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3/6/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 6, 2014|

Mark talks about his experience at CPAC on Thursday and how great it was to see a vibrant and energetic group of conservatives

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's okay. Only underground. From the hills of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark living here on number 877381. 381381. Citizens United and that they -- Citizens United vs SEC. To expand free. Speech going elections. My buddy Dave bossy rounds -- I wanna thank the folks of bright Bart. Stephen. Larry and all the others Alex. And we had a wonderful day it was wonderful occasion and I am deeply honored to receive the Andrew bright parts speech free speech award. You know folks unless you're involved in trying to save the country in some way. Whether it's litigation. You know taking on the EPA in the IRS and so forth there. Having served in the Reagan administration and having to fight congress in the media. Or now even on talk radio and wish -- done these things. You can dismiss them because talk is cheap. But to go to the Conservative Political Action Committee event and I wasn't invited by the Conservative Political Action Committee -- -- I was invited by Citizens United and bright. But unless you go and see thousands and thousands of people young people. Elderly wheelchair using walkers. People of all colors and creeds. In -- you do that you don't get a sense for what's going on out there. There are a lot of people who feel exactly as we -- And -- concerned about the future of this country. They feel exactly as we do about the Republican Party. It's not about a big -- About taking our principles and applying them to what's going on in this country today it's about winning votes. Not watering down everything you stand for. And I'm watching. Some of the media today with a smile including some of these so called conservative media. Going on and all of us standing ovation for Chris Christie Chris Christie didn't get the biggest applause. There are others who got bigger applause. But the people in there like me and like most if you are disgusted with the attempt to take him down by Liberal Democrats in New Jersey the media in New Jersey -- that bridge. That doesn't mean we want him to be our nominee for president. If I were to go down issue after issue where he stands I don't think you want him to be our nominee for president but he's. He's out there talking about you know we need to win we need to win. Folks you don't win elections by telling everyone we need to win -- elections by convincing people to vote for. And there was some great speeches there. Unfortunately I couldn't watch any of them I was speaking -- for me it was a hundred mile round trip so. I got back here just a few hours ago. And by the way -- Russia. And screw you until what is this crap. Russia Russia is for a hundred DA's. Crimea amp Poland the Czech 100 DA's. And 00 -- are -- -- -- The victim of the KGB guy. -- And but I just wanted to say that Americans -- -- -- enormous that's for sure but that Ted Cruz. Gave a great speech Mike -- gave a great speech we have some Christie. I'm not gonna spend all day on the scene there. But most of you know millions of you did not attend and we're not able to -- it. So what should -- here's some of this. Because you're also mingling must unite to defeat the Democrats Greg we'll let establishment unite under our. Flat under our principles for -- watts so we can actually win. Here's Ted -- today. -- -- -- -- -- Airlines DC consultants. And say it is a choice for Republicans to make. We can either choose to keep our head down to not rock the boat -- not stand for anything. Are we can stand for principle. And they say you stand for principle you'll lose elections the way to do it the Smart -- the Washington way it is still stand against obamacare don't stand against the Datsyuk felt standing it's not an. Wanna tell you something that is a false. Dichotomy. How could you wanna lose elections stand for nothing. You wanna lose elections stand for nothing. That is exactly right. You wanna lose elections stand for nothing. In in the end. Even a little documentary done on Romney. He was so afraid. To take strong positions. And he was told we're gonna win the one the first debate now we -- through and you lost. The ways still to -- Don't criticize Obama don't criticize Hillary. You know nothing personal. While they used Romney of a murdering people and so forth and these people they don't -- not a governing. Cut to go. Had a little elections in the contrast between corrupt Washington. And the American people we stand with the American people. Please stand with a straight forward and bold positive agenda and inspire the young to inspire women to inspire Hispanics to inspire everybody. Number one. Defend the constitution. All of this. Defend the First Amendment the right to free speech there right to a free press. For all of our friends in the media free press means not having government