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Steve & Ted in the Morning 11/08/13 Hr 3

Nov 8, 2013|

Kansas Students Perform Better Than U.S. Average

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thursday morning when he was hit by an SUV near the high school in southeast Wichita. The fifteen year old boy was crossing -- more but he was not using a crosswalk but police Sargent Bruce watts says they've had problems in the past students jaywalking but kids are. -- -- -- -- Johnson because he got to wait an extra couple seconds for the change so and they don't want what. The USD 259 spokesperson confirmed that the teen is a freshman at south east. Now look at the cake first emerged forecaster -- meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Hey good morning guys were certain things up nice and bright here in which doubles the highs this afternoon out near 66 degrees. It is going to be a windy oneself wind fifteen to 35 could see some gas topping forty miles per hour. Overnight tonight clear and cool lows -- -- forty. South wind seven to fourteen free day on Saturday highs near 64. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this as we get good opportunity to do that aren't they consider have a go to meteorologist frank wall with a cake first alert forecast this morning. Firefighters from several agencies battle restaurant fire in downtown to Caldwell and southern Kansas. That fire broke out Thursday afternoon at the last chance bar and grill on main street. Caldwell fired chief -- York tells Kate news. For the damages on the lower and upper floor about the map for. -- all let's say this country gets more investigation done on. Chief George is a fire which quickly contain one firefighter treated for heat exhaustion. No other injuries reported -- A massage parlor worker has told a federal judge she plans to plead guilty for her role in a sex trafficking scheme linked to Asian massage parlors in Wichita. But documents filed Thursday by the attorney for shooting -- on notifies the -- -- plans to plead guilty have a trial scheduled to begin next week. The move would lead massage parlor owner Gary kids away and his wife Jan as a remaining defendants to face jurors. There are accused of conspiring to recruit women from around the country to come to Wichita and work -- massage parlors then coerced them into prostitution. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty Kate and assess. City leaders are beginning to consider the future of the convention business for Wichita. City Council member Janet Miller tells KN SS news we're very very early in the decision making process. Looks like we did -- we could recreate an additional thirty million dollars annually in economic impact in our community is that something we want to know if we do. How would we go about it. Possible plans include renovating century tube or possibly tearing it down in favor of a new structure. The distinctive blue dome it's been part of the Wichita skyline since 1969. Some people love it -- Other people feel like it's sort of us space ship gets us. November is American diabetes month Wichita City Council member Jeff Long Will -- to local diabetes corporate leadership board. Long Will tells Kate and assist news our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes Jeff Long Will our guest this weekend and issues 20:13 Sunday morning at eight on -- and assessor is upon guest on our web page. -- -- just radio dot com. 808 now Stephen 10 in the morning news radio thirteen thirty time for first look at traffic. -- chambers. And this morning personal wealth on the front -- look at I don't know where I disagree certainly like -- -- first look at -- 8 o'clock -- -- -- 300 block of east Douglas injury traffic accident they're there saying the south side of east high school yeah. Is what they're saying -- the soccer yeah the injury traffic accident there. We've also got an accident on senate can near Kellogg three vehicles involved -- that when a couple of places to. -- -- -- You can assess weather center forecast sunny and breezy today a high around 66 degrees clear tonight. Overnight low 47 and sunny tomorrow's high 64 great day tomorrow partly cloudy now. -- ended fourteen miles per hour 44 degrees chipping it was a beautiful day today everyone looks good and had to dole is what it's the right act. Now for expert advice in the perfect fit Canada -- meant Jack to the core of that the clock tower that is in delight all -- -- 601. West Douglas. Eight or nine now -- 2 in the morning we have been talking with -- meteorologist frank well about the weather across the state tomorrow and looks like it's shaping up to be one of those. Autumn days in Kansas with good -- very very nice day you know the temperatures going up into the sixties starting the day off from the probably the upper thirties or forties which means to me that did. As it -- -- thousand hunters get out -- about tomorrow morning they shouldn't be encountering some very very nice weather across Kansas. And this morning. We have a special guest with us -- who is -- with the Kansas department of wildlife parks and tourism Ron Kaufman is -- this morning Iran. Good morning this an exciting time of the year 400 because of that pheasant season cranks up tomorrow morning. Do you -- what's -- they can get out dignity they have to wait for sunrise fronts. -- -- and they -- right Rivera. And how it what's the deep in your estimation what's the best part of -- to go running -- and you say it. Well it'll actually very dependent on torture I think for. Overall statewide. -- game numbers are are going to be below average but there's going to be some hot spots up in. Northwest north central campus -- force presence for instance and and -- advocate life. You can find good pocket to Quayle in the Flint hills and important to southeast campus. You just gotta know mortal lock against. We look at it fewer fewer birds this year because of the of the weather in the drought and so forth. The drought has been. The severe impact force for the last couple years shelves over that's what -- numbers are down for the most part. You know the rain we had later this summer and really just came to light to help out with the domestic improving these in which occurred murdered here. That let's talk a little bit about day I don't know if you have figures on this but -- -- hundred do you think actually go out on the first day of the of the offense hunting season and in any idea here in Kansas. -- don't have those numbers don't we have hundreds of thousands of -- -- in the state we don't keep track that the purely of those two. Upland birds. We expect pretty good crowds. Now it and that's understandable idle day be hardest to be hard to count that many people but you know. It does have I I think people sometimes don't realize it does -- an impact. Well the rural economy and some of these smaller towns they they have visitors come out this timing here right. Oh you bet opening day of Oakland chamber -- is a big business and and effect throughout the entire city's most are our rural economies. -- to a great extent on. Hunters and anglers to. To help Alter their local purses. Now it this far as a bird season is concerned if it starts tomorrow and then this is this just fasteners and also quail tomorrow. It's seven Ben Quayle you -- run through January 31 next year. So it's going on for several months both can go out and -- are you got resilient as I'm sorry I haven't hunted for years is there. I -- and fishing you have limits certain limits or is there of the limit on around cutting. Yes the emblem on the species for veterans your daily bag limit is. Four of the talks and then your possession limit is four times that that they respect them for quail. -- Your daily bag limit is eight and then you can have four times that we're here for your possession -- -- no fear if you're a native -- and your offices and speak you're where you -- this morning that. Continue if you are New Delhi about dear I mean we had a motor vehicle -- Collision just on the south side of town this morning had another -- yesterday -- have just profligate in Kansas haven't. Here are doing quite well in many parts of the state what the white tailed deer and and particularly in -- Suburban areas where it's difficult to have any kind of hunting pressure reduce the population so. It's not surprising that you have. Your vehicle -- down there in Wichita area and rural areas. Total sings -- it's an animal who's pretty much is made friends with urban areas and end and they. They reproduce. Like rabbits don't. Well certainly camps. Deer coyotes bobcats. Quote flop open wall right and have smaller animals -- Are quite common but this is really the time of year when deer are very much more active and then I in the spring and summer and and -- about the same time that people are active going to and from work. So it's that we always urged caution -- -- years number of your vehicle crashes does does increase from peak in mid November -- Any or on the other morning it is is denies it was a week ago I was coming to hurt him long before sunrise and -- and one of our interstates here I want 35 and I saw like title run across my path. Here in town I -- MacKenzie coyote years this week that. Oh really well we're actually not that uncommon earned him a suburban areas and then listen rod thanks for your time this morning we appreciate answer. You're welcome -- here Ron Kaufman Kansas department of wildlife and parks and tourism and talk about the the bird seasons -- to my fist and Quayle had forgotten about quail the kids that season goes until January 31. And so that hunters are going to be taken off tomorrow and again I have an impact they have an impact on our candidacy county Indiana underestimated there 814 now with Stephen -- and tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. We have the yep -- in the inspire hope run to beat the waterfront at thirteenth and Webb road starts at 9 o'clock and eight KE. And then a one mile at 1015 single out for fun or what everyone there but that's tomorrow and it started since it's in the fund raiser for air and his hope foundation. Ted Woodward and I will be there for those who are serious runners. 