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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/03/13 Hr 1

Dec 3, 2013|

Body Found in Little Arkansas River

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Air bottles studies sharing. Other things he shouldn't be sure you know try to avoid kissing the girls one student says he's glad the semester is almost over. It's true according to a British study published in the hearing journal. So why -- hearing in men really does exist researchers compiled pairs of words not to be more socially relevant to men vs women. And combine them in a single list the men picked up more their words things like beard football scientists say. This is ABC. Us live morning talk and entertainment and this is defense to head on news radio thirteen thirty K and that's that's. It's important tool for I'm Steve Macintosh 29 degrees the -- now we're gonna take that detect that -- person -- forecast. Meteorologist Frank -- in just a moment Wichita police are investigating after a body was found in the little -- Just river a resident who lives of the 900 block of north back bay called 911 Monday afternoon saying there was a body of a woman in her twenties faced down low water. Police say there's no trauma to the body and they have no reason to suspect foul play at this point. They believe they know her identity. But are waiting and -- on verification. To reveal that identity they believe the body had been there since Monday morning. To take a police say they have not identified any suspects in the deaths of three people. And shooting -- that the woman seriously loaded. Police said Monday there investigation of the woman shooting Sunday afternoon led them to the bodies of two men and a woman at her central to become home blocks away. They did not say how the three were killed or discuss other details. The shooting victim was identified as 45 parole -- Avery. Sure remains in critical condition and -- to -- a hospital. A police spokesman says he -- 43 year old brother -- and her ex husband 56 year old Marvin was were found dead in her home. A 34 year old woman was also found dead. But her name has not yet been released. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- a woman says her cousin was one of the men who roughed her up and robbed her in her home Sunday evening. The 25 year old woman says she was robbed at herself Wichita apartment police lieutenant Doug Nolte says it happened in the 2700 block of south Seneca. Her cousin and three other. Males forced the front door her apartment. One of the suspects held her down. All her cousin and -- it went through the apartment looking for drugs and money. Suspects got away with a woman's purse and cash. Wichita police are looking for a suspect in more than one burglary at the same store early Monday. A man wearing a blue puffy coat to green hoodie and black shorts broke into the target store and Tony square. Took something and broke out the front door of the business. He then went into the business. Took three cell phones. They believe that this is the same. Individual. That nearly a month ago and broke in the same memo. Police lieutenant Doug Nolte says the monetary loss for the stolen items was a couple hundred dollars but the damage to the glass doors and the display cases totaled 101000. Dollars. A Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyber attack on Wichita based Coke industries has been -- -- two years' probation. And ordered to pay 183000. Dollars in restitution. Eric -- all pleaded guilty after he was accused of taking part in the 2011 attack that knocked the company website offline for about fifteen minutes. The man who died in arrowhead stadium's parking lot has been identified as thirty year old Kyle a van winkle of Smith -- Missouri. But Kansas city police say it could be four to six weeks before the cause of death is determined. Officers responded Sunday to an altercation in the parking lot and found van -- unconscious on the ground -- Three people have the European -- three people taken into custody for questioning. Released Monday with no charges filed. 60 wait now -- -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty time for first look at traffic here on a Tuesday morning legit chambers. And it's still very misty and foggy out there this morning. Not quite as bad as it was yesterday perhaps but a misty and foggy out there also we've got temperatures sub freezing. That's something to be cautious of this morning Richard keep those headlights on low beams on. And does this morning again just I'll watch out visibility an issue and we do have subfreezing temperatures in the area. Although just a little bit ago when -- to check my own vehicle wasn't anything frozen on my vehicle was just you know the water from all the rest. And now look at the -- for solar forecast with meteorologist frank -- on good morning frank. Thanks Steve a little bit patchy fog to start things off early this morning as we get into the afternoon hours a mix of sun and clouds. High temperatures across south central Kansas and here in which taught in the low to mid sixties. Get out and enjoy it if you can overnights at a cold front rolls through overnight lows near 29. Will see highs on Wednesday only near 39. Highs on Thursday only making it into the middle twenties. I'm meteorologist frank wallet your cake first -- forecast. 