monitors sitting in your newsroom. The right to freedom of religion and that means among other things not having the IRS asks citizens tell me the contents of your prayers. We need to stand for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. When he does stand for the fourth and Fifth Amendment right to privacy and every American. What is so radical and controversial about his statements ladies and him. I know the establishment and their pundit friends. And other consultants in the operatives inside the beltway. Who populated the East Coast I know. That they wanna turn this guy into some kind of a controversial figure what's -- controversial. Now what basis that he's not a conservative and who it. And isn't it about time we had a nominee I'm not endorsing anybody right now I'm asking a question isn't it about time we had a nominee who can speak in complete sentences. With confidence. A man who knows how to fight these elections. Is it about time -- him or whomever. -- -- -- Way to repeal every single word in obamacare. When millions of Americans stood up last -- -- stop this train wreck this disaster that is obamacare that is hurting millions of people. The Democrats said the mainstream media said. Although I repeat myself. They said business hold blessed don't you understand just move on just accepted you can't do anything to stop there. Yes we can. Mocking Obama yes we can't. Yes we can't. Now there was Mike -- Mike -- who. Also a superb -- a great politician -- -- remember these two guys fought the establishment in their states and they want and they hated for. That's why they're really hate. And they want to advance the cause of liberty they're trying to break out from the mindset. In Washington. In other words they speak for you want me. Let's get cut eight ready here is Mike -- today don't. Conservatives faced this challenge was 37 years ago at the fourth annual C pac conference. It was February 1977. And that winter Ronald Reagan and his conservatives were being attacked by the Washington Republican establishment. We're challenging president Ford in the 1976 primaries. They were being blamed for handing a victory -- elected Jimmy Carter and other Democrats. But Reagan knew that it was the party establishment. That had lost that election. By losing touch and losing credibility. He knew that the future of the GOP. Was not the old party and Republican insiders. It was. Who partied a conservative ideas. And so Ronald Reagan came to see act any call for a new Republican Party. A party of principles. And confidence. And a positive agenda for change. And it's actually felt relief today any new Republican Party with new leadership. It can be done it must speed. And Mitch McConnell apparently showed up -- -- -- Too -- lukewarm response I don't know why showed up that seat -- is he conservative. One more clip from Mike -- cut nine -- Conservatives. What about the horror heroic work of applying timeless principles to timely problems. Today candidates from purchased -- persuasion from protest to reform. And those in the establishment never knew what hit them. -- we'd never forget that in 1976. Anti establishment conservatives found a leader for the ages. And yet they still lost all. They had developed an agenda for the -- time. And they want. My fellow conservatives -- time. We do -- again. Chris Christie was -- -- -- post thank god you know last year. They wouldn't let him speak I was asked this question. And people but microphones in your face and most of time -- and who they are. How can -- not allow this atheist group. This atheist group that was trashing Christians. Our one about the same sex group or one about this or Christie last year and I said. Isn't the rainbow coalition this is the Conservative Political Action. Conference. But the emphasis on conservative. It's not the Republican National Committee conference. It's not the Washington DC. You know consultant conference. -- the Conservative Political Action Conference. And so of course decisions can be made. And chipping in about who comes and who doesn't. Well needed big tenth no we need a conservative tent and everybody's welcome to come. That is to go in the audience to watch but everybody's not welcome to be present there to have a table. I'm not sure how all these decisions are made. But within its -- pact without Cardenas. I don't know the guy supposedly reg united than a bush right now a lobbyist. I'm oregano I. But apparently am too controversial for. I don't see him whine about -- like oh my god I didn't get an invitation I was there and I might add. Mr. producer we remarked. And it was such a pleasure to meet as many peoples like that but there was a point which I had to return. In order to be with you folks. So Chris Christie's it -- packed today in most of the news shows are leading with him. Because they wanna keep pushing him for president. Why I don't know well I think I did. Let's hear some of what. He had to say cut tango. The reason we have to. What works for cannot continue to rail against what we're against