2500 dollars in prize money tomorrow tip my will be there and AM seats and then tell whether some great Chal there's an amazing after party every year. And -- and -- if we have time we'll stick around for some of that -- -- -- understand that our good friend Mitchell does is standing by right now ago -- you do the honors. Well of course it's our time for a weekly chat with -- brought to you by the good folks at American Agha credits and that they are fantastic minority I already spoke -- one of the guys man. Trader earlier this live up and has a -- Heston listens to a so I was good to talk to him but. Roger early -- Rogers listen to us but admit she's here we are the -- weekend. Start the thing about some of the things you in you talked about to our listeners back in August during the next during the training camp and boy it's them it's been an amazing two and a half months -- Canvassers for Carly moderates in the NASCAR event that you come in for sport player change. This is a major could stop basically. And he says truck down. He brought the guys in Monday some had some Tuesday morning obligations but it and that he pretty much support for weeks. Insert to get away from -- so that's what they're doing it's -- Opinion yet to reflect and look back at an amazing nine weeks. Which goes all the way back toward daily training camp reports and -- -- the way deeper purpose stream what he's done physically whip somebody's going to be them psychologically and emotionally what some. There's been nothing short of what the one of the great stories in NFL history it's not a recent years of all client because we boarded documented no teams over the -- in the history really gone from worst and nine and I'll. After nine weeks the next -- senior. -- in any successful cedar this season and you know and they have the big dance has been outstanding -- things look good -- do you. You have to have a few breaks to get to this point to be undefeated at this point this season. You have it it had sermon and the most notable and everybody seems to point out. Bill Phillips pointed out. Is we -- quarterback situation the other team. Basically in nine weeks. Four -- could argue for the half of those teams are parents are major quarterback situations. But it's also -- any good team electric current -- tier lower. Or whomever. Big make their own breaks. And that -- -- the huge break last week the biggest regular season so -- lose 100 yard interception return pressure on Smith. He was in the wrong place at the right time. But if you don't stop them on first and second down -- no luck involved at all and you don't get luck on third down so this team has also created a lot of -- -- -- I feel like your quarterback is it has a little more protection this year than last year what do you think. -- and better every week it struggled earlier are the first. Six and a half weeks I would say maybe seven. They've -- -- that the so XX suffered against Cleveland. What -- and the protection index or something that you actually very. Statistic that takes into account -- is knockdowns. Tax false starts -- or your offensive line and which you should still in the lower third what they're improving. And you can see just bit by bit by bit this year on the offensive line coming together and they'll need to be coming into the -- to the schedule. Miceli and go back to the end of last season coming off a terrible year yet the tees were well represented on at the Pro Bowl and there was something on which to build and that began the process. Changes were made in its changes that have paid off dividends. Excellent point to industry categories of guys on this team won the guys were here prior. Through 2009. When fuel is Haley took over than there's -- sixteen guys -- seven of those sixteen yards. There were picked up between 912 and in thirty new guys. And the reason for that I think it's important to bring that up. Was all of a 23 either we're here at the end of last year and specifically the seven or here even before pioli. We're all dedicated themselves and the Nazis and their purpose themselves. To become better players and people in the -- is open approach. Each one of those guys is better. Bieber what do you want to probe or lecture is better. That that's not always the case for the National Football League and that has been made primaries in what is seen as nine. You mentioned that going. NFL but does the the next seven weeks -- very interesting with the way the schedule plays out. -- a distinction in the clubhouse after nine holes with a one stroke where it. Can be big grip bully bit in that that this is -- I don't know if they'll pressure -- -- Michigan prospect of weeks from today. But this is a -- and -- team that has zero structure fiddle still he dropped a -- And yet they are going into the top part of the schedule but so is Denver. He's helped document the chief schedule very well local four weeks Denver figure -- India -- Sunday at San Diego. They're Apatow are home with the cheese they go to new England and then have to chase -- team in the league -- -- structure like that. So it's game on these guys don't mind that they don't feel the pressure. Third in the four tire change and get by record -- back on track. Yes there are a bit ahead that they don't care take -- -- challengers -- unique group. -- up and that's what makes it pretty fun every week to. Chronicle this team in to watch it grow and figure out what's going to happen the rest of oil that's been fun. Well that's that's not a likely shocker some question passable. I mean everybody to -- they didn't win the league. We're very animated and win the rally turned -- that's been -- people and all the sudden they Russian final -- the people like to think while this is just. Still though those were butchered to just put it game by game week by week month by month -- the way. It hit it and didn't care that was a very strong -- group. And so this team is -- -- the chiefs of Tony search universe somewhere that shocker basketball team of the year ago. The chiefs are joined by a week atop the league is the lone undefeated team in the NFL -- nine and no -- I must ask how does this bye week