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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/07/13 Hr 3

Nov 7, 2013|

A Christmas Album from the stars of Duck Dynasty on the Blur

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Compton ABC news the White House president Carter's grandson Jason planning a run for governor of Georgia next year he's 38. You're listening to ABC news. Attention active duty National Guard reserve and retired veterans if you were a loved one was injured while serving our country any time after October 2001 you may qualify for up to 100000 dollars in tax free cash TS -- benefits even if the injury was not related to military service also if you have been denied VA disability benefits for his service related issue we may be able to help. To find out if you have a claim call 8774609760. That's 8774609760. You miss me I don't drink coffee shops -- you never have to say perk up. But I just discover the new service center at officers from thirteen designed our new logo helps set up our web so I can't printed -- signs banners and treatment. On time and find -- budget big so energizing. I'm drinking decaf. -- -- Introductory offers now at a new office -- services center you'll find over sixty different services learn more in store or OfficeMax dot com slash services. Have been a post office in Portland Oregon a mail carriers spray used to fend off. Mean dogs that is actually went off to starts three postal workers into the hospital. Have their eyes flushed. Attention parents of kids aged 48 experts say an accident there must slack much less likely to be injured if they're strapped in a booster seat not a regular seat belt. And now the institute for highway -- tested a bunch of booster -- Institute's new rating June 19 out of 31 models this year in the top rating of best bet spokesman Russ rader says buyers should do some research and hands on testing try the booster seat he won -- buy in your vehicle with your child to make sure. That that belts fit is. Is good what does a good -- look like the lap belt fit across the -- size. Not riding up on the child Tony and the shoulder belt should fit securely. Across the middle of the child. Shoulder Dave Packard ABC news another type of boost earlier today in Russia in. Liftoff -- -- for the Soyuz rocket GMA 11 -- spacecraft. On a truly Olympic leave. Russian rocket blasting off on board three astronauts plus the Olympic Torch. And Kentucky's cross country runner been practicing for the big race for months finally the regionals more -- excited until. She's all the numbers -- you're 666. Which someone put Satan dropped out of the race double leader do it this is ABC news. Just tell us live morning talk and entertainment this is Steve -- ten -- news radio thirteen thirty. Okay and SS according 804 I'm Steve Macintosh your weather in the forecast -- -- six. Two degrees. Police arrested a suspect in Wichita -- fourteenth homicide of the year 23 year old Eric Salazar was shot and killed in north Wichita. Police captain -- Allred says it happened a few minutes after midnight Wednesday. In some apartments there's seventy to Broadway to -- -- was inside the residence when the suspect between three year old male forced his way into the residence. A argument ensued. Physical altercation. Where mr. Salazar was shot one time. The minute apparently argued over a small amount of money Salazar -- documented gang member died about three and a half hours after he was shot police arrested a 23 year old suspect. Now look at that -- first heard forecast here on Thursday morning -- meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Hey good morning guys we are sort of things are very from testy that we're certainly see some improvements across which -- High temperature today up near sixty this afternoon mostly sunny skies northwest winds at five to ten. Overnight tonight clear quiet lows dipped to 37 -- not quite as chilly as what we saw. Yet are seeing this morning to get into the day tomorrow breezy conditions highs near 64 right now we're sitting at 39 degrees north wind at five. Under mostly sunny skies. No -- don't -- just not much wind it's a bit unusual day in south central Kansas State is unusual I just wait tomorrow those winds are going to be weapon. Yeah -- -- -- for the weekend yet diligent at an all the weekend looks dry temperatures in the mid sixty's enjoy it -- tells you great fall weekend and then there's -- -- meteorologist frank wall with the cake first -- forecast. Two additional people have made their first appearances in court in connection to a deadly hit and run accident on July 5 two. Honey nine year old police Childers a nineteen year old calling Fisher have been charged with interference with law enforcement which is a felony. A preliminary hearing for both defendants is set for November 20. Tuesday which -- police announced they took 26 strolled George shoulders back into custody. Officials believe Childers was driving the car the killed 49 year old Lloyd Ferguson. And seriously injured a six year old boy it's money for some -- on July the fifth. Officers also arrested a 31 year old woman for a felony obstruction. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KN SF. Some police say a baby was left alone in Wichita home lieutenant colonel Terry says officers responded to the 800 block of south hydraulic. Where -- 46 year old man pushed a thirty year old woman up against the wall and she was yelling for help. Several people called 911 when officers arrived. They locate the apartment where they altercation occurred but there was only an eight month old baby that was -- residents buyers though. This obviously concerning. There's some drug paraphernalia within reach of the child. The man returned to the scene and he was arrested -- the woman never returned officers are searching for her the baby has been taken into police protective custody. Kansas officials have slightly reduce their projections for state revenues during the current fiscal year. But acting budget director John -- said yesterday the state still be able to sustain the spending in the budget for both the current fiscal year and the one that begins in July. Siskel forecasters said the state should collects five point 86 billion dollars in revenue during the current fiscal year that's 29 million dollars less than originally predicted. A 73 year old stadium is being replaced in Salina at city commissioners unanimously approved Kansas Wesleyan university's plan to build a new athletic complex. The seven point five billion dollar project includes the demolition of Duane Martin stadium. Commissioner John Blanchard says a monument at the new stadium will pay homage to Martin and the works projects administration WPA. For building the old stadium back in 1940. There was a lot of sentimental feelings about the stadium and there were people that have been involved with that over the years that we're sorry -- that would hurt -- -- -- positive comments about having the new stadium there in the new possibilities second -- I think part of creating that memorial and that remembrance to the old stadium I think helped with a lot of those people to bring them have a little more closed to feeling really good about the process. The new stadium will seat 2000 people and will include a practice field press box concessions restrooms and an eight lane track. Accomplished complex is expected to be completed next year in Salina. Eight or nine now Stephen -- on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- -- -- to traffic. And your -- chambers. OK right now thirteenth and all of her stolen vehicle causing traffic -- there northbound -- fifteenth from MacArthur. Down south. Read their by Spirit Aerosystems on K fifteen northbound. Doing some work on some. Railroad crossing issues there and -- really -- things on northbound Katie fifteen so watch out for the -- this morning to gasoline prices down a couple of cents. 295. Gallons of 4 this morning. Nor can assess whether -- at a forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 37 Friday sunny breezy tomorrow's high 65 -- there's guy. Both went to five miles per hour 39 degrees at K and -- -- -- -- -- up -- 810 -- 10 minutes past 8 o'clock with Steven -- in the morning. And have been talking about this morning and yesterday talking about the possibility of renaming which -- -- Kennedy Airport after president Eisenhower. And we have some like comments from FaceBook in Genesis radio dot com more asks how does Ike represented what you thought. Caroline says so the checkers finally put -- on the map and now they wanna drop Wichita from our airports name not a good idea -- not good marketing. Candace says the way that so few people and our state even remember that we have had a president who came from the great state of Kansas perhaps if nothing else will be a reminder. Sadly it shouldn't have to cost so much money to make a name change so perhaps it's best. Just to leave it as it is should generally -- more comments. From the opinion line just diagnosis of the -- when there. Quite frankly I think they ought to keep the airport name saying you didn't -- content did pretty original but it doesn't change it. I think ultra beach would be a good choice from tee to -- their -- and was hearing much talk. There's several other John sleep eat dinner and then frank Carney William Coleman. Charles colonel Robert Gates and lack of all -- Died in an election you know it's how much did it anyway we had as City Council member Janet Miller Adam this morning -- did. Mid -- and actually is usually the Kansas City airport they -- something. So added the it's it's going to be interesting to see where this goes and if they do remain active but what's going to be. But watch. Keep you posted on it I wouldn't be surprised with a new terminal C. Decide to re name it something they may do just just do that and I guys wouldn't be surprised it is Eisenhower at the end of today. After you and I all of our -- put in our two cents worth -- Thought they develop my opinion is worth too -- now though I've made two cents on the on the open market. This morning at some point and today the the toy hall of fame is gonna put into more inductees have. Erase a twelve or thirteen. Applicants for the toy hall train every year the chicken couples and we just -- looking at the yet the list this morning. A build those toys that are already in the hall of fame just start talking about a little bit cash and -- with a Marty was inducted in 2009. Of course you and I are not. -- I'll speak for myself I'd never had a party. But. My daughter have one or two I don't know how many -- chief for -- -- four I don't know. But that was a big when the bicycle was inducted in 1998. They'll see ice again only to be the cardboard box. Was inducted in 2005 to the cardboard box. Especially got a nice big game. You can do anything with -- all the the the becomes assist guys in the sky's the limit that a spaceship a stagecoach. Rolling over the prayer. Any cut out a little hole there you can do TV with it -- year old TV yeah draw a couple of knobs underneath there and nay -- your brother or sister to be the anchor person. Did you TV you know what else can you do with a cardboard box -- that was my Halloween costume one year mom took cardboard box -- -- and then I was a robot. Your mother is got a hole it -- the luck at -- bless her heart. The mother to say. The prison he's in there on the frankly the frisbee to be is overblown but out of frisbee is a -- -- -- see it did the guy especially if you're stoned -- -- of the party every -- and a -- did and basically. Twenty -- white males to. Usually -- little overweight and they can really throw the damn thing -- -- it's fun they they can -- -- else at. Hot wheels -- hula hoop. And she actually play Jackson. David Jackson altar girls David about is actually. Don't how to play that. And got pretty good at available on the playgrounds and in grade school because what we do that ten. Why would be be good at Jack's one that we went with respect. Because you get to hang around the -- absolutely. You've got a baby. Yes I learn how to play jets because that's where the little girls are doing the job appropriate for good jumping -- Marley. I had to become good because we did that is part of our. Our conditioning in high school basketball now -- -- I'll -- you're getting wicked. Minute ago I got power to federally collect wood Jason about jumper OK if you're person who you're in good shape or your -- fairly good health you wanna get in shape quick. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not ten minutes twice today yeah he'll get after about thirty seconds you're so tired right wanna die pitcher heart pumping my hand jumping rope is probably the best. But the doctors do it. Structures not sure boxers are people who were the best shape of any guess Lincoln logs we mention a love -- in large. And also get on here. -- -- Raggedy Ann and Andy rocking horse roller skates. Silly parties on neck. Silly but he could be throw on that to get to the Star Wars action figures. My son had a few those silicon little spaceship up that hill mob union Arafat and all that stuff death and that and we mentioned the slinky awhile ago. The slinky not to it to me and overrated -- did you have to be a complete. Nit -- to be at a time entertained by the slinky. More than one time out stepping down the -- one time that I -- second time -- -- time need what's on TV you know this limit me didn't mention the Teddy bear. Did you have a -- and I didn't have a UN -- one on the on the I didn't have raggedy Andy did you have a -- EMI grandmother homemade. Raggedy Andy has he made -- raggedy -- and -- for each of her grandchildren they were born so I had -- I had a homemade raggedy Andy -- the time I was a baby. I -- inherited Teddy bear. -- from my two older Brothers now. Slid in had been through the -- a little bit by the time you got in through the -- that's a nice way to -- -- I'm putting it gently -- The thing had been. I'm sure did embarked on another. Urine soaked it just. Awful. I don't know why my parents on I want that let's call critique that's part of being missed the -- -- next great thing hit just. But I think I was able to handed down to my brother Jerry are you get -- the ultimate revenge on their head towards the next did get I don't forget that Teddy bear it may have fallen apart before it got there -- -- -- -- the -- get that there's all sorts of smells terrible terrible it feelings -- on that merit a little while some awful person with. Thurston Howell the third had a Teddy bear on Gilligan's Island to. -- the the football and that is not on here anywhere I think not -- not -- huge oversight -- young American boys especially the Whipple ball -- -- hours and hours. Of playtime and fun time. Because you make that ball did anything you want to write. It was fun but it's on -- and like I just toys that are on the it to get a boring day at everything else talk about so there it is about tinker toys. Don't seem to know that surprises me that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you handle traveled to your own travel -- there handle that treaty to -- right yeah. Our our our intent to go the toy hall of fame is 4870. Stephen dead in the morning and it's -- portrait did Woodward and attendant talked about some the hockey this morning enter. Thunder hockey team is still scratching heads looking for answers last night which it's on the road at Tulsa both teams. Very slow starts each with only one -- wins on the season minutes Tulsa that gets in the win column last night -- nothing over the thunder -- Tulsa scoring three goals in the third period to pull away from a close game. First of fourteen -- meetings this year between these two longtime rivals but Wichita. Now has dropped six in a row still trying to find a way to. Get things right here in the early going in the season pro football tonight. A couple of teams that -- didn't have great first pass of the season the Minnesota Vikings in last place hosting the Washington Redskins Minnesota has lost for a thorough. Live coverage of the Redskins and the vikings at 7 o'clock tonight you can listen to it on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987 FM the Redskins are 82 and a half point favorite on the road. Some bad news in the NFL for a lot of great players here in the may be an ESPN ABC news exclusive pro football hall of famers Tony door sets. And Joseph and -- you're and former NFL all pro Leonard Marshall. The -- been diagnosed as having signs of CTG chronic traumatic. Encephalopathy a degenerative a degenerative condition caused by head trauma linked to depression and dementia. Doctors have told ESPN's outside the lines. Tony door set course great running back with the Dallas Cowboys speaking on ESPN's outside the lines. Says he doesn't recognize himself anymore. I get frustrated listen I'm looking emissary. You got the -- initiate -- united. You know if you need. Tony Dorsett. You not hear me anymore who argue more you become a beat myself -- -- To -- The sad news there for Tony Dorsett and some others former NFL players. Let's take a look at some of pro basketball last night in the NBA the Oklahoma City Thunder a 10793. Win over the Dallas Mavericks former Kansas jayhawk Nick Collison coming off the bench for Oklahoma City was four points. That's eleven ON zero now for Oklahoma City against the mavericks Oklahoma City is one both at home games so far this year. And they won back to back games now. You go women's soccer today at 11 o'clock this morning it did you go regional semi finals open to -- just skip the ranked Butler community college taking on Hutchinson community college. Hutchinson is 15 and Euro Butler has won twelve in a row the grizzlies ranked fifth in the nation now nineteen and two on the season going in and -- -- today. Women's soccer I mean college ranks today for Newman the heartland conference women's soccer tournament down in Austin, Texas. And for the first time ever Newman qualified