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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/04/13 Hr 2

Dec 4, 2013|

Guest: KAKE's Jordan Schefte at the scene of the turnpike accident.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the late 1980s and early ninety's claim the team knew about the dangers of head trauma but did nothing to prevent it former linebacker Chris -- says he now has traumatic brain injury. I would like to have had that -- opportunity you know that going back on the field. What caused me to have severe disabilities later in life. In the lawsuit the players claim they took repeated hits but were told they get back out and play the chiefs have no comment Alex Downey ABC news the first witness testimony scheduled today in the trial of a former BP drilling engineer charged in the gulf oil spill. -- mix is charged with deleting text messages and voicemails about the company's response to the 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Timing can be everything when it comes to Christmas gifts you may -- wanna hear this but some popular gifts will be cheaper after Christmas. You -- which is a popular. Item to give women. -- just not gonna find many good deal planet right now Cameron Huddleston of Kipling if you wait until after Valentine's Day though -- -- -- a lot of good deals on jury perfumes another example it's not a good deal right now it's also cheaper. March -- is brand name TVs and furniture -- also more expensive and they will be in January or February. Richard Davies ABC news this is ABC news. Toss live morning talk and entertainment this is Stevens says this Fox News radio thirteen thirty you can assess. Two point 704 I'm Steve Macintosh 32 degrees Delaware and chill index of nineteen -- to take -- look at -- changing -- Forecasted changing cake for -- forecast. But we all just prank war in just a moment but first breaking news it appears that a wrong way drivers car collided with a semi truck -- -- Kansas turnpike south which saw app. Actually was a pickup and a semi truck this happened around 3:15 this morning at the exit ramp near hazel. A thirty year old man was taken to be -- Christi Saint Francis in critical condition with bone fractures. A forty year old woman was also hospitalized in critical condition with a head injury. No one in the truck was injured coming up -- a few minutes this morning we're gonna talk with ABC -- with -- can take TVs. Jordan shifting at the a scene of that accident down near hazel that comes up around 7:30 this morning in our news so Peter for that. A set of aluminum wheelchair ramps. Was stolen from a south Wichita resident police lieutenant Gordon Nolte says the victim lives on colony near the. So when -- come over to help. The victim lived at the house. Knows that the -- wheelchair ramps were missing from the house. These are outside the apartment. The theft of the wheelchair -- probably occurred on the Friday night or Saturday morning before Thanksgiving. The Wichita City Council has approved up to forty million dollars in industrial revenue bonds for Cessna aircraft. The company promises to create fifty new jobs over five years at an average annual salary of 52000 dollars. City Council member Pete Meissner says he supports the bonds because he wants to keep suggesting in Wichita conversely if we would not allow them to do this they can easily could talk about purchasing land building equipment in other areas of the country others sustained. The money will be used for renovation and modernization of existing facilities. It below also go to pay for technology and equipment upgrades there's a tax abatement of five years connector but this. The Wichita City Council has approved up planning and design study that will help determine the future of century to study now includes consideration of the art. She council had been ready to move forward with the study a few weeks ago at the request of go Wichita the convention and visitors bureau but then music theater of Wichita a century to residents said wait a minute -- need to include the -- century -- is both -- convention center and an arts venue the council agreed in the study now includes the arts music theaters Wayne Bryant thank the council. Unlikely convention study which is almost a 100% focus on marketing and finance -- performing arts evaluation will also try to quantify those quality of life issues that are sometimes hard to put a number on that aren't and. Or in part the study will now consider things like -- -- configurations and the size of the venues for the arts burning -- radio thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita State University athletic department is conducting an internal review of the baseball program the department says the review is investigating possible improper clothing and apparel benefits. To members of the baseball team that was discovered during the coaching transition earlier this year. In a news release director of athletics Eric sexton says the matter is being taken very seriously. He says they believe it to be an isolated case limited to the school's baseball program. -- they plan to do a thorough investigation to ensure compliance with the Missouri Valley Conference and NCAA rules. The university says no further details will be released until the review has been completed. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty king and assess the Kansas Department of Transportation is battling the birds -- -- Tom Klein tells can't assist you workers are repairing the interior support system. Of the Kellogg bridge over the. The first thing they've got to do is get rid of if you pigeons don't you can imagine are down there. And get rid of the waste that the pigeons have left behind so it's been a cleaning process they really. They can't put their workers in there until that that waste is cleaned out. They're also installing new page and exclude -- So let's maybe this problem won't happen again. -- says the repairs that no impact on Kellogg traffic over that bridge. Missouri's two US senators have written a letter to Boeing executives as Missouri lawmakers consider legislation. That could allow up to 150 million dollars annually in incentives for large scale aerospace projects. Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill say their home state is the right place for Boeing to build its new 777 X commercial airplane. Noting what they called the State's track record of success. In building airplanes. -- has -- time 70 wait. We have this morning and traffic watch out for some slick spots out there we've had that. Temperature dropped quite a bit within the last power so when now we've got the chance that doesn't this. Fog and mist in the area might actually start to freeze. So it could begin the issue of what just the occasional slick spot out there. Visibility still would issue be careful in that regard to gasoline prices this morning to 97 no change from yesterday. No meteorologist francoeur has to take first alert forecast down -- morning frank. Hey good morning we are chilly this morning temperatures really plunging here in the last couple of hours. -- we told you this change was coming right on your birthday Steve I'm sorry about that. Highs today only -- 37 this afternoon expect -- a little bit of sunshine here in their north northwest winds. At ten to 22 overnight tonight partly starry and cold lows dipped to fifteen degrees by early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy highs near 26. A little bit of snow possibility tomorrow right now looks -- accumulation in which will be under one inch. Currently we've got temperatures outside sitting below for at the last hour we -- at 33 degrees. And now we're sitting at 32 here in Wichita about one concern about possibly freezing some of the mist and drizzle while there. To the roadways. There is some good news pavement temperatures right now report by -- got -- about 35 degrees so. With -- above freezing I don't expect many slick spots but still. -- did -- we finally got rid of that fog that is young nice change of pace here. On Wednesday and you have to be I didn't feel that Dan outside this morning but did in the wind started picking -- just -- past couple of hours real bad and that's right in you know what you probably actually got to work before the real cold air descended and when I came into work this morning we had. Temperatures in the lower forties that's not bad I am now we're sitting at freezing. All right thanks search -- to -- again in just a few minutes presents a case for solar forecast. With the meteorologist frank -- and this morning. We have with a CBC news what -- course spent respondent and Compton who says that pres Obama. He's declaring the health care law is working and and and I'm I'm sure that he's getting a little bit of blowback here on that from some of the Republican right. How well he is the president I think was particularly pleased that on Monday the first day after the big tricks were supposed to be done. A million people are reportedly went on the site now only about 181000 of them I think bought insurance policies but they're using you know function like. The window shopping you can go on and look in your community to see all of what. Well we used to see what the actual insurance plans might be available in your area. Bob and I got a -- today he is going to address one aspect that does have -- worried there're a lot of families who I have in front medical problems who may not have insurance before. Of course signing up by occurred at lower income families. How you gonna keep economically this or financially this the system afloat. With the young healthy Americans buying insurance for the first time you actually speak at a youth leadership. -- forum are urging young Americans to come in and buy insurance is something that will be required by law and those premiums. Are an important economic garden underpinning -- the plan that he's got in place. Out from the start and -- that's been the story did that. The it's not the sick people that new ergonomic this thing work it's the people who were well I think younger people and that's all part of this whole. Like. Well it it is and that are trying to get the young people on board look at is that people who very often who voted for him. -- who worked for him who signed up online and gave them ten dollars twenty dollars. But don't when you have a young person now without. Kind of a start up job -- out and and in com. Would look good but a modest and company and looking at some of the insurance premiums that are out there. It it may be pretty daunting he had big -- saying that he thinks the young people will be the last ones to sign up. When the -- open enrollment and at the end of march he thinks -- -- they're saying they expect them to be the last on board. -- and he said we're not repealing it as long as I'm president -- speaking of the health care law and -- how do you take dead because he's kept vacillating -- about the things he set the best you know. What state there are three congressional hearings today alone on Capitol Hill know -- about the Affordable Care Act and he doesn't think congress will lay a glove on -- But he thinks the -- -- and place for three and a half years. It has begun to roll out he does think that when some people actually get their insurance. All when they seen what kind of changes when they get at the offer and they've already got changes like free wellness care. Or whether there is now getting insurance that they haven't had before he thinks Americans are going to like -- But that kind of case she's going to be making every day. -- -- where people -- case histories of people who now have insurance and what a difference it's made in their lives -- gonna be a concerted effort. Every day between now and December 23. -- the deadline if you want insurance to start January 1 you have to put your money down -- by December 23. All right thanks for being with us this morning and Compton NBC news White House correspondent live from Washington this morning at seven. 