somehow related shocker football as part of our -- block let's soccer football Kansas City -- update. Very obvious sort of this one and that's the care city pop up -- hockey dentistry and I'm sure to do it everybody's on waiting you have what you gonna do with this one. The first -- Macintosh are you running tomorrow on the server. Now I'll be running before the event getting my usual worked out. OK very good stretch I -- those are available those are available on video we can order those that you -- -- on the tapes. All right it's actually 1950s. -- there yet. Spandex that's been -- up from Wichita where it still works and stop it because it's the single up from -- -- -- look at the here -- The 1954. Shocks or keep going back to them. But the fifty or -- and a lot of incumbents seem to agree with the 2013 cancer achieved jet pretzel coaching these cars -- -- course correction Wellington. -- -- -- -- But there were off to a rousing start infected kind of shocked the nation shocked. The nation's. They were the only undefeated team in the valley for now. Jim was saying and it does like that and surprise everybody in. Put -- in 92 to four by the way this was a good one for Macintosh was the first -- there was acumen will assure our. Maps get on the -- who was inspired by that but there -- the character will assure our. Which is done little more -- down the years but it never had a student put on the outfit so by which students should -- wouldn't do that there -- -- Kind of weird but anyway it's you don't why -- so this is first time the wood short prepared on the field well the team on the field response they start under cheated. What a great start -- -- well basically surprised everybody people wondering how project Mitchell's team watched. So during their bye week. They were fired up and people trying to figure out after the bye -- the first game was. Denver -- Denver yeah. Now let's hope that history doesn't repeat itself. Because it's wish Tucker were heavy favorites to blow out the immersed in Denver pioneers. Also since dropped -- -- yeah how the structure lost that game the only game that teen lost soul here at nine and one. And I don't know what hitting beautiful they want -- valley should've thought. Now I'll argue maybe -- up their -- sort of trying to find in my research at there -- some reason they're kept at a -- Brit but. For now undefeated by a week had to go to Denver didn't go so well. So you can have a team that's undefeated fired up as a -- we -- minister go to Deborah Feyerick. Question have a team -- the -- -- back in Denver the -- the player but that's another matter we'll take first things first gallantly time. Kids so all that the election bring it back said bring it back the. -- thanks for all your work so far this season enjoy the Miley can we'll chat again and next week on Friday morning. Well good looked at videos available 1999. Macintosh working out in his which telewest. Wrestling should put in an eleven on tomorrow archer rent so -- thank you -- Eat your heart out Mitch -- a short term so tell -- The -- Thanks -- they spent people that is Mitchell has our weekly chat with Mets brought to you by the good folks at American -- credits -- -- -- -- now -- into the morning time for look at traffic were dead chambers of. Couple of areas to watch out for bread -- at east high school with a knee injury traffic accident there Tony 300 block of east Douglas the -- happened on the south side of east high school over there now we've got to Seneca a second senate and near Kellogg three vehicle traffic accident. There's good news today though the gasoline prices down six cents a gallon today to 89 a gallon here in Wichita. You're Taylor -- weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees south wind at fifteen to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. -- tonight the overnight low forty. Saturday sunny tomorrow's high 64. Now partly cloudy itself but -- fourteen miles per hour 44 degrees and king and SS yeah. Coming refusal to half -- was Stephen -- student hit by SUV near southeast time. It. Your wallet or purse always makes this -- Hair. 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And I'm thinking oh I hope they say he was stopped and about that very same moment the one live right in front of the suvs that was right for me. The boy was hospitalized in critical condition. The Kansas Highway Patrol and Stafford county sheriff's office continues seeking leads in the accident killing us I told truck driver Scott Burton. Kansas law requires drivers involved in an accident resulted in injury death or damage to a vehicle or property. To stop and remain at the scene in Norris closest possible. Kansas statute state that won a person is involved in an accident which results in the death of any person it could be considered a level five felony. But until investigators locate the driver they can't begin to find out whether the driver was acting reckless or if there was mitigating circumstances. Meanwhile Stafford county crime stoppers is offered a 1000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the case. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- Wichita woman has received probation for a drunk driving crash that killed her six year old son in January prosecutors and defense attorneys recommended the sentence. Given to 31 year old crystal Ross. She pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence which is punishable. By up to three and a half years in prison. Should which doesn't cut an airport be renamed some citizens are suggesting the airport be named after one of the State's most prominent citizens Dwight Eisenhower. City Council member Janet Miller tells -- and SS news. If we were going to do that now's the perfect time because we'll have a new brand new terminal opening happens when he fifteen. And you don't get a chance to do that very often. So if we're gonna change the name now would be a good time City Council has decided to form a committee to consider renaming the airport. A new report shows at Kansas students continue to score a slightly higher than the national average on reading and math exams. The national assessment of education progress results were mixed though as they show that Kansas fourth graders reading scores. Dip from to 24 and 2011 to 223 this year the national average there. He's was 221. November is American diabetes month which atrocity council member Jeff Long Will -- on the local diabetes corporate leadership board. Long Will tell -- -- just use some ethnic groups are more susceptible to diabetes and others. African Americans are. Almost twice as likely as others to them come down -- diabetes don't fully understand. Why then is yet but certainly that I'm. That is significant when you look at those that are good -- afflicted with us. Can't -- national news time 833. The October jobs report. Isn't so dismal after all the government says 204000. New jobs were created last month that's far more than almost any economist at forecast. The impact of the government shot down last month apparently did little or nothing to slow down the labor market. ABC's Richard Davies and all those furloughed workers helped push the unemployment rate from seven point 227 point 3%. President Obama was headed to New Orleans today to make the case for more job creation saying it could come from the investment of more government dollars for big projects. Something Republicans have resisted. Secretary of state John Kerry is about to land in Geneva where he and other western leaders might drop a deal to limit Iran's nuclear program in return for a loosening of some crippling economic sanctions. Here in New York Rockefeller Center Christmas tree goes up today -- real -- of the season that the lights won't come on. Until next month. Scott Goldberg. ABC news at 834 -- 10 in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- 834. And tomorrow he's the -- -- that inspire hope front. A benefit for Aaron whose whole foundation starts at 8 at 9 o'clock the waterfront thirteenth through my broad. There's AM and eight K run then ended 1015 a one mile run 2500 dollars in prize money if you're one of those serious runners. And that you did have an amazing after party the merchants and restaurants they're for by the food it's it's it's sick it's a great deal and it's coming up tomorrow morning starts at 9 o'clock. Again -- -- foundation benefits from this and a tad warmer tonight will be there is MCA's tomorrow morning at the yup inspire hope run. It's 835 now Stephen -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and is less time for the blur that's entertainment news. With Ted Woodward -- -- -- -- perhaps what to start calling Rihanna the clean because she'd just too -- to benchmark reached by the king. Elbows and Rihanna really had nothing in common but now they do with her latest single monster collaboration and Eminem. She's scored her 25. Top ten hit on billboard's hot 100 tying Elvis out. Only seven artists in music history have more. Those seven are Elton John Janet Jackson Mariah Carey -- 27. Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson 28 The Beatles 34 and Madonna has the most with 38 while Rihanna though got to 25 faster than Madonna. Doing it in eight years and four months. Uninteresting and in numbers there Rihanna still cranking out the hit music. All right let's go to the movies a new movie called about time that's a romantic comedy opening today at time traveler falls in love the woman that finds that his ability can't helping with his problems. Irish actor. Dom knowledge Gleason and Rachel McCadam star in this movie about time. And it's from the folks -- previously brought you love actually nodding hill on four weddings and a funeral. I thought this firm's own but suddenly is the most valuable possession he really likes me even. My truck. Love fuel broke into my parents sent to. Friend I -- -- think think that if. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Undoubtedly. I think -- steady patter about to come over here a month now scenario last time I talked to my wife but Colorado and a and he spent Alex released Clara -- the store maybe I don't know understand how -- all right it's that's called -- -- time on the twelve years a slave expands into wide release today and that does about a black man pre civil war days -- Solomon who is enslaved for twelve years before media Canadian abolitionist. Played by Brad Pitt who changes his life here's a clip of that one. Yeah. -- You can stop the wind. You make yourself feel -- -- all you drowning him. That's twelve years a slice these -- pretty good reviews and now let's Gundy getting very good as always thank him. As we get closer to the fiftieth anniversary of the death of president John F. Kennedy later this month a new look at what led up to the assassination hits the small screen on Sunday. This is a very dangerous and uncertain world killing Kennedy