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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/07/13 Hr 1

Nov 7, 2013|

Police Investigate Wichita's Latest Homicide

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Officials and the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. The wrong Marty Walsh used to work for Ted Kennedy and says there are lots of men in Boston with that -- ABC's. Ann -- the reverend Billy Graham can expect get a lot of calls today it's his 95 birthday. Hundreds expected to attend a big party but the world famous evangelist in Asheville, North Carolina among those invited the party today Bill Clinton Sarah Palin the Donald Trump. This series ABC. Us live morning talking and entertainment this is defense dead on news radio thirteen thirty K and that's that's. The warnings are sold for ninety Bakken zone -- weather center forecast high today 62 degrees. Police arrested a suspect in Wichita -- fourteenth homicide of the year 23 year old Eric Salazar. Was shot and killed in north Wichita police captain -- Allred says it happened a few minutes after midnight Wednesday in some apartments near seventeenth and Broadway that. Victim. Was inside the residence when the suspect between three year old male forced his way into the residents. A argument ensued. Physical altercation. Where mr. Salazar was shot one time. The man had apparently argued over a small amount of money Salazar has documented and I gang member died about three and a half hours after he was shot police arrested. A 23 year old suspect. Now look at the -- first -- forecast with meteorologist frank law here on a Thursday morning to Barney Frank. Thanks Steve it is starting off chilly but this afternoon we're going to be a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday lots of sunshine high is that near sixty. Northwest wind only at five to ten. Overnight tonight we are clear and quiet again lows dipped to 37 by early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon get a B a breezy winds south winds fifteen to 35. We'll see highs near 64 in the mid sixties -- roll right on through the weekend. I'm meteorologist frank while it's your cake First Solar forecast. Two additional people have been men made their first appearance in court in connection to a deadly hit and run accident on July 5. 29 year old -- Childers a nineteen year old calling Fisher have been charged with interference with law enforcement which is a felony. A preliminary hearing for both defendants is set for November 20. Tuesday which -- police announced they took 26 year old George shoulders back into custody. Officials believe Childers was driving the car the killed 49 year old Lloyd Ferguson. And seriously injured a six year old boy it's money for some -- on July the fifth. Officers also arrested a 31 year old woman for felony obstruction. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and SS police say a baby was left alone in -- Wichita hole lieutenant Doug Nolte says officers responded to the 800 block of south hydraulic. Where -- six year old man pushed a thirty year old woman up against a wall and she was yelling for help. Several people called 911 when officers arrived. They located the apartment where they altercation occurred but there was only an eight month old baby that was enough residents -- -- This obviously concerning. There's some drug paraphernalia within reach of the child. The man returned to the scene and he was arrested the woman and never returned and officers are searching for her the baby girl has been taken into police protective custody. Kansas officials -- slightly reduced their projections for state revenues during the current fiscal year but acting budget director John -- Says a state will still be able to sustain the spending in the budget for both the current fiscal year in the one that begins in July 2014. Fiscal forecasters said the state should collect five point 86 billion dollars in revenues during the current fiscal year 29 million dollars. Less than originally predicted. A 73 year old stadium is being replaced in Salina city commissioners unanimously approved Kansas Wesleyan university's plan to build a new athletic complex. The seven point five million dollar project includes the demolition of Glynn Martin stadium. Commissioner John Blanchard says a monument at the new stadium will pay homage to Martin in the works project administration. For building the old stadium in 1940. There was a lot of sentimental feelings about the stadium and there were people that have been involved with it over the years that we're sorry -- -- that would hurt how many positive comments about having the new stadium there in the new possibilities that can come and I think part of creating that memorial and that remembrance to the old stadium I think helped with a lot of those people to bring them have a little more close to feeling really good about the process. The new stadium will seat 2000 people and will include a practice field press box concessions restrooms and an eight lane track the complex is expected to be completed. Next year. 60 right now 8 minutes past 6 o'clock Stephen -- in the morning here on a Thursday morning is take a first at a traffic down -- chambers. But you're heading down to the casino this early this morning we've. -- traffic accidents Kansas turnpike I 35. Southbound lanes north of the mold -- exit. One vehicle accident their car -- dear one person injured but just a minor injury there again that's southbound I 35. North of a mole means -- Georgia innocence but the center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees. Clear tonight the overnight low. 37. Friday sunny and breezy with a high of 65. I think it -- -- -- overnight low lighting quick look at things we take you behind the scenes. There's a double check yes it is 37 degrees cop not the titles 376. Well that was a bit of a -- first time -- -- of mistakes are made it isn't that the second time this week you've -- mainly -- to. Pitcher -- them now probably -- -- but don't you know this is not anybody cares nobody cauldron and you got that wrong. -- Dow Jones average back at a record high how about that the Dow starts trading in another record high this morning. The blue chip rose 128 points yesterday. 