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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/04/13 Hr 1

Dec 4, 2013|

Overnight Turnpike Accident Near Haysville

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the morning I use radio thirteen thirty KSS. -- 604 I'm Steve Macintosh cloudy foggy 33 degrees the wind chill index of 21 to. It's just a few minutes we'll check in with meteorologist Frank -- takes first -- forecast does give us. The changes that are coming in to the changes are already here in the weather here in the next couple of days. It appears -- -- wrong way drivers car collided with a semi truck -- -- Kansas turnpike south of -- about it happened around 315 at the exit ramp near hazel. A thirty year old man was taken via Christi Saint Francis in critical condition with a bone fractures. A forty year old woman was also hospitalized in critical condition with a head injury no one in the truck was injured. A set of aluminum wheelchair ramps was stolen from a self Wichita residence. Police lieutenant Doug Nolte says the victim lives on -- -- near the. So when -- come over to help. The victim lived at the house. Knows that the -- wheelchair ramps were missing from the house. These are outside the apartment. The after the wheelchair -- probably occurred on the Friday night or Saturday morning before Thanksgiving. The -- City Council was approved up to forty million dollars and industrial revenue bonds recessed aircraft. The company promises to create fifty new jobs over five years. At an average annual salary of 52000 dollar -- City Council member -- Meissner says he supports the bonds because he wants to keep testing in Wichita. Conversely if we would not allow them to do this they can easily could talk about purchasing land building new equipment in other areas of the country others is states. The money will be useful renovation and modernization of existing facilities simple also go to pay for technology and equipment upgrades. The Wichita City Council was approved the planning and design study that'll help determine the future of century to the study now includes consideration of the arts. Council had been ready to move forward with the study a few weeks ago at the request of -- Wichita the convention and visitors bureau but then music theater of Wichita century to residents said wait a minute you'd need to include the -- century too is both -- convention center and an arts venue the council agreed in the study now includes the arts music theaters Wayne Bryant thank the council. Unlikely convention study which is almost a 100% focus on marketing and finance -- performing arts evaluation will also trying to quantify those quality of life issues that are sometimes hard to put a number on that aren't and. Or in part the study will now consider things like -- -- configurations and the size of the venues for the arts -- -- in his radio thirteen thirty K and SS just -- university athletic department is conducting an internal review of the baseball program. The department says the review is investigating possible improper clothing and apparel benefits. To members of the baseball team that was discovered during the coaching transition earlier this year. In a news release director of athletics Eric sexton says the matter is being taken very seriously. He says they believe it to be an isolated case limited to the school's baseball program. However they plan to do a thorough investigation to ensure compliance with the Missouri Valley Conference and NCAA rules. The university says no further details will be released until the review has been completed. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty king and assess the Kansas Department of Transportation is battling the birds Jadox Tom behind tells -- and assist you workers are repairing the interior support system. Of the Kellogg bridge over the. The first thing they've got to do is get rid of if you pigeons. You can imagine are down there. And get rid of the waste that the pigeons have left behind so it's been a cleaning process they really. They can put their workers in the area until that that waste is cleaned out. They're also installing new page and exclude -- So -- maybe this problem won't happen again. -- says the repairs -- had no impact on Kellogg traffic over the bridge Missouri's two US senators have written a letter to Boeing executives as Missouri lawmakers consider legislation. That could allow up to 150 million dollars annually in incentives for large scale -- scale aerospace projects. Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill say their home state is the right place for Boeing to build this news 777 X commercial airplane. Noting what they called the State's track record of successes. In building airplanes. They just ahead a look at Wall Street what happened there yesterday but first to ever first look at traffic here on May be what is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wednesday yes yes it is Wednesday and we've got -- once again some fog in the area. It's it be creating some visibility issues and the temperature is dropping. We'll look to -- -- yeah yeah yeah a little mist falling so what definitely some wet roadways and the temperatures dropping freezing yet. And it might not be a problem -- we could see this all clear up by then but just watch out for some. Slippery spots out there and again this morning of visibility. One of the issues course this time -- morning everybody's gonna have their lights on Vista if -- visibility still an issue after the sun comes up yeah go ahead and turn those headlights on make sure he got them. Now late Gillick advocates for solar forecast meteorologist frank want to Barney Frank thanks Steve a little bit of patchy -- -- start today that's not gonna last long thanks to that north. We -- that north wind. Didn't give us quite a bit cooler today highs this afternoon here -- 37 degrees if you peeks of sunshine here and there. Overnight tonight we remain snow free you lows dip all the way to a fifteen degrees make sure you have that heavy coat tomorrow morning. And -- -- the afternoon highs only near 26 degrees slight chance of some light snow Thursday night. I'm meteorologist frank -- your cake First Solar forecast. 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock -- into the morning Ted Woodward with the morning off the stock market could be headed for its first two weekly decline since early October. And analysts say this doesn't surprise them. Many large investors have predicted a pullback after a remarkable rally that sent indices to record highs earlier this month. Stocks fell Tuesday dragged lower by the Detroit auto makers and consumer focused companies. Such as GameStop and Amazon dot cup the Detroit auto makers I thought. That's a pretty optimistic in great sales figures come out yesterday but the market did not react to the positive -- for some reason. A Dow closed -- Dow down 94 points NASDAQ down eight S&P down five. Yesterday on Wall Street. That's what was happening on the stock market just today. An animal rights group is asking New York courts to recognize scientific evidence of emotional and cognitive abilities in chimpanzees. And to grant the animals the legal personhood. So they are ensured better treatment. Non human rights project a nonprofit founded by Massachusetts lawyer Stephen wise filed a second lawsuit Tuesday plans to file a third Thursday. That asks the courts in New York to declare that chimps. Are not things to be possessed and caged by people and should be released from illegal detention. The group is seeking an order on behalf of four champs. For their release to a sanctuary that is a member of the North American primate sanctuary alliance to live out their lives with other primate outdoors. The group's board of directors includes Tim -- the research pioneer Jane Goodall now. ABC was reporting yesterday that the owner of the -- -- chips in question. Has been looking for a sanctuary someplace that he didn't Gupta -- go to Rupert has been able find one. Apparently it's news gingerly -- -- -- roadside gas station or something could be put the -- and -- a but it did clinic declaring. For a chimpanzee Europe beat the with any of the prime mates that they are. The legal person whom yet chips are people too I guess people to that's exactly right but at the and I just who I am I if you. Probably that I don't know. -- but don't like she chip's case -- the way they look at the way they yeah they house them at the Cedric county zoo the -- bills are pretty good. Cages a -- well there are not small it closures closures environment C especially for the guerrillas had great big open space out there. And those those grilled -- knocked around up there and have a great time so well I don't know. It's interesting should primates we declared persons whom there -- any you know dogs and cats are fairly sharp in some ways to. But he talked about the great yes of course every Christmas time we have stories like this million column the grinch stories in the news media and that is. Like the one -- extra boost would steal. A handicapped persons wheelchair ramps courts a -- capital out of aluminum and some news and notes for asylum. This happened yesterday in south -- and it's got the media's attention all over the place uptight. Yes that's going pretty low -- Scotland. Pretty low. I don't know how much aluminum there is there who's gonna buy it obviously. When we got a ton about these copper thefts and and and and metal -- and so forth yes he's buying and obviously should shut their blindness stuff. Who are they where are they dry up. That demand in the one that probable or you shouldn't won't have as big a problem put it -- is that interest in the just somebody. Keep stealing all this medal when they may find ways to a defensive that's what the -- directed that are jail fancy authentic. At the city of other which does City Council acted yesterday -- cook reporting for us says juice as you heard there that. The City Council approved forty million dollars in bonds for Cessna. And but the concern that you know. They don't get that tennis reporting here they could easily go somewhere else and that it's a game we play. In America today they're. Not enough manufacturing. Out there. To supply all -- just means of all the cities and states manufacturing is has been shrinking over the years and and it's great. Great business because of it for employs a lot of people it pays a lot of taxes. I mean it is big manufacturing is is terrific as long as you know it's clean environmentally