stars Rob -- is JFK tells -- he spent hours listening to tapes of the president in order to get the voice just right I need to share it and I need security in my head looked like a song on the radio that you can't get out of here has we have strong and focused on one date in particular on JFK recording his diary and in the middle of -- and erupted by kids coming into the Oval Office hand he really get to see. Kim has he's a leader and then as a father killing Kennedy based on the Bill O'Reilly best seller air Sunday night on Nat geo Jason agents and ABC news Hollywood. If you wanted to CA us live theater this weekend -- checked out hound of the master bill's going on right now the forum theatre at 147 south hillside which shows tonight tomorrow and Sunday afternoon. Got a great three men cast that entirely perform the -- Sherlock Holmes story. And they had been it's a it's a comedy though they do pretty funny job of telling the whole story is very interesting how the basket bills. For Broadway veteran ray wills starring as Sherlock Holmes and then he's joined by a funny -- Kaufman and -- to more. Go see -- pound the master bills this weekend. Tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon at the forum theatre. And you want something tasty eat this weekend -- try -- congregation Emmanuel they're serving up their New York deli style deli dates fund raiser their annual fund raiser their on the east central. It's fantastic. And does what -- menu. Let's see on trailed you can get bloody on one of the menu options is that you get the corn beat the deli style corned beef sandwich multiple super -- -- salad. Tomato and cucumber salad Israeli style on -- -- brownie. Well I'd be glad to talk about the on the radio -- -- -- -- -- that's option one option to -- -- -- which is what I get the risk is -- laughter is applesauce -- -- Israeli tomato until cucumber salad and drew brown do with -- all the latest that's right now that's kind of congregation of a new dollar annual fantastic New York deli style dinner. And that is this weekend. 116. On Sunday Nellie did -- 116 on Sunday that's when I meet nonsense from. What does -- -- movie came -- again we would have talked about that if they had just given us some free food otherwise we wouldn't. The dumb -- forty years ago this weekend the release of the movie iceman Thomas. Four hour long movie he's the based on the Eugene O'Neill play of course directed by John Frankenheimer. -- -- the cast. Great cast Lee Marvin Jeff Bridges Fredric March Robert Ryan. Three of those guys are Oscar winners. And it was the last movie for both Robert Ryan and Fredric March who does that play into and of course Robert Ryan was a dying and he plays a character that's dying it's pretty poignant stuff who. Based on the very play I've done every seed that's about CNN it's pretty interesting it's a -- like a sense for hours long Josh yeah. And the one more there's a ton of Oscar buzz surrounding Matthew economy is moving to Dallas buyers club. Dallas buyers club takes place in 1985. Matthew McConaughey dropped nearly forty pounds to play -- -- -- a homophobic prostitute loving substance abusing cowboy. Whose -- out catches up to one group tested. Positive home or. -- -- It takes matters into his own hands they've got good men that the next go to hopefully transvestite named Rayon played by the remarkable Jared let -- they open at Dallas buyers club to help treat aids patients. Fifteen feet you. You start the -- and Leno get the performances of their lifetime and I think McConaughey Kate could win his first Oscar four and a half out of five stars. David Weinstein ABC news. I'm not a very cheery subject matter but I understand it's real good entertainment news in the laurel have more again on Monday next links to -- 41 now on 44 degrees. Keep it here for The Osgood File the music and babies here in the womb and traffic weather on the waste even ten news radio thirteen thirty -- in a sense. Traffic on news radio thirteen thirty can SS is brought to you by Conklin cars. I'm no great questions of the universe. Want easier than boiling a seven minute egg. Easy saving money on your next new car -- truck gets Conklin callers is a whole lot easier and you'll always find no pressure service in the best selection and great prices without silly gimmicks -- qualify as -- gotten. Right Jeff I'm Scott Conklin and come on man or visit us online and see how much you can say who. 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We're glad Katie and as a scare us. -- Osgood file on news radio thirteen thirty can SS is brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. 45 seated in the morning -- -- traffic and jet chambers but didn't isn't traffic today to 89 to gasoline prices down six cents. From what we were seen at this time yesterday so gasoline prices dropping quite a bit today. Nor can assess weather center forecast sunny and breezy today with a high of 66 degrees later this afternoon south printed fifteen to 35 miles per hour. Here tonight the overnight -- forty. Saturday sunny tomorrow -- 64 now partly cloudy -- -- fourteen miles per hour 44 degrees -- McCain and assess this weekend's weather shaping up good for pheasant hunting. Football whatever you wanna do. And attend the I understand it to the Beach -- -- company -- -- -- these boys will rock the holidays at Hartman arena on December 19 tickets go on sale at 10 o'clock this morning. At stage one tickets dot com. Select CD