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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/08/13 Hr 1

Nov 8, 2013|

Teen Hit By Car Near Southeast High

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Money scheduled for December 4. This is ABC news I -- scotches in mobile NG tax my team can help you with all your IRS tax problems. Honest and professional we don't make false promises. Do you -- the IRS do you have on file tax returns. We cover all the bases to help you get tax resolution fast. Call us today that we cannot call your tax problems. Out of -- Call. 1803462328. That's 1803462328. 803462328. Scott Goldberg. ABC news. The late breaking. This is defense today in the morning. Why -- radio thirteen thirty KN SS according to till five I'm Steve back in Sasha right after the shoot this poorly we need to tell you about an accident involving. The motor vehicle. And a dear -- this is down the south part of town. The right this is a pretty close to the coldest in the Kansas turnpike director at the 47 street south exit other -- I won 35 and I 35. Down there that -- junction it's bright near those -- whole foods basically and it's a car -- your traffic exiles like somebody just went through till -- was going south and -- hit it there -- -- -- to indicate tag lane and slapped grenadiers -- let's go ahead and take a look at the -- first George forecaster of Friday morning with meteorologist. Rank long good morning frank. Think Steve another bright start to your day today lots of sunshine on this Friday in which company is gonna be a windy one. South winds fifteen to 35 could see some gas approaching forty miles per hour that south wind is gonna help pump temperatures up. In the mid sixties were shooting for high near 66. Overnight tonight clear and quiet lows dipped to forty degrees. Mostly sunny skies on Saturday with highs near 64. I'm meteorologist. Frank -- cake First Solar forecast. Southeast high school student was critically injured late Thursday morning when he was hit by an SUV near the school of fifteen year old boy was crossing hedge more but he was not using a -- Police Sargent Bruce Watson says they've had problems in the past the student day watching. The kids don't want you to crosswalk. Parents make because he got to wait an extra couple seconds for the change so and they don't want away. The UST 259 spokesperson confirmed that the teen is a freshman -- southeast the boy was hospitalized. In critical condition. Firefighters from several agencies battle restaurant fire in downtown and Caldwell southwest of here the fire broke out Thursday afternoon. At the last chance bar and grill on main street. Called -- fire chief pat York tells Kate news. For the damages on the floor and the upper floor about the battle for. Let's all say the stuff we get some more investigation done on. Chief George is a fire was quickly contained what one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion no other injuries are reported. Massage parlor worker has told a federal judge she plans to plead guilty for her Roland sex trafficking scheme linked to Asian massage parlors in Wichita. A document file Thursday by the attorney for -- seeing T on notifies the -- plans to plead guilty to have a trial scheduled to begin next week. The move would lead massage parlor owner Gary kids away and his wife Jan as a remaining defendants to face jurors. There are accused of conspiring to recruit women from around the country to come to Wichita and work -- massage parlors then coerced them into prostitution. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- And assess city's leaders are beginning to consider the future of the convention business for Wichita City Council member Janet Miller tells -- SS news. We're very very nearly in the decision making him very very early that is in the decision making process. Looks like we -- we could recreate an additional thirty million dollars annually in economic impact in our community is that something we want to know if we do. How would we go about possible plans include renovating century two or possibly turning it down in favor of a new structure. The distinctive blue dome has been part of the -- skyline since 1969. Some people love it other people feel like it's sort of us space ship gets us. And Janet Miller is our guest on the Stephen Ted -- can -- November is American diabetes month of Wichita City Council member Jeff Long Will serves on the local diabetes corporate leadership board Long Will tells -- Unisys news our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes Jeff Long Will our guest this weekend and issues Tony thirteen Sunday morning at eight on K and SS there is podcast on our web page. Kate and has just radio dot com Brad 609 down 9 minutes past 6 o'clock with Stephen 10 in the morning news radio thirteen thirty Cayne has has time for a actually a second look at traffic you're an affront to. -- -- -- Yeah to an article about the one car vs the air traffic accident down by the told lives on the Kansas turnpike at 47 street south. -- joins us I want 35 and I 35 so. Yeah we've got dead carver steer traffic accident in that area and -- want to for the deer they're out there. Turnaround this morning just a second morning enter our second mourn his weak 32 warning this -- that we had something and you're right about this time it again focus. Panda paler some good news today gasoline prices dropped another six cents at the deer running in the gasoline is dropping you got to 89 a gallon. Nor to Unisys weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees. Clear tonight the overnight low forties Saturday sunny tomorrow -- 64 now clear sky itself and ten miles per hour forty degrees at CNN says general okay. Oh well we we we didn't say anything about hate is builders in Austin fire crews are still have to do that right now -- go ahead and go okay well we've got to the fire crews on the -- reported fire -- at the homeland there in. He's -- via the grocery store the homeland grocery store maintenance airlines Boeing reported smoke from the -- the dispatcher just only moments ago that. They believe it's probably one of those steam steam things like actors and probably not really fires they haven't really. -- -- -- and that doesn't sound like it's a fire but you've got to. India cruiser on the scene so if anybody was curious at what they're checking out that you only wonder what all the fire structure and occasional everyone in the counties down there to cut off. I think they do send a lot of trucks and some liked it they did it well that would via the that would be it that's a pretty big structure there is they'll say yeah. All right stocks slide today after record highs traders fear of fed pulled back Wall Street is worried the Federal Reserve might cut back on its economic stimulus. As early as next month after a surprisingly strong report -- US economic growth in the third quarter. As a result the stock market at its worst day since August yesterday. After 33 record high closes this year an increasing number of investors believe the market is ready for a pullback. Yeah this the Federal Reserve might start stop by and those bonds and then boom. Investors turn to self. Dow closed -- 153 points yesterday pretty good give back right there and NASDAQ off seven before. Huge -- guess impede on 23. 611 now -- -- on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and as sessions. I tell you what all that's taken on a real value authorities in California trying to crack the case of a not thief who made off with 140000. Pounds of walnuts. The theft estimated at nearly 400000 dollars occurred Sunday in the small central valley town of Esterline. Investigators say it was one of the biggest to hit the booming industry last month. About 121000 pounds of -- worth 50000 bucks were stolen from a trailer parked on -- highway 99 north of Sacramento. This time several truckloads of walnuts were taken from the facility. Authorities say rising prices about two dollars per pound is what appears to be driving the recent -- thefts. No arrests have yet been made. Walnuts -- California's fourth leading agricultural export. China remains the world's leading producer. Of walnuts. Need both -- -- have much I don't care for myself. The Chinese make everything include wallets of the bullets they are they -- people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's just not be Glenn Miller it's it's been busy orchestra. They do the Glenn Miller song bought out I was tell us about the dollars and fantastic of the cities in north images sounds and yes some great -- -- be great those trombone beyond the man on man. That's a whole different sound and NC and its it you gotta appreciated even though it's not my generation is my mom and dad's. It's every night -- danceable but older than him I think that did well and is coming Glenn Miller's music enormously popular late thirties early Ford doesn't just take you right back to World War II out and did that he immediately hear the SEC notes of a song and you'd be right back in that -- -- -- -- him as the same band that -- I saw an -- brilliant they do a terrific job maybe you just can't -- still have the old they still have -- arrangements. Yeah and they have them stacked up in front of them and that you tell the pages are old they're kind of yellow and brittle it doesn't you know there's still use -- -- for seven years ago. I hope they had a good house last night down there delegate count now the that is it is fun and that. That's -- -- and they had the the jazz band from Goddard Eisenhower high school today I didn't every lute meant they'd brought men at the end of the young core melded in the -- together house of the that is a high school got outside Israel was very fun consoles -- -- great -- that was at the or feel right last night right now. Parent. We had an incident this morning it did briefly. I have I have this happen before it a black cat. He just run across in front -- the studio here right outside the window his -- you eat. The bad omen here on Friday Friday that the -- Friday the thirteenth Friday the -- that a bad give black cats. Not -- it's good moment I hope I'm a black kitty at home what did he -- sweetest thing ever -- indicate it was going this way down to the I don't know. The south north. The other day the big -- that went by in the same place was gone the other way so I don't know whether that law must be a highly traveled -- there could be that the that India. The shopping center has. Purchased a cat you -- -- -- trying to get here at -- -- could be that the of the radical young senator that they're the -- showed over the Ra I was here and that was it an empty the -- recently announcing the cap. Is it is interesting numerous going to something. -- talks more about hazing with coat hanger. That's the mackintosh reports afternoon at 52 in the blog is on our web page Guinness is ready that I got to really bugged me this deal with the kids now -- three of them now charge and Hutchinson. Football players is and as -- hazing deal