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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/03/13 Hr 3

Dec 3, 2013|

Guest: John Rhoden of Rhoden Roofing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Defenses like marijuana possession and at least matters throwing more and more children behind bars. Now schools are moving in the opposite direction starting with the Broward County district in Florida the nation's sixth largest where they decided it's better to keep kids in classrooms and offer counseling. Other big districts are making the same decision saying zero tolerance has given too many kids arrest records turned them -- drop outs and -- the proportionately affected minorities Scott Goldberg. ABC news possibly a case of distracted driving on the rails the engineer driving a commuter train that derailed Sunday in New York. Is being questioned and investigators are examining his cell phone trying to find out why the train was speeding when it went off the track killing four injuring dozens. The engineer has been talking to safety investigators but they won't say -- -- revealed S&P futures down six points pew listening to ABC news. Basically like -- was Fiona Doran a service advisor before dealership I've got about sixty seconds today to convince you that Ford is actually in the tire business I'll be asking the questions Fiona shall be answering them our Fiona. Wonderful -- I'm fine thanks are you ready to -- if I need new tires -- -- court martial ago your Ford dealership. And carries eleven major brands your Ford dealership and who's having a big tired and your -- diligent. Basically gonna say your Ford dealership in Ottawa senator -- yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your -- -- -- it comes seated vehicle experience and it is seventy dollar mail in rebate when you -- for select tires plus another seventy dollars when you support service credit card gets up to a 140 dollars puts capital Wisconsin your Ford dealership -- -- -- -- subject to credit approvals rebate by check a few -- manufacture mediator object cannot be combined both points or discredit her mediator author. Zero practice -- regular PDT OC 1231 to eighteen. A bear attack near Orlando Florida ABC's Steve Austin Sami says they're still looking for the one left a woman hospitalized overnight overnight wildlife. Authorities using flash likes to search this gated Florida neighborhood for the black bear that attacked a mother and left her with serious injuries. Police say the 54 year old woman was walking her dogs just after 8 PM when she stepped in front of the bear and it -- her. She was able to escape with her life and ran to a neighbor's home. Not a hundred cars and trucks are involved at three car pileup on a highway in western Belgium -- dense ball when it happened at least one person was killed. And over fifty were hurt. Here's a statement you made out of her before video gaming can be good for your kids even violent video gaming. Despite what exasperated mom Katherine tell their kids video games -- and total waste of time. -- reviewed several studies suggest gaining can sharpen a child's cognitive skills. Like station's navigation reasoning and memory and perceptions. And the violent shoot them up games often criticized as bad influences -- the most benefits researchers found the more they played strategic role playing games. They're coming. The more they improve in problem solving -- school grades. Karen chase ABC news that an American hopi tribe is suing -- Paris auction house the plans to sell 32 sacred hopi tribal masks -- the -- says those masks. Represented ancestral spirits and cannot be treated as merchandise. This is eighteen. Tell us live morning talk and entertainment this is Steve bad attendant -- news radio thirteen thirty. And assets that tornado for I'm Steve back inside while -- -- 35 degrees in particular that -- first alert forecast in just a moment. -- does take a meteorologist. Frank wall. Switched -- police are investigating after a body was found in a little. A resident who lives in the 900 block of north back day called 911 Monday afternoon saying there was a body of a woman faced down in the water. Police say there's no trauma to the body and they have no reason to suspend a suspect foul play at this point. They believe the woman's they know her identity but they are waiting for verification. Before they release that information. And they believe the body had been there since Monday morning. To take a police say they have I'm not identified any suspects in the deaths of three people and a shooting that left a woman seriously wounded. Police said Monday -- investigation of the woman shooting Sunday afternoon led them to the bodies of two men and a woman at her central to become home blocks away. They did not say how the three were killed or discuss other details. The shooting victim was identified as 45 year old Carla Avery. Sure remains in critical condition and -- to -- a hospital. A police spokesman says Avery is 43 year old brother -- and her ex husband 56 year old Mormon was were found dead in her home. A 34 year old woman was also found dead but her name has not yet been released Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SS. A woman says her cousin was one of the men who roughed her up and robbed her at her home on Sunday evening the 25 year old woman says she was robbed herself Wichita apartment. Police lieutenant Doug Nolte says it happened in a 2700 block of south Seneca. Her cousin and three other. Males forced the front door her apartment. One of the suspects held her down. All her cousin into it went through the apartment looking for drugs and money. The suspects got away with a woman's purse and cash Wichita police are looking for a suspect in more than one burglary at the same store. Early Monday a man wearing a blue puffy coat a green hoodie and black shorts broke into the target store at -- square. Took something broke out the front door of the business. He then went into the business. Took three cell phones. They believe that this is the same. Individual. That nearly a month ago and broke in the same memo. The penalties as the monetary loss from the stolen items was a couple hundred dollars but the damage to the glass doors and the display cases totaled 101000 dollars. A Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyber attack on Wichita based Coke industries has been sentenced to two years' probation. And ordered to pay 183000. Dollars in restitution. -- -- all pleaded guilty after he was accused in taking part in the cyber attacked two years ago that's not the company website offline for about fifteen minutes the man who died in arrowhead stadium's parking lot has been identified as thirty year old Kyle van winkle of Smith bill Missouri. But Kansas city police say it could be 46 weeks before the cause of death is determined officers responded Sunday to an altercation in the parking lot. And down van -- unconscious on the ground three people taken into custody for questioning. Were released Monday with no charges filed. 