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Steve & Ted in the Morning 12/04/13 Hr 3

Dec 4, 2013|

Guest: ABC Correspondent Jim Ryan and a study on elderly drivers.

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State -- -- sixteen and at a sporting news radio thirteen thirty K and a chance. Traffic accident westbound Kellogg east of I 135. Doesn't seem to be affecting traffic too badly moving through that area pretty well affect their heaviest traffic right now. K 96 and that hillside area also left Kellogg. Eastbound. Right around West Street to heavier traffic right there at this time remember would get the temperatures dropping that some. Wet weather in the overnight hours so could be some slick spots out there be cautious. Your kid is as weather center forecast partly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 37 degrees. Partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low fifteen. Thursday cloudy with a 20% chance -- produced no no accumulation expected -- At a high around 26 tomorrow's high 26. Now cloudy northwest wind gusting to 32 miles per hour 32 degrees the wind chill index. He's nineteen coming up views on the half hour was Steven dead at Wichita most wanted fugitive captured in. 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Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise to body mind and soul. -- -- -- -- -- ten -- news -- thirteen thirty. Steve Macintosh general -- the morning off 32 degrees wind chill index nineteen it's kind of cold out there and so -- Today around 37. Has had cleaned up the accident pretty much south of Wichita on the turnpike near -- he's still acted a thirty year old man. Dignity Christi Saint Francis in critical condition of bone fractures breaking news this morning forty year old woman also have hospitalized in critical condition. They're pick upside strive SI spiked a semi apparently to pick up going the wrong way on the turnpike when the accident occurred. And those two people again in critical condition. Now to take first -- forecast with meteorologist. 37 degrees today in which so far cry from the low sixties that we saw yesterday. That north northwest wind attended -- to this afternoon will make you feel quite a bit colder. Overnight tonight we are partly -- and dry lows dipped to fifteen degrees so very chilly start to your date on Thursday. Thursday afternoon highs only near 26. Thursday evening into Friday a chance for some light snow here which are accumulation. At this point looks a -- one inch or less -- many folks just seeing a dusting of snow. Highs on Friday only here twenty degrees currently we are sitting in the lower thirties here in Wichita. Thirty decreased northwest wind at 26 gusting to 31. And makes it feel like sixteen. And so open about rough start to -- Wednesday. Well it is in Dubya but it's just that time of the year and we're just an -- do accommodate for enemy net adjust to the -- -- the -- that big -- what is the bigs don't all move. Arctic air is something like Tanzania and we've got a real strong push of cold air the one thing is a little bit different as. This -- kind of January cold we expect the temperatures like this in January here in December we get cold but it doesn't during last as long. We may not what we dip below freezing tonight. I don't think we're gonna see freezing until the second half of next week. All right thank you frank frank wall with a -- Furstenberg forecast this morning new information today Wichita police. I released the name of a woman whose body was found the 900 block of back bay boulevard. Captain Brent Allred says the victim has been identified as 36 year old -- burial Wichita could. Be accidental or intentional -- -- -- we're not really sure at this point in time -- property honored that we look through. There's nothing indicating that property it was suicidal or anything like that. There were no signs of trauma to the body nor have police found an -- suspicious related to that woman's death. The Wichita City Council is moving forward with a study of the future of century to after a short delay because of concerns. But the arts community was not involved study now includes the arts and music theater of Wichita as Wayne Bryant says that change was important. We're the largest employee of stage hands union largest summer employer musicians largest -- -- to facilities. Each year we provide several hundred jobs we don't need to be the first person consulted on on these changes but we're very glad to be at the table because we think we have a lot to bring. City Council approved the contract for a century to planning and design study. -- will now include both consideration of the arts and conventions. The City Council as amended a city ordinance to allow a New Year's Eve running event to take place in which an. -- the go run Wichita stores ask for the change the city ordinance had prohibited public events of an overnight nature but New Year's -- running events have become popular and a big draw around the country about 700 people have already signed up to participate in the New Year's -- run and that number's expected to double. Promoters say 60% of those are from out of the region including from Missouri and Oklahoma and New Year's Day half marathon say the promoters could eventually bring as many as 5000 runners to town as word gets out in the running community the ordinance change was approved seven and nothing -- took his radio thirteen thirty KN SS and. Department of Transportation is working on several Wichita highway projects K dots timeline tells -- and assist news. Workers aren't selling cameras for