for that tournament Newman gets to take on the top seeds thirteenth ranked saint Edwards the host school team and is undefeated on the season -- lost to saint Edwards won the nothing in Wichita. Last month now bill rematch. In the semis of heartland conference women's soccer tournament. We got some a college volleyball last night friends university of four set winner over Bethany that's 23 wins now for friends. Falcons are in third place in the case CAC friends is in second in the nation it blocks they got six more those last night. Crystal report go a senior from which it taught had seventeen kills and only one error the 615 attack percentage. She dominated for blocks as well for crystal -- is third in the nation in blocks. Nikolay and also a senior from Wichita had 29 assists for friends and a couple of aces. Friends in third place in the Casey AC there behind its neighbor. Paper with a 30 sweep over sterling last night sabre has won seven in a row there in second place in the Casey AC. Friends plays a double header. Today hosting an NCAA division two team Fort -- State comes to Wichita to take on friends in back to back matches. Beginning at 5:30 PM this evening. And a happy birthday today -- one of the great city league boys basketball players of all time big seven footer Greg Dreiling former -- -- not cardinal which he tossed. Eight K you and many years in the NBA Greg Dreiling is 62. I'm sorry 51 I got ahead of myself is 51 years old today happy birthday to Greg Dreiling. And Greg rally at the first seven footer. I believe in the city league Randy can't -- -- 611 itself these years before that but I think his first at what he's doing today what strangling and you know. Norman -- -- Rawlings doing these days though he's from your school is probably listening to us he's listing right now if he and he and I both contribute mightily dictator not a formal dinner at 811 vast wealth and -- one now thirst. 39 degrees even your your daily dose of doctor -- talking about -- today traffic weather on the way Stephen Ted news radio thirteen thirty -- and -- When it's time for quality service this over Kansas farmer knows exactly who we want as his partner. Braylon partners John Deere. My name is frank Johnny I'm alive I'm actually counted all the -- -- convert -- weather service program for the past three years. I've had great luck for them to do their job in the wintertime the more than catcher in major thing that had no down time during harvest workers planning these vehicles. The winners -- the specials -- very -- partners John -- where there's work to be done there's John Deere and where there slams there's a partner prairie land part. There's beauty it's something that people naturally desire. But true beauty isn't the physical -- It's equality of god the inherent in each of us. You can see more than everywhere in your life as you focus less on outward appearances and more on who you and others really are is God's image. Hear about this on the next radio edition of the Christian science sentinel. News radio thirteen thirty can't SS will broadcast sends a radio program every Sunday morning at 830 this program is from the Christian science publishing society in Boston Massachusetts. Probably heard the old saying about killing two birds with one stone well Accenture limited this week you can kill three birds that wants to tell everyone this is -- particularly had been sort. I don't some people don't even like I think about holiday shopping -- Thanksgiving. 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Gallon that's down a couple of cents a gasoline prices. Coming down just a little bit continue to watch out for a traffic slowdowns with some construction going on northbound K fifteen. Near McArthur. Pets Spirit Aerosystems areas they've got so much construction going on their -- close. You're -- weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight the overnight both 37 Friday sunny breezy tomorrow night. 65. Now cleared off -- five miles per hour 39 degrees -- Kate and I assessed. Whether -- about Wesley rehab hospital rehab for strokes brain injury hip fractures and more located on west thirteenth across from northwest high school. Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. Coming up views on the half hour was Steven and Ted. A suspect arrested in Wichita -- latest homicide. It's your daily dose with America's doctor doctor Ryan's part stock drop us. 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A stock -- we -- adopt little fat or the so called beer belly two years of Beers that transform your six -- into a cake belly fat is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease diabetes and even alzheimer's disease that's why once you do this quick at. At home -- plays a measuring tape -- horizontal plane across your abdomen at the level of your hip how's this test measures your waist circumference if your numbers -- and 35 inches in women or forty inches in -- your health may be at risk -- how do you -- got fat and -- exercise we'll help you peel off the -- pays its intra abdominal fat is more metabolic reactive is usually the first to golf Whittle your middle and your help we'll thank you for it. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise body mind and soul. On the 24 -- studios of news radio thirteen thirty KM -- this is Steve Baghdad in the morning. Good morning 830 Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward 39 degrees now all warming toward a high today of 62. An argument over a small amount of money lead to the shooting death of a man in north Wichita please get -- Allred says it happened near seventeenth and Broadway early Wednesday. This suspect. Forced his way into that back door of the residents. The victim was inside. An argument ensued over money they got their physical altercation. The only individual. Between the two of those that we believe had a weapon is a suspect. 