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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/03/13 Hr 2

Dec 3, 2013|

Guests: KDOT's Tom Hein and Wichita Festivals President Mary Beth Jarvis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This vital region. As I believe all the countries in northeast division I shared that same interest witness. Investigators continue looking for clues in Sunday's deadly commuter train crash ABC do you Benitez is on the scene investigators have confiscated. The engineer's cell phone they have been interviewing him. Got to figure out from his perspective what happened I'll put it most importantly they wanna know. If on that cell -- he was texting or making any phone calls that might have distracted the train was traveling eighty miles an hour heading into a curb where the speed limit is thirty miles an hour. An exam given a fifteen year old worldwide chose US students lagging in math than just average in science and reading compared to other developed countries. How loud or Seattle Seahawks bands. That -- University of Washington professor says the -- during Monday night's game registered with roughly the same energy as a magnitude one or two earthquake. World record for crowd noise second time. Three months. You've listened to ABC news. He issued by American general insurance company in Texas not available in -- -- details AIG direct dot com so I knew it was important to have life insurance to protect her family but I was putting off. And yesterday a girlfriend financed -- point blank what would happen if you want your husband how would you be the bills. The mortgage the car payment food. And that's when it really hit me and I realized I needed to get a life insurance right now so I called AIG direct and in less than five minutes I can't quote. I was shocked at how affordable it is just eighteen dollars a month for 250000. Dollars of term life coverage I feel so much better knowing that kids and I are protected. And my husband was so happy I got the quotes. Save up to 70% when you get term life insurance through AIG direct call now for a free no obligation quote it only takes five minutes and you could save up to 70%. 18032201099. That's 18032201099. Call now 1803221099. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is suggesting the norm for in vitro fertilization should be one embryo at a time. Oftentimes American couples put into war more because the cost is so high but the cost of multiples is also high especially if there are complications experts. I twins born prematurely than have to spend time in the neonatal icu. Can face a significant. Number of medical problems that potentially could be serious potentially could be long term. Obstetrician ABC news consultant doctor Jennifer Ashton in Europe doctors typically implant just one embryo. Now the suggestion is to do that here especially for women underage forty. Awful story about a Texas man nearly killed by a pair of dog he found in his backyard early this morning. When a man who lives near the Fort Worth stockyards heard noises behind his house he stepped outside to point to pit bull terriers attacking his dog. He tried to step in but the pit bulls attacked him ripping at his arms legs and face. His daughter came outside she was bitten at least twice. The police arrived and an officer shot and killed the pit bulls that the man and his daughter were taken to the hospital he's in serious condition his daughter was not as badly injured. General in ABC news in Dallas Fort Worth. -- killed three snakes and wall. Well how about 2000 mice being sent down in parachutes. The mice or dead but they've been palm pull -- -- may have been just a little bit of the stop and tower and I'll -- killed tree snakes the snakes ate the mice. This next guy passes on. This is ABC's live local. Late breaking. This is Stephen -- in the morning when news radio third. There are several foreign Steve Macintosh and I'm it would word coming up in local news to tell you about a quadruple shooting into peca. Thought he right now 32 degrees and in just a moment we'll check in with meteorologist frank wall. With takes first -- forecast Wichita police are investigating after a body was found in the little. A resident who lives in the 900 block of north backed bay called 911 Monday afternoon saying there was a body of a woman's face down in the water. Police say there's no trauma to the body and they have no reason to suspect foul play at this point. They believe they know her identity but are waiting on verification before releasing her name they believe. The body had been there since Monday morning to -- a police say they have not identified any suspects in the deaths of three people and shooting the left a woman seriously wounded. Police said Monday of their investigation of the woman shooting Sunday afternoon led them to the bodies of two men and a woman at her central to become home blocks away. They did not say how the three were killed or discuss other details. The shooting victim was identified as 45 year old Carla Avery. Sure remains in critical condition and -- to -- a hospital. A police spokesman says he -- 43 year old brother Eric and her ex husband 56 year old Marvin was were found dead in her home. A 34 year old woman was also found dead but her name has not yet been released Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- Says her cousin was one of the man who roughed her up into robbed her at her home Sunday evening. 25 year old woman says she was -- herself which -- apartment lieutenant police lieutenant Doug Nolte says that happened in the 2700 block of south Seneca. Her cousin and three other. Males forced the front door her apartment. One of the suspects held her down. -- her cousin into it went through the apartment looking for drugs and money. Suspects got away with a woman's purse and cash Wichita police are looking for a suspect in more than one burglary at the same store early Monday a man wearing a blue puffy coat to green hoodie and black shorts broke into the target store at Towne -- square. Took something broke out the front door of the business. He then went into the business. Took three cellphones. They believe that this is the same. Individual. That nearly a month ago broke in saint memo. Lieutenant Nolte says the monetary loss from the stolen items just couple hundred dollars. But the damage to the glass front doors and a display cases totaled 101000 dollars the Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyber tackle Wichita based Coke industries has been sentenced to two years' probation. And ordered to pay 183000. Dollars in restitution. Eric Russell pleaded guilty after he was accused of taking part in the 2011 attack. That knocked the company website offline for about fifteen minutes. The man who died in arrowhead stadium's parking lot has been identified as thirty year old Kyle van winkle of Smith's bill Missouri. But Kansas city police say could be more than a month before the cause of death is determined. Officers responded yesterday to an altercation in the parking lot. And found van winkle unconscious on the ground it happened on Sunday during the -- game three people were taken into custody for questioning they were released Monday with no charges filed. 