the website which way dot org. Oh we are putting up six this winner. And we've got another project that will let in April it will include another batch of cameras we don't know exactly how many because we don't know how the bid to commence. We structure those -- so that we can. Take as many of the cameras -- and other pieces of the project. For whatever money we have at that time. Qaeda is installed more than thirty cameras in Wichita as part of its intelligent transportation system. -- and assessed nationally in time 833. Getting underway this hour the first of three house hearings -- a new health care law house Republicans insist there are more problems beyond the failed website where consumers are supposed to be able to sign up for insurance exchanges. Meantime the president a bottle once again push for an increase in the minimum wage sketching out his economic agenda for the rest of his presidency mr. Obama will again propose raising the federal minimum wage. Which only pays a full time worker 141000. Dollars a year and. Only one who works full time should have to live in poverty and raise the federal minimum wage to nine dollars. That was his state of the union appeals which has gone nowhere in the last ten months. It's and Compton ABC news the White House a private survey about payroll processor ADP just private businesses at a 2151000. Jobs in the month of November. And taking access one step further us weekly says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or renting out the palace of Versailles for their upcoming wedding. Jerry Preston BBC news. 835 now Steve intent in the morning -- government boarding up Jan chambers taking care business put the blurred that entertainment news and jammed it. Some special Grammy Awards hall of fame awards right that's right and -- first of familiar songs and artists ABC's David busting is more on the story the recording academy is added 27 new titles of the Grammy hall of fame according to a press release the latest round of abducted recordings quote continues to highlight diversity and recording excellence and acknowledges both singles and album recordings of all genres. Including George Harrison's all things must pass. He -- -- 3 o'clock blues. Are held gangsta rappers delight sitting in the red DMC's walk this way. James Brown Chicago war and Miles Davis -- some of the other notable artists with titles that were adopted. David last -- at ABC news. They really were all over the board with that. The course country music's not above giving out awards they honored DC and T artist of the year -- special last night in Nashville. Jason out -- one of your favorites. Talking about his hero is Dwight Yoakam and Tim McGraw there along with Travis -- and saying Jason song night train with Jesse Pope. During his acceptance speech Jason told those guys what they meant to him and his career -- look around. But the one word did. Kind of comes to mind is respect classy guys that I grew up idolizing him and try to be likened singing their songs in the clubs Tim Dwight -- come. Travis trim -- want a contest. Playing when your songs in the clubs paid for my first car preset it. Luke Bryan also honored last night did a little less -- during his acceptance speech. He credited something else for his career success it's about a obviously it's a -- Never intended my butt to get this much attention. -- I have to exercise more. And it's not exactly so accrediting his ground nevermind we'll move on Tuesday's edition of NBC's the voice match Shuler. An artist on Christine Aguilera is team eliminated he fell into the bottom two with the team Adam Levine's Jeanne wolf -- it was saved by fans on Twitter. Five acts remained Kelly Clarkson stopped by to -- underneath the treats she also updated host Carson Daly. On her pregnancy. Well yeah you hear me now. Skill and. I have felt better I'm looking toward the second trimester congratulations. Here I'm gonna have a baby militants us navy onboard are having a baby on board yeah. Well -- get a new member of Hollywood's deletes Ben Stiller. Just had his hands dipped in their hands and feet dipped in Siemens. ABC's Jason Nathanson. Out there on hand as the ceremony took place today. We're gonna celebrate. A great artist Ben Stiller still -- good friend come through Fred Upton said he admired Stiller. For the commitment that he brings the love of cinema the love the storytelling Stiller called the honor a weird. Surreal dream and think this famous parents Jerry Stiller and and Mara I wouldn't be here without the loved. Supports. Nurturing. And all the other stuff they withheld from me as a child. Also the peace -- Chinese -- ceremony Judd -- how instill his wife indicated his new film the secret life of wall committee is that Christmas Day. Jason agents and ABC news Hollywood could it. This or not what are your favorite but it left and that's good gang yeah he did well on that would have -- was pretty dead. Well Steve it's your birthday today happy birthday might as well go ahead and say -- I really needed it is great to work with you every day. Out of theaters on this day one year before you were born. Warner Bros. cartoon my buddy who lies over the city the the the once again if it. Bugs Bunny fails to make he left turn and -- quickie. Somehow winds up in Scotland the talking to a local who was a Scottish cross of Elmer -- And you see -- Sam his. Name is anxious. Me. What's happening. I took the gun and fired up yet. Yeah woodland critter immediately followed a hail of bullets -- -- ultimately bugs dresses up as an elderly scotsman himself. Hand out -- -- gets in the game of golf that's. My buddy lies over the -- out in theaters. 