609 L 9 minutes past 6 o'clock Stephen -- in the morning and coming up this morning got to the line up of our guests too who will be on the air with Stephen did this 1:17 am this morning an hour from now. Tom line from the Kansas Department of Transportation will update is on Wichita highway work. That's going on some projects underway in a couple of closures you'll wanna know about. And about thirty minutes after the tournament is after that 7:30 this morning Mary Beth Jarvis will -- about new ideas. For Wichita festivals but at 8:10 this morning John -- of -- referring to all of us about a a free -- been doing this for several years. Giving away a route to someone in need and -- John's going to be here to talk about that at 8:10 this morning Joseph get a busy lining up for you here. On Tuesday morning. A disappointing start to the holiday shopping season is having a negative impact on stock trading all three major indices closed lower Monday. The first day of trading in December investors sold shares on signs of American shoppers. That seemingly inexhaustible fuel of global economic growth may hold tight to their cash this holiday season. Shoppers turned out in record numbers over the four day Thanksgiving weekend but plunked down less cash than they did last year. It was the first decline in Thanksgiving weekend spending just a retail trade group began tracking it. In 2006. The Dow closed down 77 points. NASDAQ off fourteen S&P down for court yesterday was Cyber Monday -- day for shopping online. Kentucky authorities are offering a 101000 dollar reward for information that helps authorities -- the disappearance of hundreds of bottles of pricey bourbon. The 65 cases of twenty year old happy van winkle bourbon in nine cases of thirteen year old. Van -- family reserve rye were taken from the buffalo Trace distillery at Frankfurt in mid October. The missing whiskey is valued at more than 26000 dollars in the case has become a compelling mystery in a state that produces 95%. Of the world's burba. Now Franklin County sheriff pat Milton said Monday the reward could provide a heck of a Christmas for someone. Who helps crack the case 26000 dollar reward yikes. If the little more than the crime stoppers is Tara and they're looking for that liquor Yassin posted -- yet very valuable and missed some burglarized -- Candidate Texas governor rhetoric -- in South Carolina senator Tim Scott or some among scheduled speakers for the Kansas Republican party's annual convention. In January. The -- GOP says Perry is scheduled to speak at a dinner January 24 he's been governor of Texas since 2000 and ran unsuccessfully. For the Tony twelve GOP presidential nomination Scott is is -- for January 25 -- he has served in the US senate since late Tony twelve and is considered. Among its most conservative members you get a flavor of how that meeting gonna gonna it's gonna be in here in Wichita I understand. January 24 21 event that. Republicans from all over the state gathering which stopped a couple of guest speakers there. And that's probably going to be some pretty good speech is going on there -- tonight. Is the -- and I was Santa. This will be a downtown. Near century to stand inside and outside as I understand it it started six goes to 830. It's going to be young. Food vendors will be there'll performers at 530. The recent. Streets closed around here -- so watch out for that to mrs. Claus will read the night before Christmas that nobody Christmas tree lighting ceremony Santa Claus will arrive on a fire truck. The -- through the doors will perform. There'll also be a fireworks show over the and go Wichita free had a wreck ride started 6:30 PM -- that there's going to be a lot going on elements that you do down there and in Kennedy plaza the night. -- with Santa. And the -- to remember is live whether he should state pretty nice at least until. Later in the evening. When we look for a change it's gonna -- specialist for kitten colder tonight. We've been watching this for several days for the tenth -- getting colder tonight and I was Santa and it starts at 6 o'clock this evening. Down around century to. Well we had a couple stories Edberg pretty interesting one at a news stories that attended. Brought back from City Hall woman says her cousin was among the man who roughed her up and robbed her and her own home. You know -- always had a pretty good relationship with my cousins I don't think -- would do that to me -- -- that's that's seems that's kind of a -- in effect hey guys what to do and she was apparently what held down by somebody and they went through her entire Obama. -- four guys show up. Front and -- up and Robert want others are 'cause well. This a story from southeast Kansas down around Parsons is really grim. Young man appearing in court here in Parsons and hasn't been formally charged with the they're they're holding him on what five million dollars bond accused of killing a woman and her three children to Ellen Parsons. The ultimate that violent crime down -- that's that's one that's kind of holding our attention this morning. In the news. Banda also the one that they're Grammy -- deserved apparently woman's purse was stolen from her car outside a west Wichita convenience store. I don't know the set time of the year and don't leave anything and Cardoza. But he's got a busted a window -- believe anything in win in plain sight then -- -- it takes a potential criminal about. Three seconds to buster when don't grab it they're gone down they bust memory and they're gone in didn't. And apparently -- what got two guys on this Breaston do I think right. Yeah where they'll witness was able to give a good does a decent. Car description they ended up by getting a couple suspects and have more -- coming appear in about 1520 minutes with Steven -- in the morning. Where your drive in is sixes and other girls reporting fog out there and not much here -- twenty -- what line I'm sure there is at the airport propellant. Did you see what's like up north of seventeenth street gulf. -- year there was a little more fourteen north