Kansas. And my base camp and his the president -- -- episode but I just to volunteer here do. Make sure things happen for our veterans when we we are well identified them and add up applications embraced by the support them. Then yes we do it like going up this Wednesday. -- ask you just become just a little bit if you could herb and a little trouble hearing you. It's -- how many folks are going out this Wednesday. -- they're sort of this -- sales were very true I have approximately. 98 World War II veterans. -- putting their mom out probably around 5 o'clock in the morning. And they'll be departing. Out -- our family -- 750 yourself. But still we are -- schools but. And that may have mentioned -- the for a more than the other. People there's this equipment. Just says damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. We're gonna we're only do we have to do we are are they desperate mission is made of web and look forward to boot. Are basically -- the bush years old and closing 28. Hits and scored just veterans I'd say we can't we do not have the luxury of time on our side. With the generosity of the folks appearances in the business community. They have given. Out of their pockets demoted -- to -- we bought the tickets and we're gonna send them. Well good for you anyone wants to help you they get in touch with your organization our. Okay there's several ways number one seeds via the web tries his hand solutions. All her life. Dot org. And -- local which adult volunteers. Our email it is fodder for us -- just talked about All right well good for you as you know I'm you know I've met and visit out the airport when one of these groups came back and they come back. Really left feeling good I believe about themselves and there's a lot of tears and a lot of a lot of hugs and handshakes and I think you do really a wonderful job here enough. I I can't imagine it's. A bigger PR blunder on the part of an administration than to do what they did -- trying to keep you guys out of that memorial. -- -- because you're a little deeper than that. But you got to remember. This dark follow their women aboard through vehicular combat veteran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- good experience from horrific situation. Hand to hand combat a lot of these guys struggle earlier I mean they're really suffer from -- yesterday. And when they get to go to the memorial I've heard it's good over and over. Bits and this helped them put closure they don't have nightmares anymore it up but especially. Good -- -- -- forward to a guy as immensely happy and that -- the folks back in Washington DC at every golf. Do sort of barrier around the World War II memorial that was not dealt with federal funds but I private contributions. They're both open court reporter Everett is just unthinkable what those people would do and I encourage everyone prepared to move this out of my voice. -- -- get up and exercise your freedom your right to speak here and call those people like him. Let's turn this thing around and I have I don't the most this motivate them to do the right thing that's -- could just do the right thing. All right herb Dunn didn't Kansas our flight thanks very much her congratulations -- you're good work. I'm gonna make this one other thing we capture dramatic news. I'm happy this Saturday. -- Talked over the podium. Will be our last. Flights -- our hands of World War II veterans and our database. When you have accomplished our phase one. We're going to be handing out. Up over the thirtieth submit comment airports approximate 28 to thirty roared through Barrett. And 25 Gloria and veterans are Korean veterans are next. And there aren't phase and to go bit surveys this historical time we've never thought this could come around. But what did generosity epic anthem. And there are level but would make your donation. -- because it costs 700 dollar per rhetoric has turned on the three day trip. Starting her Duncan -- says very much -- about the good work. I -- not we're really proud of everything you do. Well it's an -- to serve. -- -- -- -- -- Her going to the Kansas our plates I know you heard around the if you want to help -- -- get that contact that are written down where you can go to a but you can do that on the website and find out soon. I you can send some money and because it's as he's pointed out it takes about 700 dollars free chips for veterans before we go to to the news here. I think it could it be worthwhile one more time to. -- that cut from mark -- and he sums it up real well. I wanna say this loud and clear. To the people on Capitol Hill who are listening. This administration. You -- one damn hand on one of those World War II vets at that memorial. And that's what really people that -- memorial. This. Yeah. So. I'm sitting here are suing printed about less. Put any parent games. You'll ignited -- movement in this country like you've never seen before. The tiger patriot army. Veterans from all over the country every single forum -- in this country. The Republican Democrat independent what -- ever. I began to -- president. What is C not one but there's in the Oval Office but what is -- on its face but it does stop card. Hot Pete yeah if this president or anybody else. There's gonna shut down that World War II memorial Perry. Sarah -- good place to take a break listen to the news. We'll be back with. -- -- -- -- talking about her new book Willard Garvey an epic life as the aging veteran radio show news radio thirteen thirty. -- and assess this is the Wall Street Journal report -- Jennifer Kushinka for decades through search focused on golf for skiing. But today's master -- search are being redesigned his fancy family camps a trend that's helping revive the number of struggling high -- second home communities. 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I know my business I don't know much about creating a website let's turn to create their -- web -- I was on a website -- -- cost a lot of money then I discovered weeks dot com -- the outcome was perfect solution is so easy teachers a beautiful design right -- you wanna say and move your images where you want them no -- no confusion and the best part is that -- dot com is absolutely free no matter what -- your business people don't take you seriously unless you have a professional looking website create your own stunning website for free at -- dot com that's WI yet. -- -- after receiving calls from clear skies diminishing northwest written by mid evening I think we'll drop into the mid seventies that did this he's gives me. We're gonna drop all the way to around 42 -- tonight with the white would win by later tonight. Like variable winds Monday sunny skies milder temperatures beautiful day Monday tied to your seventh -- This is meteorologist Ben -- was your first look forecast. Currently at GM SS when they're out of the northwest at fourteen gusting to 41 miles per hour right now clear skies and 69 degrees. Until all the -- yeah. Everyone knows that hog wild those great barbecue but hog wild those giant stuffed potatoes -- -- Here's Chris -- them hog wild partners and store manager at 12100 self rock -- women really enjoy our giant -- fitness especially much. You know in the sour cream cheddar cheese bacon bits of butter and chopping onions. And the combination whose tastes and textures -- the fact that. You can even tell you it is in your favor smoked meat and I'm here mention their fresh and hot -- secrets leaves them for barbecue make personal and for stuffed potatoes made giant. Hog wild is serving a terrific meat and potatoes at five locations in Wichita. Also in Hutchinson. And Salina. Combination we -- He tried to ease tensions in the caught on video beating of an SUV driver by a group of motorcyclists in New York City. Sergio can -- got to solve -- melee unfold telling WABC television. That moment I say -- I gotta be something. I've discipline really venue that they wanted to kill as well nobody. He did you can basically -- in nobody's stepping then. Two motorcyclists including the -- seen in the video smashing a window with his helmet have been charged and New York police are looking into reports -- off duty officers were at the scene. But did not intervene. 230 residents of the Camp Pendleton California US marine base of evacuated a wildfire is damaged four buildings and burned 15100 acres. Containment put at 15%. The US government -- out its borrowing authority in mid month. And the federal government remains close to closing the week old on Tuesday house speaker John Boehner says that without concessions from President Obama there won't be votes on either. Richard -- ABC news. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks for sticking around you can -- -- -- country radio show. Are you telling John -- will be along at about thirty minutes from China and a lot of things to talk to. Him about for sure our program brought Cuba had a computer your Apple -- he's around here for over thirty years. And by Warren theater's always the biggest movies on the big screen Anderson big movies hunter right now timeout permitting we give way a couple of tickets. To the warranty gorgeous looking listener. Before yeah this evening is over. There's a new book that interest me very much for Willard Garvey an epic life it was my pleasure to know Willard Garvey. And is as did many people throughout the world but certainly here in Wichita. For. Lot of people who knew Willard and many have varying degrees of enthusiasm for him. Well he was round and I don't believe he went. Could done contests the fact. That he was of one of the most. Outspoken. Entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs. Kind of that made Wichita -- and is today. And the book has been written by a moron McKinney. She has more than thirty years of experience as an award winning business writer and editor she's a former journalist of the the Akron Beacon Journal and other regional daily and weekly newspapers and trade publications. Her work is appeared an abortion opposed to Denver Post Boston Globe New York Daily News business week online. Among others accuses staff writer has to Akron beacon journal's. Here's a question of color a year long project examining the racial issues Akron which won the Pulitzer Prize gold medal for. Notorious public service in 1994. Several months after graduating from Syracuse University. Mora met -- Garvey and Paradise Valley Nevada. She's been a close friend of his family for more than two decades. And -- now works in the financial services -- industry. Where she lives in Medford Massachusetts with their husbands. Tim Krause but she's dizziness in Wichita Kansas this even more good evening and welcome -- country Joseph. Hi Jane thank you for having me soon. Did I get even closer with your name by the way. No I think it's okay it's Mac and any. Mac and needy. Mean gonna get the first name right get it Gloria -- Maura Mack and and that's correct the picture the picture that's on the cover of your book Willard Garvey an epic life. Really I rings with me because sites on an expiration so many times. I was a member of the bush a downtown rotary club for many years as was Willard. -- I had usually money in the number of occasions and was always funds. To visit -- when he had to say and it was especially fun at their most of the speaker had anything to do with the government because Willard always -- always had the first question. Yes you could. -- and as excerpted that in the book that and it's they've rotary was always played pretty good religiously there every Monday and he was he was the one thing. Raise the question that he would sometimes go on a little bit longer than a patent. In -- isn't and I think it was Smart he'd be used that you know you have a lot to say it points for good but sometimes those questions were awfully long. Sometimes -- I didn't realize. And I -- I've -- to all the book and I've gone through enough to know that it's really a great read I didn't realize that he was so active in the military more tuned. Yes he always credited the military for being one of it's really great inspiration for life and cool thing that I found we found a bunch of old. Emails from him from the war that he had written to his parents and that -- written to him until it was really wonderful to be able to. Slate Willard in different parts of the war effort and it's. So he moved up to a major fairly quickly and loved the whole system that the military had and I think took that back to his own businesses to. Try to approach a business problem much like the military would what is the problem how to -- how to we go about solving it. -- the military was really one of his very very dear. Inspirations I think in his life. Did every do it in your book I get this correctly that he was and one of the first American GI's into Berlin. Yeah after the city stuff. Yes that's true he was sort of tapped on the shoulder as they've major I think it was a major at that time. Two he didn't know where he was going to go and he ended up getting picked up by the commanding officer and four of them went. And they went through during lands and it has fallen and they were on their way to -- the Potsdam conference right after that though he didn't see a lot of the destruction. That and I believe he might even have a couple of -- member of memorabilia that he -- from that time -- might have to be at the house and archer. It's a very historic. He's -- CC he's he's yeah obviously I'm -- it says here on the jacket of your book that you met Willard. Out in Paradise Valley Nevada what was the story there. Classic good story I was really truly just out of journalism school and graduated and I had a brother who lived out and Nevada who had he was an artist -- living out there any that you got to come check the place out it's really beautiful. So I got on the bus then I went out to Nevada and visited with him and then him. -- -- it just to Luke it's a longer story that I ended up working at the humble son and when I'm talking about it was my very first journalism job. And to while I was there -- so I was introduced to -- Garvey and -- a great friend and you know that was sort of how we ended up. Meeting McCartney family and then meeting Willard at her wedding in 1980. Nancy remain friends of the family since that time yet but definitely. I also thought it was interest to hear that under the jacket of the book if you include a photo. And and you say on the jacket of the -- picture of you live in Medford Massachusetts with your husband can crowds yes but you have a photo of yourself and a dog. Yeah. I love my dogs and we lost our jobs. Two years ago and it's sort of a picture of me at the -- loves the ocean and I thought well listen didn't do things dear to my heart CEOs in this. Sandra -- -- -- we don't live far from Cape -- I think we took a day trip one day went down there and took some shots and I was always a favorite of mine so. Well a guy waiting your quick got a little time out here we're talking to Maura. To me lessons begin beckoning. Me Mac and any more American -- -- new book. Very interest in Willard Garvey an epic life how many of -- I knew Willard unsure or knew about him. We're gonna talk about the sniper incident downtown. Which I also didn't realize that he had such a front row seat to. And a whole bunch of other things of course he was big in big green but the business he select to criticize the government a lot and government programs but he. He did a pretty good job of not taking advantage of some of those programs like for example with the -- storage I think. -- we could talk about that if you have a question or comment you can call us at 4361330. But won't get on the air but Monaco will put your question upon a computer and I'll try to work it into my conversations. And coming up and just about twenty minutes from now John ambassador bill on a lot of things it's up to John about do we ever. All right don't go away more and I back right after this in this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I grow -- I want to be new pair -- three -- wounds when I go out. Like me can freeze confused and -- for Easter Island day and eat like that races around the country I believe things kind of -- chance. When I grow up I don't wanna -- piece of garbage and if you recycle look I won't be. Give your garbage another life recycle. Learn how -- I want to be recycled daughter or brought to you by keep America beautiful and yet council. Just had to lighten up and have some fun with -- -- John Hannity afternoons at 21 news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. You decide how. Three months 697. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number one in news and KMS -- -- wonder whether also wow what a great spot -- Sunday where has been here's some. He's in October already just aging veteran radio show. Thank you very much for being alone we're talking no more on the he -- enormous scrutiny begins and about her book called Willard Kirby and they're -- a life. Morals what so let's let's did you have this idea for this book in mind for quite -- -- how did you -- greatest. Well it was not something that was in my mind for quite awhile like you know -- being friendly with the family and you that Willard was that epic story of his own but. Shortly after he passed I think I knew that there was panic. Interest in the Stanley getting a -- -- -- season and sound. You know we. And I just offered my services and the next thing you know land and I started working on dictates they agreed to. You know -- good talent take you right this. So that's the lovely question to the peaks and it's. I think it probably took about five years erased trillions yes this has come a long time. Oh right I mean here. -- how well it shows is very well researched a lot of footnotes a lot of photos and their. Some wish that I was familiar with them some of the people I'm not familiar with presides as I mentioned I was familiar with Willard is where most people in this. Part of the country you're going to be signing copies of the smoke by the way. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock now watermark books and and -- -- those independent school which had 630 which -- the birdies were instrumental in starting -- -- Yes I I just wanna correct one thing there it's Tuesday night -- in the. I don't. I -- -- I don't know -- -- night. Tuesday night at 7 o'clock and were -- books and cafe then Wednesday 630 independent school and I actually 28. 