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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/07/13 Hr 2

Nov 7, 2013|

Special Guest: Wichita City Council District 6 Janet Mille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Police captain -- Allred says it happened a few minutes after midnight Wednesday in some apartments near seventeenth and Broadway the victim. Was inside the residence when the suspect that 23 year old male forced his way into the residents. A argument ensued. Physical altercation. Where mr. Salazar was shot one time. The minute apparently argued over a small amount of money Salazar a documented gang members died about three and a half hours after he was shot police arrested a 23 year old suspect. Now look to take first -- forecast here on a Thursday morning with meteorologist frank wall to -- frank. And guys we are certain things off frosty here in which -- got a lot of sunshine that's gonna help. Warm us up relatively quick -- this afternoon moving up. Right around sixty degrees we're going to see that northwest wind at about five to ten miles per hour. This afternoon to take those sunglasses with DO wanna start to finish overnight tonight we are clear and chilly lows dipped to 37 degrees. By early tomorrow morning so frost concerns not major. Tomorrow afternoon highs near 64 -- south breeze fifteen to 35 you might call it windy mid sixty's for Saturday and Sunday with mostly sunny skies. Currently sitting at 33 degrees winds are -- sowed the wind -- to report. Absolutely. Crystal clear and we need got a report outside alive -- few of our cameras. On the cars and the frost is -- on those windshield. -- -- I leave my car out at night carted out at night so I this morning -- get out of my card back in the banking and find much greater. Yeah yeah that's. He put heavy dig -- don't use the credit card that doesn't work call that while he never have done that and that's that's a last resort to no don't do that -- committee may wanted to be advised of years. Leave your car until the season a little bit ice and windows this morning yeah scrape up before you drive be -- idea died take you -- -- -- -- frank. Wall with a cake first -- forecast. Two additional people have made their first appearances in court in connection to a deadly hit and run accident on July 5 29 year old -- Childers a nineteen year old calling Fisher have been charged with interference with law enforcement which is a felony. A preliminary hearing for both of sentences set for November 20. Tuesday which felt police announced they took 26 year old George shoulders back into custody. Officials believe Childers was driving the car the killed 49 year old Lloyd Ferguson. And seriously injured a six year old boy it's money for some pile on July the fifth. Officers also arrested a 31 year old woman for a felony obstruction. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SS police say a. Baby was left alone in a Wichita Holm lieutenant Doug Nolte says officers responded to the 800 block of south hydraulic. Where a 26 year old man pushed a thirty year old woman up against a vault. And she was yelling for help so. What people call 911. When officers arrived. They locate the apartment where they altercation occurred but there was only an eight month old baby that was in the residence fires so. This obviously concerning. There's some drug paraphernalia within reach of the child. The man returned to the scene and was promptly arrested the woman never returned and officers are searching for her the baby girl. Taken into police protective custody Kansas officials -- slightly reduced their predictions projections for state revenues during the current fiscal year. But acting budget director John Hamels said Wednesday the state will still be able to sustain the spending in the budget. For both the current fiscal year and the one that begins in July 2014. Fiscal forecasters said the state should collect five point 86 billion dollars in revenues during the current fiscal year. 29 million dollars less than originally predicted a 73 year old stadium being is being replaced in Salina city commissioners are unanimously approved Kansas Wesleyan university's plan to build a new athletic complex. The seven point five million dollar project includes the demolition of Glenn Martin stadium. Commissioner John Blanchard a Blanchard says a monument at the new stadium will pay homage to Martin. And the works projects administration. The WPA for doubling the old stadium back in 1940. There was a lot of sentimental feelings about the stadium and there were people that have been involved with that over the years that we're sorry -- that would hurt how many positive comments about having the new stadium there in the new possibilities -- -- -- and I think part of creating that memorial and that remembrance to the old stadium I think helped a lot of those people to bring them have a little more close to feeling really good about the process. The new stadium will seat 2000 people will include a practice field press box concessions restrooms and an eight lane track. The complex is expected to be completed next year and Salina. -- on line now Steve into the morning 9 minutes past 7 o'clock in time for look at traffic again here's -- chambers. Though this morning. Traffic conditions still looking fairly good we do have some frost on the windshield this morning. Gonna have to scrape watch out for that the gasoline prices down a couple of cents. 295 gallon today and diesel finally. Falling a little bit it was 375 for quite awhile now what. Several places at 365. For diesel remember he -- better gasoline or diesel price you'd give us go to traffic hotline that number 43613. Thirty Georgina says weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 37. Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow's high 65. Now clears -- called a no win yeah. And 33 degrees seven to -- 10 minutes past 7 o'clock with Stephen dead ended because there's no wind up 33 degrees -- -- -- can be quite. As awful as it could speak out there this morning. Interesting day on Wall Street yesterday the Dow set a record high at closed at 15746. Up 128 points NASDAQ closed down eight. And a S&P a rose about a nine points interest in -- Wall Street yesterday that still brought up but. You know I've been scared to death because -- what goes up must come down when it comes to stock prices gasoline prices. A 41 case Gergen along pretty gap and put christmastime I expect to have a really good report that. For my accountant Bob cracked. This. Comments from FaceBook -- Davis has regular cal we made a big deal yesterday about renaming mid continent airport or who should they named it after. Eisenhower's to what they're talking about more asks this is a chemist from FaceBook again. How does Ike represented which colleges -- what you said -- Caroline says so the chargers finally put Wichita on the map and now they wanna drop Wichita from our airports name not a good idea not good marketing. -- says. The way that so few people in our state even remember that we have had a president who came from the great state of Kansas perhaps if nothing else it'll be a reminder. Sadly it shouldn't have to cost so much money to make a name change so perhaps it's best just to -- and -- that is are talking now. I think over 700000 dollars. To change the name. Which adjustment gone now you add everything up. -- -- we've got to toys now Ted. Several finalist twelve finalist -- including bubbles. -- The board include Fisher Price little people all you -- it could go into the big toy hall of fame today when you do get to every year. New looking over the list of renewables and -- have been around forever. And now. And in this is an alphabetical order so obvious and -- give you a few here the groups and from mr. potato heads in there classic. Don't like it isn't. Like they consider that a tore loose. Candy Land you're making any later not really who. I did not played with him my kids had candy. Ball was inducted in 2008. -- that's a classic generic ball down played no 2009. Etch A Sketch I -- it should scale -- now I tell you that it and I think Etch -- Sketch is probably the most overrated toy ever I can. Forget that thing to do anything. -- didn't -- you know. To make it and drag and -- a lot and angles -- would you have to do you have does that dexterity with both hands yeah I couldn't do anything about it. Is get aggravated one authority has to -- here's what and in college when we had long bus trips we bought an Etch A Sketch. And we would have somebody blindly. Make a design it so that it ended up this abstract whatever yeah I'm that we would all name it. Well fascinating obtaining. Well that's that's definitely had some fun with playing cards inducted in 1988. -- -- and here dominoes. In Duncan you know Leo the easy bake oven is in there the oil. Doesn't actually work with a little light day make you may civil brownie there my daughter had -- she break up and the erector sets in there. My brother my older brother Don got one of those petty jealously guarded that protected and how many did years and years until we finally. God and in my brother of my other Brothers and I and and absolutely destroyed right which is why he was -- I don't -- use of -- he knew you guys -- given to metal pieces are there is guns you know London Brent dominion up. -- is hard to keep the heat might da Don used to get some good toys and then he'd try to protect him as best he could now -- -- You can only do it for so long -- you don't cart before you -- Ron's been all that 2012 the -- stick was brought it. Lick the logs are not it was a big Faneuil Lincoln logs I love like -- -- -- -- -- the accused of course you never have enough to really build something good. You don't like a little tiny house or a little log cabin in error log out knows him and that's about all you can build it to. The -- sit there -- I -- there's another when there isn't overrated to listen to the slinky except may go down stairs. That's about it -- of course it gets tangled and you know down present -- -- and a that is that's also like he's good for. Legos -- not -- course that's a little after my time but Legos or in months another classic to at a -- that toys that could be going into the hall with toy hall of -- where's that located at the Rochester New York -- Rochester New York hot -- -- that -- -- not -- cited a hot -- my son had a collection hot -- you couldn't believe. That was one of those toys he had just tons of them. -- -- -- But it trash somewhere but it. Jacks are in there. Not here's another when GI Joseph. Did you have a -- and I didn't know I didn't either because it's. My dad had this thing about. Boy he should not be playing with -- adults. It's. Set a kind of went along with ten and that's just continually. But green and sends him GI Joseph and I don't think they they have action figures at all or more of that evidence that. Didn't like him don't care about that the play ball -- about nudism like oh good for them. Anyway there's some of toys in the toy hall of fame on the whistle ball a little bat that would. Fidelity remind nominees and in the spotlight there's a -- -- played with for you here and you are absolutely -- hours and hours and hours and hours every day in the summer because you didn't have to have a big space she noticed two guys on the