70 right now 8 minutes past 7 o'clock Stephen 10 in the morning 7 o'clock news and a. -- chambers traffic this morning -- This morning visibility definitely the key issue out there gotten calls from some of the traffic tracker -- the visibility very. Very pour out their right now heavy fog one of the traffic trackers even said that she couldn't see. The casino. From the high wage. Fill up pretty heavy fog and he was an inebriated or excessive punishment. Just sounded so good on good good I'm going to say no I'm gonna say that's probably legitimate so again -- visibility definitely an issue -- there's something you wanna watch out for. And gasoline prices today to 97 no change. Over the last day -- at some changes. Anonymous signal that take first -- forecast now with meteorologist frank -- good morning -- -- good morning Steve we do have some major changes on the way this morning we'd like to see some change to get this fall Gatti here visibility just. Incredibly. Low this morning temperatures dropping enough. To really thicken up that fog center Kenny added that dense fog advisory that goes until 10 AM. Right now all of our cameras just covered up with fog just as bad as yesterday. And begin the afternoon hours today providing. We get this fall Gatti here in a timely manner this morning we're gonna shoot those -- -- into the lower and middle sixties. South winds at seven to fourteen miles per hour. Enjoy a ten day regardless. Because we got big changes for tomorrow high temperatures on Wednesday only near 39 degrees. Highs on Thursday. Near 26 Thursday we start seeing some snow chances rolling in Korea continue to snow chances in a Friday right now the bigger and convenience of so it's going to be that cold. Not this now currently sitting at freezing winds are call home. Series -- get that breeze going arrests -- CF fog -- just a little bit. You know frank we have the a night with sanded down around century to a lot of festivities going on tonight but don't let's go until about 830 whether he should hold. At least sixty get that in -- you think that's right overnight tonight really dropped to about 29 degrees and about 8 o'clock I'd expect temperatures still in the low to mid forties. How win not gonna be -- really an issue so not bad at all Santa should be a nice happy with that. Did they pick today you know not tomorrow -- on to something here but when we talk tomorrow morning we're both gonna have our our big heavy sweaters are BSE is your birthday sweater right. The unemployment special -- -- I think -- aren't -- that of course is -- all the take first alert forecast Wesley we have a hospital rehab for strokes. Brain injury hip fractures and more located on west thirteenth. Across from northwest high school Wesley rehab hospital a higher level. Of care. 710 now 10 minutes past 7 o'clock with Stephen Ted. With us this morning different -- behind from the Kansas Department of Transportation -- Tom good morning didn't understand we -- what -- -- closing today is that right. We have actually two branch closing the two ramps that feed I won 35 traffic to eastbound Kellogg eastbound -- 54. We'll be closing today from 9 AM to 3 PM to make some repairs. So then what's he alternate route ticker. Yeah well you know we're not gonna sign anything -- such short term closure. I need and you know local -- no clue how are gonna get around this. The route traffic will have to messages upon our dynamic message signs with which way so. -- by the men and for those northbound well for the southbound people that are going. -- down and just going through countless public. Caroline you know the key in any six can go over to look Kellogg on the east side. -- -- and it says so help light a digital traveling over the holidays on the high thirty don't -- I 35 down in the south and at Waco going order College Station. I missed that turn almost every time I've done at 78 times. I think there's signage is not real good down there -- some things I don't think that I -- I can't count. Some of the other because he'd gotten -- the T done that I don't work really their corner. All right Jack -- about. Phase two B of the intelligence transportation system. Yes right now we're working on that the message sign that you see on these Kellogg and armor it's just too excited trying to it'll it'll give. Instructions to both eastbound and westbound Kellogg. We've got it up there working on the wiring. Cash I hope we have a by Christmas could be next Christmas present because. This seems like every evening something happens on -- in the Kellogg. -- -- Which way that's become very popular hasn't. We hope so we tell people he's -- given. And realize how valuable it is to take a little bit of time for some people get up to speed element but I use it every day course I worked for. Damn you got to -- if you don't check if they're gonna come down there and fire that. Well I know jet uses them to -- -- this morning though not real usable because all -- Now you also -- we have some bridge repairs -- -- Over the. Yeah like we haven't seen a lot of activity -- -- Kellogg from that most of the work is going on down below in fact they've been. Working to clean out the inside of the bridge this is close in closed bridges all the structure is inside. And they actually have to go in there and repair some of these pension system that's in there. And -- do that the first thing they've got to do is get rid of if you pigeons. You can imagine -- down there. And get rid of the waste that the pigeons have left behind so it's been a cleaning process they really. They can't put their workers in there until that that waste is cleaned out. They're also installing new pigeon exclude -- So that's maybe this problem won't happen again. This is under the bridge on fifty forego all the -- his river. -- -- the hit it well in case anybody tasted