714 now with Stephen -- in the morning at today is Wednesday December 4 on the stage in 1783. General George Washington. Bade farewell to his cut middle army officers at Francis tavern. In New York Ted Woodward is off today but I understand he's been the fractious tavern in New York that site. Today's -- game show host -- -- Dale eight years old today Tic Tac -- the jokers wild and several other game shows. Pop singer Freddie boom boom -- 77 what a great name -- Boom boom -- cracker producer Max Mayer junior is 76 -- best know him as. Jethro Bodine -- about Beverly Hillbillies Jethro and a funny guy get that does what they have that. What was that have made enemies of college spying at mid autumn picnics you know you were to anybody Jeff Bridges 64 he didn't -- Britain 2010 and I liked -- in that role. How Oscar for crazy heat back in 2009 Marisa Tomei gets 49. The wrestler Mike cousin Vinny parental guidance Tyra Banks he's forty years old today. She is a host official called America's Next Top Model. And I got a -- had a birthday today I always like to talk about titled why I -- with older folks can identify with. Older folks Christmas so yeah I've gotten some birthday which is this morning most of them by FaceBook and email. First off the list was by my sister in law terror from Greece course by just an issue however morning. On the computer on the computer online and we got that Don hall from KEY and he'd do in the morning -- KEY and -- cohost. Kim daughter have chimed in thank you appreciate that -- -- You may die and know Diane from them since you go to the -- on the west side are dirty side couple couple times and I am. Grew up the house next door to -- would die well by day many many years losing perk that former Sedgwick county commissioner. Charlie -- -- long time blistered great. Stephen -- blister -- Stephen brand. And a Rene nice if she said does she listens and happy birthday can Denver remember -- vendor no yeah dinner and so is thanks folks produced evidence and happy birthday every. We really. Really appreciate I appreciate we're having a birthday today don't have any. The they special planned -- I make made -- at dinner out tonight or something like that make me go out for dinner -- that's Canada the ritual but other than that didn't take thank you another. Birthday and you know what's considered the alternatives. To -- Japanese birthday yeah I suppose if nothing else it's better than that the 760 now with them make it 7:17 Stevenson in the morning and it. It's time for sport it's Edwards ever the morning off -- has slid. Overall the -- tests Schwartz chair -- deputy -- OK and a little controversy brewing there regarding its abroad Iran's Kansas City Chiefs right nor former player. It's anyway and that's right five men who once played for the chiefs are suing the team over concussions it's that. First concussion lawsuit today against an individual team. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit Leonard Griffin Chris Martin Joseph Phillips Alexander Cooper and Kevin Porter. All say that they are suffering from brain damaged Chris Morton was the chiefs linebacker he says players in the teens were told to keep playing. Even after taking really hard hits. -- -- -- hit it -- opportunity you know. That going back on the field was caused me to have severe. Disabilities later in life I didn't know that that's I think that's with a lawsuit is about. Does have an opportunity. The -- and didn't. DC each player involved played in the late and -- eighties and early ninety's. The lawsuit covers a time when the NFL had no collective bargaining agreement with the players. And -- the suit claims the chiefs knew the dangers of head trauma but said nothing. The players earlier in the year the NFL agreed to a settlement in cases such cases filed against the lead. Five -- -- these five players were not involved in that settlement ABC news chief medical deterred. Doctor Richard -- reports that the NFL recently settled that the lawsuit over the former players with deep brain trauma here it's little more on that. There's so a laboratory at Boston University that has studied the brains of former NFL players and their specific changes they -- the brain tissue. Changes they don't he -- stroke they don't seem to alzheimer's disease that indicate that these injuries are being caused by those close to their head when they -- football players. Not so well we'll see how that turns out at a lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs from five former players. Which tucked under goaltender Taylor Nelson. He gets the first lead on her earned by thunder players this season. He was selected this the CHL oh league goaltender of the week he finished with the goals against average of one point nine to save percentage of point 927 and gave up just four goals in two games. He figured into each of the thunder four wins so far this season. Which does in the middle of -- three -- game series against the Missouri mavericks are hosting their rival tomorrow. It's 705. And then the thunder travel to Missouri on Friday night. The Wichita state athletic department conducting an internal review of the baseball program the department says to review is investigating possible improper clothing and apparel benefits to. Members of the baseball team. Director of athletics Eric sexton says the matters being taken very seriously in the he believes that it's an isolated case to the schools -- limited to the school's baseball program. The university says no further details are going to be released until the review is completed which -- state hired Overland