trade post locations the Hartman arena box office or calling 92739. And 99 check Hartman arena dot com for more info I've got two tickets to go to the Beach Boys concert lawyer right now the color number five at -- now it's 43613. Thirty and then I got two more -- -- next week -- so listen to Stephen -- for your chance to win tonight at 846 now I keep an -- for. Bill -- as Wichita business journal update the business journal looks at incentives Stephen tat news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Osgood file sponsored in part by BJ EC this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. Know most of -- love music and it turns out that our brains may be hard wired to do that even before were born per. Story after this from David Harris -- GC. We've been saying for some time the global anti semitism is on the -- is now additional data are available and it's worrisome. This week the European Union is releasing the results of the survey of nearly 5000 Jews and eight countries. Here are some of the findings. Over 40% of Jews in Belgium France and Hungary say they're considering emigrating because of anti semitism. Nearly half the respondents are worried about experiencing anti Semitic attacks in the next year. And almost a quarter say they avoid attending Jewish events out of fear. Where -- the anti semitism come from. Many respondents indeed as many as three fourths in France plane quote Muslim extremist views on quote others point to the extreme right and left. This is an intolerable situation. That the man stepped up action by European governments and now -- HTC will do our part. To learn more visit AJC dot org this is David Harris of AJC. Paid for by a JC. What do you remember from your days in a little. If your answer is nothing -- something that might make you reconsider experts at the university of -- and try to experiment. It's. They played that popular nursery tuned for babies still in the war home. And then have to -- board they played the song again and then measure the baby's brain waves. The conclusion is that the brains of the babies who -- -- tune before birth reacted much more strongly when it was played for them again just after they were born and again foremost later. So it seems the song had become part of a little longer term memories babies who hadn't been played solid did not react as much Stewart. The bottom lines but the experts -- these are capable of learning at a very young age and the effects of the learning remain apparent in the brig for a long time. That shows just how important education is even for the very very young. The experts also say. This could also mean unpleasant or noisy sounds might have an effect on babies and probably early go to. So there's certainly no harm -- playing some soothing music for moms and babies. I. Whenever they're babies get out of it -- the Houston to be mothers will get something good out of it too. The Osgood File I'll see you on the television come Sunday morning on CBS this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio -- I. Stevenson the point he's ready to thirteen thirty -- in -- -- -- the you know unless the -- about this morning this weather's just going to be. Really really nicest weekend for anything you do outdoors and I talked earlier. About the fact in my neighborhood Riverside -- -- The leagues are following the -- are down and the yards your flight get a feeling Saturdays going to be a busy day out there. With the people grab the breaks in the bags and go out there and start -- don't do a bag up the lead -- got as I always tell you I've got pine needles in my yard which are real pain it. But at some point I'll have to deal that I don't know of wealth now dividend this weekend and on -- -- other things that are. Our plate including the inspire hope run tomorrow morning -- into the water from the thirteenth in web broad. A big drop on Wall Street Thursday the Dow closing down 153 points NASDAQ down 74 S&P down 23. Now a single international business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can shake -- stocks are moderately higher than Dow Industrials up 27 at 15100621. The NASDAQ is up 22 the S&P 500 up five. -- -- charts of the streets says after take some time to absorb all of the data Wall Street's moving higher on the jobs report but it wasn't all cheers at 830. Initial reaction when that's topical off because of course every and we get good news about the economy there's the theory that the government will start to taper and cut back on the quantitative easing. 2000. -- fourth that they had 204000 jobs are created on October that was a much higher than expected. Shares of gap up nearly 7% after the apparel retailer reported better than expected quarterly sales growth results that benefited from a strong showing in October. Gap also provided a rosy earnings outlook. Groupon posted a wider third quarter a loss in sales below expectations. But shares are up 7%. This is the Wall Street Journal report. ATP do Stephens of the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assess the business -- looking at incentives today let's find out more with the editor of the Wichita business journal. Bill -- good morning bill. Good morning Steve gather what's dubbed as the -- big story of the week there's been a lot of talk recently about incentives the money tax breaks other enhancements that might entice companies to located much -- war. Convince existing companies to expand. The Wichita City