of seventeenth OK so there is followed in the area and again this morning it turn on your -- some deep deep below being the -- headlights on the we have to remind people that I guess because and with it. Some people just don't remember. It's a 615 it was Stephen Ted in the morning and did today is Tuesday. December 3 it was only state in 1947 the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway. Was emitted into a film which is -- -- -- all time great films. Tennessee Williams at the interesting play. 010 my favorites. How about you Ted yes I took but to -- Tennessee Williams class in college saw boys I've read a lot of his work might not a fan. Full bore some of the other plays he responds before we can't glass menagerie. His camp and catalog tin roof -- rose tattoo. He would not suddenly it's summer and smoke yet -- It's pretty prolific lot of a lot of angst in the southeast yeah I don't filing on -- a lot of south -- yes. On this date in 1968 annual Elvis Presley now famous comeback special was broadcast and in music. Heck yeah I was expect they'll listen after a black leather outfit. That forming in the around there while. Today's birthday singer JPMorgan. Is 82. My mind she was. A great advantage out on the golf journal on the Gong Show I get back -- Daryl -- 53 splash blade runner Julianne Moore is 53. -- this year is a film. -- and Oscar nominated for boogie nights. Brendan Fraser. Is 45. The mummy in 1999 and George of the jungle a couple of his films. -- the birthdays here on a Tuesday morning December from their. About a politics seventeen now Steve until the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in SS time for -- -- -- who did -- -- did get I see that. We have little football last night for one thing that. We also have the men's basketball ratings came and now. Got some -- decent stuff is -- endless talk about those men's basketball rankings yesterday. Kansas coming off a loss last week did drop in the polls that you -- the jayhawks were up at number two. But -- use slips four spots down to sixth in eight people dropping five spots down to seventh in the coaches poll can use six and one on the season. Wichita State off to that eight and oh start moves up a couple spots in the coaches poll a shocker is now in the top ten in the nation. They're up to tenth in the coaches poll jumping over Oklahoma State and -- -- move up one spot to eleventh in the AP poll. So my argument in Steve some Monday Night Football last night it was supposed to be a great match up between two of the top teams in the NFC even only one team. Really a role last night that was the homes Seattle Seahawks just steam rolling over New Orleans 3047. That's seven wins in a -- now for the Seahawks their eleven and one in their the first team in the NFL closes a playoff spot. Seattle is unbeaten at home they're six and oh on home field impacted won fourteen straight home games the Seahawks. So tough to beat at home and boy if they keep winning everybody ought to go through Seattle gets to the Super Bowl in the NFC and that's where Seattle is so tough. So mom women's basketball last night Newman University get to conference win on the road going to Rogers State and Oklahoma and winning 7673. Neumann senior from Wichita secure Coppola and leading the way it would twenty points she was ten of thirteen from the field. Back to back wins for Newman. Off to an early to end one start in the conference tie for third place -- freshman Sierra Dayton. Had a Big Three pointer with under a minute to go to give the jets the lead -- -- and on the road. -- go men's basketball last night Butler community college. In -- rate Ellison 6345. Win over Johnson County the Butler men are -- nine and two they bolted to a fifteen to nothing lead in that money was not close but men down nine and soup. We got some college men's basketball tonight on KE SH we'll have live coverage at 8:15 this evening. Forests -- state at Minnesota. Florida State's five into the gophers are six and two good match up Minnesota's three and a half point favorite. Going in that one tonight live coverage on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987 FM one was normal college basketball tonight. India NBA basketball last night it was a long night in Chicago the bulls and the pelicans went three overtimes before New Orleans picked up the win on the road. 131 to 128. In triple overtime. Rookie from K you know Jeff Whitney coming up the pelicans bench he played five minutes got a couple points. The bulls lose their first game at home these teams appear to be headed in the opposite directions back to back losses for the bulls the pelicans have now won three in a row. What a match up last night in Portland on the West Coast is the trailblazers hosted the top team in the league beat Indiana Pacers Indiana came in at sixteen and one -- the -- of the trailblazers not too far behind at fourteen and three in Portland wins it 106102. Snapping the pacers seven game winning streak. Portland is off to its best start in fifteen years coming off the bench for the trailblazers former Kansas -- Thomas Robinson had four points and five rebounds. Rematch of the two of the best in the NBA Portland and Indiana. A sports Stevens -- in the morning here on Kate -- S best. How about a great prize giveaway are right now one of our lucky listener I've got a Christmas prize package we're giving away every day this week. This includes. A family four pack to go to with a wonderful eliminations at Britannica. And I'm throwing in a Mannheim steamroller CD Christmas symphony to. And a canister of Mannheim steamroller is one at a time to cinnamon hot chocolate mix. What a Christmas prize package and I'm going to get that away right