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The Good Life 11/30/13

Nov 30, 2013|

Today on the show we visit with Michelle Stuart from Michelle's Pies, and from Honig Winery Stephanie Honig

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't know why. News was OK it's. Yeah. This program. What a beautiful day here in the flat land so a good day for driver and -- to shout out to. My continued along stopped by on their way back south. Texas the -- are still in radio coverages are driving south and how about talking Karen out Rochester New York we got people listen and all over. It's the miracle of the Internet. I'm Karen number Karin Magnuson used to be the do what was she editor here of the which doubly. And now she's the big cheese at the Rochester paper. Who -- -- call him from Brooklyn to give away a book later on government doctor Michelle -- You know she usually you. Perfect -- and more doesn't say enough the books too small. Could have been twice as big on the pies cookies bars and -- for American pie baking champion she's gonna join us in just a minute. Then Stephanie holding in the second half she is a part of the fairly team that runs Hoenig family winery and beautiful. Napa Valley and the one of the week is the 2011. -- -- The last three vintages and had ninety plus ratings from pretty much everyone who rates one. This one I understand will be even better. Great vintage 1211 so we'll taste that and learn about Hoenig for only one area with Stephanie in the second half plays everywhere coveted book in the bottom of the hour orbit. Without further ado let's jump right in and talked to Michelle Michelle store courses. Sure she's the owner and pastry chef from the -- -- Norwalk and Westport Connecticut her prize -- burned a 271. Place national pods championship or urged. And all manner of category and then. Her -- have also been featured on New York Times Good Morning America the Food Network and she's just famous a nice enough to join us probably from a very busy day at one of the pot stores Michelle good afternoon and welcome to the program. And I think -- cramming have PS2 days after Turkey day did you have a -- that did you have fun. Aria that's it well and number you -- whole bunch of ties -- that Thanksgiving Adam had a lot of fun. Who put it it is a man. The follow on to your perfect puzzle book -- -- that could have been bigger Michelle a little disappointed because this. If it's got such great photography and so many new and creative recipes -- congratulations understood the book's doing really well. Yes thank -- Tom let's talk about you in the -- store. Tell us about how you've got in the time -- business and what led you to open up not one but two. -- to us. It looks good -- my favorite -- my grandmother was like when are things that really needs to do together. And I don't tell and you know it it's an entry mandated open up as I -- And think it can no balls and do you know I was watching the Food Network Wednesday at best -- You know America's tapped as -- companies you know that started it happens farmer's market. It is -- opinion that the Islamic -- I was looking is something else and I decided I think that some things get started and see if I could do -- you know farmers' markets and and -- up in Vermont actually animals eat and those things you can -- Amir home kitchen and on a commercial hit and it's. That summer of 2006. -- about four or five farmers market that week. And it just grew and grew and grew over a couple months and I expect to thousands of -- the national. And out once -- chocolate but can Irvin. Hi -- and from then on it and the rest of this great. As they say that didn't hit well have fun you know I just love to talk to folks who have done just what you have done you know. Looking for a change take a hobby turn in the so much more than a hobby be so successful and and then turn into a thriving business where. You know you provide great job for other people and then of course you provide great prize and that folks you wanna learn more about Michelle spies guess what the website is. Michelle -- -- the perfect and look at you look at the media such earlier photos section with celebrities and you win hanging out with some of the big names. -- -- aren't finally did. For the daytime -- we did little chocolate parent urban ties they're dessert -- furthered this -- And then we did. We often that -- -- plans to let me a lot of them and let me do a lot of fun. Well yet and seek just goes to show you can be good -- surprise. They will come to you the famous or rich anyway but at that. From the list about the book Michelle -- it peaked at pies and more there's a lot of more in this. Yes about 60% -- at 40% more. I like the more part but this time a year especially. Pie dessert such a big part of the holidays that don't know for most people potter fun though you're number it. Certainly this time a year and a thing but it could. Have. Yes and you got some good recipes for cookies and bars but let's talk about you know in the I I like. Obviously. Crust and toppings are one of the most important parts of apply. Yes -- fresh fruit fillings and me for good ingredients of course but. He got a great economic empire -- and I imagine. From your