215100746. Beating the record -- set last Tuesday by 66 points. -- about that the market is still showing a lot of strength now the NASDAQ went the other way the NASDAQ closed down eight points. -- S&P. Was up 71 of the day's gainers in the S&P 500 index was Ralph Lauren. Which rose nine dollars and 33 cents. 2180 dollars to did you sense the luxury retailer reported earnings that beat analysts' estimates and issued an optimistic forecast for the holiday season. While. That's a 5% jump the stock price of one day. Forget for a floor and a -- had about a million shares that you'd be really really really rich by now I don't. I haven't year old Florence dot I don't think Regina when you've got these mutual funds of these Moreland can one not yet Evernote and I tip outs and I'm sure they tell me that they send out. He drew all the time that I put out I don't read that somebody else then flew a homeless man is gone from the proverbial penthouse to the big house. After it was found sleeping in the presidential suite at one of Pittsburgh swanky hotels. How that effectively get in there. Police say 48 year old Jeffrey -- Watson told them he's from Los Angeles. But has been staying where -- can find a comfortable spot in Pittsburgh for about the last month. The sixteenth floor suite at the omni William Penn hotel certainly qualifies with crystal chandeliers. And tiny room grand piano and a wet bar wow. Police say hotel security officers found Watson asleep when some guests were trying to eject into the -- Around 7:30 PM Tuesday. Watson is now on the Allegheny County Jail unable to post. 151000 dollars bond OK so he's not in such swanky surroundings at the moment that's not the moment now -- think about the best bet that. What kind of security do they haven't at a hotel. Today. Hey but who got a column up the spring today yeah I'm there versioning coming in their distance statement. I'm a little leery -- your your crack security team there that -- told was people. You know two and sleek and that's -- the big suite up there that's been homeless and styles mean. Now -- pretty committed cracks appeared security team there at the at the omni William Penn hotel. In Pittsburgh now. Too easy criticized from this far away but the I'm sure there's a good reasonable explanation why they let the homeless guy on the sixteenth floor. Crystal creek traffic advisory repeating what jet had told you about just a moment ago get a head and -- pretty well cleared up on -- term nerve clearing it up -- -- southbound on. The turnpike the I 35 cells which does south he's filled -- there's an MB -- somebody would minor injuries they ran into a -- Took a while to finally dispatcher at the navy was down there I don't think version was they were so minor in the -- injuries probably so minor they didn't know if they're gonna go to a hospital they're gonna try and take him. In particular -- but. Yeah I'm to ensure the -- is probably probably toast. If you think it's a bit but probably that is involved -- yet nobody could could be could do we travel talking about this in just about every morning we tell you about it there's had been another NB gears so. Yeah -- you know and I'm thinking about. Going south for the holidays for Thanksgiving and I'll be going right down that recruit. And you know the ice. This this this strange time of the day watch out for the dog on things I don't know how you yeah his agent bust on you they're there yet they continue to -- seem talent agent out of the dark here they war. It's really really tough to avoid him yeah putts and if you can't just plowing into yet that's the sale assuming don't go to the ditch to. It's better to just -- the deer and take take your lawsuits yet. And that of course and you've got to you've got to make that decision about the time it takes to judge review and take a swing at a Nolan. Ryan fastball yeah if you have the time to make that decision to Ryan -- the -- you probably do have time to stuff out -- you -- -- a little -- Or when I saw Piero are on key giants to Vermont's unite them just just looked up and zip he was going on. Just barely missed one part what else we got going on this morning. Two toys. Will be inducted this morning at the national toy hall of fame. There are twelve finalists to choose from Ireland have twelve finalists every of the Ted Koppel. Including. Bubbles. I guess just bubbles yeah like if you had been dipped a little thing in the bubble thing -- -- You get the board game clue. The end Fisher Price little people. -- chances out in their new clues on and there will. I gonna tell you the temperature is monopoly I don't even know gas monopoly is anomalies in their mail us. Maybe it's just print out on on who was all right -- financial well I don't think is that that's interest and to make I think because when we were kids we did win a football at a football I was at a basketball all the sometimes a basketball is not very good shape. We don't have the sports equipment but other than that not a whole whole lot of toys except to mom and -- -- Smart enough to