not because. Not stops that this is a strong. -- mean the reason we have to start talking about what we're four and not continue to rail against what we're against. We conservatives are constantly talking about what we're for and what were against. We have to explain the problem and then explain the solution. We do this all the time. So I don't know what he's talking about. Maybe that's -- -- that the Republican Governors Association or maybe it happens among Christie's staff. But this is the problem folks. With a moderate or worse rhinos. Just say what -- for a while of course we're gonna say what were for but we're also going to define our opposition. This is basic common sense in it seems to me we owe it to the American people. So this is a straw man argument like -- one or the other it's both. It's both. I had simple reason. Other than their ideas and that's what we have to stand up for. And what. Are your ideas Chris. He -- point at some true radicals appear courts in New Jersey. You massively expanded Medicaid in New Jersey which is absolutely unsustainable in the future for the citizens of New Jersey. You've embraced gun control you've embraced the green agenda in many respects. Even -- amnesty. So what what are these these principles that you going to promote what we stand for. And wanted to just -- out. Because you never do instead you talk about. There won't be gridlock if you're elected and you can work together with Democrats and we wanna move forward. So lay out your agenda what is. Doesn't sound like a conservative agenda -- So this is a straw -- go ahead. It's so what -- Fort Washington DC. It's not what any foreign track managers. As you all know what Trenton makes the world takes ladies and gentlemen we don't know what Trent makes anymore but. Whatever it is the world takes it because the sign on that bridge. In Trenton says so. And half the time have the balls are out but anyway. What is it about Trenton. Chris Christie go ahead. What therefore Washington DC is that the leader of the senate Democrats. Stand up. Well against to America. Occupant in the words whoever built the business creating jobs and created well I'm glad to be in this country. Harry Reid should get back to work can stop picking up great Americans who are creating great -- The agreement that night I think we all agree with. This endless attack on the cobra and another Stalinist tactics. From the demented that's right I said it that that meant that Harry Reid who crossed on the floor of the senate. Tar balls doesn't put his teeth in his mouth. I'll be right back. Here's here's radio. Pretty. 87738138. And eleven. Your mother right. Our Vladimir Putin. Breaking his own country violating treaties quo. Like forever Crimea has belonged to rush they just want it back the fact that they recognize their sovereignty. The Ukraine's sovereignty including crime. For over the last twenty years -- matter. Now. We -- interest in containing the Russian never have ladies and gentlemen. No not at all we -- interest in upholding our alliances and treaties now. And of course anybody who says that need to move. When your neo -- AKA the -- AKA a warmonger. AK in interventionist you see there's nothing in between an interventionist. And a passionate. What are the other. I don't think so. I'm tired of talking about it. Hasn't really changed at. -- except this. Russia's puppet government over -- in Crimea. Well yes they've recognized. Russian mother Russia is a true home. Now they wanna have a vote. You wanna join or stay with Ukraine are joined Russia. Knowing that Crimea is probably 60% or so Russian. Thanks to uncle Joseph Stalin. Hit a hell of a time that Stalin genocide a maniac. And he was. But cute and he's no he's different. Port here we just don't understand. Russia doesn't mean any harm to anybody I -- what the hell. They're not the provocative tour everybody around is provoking Georgia Ukraine. -- -- -- -- -- expand there there are provoking Russia. And Putin. Agents once the mind his own business. More on him in a minute although I'm sick of one more Chris Christie although I'm kind of sick of this though but I want you to hear. Cut fourteen go we get if we don't. When we don't get the government we don't get the ball and change our society what's worse is they do. Low low -- world. We don't get to mold and change our society has had a conservative view. Is that the role of the federal government ladies and gentlemen to mold and change society does he even know what he's talking about. I wonder what he's -- If anything. Have so many of the great men and women who were involved in. The early years this country. It's not for the federal government to mold and change society it's for the federal government to operate within the four corners of the constitution. That's the problem. That's the -- with a statement. Continue please go. And doing it to us right now. So please. Let us about your resolve that only -- -- -- our principles but let's come out of this conference resolve to win an election began to. Stop stop