working for okay -- just a plush job but don't drawbacks veteran like cleaning up pigeon -- -- you know luckily we've got -- contractor doing. There are people are dumb they're monitoring it and they cannot be put down as -- -- -- to name his company. Don't when he and 41 and now a burglar on Brattleboro there you know hey listen no one else going on anything exciting that we should go about. Well we've got the the two year project out of thirteen to 1935 record that'll that'll go on in in spite of this cold weather they'll work through the winner -- because Steele is just as cold now that you know will be all winners so. They'll continue sitting grids being out there and we'll see. A couple of weekends in January and February we might have a 35 but that's still a ways dolphins and we've got a lot of weather go groups between now and then. Well I'd just tell every time I drought dried out that way I'm so thankful deceased. That's the other girders big leaguers going up all kinds of stuff you can see the progress on that thing. Yeah it's going to be it's going to be quite to bridge project on three went through in the next year as well as we really -- bridges taken place right now we're just human bones go up. That was going on that day here in the wintertime you guys a slowdown in your projects of all time. Well there are a lot of projects that are suspended this -- -- some striking projects that just didn't get done in time because of the temperatures and well pick those up again this spring plus over the wintertime will be -- new projects for next year. When you talk about the uptight TSE intelligence transportation system and cameras to we have now on the Wichita area for conduct we have. Over thirty cameras and we're working on more we are putting up six that's winner. And we've got another project that will let him April it will include another batch of cameras we don't know exactly how many because we don't know how the bid to -- We structure of those bids so that we can. Take as many of the cameras and and other pieces of the project. 41 over money we have at that time -- -- you know we have a set amount money right now but you never know when that's gonna get cut into and that's what happened to us last time. Collison and Danks stiff for being with -- -- a sport even -- talkie before Christmas happy. The Merry Christmas from all the shared cancer. Thank you will probably work out all right good enough thanks Tom Tom I'm from the Kansas Department of Transportation is one talking about it. Closures and what's gone on connect the highways around which to records those are -- the state highways there there which is well with the Tom's always great debt when he got there I do have a traffic and I don't know the traffic trackers called just a little bit ago -- called and he said that. Eastbound Kellogg -- 119. Street almost at a standstill. Right now if you whereas again he's done Kellogg hundred in nineteen to west. Aren't new company into this city that's right all right -- today is Tuesday December 3 on the state in 1947. The Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway. Chris Iannetta -- later with Marlon Brando and at Debian Lee who who are starring on Broadway though. That was it was Brando. Brandel Randall's big Broadway break out Jessica Tandy heavily played blanched ball wow real Broadway she was terrific. -- in everything she ever did. And I think Karl Malden Kim honorable thing abroad as well and are able -- -- what a film what a play that is both Tennessee Williams plays about. People in the sense a lot of angst death. People living in -- but I have always relied on the kindness of strangers myself -- I know you are Wichita splashed you bought 1968 Elvis Presley's now famous comeback special was broadcast on NBC. Today's birthday see your JPMorgan 82 good jazz singer but. Would best known as one of the panels on the golf -- -- judge frequent judge on the Gong Show Daryl -- 53 splash blade runner Julianne Moore is 53. Kerry this year in boogie nights got an Oscar nomination and Brendan Fraser is 45 the mommy in 1999 and George of the jungle. 717 savings and the vikings radio thirteen thirty time for sports with dad delivered instead the shocker men's basketball team but put up in the rankings yeah Kansas and what you. -- state are now both top ten teams. In the coaches poll new rankings came out this week. Kansas was as high as number two in the polls last week but the jayhawks did suffer their first loss of the season against Villanova. And -- drops a little bit at the jayhawks fall out of the number two spot dropping four spots down to sixth in the AP poll. A five dropping down to seven in the coaches poll for the jayhawks Wichita State off to that eight and o.s start shocker is. Moving up a little bit shocker is jump up one spot in the AP poll to eleventh. Two spots in the coaches poll shocker is our number ten in the coaches -- right now jumping over Oklahoma State and Gonzaga. In the rankings. He got -- you as high as sixty in the AP poll shocker just highest tent in the coaches poll. The men's basketball tonight if you wanna listen to and decent matchup between Minnesota and Florida State in Minneapolis tonight. Minnesota is six and two of the seminoles are five into -- the golden gophers are three and a half point favorite at home live coverage of Minnesota and Florida State at 8:15 this -- You can listen to that on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 987 FM. To men's basketball last night in L Laredo an easy win for Butler community college of the grizzlies beat Johnson County 6345. Butler bolting to a fifteen to nothing lead this one was never close Butler. In with the win now nine and two on the season. The Newman women picked up an -- conference road win last night -- and Oklahoma beating Roger is the State's 7673. Newman freshman Sierra Dayton. -- -- three pointer with -- remitted to go to give -- -- -- that they would keep back to back wins for the -- ladies senior from Wichita secure Copeland. Had a huge night with twenty points she made ten number thirteen buckets. The -- women pick up a conference road win last night they are two and one in the early going in the conference tied for third place. Some NBA basketball last night the Portland trailblazers hosting the Indiana Pacers these two of the top teams in the league -- like Indiana with a record of sixteen and one going into this one but Portland wins it 106102. Snapping the pacers seven game winning streak. Coming up the mantra Portland former Kansas State got Thomas