and all -- garage airplane making is terrific so. Anyway forty million dollars in bonds and we do this for companies a tax abate and I think to five years on it so. A group of wanna keep Cessna here if at all possible they also proved that those going head of that study. Of the state of century to in light of that it consultants report about conventions and Wachovia but about the arts and Wayne Bryant down there. Bless his heart. Well I say look. Look at what the -- dealt with it century to our convention center now. Supplying jobs you know and Brent money to the city I mean you guys can't ignore -- we get a -- at the table and -- -- -- yes. We will pay attention to the arts in what ever happens. With -- to meet this future of of the century to into the convention the business and any facilities that might be created downtown and it's a it's it's something's gonna go on for several years. It may be going on after -- the radio who wrote in a few years but. You know we're looking at the of the future of the downtown area what is gonna look like how many buildings but they're gonna what -- brother century to will be retained and in all of that of course to what to do business in this city we wanna. We wanted to retain jobs but the other party and we have culture we have a culture in town we we need to protect and be sensitive to that as well not overly sensitive on other. You know I'm not a -- person who. Supports the arts that much but go to a an event now and then a bit of the art museum a few times and I'm not like this stuff this is part of a a candidate part of the city part of Laura. You know that our our very existence so Wayne Bryant thank you court went to good friend. And he's a great promoter of what you -- things going for. Stand up for those folks in the arts and in a performing arts tortured and friend -- what partisan. Is in a performance and here at christmastime that's right we'll talk more about that here a few minutes but Ted's in the arch up to a site balls to put it that way. Today is Wednesday December 4 only state in 1783. General George Washington bade farewell to his -- -- army officers. At Francis tavern in New York there's not a lot of great things in history that I can find in the Albany tonight specifically. On the December 4 and never episodes in -- today's birthdays including Angel host wink Maarten de L he is eighty years old today. Lots of TV game shows including Tic Tac Dough in the jokers wild right -- pop singer Freddie boom boom cannon is 77. Today. I'll say parts you'll like remember he did it this is that Tallahassee let's yeah I did that when he had a couple of hits. Various. That kind of wild and crazy. Actor producer Max baker junior 76 years old best known as Jethro Bodine in the Beverly Hillbillies. Jeff Bridges 64 he did drew Griffin 2010 I thought it was actually the man has an Oscar. For crazy heart in 2009. Marisa Tomei is 49 years old today the rest of My Cousin -- terrible got a parental guidance Tyra Banks is forty. And in case you haven't heard today is is my birthday. Send -- the classic 17 -- -- a morning news radio thirteen thirty can't assist. -- -- up Schwartz Ted -- taken a day off today and it. Daddy's been net -- it needs to look around us not any big games going on but there is not currently no isn't forced to report this forty jet chambers -- Ford -- at. Five men who once played in the Kansas City Chiefs suing the team over contractions it is considered the first concussion lawsuits against an individual team. The players it the plaintiffs in the lawsuit Leonard Griffin Chris Martin Joseph Phillips Alexander Cooper Kevin Porter. All say they are suffering from brain damage specifically. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Or CTE. Chris Martin was chiefs linebacker he says players on the chief's work told -- keep playing even after some pretty hard knocks. Politicians insist that the players that are diagnosed with concussions are leaving the field we had an opportunity. We were educated know when told us no no one provide us the information. The suit claims that at the time the chiefs knew about the dangers of head drama but said nothing to the players. Each player involved played in the late eighties and early ninety's it covers a time when NFL had no collective bargaining agreement with the player. Earlier this year the NFL agreed to a settlement in such cases filed against the lead. These five players were not involved in that settlement ABC she news chief Mike medical editor doctor Richard Dresser. Reports more concerned parents -- thinking twice about letting their kids even play football. So I think parents are hearing these stories and they're deciding that maybe my kids should play a safer sport. 