about what have you win elections again. Talking like this. In platitudes. -- had he won elections again. US elections by advancing freedom agenda. Which has have been advanced. Really. Since the end of the Reagan administration in his presidency. The bush -- in advance. In advance a constitutional agenda you don't have to read from the constitution and so forth and so on. You just don't you explain. There are people out there in the United States were fed up with politics they're fed up of both parties they're fed up with -- vote. They don't think it matters. But they will follow a statesman who gives them a reason. To support that they will not follow it John McCain they will not follow and Mitt Romney. They're not gonna follow the same mush. And mealy mouth. Whether presented with passion and emotion or not. That we've paired up and down the East Coast. From rhino French Republicans. I've got more clips of Christie here I'm not gonna play them. And I don't even see a single. Substantive. Proposal here mr. producer do you. Says we have the Stanford something -- what do you stand for. -- -- -- And he says you know we got to do more than. Attack the other side and listening he's attacking the other son. Good. But I don't want to dump all over Christie. That's a bridge to farmers to produce so I won't do that. And I've got our final clip because -- could be playing clips all day and I don't want to but I want to get some sense for what's going on. -- many speakers that are -- just can't during the showed that. And I wanna play a clip of Marco Rubio. Yes Marco Rubio out. That despite the -- leadership that we're getting today. We are literally on the birds can we make a few right decisions. Of the new American century. And I know that it's the -- draws a lot of younger voters want a younger Americans I want to believe that's possible because it truly is. The opportunities that this these countries are extraordinary. And they made it possible for America it's best moment and. Speaker after speaker will tell you that they believe our greatest days are yet to come I know that to be true but we have to overcome some of the challenges that we face. And the good news is that they can be overcome. Well what's going to be needed and every speaker. Every speaker. Everybody positioning themselves in the Republican primaries that are coming for president. Is some. Content. Because the day of speeches and and all that sort of thing that's over. We need some contact. And -- cable they're running this Christie speaks like he's Mallon China. -- over and over and over it perfectly fine. But of course Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and so forth that that will get the short shrift but that's said. I want some specifics. From every. Specifics. Here I am asking for specifics Christie just said we have to explain what we stand for it and I've listened to most of what he said he doesn't explain what we stand for. But what he stands. End the others -- have to do it too although they've made it much more clear I think. Crews and Lee and yes even rubio and rubio is going to have to overcome this immigration issue where he won't get the nomination. Because if you running for president the next cycle there is no Barack Obama to rail against with respect to not enforcing immigration -- He won't be there anymore. The issue now would be what what new immigration laws is. They were going to be promoting so this will be coming very. Significant issue for. In the be other issues for the others are. -- line. We -- sabbatical. Goal line has been with this program for many years. In goal line has been in existence for over half a century. And the people at gold -- realize that Americans are facing uncertain times studio Washington's. Behavior. Over a hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. Now seventeen point four trillion up from seventeen point. Three trillion in fiscal operating debt. The ladies and gentlemen. Is there anybody who's gonna turn this around is there anybody who can turn this around at the federal level if so how. So you need to protect yourself. You need to look out for your family you need to look at -- future. Whatever the battles in Washington. Shouldn't you consider diversifying your portfolio with physical gold. It's an asset which -- survive financial collapse inflation reflation depressions and recessions. Gold -- provides free shipping on all orders. And the prices are the same for cash or credit card purchase. All big deal let free shipping no. Metals actually quite heavy. So free shipping is important. Called -- -- today 1877365. Point. Asked them about the different payment options and read -- important risk information to see -- buying gold and silver is right field but don't wait. Get in front of the current in my humble opinion. Get the information right now. 1877365. Point and don't forget this for a limited time an exclusively for you might eleven audience just for calling in. Gold mine will give you a 90%. Silver -- up its choice absolutely free. But they limit of one per household. Along with the free investor -- So you really ought to look into this. For your own security for the security of your family do what's going on in Washington. The Federal Reserve congress and the president. Called qualifying today 18773652646. 