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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/08/13 Hr 2

Nov 8, 2013|

Guests: Kim Dugger and Don Hall from sister station KEYN

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It -- you folks who take Social Security numbers from people who don't file returns the young the old even the dead part of the problem the IRS often sends refund checks before companies must file forms to -- -- worker deserves one and he field ABC news Washington here in New York one. The country's most recognizable signs of the season goes up today the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center the lighting ceremony is scheduled for December 4. If you stop getting junk mail would you be OK with that not Sheila Murkowski and Penn hills Pennsylvania she complained to my husband's up said he didn't get the ads. -- other mailman is under investigation for possible obstruction of correspondents. And charged that could land someone in prison for five years. This is ABC news. Just toss live morning talk and entertainment this is Stevens at this point news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Good point 704 I'm Steve Macintosh. I'm Ted -- coming -- -- local news to tell you about a fire in Caldwell Kansas. Southeast high school student was critically injured late Thursday morning when he was hit -- -- SUV near the school the fifteen year old boy was crossing edge Bork. But he was not using a crosswalk. Police Sargent Bruce Watson says they've had problems in the past with students' day walking. The kids employees across book. Johnson wrecked -- -- got to wait an extra couple seconds for it to change so and they don't want away. USD 259 spokesperson confirming the -- is a freshman at southeast. Now let's take a look at the -- first alert forecast here on a Friday morning with meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Good morning gentlemen we are starting things off bit will call it warmer than yesterday no -- to deal with highs -- air temperatures right now on the low forties. We're shooting for 66 this afternoon so a touch warmer than yesterday and a lot windier. We'll see south -- say fifteen to 35 could see some gusts approaching forty miles per hour this afternoon in which stock. With mostly sunny skies overnight tonight we get to forty degrees still breezy tonight overnight lows of forty when you wake up tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. High temperatures near 64 winds coming down lots of sunshine mostly sunny right on the Sunday with highs near 62. Currently sitting at 41 south winds already at fifteen under mostly sunny skies as the sun comes up tomorrow and parts of rural. -- it is pheasant hunting season and what can they expect out there any any spots were gonna have a lot of -- nicer thing to do their own eyes stated it's actually very very. Thank you frank. And it's a course should -- year old is frank wall with her cake for solar forecaster. Firefighters from several agencies battled a restaurant fire in downtown Caldwell. But fire broke out yesterday afternoon the last chance bar and grill on main street -- will fire chief pat York tells cake. For the damages on the floor and upper floor welcome -- for. Let's elect say this time it's more investigation done on. -- York says the fire was quickly contained but one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion no other injuries reported a massage parlor worker has told a federal judge she plans to plead guilty for her role in a sex trafficking scheme. Link to Asian massage parlors in Wichita but document file Thursday by the attorney for -- seeing T on. Notifies the -- plans to plead guilty have a trial scheduled to begin next week. The move with lead massage parlor owner Gary -- and his wife -- as a remaining defendants -- face jurors. There are accused of conspiring to recruit women from around the country to come to Wichita and work -- massage parlors then coerced them into prostitution. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. City leaders are beginning to consider the future of the convention business for Wichita City Council member Janet Miller tells Kate and as -- news. We're very very early in the decision making process. Looks like we couldn't we could recreate an additional thirty million dollars annually in economic impact in our community is that something we want to do if we do. How would we go about it -- -- plans include renovating -- to more possibly tearing it down in favor of a new structure. The distinctive blue dome it's been part of the Wichita skyline since 1969. Some people love it -- Other people feel like it's sort of us space ship gets us. November is American diabetes month which custody -- remembered Jeff Long Will -- on the local diabetes corporate leadership board -- will tell stay in -- use our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes Jeff Long Will our guest this weekend and issues Tony thirteen Sunday morning at eight song came ancestor -- a podcast on our web page. Case in SS radio dot com all right 70 right now right minutes past 7 o'clock. Stevens -- in the morning here are Friday must look at trafford legit chambers but right now things are moving along pretty well in traffic we've got to a decent conditions this morning it's a little. Little windy out there but other than that conditions very nice no frost on the windshields this morning so. Didn't have to worry too much about that gasoline prices today down six cents a gallon. A six -- Since yesterday huge drop that really -- 289. A gallon here in Wichita this morning if he's got a better price. Where you see traffic type -- -- calls at the traffic hotline that number 43613. Thirty. Georgina -- weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees clear tonight overnight low forties Saturday sunny tomorrow night. 