and that's the commentary today. And they'll let us -- going on Ted 7:10 this morning. -- can -- Jim Ryan ABC's Jim Ryan there's a woman who that and Texas have been missing. For ten years now and -- gonna tell us about that -- -- 8:10 this morning. We have Ron Kaufman. The Kansas department of wildlife parks and tourism pheasant season opens tomorrow. They're not a it's always creeps up and everybody we gonna talk about pheasant season in pheasant hunting -- -- pheasant season pheasant hunting season. And -- can be if you. Can be in fewer birds this year because the throughout my bubble talk the Ron Kaufman. Come on up to 8:10 this morning and and yes indeed give me a bit out western Kansas first day of pheasant season no. I have my Brothers and I are out of Denton and my uncle and my grandfather -- near the little town where my grandfather live and we were out just as the sun was coming up. It sounded. You could see it way over the other feels it is selling a war zone. -- -- -- They'll get to go to pop and those guys urge you -- so we'll talk with -- confident they Tim is doing good today is Friday November 8 was on the east in 1994. Mid term elections resulted in Republicans winning a majority in the senate. Well at the same time gain control of the house for the first time in forty years. That was back in 1994. To house the Republican revolution Republican rivals now share during the Clinton administration. Norman Lloyd is 99 today. He was in. The dead poet's society. Saint elsewhere but I remember me always will basses and is in the seventh tour he was the villain in the Hitchcock movie -- two amateur out and -- that Obama my favorite movies and I'm puzzled what -- what was the stars' names the guys from Joplin. You know I'm talking about Bob coming Bob Cummings yup he was the star of the admiral Lloyd normally his 99. Heidi great character actress shows up and a lot of things CBS -- -- -- -- safe resist 82. Alfre Woodard is 61 Desperate Housewives GS do Oscar nomination for cross creek -- and 83 another saint elsewhere cast me thirteen Emmy nomination -- nominations. KEY and personality former miss Kansas Kim Dodgers having a birthday to know mine. I understand you brought in cinnamon rolls trawler for herself well all okay -- Who's gonna band still dig in -- had a birthday she's a lot of fun to have around she's really a nice person. Every down then she lets Ted where her Tierra. -- apologist doctor Chris Mulder had a birthday time Monty is their personal. My personal dermatologist source a local celebrity Chris is seventh birthday and a -- hoarding our our promotions director had a birthday Sunday Bradley and on Sunday morning. Such basic seventeen now seated at the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assessed diverted our -- the -- Woodward -- dead. I know that the sooners had a tough not if that's that would Baylor and -- had -- pro football to zero and yeah a little bit there yes my school of. Well well high schools playoffs begin tonight for others and bigger school six and five day and we got -- nobody else plane tomorrow and high school football playoffs course the Kansas City Chiefs have a bye week. Enjoying the best record in the only unbeaten team in the NFL -- nine and -- Two hours from now on 8:15 this morning we'll talk with -- whole list play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs and kind of get a an assessment nine weeks in with the -- off doing nine you know start pretty good stuff. We had a reality -- we had to Thursday night football last night the last place Minnesota Vikings beat the Washington Redskins 3427. In Minnesota the second win of the year for the vikings. Cordero Paterson the rookie out of Hutchinson community college got his first career offensive touchdown last night cut to a yard pass early in the second quarter for touchdown. And he averaged eighteen and half yards on kick off returns. For the rookie out of Hutchinson community college the vikings get the win. College football tomorrow Kansas State is on the road visiting 125 Texas Tech that'll -- up at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning nationally televised on ABC. Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about going up against Bill Snyder. He's one of the greatest stories in -- -- issue when you look what he's done there and two times. And then just so well respected in our profession. I'm as a player you always knew his scenes reminded are motivated and very destroyed them. Same don't miss the coach are yet to come prepared and and emaciated best dance around. K state has yet to win on the road this season K state is coming off back to back wins the red raiders are coming off back to back losses. Kansas is on the road tomorrow afternoon visiting number fourteen Oklahoma State jayhawks RE 31 point underdog going to Stillwater they've lost 26 straight conference games. Meanwhile Oklahoma State has won four in a row. And the pokes will also be observing the 25 anniversary of Barry Sanders and his Heisman Trophy season. Live coverage of KU football begins at 130 tomorrow afternoon you can listen to that on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987. FM. The vision to football tomorrow afternoon Pittsburg State the guerrillas are ranked sixth in the nation there on the road at Linden would. A big one in Emporia tomorrow afternoon between two top ten teams -- ranked undefeated Emporia State. -- second ranked undefeated northwest Missouri they'll take up at 1 o'clock tomorrow in Emporia. Emporia State has