1877365. Point that's 1877365. Point. Open. We want a. Conservative constitutional us as our nominee then we ought embracing conservative constitutional us has our nominee. We don't anymore pretenders -- only more lectures. Really I mean. Austin in Mississippi. Serious satellite now. -- -- -- -- -- Are you -- earlier about Christiana hated -- I'm not again I'm early that you noted talking about one year it's been saying he said. -- -- Stand for more what we stand for and not stand for what we don't stand for. And I would be car and I obamacare going says which it's which should not talk about all we don't support. Well why not port why don't we talk about both. See here's the thing I I think particularly conservatives in the Republican Party pretty damn intelligent. And I don't think we need politicians telling us. How we should think. What we should say they're the ones running for office not us right. So it's it seems to me that we do need to have. To take apart Obama care and explain to the American people why it is they monstrosity. Although they already know it. Why what Obama's doing is unconstitutional. And how they passed it how corrupt they are and then on the other side talk about. Find free market competition and so forth. To the medical -- so you can do both that you should do the problem for Christie is he's already. Massively expanded Medicaid. Because it's being subsidized by we the federal taxpayers in New Jersey to the point of nine to go a 100%. Battled on for a few years in the bottoms gonna fallout and all other people on the Jersey you're gonna have to pay for a massively expanded Medicaid. They're not gonna be able to afford it. So that's utterly completely irresponsible now should we not talk about that and only talk about the few trapped one other thing lost in the occasion of your call. Gives me this opportunity. We're not radical leftists were not utopian state -- that is. You don't always talk about the vision for the future although you can and you shut. But not all with the talk about what's going on today who's responsible. Who needs to be held -- out how we address it. What they've done in other words you don't look past reality. You don't look past that day and just keep painting this picture of the future the future the future. We should talk about it we should give the people of vision and conservative vision of liberty vision. -- don't bypass what's going on today that's what Obama does a does a lot of talk about Obama care's problems. I'm Harry Reid just denies that they exist because they wanna talk about the next piece of legislation then next deal they may I don't like. This kind of need Jack stopped. Whether it comes from a Republican or Democrat. Now. I -- adding -- and are not just for. All right Austin thank you for you call the hill -- up to a one way or another because it's obvious. He -- jumping in obviously Jeb Bush wants to jump them. How many times have I sent him anymore Bush's do we need how many what Clinton's -- -- we can do better than this. They're not gods yes. We need to look elsewhere. But that -- in the entrenched. French Republicans this is what they want. And I'm afraid of a bush runs against a Clinton have the same result. Now there's too damn much at stake. I'm tired of these people. Who live for government. What subsidized by campaigns telling you and me what to think who can win who can't win get out of -- way. -- -- Bill Norwalk Connecticut -- WEL I don't. Yes what we did not 1980 we conservatives we are -- great. We don't have Robert -- -- and I think the closest we have maybe you Donald Trump's. We need a national figures somebody who has a special identity. And I'm afraid that that's not our -- slated. We don't have to have Ronald Reagan. And we don't have to have somebody with a national identity. I lived during those periods like campaign during those periods Reagan was trashed as -- -- actors a dumb guy and so forth and so on. Now I don't think that's what we need we need somebody who is solid and can articulate our positions. And I'm -- chosen anybody yet the system work itself out but I will say this. I'm not gonna -- around we should wait around this time we conservatives -- after rally around somebody. Managers say something else. I can remember -- -- -- a lifelong Democrat a parachute depression era Democrat. But she loved Ronald Reagan and boy in 1980 she -- to -- Republican vote. I have been talked. There's a reason for that there's a reason for that and this is why we should have won the last election bill. I mean Obama was easy Pickens I'll be honest -- he got less of a popular vote than he did the first time around. Because we didn't have a candidate who would take it to him and -- and look at the Carter -- -- Carter -- his record. And we're