perspective that was one of the things that you had to really make sure that you had down pat and you were good -- from the beginning. I've been the hardest part of the -- me. And the way you look at anybody can get -- billion everybody make it this fast. Flawless I you know I try to not has making a packed press discouraged people from making you know -- -- health. You really get frustrated. By a pipe -- and you know -- -- -- -- There's also on the plus a lot of great recipes for added I think it -- Graham cracker craftsmen -- anthrax. You know there's even -- crossed. -- and then you know off of the get contained contaminated tap your tie it could opt you know just get the bottom craft and there's a lot of different topics -- continues. You don't have to roll up -- kinda. -- but it did to me when I think but I remember who my mom my grandmother do what's in my wife quicker crest. You know. -- talk about that traditional pastry pie -- What are some of the pitfalls that you think it will be fall some folks when they set up to me cook you know you've got what appears to be. The basic simple recipe for nine -- ten inch double crust pie crust. And you know sure two cups of him which operates far teaspoon of salt recorder cup plus two tablespoons of Crisco cold. Five tablespoons cold water and a half a cup heavy cream. It's really based think it is really just on how you handle it I don't know enough without. And I like using a finger -- fat and some people like he -- -- -- you know lake whose profits are. But sometimes I feel like number handle it -- -- that's really that's I like it in the fingertips -- can you know stop when you feel that a great consistency and I'm here. You know tables in the water -- table and it's time and the more advantage. And that's -- to get to give them helmet head. It you have to throw it into the kitchen aid to let it whip around in there with the panel and we don't really get that feel for them to like is that maybe we don't know enough about. That's sort -- -- that sums liked what some would say about me eating -- I don't know the stuff but. Michelle let's take a quick break but let's come back and talk more about some of the new recipes and their creative work do you put into perfect because of more the book of great but no there's only -- good -- conduct -- the right to get your copy and you can learn more about Michelle and or prize that Michel's -- dot com I -- guy Bauer. Probably went right here. 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And it looks it just looks so good and I mean a lot of the not 'cause to me other than the maple pecan look good liquid. What are the new and what what new -- that you put it -- reduction better let you have to that question. Well let's turn -- -- oh -- and really that's just like hurdle candy bar I think it's got. Chocolate chip in time mixed into the kind -- yeah Carmel in -- thank you really get. I like some of the whimsical pious speaking abusing candy thin mint chocolate cookie -- -- and -- -- and I had to ask Terry the feminists girl that just because he's an app police. That. Agree you know. That means that the -- And my other favorite is the only party that I would just totally different. But it basically in a tight shout Nellie feeling and you make little chip that -- into -- -- out of high crap. So that's a lot of fun if you look -- isn't. They're discovering Napoleon high and there chocolate Tripoli and -- that and -- -- -- Which to me now -- -- sounds like the perfect combination I mean you can meet new teller with a spoon and you can meet with anything but putting bananas. -- -- pie crust with that quote what a treat that's going to be. -- that's really sit down -- -- the peanut butter lovers at the peanut butter pie in the public in the but it chocolate side. You know it you did something good in this book as did I think here is worthy of mention come. Prior to the cross and topping section you you have come ever at an easy moderate and challenging label. Look at the you don't get caught in the middle of Iraq can realize I have to leaving you know the opposite point that you can give it time -- -- along -- identity yet. So is the almond joy I would categories it fit in your member. I believe in the you know. -- but you know the bottom line is start early that did not of these even the most challenging. You know special somebody who has a little bit the kitchen experience a little bit apart -- ability. None of them -- going to be that tough. Great stuff flew across the toppings like we talked about there's there's section improve ties cream pie is not as the whimsical pause and again that's where. Key -- Blackberry chiffon. Lime pie with coComment macadamia star spangled flag by really pretty. Lot of good stuff. But then like you said it's about 40% cookies and bars. And -- -- what a good time to have that come out this coming year when he took -- -- -- stuff up. Some pretty standard stuff but there's a lot of the cookies here that are a little pretty creative. Yeah -- that and -- your traditional just that he would and then like awaits. But double talk to the white -- and then there's oatmeal. -- well almost like I don't know maybe it's the oatmeal cranberry. You know about -- volunteers. -- practices. That the plant are as far as they are implement squares and -- -- -- on that side he's got whichever shark take great putting -- planning. -- pocket. -- -- Makes me hungry and then but it looks further sections though and I love this perfect for a cup of tea. Yeah yeah that the -- section down. Eleven spoonful on top this toppings to go on top -- pirates caramel saw. Yes I'm on the hot button team. I can you know you're you're looking to that cream towards -- higher making any kind of maple cream -- -- maple you know cuts expire. Irregular regular -- -- chocolate cream. Yes I like that in the pinnacle is a bar section you have my favorite chocolate chip cookie. But what makes your favorite what do you do different from that let's be on the -- can't start out the most unsurprisingly. One of the cookie picker upper left Canada. And it's it is this. What do you do different than what's written on the side of the Nestle's chocolate bits. Anything. No I mean instant. It's -- -- the way you know the chocolate chip cookies that I looked at my scrambling. Are you a moist and chewy or -- crisp. -- Aren't quite -- do you value and let us not to determine if -- or have a great person you can hit a catalog and a. Make a little -- yeah I like him digs in sick you know that you. And merlot chocolate -- with enough chocolate chips where it's not get on your finger you're not doing that right yeah exactly. When fund. But. The recipes are well like -- said that's them pretty much the basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies so -- there's room for play. And certainly cookies more forgiving them making a pie crust for example. -- what about the Scotty is oftentimes I think what you we've got some frontier the -- at this coming year for holiday gifts and I think one that they transport well and they're pretty easy to make cars that. When you can make the -- at a time so yeah you can you know thank. That app for your holiday is feeling the first to -- you may in the be totally fine. Yeah I like it. Well what fund the -- -- you know I know that you probably cycle not only cause but other trees -- you have but the stores. Who do you the committee is it safe to say that many of these recipes you could find that the store very different occasions. Nothing much in the high categories those the highest that you see in my door mostly had ties that are in the first -- Aren't all the cookies and part of those and start to -- you. We did have so many -- that we make and the daily basis fat. You know attack on the privacy. Put it that the -- that at it yeah a bit. And I'm here and then. An old standbys that I'll check directly -- their -- you know in the -- occasionally. Well I hope I get that you know much FedEx probably open delay over in Connecticut here and love to come visit me and Stuart luster in the -- Good stuff -- you know before we leave you. My wife has all manner of time making tools. And you know she's got these little weight things and the the metal rings to protect the outside -- of the cross from getting -- done turning those things that you like to recommend their that you think are really worth common money. The thing that I would say -- -- -- worth the most money the little high drama all the highway. That you're making like. Cream hires them in the you have to hit big across I think -- -- well I think people parchment paper in the bottom of the craftsman -- -- and let you know that's ceramic. Otherwise it's high -- and not in my knee implants just as good at that. Good I think she uses. -- Yet you can -- is being helped design is a waiting issues that yes I would find ceramic that's ceramic -- piccolo and number come. -- favorite I've for the holidays that you might be fixing for US viewers. Apparently gets her holiday dinner table or are you. Until last by left -- his shelf at -- closes shop -- -- Go home with was show I love -- well the book of great Michelle congratulations job well them once again. So they -- begs the question obviously the work for this book has been done for awhile. Have they coerced you into thinking about the next book. Big dimension that's. I haven't ever and yet. I don't think you know throughout this of Ballantine broken and I'm sure that we bug in it but if the Vista sales goes -- I can imagine mother wouldn't beautiful photography that did you make all the 'cause there did you have a food stylist it. The dollar is the product is there -- out. And the photos. No thanks -- over the tree well I'm. Happy holidays to you in Europe's best of luck good holiday gift thank you so much for having I'm gonna try this almond -- -- -- well. I hear you guys here I had that was the beginning. You know I got some dear friends here in town and she is a candy maker. Tonight she made -- all kinds of coconut candies and a clerk if you could make. The -- restrained and almond joy and a mound is dark chocolate and -- and right well I like dark chocolate. Almond joys as milk chocolate. She made me. Candies that would make. Anyone who likes mounds and dark chocolate go nuts because -- you know beautiful high quality dark chocolate. Just the right amount of coconut a couple almonds on top and -- matter how fortunate I hope I hope she's listening and