team and to most -- what your backyard robot this -- a home run this is a -- all right. All you just go in after hours. Throw curve balls no problem with the wall I think -- knuckle balls and you end up. Religious -- kind of generic ball Lindner baggage that -- not talking specifically the Michael Ball with a bad my cousins got up in Kansas City in his backyard. He had a a screened in porch on the back of the house. Which served as our outfield. Doubled back. Nice easy you know you get one on a -- that's -- third deck. We had a ball out there anyway the little boy you're accurate today is Thursday November 7. On this date in 1963 he also our company it's a mad mad mad mad world had its world premiere in Hollywood. I don't think every -- movie was ever made with more. Comic actors and at the -- much did just that everybody. JFK was going to attend to move and something came up and now rfk and to go until it moved. 1977 the soundtrack to Saturday night fever was released -- days of Disco. I did have a white three piece suit. Today's -- they allowed -- to do and evangelist Billy Graham 95 today singer Johnny rivers 71. Joni Mitchell seventy. Former CIA director David Petraeus is 61 interest for 90s56. That would be Peter Brady yes. 770 Stevenson in the morning -- thirteen thirty -- necessitate the the hockey team here and not off to real good start to check sports now with -- what -- not spent a day. Trouble filled early season the Wichita thunder they've not been able to get a lot of winds backed only won the they did not take up another one last night losing on the road -- nothing at Tulsa another team and only had one win. But it's the first to fourteen meetings between these two this year -- a lot of chances to slug it out against each other but Tulsa takes round one last night scoring three goals in the third period. Wichita now has dropped six in a row still looking for answers here in the early part of the season. Pro football in the NFL tonight the Washington Redskins are in Minnesota and take on the last place vikings Minnesota has lost four and -- Washington is two and a half point favorite on the road live coverage of the Redskins and vikings at 7 o'clock tonight you can listen to it on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 97 FM. Some news out of the NFL in an ESPN ABC news investigation pro football hall of famers Tony Dorsett. And Joseph -- Europe and former NFL all pro Leonard Marshall have all been diagnosed as having signs of chronic traumatic. Encephalopathy. A degenerative condition caused my head trauma links to depression and dementia. Tony door set speaking on ESPN's Dan -- tart is highly questionable Tony door set talking about his current quality of life. I'm having problems smug look quality of life deterioration every day. But you know lead. Look at us say a -- -- be proactive instead inactive in Charlotte cut off but that have reversed its slow it down whatever I got to do. Uncharted -- to do. Tony door set the great running back the Dallas Cowboys dealing with some health issues. Pro basketball in the NBA last night the Oklahoma City Thunder 10793. Win over the visiting Dallas Mavericks coming up the bench for Oklahoma City former Kansas jayhawk Nick Collison. Was four points. Back to back wins for Oklahoma City as the thunders too -- oh at home they've beaten the mavericks eleven times in a row including last night. Got some love volleyball last night 24 ranked Kansas with a sweep over West Virginia 30 the -- you volleyball team in second place in the Big 12 Conference. Now nineteen and five on the season. College volleyball for friends university of four set win over Bethany last night friend is picking up its 23 win of the season. There in third place in the case CAC friends is second in the nation in blocks. They get six more last night. Crystal support go a senior from Wichita is third in the nation in blocks she got four blocks last night. She also had seventeen kills and only one error the 615 attack percentage. Another senior from Wichita Nicole -- had a couple of service aces and 29 assists. In the friends victory last night friends will be home tonight for a double -- going back to back home matches against. NCAA division two team Fort Hays State. Begins at 5:30 PM. -- -- neighbor volleyball team with a 30 sleep on the road at sterling to neighbor has won seven in RO. It's 23 win of the season to neighbor in second place right now on the case CAC. -- go women's soccer today magical regional semi finals up into peek up at 11 o'clock this morning. It's Butler community college ranks fifth in the nation taking on Hutchinson community college. Hutchinson has won five in a row Butler on a twelve game winning streak going into this one with a record of nineteen and two on the season. College women's soccer today it's the heartland conference women's soccer tournament in Austin, Texas and for the first time ever the Newman a women's soccer team has qualified. Newman will take on the host team thirteenth ranked saint Edwards a team that is undefeated on the season Newman lost to saint beds one nothing earlier this season and Wichita medal rematch today in the heartland conference. Women's soccer tournament. And a happy birthday today to one of the great city league boys basketball players all time great that Dreiling the seven footer on tape I'm not Carl. And went on to play at KUN Wichita State and the longer in the NBA Greg Dreiling happy birthday he's 51 net today. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell. Go to bull's -- Wichita dot com be safe she would say it's bull's -- shooting range fourteen of 55 north -- 71 when Steve attendance 33 degrees and this is a guy thing I know. But we played with the ball you had to imitate the stances of the players. The well known players -- Yogi Berra. Mickey Mantle I can do a decent honest Daniels he'll look and see I'm up -- on Willie startled yeah. With the wind mill car Yahoo! and -- -- and rocky column department plans for getting up. -- well Harry I don't -- on the amount I'd done different pitchers and now this is all to myself I'm sorry seventh -- -- -- -- out 33 degrees give her her Rush Limbaugh morning update us now before Dan rather traffic weather coming up Steven -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Imagine going to see your doctor and walking -- twenty or thirty doctors running around doing everything with only one other person helping out behind the front desk they're seeing patients taking blood pressure weighing you doing billing scheduling and everything else no. 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You call the doctor fun -- stock. 943 HE HT since 1946. Wichita area homeowners had counted on one main -- fast affordable solutions to every kind of home comfort problem. Plus stock so called a name you trust our stock homegrown and family owned for more than sixty years plus stock and carrier turned to the. Experts. When you think of this sounds of the season and this shouldn't be one of them. What with all the turkeys on the road traffic headaches are inevitable. So as you are traveling over the rivers and through the woods rest assured him we'll have the latest traffic and weather info that can help he travels safe. You late for everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Might business was losing money because I was wasting time searching drama paperwork in computer files I had boxes of papers all over my house I couldn't find anything. Then I got to meet digital filing system. Now all my documents are organized in one place within each system the boxes are gone and I can find anything I want in just seconds now I'm making money instead of wasting time. My life is totally organized. -- digital filing system organizes earlier printed paper working computer files in just seconds in one -- easy to find digital place. If we have to try need to see how simple it can be. 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Easy saving money when your next new car -- truck -- Conklin callers is a whole lot easier and you'll always find no pressure your serve isn't the best selection and great prices without silly gimmicks -- qualifiers and right -- Right Jeff I'm Scott Conklin and come on man or visit us online and see how much you can say. We visited Conklin cars in Hutchinson to peninsula not more online at Conklin cars dot com. Traffic on news radio thirteen thirty can SS is brought to you by Conklin cars. 727 miles deep into the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Temperament of traffic which has chambers. This morning that gasoline prices sitting around 295. A gallon in most places around town of course if you -- better gasoline price she can always give -- -- -- traffic outlined a number. 43613. Thirty so that's a road construction going on. On Kellogg -- around. Town western town east mall to actually. -- east mullah armor Kellogg that area gets road construction going on there heaviest traffic on the Woodstock highways right now. Seems to be on the west Kellogg Greta around dead Dugan road -- -- heavy eastbound there. -- can -- weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 37. Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow's high 65. It's now clear -- 33 degrees set case in assets. Coming -- -- on a half hour with Stephen dead suspect arrested in Wichita as latest homicide. Favre should drive byes are gearing up for massive coverage of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy assassination already. There are retrospective pieces examining the life and times of JFK for liberals. He gets another chance they'll revisit that mystical place they created called Camelot. But a key media figure of the era has learned -- -- lesson that you can't go home again. There amber who helped organize CBS coverage of Kennedy's trip to Dallas fifty years ago will not be part of their cup which. Dan rather work CBS or 44 years for 24 of those years he anchored the nightly newscast. And what are you lacked and ratings he made up -- longevity. But his ugly departure and the subsequent lawsuit against CBS left bitter feelings. Dan is now 82 when he waited in -- for them to call him to appear on the anniversary coverage. Still those of you who once watched -- blab term not a terribly large number will be able to find him on another network. Covering the anniversary of the assassination. He will make an appearance on The Today Show on NBC would now or. But on CBS it's. The networks to -- source Rex Bob Schieffer will host a promo says that viewers will be taken back to the moment. But Walter Cronkite an iconic reporters Charles Collingwood -- raiser Charles Kuralt. And Mike Wallace who were all dead Dan rather is still alive but not the CBS. May as well be dead it's actually kind of -- and. And there -- run. -- The sooner payment. I upheld the bracelet just or within just a few days this -- angle for governor gives me energy -- -- low libido helps -- burned more spread out now we're in the sanctuary astray at about eleven years ago and -- physically demanding action job. Much younger -- that I work where are both hurt. That basically -- in the afternoon goaltender -- on her alma 10 AM. I'll partner entered -- -- and oh they were ten years ago mental strategy cynical strategy. -- -- outlook and reform our. Guy asks do you need a boost in energy in