being -- I got to do more than that of course you have to do more than that but I have to do that. And then on top of that. He talked about capitalism he talked about the limits on government and so forth and you can tell when these Republicans who get nominated really don't believe this stuff. They've they've they started they trip over their own words and when you look at their records. They're they're pretty weak so I thank you free comic for a. That's continued -- Freddie Las Vegas, Nevada one of my favorite cities Sirius satellite out. Question in my senator particular culture tomorrow from what things about it BC. And until two days where I didn't realize this but apparently we're having eight. -- question and answer question I'm meeting military reached for the kids. And I'd really like to have a question are you bullish on basket but something -- I can stand. Break -- down on his level he could you know. Seniors are coming how old is your son eighth grader said. -- what is that your son -- Harry Reid this question. Why do you keep attacking private citizens when you keep attacking individuals people with cancer under Obama case deny they have cancer these. These men the Coke Brothers and so forth why why do you keep doing things. And I. I mean coming from a kid. I think that's that's fair enough and or this question until. You know we have almost a hundred trillion dollars enough unfunded entitlements and so forth on fourteen years old you're signed consent. I mean what what what are -- what. Or the Democrats in the senate and the Republicans and you have mr. internally what you gonna do about that so it doesn't destroy my future. All right my friend they go thank you a field trip when we took a field trip that was like death three miles from school in -- to producer. If it wasn't 2000 miles across the country but that's pretty cool. Yeah is trying to put my mindset that the young kids mindset. His the other thing I'd be careful. You know enough Harry Reid's gonna reach over and hit this -- He just strikes me as the kind of got -- might. I'm not saying well. But he's an angry old man I've nothing against old man I'm going to be 11. But he is an angry old man so you never know. -- ladies and gentlemen. I'll be back in just a few minutes. He's okay. I'm totally underground. Feet from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again make contact. -- landing again. Sitting there with a fever and chills not whining and muscled through but I must of caught this today. -- living here are number 8773813811. Just letting you know he's. 8773813811. You know this is embarrassing this endless bush now it's it's the push for Romney the. Push for McCain now the push the comeback kid is -- the comeback kid Chris Christie. He gave a fifteen minute speech. What is this. Thing you know it's just painful meanwhile. And then I'm gonna move on. Mitch McConnell. Was roaming around the halls at the Conservative Political Action Committee meeting. And he can't lukewarm support. And among other things he said the following. If I'm given the opportunity to leave the United States senate next year I won't let you down. I will lead with -- integrity. We will fight tooth and -- for conservative reforms that put this country back on track. We will debate our ideas openly we will vote without fear and we will govern with the understanding that the future of this country. Depends on our success -- This is mr. backroom deal mr. hustle. Mr. let's -- these Tony -- to confuse the American people. Mr. I support amnesty but I'm gonna hang back and push others out front then vote against it. As I wanna get reelected but nothing personal against this man nothing whatsoever I don't even know. But this is not believable. It's simply not believable. We just this -- with a lot of great calls appear and I should. Spent a little more time on calls today because most days I don't. In The Washington Times. The Reagan administration warned Russian pipeline through Ukraine would weaken the west so well what's this. In a memo to the White House in July 1981. Advisories in the Reagan administration urged opposition to a new pipeline from Russia's oil and gas rich regions to your up. Warning it would weaken the west bargaining can't. Quote our strategies aimed at limiting Soviet economic leverage over the west pentagon aides told the White House in the memo. The trans Siberian pipeline which crosses modern day Ukraine was built nonetheless. And it helped transform Russia into an energy superpower that nurtures the European Union's dependence. On its fossil fuels. Nearly 33 years later that she's. The warning from Reagan's defense advisor stance oppression. As put in the KGB bread successor to the Soviet empire. As muted the west's response to his military incursion in Ukraine. I relying on Europe's addiction to Russian resource is particularly Germany. President -- clearly understood the time the rush was not interest in being part of the family nations that Larry Eastland. -- State Department official the Reagan administration. A