as in past years I hope she brings me some for Christmas. -- that I. That's that's thanks Michelle for -- as a major weekend and here are you aware of the stores now. I -- amendment are a lot well give back to work -- -- -- next to -- I hope that this season brings you great business of those stores and bestseller the -- -- -- thank you very much I appreciate Dexia. -- -- Okay we're gonna do -- copy the book again it's called perfect pies and more -- my guess Michelle store. All the pies cookies bars and kicks -- America's pie baking champion Michelle is the answer to let them. The book is just worth every penny if you like to bake. And -- baking is can be more complex and some people like to get involved in but truly if you can master the pie crust recipe that's in the from the book. You can make anything and if that's -- too much work anybody can make the throwing what Michelle said and you -- crust -- save. So how we do this it's caller number 543613. Thirtieth Jericho 316. 43613. Thirty called -- will be right back. With Stephanie holdings from -- big vineyard a minor don't go. Continue to see lots of sunshine as we get to the rest of our Saturday. It was just a light south Gwinnett going five to ten miles per hour topping out with a very comfortable high today of 56 degrees. Mostly -- as we go into the overnight hours the wind shall stay light to shift around to the north of five to ten miles per hour but for an overnight low right around 32. The second half a weekend looking absolutely gorgeous look for lots of sunshine on -- Sunday with a high back up to 56. With your -- for solar forecast from meteorologist -- where. Currently at -- and assessments are a little west northwest of re miles per hour right now partly cloudy skies and 47 degrees from -- little Brazil in the this Cary hall America's healthcare advocate show separating fact from fiction Saturday mornings at -- M right here on news radio thirteen thirty KM SS it's solid. Michael bell is giving away free Christmas cash and all -- to do was listen each day for the Taco -- weekly location and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash and Taco -- one -- drive through customer won't win 133 dollars in pre Christmas cash argue with -- lucky one all you have to do is listen each day for the Taco -- weekly location and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash at Taco Bell drive through and if you went through Christmas cash just talk. Taco -- way to say thanks and happy holidays and. At a time people waste on social media every day is staggering. Waste your time and we won't either. The death -- risen to eight in the crash of a helicopter in Glasgow Scotland the police chopper slammed into a crowded pub on the eve of saint and Tuesday. Scotland's national holiday the National Transportation Safety Board is sending investigators to the scene of a plane crash in Alaska that killed four people. Including an infant the single engine turboprop went down last night near the remote village of Saint Mary's. Black Friday is so we'll find out tomorrow how well the nation's retail instead ABC's Lindsay -- looks ahead to one another big shopping. I'd remind they have indeed started early Wal-Mart starting his cyber week at this morning at target tomorrow morning and best buy holding out for the real deal. 1201 AM on Monday you're. Local mom and pop shops up to stop by today it's small business Saturday. About ten and a half hours until the Obama administration's self imposed deadline for health -- dot gov to be fixed. The website will still be taken down for maintenance early tomorrow morning. Area -- ABC news. One name when -- came as fast. Guess they welcome back the good luck congratulations. To caller number five -- Robert she was lucky color number five get the copy of perfect -- as a more you can get a copy yourself got a good -- got -- economy can read about the book a little bit. And you can get a link directly to Amazon where you can get it ordered him on its way and I think they've got a pretty good deal aren't. Perfect cause -- more. Fail what do you do for brunch tomorrow. Everybody's doing brunch you know the holiday thing I heard defeat Thanksgiving. Brunch. And her -- off to a really good. But every week they do a great brunch on Sundays. Good you can make a reservation if you'd like to but he show up early and get in May even have a slight discounted price for early birds. And if you give their rent an amateur only twelve -- five and the Disco -- other way -- Martinez is doing a great job with being creative. They finally added chicken back. To the mix and make the best fried chicken there it's just it's magic and a -- house brunch. Twelve -- five early bird special but go any time it's worth every penny you can make reverberations regimen -- area code 316. 7337. 