64. So good weather. Tora -- having to butter for running we've got to run we're going to be doing tomorrow morning partly cloudy now. Southward to fifteen miles per hour 41 degrees at K and SS. 52709. Stevenson say we're going to be doing a run actually Ted and I will be every ceding -- the the goings on. At the up the inspire hope run. I think it's the fourth annual it's going to be to waterfront thirteenth and Webb starts it. An 8 K at 9 o'clock and then there's a one mile at 1015 and if you're competitive runner there's -- 500 dollars in prize money. And it's all. It's the inspire hope it's all to benefit Pyrenees hope foundation. So you like c'mon -- you still have time to do that also feel like some more information there website does it inspire hope run dot com inspire hope run. Not count that is tomorrow morning in -- are going to be there looking -- seventy and now 10 minutes past 7 o'clock here receive a debt. Andy coming up here in about an hour from I want to talk about this a little bit because we've been talking the past few minutes about pheasant hunting tomorrow morning folksonomy get net. -- Oleg there over derelict. There on the lawn across the parking lot. And Dracula -- so there great big old d.s while -- anyway. What us tonight yes a black can't run across from the window today. This is this is by wildlife update you see the last time he saw some -- was -- critter was a great big rats. Gas a big rat the other day and I should be a black can't tell Arnold the shepherds that are hired a -- to take care of the rampant that can be the story. But did his pheasant hunting season beginning tomorrow and the folks at Seattle or Kansas and about an hour from now we're gonna talk with Ron Kaufman of the Kansas department of wildlife parks and tourism. In Bernard about pheasant hunting season now it's 7-Eleven Stephen 10 in the morning and we have an interesting story. Developing about a woman who went missing for nearly ten years. And I -- was found recently Jim Ryan RA BC news correspondent Dallas Fort Worth this morning Jim what were they find this woman that. It's been metric are you turn up somewhere in Mexico she came -- -- so Wisconsin which. At sixteen years old she better man at a party currently at 42 year old man. Who ordered Burton to go in with him to Mexico a lot of family church. The cell phone call she made to her sister are saying that this may have wouldn't be -- that -- what bill what rebel all. Now are not years later. Are scrambling has finally been reconnect with their party McAllister is certainly machine now has three children she's twenty -- here's hole. And eventually is going back to Wausau Wisconsin. We'll tell what was the story on the the manager did -- didn't help bridge he kidnapped a better and our luck this thing -- and in no -- wasn't to Cleveland or wherever what about. But -- essentially that you speak to Casey drug Turkey repeatedly beat her according to this or what she's told that to the police. They are looking for -- -- in Mexico these water donated our separate chain where chart just separate case of first degree sexual assault. Thought she went from that boyfriend to another port French. Thought it was buried to a bad in this millions she now Barry to supports were returned back to Wisconsin. Exposition that she belonged back with her family. This is one of those. Bizarre stories Jim that Dennis Simmons animated TV movie out of it I guess -- I'm sure our hard already take you coach -- a bit probably rolls keep. -- d.s and even be able to interview her on the media anything like that. Not yet know the national center for missing years and exploited children World Cup attracted dubbed this year the woman actually reached. Had taken a new identity living in Mexico she's now has her three children one of them wonders what year old old. That you talked to medical staff at the hospital where she delivered. That medical steps. -- according to a -- together and that's when Nesbitt the center for missing children must contact. What a bizarre story all right Jim thanks for capitalism this morning -- ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan Dallas four words that that is a weird. Weird and wacky story right there right just 713 and it and it occurred to me. Over the past few hours of the past couple days actually. That better -- coming up Monday in a lot of people out there you but you're gonna take a three day weekend. For veterans say that that's sounds great. I got word here from the folks at mining key. The of my key car care centers at -- -- -- Carter Center will offer free oil changes. To active or retired service people and their spouses. I guess it's been it's Monday. So there you know excellent -- good way to honor. Some folks -- very practical way and also avoided mentioning in the third going to be a special music presentation. And which sought chapter of the American guild of arsonists. We'll present