get as a monopoly game UK well there there are 51 toys already in the hall of fame protecting your grandma went -- to do on visa -- -- No no I can I can get a -- aside so what I'm saying about the monopoly game is that that something that would keep those boys of the rainy day or something in the summertime that monopoly can keep you busy for hours. My grand kids of course they'll play monopoly monopoly was inducted in 1998 right along with marbles marbles and monopoly on the same day about -- and I think that was actually the first year it was one of the very first inductees duplicate. The next where he does it say where it isn't physically is it in their place or is it just. Like I'm -- -- your mind. No no this is this is actually a place where one Manhattan square Rochester New York how Rochester New York okay yeah so that's -- go to the boy a hall of fame. In the 7 o'clock hour this morning we have plans to talk to Wichita City Council member Janet Miller. About the future of conventions in Wichita and also about renaming the airport we have had Janet Miller I don't think. Maybe once in the entire Stephen did the program. That'll be the 7 o'clock hour. Julie Judy Pollard looked a little lighter president of -- and is hopeful -- -- the us about the inspire -- front in the 7 o'clock hour as well. Today is Thursday November 7 on this date in 1916. Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to congress. 1963. A huge date. Into Edwards life 1963. The all star comedy it's a mad mad mad mad world and Merrill every Internet world in Hollywood. 1977. The soundtrack to Saturday night fever was released I'm not sure where that ranks. As far as albums are so for you know and sales but I know that I hadn't I haven't got it somewhere at the house and a CD. Saturday night fever soundtrack had Disco maybe. Today's birthdays evangelist Billy Graham is 95 years old -- singer Johnny rivers -- 71 years old tonight. Singer songwriter Joni Mitchell is seventy. Former CIA director David Petraeus is 61. -- and Christopher -- his 56. Course Peter Brady. On the Brady Bunch. 670 seat until the morning after we don't sportsman dead Woodward and Ted. I don't find any major sport stories on that's why we have you here tele. What's gonna sports I don't know it's Ramadan dark once more well look at your record opinions -- -- via. Wichita under hockey it's not the -- last night yeah. First of fourteen meetings this season against their rival the Tulsa Oilers -- not go so well for Wichita house for nothing lost. -- pretty close until Tulsa scored three goals in the third period 3200 fans at the game in Tulsa last night to see the Oilers get their first home win the it's been a rough all of the thunder in the early going they've now dropped six games in -- -- Pro football tonight in the NFL it's the beginning of the new weaken competition on Thursday night football the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Washington Redskins Washington is two and half point favorite on the road the vikings are in last place they've lost -- -- -- Live coverage of the vikings and the Redskins at 7 o'clock tonight you can listen to it on Sports Radio -- F 81240. AM 987. FM. Pro basketball in the NBA last night the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Dallas Mavericks 10793. In Oklahoma City. Coming off the bench for the thunder Nick Collison former Kansas jayhawk with four points. Oklahoma City now three and one on the year back to back wins they beat the mavericks eleven times in her role Oklahoma City off to a two and oh start at home. College volleyball last night up in Lawrence 24 ranked Kansas with a 30 sweep over West Virginia. Do you volleyball now nineteen and five they are all alone in second place in the Big 12 Conference. Women's soccer today it's the heartland conference women's soccer tournament that's down in Austin, Texas. And for the first time ever the Newman that women's soccer team makes it to the post season tournament in the conference. Newman gets to placed thirteenth ranked undefeated saint Edwards the host team this afternoon seemed Edwards. Has not lost this season -- only lost to them one to nothing last month in Wichita the rematch in the conference tournament today. Men's basketball last night Bethany with a 9676. Win on the road at Avalon the Bethany Swedes off to a two -- -- start this year and men's basketball. College volleyball last night for friends university of four set win over Bethany friends now 23 and eleven on the season. They're in third place in the case CAC they're second in the nation in blocks. Crystal support Joseph senior from Wichita had seventeen kills and only one error a 615 attack percentage. He's third in the nation in blocks she got four more last night. Fellow senior from Wichita Nicole -- had 29 assists and a couple of service aces. Friends will play a doubleheader today hosting for pays -- state in back to back matches starting at 5:30 PM -- from NCAA division to. -- volleyball team goes on the road sweeps sterling 307. Wins in her own opera -- -- volleyball there in second place in the case CAC. You go women's soccer today it's did you go regional semi finals in to peek up at 11 o'clock this morning. The nation's fifth ranked team Butler community college takes on Hutchinson community college both teams playing well going into this one Hutchinson has won five general Butler on 812 game winning streak with a record of nineteen and two. That's did you go regional women's soccer semi finals today. Big birthday today one of the great city league basketball players of all time Greg Dreiling and the seven footer from -- amount -- went on to play at Wichita