800. It is a beauty. -- more quick note if you were planning next week on the seventh. Of December Saturday next Saturday a week from now. Between 1 PM and three Kimberly kudos to seek good ol' saint nick himself. That Jacob liquor chains. They'll be accepting donations on behalf of which are children so object of a particular match -- donations and you can get your photo taken or the -- these photos taken. With Santa last year they tripled the amount donated so. Show up enough help do it again the folks at Jacob -- change. Posting Santa -- one to three next Saturday come bring the kiddies on out there and don't forget when you walk in the door they've got a whole table of one spectator top 100 crimes that have. I've been assembled here in Wichita and I'm just look at it looks like they've probably got thirty or so of the top 100 bonds available. Right here in the -- to Kansas so. Great stuff fifth joining me now speaking of great line in top 100 stuff. Couple couple years ago at the Fayetteville Arkansas one event the art of one include. Who I -- chat with somebody from one of the -- so that does does Hoenig. Then he had just. And 07 and -- -- nine Hoenig snap a cab their both of big award winners in the ninety's. And there were just -- second and I've been meted to do this for a long time and they're legitimate new arrival was them 2011 vintage opponent Napa Valley cabernet and -- -- -- -- call up -- -- forgive somebody who talked him into the we get. We got Stephanie -- hi Stephanie. Larry you know man I scratch me I think I'd be better if I was out there were a few. Just because of where you are. Actually I'm usually order something giving way to look at that my -- the weather channel. Seasonal but I'll bet it's a beautiful clear day -- the -- going to be fifty meter so it no it's not that. -- -- out of that that you know that I'm stuffed also a little bit about your journey in the Finley one business and what ended you up now being a kind of a marketing PR ago. These -- this is that our family winery Lee asks. Have such properties families thank you before. Where. Look at Reagan -- hurt -- -- the graphics that are the Napa Valley. And that we produce only fitting emblem can catch and beat him to really focus only to our own. And I have been in. My Brothers. And I and myself if -- the president we all. Are the third generation of the family winery. He has his grandfather purchased the property before it. What's selling off the great back and cut extreme. And they were retiring making flying yet advertising. Agency that -- -- -- Unfortunately have to wait before. -- you know. That's playing. Money for his parents and it -- -- -- inherited property. Stayed fit you know anything about the wine business to whine about it went in Maryland -- and their father daughter. It's just they've decided to hire someone out of the -- bringing me you start making these gentlemen may I kept making one line that you -- And that. And then after a couple of years they've realized. That you had a baseline but the wind really were telling us. That this they were there things just let it gets all the property. Man and I have Michael point one yourself what kind. He was in college media and they called -- meetings that no Palestinian group that has covered that weekend. The growing epidemic -- -- but spending over the weekend in Rutherford on the property he -- about the equitable they would never be able to. Afford to buy it again -- Right. Ballot and and fortunately for all of that he had the vision at. Now -- that it -- it. Leave college academy -- in his bed -- it sure gonna go to get much work. And -- he barely got started telling door to door when you blonde at a restaurant there have been some scholars. -- polite about -- a -- about thirty years ago was there will be tougher now. And and then he every afternoon he'd go out and tell every morning -- -- -- the -- -- over the -- and -- And started building up you know clearly a couple years leadership academy. And that's you know we've just grown it you know -- -- for us. The thirty year -- -- little -- of. You know admit if you think back -- 230 years is somewhat along come to some and not so long to others but in the big scheme of things. There really was the early days in premium wine boom if there is such a thing one sales boom in our country. One enthusiasm has has peaked I think -- as you well maybe it's still growing but. It it it had to be a challenge and him from the drop out of college you know you -- the husband's a good guy and it having been near that property and in this is. Premium property -- -- -- that you guys own and -- so lucky that. He was able to talk about a solid men because. What a deal. Yeah yeah I mean it and then -- the property value -- values have caught up and that the tremendously but it's also just been a very unique. The world I mean it in Napa Valley an Apple Valley happened. Game heart. Is a problem but it's bringing climate as -- football plays and I think it's. That's not always true. Know it's a very strong brand their scheme that you have valley but it only accounts for 4% of the wind is California. Where only about thirty miles along the hall valiant and five miles wide it's like to point and there's only Mediterranean climate -- 2% of the globe -- you don't really neat things to work. And they were really fortunate that he had that vision yeah. Yeah. I like come to -- let's take another quick break and then when we come back we'll talk about seven Malta and cabernet and then come and open. -- -- -- The muscle it too little -- put some in my alas here's so it. -- after an -- IRA yeah. Absolutely. Well just pay and I used to be