0:7 PM I was told that it has -- -- makers and and in October 28 you've got to appearances at the downtown Rotary Club boy that's really bringing it full circle cup I. To try -- there. How sure there will lead and then that evening October 28 at Barnes & Noble and Bradley for your going to be signing. Copies of the book -- so yeah I thought it was interest in cars everybody knows about the sniper in Wichita that I didn't realize it Willard. I had a front row seat for the. Yes he did it was August 11 and Willard was in his office around noon. And they started hearing some pop pop pop I interviewed the woman that was up there with him sharing an office with him and if he wanted to go out this doubt sort of on the -- balcony where he and then came into the office and the state agencies -- sick carnage there it was really quite doesn't. That's obviously a tragic gas each day for everyone to -- and shortly after the shooting had stopped I think Willard started to turn to -- Morrison -- her name she was she worked with him. And I interviewed today and take that no sooner had the shooting stopped that Willard looked and said you know. They're gonna take that guy and they're gonna feed and then they're gonna you know put him in jail and he had a lot to say about that and then that what we should do is that a fund for the victims. And so -- really once again at the forefront of a lot of things just decide to come to the aid the victims of tragedies. Any set up fund for that man you know that was that was well received by a lot of people in the community. For people who think they knew Willard maybe like myself what do you think will be the biggest revelation in your book. Well I think you know -- story is very much of Wichita story NIC people like yourself obviously know him there but he really was. A very worldly man I think some of the things that they'll learn about their his housing China's efforts to launch housing overseas during the time. Communist scared he believed that if you made people homeowner they would become capitalists and wouldn't have to come to this -- of capitalism. He was a very bold. Did that move on his part and he began traveling the world and trying to set up organizations that could build low income housing to have a very expensive chapter on that. Whereupon I troops from the archives of Wichita State University. They have a beautiful collection there at the Willard and Jane -- world home collection. There's a hundred boxes of documents then there. I spent weeks looking at it and still don't know. Everything all of the details of his I think people could learn an awful lot about just an effort of a man in the 1960s if you think about. No emails no faxes in trying to communicate with different partners overseas. But that that it had to be adjusting to people I think it's. The other thing obviously as you mentioned is sort of his world is -- World War II experience there. Commented and some of the history of his relationship with -- father we all know that. Break RV with a giant in its own rights he would be yeah it was the first corporate farmers Q will matches she's written about him. How Willard and his father didn't always have a great relationship he was among his we have bigots. -- -- him greatly and he loved and greatly aided no doubt but. Some of the things that you learned in my book are -- of the writings of a young man and his father and that's kind of that natural clash that happens I think between. The -- coming of age and and their father who wants them to succeed. Bullet hit a different way of looking at things again from his World War II experience and there it's a little tension there and I I think that might be texting to people as well. Another thing that they'll learn is. Let me think what else the Taylor. Bit more about that family really how this family life was -- are these things and growing up Garrity is another chapter in the book and is still kind of understanding. The relationship among the children and two different things that he owned and that sort of thing. And a couple of minutes so if you're talking the author of Willard Kirby an epic. -- life I think if I remembered after reading your book but I had forgotten that he. Did sort of tipped his toe into the media world with the newspaper and yet television network. Yes that's very that's race and it was fun to try to find them that I actually went to The Library of Congress in Washington and found a newspaper that he started called the Washington world. And Willard with a big critic of the media age you may remember he felt that. Government was. Sort of forced feedings be reporters and they were reporting only on government I remember a personal conversation with him one time about it and I had no idea of the context around to why he was peppering me with questions about -- Where did I get my story ideas. But really believed that you know you have to talk to the person on the street and and talked to the independent -- -- into independent business person to get the real story. And he went and did start newspaper in Washington and he im thinking of the late sixties they think. Didn't last very long but he has some prominent editors there -- got a little -- up in the New York Times. Stand it is. Money issue I mean is just didn't make any money so that was -- that was one of the reasons why -- How long the television network last. I think that was another short 12 it was legal broadcasting. Harm done. He within it with a couple of other partners and it was the -- to force network. And it again I think they just ran out of money it was just -- they were unable to him that he thought he did hit these have a. Curious and fascinating interest. -- you start it may be your major in World War II he almost didn't make it to World War II when those when their ship was nearly capsized yet. So I don't watch it -- -- that I that I came upon. Again I turned from a lot of Willard letters and a lot of his speeches which -- just written for him to a great extent by. Sounds crazy minor -- historians -- Wichita stays and who we all snow was just -- fabulous historian here about Kansas history. And anyways I went through all the speeches and he kept talking about how when he went over to his world to London. You know get it on -- -- shift and it hit a big -- well I started reading and reading and reading this is one of the reasons why it took so long to write the book but I. Found out that there was the queen Mary that they painted big gray and they are transporting the troops over from New York over to. England and I found out around the approximate dates -- Willard departed came armed when he rise since I found this other book. It talked about how the great go to to the queen Mary with the hit by a rogue wave on this one occasion and came within inches of capitalizing. And I couldn't believe that I had actually he was telling the truth once again that he hit you know it did in fact that it buyer of a big wave. But it did issued say nearly. You know nearly took his life and thousands of other lives with them but it was just amazing detail that I came across. But as you related your cookies -- turned over and went back to sleep. Certainly don't study suggests it reduced to crashing all of the boat and I just did what I always did -- rolled over and I went back to -- and you know I was thinking again when I met him that he was the man of just big tall -- and so it was really kind of an interesting discoveries I was reading -- that he would always. Cheating with television -- -- -- on the radio station he did own a newspaper you know -- sort of it was I couldn't prove that Chiron has anything that I set ahead. -- -- Tomorrow I have to runs his fascinating book is Willard Garvey an epic life you can meet tomorrow. Fat Tuesday evening 7 o'clock at watermark books. Just sign a copy of a four year -- win easy 7 o'clock at the independent school noon rotary got to be a member there to get in. But they give you -- 28 at Barnes & Noble -- -- books how they're also. Great talking -- -- Jeanne thank god look. He has returned and it's time to bleed blue. Friday October 18 against the Rapid City -- 875. PM reserve Saturday October 19 with a voter block party like Toyota starting at 4 PM outside interest -- Korea. Made the players hang out with a beer -- enjoy some live music. Then head inside and watch your back to back conference champions the Wichita thunder especially -- Americans at 705 PM. Good morning season ticket holder did you should we. Join the blue crew and enjoy all the benefits only a season ticket holder can hit. Membership as a privileges and this is no exception. Every season ticket holder receives special discounts on merchandise CC road trip exclusive special event invitations and much much more. You want season tickets you need season tickets call 264 -- today and get yours now because. It's time the don't people's voice what happened there and play him it's our great country America. Good -- review thirteen thirty K and SS Wichita. From the 24 hour news senator Kay and SS. I'm -- surely a Goddard team was killed in the crash Saturday night on a stretch of highway and Butler county. It happened just after ten US highway 54 about eight miles east of Augusta. Kansas Highway Patrol had a dodge pickup was heading westbound. On 54 when -- left the roadway and rolled one of the passengers fourteen year old -- collier was pronounced dead at the scene. Reports state he was not wearing a seatbelt two other passengers ages seventeen and eighteen were hurt and taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita for treatment. The sixteen year old driver was not injured. The crash remains under investigation. -- right down the news radio thirteen thirty. -- an SSR Kansas attorney is asking the judge to suppress statements his client made when he went into Cedric county jail in December and asked to be arrested for killing his wife. Guy Wayne Palmer is charged with first degree murder in the December 16 death and his 61 year old wife Deborah. The Wichita eagle reports woman's body was found -- couple's home after investigators followed up on Palmer's claims. Sheriff's sergeant Jeremy would testified Friday he initially thought Palmer might be homeless and looking for a place to stay. Suppression hearing that started Friday afternoon continues Monday with jury selection Palmer's trial to begin Thursday. His attorney says he wasn't read his Miranda rights before making -- statements so they should be suppressed. Flu season is on the way and it's time to look into getting vaccinated against influenza. Several regions in the US experienced shortages of flu vaccines last year and doctor William