now to color number four. Coming out for 3613 thirty color number four gets my huge Christmas prize package this morning to Britannica and some -- cook though. And a Christmas CD while. Great price -- especially here christmastime did 621 now and 29 degrees who -- deep and your for your daily dose with doctor allies. Traffic stress can be deadly snarled traffic and weather coming up -- Ted he's ready to thirteen thirty K in a sense. So you're saying so -- happy. Names this time. I'm happy you. Dance. And seeing live news. And today everything in your -- This is nursing gifts from healing waters on cosmetic clinic -- taking advantage of the savings under delightful spot packages tailored to pamper your loved ones from head to attend this holiday giving healing water spout package and make someone dairy -- happy and Bradley chair. And you had a heart attack stroke or at peripheral arterial disease is so you may qualify. 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We are preparing to provide gifts to more than 8000. Children please help us into the Christmas wish -- the child in need. Learn more about becoming an Angel at Saint Francis I don't work. Tony sixty even sporting news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Yeah W traffickers at Cambridge could have on traffic tracker call -- that there was. Pretty heavy amount of fog where he was that we get some areas of lighter -- -- out there as well too so we've just got some not patchy fog at. The visibility into issues something you need to work. We worry about again we've had reports of some subfreezing temperatures out there doesn't seem to be really freezing your sticking to anything at this time but. Wouldn't have to get too much colder for that to be an issue too so what just the occasional slips by. You're Cain is just weather center court this morning flawed and partly cloudy today with a high of 65 degrees enjoy it. Partly cloudy and breezy tonight overnight -- 29 ended Wednesday. Partly cloudy and cooler. Tomorrow's high 39 minute stuff so. Exploited church should call 125 degrees in 24 hours. Now fogged out these 23 miles per hour 29 degrees head -- and assess. Coming up usual half hour with Steven -- first court appearance for a man accused of murdering four people. It's your daily dose with America's doctor doctor Ryan's -- stock drops. Honking horns including trains can be annoying on your morning commute. But reasons that he showed that traffic may also be harmful to your health. Stay tuned for war. So we have this break in on our block and that triggered my momma bear instincts. -- work full time so I'm not home when my kids get home sometimes I'm not even home for dinner so it got me thinking what if that was my home. 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What can you do to lower your risk when you're sitting bumper to -- first up who rule out the window Snooki does harmful air pollutants out of your car and monks and added bonus roll up the windows can reduce traffic to voice as they showed that for every Endesa -- will be increased traffic delays that -- 12% higher risk of heart attacks so. Is that traffic delays turn up the -- a new car radio city -- -- singing music can reduce your blood pressure so -- my simple tips to help you save your heart. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise body mind and soul. From the 24 hours studios and use radio at thirteen thirty K and SS this is a team. Content in the morning. Good morning 630 C Macintosh deadly -- 29 degrees today right now looking brighter day. In the mid sixties and cooling off later. The man accused of murdering a woman and her three children appeared in a Parsons courtroom via video Monday morning. 22 year old David Bennett junior attorney bill is suspected of murdering 29 year old cameo -- and her three children last Tuesday in Parsons. He was arrested that night in independence Kansas. Men and asked the judge numerous questions Monday morning and at one point began trying to defend himself before the judge advised him to stop. The judge reminded Bennett that he found probable cause to hold him on four counts of murder as formal charges are still pending. His bond was set at five million dollars. The Kansas attorney general's office is prosecutor in the case and requested more time to file charges due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- some change in the weather let's find out more to take first ordered forecast now with meteorologist frank waterboarding frank thank Steve a little bit patchy fog to start things off early this morning as we get into the afternoon hours a mix of sun and clouds. High temperatures across south central Kansas and here in which taught in the low to mid sixties. Get out and enjoy it if you can overnight tonight a cold front rolls through overnight lows near 29. Will see highs on Wednesday only near 39. Highs on Thursday only making it into the middle twenties. I'm meteorologist frank wallet your cake first alert forecast police busted two suspects after a larceny Sunday evening northwest which atop the 24 year old woman went into the quick trip at thirteen the -- leading her purse. In the front seat of her car. Once -- return. She knows that the truck passed their window was broken in her purse was missing. The total loss and damage the vehicle was estimated at right around -- thousand -- Police lieutenant Doug Nolte says a witness saw the suspect get into a red car about twenty minutes later offices located that car in the Wal-Mart parking lot of -- for two -- Police arrested a 31 year old man in the car to 26 year old man who'd gone inside to use a stolen bank card. They were booked into jail for theft and burglary to a vehicle one of