Robinson with four points and five rebounds. That makes Indiana sixteen in two with a win Portland is now fifteen and three the trail blazers off their best start in fifteen years. The New Orleans pelicans win on the road last night at Chicago beating the bulls won 31 to 128 in triple overtime the first home loss of the year for Chicago. Coming up the bench for the pelicans rookie from K you adjust with the played five minutes and didn't hit one basket. The pelicans won three in a row it's back to back losses for the bulls who suffer their first home loss. Monday Night Football last night looked like it was going to be great match up at the top of the NFC between -- New Orleans Saints in Seattle taking on the Seahawks but. Seattle once again proves to be way too tough at home Seattle wins it 3047. Seattle becomes the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot they've won seven in a row. They won fourteen home games in a row the Seahawks are now eleven and one on the season. And we got a good sports Wichita birthday today. Auto racer Rick Mears. -- 62 years alternate course he was born right here which hits off four time Indianapolis 500 champ. Understanding this morning that the is -- C analyst -- they broke -- sound record -- today they took it away get -- -- computer chip supplier had now has to come back and break it again after breaking against oil exports this morning sports brought to you by the new data model bullseye shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bullseye Wichita dot com be safe she would say bull's -- shooting range fourteen at 55 north terrorists -- what you. Christmas gift of 133. Dollars cash it did happen to you this afternoon between 5 and 6 o'clock in the tackle battle. 5808 east central I'm going to be there with a 133 dollars a gift. Christmas gift from Taco Bell and KUSS radio and yet here in the drive through it's a random male between five and six or seven Taco Bell. 5808. East central. 721 now under 32 degrees keep their Rush Limbaugh morning update. Climate change is getting worse and traffic and weather on the way Stephen Ted news radio thirteen thirty KE SS. 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Years -- thirteen thirty can't assist this is Stephen -- and get into traffic this morning. Got a call from traffic tracker -- who said eastbound Kellogg -- 119 street running very slow this morning visibility and issued this morning is we've got some. -- in the area especially south we had a heavy fog reported in the Kansas turnpike south of the city so be cautious visibility and issued this morning. You're -- and this is weather center forecast morning fog kept up there then partly cloudy later today with a high of 65 degrees. Partly cloudy and breezy tonight the overnight low 29 Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow's highs. 3965. Today thirty to thank you tomorrow. Now fall called 32 degrees according to buy -- happy here for someone but not sure of their size. Bring and a half that they Wear. And a hat and -- determine the size great selection had been Jack's. At the clock tower and delay no hat men -- 601 the west Douglas coming up nearly half hour with Stephen Ted first court appearance for a man accused of murdering four people in Parsons of. Finally science's answer a question plaguing humanities and the humanity ever since Cain snuffed his brother -- We've been trying to understand why people commit horrific crimes and now we know. A team of US scientist reports and even small changes in temperature or rainfall. Correlates with increases in violent crime. When climate fluctuates even just a little bit there's arise and assaults rapes and murders and incredible revelation but there's more. When the climate changes not only do more individuals brutalized the innocent but wars and -- conflicts also increase. Now we've -- war is bad ever since 1970 with a great Motown to -- for Edwin Starr. Sang a song that said war book once and for absolutely not that. Well now we know the cause. One scientist Marshall Burke is from the university California at Berkeley and he says. -- the relationship between climate change and rapes assaults murders and war. Can be observed across time and across all major continents around the world that relationship. According to him is often very large. -- thousands of years unsophisticated people have been contributing violent crime to a lack of morality turns out they'll probably have nothing to do with this is -- liberals are right on along -- right wing religious extremists. Need to stop obsessing about rattled -- a problem. But what crime is climate change its right climate change is responsible for evil and we all know which political parties responsible for climate change. Don't worry. He doesn't end there join the rush to. Mayor Rudy Giuliani with a lifelike identity theft alert for holiday shoppers Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping season. Every gift we by the mall in a storm or online increases our risk of identity theft and don't think it's just about credit cards identity theft is much much bigger. Here's one example businesses suffer identity -- all the time when this happens thieves have virtually everything we need to steal your identity and your bank accounts no one can stop all identity -- I protect my identity and bank accounts with Dwight Clark ultimate and you shouldn't joke. As a special holiday gift like like is offering my listeners 50%. Off your life lock ultimate membership caller -- like Loc dot com and use the promo code rush fifteen that's rush. Fifteen for your 15% off holiday gift call 80444. What the -- ten. 804442810. 80440. -- bloody 810 court to -- transactions is currently operates 123113. Whether it's Stevens at unused radio -- And SS Detroit 730 Steve thank you judge Ted Woodward 32 degrees Denver looking for a high today of 65 a man accused of murdering a woman and her three children. Appeared in a Parsons courtroom via a video Monday morning. 