Park based bond. Sure -- indicating a law firm that specializes. In NCAA rules compliance they're going to help out with the investigation. How loud it Steve. -- the Seattle Seahawks fan. About to I guess this loud and that the -- -- know. Well -- The University of Washington professor says the new ways during that Monday night game registered. Politicizing moment or without about the same energy is a magnitude one or two earthquake and earthquake yet he said there were there were actually did firsts that worker coinciding with the Seahawks touchdowns so -- Yeah the Seattle Seahawks Trulia. Because the fans really lighten things up there. -- -- Could -- exactly. Was -- discord or some the end of the Kansas women's basketball team returning to Allen fieldhouse. After being on the road for four straight games jayhawks open up a six game homestand with Arkansas that's tonight at 7 o'clock -- return to a Kansas. For Arkansas junior jasmine -- She's a Wichita native -- for -- so. Welcome back edge has been Bowen and that's the lady jayhawks. Vs the vs Arkansas tonight at 7 o'clock more sports mixed up. All right 721 now Stephenson in the morning 32 degrees wind chill index is nineteen in just few minutes wanna share. Really nice email I just got to regarding Stephen let me share of that coming up in here in just a few minutes. Also Rush Limbaugh morning update on the way a suspicious report on violent crime and a traffic and changing weather all coming up Stephen Ted -- radio thirteen thirty K and a sense. Rush Limbaugh serves are very useful purpose and I -- from eleven until two he breaks things. You're so right about that on news radio thirteen thirty KN SS. Stevens -- in the morning on news radio thirteen thirty Janus says is brought to you by freedom advisory group. -- Tom -- put your holiday sellinger bars foreign superstore. Choose from are huge selection of area roads. Ceramic tile. Laminate. And wood flooring. You'll save every day on the area's largest in stock selection of carpet in today's best styles and colors. One newborn before the holidays by now before it's too late for Sam doesn't -- But we do think that's our Big Three holidays failure bars Borders Superstores. 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For more information visit help prevent whooping cough dot com. This reminder about moving -- is brought to you by GlaxoSmithKline. Cerro tried tornado weather information you need to keep you and your family safe operation storm watch -- by rusty -- -- use radio thirteen thirty KM SS we are connecting more people. To more places Southwest Airlines now offers new nonstop service from Wichita mid continent airport to Chicago Dallas and Las Vegas books now online only at We -- southwest welcome aboard. If you're shopping for -- luxury vehicle you need to check out the Lincoln wishlists sales event this month and Davis morally get. We can make all your wishes come true when it comes to your next car buying decision. So if you consider a Lexus creating luxury vehicle CS first because right now you can give the luxury Lincoln it's 0% financing for sixty months on 2013 models for qualified buyers. Do you keep the rebates. 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Or visit us on the web and every -- every diarrhea -- -- freedom advisory group dot com. -- I think it was all there who haven't heard the news sent by four brilliant. Commentary in the mail to -- you're right we're -- great to have you with -- this is EIB network -- -- -- -- final authority anybody can read a news story it's what you -- whether that -- Rush -- anybody can tell you -- it is what you do after reportedly with -- -- And that's where the show should Rush Limbaugh weekdays from eleven and 22 point use radio thirteen thirty KN SS. Given what he's Evans didn't have the morning coming up just given -- good taken -- check in with cakes. Jordan -- to the scene of the nasty accident now let's take a look at traffic resistance. Did you first start with remembering to remind everyone sports is brought to you by bullseye shooting range where they don't use against they sell to the bulls eye which thought -- come be safe -- -- Bullseye shooting range 1455. North -- in traffic this morning. Well we've got to some. Fog and -- out there is what we were seen in the overnight hours now. Temperatures dropping to near freezing so watch out for a couple of -- -- this morning no big time major traffic tie ups at the moment itself. -- Kansas -- center forecast patchy fog early then partly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 37 degrees paktia partly cloudy and cold tonight. Overnight low fifteen Thursday cold 20% chance for -- still not accumulation. Tomorrow's high 26. Now cloudy northwest wind. Gusting to 32 miles per hour 32 degrees the wind chill index -- nineteenth coming up usual half hour was -- -- -- most wanted fugitive captured in Texas. Finally science's answer -- question plaguing humanities and the humanity ever since Cain snuffed his brother -- We've -- trying to understand why people commit horrific crimes and now we know. A team of US scientist reports and even small changes in temperature or rainfall. Correlates with increases in violent crime. When climate fluctuates even just a little bit there's arise and assaults rapes and murders and incredible revelation but there's more. When the climate changes not only do more individuals brutalized the innocent but wars and -- conflicts also increased. Now we've -- war is bad ever since 1970 with a great Motown to -- for Edwin Starr. Sang a song that said war -- what's -- good for absolutely not that. Well now we don't cause. What -- scientist Marshall Burke is from the university California Berkeley and he says. -- the relationship between climate change and rapes assaults murders and war. Can be observed across time and across all major continents around the