an increase in stamina do you often feel mentally or physically fatigued as the day wears on do you Wear out. Then do what Eric did try this safe and natural testosterone booster and drove 400 to burn belly fat increase your energy and stamina. And say goodbye to mental and physical fatigue go to Andrew 400 dot com and drove 400 dot com. -- news radio at thirteen thirty. -- -- Good morning 730 Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward 33 degrees now looking for a high today of 62. An argument over a small amount of money led to the shooting death of a man in north Wichita police captain but Allred says it happened near seventeenth and Broadway early Wednesday. This suspect. Forced his way into that back door of the residents. The victim was inside. An argument ensued over many they got to physical altercation. The only individual. Between the two of those that we believe had a weapon is a suspect. 23 year old Eric Salazar died about three and a half hours after the shooting police arrested a 23 year old suspect this is which does fourteenth homicide of twenties -- team. Police say a woman was attacked and robbed in her workplace a church in southeast Wichita. On Tuesday morning a man approached the woman as she was sitting at her desk at Broadway Christian church near Kerry and George Washington boulevard. Pressured Ingram took her purse. Went through her -- the -- money did not find any money. That he dropped the the first lieutenant -- Nolte says the woman suffered minor scratches to her face send her classes were broken when she fell. Cedric county sheriff's deputies are investigating after a man was found beaten and claiming to have been kidnapped. It began around 2 Wednesday morning nearly 141000 block of west bought me a call to 911 indicated a man was knocked it on the windows of residents asking for help. Deputies found a forty year old -- man with obvious injuries to his face. He told the officers he had been beat up and kidnapped from an unknown location in Pratt earlier that evening. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The sheriff's office contacted the prop police department and investigators are trying to determine what exactly happened. Anyone with information disaster called sheriff's investigators. At 6605300. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. House Minority Leader Paul Davis doesn't agree with governor Sam Brownback tax policies after the tax projections released yesterday predicted 1% growth the governor. Told the people of Kenyans is that it's massive income tax cuts so we're going to. Bring in additional revenue to the state because of all the jobs that would be created. And then it's just not turning out that that it's the case. Davis a Democrat is running against Brownback for governor to -- national news time 733. You about anytime now the latest economic growth figures for the third quarter 2% growth expected Americans expected spent about 12% more on holiday gifts this year. Today is today Twitter goes public its IPO expected to started 26 bucks a share. Million more folks expected to fly over the upcoming holidays and a year ago. Some living ex NFL players diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease calls CT. Including hall of Famer Tony -- set. An exclusive interview with -- ABC news the champion Doris sent says he's experienced more angry outburst. Skiing. More sources of this rumor. My -- -- -- -- a very short term through. It is worse. Tony doors set shots fired editor -- barbershop last night three people are dead others wounded. A Russian rockets take on the Olympic Torch in three astronauts up to the space station the torch for the upcoming Sochi winter games Doug limerick. ABC news 730 forced even to on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K -- -- -- coming up this weekend of our favorite events the inspire hope -- -- yes it is a Saturday handed -- the waterfront at thirteen to web rode with us this morning. Is duty Pollard but lighter president of player and his whole yeah it's accuses of benefit for air and his hope this says and if you would mind explained to see exactly what is air and his health. Well areas -- this and not for profit organization that provides outstanding. Therapy services for children with communication disorders. And so from physical and speech and occupational therapies to our day treatment and educational programs. We just provide some of the most intensive and remarkable services for children in the area and across the United States his -- Aaron was one -- bar a little girls from a number of years ago who was profoundly deaf and I had remarkable communication. Benefits from the sensory. A multi -- services that we provide in -- even though she sadly passed away a number of years ago. She provides a legacy of of hope for all of our children you know yeah how many years -- -- into and is run. This is the fourth annual with more hello gang and absolutely or very excited and of course we provide that unmatched after party there yet the waterfront restaurant stepped up and and provide for us camp life music can't. The courses are certified race and has 2500 dollars for the prize money and and and a curse there in seed by which ties favorite. Morning team is Steve -- -- Anxious since his seat is there again this year as well you have an AT run starting at 9 o'clock and 9 o'clock and at 1015. The walk far those so shorter runners and walkers set via beautiful breathtaking it's -- minor. It's one mile firfer that walking and have that where. Just so. Grateful every year and surprised at which I just embrace story vantage shell out more every single year and Burgess. Really looking