808 now eight minutes past 8 o'clock with -- until the morning time for look at traffic again what did chambers. Visibility the issue this morning -- got very limited visibility due to fog out they're so good idea to be cautious doesn't slow traffic moving. Fog related I want I want 35 right now on northbound. North of junction ride around the junction with -- -- to 35 there. Two vehicle traffic accident right now 12100 block of north. Tyler over on the westside of which dot governor north Tyler traffic accident there and this morning gasoline prices to 97 a gallon of change from yesterday still enjoyed it. -- like weathered because it's gonna change plus find out more. We'll be rolled his -- war and the cake first and forecast good morning frank you Britney and for the show part where we can't give of the bad yes that we need to do that is correct your. All right what we do have some big changes on the way but not before we have a very pleasant afternoon once we get the fall Gatti here. Temperatures gonna warmup into the lower and middle sixties this afternoon in which ties right this sixties. South winds seven to fourteen overnight tonight partly -- cold front rolls -- you're gonna notice a north wind by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. Overnight lows near 29 degrees. Forty a day on Wednesday heist pier 39 that's not all that bad considering highs early getting hit 26 on Thursday and twenty on Friday. Morning lows come Saturday. Down in this single digits currently at 35 degrees visibility and a sixteenth of a mile officially here in which -- Turn on those headlights increased the following distance -- just. Be patient. Thank him gonna have to open up and crackle of the old sweater drawers sometime this weekend when you think yeah I think -- -- are gonna be on the menu and now also you know I think we're getting at least parts of our viewing area egg can get cold enough that you need that change from gloves. -- -- It's there's two days distinct types of cold for here but there's -- weathered Mitt and whether there's -- -- single digits I think admittance. -- -- we have -- -- was sanded down around century to tonight the -- going to be there and Santa's gonna come to town and I'm gonna start about 6 o'clock go until about 830 what do you think that. The folks should plan for weather tonight for the 9% to. You know temperature wise I'd expect they'll forties going to be dry wind not going to be a major issues so -- forties not bad compared to where we're going all right thank you certain meteorologist frank -- with a -- first alert forecast. Chrysler says its November US sales rose a surprising 16%. A sign that the auto industry will be it will be strong numbers from a year ago the company sold just over 142000. Vehicles last month. That's up from nearly 123000. A year ago Chrysler was led by the new Jeep Cherokee. Company sold more than 101000 charities in the small crossover suvs first full multiple market. -- he helped the Jeep brand -- a 30% sales increase its best November ever industry analysts expect. A total US sales gain of three point 6% to six point 3% for November and that's industry. Analysts US sales so looks like. Pretty good news from the auto making industry to 81108 to eleven with -- -- in the morning with us this morning as a friend John. Road from roving roving -- sure how are you you -- you don't get karaoke used to be working really nothing we actually ours is fog clears up so we got about two days until maybe the end of the day maybe a little in the morning and that's about it for the year and I'll tell you let him -- that gets down to twenty degrees in the daytime you guys probably wanna be a narrow no we want forty degrees -- right thing for our industry and that's not -- happen this -- how's business -- this past year -- it's been -- it's been good we've been very steady we've grown every year. And I think in March for a lot of us do the drifted away in the factory we really like represent there -- a local company who gets back to the community. You know that's attaching an excellent point this is your fist straight year to give a route to someone in need him but you're just not randomly throwing it out there. There's a way for people to apply and tell this story is right. Yes the best thing you do is just call wrote in referring to -- because that I don't wanna do it brought right here and I just -- -- -- at 9720. To 333. Go to the steps in the process of basically if you're someone in need -- you know someone needed. They need doesn't necessarily have to be yourself. A lot of the past winners have been nominated by other people that's a lot of people usually. You know don't want to say hey can you please help me you know a lot of people are willing to say hey can you please help my neighbor and so please just give us a call it 972233. We can walk you through the process. Being go to our website -- -- dot com there's information there. And we can walk you through the process of how you want to nominate yourself or somebody else for the -- rough turned -- is an example of somebody who's one of the past you know have -- names you don't -- did not tell the story -- here I'm last year a lady had been basically ripped off by a contractor who wasn't licensed and -- -- basically. The warning signs you always hear and she had us she had a a flat roof over her garage and -- pay extra for over house and he converted the flat roof and to a -- troops are all matched a new one deal. Except he used to enforce rafters instead of code of the union is large enough -- -- you could tell who's just unbelievably not done correctly. And so we went and we -- the complete brief frames over the garage referring the whole side over there reader of the other side. He shares leaking all over house couldn't get anything