State KUN the NBA Greg -- his 61 to. Years old today happy birthday Greg Dreiling what he's doing these days any idea. You know I don't know. -- have a -- from a since he retired from the NBA game time is probably count his money just just sit back get the money the that's sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bulls by shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell got a bullseye Wichita dot com be safe suit states bull's -- shooting range. At fourteen of 55 north terrorists. -- Beach Boys are coming to Wichita -- live in concert on December 19 at Hartman arena the tickets go on sale on Friday morning. At 10 AM you can get tickets at stage one tickets dot com. CD trade post locations and have them available Hartman arena box office or the phone numbers 973999. So I'd like to give away two pairs a lot lucky boy to Beach Boys to get to go to the concert on there. One pair to take tickets are -- aren't. Let's give hill's lawyer right now two tickets to go see the Beach Boys or give it color never fired a called me now it's 43613. 3621. Now and thirty degree little chilly out there keep it here for your daily dose of doctor cause plus traffic and weather coming up. -- even -- news radio thirteen 38 and as ask. An American our credit we're all about agriculture plain and simple. Since 1916 we've been providing financial services customized your ever changing -- -- 95 years later we're still here with personal customer service programs tailored to agriculture. And with the power of the farm credit system backing us and you all the way. Because when you succeed we all succeed for this generation and generations ago. See what we can do for you. Just call 1804661146. Or visit us online -- act -- dot com. American tax credit money for agriculture. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm -- Norton. The holiday season is approaching and temporary stores selling Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise are sprouting up in malls across the country. But whether pop up stores are positive or negative trend for retail landlords is an open question. The issue took on new significance went home furnishings retailer crate and barrel said it would operate pop up stores for the first time in its fifty year history. The temporary stores which will be much smaller than a typical crate and barrel store are set to open in Las Vegas animal in Nashville and Albany, New York. Small retailers artists and craftsmen of long operated pop up stores kiosks and carts to -- seasonal products in malls. But as a rising number of large retailers embraced pop up some landlords and analysts worry that trend is another sign of declining need for permanent retail space. Some say pop ups along with the growth of Internet shopping are sparking a retail revolution that's making land based retail less relevant to every year. This is the Wall Street Journal report. I will never forget the day my son Jeremy told me he hated me and slammed the door in my face. -- behavioral therapist Janet Lehman behavior problems can turn the child you love and your life into a nightmare. That's -- my husband James tonight created the total transformation. 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He's destroying our economy -- destroying our military he's just trying NASA he's destroying our parents and he's destroying our fiscal state with these massive debt. Deficits and debt and now he's destroying our healthcare system -- this man when. Reelection it's. On the radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Grab your friends for a day of holiday shopping at the fifth annual craft of blues and vintage market November 9 from ten to four X and treats you in -- over a hundred -- of fun and fabulous exhibitors featuring handmade items sparkly jewels and more -- -- there. -- standing there. McCain Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity mark a little bit. Listen all day. The best -- that fast talk radio and when she's on news radio thirteen thirty KMS -- Statutory 70 -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. -- hearing Thursday morning that we just just something by Jackson isn't traffic and it's this morning we did everything -- -- there might be a problem with the digger running the rest. Yeah I loved those those carver steer traffic accident. One human knee injury in the accident so only a minor injury luckily this was southbound I 35 against turnpike. North of more -- so watch -- deer are out there this morning to gasoline prices coming down a couple of cents yesterday to 95 a gallon -- Just -- gassed up yesterday afternoon for 280. -- plus started that has a little -- going to let him. Nor can assess weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees and clear tonight the overnight -- 37 Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow's night. 65. Now there's -- -- three miles per hour thirty degrees tonight Kate and SS 30. Everyone looks good and act as long as it is the right path for expert advice in the perfect fit. Coming to hat and -- at the clock tower and delay no hat and -- 601. West Douglas. Coming up views on a half hour with Stephen dead suspect arrested in Wichita is latest homicide. It's your daily dose with America's doctor doctor Ryan's part stock drop us. Not all fat is created equal in fact where you're excess that sits in your body could tell you a lot about your health state to learn more. Not like you -- where I. Don't yeah I met this man. I've always considered myself a good mother but when it came to my son Billy's match. 