on at 9:10 in the morning did that stop the absolute state I'm afraid I'm. Unprofessional appear weak and we can take -- simply slipped on o'clock in the morning -- -- -- -- -- -- it's just the smell just just from poor and. To announce in my glass oh my goodness. I was gonna fix -- for dinner tonight. I think -- have to do something else. What happens what if you are deeply from eleven cast. I quick I was an outer space -- -- And my nose buried in the go out and see this one smells so good holding back. Quite a take it you don't go -- thanks for spend some time whether Stephanie we appreciated Stephanie on it from Hoenig brenly winery. She's gonna stay with -- you do the same thing we'll be right back after the short message with more -- bottom front for years don't go away -- You bid to -- its. Celebrate Christmas we're -- -- -- -- or your anxiously awaiting the warm weather that's right around the corner all things barbecue is your place to shop. With you're looking for gas grill outdoor kitchen or -- fired competition greater whole hog smoker. All things barbecue will deliver great selection of local hard wouldn't accept trees to make your outdoor cooking. Hero shine through when you stop there and take a look at the Yoder grills these things are made for life. 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Every room of your home can music Christmas touch choose a centerpiece decoration for a memorable display your family and friends -- Check out our -- -- sparkling ornaments and -- was candles to create. Beautiful fireplace mantle and Johnson's garden centers we've got what you need to set a festive holiday mood throughout your. Johnson's we're gardeners -- find us online at Johnson's garden dot com. The good life guy here I recently had the opportunity to spend time with pat Wang president and owner of the kitchen place. You know the kitchen place located there in the backside of the Piccadilly square. The kitchen place has been providing high quality certified kitchen designers to help you with -- complete remodel or just update your current kitchen. 7732. East central back on the back side is where -- ago when you walk in the store you will be so amazed at all of the new technology whether it's cooktop microwaves. Convection cookers they have at all. And then when you look at some of the new and exciting products where -- special hard words for your counter tops they have it -- The kitchen place check them out online at the dash kitchen place dot com. And stop NC AM Monday through Friday. 8 AM to 5 PM the kitchen place no better place to start. When curator redesigned or update your kitchen. You're listening to news radio thirteen thirty. Can access. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you live in Rochester New York. Or wherever you can listen to live streaming audio again it can't miss this radio dot com on the phone with me is Stephanie Hoenig. Her husband Mike and some of the other family members should have been roaming the property since. Who will include but -- actually quite awhile it's amazing how fast time goes by and been such a great job as I mentioned the last three vintages of the -- -- All big winners in the ninety's. Point wise -- purist and points the more important -- one including some spectacular seven your mark. The stuff let's talk about the seven -- as you still make and two Napa and a Rutherford. Yes yes that we make and the print out their reputation of having a lot the first point he made it matter -- -- apathetic you blogs widget dewine. That it's really do what we have to flagship client during nap but for the -- -- dramatic happening convenience that this thing happening abundance really tropical. Great. Great truths about the on what they mean by that is to get -- sunshine here. Finally got a lot of those high AM main the main though. -- flavors. It's famous still from added it's very crisp and bright very pretty very clean. It just really fun. But we have that great line but adds. I think it's whom. It's safe to say that it's probably one of the benchmarks for -- 70 market has been for some time you know. Then there's so many different things that one makers can do with seven to Malta and but you guys have always had that. Kind of the boom and that the establishment of a you know we've we've been primarily it's blue ball stainless steel and then. You still two in the past -- hospital over the semi on May be and of must get. Does that. I just did provide exactly for that then they add that very -- here of course was having an advantage. The current events page -- are. 2012 has 2% planning on 1% of debt that is just kind of -- proudly of you -- -- -- little relapse but yet if the they've really not trying to be anything else but it happens to him -- -- so many different -- look -- the world and you think you got me -- you get more that. You know grassy green grapefruit. You think the glory get more than minerals we have just that really tropical. Tropical styles very bright. -- -- -- -- -- Rutherford is at that mostly troops from around the estate. Yes -- Ali we only think of that as some very thought out ever run -- forgiving him blogs so. That it's just different from the source with good grades in that not happening