a musical extravaganza a salute to veterans -- that's going to be held at First United Methodist Church 330 north Broadway here in Wichita. The program that will be offered as a benefit for Kansas on her flight -- Which ends Kansas veterans to Washington DC to visit to their respective war memorials now the event admission for adults will be ten dollars at the door. Veterans and students will be admitted free of charge and donations will be accepted. After the programmer reception will be held in the gathering space in front of the sanctuary. So that's going to be -- -- all kicks off that 7 o'clock. Monday evening that the United Methodist Church in downtown Wichita -- endurance and some veteran front yards -- get ready for veterans day irritated just 714 to Stephen did last that you actually you and your dad itself against. It was interesting that you went to a concert together. Tell us about that went down Maceda Glenn Miller orchestra at the orpheum downtown must not the Glenn Miller or towards -- -- long gone but did the music lives on as they say and -- several years ago I believe it was the same day and are the same group that Shelley and I saw in garrido would -- I think we didn't look at a little boy scout merit that and down. Gene Dickinson was involved -- that Monday. Five -- because warmer which Dutch -- -- comers guys anyway I saw the band and -- Absolutely enjoyed that's just how was it in the north is great I mean it acoustics are pretty good sound fantastic. You get those four trombone on. Medals for trumpets behind him it's -- sounds great you today's music it seems that all the music that I hear. Popular music is. Pretty much done with computers and program and whatnot these guys stand up there with the horns in the drugs and they go crane there and a seller had a blast that it's home it's fun. I don't get like I was should've been there and then when you're hearing in el -- in the mood in Chattanooga Choo -- and and moonlight serenade I mean that's just take your right Max seven years bill right smack in the middle World War II that's that music is so evocative well -- of that time period we weren't there but we know all about it from our parents. Then you know what I'd like sea org my and my grandkids -- be exposed this -- is great news. Andy what is -- like that it's even better -- -- well and a great thing about a was the the jazz band at Goddard Eisenhower high school there's younger generation they opened up the show -- kind of -- -- -- and they join him on stage for the young -- at the end and held it in the -- together so you have these the Glenn Miller orchestra there Foreman with these high school gave his great health at a ball. All right damn glad you guys get to go to -- is a fun. Today's Friday November 8 on the state in 1994 midterm elections resulted in Republicans winning a majority. In the senate. -- the same time gaining control of the house for the first time in forty years. They should ignore Lloyd is 99 he was on TV yes it elsewhere so be an -- elsewhere usually dead poet's society was the savage who were in saboteurs and Hitchcock movie he's the villain in a Hitchcock went out he was good -- good actor but. CBS newsman Morley Safer 82. Alfre Woodard is 61 Desperate Housewives Oscar nomination for cross creek and 83 to eighteen not eat that Emmy nomination my -- Birthdays today -- hoarding. Our problem promotions director Bradley is going to be celebrating a birthday Sunday yes Bradley at. To give a lot of stuff yeah he does. Doctor Chris mower. -- had a birthday today my dermatologist no boy as a local celebrity death. I'm gonna send him something not not really he's -- among running doctor -- happy. Birthday today I had. Jim Gallagher -- -- common employee she works at KEY agent Laurie joy with KUN -- haul down the -- she is a former miss Kansas. And I told her Kim I remember when your -- Kansas and no long time ago. I'm sure she appreciates that -- Nancy took a swing at beat Jim Geiger had a birthday tonight at 770 in. -- to -- the morning divers Schwartzman Ted Woodward and I don't know if we have time for dentists she hoard all the sports and here that's going Albany gonna make -- why now -- try. Course the Kansas City Chiefs have the week off after playing for nine straight weeks and nine straight wins they are nine and no the only unbeaten team atop the NFL standings and one hour from now will discuss the chiefs and they're nine and oh start to play by play voice he's -- whole -- join us an hour from now. For a weekly chat college football tomorrow you've got Kansas on the road visiting number fourteen Oklahoma State T was a 31 point underdog going into this one. The US lost 26 straight conference games the Kansas head coach Charlie Weis says nevermind that. This team all re very remembered by what happens in the next four games. -- will not be remembered where -- you are right now. We're 216 right now. It'll be remembered for the oldest you'll remember what happens in the next four games. The cowboys have won four in a row and they are marking the 25 anniversary of Barry sanders' Heisman Trophy season tomorrow in Stillwater. Live coverage of the jayhawks and Oklahoma State at 130 tomorrow afternoon that's on Sports Radio -- FH. 12:40 AM 987 FM. Kansas State is also on the road tomorrow visiting number 25 at Texas Tech. K state head coach Bill Snyder -- team coming off back about. When