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At -- -- plays a measuring -- in horizontal plane across your -- at the level of your -- how's this test measures your waist circumference if your numbers greeted -- 35 inches in women or forty inches in -- your health may be at risk -- -- you -- that -- aerobic exercise will help you peel off the panelists -- in -- -- little fat is more metabolic reactive is usually the first to golf -- your -- and your help -- thank you for it. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor Ryan's body mind and -- The 24 hours studios. Use radio at thirteen thirty -- and SS this is a team. Good morning 630 -- Macintosh did what we're 62 degrees so is our high today Iraq right now it's thirty. 30 not much wind up there. An argument over a small amount of money led to the shooting -- the man in north widgets on police captain Brent Allred says it happened near seventeenth and Broadway early Wednesday. This suspect. Forced his way into that back door of the residents. The victim was inside. An argument ensued over many they got to physical altercation. The only individual. Between the two of those that we believe had a weapon is a suspect. 23 year old Eric Salazar died about three and a half hours after the shooting police arrested a 23 year old suspect this is Wichita is fourteenth homicide of 2013. Police say a woman was attacked and robbed in her workplace at church in southeast Wichita. On Tuesday morning a man approached the woman as she was sitting at her desk at Broadway Christian church near -- and George Washington boulevard. Pleasure to Graham took her purse. Went through her -- the -- money did not find any money. That he dropped the the first. Lieutenant -- Nolte says the woman suffered minor scratches to her face her glasses were broken when she fell. Cedric county sheriff's deputies are investigating after a man was found beaten and claiming to have been kidnapped in began around 2 Wednesday morning nearly 141000 block of west -- A call to 911 indicated a man was knocked it on the windows of residents asking for help. Deputies found a forty year old -- man with obvious injuries to his face. He told the officers he had been beat up and kidnapped from an unknown location in Pratt earlier that evening. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The sheriff's office contacted the -- police department and investigators are trying to determine what exactly happened. Anyone with information disaster called sheriff's investigators. At 6605300. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. House Minority Leader Paul Davis doesn't agree with governor Sam Brownback tax policies after the tax projections released Wednesday predicted 1% growth the governor. I hope people can't is that it's massive income tax cuts we're going to. Bring in additional revenue for the state because of all the jobs that would be created. And then it's just not turning out that that is the case. Davis a Democrat is running against Brownback for governor at the request of top law enforcement officials to take -- leaders are considering changing -- decision to allow loaded guns and vehicles. -- again and Chaney junior of the city's chief prosecution told city leaders Tuesday that motorists. Would still be allowed to have guns in their cars for the weapons and have to be unloaded and put away. Exceptions would be made for law officers and concealed carry permit holders of the discussion came during a work session. Before the governing bodies regular meeting no action was taken. To an SS nationally is time 633. Today today Twitter goes public its IPO initial public offering on the stock exchange it'll open a 26 dollars a share. An official with the New York Stock Exchange wants to water problem like Facebook's IPO Lester when the price was set too high quickly dropped. He notes you can follow the action on Twitter it's all gonna be literally visible on the post. We're going to be tweeting about it later this morning the economic growth stats for the third quarter due up in the government 2% growth rate likely. More people expected slider in the upcoming holidays Thanksgiving three weeks away affairs rising President Obama says he is not happy with some IT people here in Washington. Those problems will be healthcare website record senator expected to has built a -- of making it illegal for employers to discriminate. Against gay people. To -- to be inducted into the national hall of fame in Rochester New York later today -- clue my little pony. Are among the nominees. Who educate polls and there's two Doug limerick. ABC news 634 LC until the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- is just an update this morning to make the branding story out of Hutchinson 300 and high school football players. Are charged with a branding younger students with heated wire hangers. The Hutchinson news reports sent Kendrick Hudson engine Casanova both eighteen. Are free on bond after they were charged Tuesday with felony aggravated battery and misdemeanor hazing. The Reno county prosecutor's office says neither team has an attorney. Listed a sixteen year old suspect is being held in Reno county juvenile detention center. On charges of aggravated battery and unlawful possession of tobacco name is not being. Release because he is a juvenile. Authorities received a report that 414 and fifteen year old student for branded in the school's locker room last week when some freshman move to the varsity squad. The alleged victims were left with random designs on their stomachs. The very to me very distasteful story and think for a lot of people that it has no place in sports. Always beginning to hear about it. And only place that forced by the way we've been talking to keeping