done wow that's that's a great example. Somebody who's either you know been. Mistreated by -- contractor or sponsor some life event that's made it. You know tough for them to get things going form. I know some roofers personally I've known for a long long time -- take your name. We dated reform minded I little -- up there they came back and -- -- right so when you deal with a local company like Q -- you stand behind everything you do. Yes we do in Iowa soccer why can't promise and nothing go wrong and you know you put your put on hundreds arrests here you know that -- gonna have a a weak spot -- -- 111 area at one point in time listening as we promise we're gonna be right out there to take care when something does go wrong. So that's that huge advantage or you're going so many local you know we have tiger workmanship warranty. And you know. So you know that your if anything goes wrong that your contractors can be there to back it up. You know John and another thing I haven't looked I think -- -- that. That the insurance companies were you guys kinda complicated for me but it's good to have somebody like you can walk you through that process as well. Yeah that's -- one great advantage we use the same basically computer software that they use when they when they estimate project and we can go back to have the same software to make sure that they're treating the customer fairly that we can kind of double check their work. And we work with a pretty much every insurance company in town and have worked for themselves but is it you've developing an ice promise relationship with the insurance company lets us help out customers. Deal of their issues and they have anything with insurance. And you've been doing this for five years how many applications do you think you'll have for this. We've. I think the most we've had was in the seventies ridden Middle East is probably in the -- thirties when he first started but it seems to begin growing you know -- -- -- ever decide I mean they're probably all worthy you know yes yes that's that's a really tough thing about this or do sometimes in the past is the people who may initially might -- to -- free will we do -- say won't -- for costs you know. Just because you know there are a lot of very very. Are deserving people out there who do you know had been through the tough situation that didn't using a rough. And take road roofing in -- in case you get confused it's RH owed DEN roofing. Phone number is 92720. To 33 and you mentioned a website I think did you not so yes this is road addressing our age so I should eat and everything and dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's gonna happen at Taco Bell in the 15100 block of east central. It's something we do every year about this time getting weigh 133 dollars cash forever randomly somebody in the private plane and take. Hey Merry Christmas from Taco Bell and K and -- -- radio so if you're out there in the 15100 block of east central Taco Bell the -- five and -- this -- left. I'll be there and look for me enough -- could have a 133 dollars for you this afternoon. Coming up on 817 now is Stephen -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KE NN SS in death. It sports time whether a good friend Ted -- don't tell you. The shocker basketball team still men's state team is still undefeated. And that means it to get some attention to national all of here's Ted gets its so rankings improvements right yet he men's basket. All -- college rankings come out yesterday. And we have KUN Wichita State both in the top ten in the coaches poll this week about that -- you was up as high as number two in the polls. Last week but the jayhawks suffered their first loss of the season against Villanova on the week's pay you drops out of the number two spot -- falling four spots. Down to sixth in the Associated Press poll. And falling five spots down to seventh in the coaches poll meanwhile Wichita State is off to an eight and oh start on the season. The shock yours -- jump up two spots into tenth in the coaches poll jumping ahead of Oklahoma State and in Zagat. The -- moving up one spot to eleventh in the AP poll. So KU is as high as sixty need people to shocker says -- is tenth in the coaches poll right now. We got some men's college basketball and not -- listen to a good matchup on KF makes this evening Florida State at Minnesota. The golden gophers are six and two Florida State's five into the gophers are three and a half point favorite at home. Live coverage of that ball game at 8:15 this -- to listen to that on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 987 FM. Jim go basketball last night in men's play in elder radio Butler community college. Bolting to a fifteen to nothing lead in the grizzlies go on to beat Johnson County 6345. The Butler grizzlies now on nine and two on the season in men's basketball play. A nice win on the road last night for the Newman -- women's team the jets go on the road down Oklahoma and pick up -- road conference win at Rogers State 7673. -- freshman Sierra jaded with a three pointer with less than a minute ago to give the jets the lead senior from Wichita secure Copeland had a huge night -- the -- she had twenty points on ten of thirteen shooting. Let's back to back wins for the Newman ladies. -- too early to end one start in the conference tied for third place. Monday Night Football last not supposed to be great match up between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints up in the Pacific northwest but. Boy Seattle just is continuing to prove. Very tough at home Seattle took care of the saints easily 34 to seven Seattle becomes the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot. Seahawks have now won seven in a row there eleven and one on the season they've won fourteen. Straight home games very tough to beat Seattle. Up in the opens up in Washington has said the Seahawks continue placing great football last night. Pro basketball in the NBA last evening in New Orleans pelicans going to Chicago and a triple overtime. And beat the Chicago Bulls won 31 -- 128. Good game Nair coming off the bench for the pelicans former Kansas -- rookie Jeff Whitney played five minutes he made a basket. -- as the pelicans handed Chicago. Its first home loss of the season the bulls back to back losses the pelicans and now 130. Great match up on the West Coast last night in the NBA between two of the best teams in the -- top team the Indiana