the suspects was also booked in for unlawful use of a financial -- Bankers and realtors in Kansas want to eliminate the State's mortgage registration -- something that is. Paid by property buyers when they registered their property with the county register of deeds counties are opposing the change. Morgan registration -- and Kansas is point 26% of the amount borrowed Kansas bankers and realtors organizations say it's unfair unnecessary and a disincentive to buy property they want the law repealed counties are saying wait a minute this will increase property taxes -- -- -- -- director of communications with Sedgwick county. This -- seemed to be an issue that -- could have potentially significant financial effect upon us the registered -- has put together information and then brought to the board of county commissioners therefore we wanted to -- have this conversation. Djokovic says the county has invited area state legislators to an informational meeting on the mortgage registration -- scheduled for Tuesday afternoon burning cookies ready at thirteen thirty KN SA. -- governor Sam Brownback has named a deputy Kansas secretary of agriculture to lead the department. Brownback said in a release Monday that Jackie McCloskey will succeed dale Rodman as secretary of state Agriculture Department after Rodman steps down December 10. The class he has been with the department since January 2011 when she became an assistant secretary she was named deputy secretary of the department in July. Can -- national news time 633. President Obama to hold a news conference today discussing what's going right to the White House says with the health care enrollment. A warning to China from Vice President Biden at a news conference in Tokyo he said the US is deeply concerned over China's declaration of an air defense zone around disputed group of islands in the East China Sea. United States has an interest in -- know lowering of tensions in this vital region. As I believe all the countries in northeast division I share that same interest. -- at a high speed appearing to be to blame for the deadly commuter train derailment in New York on Sunday the black box. Shows the train was going 82 miles an hour where the speed limit is thirty miles an hour while it's too early to tell the train's engineer William Rockefeller junior is at fault sources tell ABC news that human error is likely to blame ABC to -- -- here in New York. New numbers so American high school students are middle of the pack or below compared to other developed countries when it comes to test scores in reading science and math. -- Preston ABC news. Sticks 34 Stephens of the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in a session dead today in the Wichita City Council -- -- request from Shasta officials to issue up to forty point two million dollars in industrial revenue bonds to finance Tony thirteen. Expansion and upgrades on its local campus. -- as what 5400. Workers here in which diet pledges to add fifty jobs in the first salvo of improvements. Just all -- -- 100%. Property tax abatement on the improvements for five years for the second year term subject to council approval. So. They -- did add fifty jobs at a cost of forty point to -- and harsh. Or path what's pretty expensive but I -- I don't what -- a month. It's something that they do for the City Council does for local businesses and doesn't cost the taxpayer anything and right. She let alone or whatever and they try to tie that in the jobs created a job creation of many talk about fifty. That's not many and a -- civilians in every every few dozen counts against. The group has filed a federal lawsuit accusing it Kansas middle school violating a student's free speech rights by prohibiting the student from posting flyers. About a prayer event. The lawsuit was filed in Kansas City, Kansas by the alliance defending freedom the conservative Christian group that advocates for religious rights. Suit contends the Robert Clarke middle school and Bonner springs. Violated the student's free speech rights -- a counselor prohibited the student. From posting fliers containing biblical references promoting -- of territory with prayer event before school. -- alone take it to court. This is today's. An issue we've been wrestling with here in the United States for quite a while. How much religion should we haven't public schools public enemy and entities. From the get go to court there in Kansas City to. 636 with Steve intent in the morning just a look. Can throw my notes here to see what's going on -- always -- supplements Golan. This afternoon legitimate beef Taco Bell the fifty and under budget resettled -- that's east of edge -- yes central on edge more. Pretty close to your house at the very close yeah. I'm gonna be there from in the 5 o'clock hour to give away 133. Dollars hello somebody chemistry led drive drive through. We'll get a 133 dollars Christmas gift. No questions ask you George we did this last year. You did you good yesterday with KFH -- dom this afternoon okay so we're you know beat I'm gonna be at a at a Taco Bell at central bridge. So they go rubio both sides -- I'm gonna be in -- 5 o'clock -- but I'll be there during a lunch -- like during the noon hour. So you just drive through the drive up play in the and -- we randomly -- -- -- one lucky out we just randomly select car and just hand them some food in their. Cash here's here's the money tackled well. It's a great thing I -- every week we've done it now for a couple of years and every time we giveaway that 133 dollars. I guess scientific just 98 bucks but -- that's a nice. Nice Christmas gift and that's -- try to change -- and it got to be Lester just mr. nice gift from talk of oh yeah talk about 