23 year old -- Salazar died about three and a half hours after the shooting police arrested the 23 year old suspect this is which does fourteenth homicide including thirteen. Police say a woman was attacked and robbed and her workplace and church. In southeast Wichita Tuesday morning a man approached a woman as she was sitting at her desk at Broadway Christian church near Harry and George Washington boulevard. Richard Graham took her purse. Went through her purse the -- money did not find any money. Than he'd drop the the first. Lieutenant Doug Nolte says the woman suffered minor scratches to her face center glasses were broken when she fell. Cedric county sheriff's deputies are investigating after a man was found beaten and claiming to have been kidnapped. It began around 2 Wednesday morning nearly 141000 block of West -- me. A call to 911 indicated a man was knocked it on the windows of residents asking for help. Deputies found a forty year old -- man with obvious injuries to his face. He told the officers he had been beat up and kidnapped from an unknown location in Pratt earlier that evening. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The sheriff's office contacted the -- police department and investigators are trying to determine what exactly happened. Anyone with information disaster called sheriff's investigators. At 6605300. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty Kagan has asked House Minority Leader Paul Davis does not agree with governor Sam Brownback tax policies. After the attacks projections released Wednesday predicted 1% gross. The governor. Told the people can't is that it's massive income tax cuts we're going to. Bring in additional revenue to the state because of all the jobs that would be created. And then it's just not turning out that that it's the case. Davis a Democrat running against Brownback for governor. At the request of top law enforcement officials to -- leaders are considering changing -- decision to allow loaded guns and vehicles. The city's chief prosecution told city leaders Tuesday that motorist would still be allowed to have guns in their cars but the weapons would have to be unloaded and put away. Exceptions would be made for law officers and concealed carry permit holders. The discussion came during a work session before the governor governing bodies regular meeting no action was taken. Can SS nationally is time 833. The FDA taking action against trans -- what's happening now is the Food and Drug Administration under their authority to ensure that our food supply is safe. Have may -- preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oil including trans fat is no longer considered. Safe for use in our food supply ABC news chief medical editor doctor Richard -- happening right now Twitter going public its initial stock priced 46 dollars a share. I am glasses so wealth management advisor. There's just no telling exactly what's gonna happen and whether or not the pricing structure that there are using is actually where the value of the company should be. Says bottom line very risky the government says economy grew at a rate of two point 8%. Better than expected during the third quarter. Americans spend about 12% more and -- -- -- gives this year. The -- on some living ex NFL players diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder Doug limerick ABC news. 830 forced deep into the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assists 830 -- 834 and it. Time for entertainment news blur with Ted but burdens -- did you tell us about it -- young woman media star who thinks apparently just doesn't have enough money as well as she's trying to actress Tori Spelling sat down and ABC's Cecilia Vega talking about her latest book spelling it like it is. On Good Morning America -- also confirmed rumors that she only got 800000 dollars from the estate of her late father. Famed TV producer Aaron Spelling. That was reportedly worth a half billion dollars at the time of his -- to seven years ago. You know I lost my father analyzed we -- -- but that it did say hello can I would get more. Yes. What has promised anyway. She got what 84 they only got 800000 dollars. The Internet it was worth a half worth 500 million supposedly what the heck happened there reminder that little. Relegated to his girlfriend she got some not but not a lot. Bill. The craft. Bill 'cause me and Jon Stewart among the comedians who performed at the stand up for heroes benefit last night that event raising funds for the Bob Woodruff foundation to help wounded warriors and their families. I'm incredibly grateful and and thank them for their service and and always honored to be able to common. And -- between veterans and and spent little time and I always get way more out of it then they get it sort of an unequal bargain but I'm I'm happy to do. -- Jon Stewart appeared there at the stand up for heroes benefit last night. Well if you can't get enough Miley Cyrus coming up on Valentine's Day give your loved on the gift networking. That's right Miley Cyrus is concert tour will kick off in February the tour even has a romantic name my guess bangers. That's romantic VAS what this says I'm not sure I agree with that. Cyrus will stop in 38 cities overall including Tulsa Omaha Kansas City but not Wichita out of course. -- -- Miley Cyrus on -- we had a Eisenhower airport they probably would probably work out. -- more bad behavior for Justin Bieber now to graffiti scandal. A bad day in Brazil for Bieber the web site of the country's biggest news outlet is -- photos it says -- of the pop superstar spraying a spray painting graffiti on wall. The publications as cops want to talk but Justin Bieber about the alleged vandalism in -- did appear in jail and find for the crimes this caps off a trip in which he was hit by a -- during -- -- accused of visiting a brothel and kicking a Brazilian flag. But that trifecta that's another day for. Justin Bieber. George Strait won entertainer of the year last night's CMA awards he thanked his massive -- final tour title the cowboy rides away. George -- big win at this CMA awards hasn't convinced him to extend his farewell to work. Which -- next year -- last one CMA entertainer of the year in 1990s. I'm just glad that I can still come to these things and and be sort of -- Taylor Swift was honored with the really presented pinnacle award you're right. Or in the hard work and exhaustion of my family and my labeling anyone who works with me and most of all the fans. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Florida Georgia line and newcomer Casey must -- round out the winners list Carner Kelly ABC news Nashville. The Barrios CMA awards last night. The world food championships get under way today on the streets of downtown Las Vegas more than 300 cooks battling it out for 300000 dollars in prizes it will be. Four days of cooking competitions in seven categories to eventually crown a single winner but host Ben -- of the Food Network health inspectors insists it's a fairly simple competition it's really not that complicated. A bunch of people he's got the best fit -- it's all different categories WFC president Mike McLeod says contestants help from eight countries and 38 states. Every walk of life is represented in the -- we championships the one thing that they all have in common is they had to win their way here. The winner will be crowned on Sunday Al Mancini ABC news Las Vegas. Character actor dean Jagger was born 110 years ago today. Dean Jagger one of Oscar best supporting actor of 12 o'clock high was at my dad -- over -- -- Gregory Peck. He beat up John Ireland Arthur Kennedy Ralph Richardson and James Whitmore that Oscar couldn't. Dean Jagger he was also in the -- look he was the general and white Christmas. Isn't bad day at black rock. And king creole -- -- and Elmer Gantry was also. Hundreds of -- father in the nun's story here that is correct. And he was also. He's also in the days of wine and roses -- he -- now and see uneasily -- father and now. I think is somebody else do you think somebody else on that one of dean Jagger and good character actor he's born of 110. Years ago today -- -- Charles expert I was getting confused there he was Charles -- -- to -- -- enough. Yeah. -- won a rose Charles Clifford and -- dean Jagger could character actor Oscar winner well let's go to today's movies to movie it's getting some Oscar buzz should it be. The book thief takes place in Nazi Germany right before world war cute young -- manager is forced to stay with the Foster family because her mother is a Communist now on the homing mom half fat lazy to go ahead. We'll have -- -- That lazy pig is played by the great Geoffrey Rush the moral center of the movie who teaches lethal how to read -- Myself and lined up hiding a Jewish young man named Max in their basement this tough. It's an excellent story but the execution is clunky most of the emotion is derived from the circumstances not from the writing acting or directing three out of five stars David last dean ABC news. -- something just kind of just missed and yeah great great the great story of a third. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk about that movie and the you mentioned it earlier this morning Steve the guys from -- dynasty aren't just TV stars now their top of the chart topping. Music says what. Christmas that you. New Christmas album from the -- dynasty guys is number one on the billboard country chart at number four on the album -- including songs like carry Christmas which features Luke Bryan the album as new songs and some classic pyramid anymore. Let's go -- seeing there and at first he thought the whole idea was crazy we're going like an album and actually try to get people to pay money to hear us butcher -- solemn have you lost your mind. We want to -- the hall sold 69000. Copies Jason agents and ABC news Hollywood. No faults but the whole. I know what you're getting for Christmas. The -- dynasty Christmas ha ha -- all now neat. That's that's. -- -- And the we will have more entertainment news in the blur at this same time tomorrow morning and don't forget will be giving away another pair of Beach Boys tickets tomorrow or -- some lawyer earlier today but to the right place. Yeah Beach Boys will be in the Wichita Hartman arena on December 19 and not another pair of Beach Boys tickets to giveaway tomorrow it's my understand listen to -- -- the beach for society come to which saw. In spite of the fact the airport is not named after and yet. Since -- good for them that good for them -- at 841 thing Steve into the morning news radio searching thirty come up we've got The Osgood File a timeless booty in the Big Apple. Traffic weather on the way Stephen to add news radio thirteen 38 and assess them. OK. -- Mystery shop floors you save week it's -- you save up to 500 dollars on selection off flooring yeah like carpet Hardwicke. Area rugs and more. We get to saint Jude children's research hospital to help them find cures for children with cancer and other deadly diseases. This is a great opportunity to update your home would new floor now through November 18 at your bars -- superstore. From seventeenth eighteenth street on north Broadway. Might business was losing money because I was wasting time searching -- paperwork in computer files I had boxes of papers all over my house I couldn't find anything. Then I got to meet digital filing system. Now all my documents are organized in one place within -- system the boxes are gone and I can find anything I want in just seconds now I'm making money instead of wasting time. 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And enrollment to close at the end of march. Another sore point the Democrats security lapses which do not protect the personal information entered on the health care web site. ABC's Ann Compton the president went to Texas which has refused to expand Medicaid is part of the new law but next. -- Arkansas. Starting reduced its number of uninsured by 14%. By signing people up for expanded Medicaid. Governor Rick Perry those says Medicaid is already 14 of the Texas budget we simply need the flexibility to implement fundamental state specific reforms to our Medicaid program critics say Texas is leaving tens of billions of federal dollars on the table Richard -- ABC news. So if you hit the mother of the child with behavior problems I'd like to talk to you my name is Janet Lehman on the behavioral therapist and a mom I know what it's like when the child you love becomes a defiant out of control child who disrespect you. 