Council says it wants a return on investment of one point 321 dollars thirty for every dollar spent. The economic development officials say that might actually be working against -- elected leaders say it's way to show taxpayers are being good stewards of public my. But those eco -- leaders say many of their competitors -- other communities in Kansas and in other states don't have such strict requirements. Might be in other ways summer proposing a pool of economic development money that comes from more private sources and doesn't have as many restrictions. This week's business full survey what should -- -- do what century to. More than 600 responses and your responses week 32% said a date at 28% said here now. Then there's 23% who say overhaul 14% said. Do nothing. Next week's question related to the Twitter initial public stock offering where will -- share price be in six months. Let us know what to top business journal dot com you may here's an extra noise for my opposite is we've got breakfast with the business journal today great networking event. Going until ten follow us on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect to the some Linkedin -- the latest local breaking business news working and SS and the Wichita business journal. I'm bill Roy. I'm gonna tell you right now that -- when they come to who -- what they're gonna do with -- convention at area dollar if they do anything at all. It's going to be one heck of a debate because a lot of people like that dull blue Delmon some people say you know that thing is David -- is seventy stuff. -- out of here cash. That's exactly right I think that's year you've hit right on the debate right there whether you know it's an iconic building and our communities every time you look at. But picture or drawing of our. Skyline. That's in there and then you have well we need some better facilities in India it's it's going to be an interest in trust. Have a good day's lessons -- thank you have a great weekend we'll see you back here on Monday. Coming up ABC world news top of the hour with the monthly jobs report Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- The widgets and a business journal reports on news radio thirteen thirty -- says is brought to you by Maarten Pringle attorneys at law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Representing clients in the health flown with Lisa McPherson and David would have -- -- this message yes we do -- And practicing twenty other areas to Martin Pringle and attorneys have lost respect. Reliable the results oriented. Online at -- -- -- dot com. Are you turning 65 and trying to decide what you should do about Medicare are you signed up for part. 3162632903162632900. Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many believed that all available treatment options will likely lead to debilitating side effects. As a result couples facing prostate cancer have been presented with a difficult choice between effective treatment aren't normal lifestyle. It's true that traditional treatments like X ray radiation or surgery can -- a serious side effects like incontinence and impotence. But -- approach here proton therapy center and Oklahoma City we don't believe you have to choose between effective treatment and intimacy. There is a better way that's Medicare approved called proton therapy and to men who received this treatment report little to no side effects. Proton therapy precisely targets tumors and delivers up to 60% less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue is minimizing the risk of side effects. You only to yourself and your relationship to learn more about the advantages of proton therapy -- procure dot com or call 8888472640. Tune in Sunday mornings at ten K and assessed for pursuing the heart of god with pastor David -- of central Christian church right here in Wichita Kansas that's pursuing the heart of god this Sunday morning at ten. Right here on KLSX. 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Grab your friends for a day of holiday shopping at the fifth annual craft of blues and vintage market November 9 from ten to four -- and treats -- in -- over a hundred -- -- fun and fabulous exhibitors featuring handmade items sparkly jewels and more CU there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe inspire hope to -- tomorrow at 9 o'clock for the eight. 1015 to the one mile at the waterfront thirteen to -- -- this is fund raiser for international foundation tent overnight we'll be there. What 500 dollars in prize money and an amazing after party. Oil oil and have fun tomorrow the last two degree weather criteria. We're saying happy birthday today to one of our coworkers killing doctor have a birthday today in the Jim competed for the miss him for Miss America as this Kansas many years ago. And then she went. She transitioned him from a career parading around -- nearly nude in front of thousands of people into the radio business where she does -- showdown -- -- -- Don Pawlenty win happy birthday Kim. So nice to have usability and thank you for those cinnamon rolls if he didn't bring those I wouldn't even mention this on the that's true mentioned we gotta be bribed. I'd stand by her Herman Cain will be back Monday morning at 6 o'clock on veterans day Stevens head of the morning -- radio thirteen thirty KN SA has Wichita 44 degrees at 9 o'clock Bert Parks. C news. I'm Scott Goldberg they said he could be.

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