update on the used Houston Astrodome dead. Which you have both visited the eighth wonder of the world voters have rejected -- plan to renovate the aging Houston Astrodome but officials say the wrecking ball is not necessarily on its way. Anytime soon Harris County commissioners say the fate of the world's first air conditioned dome stadium. Is in limbo after county voters Tuesday turned up 217 million dollar bond proposal that would have converted it into a convention -- events center. The five member panel that governs the county has -- wouldn't say one commissioner Steve radical. Just have demolition means spending twenty million dollars to fill the hole left behind the dirt in a parking lot he would rather lead at standard. Another commissioner Jack Mormon called the demolition the only alternative now before them. The board meets next week but commissioners say it's unlikely they will make a decision immediately. Right across the highway. Is natural world the Great -- part. Did you ever go there -- share. To to meet kids down there where they were little. Astro -- about and a lot of it still there I don't know I commit to Houston -- time. I think no similarity you move okay. And -- is as -- as he used to being from. Coming up this morning and I'm sure -- problem well and I'm gonna say you'll probably cover this in the blur entertainment news later on. Revenue Christmas album coming out. News. From the duct dynasty guy well now that you worried about this that -- that's an awful. Yeah instead -- is already selling docile employed and about a month and Johnny is -- there go the -- dynasty guys with a with a Christmas album. That's all the way I'm sure it'll sell. Because of -- do -- -- juror mean London mr. grinch. And that's what your favorites. All time Christmas song drift there it's a 637 now Steve into the boarding at a career builder report. On the outlook for job growth sees a strengthening labor market with good paying career opportunities. From 20s13 to 2070 in the term projections are for the work forced to grow by four point 4%. With the strongest growth that both both ends of the wage scale high paying and entry level position jobs in the middle are expected to have. The least growth worries as the where exactly is this going to happen where exactly released general paying status job -- -- career builders on this nationwide all across the spectrum I'm sure very general statement that it sure is. The interesting thing is wherever back in the seventies when I was really crank it up in our mind we were there is saying you know what's gonna happen here GAAP basis. When it wasn't gonna happen with you baby boomers is there's so many have you that you know by the time here from. Forty years old the -- believe in the of the workplace retired. Because you know don't have nobody rich should be too soon there won't be enough kids to fill the jobs that are coming -- -- moved. Where an old. You know they were talking about going to have like a thirty hour week at one time ally didn't exactly play -- it did but it's not just not eight default stock. Yeah stick their talking a full time being redefined down to 35 or thirty hours which I think it did in France. Added it is in France is like thirty hours a week. Courts a French went with a -- Not known to be the hardest workers and and so I don't know. Things got turned out the way they were present producing back in the seventies early move. Didn't play out there was an amazing health held that coast it's a 638 was -- -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- SS I am assured. That to Tom Lester left the commodities has pages phone bill. He has got the update get too -- down. It's amazing how that new data. About -- that you really don't. The Australian cattle come locals mostly higher they'll look for closure yesterday. But they were once again unable to hold the eyes of the fellowship at the capitol complex is starting to show a little bit of fun to get -- to be a tired market. We know closed lower with the December contract -- that -- straight yesterday the past twelve sessions. That moment December live cattle twelve simple 131 night. Jim Peters 32 lower 16522. In December lean -- fifteen hired they B 750. When we -- for another session of little freshmen they have low trading volume for the wheat corn and soybean futures. This morning at the weekly grain exports sales report and Friday will be the long awaited used to -- supply and demand report. Trading overnight has been in a narrow trading range and mostly on a positive note. December Casey we've looked out Q so -- 7:18 am here at December corn up any higher fourth 22 and a quarter. January soybeans up I have to pay 1255 and I have this number could go all the morning trading 28 cents higher at 950 wait. December gold down two dollars and sixty cents at thirteen 115. December from PF -- hired 17166. The -- are indexed by its entire 8060. In December Belgium's future eleven points are trading at 151006. I mean for work. The commodity trading Greg marketing -- -- pick up for commodities on the phone -- -- rip who won by using a secret compute hour. Tied to on the Dow closing at all time high yesterday better script and it is -- go higher -- -- and me. -- Recruit tortilla products beef is that -- half empty or half full or in this case is of no capital I don't know -- I don't trick question -- -- Bayless takes you will take you to begin a more than okay that. Can't assist commodity update is brought you by American egg credit providing financial services customized you're ever changing needs. Agilent dot com or 804661146. American and credit. Keep it here for The Osgood File sizing up the risk of space rocks. And traffic to other kind of Steven dead news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. You know what I love about the holidays all the parties and get togethers they'll have to plan around even the dog has fun. What are you have to do during the holidays whatever it is when you switch to cricket wireless you get unlimited plans for half the price of the competition so you can do more of what really matters to you. This year I'm thinking about having more people over maybe get another dog help clean up or make a bigger mess whichever comes first. Switched to cricket and do more of what matters is holiday right now you can take home the Samsung galaxy S -- for just 25 dollars down and 0% interest -- approved credit. 