Pacers visiting Portland trailblazers. And Portland wins it 106102. Snapping Indiana's seven game winning streak pacers fall to sixteen in two. Coming off the bench for Portland former Kansas -- Thomas Robinson with four points and five rebounds. Portland to softly its best start in fifteen years trailblazers are now fifteen and three and that big win last night over Indiana. But few birthdays to tell you about today former IK state football player and NFL player Rock Cartwright former running -- 34 years old today. Former NFL player and former Kansas -- kick return specialist Kwame Lasseter is 44 years old today. And the one of the great auto racers from our generation Rick Mears born in which -- off T 62 years old today Rick Mears. Face four time winner of the Indianapolis 500 Rick -- 62 today. That's sports proxy by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell. Go to bullseye Wichita dot com these say should say bull's -- shooting range at 1455. North terrorists. And the about a holiday tree dumbest (%expletive) morning. From Freddy's frozen custard -- stake for you -- -- wants some are lucky listeners I've got. Certificates for two combo meals into some major countries tasty new course -- and a gift card from Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers would be the perfect way to give Freddy's. Cooked to order steak burgers -- shoestring Fries and -- creamy frozen custard treats everyone on your gift list. And right now -- every gift card purchase of 25 dollars or more -- get a free bottle of Freddy's famous seasoning Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers the taste that brings you back. I'll give -- got get three goes away right now color number 45 and sixth call me now at 43613. Thirty. Eight funny 135 regional -- out there keep your for your daily -- with doctor cause traffic stress can be deadly. And traffic and weather coming up Stevens had news radio thirteen thirty KM SN. It's news to. If you theatre presents the priests London concert on Wednesday December. We're -- A. Texas a trio of Irish Catholic priests singing classical and spiritual songs -- get your tickets now little -- -- locations by coincidence comparison 322 online excellent deceit and on Wednesday December Philadelphia -- -- theater learn how to preserve your wealth and create retirement income plans designed. The last a lifetime tune in Saturday mornings at eleven to news radio thirteen thirty K and assessed for investment matters with Randy -- from freedom advisory group. And you had a heart attack stroke or at peripheral arterial disease is so you may qualify to participate in the clinical research study to see if the investigational medication may reduce the risk of having another heart attack or stroke. The studies investigating a different approach to reducing bad cholesterol levels are eligible study participants were -- study required care and may receive compensation for time traveler. To see if you may -- call 88882. Study that's feeding the -- to stand or visit party research study dot com. Founded in 1903 fox did you serve new minister on the area with a quiet -- he experienced that gives you time away from the everyday hustle and bustle with four sets of -- challenged golfers every skill level box which provides professional like adult experience that no golfer should be without. And with his Wichita -- deal today. Get to Greenpeace a car rental and two buckets of medium range balls for only 3225. That's half off the original price just -- on which diapers dot com today to get this deal from fox which golf course they knew -- Make plans to attend the city of which he does night quicksand at 6 PM on Tuesday December 30 century to kids will love the mayor's Christmas tree lighting ceremony a visit from Santa fireworks indoor games and much more the event is free but canned goods for the Kansas food bank will be accepted. Chest pain dizziness shortness of breath I know the signs of heart disease and take action. I got -- team doctors that they care and actually probably save my life. The processors quite comfortable that process is a cardiac CT scan from stepping cardiology at CG detect blockages years before they cause trouble. It's been sold. It's painless and it's worth all this exempted cardiology and make -- employment for your hard by going to Wichita hard dot com. That's -- hard dot com. Today is giving Tuesday but did. You have to wait -- go ahead and get tomorrow came necessities to travel to be part of the Salvation Army mission of hope campaign this year so in getting used to give something or. Heartbeat -- till tomorrow that a matter. The money we'll get to the people who needed it's gonna stay right here in which -- on the mission to raise money to provide food shelter and warmth for the homeless and others in need. And sport. Those special services for the elderly and community service program so Steve my suggestion -- to give today. Today you know it's Christmas Eve -- three weeks from today let's start to giving -- to get the process going to -- giving like you said giving Tuesday's today it's a national day of giving. Share your blessings a local families that are hungry and hurting. Helps the Salvation Army make this one day event -- huge success and -- it's very easy to get the Salvation Army it is do you drop of Duffy gobs of money into one of the red kettles if you want to port you can click on our virtual red kettle. McCain is as radio dot com we'll be super easy to do and we really appreciated here on giving Tuesday having holidays from the Salvation Army and news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They say today's the biggest online shopping day of the year it's Cyber Monday today it is you're right as were the source put their door buster deals on the web that leave you -- the door yet to affix yourself to your home. This is a busy week for your wallet Black Friday on Friday small business Saturday two -- Cyber Monday and then tomorrow is throw money at squirrels Tuesday. Sales online respected to be up 15% this year from why should they ask -- that a 131 million Americans spent 2.2 seven billion dollars online today and that American companies lost just about that same amount of productivity from. The employees who spent the whole day shopping online. Jimmy Kimmel Live last night -- TV station didn't stay up or there's -- simple humor for you this 4827. Stephen tablet take a look at traffic now -- -- chambers to vehicle accident 12100 block of north Tyler the world which does west side who want just there. Visibility and issued this morning we've got lots of fog indie -- keep those headlights on at one traffic tracker -- On his morning commute counted eleven people driving around in this forget. Without their headlights on not a good idea not a good idea somebody's gonna run into you because they can't see easier to make sure you've got those low -- On this morning. -- can -- weather center forecast changes to come and Morley who fought and partly cloudy the rest of the day with a high of 65 degrees. Cloudy and breezy tonight the overnight low 29 Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow's high 3965. Today. 