lost its last eighteen against northwest Missouri they'll go out tomorrow -- ranked in the top ten. And it's a peek -- tomorrow afternoon we have fourteen -- Washburn hosting twentieth ranked Missouri western two top twenty teams match up there in the ichabods -- eight and one on the season. College football tomorrow afternoon a home game for Friends University sixteenth ranked friends hosting ninth ranked Ottawa big match up there at 130 tomorrow afternoon the home finale for friends both teams. Tied for first place in the -- -- Fourteen drank -- -- hosting -- tomorrow afternoon eighteenth ranked sterling going for its seventh when narrow hosting southwestern tomorrow afternoon. -- go football we have the regional championship game Sunday in elder radio its sixth ranked Butler community college hosting eighteenth ranked Hutchinson community college. These teams played a six overtime game just two weeks ago and held Laredo no match up again on Sunday for the regional championship. Dennis taken has a live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon and that is on -- as well. Course like we mentioned we get tons. High school football playoffs going on the first ever indoor home soccer game for the new franchise the Wichita B 52 loses tomorrow night the under hockey team as a home game downtown tomorrow night -- volleyball -- home and extent ARCO Arena this weekend and it's the season opener for shocker KUNK state men's basketball this weekend and -- shocker women to -- He's brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bull's -- Wichita dot com be safe shoot six bull's -- shooting range. 1455. North terrorists get beat Boise is today I'll give away another pair of Beach Boys tickets I don't know why any sometime before the show ends today don't know why anyone would wanna listen to any other radio because boys will be apartment arena on December 19 brother big holiday concert I've got two more tickets to giveaway on our show this morning 620 twos -- him -- At six Tony -- forty degrees give -- for your daily dose a doctor Oz don't burn your hair. Hulu plus traffic weather coming up Stephen dead news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. An American our credit we're all about agriculture plain and simple. Since 1916 we've been providing financial services customized your ever changing -- 95 years later we're still here with personal customer service programs tailored to agriculture. And with the power of the farm credit system backing us and you all the way. Because when you succeed we all succeed for this generation and generations to come. See what we can do for you. Just call 1804661146. Or visit us online -- act -- dot com. American tax credit money for agriculture. Santa's big -- ladies here and you can win 20000 dollars cash or a new 2014. Ram 15100 drug. It's more auto group of -- -- city get here November 20 and December 11 with a big cash giveaways and don't miss the grand prize drawing on December 22 for your chance to win us -- who run. And no fun as an over enjoy the hilarious to Asian jungle in smoke tour featuring comedy do -- and John. Plus war in tower of power all Friday November -- In on Thursday November 14 it's time to -- -- to the sweet sounds of -- with -- music superstar Buddy Guy and special guests Robert Randolph and the family van. Buy your tickets online at first council casino hotel don't come. The holiday season is here and it's time to celebrate with -- nonstop action and excitement more winners more cash more often first council casino hotel. The. What happens when Sanders smoked beef brisket we'd spicy hot links. They sound gets a taste explosion just ask Chris played them. Partner in general manager Harry and rock Brody in Wichita the smokestacks damage -- car while Pitt barbecues the blast the flavor excitement this sandwich -- says on your taste good -- completely demolishing -- hunger. Tackle Paul Wallace Hickory smoked beef brisket and tasty hot links. This served on a better -- home style run. Topping off -- curly Fries baked beans coleslaw and ice cold drinks and you've got quite a -- come on down and give the smokestacks and went to try and hog wild good barbecue. Five locations in Wichita also in Hutchinson and Salina. Today we -- Imagine going to see your doctor and walking -- twenty or thirty doctors are running around doing everything with only one other person helping out behind the front desk they're seeing patients taking blood pressure weighing you doing billing scheduling and everything else no. I can either but that's the way most of the world does real estate hi I'm tiger make of select -- -- real estate most real estate agents and companies are just like those doctors traditional real estate companies have twenty or thirty agents for every single support staff person the agent literally does everything even things are not good at. Before -- to do select comes team real estate has two agents for every support staff all specialized according to their skills and most are licensed our agents can focus all their attention on you the real estate office of the future is here today. Experience the team advantage give us a call for free helmet valuation my anger -- -- -- team real estate 68400006840000. Flexible commissions no upfront cost cancel any time my anger makes -- -- team real estate 6840000. Start packing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Winter weather is coming in the -- security -- -- want to help you get your vehicle ready and keep your family safe by offering