Shatner professor of medicine and preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University. Says they now have new vaccines available for the first time this year. Got plenty of flu vaccine out there and doctors' offices and pharmacies and clinics we ought to take advantage of it. Again this year we have a greater variety of influenza vaccines available for us. He says they have injectable and nasal spray vaccines available this year. And you and also is a cell based vaccine that uses state of the art technology to manufacture vaccines in cells. President and eggs. The Kansas City Chiefs have five wins no losses to start the NFL season. Defeated Tennessee Titans today 26 to seventy. Your gave birth to their forecast clear skies mild tense tonight low dropping to 42 degrees sunny skies a little bit warmer tomorrow with a high round Sony four on Monday. Right now a sunny skies seventy degrees Wichita is number one news talk and weather station news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. I'm -- surely. -- -- In terms stand a new you -- sleeping at the bench. This job so darn boring I can't stay away boring putting plastic tips on shoe -- over and over again on hundreds thousands of leases. It's the most boring work there could be because you -- switch would be -- -- much for shoelaces know that be -- type guy can get an average now I'm afraid person what what I do you haven't heard of -- oil well about -- now they're loaded with hundreds of trade jobs electricians plumbing heating and AC stuffing pillows stuffing filled. No I can't afford to find a job honor all you do is -- -- man which -- -- Let's Fareed you're tired of losing my snoring -- -- restoring lives above a miniature yawning and moaning -- -- be -- at all. No but I would like new car it's something sleek and shiny for the quick what's the name of the Wichita help one of those. Thanks I really appreciate. Long name. Amazing results. Give -- a lot of your crops pre harvest and are discussed and out of quickly that's why America and our credit offers crop insurance products to safeguard your investment. Our crop insurance to protect you from adverse weather conditions. Frost freeze wet weather wind and hail excessive heat or rain to name just a few. And remember we've been around since 1916 with sound financial services that are withstood the test of time. Call us at 804661146. Today or visit at -- dot com. American actress. Money. Coach fire Wichita this is John bachelor join me week nights from eight until midnight right here on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Stephen Ted -- plus. Does that gets up and I wish I could share with you today and that's a -- chilies and and chocolate chip cookies cakes you goalie who. Nanny nanny yeah that hurt you no matter -- this guy -- guy. Tiger -- like personal. On nobody's. Weekday mornings from six until nine unused radio thirteen thirty KM SS. You are listening to news radio thirteen thirty. All right welcome back our number June June judgment radio show in his glory is set October only -- home -- Everybody is. Swing and no. -- -- your hand and hands when Madonna lane it is a beautiful evening. Drive and that's okay chance has some fun this weekend we sort of dodged a bullet it was it try. The night that we and he can look like we're gonna have a some severe weather that. Candidate just looking heavily on the radar but then when it garnered in the mouth and emotion into it may be convenient and in Nebraska so. Please take -- what we can get. Our telephone number here is 43613. Theory a program brought do you -- at a computer -- Apple Mac dealer in these parts for over thirty years. And by Warren theater's always the biggest movies on the big screen is always and there are some very big movies. Out there. Right now the only chance to talk about some of those later. John bachelor's host of the nationally syndicated John bachelor show heard each evening beginning at 8 PM here on -- innocence and on many other radio stations. All across the country he's on the telephone from. New York right now good evening John. Who is not there. -- -- -- But it put it I miss. Hi John. We've been in this country. -- down we kind of worked our users as well I'd change one of those slow news tonight what are we -- You why -- that I was just occur in the meanwhile as well I was listening to the news there. The. That the House of Representatives is sort of being blamed for shutting down the government are slowing down the government because of obamacare. And now this weekend. The government shut down all the public care. Using the computers so they can try to make them work right what is going on here. -- that old story commodity we gotta we gotta get with that we're looking forward here we got. We get al-Qaeda operations we got shoot -- in Somalia since. He's got all kinds of nightmares and cheese and ice. Tonight the return rendition. Remember rendition remember that was the Kurtz of the Bush Administration. And that that you're not campaign in 2008 all of it very strong minded supporters says never again. Well is that he's -- acquisitions. Acts. It's man by the name of honest -- Libby case walking home to some prayers. About 24 hours ago according to his son. Was. -- that's a polite words. From Tripoli and taken to a unknown place by US operatives good heavens -- back to the future. Well that's the stuff of movies is -- Well it would be if there was gay Republican in the White House but sometimes I don't think we're gonna keep that one. If the fact that I was. Is this and I saw speculated today talking to John -- I suspect admitted today that maybe this renewed rendition effort. Has to do with well all the other troubles that the president does that having you buy any lefty. No because they know a little too much about that. How lit be -- up validates. -- is thought that he's indicted in it for the 98 embassy bombings. And so he's been. A fugitive for a long time. Grabbed him in Manchester. Back in the early part of this century and then let him go and he grabbed. And that ever since that he's been on the run but I have reason to believe that he cooperated fairly generous place. Swiftly French get them bureau of the French intelligence. In the 2011. Operations against Qaddafi. So this is the this is useful asset that we decided to blood -- And put on trial now if the Obama administration could plan that's carefully game. They wouldn't be in the method being invaded by the whole the whole veteran army of this Second World War -- it -- just can't beat the same people okay. Second World War is going to re invade Washington. And they are planning an abduction in Tripoli get them out of the masses I don't think. I didn't get. My first half hour I spoke with a young woman down as the Gulf Coast in Mississippi she was she had a group of World War II veterans they were actually on an airplane flying to DC -- -- when they closed the memorial and she arrived there and so she was in the eye of the storm. They got to bear -- taken down and they got into -- The memorial but Hormats. John -- yes. I've seen those who have never been to the mall to see the World War II monument and it's on the same mall -- the Vietnam monument and it's cooling can. So Lincoln mom monument is at one end of the ball it. At the other end of the capitol building and there's the reflecting pool all of that all laid out for you. If you've never been there I have urged the trip and if you have you understands these are outdoors. Monuments. They dare anybody can walk under the -- anybody it's part of being in Washington. So it's not only objectionable what be part the National Park Service is trying to do it farcical it's. Philly it's self mockery. For tonight feet from the reporting all across the country. That they've been trying they've been trying to close down smokey the bear they've been trying to close down just. I mean. It is quiet day but who gave this order will get it all -- we'll get at all we're gonna see all these memos. We're gonna we're gonna name -- everybody who did get. -- we'll have at all. -- this is park service will get every one of the names and you can see in the interviews with the park Rangers. They're embarrassed. That they are paying orders to do this but they need their jobs since they got -- -- -- I read that they're going to cut -- closed at Grand Canyon and they're gonna try to rush and that site that's the mother of all shovel ready jobs business. Well I'm ready for them to close the skies of America -- -- from the federal government run this guise of America change. Caddies and the and the trains can't -- stops Amtrak just sort of can't -- can't they take away the Internet don't they own the Internet James. In fact my lights are flickering here in Westchester don't they don't electric company. Well I think they think these Unionists. I don't know Kelly from. This is chili cheese at the beginning of the weeks this. It looked like so Republican party's was having a food fight with itself right. Sailing crews on one side and everybody was throwing you know how you used to go to seventh grade cafeteria. And there would always be a meal that nobody lights. -- -- And there was always one kid in class to lead liberty through without a cocktail of process. -- crude is the guy we clever fellow at the beginning of the -- -- -- -- -- their food addicts at the end of the week. -- -- I mean what you thought they would John Boehner deciding to rally the Republican Party on the we're gonna fight on this block. And that the mistake of the Obama administration made with. All week long with that it made itself contemptible. Just foolish contemptible weeks. By piecing down our parks and then the president crossing his -- say I'm not gonna negotiate just it's just foolishness. -- both sides of making mistakes scene but really to shut down the mall. I mean gene what do we say about a about a in the White House -- things that can shut down the mall. Well it's petulant and it's arrogant and it's just mean spirited. And it's still bad at predicting us to get shut down the ball didn't get short time there aren't enough barriers in Washington. And I hear that there's going to be a rally next Sunday. In Washington. They're putting out the the word now on Twitter that they want World War II veterans all veterans and their family then there's sympathizers. To rally next third next Sunday thirteenth of October in Washington I think he'll show up what are you thinking. Oh I think so I -- your colleagues there at WABC. Martin van. Did did you hear his rant about it I mean it but he -- to me he pledged to get a half a million there. Well I don't I don't know about packaging you're the only radio show pilot skills I says -- -- -- -- have peace. It's cut people need to know that and talk radio you don't listen to what you don't get to listen to radio as your job -- you -- -- so -- So I don't know what other other radio -- -- up -- -- but don't your radio host to get as many people they want at the World War II monument. Except that they don't need any help at all I -- -- could do with that morning with just the conductors and Amtrak and whispering. GAAP -- crack crack crack crack. They hit and seemed to be like the administration. The Democrat party how did two things last week that really I will remember a bridge too far. It has seemed to be like the one of them was a close in these memorials yet and the other one was a -- was it cranky old Harry Reid saying. In response to a question about helping a child with cancer how or why would we do that I -- Let -- I'm I'm I'm sensitive about cranky and old -- -- -- I thought I try to be jovial all the time that I realized the life sales let's just say -- what is Harry's week okay -- -- who had a bad week he would pick. -- I have to take a moment out here retarded John bachelor host the nationally syndicated John -- a show there's so many things -- tournament of the canceled Asian trip I heard someone on your program talking about how this in effect is sort of handed. Zune the yet you know the pretty don't miss congeniality over to the Chinese. This sense that we were not going to be here click here what's your take on that on that is how. Also what about through your take on this murder this young black woman and a car that capital that. Jeff Jimmie and some other folks -- -- like a little bit of the vote over reacting. But the president does has been busy because I see he's waiting -- on the subject of changing the name of the portions of the Redskins. Their role at the top for -- bats are about and more right after this. This is the Wall Street Journal reported on Jennifer Kushinka. The Labor Department's report on job openings and labor turnover is one of the things on the economic calendar for the coming week. Economic advisor Joel Naroff says -- portal take on added importance because the Federal -- is focused on the labor market. Have a feeling that what we're we're seeing is that now a lot of openings and a lot less layoffs. Occurring in the economy and I think that -- think they're gonna take in mind when the -- consider what to do. The retail sales report will tell us whether recent weakness in consumer confidence weighed on spending. I suspect it that's likely to be the case is I'm retailing even if we take out motor vehicles it is not particularly great at this particular point. Naroff says the international trade report should show there was a narrowing of the deficit in August. Kenny does not expect a Producer Price Index to trigger any inflation alarms. Wells Fargo Yum! Brands and Costco are on the shortlist of marquee names companies it will be reporting earnings this week. This is the Wall Street Journal report. Hey Bob has business is the new website helping not good I can't figure out how to get the website finished -- you do it's easy I called Web.Com. They build my web site for free -- -- -- really. Web.Com yep inning just seven days then they promoted it on all the search engines like Google Yahoo! and being exactly and Web.Com it's -- grow my business so much. I had to bring a new staff -- Web.Com did it 30. -- -- perfect for me. 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Whether you're running a business or just trying to run your life better -- is the best way to organize all your statements invoices receipts recipes every document in one -- easy to find digital place ninety -- any -- filing system for free just by calling 1805500337. And -- scanner and software do all the work for you organizing all your documents you can find anything you want in just seconds just by typing one word that -- system is super easy to use the there's nothing else like it. Tried any system yourself for free just call 1805500337. That's 18055003371805500337. Lawn and in SS. Let me back this is the -- Tudjman radio show from now until 8 o'clock. And creative -- the -- after show comes down the line from New York City. As it does every evening from here on -- and answer your radio. Seven nights a week. Jones on the telephone with right now Jon -- quarter what should we make. This canceled Asian trip much. Well my it's my colleagues Gordon Chang was very rocks we knew that the president was cutting out this this stuff in Manila in the stock and -- and column for us. However -- Gordon's point is that from the Asian. Point of view these are two critical -- that are held infrequently. Where all the countries come together to discuss mutual issues Jamaica type agreement -- really to look at each other across the table. Always put China in the room. And by not showing up. Mr. how Obama signaled to these flew to the smaller states and the under stress that -- see emerging markets of Asia. That China is the big one you must please see that the United States is not dependable us. Stand that is not a good message for the 21 century in addition of the factors complicate some real time. Ambitions. Which have to do with trade. And then the pressure that China has put Japan under the East China Sea. So it matters to deal I would call during the campaigns. Mr. Obama was always -- this -- 2008 but I think he said it before they can do two things at once. Well certainly there was nothing nothing that mr. Obama needed to do between. Saturday and tomorrow or Tuesday nothing much is gonna happen in terms of the non negotiation that mr. Obama's declared. So it was puzzling to us on Friday when we got the news. And I suspect has these days this week goes by there will be follow John Kerry went in the president's dead. But sending. A member of your cabinet. He is in Asia it's not a -- means that it's not a priority and that is a very unhappy turn very unhappy. I was surprised by -- I really want. There's nothing going to happen in Washington this week this is a lot of posturing. By the Republicans posturing by the Democrats. There will be no finalize the final negotiations. Not this week will go at least another week before the White House. Anders in the cup and conversations with mr. Boehner which they will do. Because it's no longer about Obama care or the continuing resolution. It's now that's the debt ceiling hands. So a deadline for that we're told as October 19 that was we get closer to that. That's when mr. Obama and mr. Boehner will be in the room together I'm deaths. Yeah I had to agree with mr. Chang who is against and I was referring Jordan your show happy and that the president had said just full stop period you know I'm not gonna -- bush eight with these Republicans. So what really is he's staying in town to do. There is no answer for that. Did it it was another sign that the president is not doing well is that -- negotiations strategy I don't think it's. I don't think that I can say which side is ahead right now but I I do wanna. Pat -- interpretations of what police cancers. Given -- chance that this place in American suggests skepticism born. I'll liberty Kansas says the state that was first on the front lines. Of the fight for the kick in for freedom for the United States of America in the 185418561860. And the battle that determined. The success of the union forces was Gettysburg here's what I wanna talk about Gettysburg and I -- a lot a July 1 second or third 1863. Gettysburg as everybody who has read about it knows where I'm going with this was not a battle -- either side wanted to fight for planned to fight. It was what was called a meeting engagement in those days. Went to armies are roaming around with incomplete knowledge of each other looking for a battle but they teach -- each chosen different places to fight off. This was not Gettysburg Pennsylvania where it meets the Potomac army the Potomac or leaves. Army of the went well army of Virginia but really it was -- invasion forces this isn't where they wanted to fight. So it happened by accident that they ran -- them moving blinds or landscape in July they ran up against each other sort of. And because they didn't plan it. Forces poured in over several days Willy Nilly. And no one really was in charge of the whole field the first day you just poured into what you didn't wanna be there you don't have the right troops. You know where the enemy was. You didn't have the year overall commander -- media he was way back he wouldn't arrive until the second day. -- didn't even have a commander on the field after about 10:30 in the morning because Reynolds commanding the left wing of the army. Was killed by snipers health care plan mentioning it. That's