10% that's fairly significant decline in the number of kids that are playing football at that age so. Well we'll have to see where this goes but that's five men suing -- five former players suing the Kansas City Chiefs -- Which stops under net minder Taylor Nelson selected as -- league goaltender of the week in the CHL that's the very first league honor to buy a thunder player this season. -- for the goals against average -- 192. And a save percentage of point 927 over the week you only gave up four goals and two games. Nelson has figured into each of the -- four wins this season. Which is not is in the middle of a three straight game series against Missouri maverick surf hosting the mavericks tomorrow 705 PM an interest bank arena. The thunder traveled to Missouri Friday night before returning home Saturday. To square off against Tulsa. And the NBA Kevin Durant 27 points eleven rebounds he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to their eighth straight win. 9795. Over the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night Russell Westbrook. Fifteen points eight rebounds and seven assists for the thunder might English -- the call on WW LS. Pocket -- if you left side. It can't -- that'd probably don't open at about backdoor it crap by the rapid -- that adult. Kevin Durant Beckett the back door behind the album that confidence came back later right deliberately thwarted this. Kevin with 279185. But the format of black. Oklahoma City right now the owner of the NBA's longest current winning streak that's after the heat loss to the pistons last night. Kansas women's basketball tonight. Returning to Allen fieldhouse after mean on the road for four straight games the jayhawks opened up a six game homestand with Arkansas. Tonight at 7 PM it's a return to Kansas. -- Arkansas junior jasmine -- A Wichita and eight inch blade for -- so well again that set tonight at 7 o'clock Allen fieldhouse. That Kansas women's basketball team vs Arkansas and that's only -- -- no more sports in an -- Number are we get there early birds are sending me birthday wishes are they can really cool -- my sister locked -- all the way from Greece saying happy birthday Donna hall. Most of the morning show on KEY and is -- is on board saying happy birthday and -- Klein who grew up. Next door to a to me and my brother should refuse to even which we -- she's already up to sport what maybe sometime this morning Alicia people that's a great team at some point maybe Rudolph for awhile 621 now under 33 degrees with a wind chill index of 21 Cuban air. For your daily dose -- doctor -- how to safely cooked seafood. Plus the all important traffic -- weather coming up Stephen dead news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. 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Listen all day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is Gordon Deal -- weekday mornings at five for the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news. Hear the stories you'll be talking about all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter. -- your first look at breaking news money news politics technology entertainment and sports. With -- over 2000 journalist and 58 countries the Wall Street Journal covers the news like no one else. Every weekday morning at five on the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news on news radio. Thirteen thirty KM -- -- 60 into the morning Adam got through happy birthday wishes from former Sedgwick county commissioner Lucy birth -- and also Charlie clay call one of our. Our most loyal and and fantastic blisters over the years sang happy birthday to me today. This morning we've got some. Fog and some missed out there causing yeah a little bit of a traffic cat half. Hassled this morning -- watch out for that visibility an issue we treat keep those headlights on everybody is right now but if feet. -- doesn't have burned off after daylight hours keep those headlights on dissent goes along to -- gasoline prices to 97 no change from what we've seen yesterday. -- has -- to -- -- patchy -- early even partly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 37 degrees. Partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight 015 bundle up Thursday cold with a 20% chance for afternoon snow tomorrow's highs only 26. Now cloudy fog northwest winds gusting to 36 miles per hour 33 degrees the wind chill index right now he's 21. Wanted to buy -- -- this year for someone but not sure of their societies bring in a hat they Wear and a -- and -- determine the size. Great selection that man jacks at the clock tower and -- -- -- and Jack 601. West Douglas. Coming up near as a half hour was Steven and Ted which it does most wanted fugitive cat. -- in Texas. It's your daily dose with America's doctor doctor rise by stock drops when he comes to food borne illness seafood is one of the top offenders but there's a way to still leave fish and reduce your risk any major way. Stay tuned for more school. Its -- America remains the greatest country in the blue. It's because America's defined by its people like you and I believe we need the United States wonderful not to politicians. Good round Americans who seem to -- others keep a strong. 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I stock drops -- is there my favorite pro -- is still with nutrients and low in saturated fat but it is not purchase to prepare properly dish can make you sick. -- follow these tips when -- -- in -- if you're buying fresh choose -- delays that are moist and do not have -- looking areas on the -- before you buy frozen -- look for signs of previous -- things like solid chunks of frozen -- in the corners of the -- it's important to prevent uncooked fish from lingering at room temperature for too long we can build up toxic compounds only golf fish in the refrigerator for doing that last minute he -- -- quickly in the microwave -- you can -- under running cold water in his -- Packaging practice safe seafood and you'll be healthier for it. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor Ryan's body mind and soul. We just saw this news talk bad weather later this is Steve. Why use radio thirteen thirty K and accessed. 630 Steve Macintosh Ted -- of which the most wanted fugitives captured in Texas and get a nasty accident on the south side. Those stories coming up and also in just a few minutes we take a look at defection in fact a few seconds will take a look at that first. Alert forecaster cake with frank walked yes an accident on the turnpike south of Wichita near the haynesville exit. Pay your pickup truck side swiping a semi truck apparently their pick a driver going in the wrong direction. Now -- two occupants of that pick up -- there was a somebody was pinned to the wreckage for a time to occupants taken to. Nik -- Saint Francis hospital thirty year old man -- bone fractures forty or woman with possible head injuries both of them described as in critical condition. Now let's take a look at that first -- forecast with meteorologist frank Walter frank. Thanks Steve a little bit patchy fog -- start today that's not gonna last long thanks to that north wind that north wind. It's gonna keep us quite a bit cooler today highs this afternoon near 37 degrees a few peeks of sunshine here and there. Overnight tonight we remain snow free you lows dip all the way to a fifteen degrees make sure you have that heavy coat tomorrow morning. And you'll -- the afternoon highs only near 26 degrees slight chance of some light snow Thursday night. I'm meteorologist frank -- your cake First Solar forecast. Last summer the Woodstock police department issued a top ten list of most wanted gang members with multiple felony warrants. Police captain -- Allred says four months later seven of those ten on the list have been arrested. The number one most wanted person mark -- dean was apprehended Monday night. We had the couple detectives that were working with the US marshals over the last probably months. To locate our -- team can we we knew that he was in several different states and we were just able to locate him Hank Garland Texas. Officials and issued a four felony arrest warrant for -- through this Sedgwick county sheriff's office. New information this morning Wichita police have released the name of a woman whose body was found in the 900 block -- back bay boulevard. Captain -- Allred says the victim has been identified as 36 year old Aaron Berry of Wichita. Could be accidental or intentional to me agenda and we're not really sure at this point in time -- property honor that we look through. There's nothing indicating that are pretty it was suicidal or anything like that. There were no signs of trauma to the body nor have police found an -- suspicious related to her death. She may have accidentally drowned in the river autopsy results are pending from the coroner's office. The Wichita City Council is moving forward with a study of the future of sent 32 after a short delay because of concerns at the arts community was not involved. The study now includes the arts and music theater which -- Wayne Bryant says that change was important. We're the largest employee of stage hands union largest summer employer musicians largest rendered sentry to facilities. Each year we provide several hundred jobs we don't need to be the first person consulted on and on these changes but we're very glad to be at the table because we think we have a lot to bring. The City Council approved the contract for a century to planning and design study that will now include both consideration of the arts and conventions. The City Council is amended -- city ordinance to allow a New Year's Eve running event to take place and what you. -- the management of the go run Wichita stores ask for the change the city ordinance had prohibited public events of an overnight nature but New Year's -- running events have become popular and a big draw around the country about 700 people have already signed up to participate in the New Year's -- run and that number's expected to double. Promoters say 60% of those are from out of the region including from Missouri and Oklahoma and New Year's Day half marathon say the promoters could eventually bring as many as 5000 runners to town as word gets out in the running community the ordinance change was approved seven and nothing pretty took his radio thirteen thirty KN SX. The Kansas Department of Transportation is working on several Wichita highway projects K dots Tom behind tells -- Unisys news. Workers are installing cameras for the website which way dot org. -- we are putting up six this winner. And we've got another project that will let in April it will include another batch of cameras we don't know exactly how many because we don't know how the bid to commence. We structure of those -- so that we can. Take as many of the cameras than and other pieces of the projects. 