39 tomorrow. Now fall to call no way and a 35 degrees coming up usually half hour with Steven dead. First court appearance for a man accused of murdering four people in southeast Kansas. It's your daily dose with America's doctor doctor Ryan's -- stock drops honking horns including trains can be annoying on your morning commute. But reasons that he showed that traffic may also be harmful to your health. Stay tuned for more so we have this break in on our block and that triggered my momma bear instincts. -- work full time so I'm not home when my kids get home sometimes I'm not even home for dinner so it got me thinking what if that was my home. I had to take action to protect my family we started researching home security systems and the clear winner was at its best price best technology -- free to use it's a fully monitored security system that I have their video technology most. I can actually see what's going on in my home right from my Smartphone and tablet or computer. I check at the -- kids get home then again around for Sino they got home safely I can even lock the doors remotely if they forget -- it keeps me in control of my family safety. Even when I can't be home. Take control of your family safety with different order now for -- to 12100 dollars and security equipment at no charge just pay as little as 99 dollars for activation plus cold now when installation is free call 805953986805953986805953986. I stocked -- -- reasons that he found that 8% a heart attacks were attributable to traffic the thought is that increased levels of air pollution and higher stress levels are a recipe for heart attack disaster so. What can you do to lower your risk when you're sitting bumper to bumper first up rule out the window Snooki does harmful air pollutants out of your car and monks and added bonus roll up the windows can reduce traffic -- as they showed that for every Endesa bulls will be increased traffic delays that -- 12% higher risk of heart attacks so. Is that traffic -- turn up the -- a new car radio city -- singing music can reduce your blood pressure so followed by simple tips to help you save your heart. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise body mind and soul. On the 24 hours studios of news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess this 60 Baghdad in the morning. 830 now Steve thank you -- Ted Woodward 35 green -- looking for a high today of 65. The man accused of murdering a woman and her three children appeared in a Parsons courtroom via video. -- Monday morning 22 year old David Bennett junior attorney bill is suspected of murdering 29 year old cameo border and her three children last Tuesday in Parsons. He was arrested that night in independence Kansas. Men and asked the judge numerous questions Monday morning and at one point began trying to defend himself before the judge advised him to stop. The judge reminded Bennett that he found probable cause to hold him on four counts of murder as formal charges are still pending. His bond was set at five million dollars. The Kansas attorney general's office is prosecutor in the case and requested more time to file charges due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty K and. -- 831 now Steven -- and ended time -- had still forecast to take first of -- forecast with meteorologist frank Baltimore frank hey good morning Steve we are very very foggy this morning -- switched us slowdown and please. Please turn all those headlights use those low beams once we get rid of the fog we started nice warm up the good deal of sunshine this afternoon. -- is up near 64 to -- south winds at seven to fourteen. Overnight tonight that's where the cold front rolls through -- overnight lows only are 29 degrees winds turning to the north. Hi struggle on Wednesday highs up near 39. 26 on Thursday we get down from their highs on Friday only the -- twenty degrees so. Very cold air all of the way dig out that you know the big ugly coat the ugly one it keeps you warm you know which one it is put the back of it Kweisi you're gonna want it. By this weekend currently sitting at 35 degrees -- building a sixteenth of a mile a it was a good news report I'm looking at one of our cameras here in downtown a little bit higher. This is well above street level hikes kind of see a little bit of blue sky towards the top of the camera -- means the fog may be. Starting to dissipate at least on the top side a little -- to be burn off a little bit down again and used to your breakout depressing me about these weekend to talk about. Really cold weather coming in but it's wintertime what the heck he had his winter time I mean you really get a feel this the really cold air. Friday night into Saturday morning nets or talk and single digits here which stock coldest of the season by far right thanks friend frank wall with a cake first alert forecast -- morning. Police busted two suspects after -- larceny Sunday evening and northwest which is up 24 year old woman went into the quick trip with thirteen to -- Leaving her purse in the front seat of her car. When she returned. She knows that the truck passed their window was broken in her purse was missing. The total loss and damage the vehicle was estimated at right around -- thousand dollars. The police lieutenant Doug Nolte says a witness saw the suspect get into a red car in about twenty minutes later officers located that car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. That's funny first and may use a police arrested a 31 year old man in the car and the 26 year old man who had gone inside to use a stolen bank card. They were booked into jail for theft and burglary to a vehicle. One of the suspects was also booked in for unlawful use of a