what that this battle between the Republicans and Democrats is beginning to look like this is an analogy who was that we used by a member of that out. Republican caucus on Friday and I really like it. Both sides didn't plan to fight on the on the continuing resolution they didn't plan. That they shut down beat the battle it was supposed to be over the debt limit. In two weeks. And both sides were reluctant to use all of their forces but they're being pulled into it. So the first week with a lot of feeling out the other side of where he's strong way you week. It Democrats telling the Republicans what's best for the country what's best for them. And the Republicans wagging their finger is that the president over obamacare which is a nightmare but that isn't about the debt limit. And now at the end of the first week it is if both sides understand they didn't wanna be here but they decided to fight it out. And I compared to finish this analogy I compare the Republicans that have today. To the union forces. They were beaten badly on the first -- battered by keep score coming from the left and you'll score coming from the north. And the first and eleventh corps for the union would cut up badly. But they found the place to dig in the woods cemetery hill which will -- -- cemetery ridge and that night is the first night ends. Everybody's forgotten what they planned to do -- planned to fight and they're digging in knowing the big battle going to start tomorrow that's where we are so nineteen. Mr. Boehner said it today. The Republicans have decided they didn't want to fight cruises the funding they thought it was. Foolish and they couldn't win it they didn't wanna worry about obamacare now they wanted to fight over the debt limit in two weeks. The fight started and it's too late and they are pouring forces it. So that's what we're gonna do this week we're going to watch both sides -- their heavy infantry and here it comes James. And that is going to transition isn't -- John into the -- discussion. Yep yep yep that's when the big guns -- yet you've got an easy analogy is you see at the main sport that's reached the fields at our best infantry. Happy that the second cola comes up. Out for the union which is really a very critical component. And as we put together what's left of the first score enough that you -- five course they're not as big as the lead. Record straight into the -- you confederate -- much bigger than a union -- If they union that High Court and eventually they'll all gather by fact and by the afternoon the second day. And the and Lee had three cores and he'll gather them all by the afternoon the second day and that's when they they dig in for the big fight which failed on the after the second day. And leads to the big fight on the morning of the third day afternoon as the third game. The one that we know it Pickett's charge but in any event. That that reunion is digging in on cemetery hill is badly is battered beat the Republicans about they're blaming each other they're pointing fingers. There they're backstabbing. There -- lots of doubt about who's in command on the field they don't have enough troops. But darkness is falling. And leave decided to park for the big battle tomorrow we got much better forces the president of the senate that much better forces. They have the media they have major networks they have the newspapers. But. The union -- that we that that could do the Republicans have a really good position they're dug in in the house. And they can't be displaced and that the battle. And it's going to let this is going this transitions and that is another just shy about there. It's it's tough but it comes to become the Democrat that got to come to step up and they've got major weapons systems they're coming forth. They're gonna threaten to close down the treasury the market you understand it's come. They want collapsed in the Dow Jones industrial they want panic on Wall Street. They're gonna throw everything they've got -- what world leaders saying we got -- They want everybody wagging their finger and throwing everything they've got to the Republicans. And Boehner decided that they can't Mr. President you must negotiate. Mr. Li you must come out on the field and talk to me man to man that's the only way we're gonna settle it took so that -- -- -- today. Well this is I know I didn't really have. I think I didn't and that I mean this is the Republican analogy that I got from the Washington examiner on Friday. And I hit it just sensational plot I recently went through the battle of Gettysburg with a wonderful expert I'll play the book is actually a couple of weeks that doctor. So the battle very quick that my mind and I urge everybody to go would read about what happened. June 30 to July 1 the media engagement how accidental it was. And that's what -- that's what it looks like right now for this fight in Washington an accidental. Not slugfest. And a couple weeks now we're gonna be hard pressed to remember what started early right. Right right -- at it who do I remember now do you remember now Jeanne I have to look MacBook now yeah doesn't have a the other about obamacare. And -- We'll talk about the Affordable Care Act and there was anything to talk about but it doesn't really -- -- just go to the web site it's not there. Find -- it's. Yeah you know we had that I needed to get appreciate it we'll give tiger reserve in about. The -- -- -- here in south central Kansas south. Major hospitals via Christi. Has the I'm navigators I believe and they is they had told me that Friday that they were able to enroll two people. In our program last -- I have a pretty good explanation as to why it's not working I'll give you what I've got when we come back. Procured under John bachelor host initially syndicated John bachelor show Jon and I -- back right after this. -- standing Herman Cain Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity mark a little bit. Listen all day and the best news that best talk radio and when she's on the news radio thirteen attorney Cheney and. SS this is the Wall Street Journal report on pranks of Paula. That shirt or blouse you plan on buying as a gift this holiday season could cost more I think still blooming cotton prices. Cotton prices are up because some strange weather in the top three cotton producing countries the US China and India. As far as China it's a matter of too much rain in some growing areas and not enough and others. As a result China says it could produce about 6% less -- compared to last year. On our shores the Agriculture Department. Is predicting a smaller crop as well. Because of similar troubles in this case dry weather in Texas and wet weather in Georgia both of which delayed planting. Also Debbie in the global cotton crop is the lingering monsoon and India which this year has brought an unusually high rainfall. 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Or go to Web.Com slash radio or telephone -- -- website afterwards he found what he -- runs to -- and it really was one -- unless otherwise purchased. -- -- Good -- clear skies diminishing north winds and it's going to be cold night in general northwest winds continue to -- right through the night we're gonna drop to around 42 below. For Monday beautiful day sunny skies light winds of more protective Mondays on 74. This is meteorologist Jeff -- -- your first -- forecast. Currently European -- ones -- out of the northwest at fourteen gusting to 41 miles per hour right now clear skies and 69 degrees until -- -- -- And there's no blues and moves general -- closest friends -- slashing good time to -- but I knew. Rush suddenly able to be 26 that features to movies into this yeah. East -- important Intel and with dance contest -- episodes auctions and featuring the music video of the fund group all of those plays pro is the best costume currencies and -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- -- -- -- school dress for success and uncle Bobby and seventh -- -- unhealthy. It Chisholm trail gun show is coming come ready to buy sell or trade. -- kansas' largest gun show full those finest in -- modern pistols revolvers rifles and shotguns. It's special collections clothing ammo and much more it's all at the Chisholm trail go and show. October 12 and thirteenth at the Kansas coliseum in the sample -- Admission ten dollars kids twelve and under get in free with a paid adult sponsored by the Chisholm trail anti gun association. Three people have now been charged in the caught on video assault on a family here in New York City by motorcyclists. ABC's Lindsay Janice. The NYPD is prime suspect 37 year old Reginald chance was arraigned and charged on Sunday he was the first to rush the SUV smashing the window with his promised. He has been charged with gang assault assault and the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon is bella and that it 75000. Dollars. ABC's Lindsay Janice in New York police say they're looking for as many as four other bikers possibly involved in the assault. Fire crews in Southern California have -- 15% containment of a wind driven wildfire at the US marine base at Camp Pendleton. 