65 years ago today more more tomorrow. Tomorrow that we're we're glad -- -- the right -- yes they -- -- forty that was Stevenson in the morning. Donna we've got The Osgood File a -- traffic and weather on the way Stephen did you radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. News number one and talk and number one in whether KN SS. This is John -- and donor wrote in repairing for the fifth straight year road and ripping came SS are giving back to the community by doing anything you wrote to a local family in need don't be embarrassed. The fewer than one in need. Maybe it's not news. But someone you know and you use a helping hand to help us show our appreciation and commitment to which start by telling us who needs a new road this holiday called -- -- for details of 9720. To 33 that's RHO. 97. Twenty to 33 let's put a roof over someone's head this Christmas. Yesterday giving Tuesday that we'd like to see every day isn't giving day here especially this time of the year. When -- SS is proud to be part of the Salvation Army mission of hope campaign again. This year the mission is to raise money to provide food shelter and warmth for the homeless and others in need. And this -- -- special services for the elderly community service programs. Programs operating costs continue to rise increased for utilities insurance transportation front etc. And -- right during the holiday sustain programs throughout the year. Virtually all that money staying right here and Sedgwick county were last year Salvation Army help help -- more than 3700. Families. More than 16100. Individuals. So you -- stay here and it's a great way to do something great Christmas and again. The buddy has spent throughout the year and Salvation Army programs. Drop a donation or what are the red devils have won the stores or click on our virtual red kettle kick in SF radio dot com. Happy holidays from the Salvation Army and his radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. Reserve your wealth and create retirement income plans designed to last a lifetime. Tune in Saturday mornings at eleven to news radio thirteen thirty KM SS -- investment matters with Randy -- from freedom advisory group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think he mass selling your home choosing the right AJ can make all the difference. 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Visit thunderbird tentacles -- -- event. All blogs on sale with a book giveaways and prizes all month long thunderbird tactical is Wichita as premier firearms retailer -- located at second and Seneca. The thunderbird. If your personal protection and shooting sports headquarters. Comes at thunderbird tentacles -- -- event when something goes bump in the night. Thunderbird guns dot com. If you're a baby boomers senior please listen closely to this important message. Politicians in Washington are quietly plotting to decrease your Social Security payments drastically and they want to do it soon. In fact despite rising prices at the gas pump grocery store and doctor's office retirees have received a mere one point 3% annual increase to their Social Security checks meanwhile food stamp recipients have seen their payouts increased over 30%. Under the Obama administration. That's shocking. So when we stumbled upon a weird tricks that could add up to 1000 dollars to your monthly Social Security checks we knew we had a shared with you. Get started simply go to Social Security free dot dom yes it's true you can take simple steps that could add up to 1000 dollars to your monthly Social Security payouts news Max says Social Security free dot com is a critical resource for anyone over fifty. Go to Social Security free dot com. A leader hell bent on leaving a legacy. Leaving families to struggled during the holidays we formal roll out on the -- Today history people -- like super typhoon. Tower from an out of control man what went wrong oranges there. Born this isn't a new lineup of TV dramas this is sure. News updates at the top and bottom of every hour when news radio thirteen thirty S. OK and SS. They 45 -- intent of the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and essentially watch out for slick spots this morning is the temperature. And I kind of hovers around the freezing point of course overnight we had some missed some fog in the area so I just because just this morning gasoline prices today to 97 a gallon did get a call from traffic tracker Scott. Down to 94 right here at 21 scandal would blonde. -- Kansas weather center forecast partly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 37 degrees partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low fifteenth. Third -- cold with a 20% chance for afternoon snow we're not looking for much accumulation of many. Tomorrow's high 26. Now cloudy sky northwest wind gusting to 32 miles per hour 32 degrees the wind chill index its sixteen. Wanted to by half this year for some but not sure of the size -- -- everywhere and that M and Jack's deter from the sides. Great selection happen and checks of the quarter at the clock tower in Toledo PetMed -- 601 on the west Douglas. Coming up the Wichita business journal update but mr. bill Roy a warning about Boeing sheet and debt use radio thirteen thirty KM SS. The Osgood -- sponsored in part by live master garage door openers he's your Smartphone -- -- closure garage door anytime from anywhere this is Charles argued. Did you know that Chinese fortune cookies -- not Chinese air America. First saint in San Francisco during the early eighteen hundreds that's our CBS news