this thing gradually recognize the value. Doing those things doing the right way of knowing that. Down the road to authors a pay off for work that is positive things will happen to replicate certain things consistently. Over a period of time. K state has yet to win on the road this season Texas Tech is coming off back to back losses that game will take up at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning nationally televised on ABC. Got a big division two game here in the state tomorrow in Emporia two top ten teams tenth ranked undefeated Emporia State hosting number two undefeated northwest Missouri. I will be at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Emporia that's a big one. Emporia State has lost eighteen years and eroded northwest Missouri who tried to snap that tomorrow. Sixteenth ranked French university has its home finale tomorrow all the falcons hosting ninth ranked Ottawa great match up tomorrow and west Wichita that'll pick up 130 tomorrow afternoon both teams tied atop the -- -- along -- eighteenth -- sterling sterling going for its seventh win in a -- tomorrow -- southwestern. Also fourteenth ranked -- posting -- -- go football Sunday in -- radio it's a joke a regional championship game sixth ranked Butler community college hosting eighteenth ranked Hutchinson community college. These teams met in a six overtime game just two weeks ago an elder radio Sunday they'll rematch the -- regional championship Dennis Higgins has live coverage. Of did you go regional championship game from old Laredo starting at 1 o'clock on Sunday and that will be on KFH. High school football playoffs action tonight all over the state tonight and tomorrow. Right here on tape and -- tonight we have taken not -- hosting a liberal in the opening round of the 58 playoff success the stadium. And that's the rest DX four KMC football game of the week I'll have live coverage of that beginning at 630 tonight right here on TMS yes. High school boys soccer we're down to the final four in all classes derby bishop Carroll taken on karma McPherson and rose hill all the chances to win state titles in boys' soccer. Speaking of soccer -- Wichita B fifty -- played their first ever franchise home game tomorrow night at Hartman arena hosting the Illinois highest saw. The first ever home games the B fifty -- is tomorrow night. The Wichita thunder hockey team has a home game tomorrow night 705 downtown hosting the Missouri mavericks. Soccer volleyball team is home tonight and tomorrow night at Coke arena second place shocker hosting third place Illinois State in tomorrow night's match. And you've got the season debuts for Wichita State TU and K state men and women's basketball teams all six of them opening up up their seasons this weekend. Great it's a lot of sports content sports is -- -- it for your pleasure and that's -- and a sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bullseye Wichita dot com be -- shoot safest bull's -- shooting range at fourteen of 55 north terrorists -- -- mentioned that. -- go regional championship game and held Laredo on Sunday between Butler and Hutchinson I've got two pairs of tickets to giveaway that game right now to look. Listener wants some call me out for 3613 thirty I'll give those to -- number three and four -- 722 announced. Even -- in the morning to Rush Limbaugh morning update getting ready port 2014. 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Small margin. 2012. And older -- open seven days a week. Sunday noon until time. -- donor named Johnson and his team for a winning in deal land. Any time at 45 west Jill long. I already knew go west Hank Johnson in the first flu shot says. -- -- 72060 content in the morning and Freddie are thirteen thirty K and -- here Friday let's check traffic when did chambers of well traffic moving along right now is get some areas of high traffic volume but -- highways look at it. -- pretty good right now at this time he gasoline prices slipping. Better than they have for quite awhile now down six cents a gallon today we are that. 289. A gallon here in Wichita that slower than gasoline prices have been for quite some time to 89 here in which itself. Georgia says weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees south wind at fifteen to 35 miles per hour clear tonight the overnight low forty. Saturday sunny tomorrow -- 64. Al Horford caught myself went to fifteen miles per hour and 41 degrees at KNS past. Whether he's brought to you by Wesley rehab hospital an affiliate of health -- the largest provider of inpatient rehab in the US located on west thirteenth. Across from northwest high school Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care coming appears on the half hour was -- head on the morning. Shouldn't hit by SUV near southeast time. Okay now that the off year elections cycles out of the way it's time to gear up for the 2014 mid terms and judging strictly. My how many seats they have to defend the Democrats are vulnerable in theory and don't lose their majority in the senate Republicans again and theory. Should be in a strong position to maintain their house majority. Now for millions -- fourteen is the first chance to hold politicians accountable since obamacare really started to hurt. That includes every one who got a cancellation letter from their insurance company it includes younger workers fired from their full time jobs who. Now can only work 29 hours or less and seniors who lost their doctors part of the damage done to Medicaid not to mention those. Who thought their health care bill would drop by 2500 dollars. Now some Democrats see the handwriting on the wall and start to worry senator Mary lamb grew up for reelection is sponsoring a new bill. To make insurance companies cancel all the cancellation letters they sent two people. And give them their old health care plans back. But her senate leader isn't on board when asked about bringing -- is bill up for a vote Dynegy Harry's response why is. We'll have to see if she can take it to the -- Rick dingy Harry. There's one thing easy to see in time for Tony fourteen who gave us this Obama care debacle Democrats did not one Republican voted for it's yours you own it. 