230 residents have been evacuated the blaze is damaged four buildings and burned 15100 acres. The government shut down turns one week old on Tuesday at mid month the US -- I -- borrowing authority house speaker John Boehner says there won't be votes on either until years concessions from President Obama Richard -- ABC news. Use radio thirteen thirty K and SS. I think for sticking with -- -- -- -- -- this is -- -- radio show. 6:8 -- -- Sunday. Easy road you've had a computer. -- packed theater for over thirty years and by Warren -- always the biggest movies on the big screen is always some great movies of your by the ways and movements. -- on bachelor host and nationally syndicated John bachelor show heard every evening. At 8 PM. European assessment of the bunch of them to review decisions around the countries are. Trisha and guess assuming he's on the told with the John back to this a civil war. Metaphor worry that you were using a with the Republicans and isn't that the Democrats and -- And yet you indicated that the Democrats are gonna bring out the big guns and harvests are gonna seriously do. What can resist that they can't is is this car is is going to be Sherman's march share into the ocean -- No no no no let's just stick with -- -- the reason -- uses it because it describes a battle that neither side wanted to fight or not planned site. So that you see in real time you must figure out your forces. San way to do again. And where the other side he -- stand. Everybody makes mistakes and -- engagement -- it's not like you understand. What's going to happen tomorrow. I communication is -- I think we can agree that the communication in Washington between the Republican side the Republicans cited in court this week. And there are a lot of blaming against the commanders. Sense of what's at Gettysburg faulting that general for picking the wrong place or sending in the -- Heading in the wrong brigades are not having the right forces are not read the battlefield correctly I think we can agree that. That was a mistake by the Republicans all week. And yet as big east has the story goes office. As you take a lot of casualties says he's seen more troops coming in as people go what the heck is going on. You realize that it's not a Balch what you first thought it was. Which was. This little group here -- bad at taking pot shots at capital group over there or. Court or getting rid of this commander with the hot head and brought it into the what is -- thinking why did he charge down the road without orders. You realize that it's a two alarm and that they've been supporting for a fight for some time they've been looking for each other knowing this is coming. And that it built up over a long period of time. That's why -- use the Gettysburg analogy I don't know who's going to win the truth of it is when you look back at Gettysburg a 150. 150 years later neither side -- -- what the battering of both army. Afterwards the war went on for another year plots because neither side had the goods to win the story. But after the battle -- it is a story that. Tells how when you get into a fight. Hugh Hewitt this gets you argue about it you've -- it sure it pictures subordinates you yell at your commanders so everybody does this everybody's done unhappy or not. That because you don't have the right tools. And yet at some point it's settled down. -- to -- you realize. That you know the war starts here again we're gonna fight and that's what's happening today the Republicans just Duckett. That's it he's Maynard said when you negotiate. When you make concessions. Then we'll land and that's what he said today. And that and so the Democrats this week know that they now must throw everything into the -- this is about. This is about making the American people. I hate the Republicans in the polls. This is about winning the networks story York getting the headlines are getting a one up one upmanship on television this is a battle that's going to take place. Over the next ten to twenty days. And it it it deadly certain serious and both sides of throwing them they're heavy stuff sent. It seems to me just sitting out here and I'm happy can't create it it seems to me that that the tide has shifted. A bit. Against the Democrats and the president. I can't be short changed I can't be sure that got a lot of forces. You know bit that would have been a mistake on the first day to underestimate -- Very big mistake and so I'm going to say it's a mistake to underestimate the Democrats. Get this -- the Republicans have right now is there on defense. Sex always is strong position enemy engagements. You pick you picked your back spot you -- the high ground. You you end and you beginning and you have interior line to see you can communicate that I'm just document Gettysburg now that the Democrat the Republicans. That the union had interior lines they kidnapped -- march all the way around the field the way we had to move his troops from one side or the other. And I'm not speaking against the Democrats here. Have really in terms does the satirist Fiat and not -- how. Catching any of the more blame the slavery to the consensus of Democrats and just talking about what I mean gazans like how one of the biggest battles in American history. What was an accident that happened now. Why do I think that this work. Because this battle we're having now has been coming for a long time. This reaches back to July. July of 2011. The first time there was supposed to be a grand bargain. When they invented sequestration. Remember because they couldn't get a deal they hit the president's people and that is the question is saying if you don't come to an agreement. At the end of 2012. This terrible pain is going to be visited upon the country we're gonna cut 10% of every program remember that. Well -- that was not a resolution. That was just. That was just delaying the battle and and so for the last what if we have an election a year ago but it didn't work all that. Because the battle was always gonna take place between the legislature legislative. That the first article of the constitution and the executive -- economical. And and the Republicans have these critical part of the top of that of the congress they have the House of Representatives where the money it. An -- and overwhelm. The work that that the president has the power to veto he has Harry Reid all of that's true but. The government is set up so that if you don't have the how -- you got to overwhelm that in some way that is an obvious. And what John Boehner said today is you wanna make a deal come to me you've got to get some pent up. I can't get my members to route to leave that cemetery hill you know they're -- -- They've got Canon they've got they've got first Minnesota that he'd like to go through this because the battle freshen my -- they're dug it and still here lakers. And that's what's gonna happen over the next ten days -- genius this is just happens Barack if he's. -- -- -- -- This is as taking your agent history ever caught a couple of caller quick questions your loved one a ms. -- -- -- whatever happened to the sequester the. Is anybody you know when we got to the question now that's see that's -- sequester with the foreshadowing for this sex sort of quiet. Right now I was. That if it would just saying okay we're gonna fight that battle -- we find each other and we actually found each other about a week ago and now now we're pouring up 4%. So that sequester it just a taste of where we're headed. Which is I'm not shut down but default. And the president knows it and he's got to find a way to avoid the default because he knows that he doesn't negotiate he he he -- So if he doesn't negotiate this he doesn't cut it does not mr. -- to. So White House that if they don't cut a deal on the on the debt limit which is really a way of talking lets us. So if he doesn't cut a deal if he doesn't make up major concessions. To the Republicans dug in on cemetery hill we go for default and it the president. So it -- decided he had to negotiate. -- great kind of be in talk radio as you mentioned. Eight K here's another says suggestions as you for a take -- time -- -- -- -- suggesting. Why is this important enough that did the national media. That move so this this is degraded. By the two parties on prime time and -- -- like a likely candidate. I don't think we need media anymore that's how nasty this Titus. Some media secondary to the constitution. Get sick to see the battlefield stick it's written down. You get the public didn't really voting here we voted. The House of Representatives as Republicans the executive branch as Democrats we we made our decisions go to a guy. And there is -- way to resolve that we've given them the tools to go visit the president makes the deal with John Boehner go to the tool. Spirit gates did what we got into the back. Back in march of 2000 intense Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid couldn't have conspired. With the White House extra -- a piece of legislation. Over the objections. Of at the country. And the Republican Party. Ever since then the battle's been under way. Yet it's called the Affordable Care Act but really what it wise what government by battering ram. And we need the Republicans resist we still recessed. And that's where we are they force this battle honest. By ramming through the Affordable Care Act. -- went -- don't work I'm promising you the web site will never work as they're built right now they can't handle it and even if they do it. Plan is that this I mean the whole program doesn't work I don't you two weeks ago the web -- knowing how to work. Hi I'm not a genius I wasn't making predictions I was told very carefully why they're badly designed. -- sloppily put together they they they don't even use good coding language because -- it's a nightmare. They can't fix it. And in it yes and if and when they do they're you know they're gonna think that they're gonna have to go to paper applications. On the phone. Genes that's where they are with that. Paper applications on the files and who can make sign offs between now and march 15 so on paper applications on the false. Senator John basher host this -- surcharge on after going one more quick a judge I'm not I don't written I've ever heard you this passionate follower or there's solid. Getting to