22 year old David Bennett junior of cherry -- is suspected of murdering 29 year old -- on border and her three children last Tuesday in Parsons. He was arrested that night in independence Kansas. Bennett asked the judge numerous questions Monday morning and at one point began trying to defend himself before the judge advised him to stop. The judge reminded Bennett that he found probable cause to hold him on four counts of murder as formal charges are still pending. His bond was set at five million dollars. The Kansas attorney general's office is prosecutor in the case and requested more time to file charges due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty K -- SS have some -- You all the way in the weather let's take a look at that cake first -- forecast now with meteorologist frank -- good morning frank hey good morning Steve we're starting things off a lot like yesterday with the pesky -- set up here in which stock. This building this morning close to zero at times of slowed down and make sure you turn on those headlights couldn't believe how many people I saw yesterday. Without their headlights on this afternoon once we get that fog adding you're gonna see highs movie up until lower and even middle sixties soak that up. Overnight tonight we've got a cold front that rolls through receive those winds turning to the north overnight lows tonight dipped to 29. Highs on Wednesday near 39 partly sunny. And breezy on Wednesday temperatures plunge even further on Thursday 26 for your high on Thursday had. You know what we don't see the freezing mark until maybe the middle of next -- drop below freezing you're kidding Wednesday night down on not -- very cold -- in place on the way. So another 25 degree drop between noon today and tomorrow that's right now our neighbors out west we're gonna see more than a thirty degree drop from today to tomorrow so I you know Tony -- that's not an -- like me. -- is -- in in sync user meteorologist frank -- -- for toward forecast this morning. Police busted two suspects after a larceny Sunday evening in northwest Wichita. The 24 year old woman went to the quick trip at thirteenth and -- leaving her purse in the front seat of the car when you return. She knows that the truck passed their windows broken and her purse was missing. The total loss and damage the vehicle is estimated at right around a thousand dollars. Police lieutenant Doug multi says a witness saw the suspect get into -- red car 120 minutes later officers located at car in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 21 -- Police arrested a 31 year old man in the car and a 26 year old man who had gone inside to use the stolen bank card. They were booked into jail for theft and burglary to a vehicle and one of the suspects was also booked in for unlawful use of a financial card. Bankers and realtors in Kansas want to eliminate the State's mortgage registration to see something that is paid by property buyers when they registered their property. With the county register of deeds and counties are opposing the change the Morgan registration fee and. Kansas is point 26% of the amount borrowed Kansas bankers and realtors organizations say it's unfair unnecessary and a disincentive to buy property they want the law repealed counties are saying wait a minute this will increase property taxes Christie's Djokovic is director of communications with Sedgwick county. This seemed to be an issue that -- could have potentially significant financial effect on us the register Pete has put together information and then brought to the board -- county commissioners therefore we wanted to -- have this conversation. Djokovic says the county has invited area state legislators to an informational meeting on the mortgage registration -- scheduled for Tuesday afternoon burning cookies ready at thirteen thirty KN SS. Governor Sam Brownback has named a deputy Kansas secretary of agriculture to lead the department. Brownback said in a release yesterday that Jackie McCloskey will succeed dale Rodman as secretary of the State's Agriculture Department after Rodman steps down December 10. -- has been with the department since January 2011 when she became an assistant secretaries he was named deputy secretary of the department in July. -- and -- national news time 734. Possibly -- have distracted driving on the rails the engineer in charge of the commuter train that derailed Sunday in New York is being questioned investigators are examining his cell phone. Trying to find out why the train was speeding when it went off the -- killing four injuring dozens. President Obama has scheduled a statement that the White House today to once again talk up the health care exchanges it may sound something like holiday tidings of great joy -- Obama planning to highlight aspects of Health Care Reform. Which have worked. His first event is this afternoon. To emphasize the positive from now to the enrollment deadline that day before Christmas Eve. For customers who want their policies to begin. On New Year's Day ABC's and -- that the White House skeptics including many Republicans say Americans are still paying more for health care under Obama care. New numbers show American high school students are middle of the road or even a lagging when it comes -- scores in math science and reading worldwide Jerry Preston ABC news. I'm 35 now Stephen did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- as Mary -- Jarvis from -- -- festivals link is with us this morning good morning to you good morning and it's going to be nice today but tomorrow -- -- -- -- -- We had a one that's it we gotta get get it's it's gotten even thicker here in just passed compliments out there yeah I think visibility notes where where we were well made. You are doing something called bring your passion to river just what is all about well I mean it's the timing here when no one's really thinking about professor thinking about the color yeah. But it's it's really good time when that the communities got to figure out what they'd like to have that next shares are fast and they have. Something they want to bring I mean that giant. River -- secret for forty years. Is that it is what we make event and all of the great events that you love. Came to -- fast as somebody's cool idea so if here hobbyists are an entertainer or if you've got food or other -- materials to sell. This is the time hearing -- say bring it you have. Course volunteers board members employees do not know what people think about this all the time. Yeah I think all the great ideas would come from you folks that just -- -- over the years of government debt and how much more powerful is that whenever someone has you know what is a public think and be quite exactly understand. If you've got a club or a hobby whether it's you know disc golf or cricket or. Bridge. Why not bring that river fast let's bring back the horseshoes tournament let's have a chess tournament let's decent fun things. That that you love but -- on the big stage of -- fast for the thousands of your friends neighbors and those are great ideas that are wondering and I'm sure you're curious about -- -- of somebody's authorship not an idea that's just so far out. So weird and yet so great that nobody ever puppet before well -- -- for that -- out exactly and that we've got all the infrastructure we've got in the operational capability to pull it off so. Come partner with tests and not make a talented people out there -- well how what is you cinema post current what are going to hear it well let's talk river fest dot com is really the key it's got all of the forms all of the instructions and of course contact information to give us a call. If you just want them bop -- an idea around so Wichita river fest dot com yeah -- -- right there. We also need artists this timing here is when the you are brilliant design might make next year's button or posts are getting plastered up on. On billboards all over town and -- -- all of our advertisements forever fast so does deadlines are coming up quick note to work -- -- this year round no matter how it was -- last -- river festival how to stack up against others it you know what it we we made a lot of improvement and it felt great it was the safest and most secure -- fast we've had in years. And we did that because we gave dated off and really made that button meaningful you know when you're in the festival's -- you needed to have your button. He needed to -- end. They wanted to be there -- your friends and neighbors not just. Squawking about it meandering through you're at accessible and it made for a wonderful -- attendance wise up about 30% 360000. Folks can -- it right there as well reviewed be available stricter with the buttons and yet it is went up oh absolutely 38% more buttons sold I mean I think folks really wanted to feel their fastball back. And and that's what we succeeded -- of course the -- wasn't too bad we got up. The last the last night art that man. Belinda Carlisle they got guys had to endure a thunderstorm delay but other than that we and we really escaped with good luck on the weather. The river stressful coming up may thirtieth to June 7 -- it exactly and this is the time to. Give us your ideas go to Wichita -- Richard to river -- dot -- exactly favorite thing to -- this morning. All right have a good day tomorrow's going to be cold so -- I don't need more than what you got on now that's what. But the view we re told me he Kenton did I have been warned not happy they cute. Thanks for being with -- Mary -- Jarvis from Wichita festivals into -- 740 now -- -- the morning news radio thirteen thirty coming -- we've got The Osgood File and keep an -- For traffic and weather and all that followed up there Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. -- -- Need 65 kids freedom to go like you want to. Don't -- shifting to Medicare for your health coverage slow you down. And 65 helps bridge gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co payments and are friendly trusted service means you're good to -- when you go -- -- -- -- sixty flying from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and complacency -- the -- -- association Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government -- the federal Medicare program. So you're saying so -- feel it. Names. I'm happy you. Kids. Being alive is. And today and we went on your happiness scissors he gets from healing waters on cosmetic -- take advantage of the savings under delightful spot packages tailored to pamper your loved ones from -- -- this holiday giving healing water spout package and make someone dairy. I'm very happy and Bradley there. People across the country are finding themselves afflicted with anxiety over their health insurance decisions confusion about their options sleeplessness over what to choose. 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The good Pete -- has helped thousands of people become pain free you two could be pane -- That pain is not all on your head hits your feet. Check out the new location good feature story Kellogg and rocket -- TJ Maxx individual results may very consult your physician. For medical conditions the -- faint star. Because there's an old fashioned disease that's been wiped out yeah. Think if you were vaccinated as a child your protected forever yeah I think again you may need a booster vaccination. Pertussis commonly known as whooping cough is very contagious from me in recent years rates of whooping cough have been increasing. Whooping cough can be particularly serious and babies. About half of babies less than one year of age should get whooping cough and -- hospitalized for breathing problems. Including ammonia and Atlanta. Babies -- catch ripping off from the adolescents and adults around them who may not know they have the disease. A deal to get -- costs may have severe cough for weeks. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist about ways you can help protect yourself and your family from whooping cough -- including getting vaccinated. For more information visit help prevent whooping cough dot com. This reminder about whooping cough is brought to you by GlaxoSmithKline. Chest pain dizziness shortness of breath I know the signs of heart disease and take action. I got -- to -- doctors -- they -- -- actually probably save my life. The process is quite comfortable that process is a cardiac CT scan from simply cardiology at CG detect blockages years before they cause trouble. It's easy. It's painless and it's worth all this -- -- -- cardiology and make an employment for your hard by going to Wichita hard dot com that's -- hard dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This year create a Christmas dinner to remember with help from hog wild pit barbecue hog wild is closed on Christmas Day still call ahead and pick up on Christmas Eve five locations in Wichita also in Hutchinson and Salina. -- we'd close at eight The Osgood File on news radio thirteen thirty -- SS has brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. 7:44 teams in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K says time for traffic Moujan chambers slowed traffic in several places right now -- fifteen and 31 street south we have an injury traffic extent. Spirit Aerosystems area watch out there K 1531 freaks out. I won 35 northbound. At the exit ramp on thirteenth street an accident they are slowing things down. -- Kellogg at southwest boulevard right now running. Fairly slow as well Kellogg eastbound at southwest boulevard at the visibility definitely an issue this morning very low visibility due to the thought. Nor can just -- center forecast mornings followed then partly cloudy later today with a high of 65 degrees nice and partly cloudy and breezy turning colder tonight. Overnight low 29 Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow's high thirteen nine and 65 today. 