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Fall is coming and soon your -- will be full of leaves don't -- poor drainage water damage from your -- this -- call for -- -- today to get those gutters -- -- 9430000. Call today and not only -- you get your gutters -- but -- no extra charge for -- anything will be left little room to check up which can help detect minor problems now that could lead to major problems later and increase the life of your roots. Call for home grouping today 9430000. To get your gutters clean and receive a free -- check out. The Osgood File on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- SS has brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. -- 46 deep into the morning news radio thirteen thirty K UNICEF staffer at a traffic. -- -- personally with -- chambers actually gasoline prices today June 95 a gallon here in Wichita. -- five down a couple of cents from yesterday so not too bad there. And this morning -- had some frost on the windshield and this morning it was a fairly cold looks like the next couple of days are gonna be a little bit better as far as conditions go well. Had to find my scraper. In the back of the -- prayer Shiite I got to leave a little bit before that was necessary so yeah. It was lucky for me your -- -- -- weather center forecast sunny today with a high of 62 degrees clear tonight. Overnight low 37 Friday sunny and breezy tomorrow's -- 65 -- Now its nearest guy north waited five miles per hour 39 degrees it -- innocence. Coming up video which -- business journal update with bill -- local bank employee charged with a crime Stephen -- news radio thirteen 32 -- a sense. The Osgood File -- positive part by Cassidy Charlie -- the value market intelligence discovered clarity commercial real estate services discovered Cassidy turley. This Charles Osgood host a -- and Michelle Miller would like you to meet Harry Rosen. Every night of the week widow or Harry Rosen puts on a suit taxes black band and takes attempt to a top rated restaurant in Manhattan. He's New York city's oldest and if so how old are you. Probably more in -- agenda. A 104 next month. In a moment we'll hear what he has to say it. Marshes identity thief wasn't a stranger it was her best friend or roommate she put -- close to a 100000 dollars in debt -- and ended up losing my home. Few years later almost happened again but this time she was armed with a proactive protection of life -- services. Shockingly she gets into the feet trying to steal her identity was her son's friend attempt to get a loan margins name who blank blocks helped Marshal was able to stop the fraudulent loan before it could damage your finances and good name. -- found out the hard way that no matter how careful we -- no one can stop all identity except that's why I protect myself would -- ultimate. Do what I did arm yourself with lights -- ultimate as special holiday gift like flock is offering my listeners 50% off your life flock ultimate membership. Call or visit like flocked dot com and use cobol code Osgood fifteen that's promo code Osgood fifteen -- 50% off holiday gift call 8083804080838040. 808388040. Court for protection has got it operates 1230 order. Heroes who was born in Russia in nineteen Obama -- Miller asked him or dinner. Why do you think you have a sense. -- taste for fine Beirut. And excited to run a business that you seventy people out to lunch. And there's been -- pay per view and taken into -- Roseanne was married for seven years to his wife -- She passed away four years ago with the age of 95. They had two sons who gave them four grandchildren four great grandchildren. They don't listen Jerry -- so there's several times a month. The service -- -- -- -- so the temperature where it needs to be at a certain level of comfort. And for that if you leave well you'll live well. Thanks to a tip by a neighbor to the New York Times he's become quite the eligible bachelor are you getting picked up a lot more by young ladies. I -- many things. Good evening what do they offer. They. Good thank. Yeah. Yeah we get. Are you looking for a more seriously -- Suzanne then you're on the market I am and exactly. The right. Michelle thank you very -- at and -- Osgood file Charles Osgood on the CB Israel -- -- -- 204 years old. And women are still coming on to win. Interstate. It's not a really strong personality. Lots of money not a lot of Asia and it knows how to -- occupants of the and for her and wouldn't. You know give I think they'll just keep working time at least a hundred dead -- thing. -- cute for a hundred on this Stevens had joked maybe men. What we -- to cut. Yeah 8850. Stephen that we are mixed close on the stock markets Wednesday the Dow closed up but while 128 points. For new record high NASDAQ was down eight S&P closed up seven. Now look at national business news. Says the Wall Street Journal report Jennifer can shake -- stocks are mixed the Dow Industrials up 33151779. The S&P 500 is up to but the NASDAQ is down to any -- of T. Rowe Price as blue chips are getting a lift from the European central bank's decision to cut a key interest rates. I don't like what's happening in the US it's a disinterested in promoting job growth and try to get the economy cranked up -- and so European markets are excited about those prospects as well. Large companies would be required for the first time to make their worker injury and illness records public. Under a new rule proposed by the Labor Department the measure which would affect companies with more than 250 employees. Would vastly change current workplace safety reporting practices. -- Lee