world that relationship. According to him is often very large. -- thousands of Beers unsophisticated people have been contributing violent crime to a lack of morality. Turns out they'll probably have nothing to do with this is -- liberals were right on a long -- right wing religious extremists. Need to stop obsessing about -- rattled the problem with crime is climate change its right climate change is responsible for evil can we all know which political parties responsible for climate change. Don't -- He doesn't end there join the rush yeah. Mayor Rudy Giuliani with a lifelike identity theft alert for holiday shoppers Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping season. Every gift we by the mall in a store or online increases our risk of identity theft and don't think it's just about credit cards identity theft is much much bigger. Here's one example businesses -- identity breaches all the time when this happens thieves have virtually everything we need to steal your identity and your bank accounts no one can stop all identity -- I protect my identity and bank accounts with like Clark ultimate and you shouldn't -- As a special holiday gift like like is offering wireless there's 50%. Off your life lock ultimate membership caller risen like Loc dot com and -- the promo code rush fifteen that's rush. Fifteen for your 15% off holiday gift call 804442810. 804442810. 80444. Bloody 810 or -- transactions is currently very operates 123113. On the 24 hour -- -- -- news radio thirteen thirty K and as fast. Is Steve man. Steve Macintosh this points -- over this morning off 32 degrees looking for a high today. Of 37 member gonna take -- field meteorologist frank -- virtually forecast in just a moment. Breaking news. To -- -- injured. As a pick up side swiped the semi truck this morning your haynesville on the Kansas turnpike just south of Wichita. Two people in the pickup truck thirty year old man taken of via Christi Saint Francis in critical condition with a bone fractures forty year old woman. Was also hospitalized in critical condition nobody in the she -- a head injury nor in the truck was injured. And someone was trapped in the wreckage for a time there in the picked up. And just a -- we're gonna check in with cakes Jordan -- -- at the scene of that accident it's an occasional down there on the Kansas turnpike south of Wichita. A last summer the Wichita police department issued a top ten list of most wanted gang members with multiple felony warrants. Police captain -- Allred says -- Slater seven of those ten on the list have been arrested the number one most wanted person mark -- -- was apprehended Monday night. We had a couple detectives that were working with the US marshals over the last probably month. To locate our quote green and we we knew that he was in several different states. Hillary is able to locate him Hank Garland. Texas the visuals and issued a four commonly used for a -- arrest warrants redeemed through the -- county sheriff's office all right we told you the weather is going to be a change in in it and how this morning. Meteorologist frank wall with a -- first heard forecast yes franks it is change is it. It is changing and we are on a slide I mean temperatures are just headed down for the next couple of days. Currently we're sitting at freezing this afternoon we hope to bump it back up to about 37 degrees we do expect to see a little bit of sunshine there right now. We are sitting under mostly cloudy skies. That north northwest wind today going to make it feel much colder at this afternoon we'll see at -- about ten to 22 overnight tonight partly story and downright cold those dipped to 15 degrees by tomorrow morning. 26 for your high on Thursday Thursday evening into Friday. Some white snell a possibility here which star right now accumulation. Looks to be under one -- so not a major major problem here. High temperatures on Friday only near 20 degrees morning lows come Saturday morning. Down in the single digits currently we're sitting at freezing northwest wind at 24 gusting to 32. And makes it feel like nineteen just kind of a raw morning and I'm I'm telling you this is just the start it is going to be a rough one because. Right now kind of staring into the crystal ball I don't think we get above freezing until May be you know the second half of next week. -- right into words of advice bundle up have a bundle up by I think you nailed it thank you frank which is up police have released the name of a woman this is new information this morning. Whose body was found in the 900 block of back bay boulevard captain -- Allred says the victim has been identified as 36 year old -- -- -- of Wichita. Could be accidental or intentional smear job -- we're not really sure at this point in time -- property honor that we look through. There's nothing indicating that are pretty it was suicidal or anything like that. No signs of trauma to the body nor have police found an -- suspicious related to her death. Which atrocity -- moving forward with a study of the future of -- 32 after a short delay. Because of concerns at the arts community was not involved the study now includes the arts to music theater. A Wichita -- going Bryant saying that the -- was important we're the largest employee of stage hands union largest summer employer musicians largest rendered sentry to facilities. Each year we -- several hundred jobs we don't need to be the first person consulted on and on these changes but we're very glad to be at the table because we think we have a lot to bring the City Council approved a contract for a century to planning -- design study that will now include both consideration of the arts and conventions. To -- national news time 735. Big winter storm hitting the west and moving east what did bringing snow sleet record setting low temperatures ABC meteorologist in Jersey is in Denver when you under the