133 dollars now. A Christmas carols coming up and it opens what Thursday. An important theater on south hillside. Are you going to be in the production as I am -- for the third straight year I'm in this production of a Christmas Carol Thursday Friday Saturday at 8 PM Sunday at 2 PM this goes through the 22. And to get did ticket she can call 6180444. Or order form Wichita dot com. Going to be -- Chela. And obviously you've been rehearsing in the future just send them looking forward to getting -- show and getting the holiday feeling going into form theater for the Christmas care and cozy atmosphere in there to see something like this cat's a very intimate theater in your -- of their next to the stage and you'll have a great time. Ended 22 for one special fox ridge golf club check it out. Get to green fees cart rental and two buckets of medium range balls for 3225 regularly 6450. Ticket out of our web page this is in Newton. -- he got one more day of it -- that was today's a good golf day tomorrow not so much -- who got so check out our web page Cain is his radio dot com or -- -- Not come on just remember that's basically half price for Christmas present if you have a golfer in your family -- dubious but very nice that would be a critique good Christmas for -- 638 now Steve into the morning time for our commodities update the top left the -- -- commodities. Good morning Steve -- complex and able to hold early session highs on Monday imposed on the mixed side. But -- -- more varied like yesterday also deliver storm warnings start Wednesday evening from Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle wolf six feet yards in those areas. At the moment of February live cattle are portico of and so tiger won 3455. GMT used to also tiger won 6547. Incredibly woke up twelve cents also -- 9057. We yesterday the -- soybean meal features. Scored new highs for the current move -- but didn't turn they didn't include negative to coordinate new contract closed yesterday have been closed and change what we -- -- upside. They closed on the big besides overnight Egypt tendered for week we're expected to see results from -- later this morning. It also reporting informant expectant that till December production update. Trading overnight started hyperion is turning into -- lower to mixed trade at the moment. March Casey we put any higher at 706 and three quarter march -- I have opinions for equality for. January soybeans doesn't change at thirteen 21 and a quarter January -- -- -- tired 9405. February gold fifty cent higher 1212220. If symbolism. 17194. Number dollar index -- 23 cents at 8071. Be similar scheduled features 66 point slower. It's 15100930. But commodity trading great marketing advisory contact -- commodities on the float on the Libby who -- by -- 866. How many of market moving news you're expecting this week here on the bond markets. Well we do have brought a lot of private estimates coming up for next Tuesday's used to -- -- supply demand report. We continue to watch things developing out of China as they've been canceled -- -- corn. Exports over there and there's even -- they might cancel over -- me next. Courtroom now about done all right thank search and do it tomorrow morning we can't assist commodity update is brought to you by American -- credit providing financial services. Customized to your ever changing needs -- dot com or 800. 4661146. American tag credit. 640 was Stephen -- coming up we've got The Osgood File for dip -- also traffic and weather little fog out there we'll check it out for here and just about on Stephen Ted. Use radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. The commodity update on Katie and ass ass is brought you by American and credit as a farmer -- your needs don't always fit in with traditional. 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Ultimately you've noticed that the -- -- to attend the red kettles in the Salvation Army in front of the businesses to bells ringing and folks are dropping dropping money in those -- all over the place it's a it's a Salvation Army mission of hope campaign and again this year -- and -- where it right up to our arrival correct equipment. That's right and even more appropriate -- -- see more of that today today's giving Tuesday that I stay of giving so I don't leaks its to help families in need it even you know it's officially today but. Did today or tomorrow any time it's so easy to make a difference right now with your gift which helps with food shelter clothing vital assistance. And that's a tax deductible gift you can give the Salvation Army and help so many people -- to the request for basic needs assistance continues to increase that is needed year round so what we raise your Christmas time. The last of Salvation Army around. 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That's half off the original price just like on which tempers are come today to get this deal from. Fox ridge golf course they knew him. It's guys getting David for the game it's all about the tailgating burgers oxygen peppers -- hot -- you name it -- -- Game giant baby got yourself all but not burned well up the -- late. Still -- harper and keep you from enjoying the things you love and -- -- get you back in the action fast it's -- elective formula neutralizes more arrests have been talents for indigestion and heartburn get rapid relief with relate RO LA. IIES yup that's you spell really uses direct capacity utilization may not correlate with symptom relief. They say today's the -- -- online shopping day of the year it's Cyber Monday today it is where I as were the source put their door buster deals on the -- that leave you bust that door that's affix yourself to your home. This is a busy