is slimming down the Swiss food giant has struck a deal to sell its struggling Jenny Craig diet business unit. -- private group that owns curse international the female oriented fitness club franchiser. Crude oil trading at 9425. A barrel. This is the Wall Street Journal report. -- -- now -- do in the morning local bank employee charged just find out more about that president to build -- of the Wichita business -- -- -- -- morning -- -- former system branch managers southwest national bank charged with embezzling 346000. Dollars. US attorney -- Grissom says 43 year old Lisa Marie Evans of Wichita charged -- one count of embezzlement by bank employee. She's accused of taking the money from 2011 through April of this year while working at the town west branch. The rerouting clinic has added a fifth position doctor Mike Bauer Schmidt started but the clinic November 1. Comes to Wichita from a medical practice and Fort Lauderdale, Florida there was a functional medicine practice media -- On how patient's body systems interact with environmental factors are -- there's a board certified family practice and emergency medicine position. And as MG is tired and a house manager for the European theater. The company announced Wednesday and haren and Joseph west -- he's responsible for setting up food for events maintaining food and beverage inventories theater maintenance and coordinating volunteers. By Scott is from Wichita -- worked at venues in Chicago and as a graduate of Roosevelt University there. Follow us on Twitter like this on FaceBook connect with a some link again. For the latest local breaking business news. Or can't SS in the Wichita business journal I'm dual role -- -- -- -- business -- hits -- tomorrow what are we gonna see in the area that's exciting in new wind -- a lot of pocket these days about incentives picking winners and losers in how we compete with other communities around the country. We take a look at incentives in our policy we have a return on investment that we're looking for a buck thirty forever but we spend. And some say that may be working against assembly -- takes a look at that tomorrow who's Wichita business turnout -- subscribe to the business journal today you right now what should I -- this year. Call me okay can you call 2676406. Mortgages set up also. If you want business news coverage we have a website that actually works. -- -- Wichita. Wichita business journal dot com you can sign up there as well. Now that was kind of a thinly veiled swipe and our president what do you think about it now out on topical anti edgy -- how did GE. You know what I say when you start getting an -- you don't -- Ties that are due in flashier cars -- are stuck with it a boarding double left. -- PC world news top of the hour senate devoted an anti gay bill Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and SS. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am having a heart attack or stroke can make Cuba could play -- different. After my heart attack my doctor told me about the warriors started the cornerstone is a clinical research studies. You reading investigational medication to see fit you reduce the risk of another attack or stroke and individuals with a it's true -- -- peripheral arterial. 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I had enough fun as an over to enjoy the hilarious to Asian jungle in smoke tour featuring comedy do -- and -- Plus war in tower of power pole Friday November 8. In on Thursday November 14 it's time to -- out to the sweet sounds of -- with -- music superstar Buddy Guy in special guests Robert Randolph and the family van. Buy your tickets online at first council casino hotel don't come. -- holiday season is here and it's time to celebrate with -- nonstop action and excitement more winners more cash more often first council casino hotel. Just in time for -- Starr has an -- you can't refuse a free window inspection -- will come to your home and do a full -- inspection if you need new windows store has Andersen windows to fit any budget and installation will be handled by local professional -- -- you'll get Anderson's exclusive owner -- -- warranty and the installation is backed by -- seventy plus -- reputation and come to star or call -- to 2221. To schedule your free -- inspection to get your home ready for winners. -- at West Greenwich UK 96 this -- no ordinary Christmas song Beach Boys -- Christmas thing. See that -- Hartman arena in the wintertime. -- -- -- -- So you so -- Reserved seats on sale this Friday ten. Hillary is not on stage one tickets dot com. Tom -- CD trading post locations we'll -- 316927390. Harmonies all. Stevens in the morning news review thirteen thirty high point in Chad good words -- life on the State's 1963. The all star comedy it's a mad mad mad mad world headed to a career in Hollywood. Right yeah probably one of my top two films of all time always will be I saw that in Cinderella Alice. At Seattle was a credit what was already did Douglas ground out yet -- on there on this date in 1977 the soundtracks Saturday night fever was released now. And still. I have -- stand. Expect Saturday night fever. I got a copy yeah. Price. I've urban -- will be back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock seated at the -- -- news radio thirteen thirty -- this has Wichita and they said Disco at neverland of course 39 degrees at 9 o'clock. From ABC news. I don't -- should -- stats -- man in this country that BA's seriously considering doing that what's happening now is the Food and Drug Administration under their authority to ensure that our food supply is safe. Have me the preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oil including trans fat is no longer considered. Safe for use in our food supply ABC news chief medical editor doctor Richard Dresser trans -- consider the worst kind of fat for the heart. Found in many processed foods including some frozen pizzas margarine ready to use frosting my.

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