forward to it and -- and support -- people only do know that 100% of their registration fee goes to support therapy charges for our family system. Just a very important thing for them that they at this scholarship support engineer -- want people who pre register or sign up what you undated what to watch our call to action is yes well. Up until noon tomorrow noon Friday they can register or add to go around the east and west and -- new balance east. And then after that they can can register with us on the property. And get ready for that 9 o'clock kickoff from eight K front. And that's again. The -- The inspire hope front -- hope the foundation Saturday. At the waterfront thirteenth and web the eight case at 9 AM in the one mile to 10:15 AM -- -- tonight will be there. To help you to -- this thing -- so excited thank you so much thanks again for coming in this yet again this year Judy. Duty Pollard the clutter president of international plan that run the inspire Oprah coming up on Saturday thanks and we'll be -- -- 737 now with the Stephen Ted in the morning. And if you've been -- Washington news this week in the past few days you'll know that -- We had a consultant to report. Saying that do we need to take about what to do about that convention business in Wichita over the next few years with us this morning -- Wichita City Council member Janet Miller good morning good morning nice to have you others. Thank you good to meet Eric your frozen over there what's up. Not so I got -- -- that afternoon via a few hours ago now -- yeah. Solo called at least some doubts right now and tell us about this what are we gonna do -- -- convention business news news saying we might bulldozed century two or -- -- remodeled and tell us what's going on them or when -- are very. Nearing the end of its useful life in its current. States and so we need to decide rather or not we need to renovate it. Do we need to do what they -- scraped and build and build a new convention center. Weird where there's lot of steps in between now and making a decision that we started that conversation -- just -- -- brilliant start and oh yes I mean this first. First step was to have a group. Look at the potential Wichita has to bring in. Convention business and that first initial report said that if we had adequate facilities here. The statistics -- the data shows that we could recreate probably an additional thirty million dollars in economic impact. In convention business and those are people who come in from out of our community and spend their money and leave it here. Tone not right now in British cattle. Beginning -- and getting imploded or whatever just. Public meeting that's right first Yeltsin numbers that come back and sound that we get as many conventions as we can possibly get well we would probably not -- its -- making any investment in our convention facilities. Now word is that stage of deciding well it looks like we did it we could recreate an additional thirty million dollars annually in economic impact in our community. Is that something we want to do if we do. How would we go about it. The the blue dome down there is part of the skyline been that way since -- I was a -- almost but in 1969 was that I think. That's right now. Yeah you know it's very it's an iconic structure some people love it let other people feel like it's sort of us space -- gets us. Look that's kinda day didn't end. Then they had dated facility appearance kinda -- to do to convention goers in and meeting planners. Other people say it's absolutely critical that we keep. Because it's always been here since the sixties and so I think it'll be a good healthy community discussion don't know what -- domino bottom line is we just started out yes we don't panic yet no no panic DI have play of opportunity to share your opinion and will be glad to hear all of those we are starting to get some. Phone calls and there some letters to the. Editor and so it's it's a great time to have to share what your your thoughts are on the subject for you the things on his possibly renaming the airport after. The national. Yeah us yes that story made an ending USA today yesterday old what do you think about them it's gonna. Well we've had a group of citizens to our interest did an encouraging us to consider renaming the airport. If we were going to do that now's the perfect time because we'll have a new brand new terminal opening up and when he fifteen. And -- you don't get a chance to do that very often and so if we're gonna change the name now would be a good time. Again some people love the name mid continent -- other people say that's unremarkable. Damon and has no real significance in fact it's inaccurate it we're not the middle of the continent and it's a leftover name from the Kansas City airport some. Decades ago and that and Wichita would be better served by and name was more prestige had named after a famous Kansan. B units and an all come to a screeching halt when people say it's gonna -- and some money to do that's where we are switched on what cost money nevermind I know. How much you know that -- that at well if there's an -- big variance you know we saw a great big fat numbered Tuesday but that number included. Some things that probably don't have to be done right now and also are not costs borne by the city. There's also some debate about rather not those dollars actually have to be spent -- not so again. More information to come in the decision and he made the car right you're chicken is scanned down wrote that's right about I don't get it. Now we're really -- Just in the planning stages of this stuff and a we'll just keep an out of it thank you Jeff for coming in spent little time -- this morning percent stake sale right in that of course is that which doesn't he council member Janet Miller talked about conventions and possibly. Renaming the airport it's a 740 tuna come up we've got The Osgood File. Growing -- microchips in the lab and traffic weather on the way Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Collecting Social Security is 62 isn't your only option there are plenty of choices that could help you add tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars -- your retirement find out more this Saturday on the mutual -- show at 9 AM. Hello this is Dennis Drake with -- efficiency exteriors land over are you in your home ready for a winner. 