week for your wallet Black Friday on Friday small business Saturday two -- Cyber Monday and then tomorrow is throw money at squirrels Tuesday. Sales online respected to be up 15% this year from what should they ask me that a 131 million Americans spent 2.2 seven billion dollars online today and that American companies lost just about that same amount in productivity from. The employees who spent the whole day shopping online. I Jimmy Kimmel Live last night thank you Jimmy. It says 645 nanos even -- in the morning time for a look at traffic just got a call from traffic tracker Debra she was driving by the casino. Down on the turnpike. If she does every day she says this is the first time she's ever driven past the casino on the turnpike and not been able. To see the lights from the casino. From the turnpike and it's not far off the highway there's so it really isn't so yeah we've got some areas of strictly heavy fog out there visibility is definitely an issue keeps those lights on make sure other drivers can't see you out there. Again that's -- visibility. A big issue this morning in traffic to gasoline prices didn't change they'll still to 97 and yardage. A music company would -- morning -- and partly cloudy today with a high of 65 degrees look like yesterday but then partly cloudy and breezy tonight is a front comes through overnight -- 29 in the Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow's high only thirteen nine and 65 today 39. Tomorrow now -- southeast with a three miles per hour. Tony nine degrees at K and assess what -- by half this year for someone but not sure there's guys. Bring and a half they -- -- -- -- Jack's determine the size great selection and that meant jacks at the clock tower in delay no hat man -- 601 the west Douglas. Coming up Don grants money tracker getting the most from your Social Security Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. It doesn't files sponsored in part by Stamps.Com. Save time trouble and money by buying and burning official US -- when your home computer in -- in a moment special offer just for you. -- is Charles get. I was -- news colleague Rita braver introduced us to the date to OJ -- gets of the Baltimore Ravens. He's 44 now retired -- player but still working for the team has counselor to the players. I learned a life lesson from football clearly -- I learned that -- thing is never an option. He denounces New Britain it can't has lived a life of stark contrasts. His former pro football player who sports a sparkling Super Bowl ring is now paralyzed. And confined to a wheelchair. That's because six years ago he was stricken with -- -- Lou Gehrig's disease. Is amazing story after this. With the holidays almost here you don't have time to go to the post office. 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And -- -- When OJ Vargas retired as a player ten years ago the ravens rehired him because he get away with people and a way with words. Hello again everyone and welcome to -- Reports I'm -- this weekend's. And he still blows even though is Rita braver explains Braganza must take every threat. To a ventilator. Communicate every thought to a voice that's generated by his computer how does it do that OJ two trillion. It tracks the movement of my pupils and allows me to tie it with my eyes flicker of this type with their fingers. -- such eloquence doesn't -- answer reader asked him about it actually made in 2000 via the ravens won their first of move you made the first attack all out. They call what was it like. I remember seeing the thousands of flash spoke sparkling in the not it. It was my dream come true reality. OJ attends almost every practiced his running back Ray Rice and keeps them all on their -- he's fully pass this one of the things -- shows you he's never out. You can never count on. The Osgood File Charles Osgood on the CBS radio report. 650 Stephen dead Cummins from FaceBook -- -- -- his radio dot com Wisconsin trucker faces sentencing for. Coke cyber attack Christopher says I hope he and his co conspirators get the Max sentence it's one thing to disagree with someone or some company. It's another to take actions that violate their rights. Clinton get about two years probation and two years' probation. Stocks closed lower Monday Dow down 77 points NASDAQ off fourteen S&P down four -- to go to national business news this. The Wall Street Journal reported -- Jennifer can shake up for the past two years BMW has reigned as the top selling luxury carmaker in the US. We've -- what is Mercedes-Benz a close second. This year Mercedes has the inside track to grab the US ground. The German auto makers are rolling out earlier holiday promotions as they battle for supremacy which should help you if you're in the market for a luxury vehicle. How would you rate your marriage marriage counselors say taking a close look at the ties that bind can help bridge that gap when it comes to differing perceptions. And the willingness to be honest the journal's Elizabeth Bernstein says there are a number of key indicators were couples to examine. Area that they are suggesting are things that just try to companionship to romance. Give them information and -- -- that allegation and how do you deal with stress and conflict you know how you deal of support -- fifteen each other. Our company seeking help for a troubled relationship a rating serves as a baseline. Futures this morning are lower this is the Wall Street Journal reports. 