colleague Mo Rocca -- have been at a fortune cookie factory interview -- long dormant long runs Brooklyn based one Tom boots an American empire in the Chinese food industry questioned the largest fortune cookie maker in the world. A column in the Wall Street Journal has shaken up the fortune cookie world as strongly criticizing the fortunes in fortune cookies. That story after this. There's an old saying expect the unexpected. Wise words place and remember you -- to garage door open when you have would work. -- lift master garage door opener with my -- technology. You can use your Smartphone or computer to concluded garage door from anywhere any time. Analyst master garage door openers with -- battery backup keep you morons -- working even have the power isn't so be prepared for the unexpected learn more. And find a dealer near you. I live masters dot com. Hey Bob has business is the new website helping not good I can figure out how to get the website finished parent you do it easy I called Web.Com. They built by a website for free and they promoted it on all the search engines like Google Yahoo! and being exactly and Web.Com it's -- grow my business so much -- I had to bring a new staff -- Web.Com did a trio of perfect for me call. 01805358815. That's 180535. -- fifteen again 1805358815. The man who wrote the Wall Street Journal column land based in the fortunes of fortune cookies was Ralph Gardner I'm trying to help them improve the quality of their fortune cookies. I -- give me an example of those good old times fortune cookie one of the best ever got was from the gods who were smiling when you were born there laughing now. -- -- doesn't think so who would never fly with him we don't want to do anything that's offensive to people never wanted. A black hole wrote one comes fortunes for decades I have an written in before truthful -- in ten years why. Writer's block most of today's want to own fortunes come from online suggestions rough -- doesn't think much of them well it's high time for one of your most promising ideas. And -- love is the glue that holds together everything in the world. I'm allowed from trying to overcome a ten year writer's block. Over the weekend I came it was something new -- he will soon become such a VIP that the NSA will listen to your phone calls. -- you will receive a surprise in the mail but don't expected to be delivered on Saturday. Oh that's sexy guy perhaps gentleman that they could conceivably offend somebody there haven't been to the screening process yet. The -- -- Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. David have the morning is -- that to kick your radio to indicate -- over the next 24 hours we'll keep you posted on what's happening with the weather but. You can boil down to this two words bundle up it's going to be cold in fact. Getting colder -- by the minute here today that northwest wind making it feel you'll chilly out this. Tomorrow night the opening up a Christmas Carol the forum theatre here in Wichita -- 47 south hillside. And our own ten liberty is a cast member he's got a part in the Christmas Carol again this year it's him. Shown on Thursday Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 o'clock and on Sunday at 2 PM there's also a catered pre show dinner at the theater -- ticket holders are interested in last. Find out more to get tickets you can call 61820444. Or go to the website for a Wichita dot com. Again this is going to be running beginning at tomorrow's first performers tomorrow night and then through December 22 at the forum theatre on 47 south hillside. A Dow close on the stock markets Tuesday the Dow down 94 points NASDAQ down eight S&P down five -- -- national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jim Loney. Wall Street was hoping for a rally today but at the outset stocks are lower Dow Jones a -- average down 44 points at 15100867. The NASDAQ off seven the S&P 500 down five Scott Reynolds Wells Fargo advisors in Saint Louis says the better than expected ADP payrolls report is the reason why. Certainly over the last few months when you see bad economic data that just makes people think hey -- that's not going to taper anytime soon but we see good data that makes people think well maybe they are going to taper. Shares of apple are down to one half of 1% so far today the tech giant closed Tuesday trading at its highest level in almost a year thanks in part to strong Black Friday sales on a possible iPhone deal with China Mobile. Many people believe that pizza and beer is a great combination and that's been proven true. In a new study by info group targeting solutions which showed that in many of the cities with the most pizza restaurants also have the most bars Pittsburg may be the best example. Number two at pizza place is number one in bars. This is the Wall Street Journal report. ATP tour now Steven and Ted in the morning -- think about bowling -- on that now with the doctor bill Lloyd the Wichita biz distributable bill. Morning Steve as Missouri and fourteen other locations make bids for the Boeing triple seven -- work you come to that state that Kansas City Star. Is offering a bit of -- cautioned the editorial includes passage of Boeing's scouting expedition. Reveals a company -- boundless demands. And limited loyalties. Says today's lucky Souter could easily turn out to be. Tomorrow's jilted castoff. Kind of sounds familiar of course going -- thing with to die after operating here since 1927. Alicia medical group now managing the content in a medical center in Clarksville Indiana. Group is a national health care development company run by Wichita doctor