this whenever I should say accurate -- you get this done whatever I could deduct anybody gets so excited it's. Yeah I remember I -- you remember how hot it was their lead July -- No OJ it's just a bit and -- -- you know -- has an older person now. -- I'm -- I feel very close to Gettysburg. Don't match -- back right after this this is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Mike Weinstein. Tourism is up in many parts of the United States and so as the rising demand for hotel rooms. To keep the supply in line and cost in check some developers are refurbishing older structures rather than building new ones from scratch. And saving thirty to 50% on construction costs as a result. The -- college one of the changing dynamics of the commercial real estate industry. Hotels are profitable again while office buildings lag behind because of slow job growth. By converting building still hotel's owners hope for a better return on their investment. And it's happening in major cities all over the country like -- nick about her hotel in New York's Times Square where 59 temple place in Boston. Like these many buildings -- prime neighborhoods -- near tourist centers. There are other benefits like quicker turnarounds for zoning and other approvals and upscale clientele are drawn to the site to the historic value contained therein. It looks like that unless the job market improves rapidly this trend will continue. This is the Wall Street Journal report. If you got a pre -- GM vehicles he Castro they're right and if -- has OnStar why not just try to do. Just push the blue OnStar button and ask for three months four months you'll get help -- crash. Turn by turn directions and roadside assistance and monthly diagnostic tests all at no cost or obligation. Offer good on 2006 or Newark digitally equipped free on the non acting GM models. Visit OnStar dot com for coverage map. Weak dot com hi I use -- -- accountable to free website recently had to be it would -- website business is booming poke holes that the eighties I did all by myself and I know tech skills at all I -- one of the many beautiful template designs available could something totally original and your job website -- made it fun and easy to use. Conference attitude nothing is totally for people weeks he's free including hosting I love you -- -- -- there. Visit -- dot com that's WIX dot com. Government shut down. Down the door had given to me. We'll break down to the government shut down. News update at the top ten in the bottom of the hour room. Just petty politics listen for our news updates and combating the just listen -- -- listening on the golf course. He's updates until there would comment on news radio and thirteen -- -- I can't SS. The Wichita business journal is proud to present power selling in negotiating like a pro withheld Becker whether your out in the field managers sales -- just realize that the selling is everyone's -- You won't want to miss this seminar Tuesday October 22 from 730 to eliminate -- at Wichita area technical college to learn what makes a top salesperson. How to properly use of phone and email from great selling and much more group discount packages are available register online at Wichita business journal dot com slash events. CNN day. Jimmy henchman here this is Jean and her radio show really gotten the short -- right don't have a few minutes left I. And -- great conversation with John bachelor host the -- syndicated John. -- -- -- John. This -- it did you have a lot of contacts on Wall Street and we have Mary consoles against our news shows the Wall Street Journal a lot hardly. Are they eat. And they just about -- I don't know what male pattern. No no they're not know. Have that there's too much money involved to panic tells. Saying they're they're decisions will be made when and if the default begins and there's no hard date so that's I mean that there -- the administration saying the nineteenth but that's really. Just -- -- and there's a lot of posturing going on because the administration Jack -- secretary of the treasury it was on television today talking about that. The decision has been made to use the debt default. Deadline. As a partisan. Tools. And that's what I meant but they're throwing their heavy forces if you gotta trust that they're trying to. Strike the American people thinking that will lead to. Plus selloff on Wall Street or some other scary tactic world people think that they're going to lose their savings or some fantasy in their minds. But it it's what the Democrats do when they're in trouble they use mass media. Some never got that coming. God I -- to Republicans forgot about missed it but they're not okay taught -- that -- the company didn't you don't. They got out tidbits that without that it is that you wouldn't you think how good the other people -- Opel put up whether it's. -- that's. So that there's they're using this idea well it's all gonna saw that a collapse but. There is -- there is a serious point underneath which is that the US budget as some sustainable over the long term. And our debt is unsustainable and we must either raise taxes or reduce the cost of government. And that can be done in an orderly fashion beginning now sequestration was a good start. We needed sequestration. Every decade or every couple years for quite some time. To get our debt to GDP down to -- irrational numbers so it can be sustained. And that's what -- but that's what -- squabbles about this this this is the Republicans believe in smaller government and pay your bills and don't pile up debt for your children. And the Democrats believe in buying votes swift entitlements those are the -- and -- the Democrats are good act they've won the last two elections easily with buying votes for the entitlement. The Republicans they're not so good at making this argument that you got to take you gotta have a laugh you know you gotta have -- government. Well now for the last what week we've been out without it up 800000 members of the five -- four point five. Million federal government and I think the week went pretty gut it didn't hear any kind of going Candice do you guys get. -- -- -- -- -- -- seemed to know just fine -- remember we have to we have to wrap this up and it is always a pleasure talking do you what's on the Jon Lester showed tonight. I'm no worry immediately about the insects of the world's people would love insects I'm not one of them but I -- it's a fascination to learn about people who who worry about and text. Can we have to follow this business because I tell you you know may you live and -- in times we really are this is the real thing as you pointed out earlier. And I -- I think we don't have time to go back and talk about China I think that was a big mistake to not go after that it wanted to what you write or talk -- -- -- Their -- -- especially when China is I learned from listening to your program is having its own internal problems. So yeah I don't know why we -- not the type so type of hitting the shore right now play that got a lot of us. John bachelor host -- -- -- -- thanks John good -- This. -- never. Her job as word is he was tonight menu get him on the civil war and that and I assume he's had some Republicans idea. Two. -- attitude to make the analogy but two -- was at Gettysburg and cemetery original little under the present. And what's happening right now but please talk about the fog of battle I'm sure you've heard about that and in the army. And I was never in the battle thank heaven when I was in the army but we did training exercises and so forth and we all know that. The plans are good -- wonderful on paper until that first shot is fired and then things start to change and you don't know. I don't know how it's going to turnout that's for sure you don't know who is going to do what so it is going to be very very. Interest in to see and we are gonna forget aren't we we're gonna forget how it all started we're gonna forget that this health program. Who got us in large part. Into this. Yes. Or maybe it'll turn -- getting us out of this mess. I don't know it's not talking about the 800 number for the Obama care and not quite sure how you doing on the radio. Kevin about excellent website and look at that -- ultimatum didn't get away with it -- like. Well for your program I thought this evening -- guards on the Mississippi gulf coat shoes right there and I and the storm when that. They tried to -- that first -- the World War II veterans away from the World War II memorial in most Washington. A big mistake on the part of good. The Democrats and the administration. Had been tomorrow McCain aides don't have pronounce your name right. -- -- -- Ethnic life she's nice she's going to be over at slam -- -- -- 7 o'clock ends and other places here in the past it's it's it's. So -- still think its interest and she. Need. The -- and smooth. Yeah me again -- Yeah. Okay. And yeah. Clean and yeah. Mom I. Need. That's the message. Just remember you're my sweetheart I'll throw him right -- I had a computer your Apple Mac dealer for over thirty years and I warns there's always the biggest news on the biggest greens. Always lord Waylon and the creeks don't rise -- -- extending his six. Back here on CNN. Tonight. Come on sweetie jump to that she got -- rural school there are moments in life that causes hesitation on Brady act. And yeah yeah. I see -- -- job. And let's. But once we take action and we're really glad that we did. If you're thinking about selling your home don't hesitate interest rates are low and buyers are in the market every markets different. Caller real sore today and has a real -- dot com realtors are members of the national association of real source.

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