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That's 1803462328. 803462328. 646 now Stevens in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K. A -- let's take a look at traffic conditions now what did chambers of traffic conditions. -- gonna have some frost on the windshields this morning I parked outside -- to -- a little bit yeah yeah exactly so we'll the it is a little bit of frost this morning watch out for that otherwise traffic conditions looking pretty good much up for the -- We have a car steer traffic accident. Down on the Kansas turnpike south down south of he's -- gasoline prices today down a couple of cents to 95 finally diesel dropping to. There have been at 275 for quite awhile now -- 375 for quite awhile announced and 365. You're innocent weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 37 Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow side. 65. Now clear SkyWest with the three miles per hour thirty degrees at KN SS. Everyone looks good and a half as long as it's the right -- for a expert advice in the perfect fit. Coming to have -- Jackson's o'clock hour delay no hat and -- 601 west Douglas. There's a toll yesterday I think that yeah. How about a straw hat from. Jack few years the only show me how to set it on my can't even charge Ottawa where it. That's coming -- again congrats bunny tracker sites not to visit while traveling. The big ball of twine. That's coming up Stephen -- is ready -- thirty K and assess. The -- files positive part by Auto Owners Insurance the no problem people visited auto owners dot com bestows -- Three studies published yesterday conclude that the threat of space -- like immediate streets in disguise over Chelyabinsk Russia last -- Exploded in a terrifying fire ball. As much worse than anyone thought. Serious new space consultant bill Harwood. When they came in over Russia earlier in the year I -- blew up with the force of forty Hiroshima size nuclear bomb joy and injured 16100 people blew windows out for miles around it was. Quite an event. And this is a relatively small asteroid about 62 feet across the -- thing. They used to think such an event or -- was likely to have and every 150 years but at least quarterly studies is revising -- to once every thirty years. More after this. When it comes to insurance you've got all sorts of options. Consider this mutual insurance companies like awful owners are owned entirely by their policyholders. This means that the company's goal is to protect and should review it means that they're working to make you happy. But as part even get Auto Owners Insurance through an independent agency -- your local community. -- -- local independent agent at all home owners dot com that's auto owners dot com Auto Owners Insurance that no problem people. -- -- -- And some -- down the winners are likely increasing revenues meeting profit targets improving customer satisfaction. And there's a good chance they're using -- cloud technology to help transform their workforce by controlling labor costs minimizing compliance risk and improving workforce productivity -- whether you're a fortune 500 or small to midsized business content more about the -- cloud Acronis dot com. Kronos workforce innovation that works. How does -- media ruler Russia came as a total surprise of nobody had to -- here. But the -- -- -- to study since -- don't wanna do good things if you will about the February after it became an over Russia it was observed by multiple cameras are always lots about witnesses there's a lot of data that show exactly have a thing came -- -- -- the scientist to go back. In a reconstruct the event and a lot of detail and how's this revised thinking astronomers have been worried primarily about really big space trucks account to get in civilization as we know it or wipe out the dinosaurs if you will but what the latest studies are showing is that smaller asteroids on the order of a hundred feet or less like the when it came in over Russia back in February may pose a greater threat than they had thought even close to the NASA another scientist looking into this. Is there anything that can be done now I think the scientific community is thinking you know we really need to look a little bit closer try to find some of these smaller gas before they get here because. If something like this came in over big city it really could be quite disastrous. Who -- thank you. The audio files I'll see you online -- FaceBook Twitter and at The Osgood File dot com this Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. -- -- It's 650 Stephens of the warnings about the 7 o'clock hour and talk with the -- -- counsel under Janet Miller about their future conventions in Wichita also. They ask you about renaming the airport. Some expose on the stock markets Wednesday the Dow closed up 120 points a record high for the index and NASDAQ down eight S&P up seven now