mountains places like Steamboat Springs within 24 hours got over reflect. And then they'll just keep seeing some snow showers on top of that. That's what they love you know the skiers or snowboarders are are happy campers this year so far the temperature in Denver in a single digits with wind chills well below zero. A truck carrying radioactive material from a hospital stolen at a gas station outside Mexico City. Former FBI agent Danny BC news consultant Brad Garrett if you had a large quantity an entire truck of this. Cobalt sixty. Could you really do some environmental harm. And that question I think is is may be open at this point Mexican authorities have informed the IAEA they are investigating. Vice President Biden in China he's been talking with his counterpart over China's air defense zone set up near some disputed islands in the East China Sea Jerry Preston ABC news. 736 now -- until the morning news radio thirteen thirty Cain is just for Teixeira. A pretty nice email with you from a one of our listeners make -- a -- is but. Here's what it says did I hear correctly that today is your birthday if it is. Wishing you the best also wanted to say thanks again to you Ted -- and the whole Stephen Ted crew you guys make my day. I am writing this from a California might work takes me to the West Coast about forty weeks out of the year however. When I'm home first thing in the morning I often turn on the weather channel with no sound and can SS on the radio. Thanks for supporting the arts and all of the nonprofits in the greater -- area the way you do please pass my thoughts along to the whole crew wishing all of your great holy season. And a very Merry Christmas we don't often get -- emails that's nice thank you sir and want the animal abuse of thing. But just nice to get an email like -- on my birthday on any day. And though we do have a breaking news in an accident that happened on the turnpike south of Wichita down near hazel. And -- Jordan shaft he's been on the scene here now for a couple hours at Jordan have got that having a -- cleaned up or was it ever ever in anything you'd impose on the traffic down there. You know they have the right lane closed for a little wild but for the most part traffic was flowing smoothly through there. They didn't get -- out car towed out of the area of the descent like -- -- Got a flat tire so they are working on getting that taking hero but they were able to get the car totally from the scene. Did you get anything official about -- what may have been involved here I know limit the initial reports came out there words. I was sick during traffic among the police officers -- I would draw whatever that there may have been a may have been some alcohol involved did you hear anything more about that. They would not going to any detail on that yeah it confirmed that it car was at truck was traveling the wrong way down the turnpike. And that's when the accident occurred but they would -- -- details. Regarding alcohol are for any concerns about. Yeah like dude did I told -- that stuff on top officially. Because there should probably a pretty good investigation this thing I understand that two people. Were I want to -- the woman who was injured had some sort of head injury possibly other. And the man had some bone fractures and members of a report also at that initially that somebody was trapped in the wreckage did you hear anything more about that. Now leading going to detail on that either didn't you people in that long wait vehicle does -- to -- that were taken to the hospital that that vehicles -- that line. Now -- driver of the semi was not injured I did speak with him out there obviously he was shaken up and emotional. But he said he -- have -- coming at him he tried this swerved. And that avoided a head on collision which the trooper there that most likely would have been deadly -- they were able to avoid the head on collision the fact car. Did end up striking the back and that's his trailer so -- that he said that you know but not from an obviously you respect every. A cult Margaret thanks for being with us is -- drug appreciated. To my -- Jordan -- from that accident scene down near hazel on the turnpike wanted to share with you. Quickly of very good story something nice that happened to me yesterday. Oh yeah as you know this time of the year we go to the a taco bells for the 133 dollars cash. And we've -- to fight a random Lister we get the money away did that to the first time for this season we did yesterday I went out of the talk about the 5800 block of east central. And the real winner I stuck my head out the window and offered -- 133 dollars cash to Eileen. And I -- said thank you very much she was pleasantly surprised as you would be if somebody -- 133 dollars. As a Christmas gift from Taco Bell and K and SS and bench he said. I know what I'm gonna do this I'm gonna get this money to my cousin from western Kansas who was injured in a traffic accident. And is being in the hospital in Wichita for a month how great story and the person now her cousin just got out of intensive care yesterday. Well she's gonna I mean gonna turn around and give that 133 dollars. To her cousin. Who is suffering after car accident just step that made my day absolutely made my weekend thanks Taco Bell for allowing us to be involved in that 740 now. Stephen Ted in the morning cup we've got The Osgood File we get traffic and weather all the way Stephen tat news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. It's just just people are talking about it's all -- it's all over -- yeah. Anybody can use radio thirteen thirty -- in SS. 