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We've got injury traffic accident there that's up like daughter eastbound Kellogg to 167. -- he's downed US 54 there north down to 815 at MacArthur. -- -- -- more railroad work there and got a call from one of the traffic tracker says it's backed it up northbound on K fifteen and -- Spirit Aerosystems. Watch out in that area thirteenth and all of our right now stalled out vehicle in the intersection -- -- -- -- as -- You're Kansas weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees and clear tonight the overnight low 37 Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow's night. 65. Now cleared called 33 degrees at K and assess. Coming up the Wichita business journal update -- build Roy lawsuit filed against Coke also between now the top of the hour. A 1000 dollar code word you can win a thousand dollars of that code words sometime. Between now and the top of the hour Stephen -- news radio thirteen 33 and SS. Osgood file sponsored in part by live master garage door openers you you Smartphone to open or closed tomorrow restored anytime from anywhere. -- Charles I get. Where do you could reduce organs of the human body the size of computer chips and then link them together to create an artificial human body. Who Harvard's these institute this -- trying to do toward drug testing. We can't let me ask for volunteers -- could -- next. Three human radiation and and then Steve agent I'm going to give you actually fixes that probably coming to do that so put that human coolness and checks can already provide this information that we currently don't. Caroline Hamilton is a senior staff scientist at the peace institute. More activist. Every day it seems there's something new your Smartphone can do now if you open inclusion garage door from anywhere in the world. With a -- master garage door opener with my -- technology. 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Says the incidents director Dominique Byrd and organ farm where you culture of the organs for a time just to grow them up and make sure they're functional and then it is you take you'll dvd would with a living human organ or it. And you put it into the interrogator which would basically allow you to look in and have a visual window on the workings of the human organs. Already they're doing some amazing things she says we can make long chip's read rhythmically and we can make good chips -- Paris pulses. And we're beginning to link them together so that you could see -- drug. Passes from let's say aerosol delivery to long and how it may have toxicity on the hard court he metabolize by however so we're beginning to get the first prototypes of instruments that -- -- Seven days as senior scientist Gerald Lee Hamilton. People in the pharmaceutical industries that want to look at the safety of drugs for example can -- to check. Grenade in the cockpit putting not instrument around that passed a nice arrangement where now you can link 12. -- -- can all content to get back. The Osgood File Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. He could -- in the morning hundreds of people are expected to attending tonight fifth birthday celebrations. The reverend Billy Graham as many as 700 people have been invited to his big bash in Asheville, North Carolina including. Former President Bill Clinton former vice president candidate presidential candidate Sarah Palin and real estate mogul Donald Trump Graeme is not expected to give a speech got a Canada had an interesting collection of people that are gonna pretend. Milligrams 95 birthday party also remember coming up here in just a few minutes. Will be given you the code word this morning and if you know the code word you couldn't thousand dollars all introduce a blog and it came as -- dot com slash cash. Can enter the code words you could be the winner of the 1000 dollars this morning. Right here. -- you review thirteen thirty -- and assess. -- close on the stock markets Wednesday the Dow closing up 148 poised for a record high close for the Dow NASDAQ down eight. S&P up seven now look at national business news this is. Wall Street Journal report on Jennifer can -- the US economy posted higher growth over the summer. Gross domestic product the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy grew by two point 8% which was much better than expected. Whatever people's seeking first time unemployment benefits fell by 9000 in the latest week. Mike Englund of action economics as it looks like we're averaging a mouth three to 36000 weekly claims. Interestingly is that leading us an average over the two months that's pretty much exactly what you would have expected going into this so periods I would argue the trend is pretty much exactly sideways for initial. Samsung says it's -- phone is about two years away the tech giant this week displayed for investors a few of the photo -- mobile devices it's testing. One phone the size of the galaxy S three can be folded in half from top to bottom like a make up compact used by women. Another is the size of a lengthy wallet wallet that can be unfolded on both sides and -- size of the tablet. A Wall Street futures are higher this is the Wall Street Journal report. 