in line. Personally from our property rather heard impression because some others -- -- family is that we purchased troops from you know it's from the Napa Valley appellation. Do rather perfect living -- it's made from -- fruit from our state. And it's really are -- here first thing moving your reserved for the new blogs -- very few hits in the world -- to make it. -- from one place and not need to implement better worker. Blend it from. -- from -- states and this is what about we're fortunate enough and it's to have that. That this site is they had a little warmup cat. And a little more Manning and the plans that -- that the -- a lot more -- increasing and we also. Bad for -- about 30%. Of the -- French oak barrels to get a little more of that which are styles that you look very different. They're great preparing with the galloping crab and lobster. I and I can say it and believe it and they did say it is putting a lot for. Richard majoring parent -- you don't -- setting him -- it's still very authentic didn't dial doesn't lose that. Infinity -- brightness but it's definitely. Out. -- -- -- -- Yep I remember I had some and asked -- close several years ago when it it was so. Well a lot more going on in it that much more complex and videotape of that little bit but it worth every penny what about -- -- whether we still make a late or seven a loss. We do really just the bottles -- 2012. And believe it or not we were up having -- -- it was there -- -- yesterday our 2013. Late harvest is still on the line we were trying to figure out what we're gonna. Did that but we made a very small amount usually a couple of hundred cases we don't make every year. Late harvest -- dessert wines so our property borders of the Napa Valley river. And we are able to get a little bit of humidity on the outside of our first state. He made it very rare in the Napa Valley you know. But what we do get that we get something that's called the noble prize for -- to try to -- Which is emboldened that gets -- -- and into the great with its crippled them they better raise them. They're -- they've looked -- -- -- that -- things are not yet there doesn't help librarians for. But what you practice upgrade from they have this beautiful characteristic. Just for honey festival and hazelnut and are enshrined in the and that outcomes from the molds that you -- it. And that and businesses shiver. Concentrations are much higher because it is the oldest. Moisture from the -- have been without Bynum also. You'd get this beautiful. Chester and the -- to -- at the line there's did traditionally been -- mr. Navarro winder blended with thinning out and having him long. Standing on the incident but at more richness and -- got to being cremated at the line. That -- logged into that more fresh floral style. Did the 100% of the -- and the united as it is not a match waiter going at this point it is very. Chris distraction cities. And it really make a couple hundred cases when we can make and we spent. A lot of excitement many try to keep that mold out of the figures as we -- it that's fine I'd try and I don't -- just so we just got other 2000 plows. Yes and we just delegate. Great stuff and you know folks a look that is -- to small bottle and it's a little pricey but it until you've had. But a hand crafted beautiful one like this and believe me when we say encrypted making a product like this. There's a pain in the neck. Because it's the serpent the dude dude dude juices so. -- and Sweden gums up the works and you don't get very much juice out of a whole bunch of grapes review but give movement Protestant. It's it's I'm sure it's a challenge and but. Bulge at the to a smell once in Europe for alive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Usually the evidence of that that bit. I'd remain mid August -- start picking. This one hasn't been picked yet I don't know. So we've heard it's what they like what should they aren't made partisan 2014. Academy in new -- 2013 vintage -- -- -- the full story. That cold spell of different. Well you know as or maybe we'll get a a frost here and he can you do make -- -- denies -- Stay out of beat -- get tackled but he probably no frame we you never know you know. And let's talk about cabernet before we talk about the map of the -- lemon at the camp which I have opened them -- the smell sitting here. It's two feet away Americans still smell it quite closely. Just about single vineyard cabs you making one or two single vineyard -- now. We -- couple different things nothing good to have with. There was -- -- and for the most of Serbs are completely technique and again it's. -- -- Tammy there's fifth generation brilliant handling. Amazing people and they regret I have this property rate on. Adam. Right on the edge of the spring mountain. And they grow up underperforming Japanese hitting them than there vineyard we purchased their fruits. And irons. -- years ago we started protecting their for they have an amazing reputation on the growers but in the business so they don't have a label. But they're very they have very desirable. Figured and we have started blending it into Grand Rapids had. And later on we realized that the wind bear fruit just spit out so much we really wanted to honor of