Joseph Alicia. The group to expand the Kentucky and a facilities to 46 rooms up from 34. Which it to Michael Phillips is relocating to the facility to serve as CEO and lead the expansion. And more than 500000. Dollars in tax credits still available for kansans who donate to the programs of network Kansas. That's an organization that helps provide seed capital to -- burgers and small businesses. Those who contribute can get a 75% state income tax credit. President and CEO Steve Bradley says network chances makes available up to two million dollars in tax credits each year. Follow us on Twitter like us on FaceBook connect with -- some link in for the latest local breaking business news recant SS and Wichita business journal happy -- States Steve writes anymore hey thank you bill and you know that's such an interesting story that in Kansas City. The an editorial page just a word of caution about the folks at Boeing because yeah -- probably said hey look what happened in Wichita right. See what happened just down I 35 -- I don't know what can happen here herself I likely take several tribute and tomorrow morning. Coming up ABC world news at the top of the hour more health care hearings on Capitol Hill. Stephen -- news radio thirteen thirty K and SS she's got opinions that's right let's take the veneer off. He's not afraid to share them you know this is called how. So late find news radio thirteen thirty -- and SS. The Wichita business journal update is brought to you by half thirteen -- and electronics. Yeah we don't have big bucks I'm looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV stand none. The TDs are back. There in the stands at over there by the stands real wouldn't -- me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like -- especially these twins. -- gone -- had a team. TV we not only sell -- highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real way to entertain furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which time not just our branches. Nearing age 65 means shifting to Medicare for your health coverage plan 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes that transition easy even if you don't have to cross now -- sixty kinda helps bridge Medicare -- by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co payments enjoy friendly trusted service -- planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of licensing the passengers association presentation of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government or the federal Medicare program. So you're saying so weren't happy yeah and saying it's time. I'm happy you. Dance. And seeing things live news. Hand. Ring on your hands. This is nursing gifts from healing waters on cosmetic clinic take advantage of the savings -- -- delightful spot packages tailored to pamper your loved ones from head to attend this holiday giving healing water -- package and make someone dairy. I'm very happy and Bradley there. It's the holiday season and Taco -- is giving away free Christmas cash and all -- to do was -- each day for the Taco -- -- location and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash and Taco -- one -- drive through customer will win 133 dollars in pre Christmas cash argue with -- lucky -- all you have to do -- listen to each day for the Taco -- weekly location and join -- for your chance to -- Christmas cash -- Taco Bell drive through and see if you went through Christmas cash just -- -- way to say thanks and happy holidays and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Connie did the -- season. Last night anything get my car pulled in and there's junk everywhere in the backyard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a critical message for listeners who need to actually lose thirty pounds or more legitimate health -- personal reasons because for the next five minutes the makers of AF class are giving out risk free trials there -- incredibly effective weight loss supplement. It's proven and can cause dramatic weight loss so only call if you need to lose thirty pounds or more -- whole free 180501091. Because it's so potent take no more than one capsule once today you can expect to experience maximum weight loss -- in days it's all natural safe and healthy if your weight loss with -- -- plus is too dramatic. Please. 180501091. Phone lines will be open for the next five minutes 180501091. The feeling of how great -- This field that's. -- -- My news radio thirteen thirty KN OSS. Hey thanks folks tell -- who called and emailed and FaceBook -- happy birthday to me today. Yeah big play this song now it. I'm 64 today and indeed only those -- have power to Losman to. Happy birthday in the banjo formulas off awesome. Client he is today he was on the -- -- years and years of one of what do people like co hosted a radio show back oh in the early seventies when KEY and username -- McKay. -- -- senators sat around and she caught the December means a lot thanks -- Appreciate Allen Larry what -- calling for an eleven thanks -- for wishing me happy birthday gonna have a great day hope you do to stand by for Herman Cain -- -- we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock Stephen -- on the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess what you talk. Thirty Jim Greenwood until 16 at 5 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm -- -- the state of the union addresses over a month away but today President Obama delivers something of a preview of what you'll hear in January he's letting out his economic agenda for the rest of his second term and re.

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