41 over money we have at that time. Q -- has installed more than thirty cameras in Wichita as part of its intelligent transportation system -- ATS. Can assist national news times 634. Later today officials in Connecticut will release the nine LaMont calls that remain from inside sandy hook elementary school the day the mass shooting took place left twenty students and six educators dead. State prosecutors had fought to withhold the calls that a judge's order them released. As house Republicans hold more hearings on the Affordable Care Act today President Obama talks to young people about signing up for health insurance President Obama is not worried about repeal but he is concerned about the financial foundation of the insurance marketplaces. Sicker lower income families are signing up for coverage. Today he is appealing to a youth leadership conference for healthy young Americans to buy insurance as the law will require. To bring in money to keep the insurance system afloat. And Compton ABC news the White House autopsy results expected today following the death of fasting period star Paul Walker was killed in a fiery crash along with his friend in Los Angeles over the weekend. Jerry Preston ABC news. 35 Stephen ticket here in just a moment got a share of Christmas story -- that I think equal. Might just make your day didn't mind. Like this is not -- by the way lights out that's the order in Orange County California where some homeowners are being told to take down the Christmas lights. The elaborate holiday displays our tradition in the wagon wheel neighborhood troubles lights are strung across the street on steel cables those are the lights that have to come down. County officials say there -- safety hazard some homeowners say there won't comply. But the county warns that the Christmas lights are not taken down by tonight violators risk fines and even misdemeanor charges -- -- carefully the but that was good. Griswold that Geist David yeah Clark -- -- let's look what he did with Christmas decorations video -- -- I haven't seen the movie to get a little carried away jet. The UPE got a little little carried her height. A Christmas Carol is opening of tomorrow night December 5 and runs through December 22 apple forum theatre. A Christmas Carol it's -- 147 tell hillside Ted Woodward is involved. And he'll be in the show and you'd like get information about tickets. You can dial 6180444. -- 6180444. Or you can go to for Wichita dot com the performance for performances. For Christmas Carol -- Thursday Friday and Saturday at 8 PM the next couple weekends and Sunday at 2 PM there's also a catered pre show dinner at the theater ticket holders are interested in my wanna find out more about that when you call or contact the forum theatre. Well as you know this is by by promised story as you know part of our. Something we do at this time of year with Taco Bell as we giveaway randomly to -- talk about customer or 20. An amount of money a 133 dollars cash and I was of the Taco Bell as we talked about yesterday in the 5800 block of east central yesterday in the 5 o'clock hour. Leaned my head out to drive through window and said Eileen there was a lady named Eileen in the -- I mean I've got. Some money for actual talk under rule 33 dollars cash and she was surprised. But she did not miss a beat she said that will make I'm I'm not gonna -- Dominique de gift of that to my cousin. From western Kansas. Who's involved in the car -- and it's been in the Wichita in a hospital in Wichita. And just yesterday after a month in the hospital her cousin was taken out of intensive care. So apparently some improvement there. And I mean turnarounds and I'm gonna get that 133 dollar to my cousin who really needs it wow the nice is that a great Christmas story excellent god bless you Eileen and thank you Taco Bell for help and -- -- committed to yesterday. That was fantastic. It's a 638 now Stephens in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- time for our commodities update little said he doesn't self Tom what's there left for commodities buy dot. Good morning Steve -- trading started iron kettle complex -- in the navy yesterday -- third most straight over the past three sessions. Partly note also -- they onside as the mid February contract and it's close streets suspect on the fifteenth of October -- also -- boxed beef prices lower yesterday. In moderate movement at the moment February like cattle are trading -- inflow of 134 and seven. James -- -- and since -- won sixty Ford 95 and they believe dog doesn't change that 8897. Trading was mixed Tuesday for the wheat to corn in soybeans. By the close of one of the soybean Borland make besides Australia posting what it is estimated either third largest several wheat crop right now. That's candidates they -- -- bigger crop production estimates and -- your -- started lower but then turned to a part of the trade. Mark Casey wheat belt three quarters cent -- 714 and three quarter march corn up two cents at 433 and a quarter January soybeans and acquired thirteen to 44 and three quarters. The January crude rose according to the oracle acquired 9716. February gold seven dollars and forty cents or 1213 sixty. Any semblance MP a quarter of a point over 17191. And a quarter December dollar index three cents lower and let's say three cents higher at 8065. In December Belgium's future. And Nicole higher at 15100896. For commodity trading or -- marketing advisory contact us for commodities on the program where people want but using 