look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report on Jennifer Kushinka Twitter is set to begin trading this morning on the New York Stock Exchange. After priced its initial public offering at 26 dollars a share valuing the company at fourteen point four billion dollars. The -- Yuriko says twitters and easy service to use but hard for users to figure out how best to use it. That's not I've just small businesses they have to figure out how to market this brand new platform and personalize these -- to. Are you -- -- time a lot of money and time that they don't have. -- says Twitter needs to attract and retain small businesses say potentially lucrative source of ad revenue. Health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius is offering a sobering picture of the challenges and picks in the government's health insurance web site. Saying contractors need to fix a couple of hundred problems so we're not where we need to be Sebelius appeared yesterday before a senate committee. On Wall Street futures -- to a moderately higher opened yesterday the Dow Industrials jumped 128. This is the Wall Street Journal report. 52 student in the morning sites not to visit while traveling that's a check -- with a travel order here much but I. Money triggered on grant GOP to point and I did talk about traveled the world. You know we probably all know people who just don't trust the Internet now some refuse to shop online -- still don't want their shape paychecks deposit electronically to their bank accounts look at its -- While I do all of the above there are still places I won't use my Internet service that didn't didn't make compromise my identity. When you're traveling like an airport a cafe or even a public library you are often often offered free wire fraud and Wi-Fi rather well that free Wi-Fi could allow someone to track your Internet usage so it's probably a good idea not to do anything online that would reveal any personally identifying information. As tempting as it may be -- wanna shop online to pass the time it's all right to browse and take some notes but don't whip out that credit card reader that security code on the back of that card. You never know who's picking up your transmission of your own personal information. Now this is one -- this one has kind of tough to avoid email. 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Because and -- -- on -- and really your hot flashes sleeplessness irritability and other symptoms of menopause and now you can finally lose weight yes even that stubborn guy he sat with amber and weight loss a powerful new product they'll not get the results you want. So you can finally was a wait and all those other awful menopause symptoms call -- -- ask you can get your free sample member weight loss. Just call 180213. 3633. This is limited time offer so don't wait call amber right now 1802133633. That's 180213. 36331802133633. Statement in the morning thirty degrees right now I'm a teacher venting on FaceBook got the attention of authorities. Deputies and Albuquerque, New Mexico investigated a high school teachers FaceBook post that she wanted to kill students. But authorities later determined the Rio Grande. Ties teacher was just frustrated by classroom prank. She isn't being charged and authorities have not released her name but the woman has been placed on paid leave as school district officials consider the case. Apparently he's live setup for the students who got to watch what -- right next -- please put governors. Got an appearance 10 o'clock hour of course Ted Woodward sports and that dead. What are big sports story this morning here on Thursday CEO thunder hockey on the road last night and some not so great news for Tony door set football hall of fame -- that's coming up in the in his sport -- in 7 o'clock hour. Thirteen thirty top stories suspect arrested in Wichita as latest homicide. We'll have details of that story and all the local news right after ABC world news at the top of the hour. Stevens had in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM -- in Wichita 30 degrees at 7 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Doug limerick for the first time some ex NFL players were still alive diagnosed with CTE. Brain damage caused by head trauma when he played for the Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett rushed for more than 121000 yards but now he tells ESPN and ABC news exclusively. I'm too too Smart of a personality thing. To take my life. It's crossed murmur. Doctors tell -- Said his brain tested positive for signs of the degenerative condition known as CTE he says he's prone to outburst is coming from a for my daughter is -- scares and the hall of Famer says it gets worse every day especially Scott Goldberg ABC news NFL invest. Claiming he had been bullied by teammate Reggie in garden vitro ABC's Matt Gutman in Miami over. Like reports surfaced that Martin talked to teammates about quitting football. Even before he checked himself into the hospital could take some NFL players deciding part of the blame on Morton saying he should've been tougher. Just -- Carney Obama absolutely no we know how to -- won't play the same time. Jump the -- -- -- there's a search for three months where parliament and you know bombing. At some point in time you need to stand their ground as an individual. Untrue rolled the New York Giants. Lots of buzz about twitters IPO initial public offering this morning initial stock price expected to be. -- six bucks a share Scott Cutler of the New York Stock Exchange series you can follow the action on where else Twitter we're gonna -- tweeting out exact.

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