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And fortified -- 10 in the morning -- radio thirteen thirty -- in a sense. -- continues to drop and we've had overnight some missed in the area still some fog out there. Could create some slippery areas be careful this morning also still have just a little bit of fog seems to be burning off mostly those of visibility not as much of a factor. If the fog is out there and much of a factor it's very patchy indeed gasoline prices to 97 to get -- get a call from traffic tracker Scott. Spotted June -- for putting personal -- -- -- -- -- -- the forecast partly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 37 degrees partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low fifteen. Third day colts wanna present chance to snowy afternoon and a -- accumulation ability. And a high of 26. Now -- northwest wind gusting to 32 miles per hour. 32 degrees a wind chill index is nineteen all the way the Wichita business journal update with mr. bill Roy I've spent an air force contract for Boeing. Stevenson in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. The Osgood File started in part by auto owners insurance and no problem people visit auto owners dot com is charms are good. John Herschel is a numbers man on the football field strictly by the numbers six foot 3300 pounds first team all Big Ten. He stayed offensive lineman John -- these exceptional. So is our CBS news colleague Jim Axelrod. And in the field of mathematics ex -- square evaluated from white -- -- gives costlier -- from -- material. With both brains and brawn now what liberty. The NFL or Ph.D. More after this. There are a lot of complicated things in life rocket science Texans fans trying to -- time. But insurance does not have -- one of those complicated things. Your local independent agency representing Auto Owners Insurance will sit down and customize a plan just we. To a sort of trying to muddle through it all online yourself contact your local independent auto owners agency. Find your local independent agent at auto owners dot com that's all orders -- -- Auto Owners Insurance but no problem people. Hey Bob has business is the new website helping not good I can't figure out how to get the website finished parent you do it's easy I called Web.Com. They built by a website for free then they promoted it on all the search engines like Google Yahoo! and being exactly and Web.Com it's -- grow my business so much. I had to bring a new staff -- Web.Com did a trio of perfect for me. Called L 1805358815. That's 180535. -- fifteen again 1805358815. Well John Herschel do when he graduates from Penn State. Wrong question is already graduated. Here again is Jim Axelrod Herschel graduated with a degree in mathematics and just three years and a perfect four point oh GPA. He didn't finished one master's degree and is now working on a seconds and has as many academic publications to his name as varsity letter rather than usual among athletes would you say John. I would say not very common amongst athletes this is on Colin monks not graduate students 122. I have four papers. Partial credits his math background for his ability now. And analyzed defenses and make quick decisions mostly head coach bill O'Brien marvels at a player who writes on instabilities in the sun Jupiter asteroid three body problem. But sometimes O'Brien just Lance. If you give him percentage of how many times this team blitzes he wants to know the whole survey size and what gains we looked at and how many numbers related I mean what John just take from us they blitz a lot. The numbers man takes the same approach to both sides of his duality. As to his plans what comes next he's not particularly mixed martial plans to try the NFL then tackle of Ph.D. She's no mutual exclusivity. If you approach the problem sequentially. We that file is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio about four. He did in the morning able to Kansas City Chiefs fans that they held the record for a while but now it's back to the Seahawks fans. Those fans were really rocking Monday night so much so the tremors from the Seahawks stadium registered as a small earthquake on the Pacific north. -- seismic network. Seattle clinched a playoff berth with -- 3047 victory over New Orleans. Seattle ten rules so loud they took the Guinness world record for outdoor sports stadium noise. Have 137. Point six vegetables. Bet he is alone with -- defense headed for a reported several weeks to bounce back yet but now expected Seattle you know. What has taken my future. Went down close the stock markets Tuesday Dow down 94 points NASDAQ down eight S&P. Down five -- national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jim -- Wall Street futures remain -- with the opening bell set to ring in just over half hour. And it appears that the market will be lower after the ADP payrolls report showed the economy adding 2151000. Jobs last month which was much higher than expected. Bad news we'll have analysts believing that the Fed asset purchases could be slowing sooner than expected. Drugstore chain Walgreens reported a 6% increase in sales during its fiscal first quarter. Illinois based chain says the jump is due to increased promotions. As mortgage rates continue to rise slowly the number of applications for mortgage continue to fall. Mortgage Bankers Association reporting a decline of almost 13% last week has refinancing activity fell 18%. And the US trade deficit fell by almost five and half percent during October according to the Commerce Department leading the way it was a sharp increase in the amount of petroleum exported by the US. Imports climbed slightly but still marking the largest rate since March 2012. This is the Wall Street Journal report. 