866. -- -- -- And I Tommy ready for this cold weather's coming into the night mentally and tonight we're training our choice to. What's the alternative. That's exactly right you know he can't hibernate like those barrier you know distill into a table winner -- That's right well hopefully -- -- too -- would have acoustical random draw. Few days at least -- several check you again tomorrow morning rain or shine. In assist Monday update brought you by American egg credit. Providing financial services customized your ever changing needs -- dot com or 8046611. -- six. American and credit. Think coming up here and just humans are gonna have another. Local business update and is gonna contain a warning about Boeing and that's going to be the -- business journal early update coming here and just -- -- -- -- grant has the morning off. 640 now all the way The Osgood File and traffic and whether -- content news radio thirteen thirty K and -- yeah facts they come. San Diego I don't respond to fans -- off the Sam weekdays from eleven until two points and thirteen thirty. -- and assess the commodity update on Katie and ass ass is brought you by American and credit as a farmer -- your needs don't always fit in with. Traditional banking programs American have credit understands but you're looking at buy some property are making improvements on land you already own. We offer a variety of long and short term loans fixed rate and variable rate mortgages tailored to your -- Strong stable secure free more reasons farmers like he was trusted American guy credit for more than ninety years and counting. For more details call us at 804661146. 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Got kind of some wet and soggy roadways and that's -- missed we've got -- fog out there this morning so now a couple of traffic hazards condition Julie. -- -- to pull out there and is that temperatures continue to drop if we end. We're gonna sharpen a drop in temperature you might. Decent slick spots after the gasoline prices this morning to 97 a gallon remember if you spot a traffic slowdown tie up. For a better gasoline price gives got traffic island for a 613 thirty is that people out early today then -- yeah. Cloudy cooler today with a high of only 37 degrees patchy fog and cold after -- partly cloudy that is cold tonight field -- fifteen. Now Thursday tomorrow cold with a 20% chance for afternoon snow don't look for a lot of accumulation there. Tomorrow's high only 26 and now cloudy foggy. Northwest wind gusting to 36 miles per hour 33 degrees the wind chill index. These 21. 647 was Stephen dead -- get one more birthday which dividend -- Critic Stephen -- is happy birthday to also really another birthday in some wireless version president. Urban setting along their best wishes. Cancun Mexican grill is are. -- What is it what you call the state from which the -- from Wichita hurts I'm sorry I have. Forty dollars for ten dollars it -- Cancun Mexican grill also checking out our web page -- has revealed that -- would you -- dot com coming up. Local business news a warning about Boeing was Stephen did -- radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. The Osgood File sponsored in part by Auto Owners Insurance -- no problem people there's a -- dot com this is Charles Osgood. Since the Affordable Care Act got off to such a rocky start -- has been a shift of public opinion about it what it means what it does and whether it's all we're promised it would be. The statements made yesterday by President Obama and by the speaker of the house and house majority leader has to where we stand there what will happen now I'm not exactly which you can color dialogue. They seem not to be talking to each other but at cross purposes past one -- as you hear after there's. When it comes to insurance you got all sorts of options. Consider this mutual insurance companies -- awful owners are owned entirely by their policyholders. This means that the company's goal is to protect and -- you it means that they are working to make you happy. Most part even get Auto Owners Insurance through an independent agency -- your local community. Why -- local independent agent at all homeowners dot com that's auto owners dot com. Auto Owners Insurance that little problem people. You know what that sound just -- your digital marketing department and that'll be new web designer. And that's that's kind of free these experts are joined by many more from my designers to search marketing specialists who work hard to get your business noticed online and on mobile. Does the ball -- do can do it all for you or give you the tools to do yourself to find out more go to Hydro dot com that HI BU dot com. Or call 877938. I do. Don't metal -- next new customer -- -- major business. President Obama continues to believe that the disappointment over the signature health care law was all about the glitches in the web site. Now the web sites work -- for the vast majority of people we need to make sure that folks refocus. On what's at stake here treated John Boehner -- there has been a refocusing and the the website is only part of it has not just a broken web site. This bill was fundamentally -- president's health care law continues a recap on American families. Are small businesses and our economy. The bottom