financial cars. Bankers and realtors in Kansas want to eliminate the states of mortgage registration -- something that is paid by property buyers. When they register their property with the county register of deeds counties are opposing the change of have a health care website didn't crash on my. The mortgage registration fee and Kansas is point 26% of the amount borrowed Kansas bankers and realtors organizations say it's unfair unnecessary and a disincentive to buy property they want the law repealed counties are saying wait a minute this will increase property taxes Christie's Djokovic is director of communications with Sedgwick county. This seemed to be an issue that some could have potentially significant financial effect upon us the registered gates has put together information and brought to the board of county commissioners therefore we wanted to -- have this conversation. Djokovic says the county has invited area state legislators to an informational meeting on the mortgage registration -- scheduled for Tuesday afternoon burning cookies ready at thirteen thirty KN SX -- in SS. Nationally -- time 834. Public health care website didn't crash on Monday that the newest concern is the policies that appear to have been purchased of gone missing in the system. President Obama will deliver a statement about the Affordable Care Act from the White House later today. Record breaking numbers this Cyber Monday with more than a 130 million people shopping on line while overall most people buying well more than half the sales were for some kind of mobile device. Are all buying tablets from our tap -- the biggest seller at Amazon was the Kindle that was the number one selling item the Samsung galaxy tablet. And Apple's iPad and iPad mini is also dominated purchases. ABC chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis says people were purchasing from mobile devices a third of those who shopped at it from a Smartphone or tablet. Real estate data provider core logic says home prices rose in October but only point 2%. Another modest gain even though home prices have risen twelve and -- half percent. From a year ago. Jerry Preston ABC news. 35 Steve attend the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in and says hi I have 133 dollars cash. But I'm going to award to somebody who drives through the a drive through lane there at a Taco Bell and 5808 east central later this afternoon between five and six. You're heading home to drop -- by a Taco Bell that to get your -- like you could be in line and then I could give US. A 133 dollars cash just another Christmas present from -- and -- and Taco Bell sill of between five to six -- at Taco Bell 5808. East central. With a 133. Dollars. Burning a hole in my pocket excellent say 35 now Stephen dead -- entertainment news with Ted Woodward and Ted has a little more today a -- On the death of Paul Walker yeah we discussed this on a -- yesterday and in the last evening fast and furious star Vin Diesel spoke out for the first time about the death of his friend Paul Walker. In an emotional posting on FaceBook -- put up a picture of himself and walker smiling. Under a quote from Thomas Campbell that reads to live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. He went on to say that he wished locker concede the world right now in the profound impact his life has had on. Closing with I will always love you is the brother you work on and off screen. That's ABC's Jason -- with that report. Wichita -- -- Kirstie Alley stopped by Good Morning America on ABC talk about her new TV series -- steel which premieres on TV land tomorrow night at 9 o'clock. Of course here's the -- stars alongside Rhea Perlman Michael Richards and Eric Peterson she says she is in. On her house cast we all admire each other and sometimes when I'm watching -- worker. Michael or Eric I'm I'm I'm I'm sort of jealous at how good they are I have to -- between Maria and Michael and they own and every store basically. Wichita scarcity Eliezer on TV series starting up tomorrow. Self titled did -- that makes cents. Well the time to name the best of the year we kind of get to the end of the -- some on some of the stuff comes out Rolling Stone is leading the way Rolling Stone naming its top fifty albums of the year coming in number one that. New York based alt rockers a Vampire Weekend with modern vampires of the city the magazine calls modern man buyers of the city one of rock's great albums. But staring down adulthood and trying not to blink open Kanye West's eases his number two. Daft -- random access memories third Paul McCartney's new is number four on the list that guy had heard of some of those people. Colors. I. Think -- year. Rolling Stone naming him best albums of the year we'll -- is a fascinating story Barbara Walters picks the year's most fascinating people. More than 21 and last time Barbara Walters is naming her ten most fascinating people and speaking to them to. They are Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence Tennessee whistle -- Edwards don't ABC's own Robin Roberts Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the cast of -- dynasty and prince George as in the infant son of prince William and duchess Kate missing from this list. The actual most fascinating person Walters will announce him or heard during the show which airs December 18 David blood -- ABC news. -- mysteries there a baby is the most fascinating -- one of him. A baby well that he received enormous media coverage is true that hot stuff that now Watson Watson. And a couple other anniversaries today Steve today marks the sixtieth anniversary of the release of The Three Stooges -- on our roof. Which opens up with the stooges all asleep of course on the same bed yet they're all wearing study to Janice with rabbits on the -- Okay. The baby right away got guys ignoring hiatus I can direct thank Bob Hope that's all right okay well. No wonder I came here I think that nobody I don't mind. Italy's -- attack. -- -- and I don't. Let's face it the way Mo but stops his buddies from the story is so anyway my wife does bring us slugs and hobbies -- me. And I like Larry firstly does get up timer morning smoke cigarettes have a cigar and if you got. -- -- That's the stooges goof on her roof fell about sixty years ago today. And Steve today -- 75 years ago today marks the release of the Warner Bros. cartoon Daffy Duck in Hollywood to avoid this was the first solo Daffy Duck cartoon. And involves a -- going up the Hollywood he wants to be his star pictures from non apple -- and and now. -- nice here. That's what they call a tactic that's -- up. When he was just truly the saying most of the time this a step was the first ever solo Daffy Duck cartoon Daffy Duck in Hollywood. That came out 75. Years ago on this day it. We'll have more entertainment news in the blur at the same time tomorrow night at 840 now and 35 degrees still foggy out there kept up. We've got the Osgood violent traffic and weather on the way -- -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. -- -- -- Welcome to deal is growing -- works which cost new sports bar and home to Gregg Marshall coaches show and Jody Adams coach's show. He knows the wonderful menu with the best tasting food in town how many -- and 21 and Webb road. Don't -- pain hold you back from exercising walking running playing -- your kids for your grandchildren. 