39 tomorrow they'll fall all the 32 degrees at -- and assess. This afternoon at Taco Bell at 5808 east central subsequent to that drive through lane will get 133. Dollars a special gift from -- and assists. And the folks at Taco Bell it's a randomly we do it every year about this time I'm going to be there. From about five to six this afternoon. To give away the money a 133 dollars and cold hard cash Christmas present from Taco Bell and K and assessed against Taco Bell at 5808 east central between five. And six this afternoon. Coming up the -- -- business journal update with bill -- where will Boeing -- -- new airplane -- -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. The Osgood File this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. It is just a coincidence spur of the biggest online shopping day of the year the Supreme Court decided not to consider challenged by And Overstock.Com. To new York state laws taxing online purchases made by New Yorkers. Yeah mine company is the store missile location to store rather than the location of the customer that should determine who gets to tax the purchase what might click. That's what Amazon and oversight thought anyway we don't know what the Supreme Court thought the decided not to think about bottom line says CBS news senior legal analyst Andrew Cohen. This action my record is good news for new York and bad news for these online retailers and their customers that retailers to challenge the state -- taxing them the state courts had upheld the law and the justices chose not to get him also. The state law and the state tax remained. More after this. If you're a homeowner -- faithfully major mortgage payments you deserve thanks for doing the right thing. And I'd like to tell you about a powerful financial tool that rewards your commitment I I'm -- foreigner president of Quicken Loans. In the tool that I'm talking about is the home affordable refinance program or harp. -- is designed to help you lower your mortgage payments. It's for homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments due to the housing market may have little or no equity left in their home. And even if you were unable to get -- blown in the past new guidelines mean that now you may be eligible. More than two and a half million homeowners have already taken advantage of -- -- saving an average of 250 dollars a month. If you're one of the millions yet to take advantage call us today at 800 quicken. To learn more call Quicken Loans today at 800 quicken -- -- to Quicken Loans dot com. That number again is 800 quicken. Important terms and conditions apply calls for cost information equal housing lender license and offered to states and -- number 3030. For all practical purposes the Supreme Court has endorsed -- New York State's Internet sales tax diagnosis Andrew Cohen. The court didn't endorse New York's Internet sales tax that it didn't rejected either and so now the question will be whether other states enact similar laws designed to tax online sales. And if so whether those laws or eventually accepted for review by the justices that the court didn't wanna -- this because it's such as hot potato politically. I think the justices want to wait a little bit to see how widespread these online sales taxes become. And to see also -- different state court's approach these new laws before weighing in so it could be years before we see the court take one of these cases should be used as. Business analyst Joseph Schlesinger thinks there's no doubt whatsoever other states are going to react to this the mr. green light color of money. -- will be more aggressive in trying to get those sales tax dollars. When there's 2.3 billion dollars at stake in a given year the state ought to be very hungry to get that money. Osgood file I'll see you online at FaceBook Twitter and at The Osgood File dot com this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. She even -- the most news radio thirteen thirty K and as says it's a -- -- starts at 6 o'clock tonight till 8:30 PM down -- sentry to. And the Kennedy plaza mayor mayor Culver City Council members will be there as we welcome Santa. In for the Christmas season here in which dogs and have mrs. Claus reading the night before Christmas. There will be a Christmas tree lighting ceremony China plus will arrive they'll put a big fire truck. And at a fireworks show over the and at the -- -- oracle performance well also free -- -- right it's something for the family tonight in downtown Wichita the good news is that. The weather should be really really good number -- nice weather. For this and ends later on tonight if there's gonna start turning colder tonight. A night. With SATA 6 o'clock downtown Wichita -- it benefits workers -- makes business sense so industries increasingly getting on a bandwagon to address employee burnout. And allow an escape from work. Volkswagen turns off some employees. Goldman Sachs is urging junior staff to take weekends off. BMW is planning to restrict contract contacting workers. After hours for some of them the big companies are thinking about employee burnout and how to do things that Britain might -- and employee burnout. Are we had. But the stocks closed lower Monday on the Wall Street the Dow down 77 points NASDAQ down fourteen the S&P down four now look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer Kushinka. Fifteen year old made no progress on recent international achievement exams and fell further in the rankings. -- donning a debate about the US's ability to compete tonight global economy. The results from the 2012 program for international student assessment. Shows that teens in the US slipped from 25 to 31 two in math since 2009. From twentieth to 24 in science and from eleventh to 21 in reading. Samsung is planning to -- soccer stars against petitions aliens to sell its range of galaxy devices. In a marketing campaign which has a fairly an original plot but is unusual for Samsung. Pick -- annual showcase its products through a soccer match between aliens and humans. Apple's looking for more of a social life with its acquisition of social media analytics firm topsy labs were 200 million dollars. Top seized tools can decipher how often -- term is tweeted refined influential persons study is specific subject and this is the Wall Street Journal report. Seventy to do now Stevenson in the morning