you a seventy dollar reward card after submission when you -- any set before new Michelin brand passenger or light truck tires before December 2 mentioned -- get a free tire rotation with your next regular or premium synthetic oil changed -- -- not a -- thirty to fifty west thirteenth. The folks you can trust -- worker eligibility is limited to tire purchases for participating dealers only see redemption form for complete after details offer expires twelve to thirteen void where prohibited breast. Dick for Kagan vs liberal football game can be heard right here on his radio thirteen thirty -- SS Friday pregame coverage at 630 rest kick for kick in football games are also sponsored by accent lighting -- -- dinner and pharmacy Jimmie Johnson and -- electric. Why not start your -- fully informed equipped with all the news along with a good look at what the weather may hold I'll update you on what your favorite sports teams doing and we can help you avoid traffic tie ups or keep you entertained during a traffic slowdown we're here for you every morning Stephen instead on news radio at thirteen thirty KM SS. Six whatever -- did time for look at traffic here were jet. And this morning we've got death. Welcome gasoline prices this morning down the sixth sense from what we're seeing yesterday to 89 a gallon so what. Good big decrease there in the gasoline price we've got to 289. Gallon right now and still working on that a car vs dear. Traffic accident this is dumb idea coldest in the Kansas turnpike. Down there by a 47 street south and -- time 8354. I want 35 and I 35. You're Kansas weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees itself into fifteen to 35 miles per hour -- tonight the overnight low forty. Saturday sunny tomorrow's high 64. Now clear southward to ten miles per hour forty degrees at KE NN assess. Coming up usual half hour was Stephen dead student hit by SUV near southeast -- It's your daily dose with America's stock. Dear doctor Ryan's part stock drop us do when they might be at least swear by this here appliance but is gadget may actually be doing more harm -- -- listen up because I've got some tips -- how to avoid hair burn out. 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And you Fenway is that the partnership to free dot org -- I stocked roster for many women and straight here comes an inexpensive cost but hours offer a quick and simple solution but. They can also put your hair at risk of heat damage to follow my straight backs would straightening your hair. When buying a flat iron look for one with ceramic plates which insures that the heat is evenly distributed -- flat are they low heat setting. All that heat can zap your hair out -- its natural moisture which normally act to protect your hair from breakage -- -- -- below 350 degrees Fahrenheit finally apply a leave in conditioner before you are not your hair. This -- block in the moisture so don't think that frazzled by sizzling your hair. -- might tips for healthy hair today. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor Ryan's body mind and soul. -- -- news talk bad weather later this is Steve and -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KMS asks. Good morning 638 Macintosh to put Bernard today's high 66 street right now with the reading of 440. A southeast high school freshman was injured when he was struck by an SUV near the school that happened Thursday morning at Bailey at edge more. Just south of Lincoln -- Reeves tells take news she witnessed the accident. To voice -- flying out as if they were chasing each other or else just excited. And I'm thinking oh I hope they say he was stopped and about that very same moment the -- we -- right in front of the suvs that was right in front of me. The boy was taken to Wichita hospital in critical condition. The Kansas Highway Patrol and Stafford county sheriff's office continues seeking leads in the accidents killing tow truck driver Scott Burton. Kansas law requires drivers involved in an accident resulted in injury death or damage to a vehicle or property. To stop and remain at the -- or as close as possible. Kansas statute state that when a person is involved in an accident which results in the death of any person it could be considered a level five felony. But until investigators looking -- the driver they can't begin to find out whether the driver was acting reckless -- there was mitigating circumstances. Meanwhile Stafford county crime stoppers is offered a 1000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the case. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assessed a Wichita woman has received probation for a drunk driving crash that killed her six year old son in January. Prosecutors and defense attorneys recommended a sentence given to 31 year old crystal Ross. She pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence. Which is punishable by up to three and a half years in prison should -- -- -- got an airport be renamed as some citizens are suggesting the airport be named after one of the State's most prominent citizens Dwight Eisenhower. City Council member Janet Miller tells can -- news. If we were going to do that -- a perfect time because we'll have a new brand new terminal opening happens when he fifteen. And you don't get a chance to do that very often and so if we're gonna change the name now would be a good time City Council has decided to form a committee to consider renaming the airport. A new report shows that Kansas students continue to score slightly higher than national