why does this law. Is working and will work into the future. House majority leader Eric Cantor while the White House wants to claim that health care dot -- is now working. We know that obamacare is still plagued with problems. And every American deserves relief -- -- if I've got to fight another three years to make sure this law works and that's what although. -- Causing people -- to -- of the doctor of their -- causing them to lose -- health plan in advance and enough. But I haven't paid much higher prices at the same time I will work with anybody to implement. And improve this law effectively. If you've got good -- do -- bring until Watsco. We're not repealing it as long as I pressed. The Osgood File this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. Even get in the morning as downs close almost like markets Tuesday the Dow down 94 points NASDAQ down eight S&P down five. Now let's take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm deal -- Apparently NORAD Santa tracker is drawing criticism from a Boston based child advocacy group. Campaign for a commercial free childhood tells the Boston Globe. The object to any fighter jet appearing in a Santa tracker video among other issues. Fighter jets have been linked to Santa's Christmas sleigh ride since the 1960s but this is the first time. It appears in animation. There's a possibility that has corporation may sell off its thirteen hundred US gasoline stations. The company has wanted to slim down its operations and focus on oil and gas exploration the outcomes where the private equity owners of BJ's Wholesale Club may be the ones to put in a bed. Another anti obesity drug could be on the way Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk will apparently file for regulatory approval in the next several weeks. But the FDA is hesitant to approve such drugs -- to -- performance of other anti obesity drugs which have had severe side effects. This is the Wall Street Journal report. 6652. Nasty until the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- -- grant him as the morning -- so. Nobody tracker today hello we've got some local business news for you from the which the business journal. As Missouri and fourteen other locations make bids for the Boeing 777 X work to come to that state. The Kansas City Star is offering a word of caution. The editorial includes a passage debt Boeing's scouting expedition reveals a company with -- demand and limited loyalties. It says today's -- Souter could easily turn out to be tomorrow's jilted cast off. Of course Boeing is -- exiting Wichita after operating here since 1927. The militia medical group is now managing the Kentucky at a medical center in Clarksville Indiana. The group as a national health care development company run by which the doctor Joseph dealership. The Drupal expand the Kentucky and a facilities to 46 rows up from 34. Which -- and Michael Phillips is relocating to the facility to service CEO and lead the expansion. And the fifth 500000 dollars in tax credits are still available for Kansan who donate to the programs of network and such. That's an organization that day helped provide seed capital to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Those who contribute to get a 75% state income tax credit. President and CEO Steve Bradley says network Kansas makes available up to two million dollars in tax credits. Each year. And that's a look at local business news from the Wichita business journal one hour from now another update with mr. bill Roy editor. But the Wichita business journal Seahawks fans sent new -- record details coming up with -- -- -- on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. I -- Chichi Ned this CIA had a brain -- coast to coast AM. Overnights on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. 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That's 1808670293. 1808670293. Deep into the morning to a whole stink you have to go to welcome Kansas City Chiefs and Seahawks fans. We're really rocking Monday night so much so that tremors from the Seahawks stadium registered as a small earthquake on the Pacific northwest seismic for network. Seattle fish to playoff berth with a 34 to seven victory over New Orleans. The Seattle fans were also flat -- they took the Guinness world record for outdoor sports stadium -- of 137 point -- -- suppose that's a record McKenzie she stand alone. Until this time. Thirteen thirty top story who would steal wheelchair ramps. And an internal review was under way of the Wichita State baseball program we'll have more. I'm I don't feel that's right you've come up here at the top of the hour with Stephen Ted. It's what is it to 33 degrees right now the wind chill index he's 21. Details only stories coming up more local news right after ABC world news at Columbia or you're listening to -- tell the morning. Unused radio thirteen thirty take tennis as Wichita 33 degrees wind chills when I won the at 7 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm serious Preston welcome to winter that's what folks in the western saying as they wake up this morning to temperatures that have plunged in some cases forty degrees. ABC news meteorologist -- Jersey in Denver where it's nine degree.

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