752 announced even -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- An air force contract for -- -- find out more with editor bill -- of the which -- business journal can be built. Morning Steve -- into Wichita defense facility is what I 75 million dollar air force contract with the work won't be done here. Boeing has closed its Wichita facilities of course the support and maintenance work on. Is configured on a 747 and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Is the contracting entity a Boeing spokesperson says the awards part of a follow on option on a contract it was first made with Boeing Wichita about -- year ago. The CFO via Christi health is resigning David -- leaving his post as senior vice president and CFO at. Via Christi becoming managing director and CFO at Entegris health. That's an Oklahoma. Senior accounting administrator Jeff -- will be in from CFO during the search for half his replacement. Hadley joined via Christi in 2008. Kansas senator Pat Roberts says when it comes to Health Care Reform. Watched the courts specifically in Oklahoma lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality. Of the Affordable Care Act Roberts spoke says spoken to chamber luncheon Tuesday. Says the Oklahoma lawsuit argues that the finals and regulations of the ACA. Apply only to state run exchanges -- watching. Follow us on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect with -- some Linkedin for the latest local breaking business news or can't SS and the -- -- journal I'm doing what. Boeing and the Boeing military -- town and a I don't next hour you're gonna have a another update about that's it. Apparently -- intensity newspaper did an editorial on this we don't wanna give it away but that's uninteresting editorial that. Now they're saying be careful what you wish for you might forget that when it comes to -- kind of self -- another good there's could you will see about that could be a downside looks like the City Council Liverpool that forty million dollars enough. Industrial revenue bonds for -- and what about a fire but they -- on taxes as well right. Right hand that they're they're doing they're using that. Revenues from those bonds to pay for some stuff that had this year on thank you -- -- again at one hour from now. Top coming up the bank robber who wore pink details all the way Steve -- news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense it's just stuff people are talking about. -- watched Obama. Then you know I'm getting things that he used the Sony give it. At a news radio thirteen thirty -- SS. Widgets and a business journal reports on news radio thirteen thirty Gina says is brought to you by Maarten Pringle attorneys that long. Martin Pringle told attorneys have -- Representing clients in this state planning and corporate law withdrawn grows James Vandenberg and Brent Mitchell will prove him this message from yes we do best. And practicing twenty other areas too. Martin Pringle attorneys at law respecting -- reliable. Results oriented. Online at our FaceBook dot com. It's the holiday season and -- Michael -- is giving away free Christmas cash and all -- to do was listen each day for the Taco -- -- -- and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash and -- well one -- drive through customer -- win 133 dollars -- pre Christmas cash argue with a lucky one all you have to do is listen each day for the Taco -- weekly location and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash at Taco Bell drive through and if you went through Christmas cash just talk. Taco -- Wednesday thanks and happy holidays and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Need 65 kids freedom to go like -- Don't blame shifting to Medicare for your health coverage slow you down. And 65 helps bridge gaps in Medicare by -- out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co payments and are friendly trusted service means you're good to go when you go -- with -- sixty flying from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. 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This is a critical message for a listeners who need to actually lose thirty pounds or more legitimate health -- personal reasons because for the next five minutes the makers of AF class are giving out risk free trials there incredibly effective weight loss supplement. It's proven and can cause dramatic weight loss so only call if you need to lose thirty pounds or more -- -- free 180501091. Because it's so potent take no more than one capsule once today you can expect to experience maximum weight loss pounds in days it's all natural safe and healthy but if -- weight loss with -- -- plus is too dramatic. Please. 180501091. Phone lines will be open for the next five minutes 180501091. In the morning fully -- for a woman wearing plenty of -- who robbed a bank in Maryland can suffer for the nation's capital. Prince George's county police and ends on the department's blog that the woman wearing a pink coat and a -- head wrapped -- to Capital One bank outlet and land over Monday afternoon. And gave the teller a note demanding money police say the teller gave the woman an undisclosed amount of cash and she ran before receivable and also was carrying a patent cell -- Coming up at 8:35 this morning Butler entertainment news -- -- chambers didn't learn today what's we'll talk about the border today their jet to. We'll we've got DV grammys this CE MTs. Voice. And little little looney tunes very good thirteen thirty top story. Who would steal a wheelchair ramps. Feel that story and all the local news coming up right after ABC world news top of the hours deep into the morning. -- radio thirteen thirty K and assess what you thought 32 degrees wind -- nineteenth at 8 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm cheering Preston winter finally arrives much of the countries getting a taste of the cold courtesy of a storm moving from the west in the east. -- McKinnon is with the Utah Department of Transportation in Salt Lake City my. There are so far he's the -- it so much I have a lot of different jobs but this. Rewarding got a different. In some parts of the country including Colorado that temperatures plunged forty degrees winter storm warning.

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