average on reading and math exams. The national assessment of education progress results were mixed though they show the Kansas fourth graders reading score dipped from 224. And 2011. Down 223 this year the national average score was 221. November is American diabetes month which does City Council member Jeff -- serves a local diabetes corporate leadership board. Long Will tells -- -- just use some ethnic groups are more susceptible to diabetes than others. African Americans are. Almost twice as likely has others stood him come down -- diabetes don't fully understand. Why then is yet but certainly that. That is significant when you look at those that are -- -- afflicted with us. Disease Jeff Long was our guest this weekend and issues Tony thirteen Sunday morning at 801 K and SS there is a podcast of our web page KM -- radio dot com. K and assessed nationally -- time 633. Within the hour in the October jobs numbers are coming out what we learned the hard to say exactly because the report could be distorted by last month's government shut down. That's stand up by the way costs the US economy between two and six billion dollars in lost output according to the white house budget office. From the oval office of presidential apology two Americans forced to drop their health care policies. Because they don't comply with the Affordable Care Act. I meant what I said that and we worked hard to. Try to make sure that we implemented to properly. But obviously we didn't do enough they're good enough job and I regret that. The president speaking exclusively to NBC news. The US and other western powers could be close to a deal to limit Iran's nuclear program secretary of state John Kerry is in Geneva today. In the Philippines typhoon high -- has killed at least three people. And later today at airports across this country a moment of silence honoring TSA officer her -- Hernandez was murdered last Friday at Los Angeles international. Got Goldberg. ABC news 634 Stephen did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K -- as a Santa he is not police in Naples Florida report busting a suspect. Who got stuck in a chimney. Authors say officers say Richard Tyler Brandon intended to rob a home after he ran out of money. During a night of drinking. The Naples daily news reports a friend told Brandon dude you're not Santa Claus what are you doing. After Brandon got stuck the friend went looking for help and found officers at a nearby gas station. It took firefighters two hours to get him out Brandon is now charged with two counts of burglary. The friend faces accessory charges global oil he's like that Santa at the beginning a miracle on 34 street he's drunk men drunks. Florian about debt 635 Steven ten -- tomorrow Tennessee yet inspire hope run at the waterfront. It'll start to the Nikkei is 9 o'clock in the morning and in a one mile at 1015 that's Kemba Walker and one miles. Serious runners up their 2500 dollars and in prize money pay -- it's all the benefits here and is hope foundation intended I will be there tomorrow morning to help to. MC and just get a bigger business for those -- -- glad -- be involved with this for several years now they've been doing for years and I think. We've involvement with three of them at least so yeah that's tomorrow morning. And it starts at 9 o'clock no mom and if you want more information you can go to inspire hope run dot com offer great cause the earnest hope foundation. There's all by the way it's amazing Chal afterwards yes -- -- -- sale and I cigarette and I spread. Which I think this was tasty food always -- hey coming up. Monday is a veterans day yes the end in order veterans day yeah I understand mining key. The money you folks here in town. Mind you Carter Center offers free or will change too active or retired service people and their spouses. Then again there's and an honor our veterans but why it with a free oil change. At 7 o'clock in the evening. On veterans day that would -- chapter of the American. Guild of organist will present a musical extravaganza a salute to veterans Tomas he'll be at the First United Methodist Church 330 north Broadway in Wichita. Program offered as a benefit for Kansas on her flight to. Good good which -- Kansas senator and of course to Washington DC to visit their respective war memorial event admission for adults. Will be ten dollars at the door veterans and students will be admitted free of charge all -- donations. Will be accepted. Very not so that's going to be at 7 o'clock at the Methodist Church in downtown Wichita. What else we got -- got a little up pre elude the veterans day last night went to the Glenn Miller orchestra concert your -- that they didn't want to point they had all the veterans in the audience stand up and played American patrol the dutrow yeah everybody Florida and that was good. The board of directors of the veterans memorial Wichita planning on a brief program and wreath laying at veterans memorial park on veterans day Monday at ten 11 AM. The program is expected to last about fifteen minutes. Will be followed by an open house of the part which will last until 1 PM. During the program Reese will be played at all the wore heels in the park where is that a -- -- cut an email about awareness. That the one -- -- a veteran's memorial park yeah there's memorial narrow downtown Wichita is or it is a -- where -- by the river. Okay yeah. So that's going to be a 11 o'clock on Monday march on what's going on Monday. Lotta people have the day off. Going to be three day weekend that is the