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Good morning 730 -- -- -- -- Ted Woodward just 41 degrees looking for a high today of 66. The southeast high school freshman was injured when he was struck by an SUV near the school that happened Thursday morning and -- an edge or just south of Lincoln. Robin Reeves tells -- news she witnessed the accident. To voice -- flying out. As if they were chasing each other or else just excited. And I'm thinking oh I hope they say he was stopped and about that very same moment the one -- live right in front of the suvs that was right for me. And the boy was hospitalized in critical condition we do not have a traffic -- -- would -- chambers Sheehan a three car accident this is on Seneca near Kellogg avoid that area on senator Keller right. The Kansas Highway Patrol and Stafford county sheriff's office continues seeking leads in the accidents that killed tow truck driver Scott Burton. Kansas law requires drivers involved in an accident resulted in injury death or damage to a vehicle or property. To stop and remain at the scene in Norris closest possible. Kansas statute state that won a person is involved in an accident which results in the death of any person it could be considered a level five felony. But until investigators -- the driver they can't began to find out whether the driver was acting reckless or if there was mitigating circumstances. Meanwhile Stafford county crime stoppers is offered a 1000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the case. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. A Wichita woman has received probation for a drunk driving crash that killed her six year old son in January. Prosecutors and defense attorneys recommended a sentence given to 31 year old crystal Ross she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence which is punishable by up to three. And a half years in prison. This just in -- -- US employers added 204000. Jobs in October unemployment rate rises. To seven point 3% to the added a lot of jobs but the unemployment still rate still went up to seven point 3%. Should bush does mid continent airport be renamed some citizens are suggesting the airport be named after one of the State's most prominent citizens Dwight Eisenhower. City Council member Janet Miller tells -- SS news. If we were going to do that now's the perfect time because we'll have a new brand new terminal opening happens when he fifteen. And you don't get a chance to do that very often is so if we're gonna change the name now would be a good time. The City Council decided to form a committee to consider renaming the airport a new report shows that Kansas students continue to score slightly higher than national average on reading and math exams. The national assessment of education progress results were mixed though they show that Kansas fourth graders reading scores dipped from 224. In 2011. 223. This year that is above the national average score of 221. November is American diabetes month which -- City Council member Jeff Long Will serves a local diabetes corporate leadership board. Serves on the board -- tells came -- as an excuse some ethnic groups are more susceptible. To diabetes and. Others African Americans are. Almost twice as likely as others to them come down -- diabetes don't fully understand. Why then is yet but certainly that. That is significant when you look at those that are -- -- afflicted with this. Disease Jeff Long -- against this weekend and issues Tony thirteen Sunday morning at eight on king and his sister's -- guest on our webpage came in -- radio dot com. -- is just national news time 734. Doesn't the Labor Department the October jobs report US employers added 204000. New positions last month. That is more than economists had predicted they were saying just 123000. The unemployment rate now seven point 3% that is a slight uptick from seven point 2% in September. Those numbers affect -- a little bit at least by last month the government shut down subject of a new report from the white house budget office. The official budget autopsy of the government shut down tells taxpayers what they don't want to hear. They've lost two to six billion dollars in productivity. And revenue the government would have. Collected ABC news White House correspondent and content. Secretary of state John Kerry headed to Geneva where there could be a deal to ease economic sanctions on Iran in return for caps on that country's nuclear program. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a historic mistake. In the Philippines still hard to assess the damage from typhoon high -- communication is cut off to parts of the country hit the hardest. Scott Goldberg ABC news channel 35 Stephen -- in the morning and another reminder that the inspire hope run east tomorrow at the waterfront thirteenth and web. 18 at 9 o'clock in the one mile at 10152500. Dollars in prize money if you're one of those really serious. Runners and -- then amazing after party that's tomorrow. It all starts at 10:9 o'clock ten -- and I of course will be there to help end emceed the event it's a fund raiser for the -- is hope foundation. It's 735 we Stephen -- -- we are going to a place a phone call now to what -- co workers this is probably the easiest way to do it. Kim starter is having -- did today can't -- and forced to co host of all 200 radio show. On KUN just down the hall I thought this would be the best way to do it. Andre and that's what we got a -- that point the -- I don't know music content -- you Genesee river in tiger -- why -- I -- to protect you don't know what's gone on is is -- back in such Stevens head and we wanted to talk to -- if we make this morning at -- I'm not scared that day -- -- hello are you you're having your birthday today right. Yes well first of all happy birthday and he rates February 9 could you tell wished me happy predicting it was my understanding though that you brought some cinnamon rolls I have not been able to find the media. So I haven't put an okay is that all your calling for a -- Not put my cinnamon roll out yet and you can keep your little grubby hands off of them. Well and -- the back to didn't let's talk a little bit about the fact that you miss Kansas and you really really he should have -- Miss America okay that was you -- my book again this is yeah. -- Okay this is Steve but you know that. Was that was a long time ago to. Have gotten a little long in the future is that what you're -- I -- feeling even better now. From my my my but you're not -- him as young woman you were accustomed to parading around in front of thousands of people semi nude and now you've gone into radio. Mad because networks -- yeah. It's been it's this is just a yes I'd like I have nothing really maddening little newly diagnosed. I wanna -- yes -- -- you've got like 101000 shows with your partner yeah how has he put up with you this fall time. He's he's just loving caring person -- -- Well. Heads as the Entercom radio -- our company -- very generous with the employees had in Denver daytime or have they offered you any thing in a way of may be some extra cash or -- -- today. In -- think that they were gonna give me a and back -- if you -- a huge raise they fit for my birthday because I've done so well. You know what you know I work with Don and a whole opera that do you think I -- on all several years ago. And if there's any money in this building don's got a -- Erupted in the poverty arrest of a -- now we're just dig a hole and then they'll cut out. Seriously give thanks do -- year year -- this -- have in the building every morning -- great -- needs a good to have you with us and happy birthday to you angry -- -- say thank you and I know -- department and a -- that the only reason you -- -- -- did you really don't hustle up a little bit. Just -- a good -- tied up on October the 25 there was. October the twenty since all the deadbeat but a report. Always say -- -- on the other have been Margaret. What's happened since I think it has night I don't think politely but I don't and I don't agree it's not simple fact is I don't care about you done that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our right to go ahead. Hate to radio station on -- we were on K one and live right and do you have any idea I don't know my iGoogle look -- Donald's got a guy he'd probably take advantage of any situation seventh street and now is Stephen dead and -- it is. Kim's birthday and which happy birthday to her what else is gone all I would tell you that coming up at 8:10 this morning. Ron Kaufman is going to be this from the Kansas department of wildlife parks and tourism. To talk about pheasant hunting season it begins tomorrow across Kansas and our understanding is it news -- maybe a little up. Maybe fewer birds this year because of the drought and -- we'll find out -- gonna have the story forest Janelle. When you get out and play in parts of western Kansas this time a year and pheasant hunting of course is a big part of their economy -- come out their men and women I'm sure. Come out there to shoot the birds and you gotta stay some -- got to eat meals and it's it's grapefruit for many of those rural areas. It to you to economic boom out there I think people come from other states as well to hunt Kansas begins. Pretty good pheasant hunting territory anyway wouldn't cover Ron Kaufman that comes up at 8:10 this morning you were Stephen -- and don't forget at 815. Our weekly visit with Mitch -- as the voice of the Kansas City Chiefs always a treatment will be -- at 815. This morning -- -- 740 Stephen Ted coming up we've got The Osgood File lessons from the war to end all wars and traffic and weather on the way Stephen tat news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Are you tired of having water spots never seem to clean -- we're dry itchy skin or how about clothes that never seem to be soft after the come out of the dryer here and -- this -- offer a variety of water -- options extension -- and your budget -- -- -- offers water soft -- water filtration systems and RO purification systems and data release -- called today and 94501. -- seven to disguise your water -- needs and remember to let -- -- -- -- -- release of your plumbing problems license number 1542. 