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Opening its doors to serve the community in 1985 PCC which its own shares -- hope and -- raising their entire budget each year locally and independent of government funding PCC provides pregnancy testing limited ultrasound childbirth education adoption support parenting classes and -- TB testing and treatment all at no cost to the individual during this season please donate generously to the ministry of PCC Wichita is on line at PCC -- on dot org slash donors or -- 9459400. Several long track tornadoes. The weather information you need to keep you and your family safe operation storm watch crunchy right rusty. Sport -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- The Osgood File on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- is brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. State 46 dusty was dead if you don't have your headlights on you probably not a moron -- don't put on I think he must check traffic now yeah. Right and -- This morning we've got dead. Visibility issues the fog causing the on -- bits of problems we're having on the that would start roadways at this time. Northbound I won 35 right around thirteenth street. Slow downs there they expect due to the fog. That was also betting on injury traffic accident in that area as well make you get those headlights on gasoline prices this morning to 97 gallons. Europeans have Brothers had forecast is -- changing your morning fog and partly cloudy today with a high of 65 degrees out pretty nice doesn't. It is partly cloudy and breezy tonight the overnight low 29 that Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler by about 25 degrees tomorrow's high 39. Minute. Now hog call 35 degrees educate and -- yes there is -- change coming. And all the way the which covers a general update with bill -- how did Cyber Monday go Stephen dead news radio thirteen thirty KN SS. The Osgood File sponsored in part by Auto Owners Insurance have no problem people physical orders dot com who's Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. As we all know Leonardo Da Vinci was a real Renaissance man he created everything from the Mona -- to anatomical sketch used to models of flying machines. And now musician has brought to life something that Leonardo thought -- but never got around to making. The story after this. When it comes to insurance you've got all sorts of options. Consider this mutual insurance companies like awful owners are owned entirely by their policyholders. This means that the company's goal is to protect and serve you it means that they are working to make you happy. Most part even get Auto Owners Insurance through an independent agency -- your local community. Why -- local independent agent at all homeowners dot com that's auto owners dot com. Auto owner's insurance that is no problem people. When I grow up. I'm gonna be new parent needs teens when I go not like -- can -- -- yeah. World -- not only the clothes -- even like that races around the country I -- -- trying to foist chance. When I grow up I don't wanna be piece of garbage and if you recycle Luke I won't be. Give your garbage another life recycle learn how I want to be recycled taught or brought to you by keep America beautiful and -- council. Leonardo Da Vinci was a busy guy all right always Friday in his notebooks. Well making amazing paintings are dissecting things to figure out what made -- work. So it's not at all surprising that some of his ideas just read ideas because he never found the time to turn them into reality. That is where polish musicians Slava -- of -- comes in. He was reading some books called a codecs Atlantis which is an eleven volume collection of -- sort of work. When he came across a rough drawing of something called the deal long -- -- that. It's a cross between a piano and cello and then auto apparently never build one so appreciate decided after more than 500 years it was time somebody did. It to you more than three years of tinkering and fine tuning but now. One a mile or getting used to. You play it by hoping for travel experience for all wheels inside the instrument that -- -- in the horse tale here. We need to proceed he corresponding metal spring courses on the wheel and makes it Chilo Exxon. So risky hopes Leonardo would have been fleeced. Take a while only about them. The Osgood File Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network -- -- -- into the morning stocks closed lower Monday the Dow down 77 points NASDAQ down fourteen. S&P down four let's take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can -- us stocks are broadly lower the Dow Industrials down sixty cited 15100941. The nasdaq's down eight DS and 500 off five plus Miller of summit place financial advisor says kind of fed policy makers will be keeping a close sign an economic data. These are all very important item they're going to be looking at to determine. And they start taking it. The foot off the pedal just slightly. Chrysler's November sales rose a surprising 16% assign it. That the auto industry will beat strong numbers from a year ago Chrysler was led by its new Jeep Cherokee with more than 101000 sales. The race to drill for oil is creating another boom in sands. A key ingredient in tracking energy companies are expected to use 56 billion pounds of sand this year. Blasting it down -- Oil and natural gal swells to help crack rocks and allow fuel to flow out. Crude oil is trading at 9458 a barrel this is the Wall Street