undercount radio stations it is not a paid holiday PLO would be a work day for us will be sleeping over hot microphones. Informing and entertaining the people which on veterans day that's Monday -- Three day weekend for some. Our right -- what -- got -- this morning about thirty minutes from now we'll check in with ABC's Jim -- and you you -- heard the story by about this woman. No I don't know a lot about I -- neither -- management missing for nearly ten years they found her. In a field in Mexico moment gosh so we'll check in the gym here it is 7:10. This morning and again. At 815 Mitchell to us. For the Kansas City Chiefs update their -- this week. -- no game this week but enjoying trust me nine and know our policies -- we will have to talk about folic we will that's always a fun segment are at 638 now. Stephen did in the morning time for our commodities update with Tom Loeffler a -- for commodities morning Tom. Good morning she's well trading the questions they mostly lower for the -- complex yesterday in the closing exactly on the negative side. Still -- acting very technically poppy and may even -- -- lower its key support areas are broke that are not too far below yesterday's slow. There was a little -- in the southern plains the church yesterday kept the price of 130 love. At the moment December -- -- our -- -- 413157. Jay and Peter -- a -- 165 groups seventh in the assembly broke a thirty cent higher at 8785. Opposing the trading chemicals mixed for the week in court but soybeans and soybean meal traded and closed strong to the -- After 11 o'clock Gershon play at 11 o'clock this morning he and the release of the -- supply demand report that are expected children corn and soybean production. Yield ending ending stocks and increased from where they -- the timber. There are harvested acres are expected to decrease in the week ending stocks is expected to also be Kris. Also following the release for the October nonfarm payroll and unemployment rates. Trading overnight has been mixed at the moment December Casey wanted to penny higher at 713 9 -- December corn a penny higher at four point one and -- Continuously been campaign three quarter that -- 64 in three quarter. He's -- look at -- point I've been fired 9425. December gold the dollar thirty lower thirteen holes 720. December hasn't beaten and SharePoint tired 1747. And three quarter. December dollar index. He is currently tense and tired 8095. What these number of bedrooms futures but the entire 151000 by 72. Propriety trading like marketing advisory come pick up for commodities on the front on the -- people want when you think. -- cleared -- positive economic news yesterday that that triggered investors thinking that the Fed might stop doing that bailout program by and the bonds until the stocks went down. It looks happier news easily tell. The debt he has a good mood to talk marketing it is whether the -- continuing -- do it or if they start to back off. Well I think is there real tech review Monday more arguably around Monday morning OK. Okay we'll be here with do that he will be here to as the -- argument that morning thank you can't assist commodity update brought to you by American -- credit one stop shopping for all your financial needs. From commercial lines of credit to real estate loans that rates and services are unbeatable American and credit. Coming up The Osgood File a look at the war that ended peace and traffic and weather on the way Steve intent news radio thirteen thirty -- -- SS. Homeowners are you struggling with your mortgage behind on your payments worried about foreclosure we can help you avoid foreclosure with a loan modification program. 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Smith. I'm 38 and I worked at a graphic design company and the teenage me would tell you I wouldn't be -- -- -- if it wasn't for big Brothers big sisters. My big sister show real early on that I can do anything and to the young ruled. I want from life crumble trees to cool casino food Shiites Sunnis and anticipate -- -- crews out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether you donate money -- time you're helping big Brothers big sisters help a child start something today at big Brothers big sisters -- Front to -- big Brothers big sisters in the ad council. 646 now -- of the morning -- ready to thirteen thirty K and -- time for look at traffic journal Friday morning we're dead chambers. And this morning we get gasoline prices coming down to 89 a gallon that's down six cents from. What we're seeing better understanding -- I can remember in years but yeah that's that's a big -- to drop their 268 and nine a gallon and watch after the -- this morning down their vice. I want 35 and it's -- yeah. That Kansas turnpike I 35 of the junction member of 47 street south -- the -- steer traffic accident right their -- told this. Georgia -- weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees. You can expect south wind fifteen to 35 miles per hour this afternoon clear tonight the overnight low forty. Saturday sunny tomorrow hi 64 now there's guys southward to ten miles per hour forty degrees at -- and as best. Everyone looks good and a half as long as it's the right tapped. For expert advice in the perfect fit Canada had -- Jackson the clock tower in a delay no hat and -- 601 west Douglas. On the right now Don grants money tracker we think you're saving up but we're not says Don -- and then on the way news radio thirteen thirty Taylor has asked. The Osgood File sponsored in part by Auto Owners Insurance but no problem people there's -- auto owners dot com -- Charles Osgood. 