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The overnight low forty Saturday sunny tomorrow's high 64. Now partly -- south -- at fifteen miles per hour 41 degrees at KE NN assess. Coming up we've got bill -- -- business journal update the business journal looks at incentives this morning seem content news radio thirteen thirty KM -- The Osgood File sponsored in part by auto -- in shorts with no problem people visit owners dot com -- -- good. On her earlier broadcast author Margaret MacMillan told us this far from being the war to end all wars as president Woodrow Wilson called World War I. It was actually the war that ended peace. That is the title of her -- new book on how Europe stumbled into a catastrophe with unintended consequences for us to this very day. The consequences of natural -- -- customary long shadow indeed. More estimates. 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Parliament Melanie author of the war that ended -- is not saying that history repeats itself. I don't think history repeats itself to cover repeat itself exactly but there are certainly strong parallels. One thing does lead to another though and sometimes causes another which causes yet another. And that way World War II was caused by a World War I I suspect without the first world war we would not have had nazism in Germany. The first world war ended in -- -- defeat which the Germans found very very difficult to accept. And Hitler and Nazis were able to make great play with the dictation peace how unfailingly being treated and it really helped them get into power. World War I was also factored in the Cold War that -- World War II. Tracts of Margaret MacMillan. I think it's possible to argue that without the first world war we wouldn't -- had communism in Russia. And we think of the consequences of that I mean communism in what became the Soviet Union until the end of the 1980s. You would have had I think the Cold War between the Soviet Union United States. We stumbled into a catastrophic third world war. Something not because countries -- so interdependent now. It's a global economy. But if you look at what was that before 1914 the world was linked together integrated more through investment trade and and communications and it really was going to be a game until the 1990s. So globalization. Doesn't necessarily bring greater harmony and peace of the world. Government -- book is the war that ended. Peace. Osgood file Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. She -- -- the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- whether he told an applicant pretty good for tonight's football at tomorrow's football and new weekend's football it. And there's an -- -- -- you wanna do this weakens it's going to be pretty doggone nice. But in the Pacific a different story one of the most powerful tycoons ever recorded the has slammed into the Philippines setting of landslides knocking knocked out power and and cutting communications in the country's central region at least two people have been killed. Weather officials say typhoon high on the had sustained winds of 147. Miles per hour gusting to 170 miles per hour when it made landfall today now. That is of course hurricane force wind that is that is tornadic wind sustained. You talk about people -- got -- tornado. And get hit by a -- mile an hour 152 -- mile an hour wind. We're now hearing reports that there may have been some gusts up to a 190. Plus miles per hour. -- -- with his typhoon down there in the Philippines in the South Pacific we think we have storms here in -- that we do we have via a little storms -- tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that. -- nothing like that typhoon down there and Asian nothing like these hurricanes with sustained winds up to Harden 5200 miles per hour again. As I said though it looks like a pretty doggone nice weekend shaping up. 4:0 Wichita and south central Kansas for just about a that you wanna do outdoors. We had a big drop on Wall Street Thursday the Dow down 153 points NASDAQ down 74. S&P down 23 let's take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal record I'm Jennifer Kushinka. Job creation accelerated in October raising the prospect that the labor market may be strengthening enough for the Fed to start pulling back it's easy money seed money policy soon. Payrolls advanced by 204000. -- cam Erica Bankrate dot com says there were several surprises in this report. We got a better than expected number there overall and then we got the previous month to -- higher actually two previous months up to the tune of I think a total of 60000 so on balance -- better than expected report. The nation's unemployment rate rose slightly to seven point 3% from seven point 2% due to the government shut down. Disney says it will release its new Star Wars film on December 18 2015. About a half -- later than expected the delay is significant since the movie's release isn't only expected to generate massive box office revenue. But a number of toys and other merchandise -- also posted a profit in its latest quarter of one point 39 billion dollars. -- -- Wall Street features are a bit lower