51 Stephen -- in the morning I'm gonna have a birthday tomorrow Tom. And while about Social Security got 4938. Getting close -- -- -- -- -- getting the most from your financial help from your Social Security bogged down to talk about good morning that are done great well he tracker. Good morning Steve you know there's renewed interest in Social Security from all of us. Baby boomers who thought we wouldn't need -- number one -- or that the system would be busted in bankrupt by now. What if you visit the Social Security website that's Debbie Debbie Debbie dot Social Security dot gov. There are a number of tools that will help you. Calculate how much you will make that your age of qualification. That you quickly learn that the longer you wait to trigger the benefits the more you received. But chill get it for shorter period of time because well you're older you're gonna die sooner -- His stuff. Anyway if you are in the enviable position of not being forced to collect because of a job glossary infirmity or something else there are some great ways to increase your benefits first. Keep working at the maximum salary. Until you're seventy years old. Next to claim your benefit at age seventy -- before a seven year old maximum earner who claims at that age will receive more than 4000. Dollars per month. If he is collected at age if you collected to date 62 and stop working he would make only about 2000 dollars per month. If you consider the cost of living increases. At a flat 2% per year that's the amount they they update every year. By age -- he's the one who began benefits at 62 will make about 3300. Dollars per month. The worker who wait until age seventy would make about 6000. Dollars per month. Total cumulative benefit from age 62 to nine -- would be about 890000. Dollars. The person who began collecting eight years later would have collected one that 1250000. Dollars by age nine to eight. Now these may be extremes. But the difference is extreme if you have any questions you give me a call the number is 632634. Twenty to 22 don's advice never stop working -- exactly good people. I feel love and sticks and were living longer so you know -- yeah point seven days the new. Fifty right. Something like that yes OK guys thank you Don check resilient tomorrow morning controversy over a statue of liberty stamp. Details coming up -- -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Are you one of the millions of Americans who qualified for health insurance on the new health insurance exchange -- would like help understanding what you qualified for and what health insurance you should purchase. -- benefits by design are licensed exchange certified agents can walk you through the process fill out the forms and get the health insurance you qualify for the prices the same but our knowledge and customer service can help you make the right choice call today 3162632903162632900. It's not our big pre holiday sellinger bars foreign superstore to choose from are huge selection of area roads. Ceramic tile. Laminate. And wood flooring. 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We prefer the long drive towards the goal line approach. You'll meet one on one with your local mutual fund store advisor. Creative financial game -- specifically tailored to your needs and you'll hear from us regularly to adjust to rebalance your investments as we track progress toward your goal. Your success is our success it's as simple as that on the field winning teams are balanced and -- well it doesn't make sense for your investments to. To learn more busy mutual fund store dot com or call Scott Wolf we're here at the mutual fund store now 3162605200. Wonder American made quality and craftsmanship for your home champions and our factory to -- premium quality wholesale value. For your windows exciting and several investment and on sale now. -- dedicated. -- -- -- Here roll out the window that I make for your -- right now save 30% on windows plus save 15% on some rooms and more -- Factory direct premium quality wholesale value and and proudly made in America. Hi this is John Green -- if you can have a bright white -- in five minutes would make -- your attention -- -- is clinically proven to -- your teeth in five minutes power -- whitens -- to shades in five minutes -- six -- in seven -- to try -- -- risk free dial 1809758323. I guarantee your friends loved your movie -- white smile -- -- risk free 1809758323. That's 1809758323. -- We're out doing. Yeah I mean I'm gonna. -- Hey Steve did the morning foggy and a 29 degrees and artist wants to get the US Postal Service illegal. Lifting over a stamp. The Postal Service released the design for new statue of liberty stamp in 2011 in an embarrassing mistake the stamp wasn't based on the actual statue of liberty New York. -- replica outside a Las Vegas casino. This SimCity lady liberty is hotter than the original lawyers for sculptor Robert. Davidson -- the Las Vegas that was more sultry Davidson is suing Uncle Sam for copyright infringement or no comment yet from the Postal Service. The controversy you'll stay at. David Justice -- -- -- check in with top minor threat to the Kansas Department of Transportation about highways around Wichita a couple of those closings it. Handover improvements going we'll talk with 270 on this morning. Also on the 7 o'clock hour as always Ted Woodward was sports in depth. Tablets are big sports story this morning I'll give you an update on the new college basketball rankings for men's basketball TDC's a shocker moved up the space through congress Jadox both involvement I think thirteen thirty top story. Body found a little. Details on that story and all the local news right after ABC world news at the top of the hour Stephen did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in SS Wichita. -- 9 degrees at 7 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm -- Preston President Obama hoping to turn the tide on health care.

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