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Which tend to have coast to be very wrong that they had got beyond needing war that they have become so civilized and so advised that they will be able to settle their disputes in other ways sound familiar. Julie sold 200 lip -- and -- became very interested in this balance is tension within Europe. Between those who said wars actually probably a good thing and it's an instrument we can use and we can control it which of course was a fatal mistake. And those who said no no no we don't do war they've had a series of crises and that model through them. And so in the crisis of 1914 Camelot tables and -- they go to Balkans gang you know we'll saluted as they'll be a meeting you know that's not worry about it. And so that was almost at a complacency. That this isn't likely to happen but it did. One thing led to an -- and I think the fact that so many people so what was -- improbable or impossible. In a curious way contributed to the outbreak of war because people just didn't take the crisis seriously until it was too late. More from a group and -- on the altar of the war that ended -- coming up on our next Osgood file. As Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. Like a breezy day on -- south wind up the 35 miles per hour more tightly around 66. Forty degrees right now big drop on Wall Street Thursday the Dow down 153 points NASDAQ down 74. S&P down 23 let's take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can show again. A collection of works -- by the deceased German art dealer behind the trove of Nazi confiscate it works discovered in Munich traveled to the US in 1956. As part of a broader exhibition that revelation which comes amid mounting international criticism over German authorities handling of the recovered art. Underscores how difficult that may be to determine who the rightful owners might be. The latest Thanksgiving tradition never stop shopping brick and mortar stores are battling back against online retailers by opening their stores this year on Thanksgiving night. Rick Newman of Yahoo! finance says lost in all this is Thanksgiving itself. All of the retailers are trying to grabbed shopper at the earliest possible moment and they're sort of giving lip service to the idea of sidestepping Thanksgiving because it's a sacred day. Last year we spent 600 million dollars online on Thanksgiving Day since most doors were not opened. On Wall Street futures are little changed yesterday the Dow Industrials tumbled 153. This is the Wall Street Journal reported. You know we think we're saving enough but we're not new let's find out more money -- Don grant -- good morning Don made it sound like it was a food million million. -- -- -- -- A Pew Research Center survey in August showed that about two thirds of middle class Americans are satisfied that they're saving enough to finance a retirement. Unfortunately. The opposite is true. The average balance in Fidelity Investments 41 K plans is just shy of about 75000. Dollars now. If you expect to retire at 65 and -- live another thirty years without another source of income you could be in trouble. If the math doesn't add up why are we so satisfied. That we do have enough. -- the concept of paying for our own retirement is relatively new and many investors just don't understand the relationship between savings now and standings later spending later. To the idea of saving for something 3040 you're fifty years in the future is for and so we just don't know. What will get in the future. 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No matter what the behavior defiance back talk angry outbursts disrespect. We can help you stop it. Now -- can get the total transformation for free all you need to do is get the program and let us know how it works for you you can keep it forever for free. Limited number of free programs available call now. 18064288961806428896. That's 18064288961806428896. -- -- -- no bull and no running either one Southern California city is -- the great bull run it was planned to be a Pamplona Spain style bull running event. Lake Elsinore city manager grant gates says he's denied a permit for the bull run had been scheduled for march 8. PH says the city get hundreds of emails from people with safety concerns. Organizers say they've toned down the US version by creating escape routes for runners and -- the animals orange. Backers of the great bull run have five days to appeal to the City Council. Coming up at 7:10 this morning with a check in with ABC's Jim O'Brien Jim has historian he's -- -- Texas has a story about a woman who went missing for almost ten years the founder in a field in Mexico we're gonna find out more about that Debra -- Has sports of course the 7 o'clock darling of talk about sports this morning -- just everything football basketball hockey soccer it's all here this weekend this is going to be a very busy weekend sports wise around Kansas Trenton. No doubt no doubt at thirteen thirty top story. Student hit by SUV near southeast -- details of that story and all the local news right after ABC world news at the top of the hour. Stevens head of the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Wichita. 40 degrees at 7 o'clock hour. -- -- I'm Scott Goldberg a couple of -- this morning measuring the effects of last month's government shut down within the hour the Labor Department released.

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