7:50 Tuesday until the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and SS lawsuit filed against Coke let's find out more with -- editor -- Roy of the Wichita business journal -- morning bill. Good morning Steve actually -- subsidiary the attorney general and Illinois house filed a lawsuit against that took industries subsidiary accusing the company piling up refinery waste. That is -- the clouds of black dust blowing into the neighborhoods along the Calumet river in the Chicago area. The Chicago Tribune reports that the suit seeks to have the -- BX tamp down the dust immediately. And pick compound and fines for violations have been Illinois law group spokesperson declined to comment on the suit. This at a -- commissioners approved some changes to its economic development policy they include a provision that could allow businesses to avoid having to pay back incentives when they fall short of job creation or capital investment pledges to businesses -- aboard the claw backs that they generate the anticipated return. To the county in terms of tax dollars. And Boeing is closing in on a deal to build the triple seven X in the Puget Sound area to companies reached a tentative agreement. With the machinist union the deal involves an eight year extension of the current work contract. Which is set to end in -- but he sixteen. It also ships new hires from the company's pension plan to a defined contribution retirement plan. The plane will be built in Everett as with the planes carbon fiber wings. Follow us on Twitter like this on FaceBook connect with a some Linkedin for the latest local breaking business news. Working in a Cessna Wichita business journal. I'm bill broad it just occurred to beat you today is Thursday that means tomorrow is Friday in -- in the which -- business -- hits the streets. Nobody got near that you'd like to talk about torture while we take a look at economic development incentives we just talked about how the county has made in an adjustment to their economic development and send -- policy we take a look at the city which Abbas policy. That return on investment they wanted dollar thirty for every dollar that's spent on incentives in the Woodstock area in. Some say that's actually working against some family melman writes about that tomorrow. That should be interest and has really been in the news you the past few days from now having discussions to answer real jobs you'll get one hour from now. And coming up. Florida won in Florida women are going with pants on the ground details let's start coming Stephen Ted news radio thirteen 32 and a sense. The Wichita business journal update is brought to you by half thirteen -- and electronics. -- the big bucks hi I'm ready to get an LG 3-D TV delivered to sweep the front of the started of course would raise extra. Close to plug -- the TV don't doubt that stuff part of the deliver the fuel surcharge plus all of the blistering start and -- What's my name my service fees for extra steps charged so he gave him. I just got to have -- yeah. TV we delete your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we -- LT and -- TV I watch Kathy. 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Call today and not only -- you get your gutters -- but we're no extra charge for -- anything will be left little room to check up which can help detect minor problems now that could lead to major problems later and increase the life of your roots. Call for -- grouping today 9430000. To get your gutters clean and receive a free -- check out. This is Ernest Alexander reviewed horizons. Inviting you to our annual Christmas concert fund raiser. December the second and third the comfortable we hosted by crown uptown and will include the castle white Christmas on a few of the numbers. For more information please contact us on our web -- you horizons dot net or call us at 3162628293. We're glad K units a scares. Low Wichita this is John bachelor join me week nights from eight until midnight right here on news radio thirteen thirty KN assets. -- in the morning put your pants that's not just the message for men and -- locked up Florida. Commissioner Dorothea Johnson wants to change a local ordinance to include women. Sagging pants were targeted in a 2007 law Johnson says women are now walking around town with their underwear showing. He tells the Miami Herald that women in her city need to improve their image. Chance -- saying to blow to result in a 500 dollar fine or 25 hours. Of community service. -- in the morning to have you seen that anywhere. Women walking around with their heads down and underwear showing not allow lately proved -- dangerous. To me that's -- problem and it is fought block to block a Florida. Coming up -- o'clock hour -- covered sports and also the -- that some entertainment news. 835 is we're going to talk about the -- today Tim Donnelly got country music ducks movies graffiti include did you say -- -- did. And I that's -- blur at 8:35 this morning. The 1000 dollar cash Colin. GR eight and be great and it -- al-Qaeda says radio dot com slash cash. Thirteen thirty top story suspect arrested in Wichita as latest homicide. Details of that story and all the local news -- after ABC -- use of the top of the hour. Stevens head on the morning news radio thirteen thirty take an -- as Wichita 33 degrees at 8 o'clock. From ABC news. I am -- brick Wall Street all look Twitter over twittered.

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