verbal Boeing built that new airplanes let's find out or at least ten an indication with a picture bill royal which dubbed as distributable -- Morning -- at least fifteen locations competing to be the assembly point for Boeing's new triple seven -- aircraft that includes Kansas. Missouri's legislature convened a special session Monday to consider up to 150 million dollars in incentives to get the work to the show me state. The TV station their reports -- governor Jay Nixon met with -- Boeing officials last week he wants the incentives lined up before the company makes its decision on an assembly sites. Agriculture one of the three main pillars of the Kansas economy governor Sam Brownback announcing mandate ladies named Jackie McCaskey to be the State's secretary of agriculture. McCaskey succeeds dale Rodman -- stepping down December 10 McCaskey grew up on a small farm near Girard she's a former assistant dean. But the case state college of agriculture she's been with the gag departments -- -- eleven. And the small plane that airplane revitalization act was signed into law by President Obama over the holiday. The act was offered -- rather and promoted by fourth district Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo. Laws designed to streamline the certification regulations for small aircraft manufacturers. Helping them get products to the market more quickly and efficiently. -- says the law will mean more jobs for -- Follow us on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect with a -- the end for the latest local breaking business news. Pertain SS the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. You know what I think is interesting about that law that Pompeo got past is affected he really he apparently worked hard on that for months and months and got real good bipartisan sport he showed that he could pre work of people on that thing right. Now and they got through that's what do you know how many pieces of legislation never heard -- recently that day gets approved by the house by the senate and actually gets to the president and his side and that he suffered ultimately get this it's it's amazing that's the way its -- That's not technically your eyes I can't help thank you several -- of the union next hour. A man is in trouble for trimming a bush details coming up Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. He widgets and a business journal reports on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- is -- to you by Maarten Pringle attorneys at law. Martin Pringle. Attorneys have lost. Representing clients in the health flown with -- Lisa McPherson and David would have proving this message yes we do best and practicing twenty other areas too. Martin -- attorneys have lost respect. Reliable the results oriented online at Mark -- dot com. Home sellers looking for an unfair advantage to help get your home sold. There's a new trend in real estate you should know about real estate teams hi I'm Mike or make a select homes it is a real estate team anyway traditional real estate agents are like the Lone Ranger. 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The department arena and Wichita. -- -- -- The arena in which it's. -- season. -- -- -- -- -- -- On the select CD -- host locations -- call 316927399. Now. Really solid. Think whooping cough is an old fashioned disease that's been wiped out yeah. Think if you were vaccinated as a child your protected forever yeah I think again you may need a booster vaccination. Pertussis commonly known as hoping -- very contagious from me in recent years rates of whooping cough have been increasing. -- -- Can be particularly serious and babies. About half of babies less than one year of age you get looking confident are hospitalized for breathing problems including ammonia and Afghan. Babies -- -- to a being content from the adolescents and adults around them who may not know they have the disease. A deal to get whooping -- may have severe cough for weeks. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist about ways you can help protect yourself and your family from whooping -- yeah including getting vaccinated. For more information visit helped prevent whooping cough dot com. This reminder about moving calls is brought to you by GlaxoSmithKline. Rush Limbaugh -- -- with me on that -- from eleven in -- to keep your audience on the the radio on his radio. Thirteen thirty K and SS amid Jacqueline Kennedy the Salvation Army in Wichita this holiday season were offered additional ways for you to donate to our red kettles. To learn more about obtaining a season pass volunteer opportunities. For establishing an online red -- visit mission of hope dot Salvation Army -- US we are happy to help -- -- need and we are glad that can SS scarce -- and -- in the morning on news radio thirteen thirty -- says is brought to you by freedom advisory. Group. -- in the morning man's brush with the law over Bush's could be ending San Diego County prosecutors want to drop a felony charge for trimming overgrown shrubs on public property and -- then she'll read them. -- -- count of felony vandalism but prosecutors say the city's -- apparition -- to determine the poll which would go back police believe O'Donnell. Cut back the bush is because they were blocking his view it's also reported on them was worried homeless people might be sleeping. In the shrubs. Coming up in just a few minutes this morning at HM we're gonna talk with John broad in the -- roofing. About the free world they give it away every year about this time ended double B with -- city -- is what to tell how you could possibly get the free roof. Ted Woodward has sports coming up the 8 o'clock hour also. Has always -- entertainment music -- Edward Ted muscle blurred today did Steve Macintosh -- Barbara walters' most fascinating list will find out in entertainment news. Not to take -- on that they could be right. -- thirteen thirty top story body found in little. Right after ABC world news top of the hour -- at the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- -- 32 degrees at 8 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm -- Preston President Obama has scheduled this statement at the White House today to once again talk up the health care exchanges. While skeptics say overall the glitches still aren't fixed. ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl with one man's story one of the biggest problems here is that even for those who have managed to navigate through the website and.

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