their family heritage of and if I had to make a -- -- editor great. Less. That we -- Four to 500 cases of part of -- happening every year. Is that the web site shows 2008 -- that the current business. What is so earth though -- out against. See as the bar -- sheet we are now we're actually telling 2010. -- -- right now. Are you looking at the Campbell yeah. -- -- it's partly achieved that do that's OK Tom. This is and this is a great one and I tasted again at that part of -- more than Fayetteville from. Beautiful French joke -- in just a a blending in combination of flavors and aromas that is. Pretty spectacular but it. But again it it's a little price here -- and then some people wanna spend every week for a great camera today. But then I don't know how you do it -- you just keep coming year and you're in year out certainly the last several years. With the Napa cabinets of sort of discover open here the 2011 edition and this have you gotten any ratings yet for this one not that ratings it's. That was just admit it did snow you know hopefully -- -- the next couple months could well. But don't that it not been reviewed yet we didn't frequently batter he ordered 2010. And so we had had at it are are bad but to have it. We have a really competitors violent that I like the college of evidence violent cabernet is because it's so elegant and often that is really lends to it. Compliment -- not overpowering it patents. And that. And it it quickly worked its state get it worked with. You know -- bikinis but it also works with ticket it would demand that it was too that's a pretty versatile tile lines it's very soft and very elegant. We had a series of short and -- -- just -- the weather since 2008 as it doesn't need another 9010 and 2011 pretty sure and are in that the candidate pulled out quicker than we expected it to and that's why we moved into disputed 2011 -- early. So what price -- -- -- -- 2012 but 2000 -- with a little more about. It could it be in better shape this one and eighteen months and an American -- The third of that new man. It doesn't have as strong of un American -- noses I would have guessed. But it's so beautiful erratic sweats and then. And at the right now I got to -- before stirred talk of them severely as just keeps on giving him. This is soft plush. Comes to mind you know rich. But but. Do you really. Light smooth easy it you don't need food with this he's just -- cup. Bring -- much different cannon they're very bright to me is that. So it's not it was about as stringent wind -- -- -- won -- academy here people with weak but it if it's easy to drink but it probably know a full bodied. Really rich balance -- and it's a wonderful wine maker famous for -- Blair has been -- vote for seventeen years now. And though she's yes it gives a lot of talent is dead into the very bad. The -- you really make that Alec -- stop that happening to him in this particular vintage of the 2011. How and 5% of to -- -- element though. In the Napa Valley need to. Some 75%. Of the grad all to label it. That specific titles. And this case we have maybe 5% everything on and 5% of. The first was wild let them dig deeper to our campuses and it -- is such a bargains. Do you think you would try to be really good valiantly try to offer great value want people to feel that they got a great deal all and it in the context of Napa Valley where we're good about it. Did -- written in blue businessmen suits its its in the high thirties low forty's depending on where you shop and when you shop but but it. It's just got so much going on in. Just the beauty I can't wait to. Sit down tonight when things slowdown today today is. At the Christmas tree get the Christmas tree decorations up -- recognize them but I'll be -- acquitted for caucus -- can darken cool quicker. Today from the Democrat Robert -- have. And it absolutely will step and it's been a real pleasure and congratulations Jim Michael for being part of a fairly is done so much great work for Napa and until Christen job well done on this one in the course of seven -- goes well and maximum out there we've got to try and call ahead and stop -- -- how to. -- yeah we'd love to have -- big summit for supporting everything for having us on the show and yes for supporting airlines has. Have a great around the holiday. You -- -- -- CF bank take. -- fund. You know. It's always fun to learn more about the people that make the product and if you -- to one country ever -- -- over a local wonders whether it's true what would sellers are good it will do any of the local wonders year's Somerset ridge north third. He just -- -- the Whitewater. And and go to the winery and just beautiful stuff that makes you have a better respect for the product you put your -- One of the week -- Jacob -- changed the 2011 Napa Valley cabernet from Hoenig vineyard and winery has picked up above -- -- can -- 37. So much that the net worth every penny you're looking for wind with -- holiday dinner there's a good subject. I'm -- about the good life. I'm Michelle already but I'll be back next set and hope you will to -- -- on the seventh it's Christmas with senate possibly kiddies that ticket would purchase -- talking -- -- that.

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