Journal report. DPP to Stephen don't portable how did Cyber Monday go let's check it out listen to bill Roy of the Wichita business journal -- bill. Morning Steve well The National Retail Federation says a 131 million people were expected to shop online to spend about two billion dollars. As of noon Monday sales were expected to be up about 21%. At least two -- companies were expected to be pretty busy overstock art dot com CEO David Chastain says Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate about four times as many sales as a normal play golf warehouse is offering fifteen to 25% off items on its web -- Monday. -- sent to asked the Wichita City Council today for more than forty million dollars and industrial revenue bonds. To help finance capital investments made in 2013. Cessna had pledged and fifty employees to its workforce as part of the plant expansions and improvements. From an initial IRB letter of intent passed an August now says -- city to issue the bonds the proceeds are -- to be used for hardware and software to -- Furniture and fixtures. And that Wisconsin truck driver who took part in a cyber attack on what to -- took industries won't have to serve any prison time. 38 year old Eric -- all the black creek Wisconsin was sentenced to two years' probation and ordered to pay 183000. Dollars in restitution. That was the result of a plea agreement worked out between prosecutors and growth -- lawyer the cyber attack crashed coach web site back in 2011. Follow us on Twitter like this on FaceBook connect with -- -- Linkedin for the latest local breaking business news pertain SS in the Wichita business journal I'm bill -- Miller someone just tuning in inundated don't know how to subscribe to the which -- isn't sure what order how they might do that chatter. Easy to do Collison 26764. Those six more get himself out fully from -- them a deal on the subscription policy can go to Wichita business journal dot com truly sick. -- -- and while they last supplies last I understand you're giving away a special. Added double release it with every subscription a bottle of either JD store high karate Cologne is that correct. That -- characterize it really goes quickly and I don't really like Urlacher on that bid goes used it flies off the shelf. If you listen to take it he's still got a bottle on your dress or don't get a bottle here to work. Thank you sir will happen to you again tomorrow morning -- up ABC world news top of the hour we're getting some good reports on autos sales seem intent news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Widgets and a business journal reports on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- brought to you by Maarten Pringle attorneys at law. Martin Pringle both attorneys and law. Representing clients in real estate -- What Fred Mitchell -- -- rose and Kim Vandenberg approving this message yes we do best and practicing twenty other areas too. Martin Pringle attorneys have lost the respect. Reliable results oriented online at Martin -- dot com. As the State's largest provider of Foster care adoption and Stanley services. -- his community services helps -- children's lives better. -- -- -- Our Christmas for kids program ensures that every child in -- here -- gift under the tree. This year we are preparing to provide gifts to more than 8000. Children please help us into the Christmas wish -- the child in need. Learn more about becoming an Angel at Saint Francis -- to work. Founded in 1903 fox did you serve -- minister on the area with a quiet until you experience that gives you time away from the everyday hustle and bustle with four sets of -- challenged golfers every skill level box which provides professional like adult experience that no golfer should be without and with today's -- -- deal today. -- -- greens -- a car rental and two buckets of medium range balls for only 3225. That's half off the original price just like on which tempers are counted to get this deal from fox which golf course they knew him. 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So when we stumbled upon a weird tricks that could add up to 1000 dollars to your monthly Social Security checks we knew we had a shared with you get started simply go to Social Security free dot com yes it's true. You can take simple steps that could add up to 1000 dollars to your monthly Social Security payouts news -- says Social Security free dot com is a critical resource for anyone over fifty. Go to Social Security free dot com yeah. Did you know that it takes and 100% gain to recover from a 50% loss. Did you also know that our stock market has lost 50% of its value twice since 2000. -- hammering you isolate. I encourage you to demand. Are you wasting precious time recovering from market volatility. Where are you making steady forward progress towards a successful retirement call us today at 3167192. 2900. Or visit us on the web. Every deadbeat dad yes -- freedom and advisory group and I -- On this date in 1968. Brian lives and he's gonna -- months. -- was Presley's now famous comeback special was broadcast on NBC. Did you watch that night stains I don't think so I don't know what it was up to the broad Allard but prime basketball practice court Arrigo. -- have enough energy to watch Elvis gyrating his hips across the stage now. On the state in 1947. The Tennessee put in -- streetcar named desire opened on Broadway. Garcia stories. -- was guys do what was his name and we Marlon Brando's -- and most importantly bolster public -- and that day staff are. -- you look for he had to -- -- blanch. Just leave them I'm always relied on the kindness of strangers can become my model over the years ten. Fortune standby -- -- -- that -- future if you step by her Herman Cain will be back Morton at 6 o'clock. Even dead here's radio thirteen thirty KM SS -- 35 degrees at the clock I. From ABC news. I'm -- -- and that could. News from the White House perspective anyway is that the healthcare website didn't crash on Monday despite heavy traffic the bad news again same perspective some of the policies that appeared to have been purchased -- system. Have gone missing nailing down the numbers he's proving difficult the White House denies that 13 -- -- the insurance application to the web site -- halted by errors. But won't say what the right number is and this morning from the White House and the department of HHS. Call.

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