this is the Wall Street Journal report. Seventy DJ now -- 10 in the morning news radio thirteen thirty kaine -- says -- which to business journal looking at incentives today let's find out more. With the editor of the business journal mr. bill -- good morning bill. Good morning -- yeah for every dollar in economic development incentives Wichita issues it expects a return of a dollar thirty that's a higher return on investment requirement in many cities and it doesn't always align with our. Efforts to create more jobs. That requirement can make it difficult for -- and even -- officials to compete even with -- other cities in Kansas. While elected officials we talked to say they really don't want it would eliminate the one point 321 requirement. It helps the city remain accountable for spending tax dollars there may be another option in the leadership council form of the Wichita metro chamber of commerce. Is talking about a little money that comes from private funding that wouldn't have as many as restriction sets -- cover story in today's Wichita business journal this week we honored 41 Wichita area attorneys. Who were named the lawyers of the year they ranked highest in the peer review rankings of the best lawyers organization. We feature those 41 attorneys and a special publication for subscribers in today's paper. And we've listed dozens of attorneys made the separate best lawyers list she can also find them on the web. And on over the Wichita business journal dot com follow us on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect with a -- Linkedin for the latest local breaking business news for K and -- and the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Bill loaded you probably -- see those those banquets in lunches that you guys who for what the -- -- things and -- -- yes or. Did you do -- lord your jokes I'm just curious about this car really didn't but what I did do I I wanted to see how many trial attorneys were in the audience as I -- walked up. To the stage I yelled out all rise. And didn't work now and not work. Written English that looked at me a few people chuckled when one of the what are lawyer urged my left -- to the eleven judge jokes you're I don't know you but I think you have probably account. -- that journalists jokes that lets you -- -- tell you what those are always a -- and they are all reliable and unique in anything you wanna talk about our allies and -- journalist or that dental work every time out every time our thanks. You better look at the again now the next hour senator cries wolf about wolves details coming up with Stephen did also. Another thousand dollar cash call code words coming up before the top of the hour Stephen and news radio thirteen 38 and assess. 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Credit success secrets revealed works no matter what your current situation where you've had bad credit never had credit are looking for some business credit or any type of credit. Please call 80568. Point 60. We don't take any personal information your personal information is way too valuable to trust to a third party -- our website the dozens and -- credit success secrets -- -- step by step what to place into the financial computer systems that control your credibility in the marketplace today we practically fill -- forms for -- -- success secrets -- -- 100% of the time home now 805688960. That's -- 10568 feet and 6805. Succeeding on sixty. Keep him in the morning it's not the boy who cried wolf but the state senator a Michigan legislators now apologizing for his full story. Republican senator Tom -- person says there was false information about the sighting of wolves outside a day to daycare center in his resolution. Seven measure urges congress to strip gray wolves of endangered species protections -- had his facts wrong. Good an injury accident recorded near east high school Tony 300 block of east Douglas on the south side of the building there an injury accidents. -- -- sports and then also you've got -- -- this Howard a 35 we're gonna talk about on the blue today Ted do we got a movie review you're going to want to hear pretty good stuff and a couple movie anniversary stills -- that the -- 351000. Dollar cash call on -- and -- as Wichita this hour's work is free EF REE. Free -- al-Qaeda has radio dot com. Slash cash. Thirteen thirty top story student yet by SUV near southeast high school details of that story and all the local news right after ABC world news at the top of the hour. Tickets at a sporting news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Wichita 41 degrees at 8 o'clock. I'm Scott Goldberg the October jobs report is out and it is much better than expected the government says. 204000. New jobs were created last month that's far more than almost any economist at forecast the impact of the government shut down last month apparently did little or nothing to slow down the labor market. The estimates for new jobs created in August and September were also revised higher -- unemployment rate for October rose from seven point two to seven point 3% one reason hundreds of thousands of federal government workers who were temporarily laid off. Were counted as not having a job Richard Davies ABC news and -- stock futures are pointing lower out of concern the good news might make the Federal Reserve scale back its.

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