direct. Well that at all I get ragged regulator and letting -- -- Napoleon. -- rations. Yeah that's the guy we ought to be paying attention to. Any time you allow someone I have their hand on the spec that you've not only given them economic -- given the military power as well. Since Putin came to Paris prime minister in 1999. Russia has become the largest exporter of oil natural gas to the European Union. And according to a 2007 European commission and energy issues report Russia supplies 13 of Europe's oil imports. And nearly 40% of its gas imports. Now let's just like the pipelines. More than one are there. But obviously. There's something we can do about know not sending troops Ol Mike. No no no we're not gonna do that. We're not gonna start will award three come down relax everybody. What we can do is do we did before the Soviet Union. Out produce them. In this case. Oil and gas. There's only one problem our commander in chief. Doesn't wanna do. Steady wants to talk to the Europeans Nevada let's stay out of banks have scattered and the banks and so forth and so. Because Obama is not gonna take his foot off the throat of the private sector he's just not gonna do. Not for anybody not for anything. I just thought there was interest and what you wanna know. Somewhat cooler in the last 3040 years. Let's see what's going on at their weight Sacramento time. California I'm sorry I'm not feeling great here on the great assets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I group cannot and should be in this country -- -- people start ability to do reject but not qualifications. And we're probably need more politics now -- never. We've got a guy and I guess you would probably the most qualified person we're gonna got. Aren't. Going right into -- -- we don't need this like -- have been blowing dust around and so was Smart guy. Well you're you're you're quite right and already look at the media push the pushing Hillary vs Jeb Bush or Hillary vs Chris Christie. This is the -- it's been gone all day. And why why why why why -- we want that any of them. And my friend I have asked. Obviously -- and you would my genius thank you for vehicle. Scott in New Jersey the great WABC go. -- got they they called a big transit thank you. Five you'll just still occurred at -- scary yeah -- country got out. But I'm not -- call about direct comparison you made from. You know current time back to nineteen -- -- 1980 when -- you know. On and you know what will be different you know actually demographics of the country and all Democrats are all in all monopoly are minority especially the -- -- yeah. All right first of -- first alone. You don't declare. Surrendered in advance of a vigorous election. If we had a candidate who is running as a fairly solid conservative who can articulate those principles and apply -- the what's going on today for job creation wealth creation. Who run about securing the border into all these things and loose. Then maybe you'd have an argument about demographics in this minority group and so forth and so on. But we haven't tried to thirty some years. And what we did try it before we wanted to massive landslides. You don't win a massive landslide by only getting a white Republican votes. I agree and -- -- -- you know how how you think. You know get through -- to get into listening consider. Somebody like it is true. Well I'll tell you how you do it. You do it -- in the course of debates in the primaries you do -- the course of debates in the general election you do in the course commercials and so forth that's how you do it. It's not a question of delivery systems it's a question of delivery. If you don't have somebody running for president who's confident in his candidacy and Romney was not or who was coherent in his candidacy and McCain was not. If you're gonna tie your hands behind your back cannot unload against your opponent. As the Democrats -- load against us they need to lose. And Christie's giving us the prescription for losing again and what I'm trying to say is. Don't buy into this inside the beltway propaganda millions of people stayed home. -- we should have been able to tap into Barack Obama has been a disastrous president. His record is a disaster. It was barely touch during the course of this campaign. Many conservatives were principals who have competent campaign managers and so forth and that's what it takes to win. Yeah I agree about bombing have been terrible I hope they're right I of people lead and give. Ten people like Ted -- in conservatives'. Ability to listen. But it just keep in mind we don't need everybody because only. After -- -- 52% are under 50% of those -- -- -- -- So these things are decided by what 252627%. Of those who can vote. So you wanna get out your vote you want it to happen to have. About that's available. In the other party in this party so radical. And it's policies of damage so many people I mean I've got a story here. Where at thousands of casino workers union workers 101000 Las Vegas casino workers might strike because of up. Ironic -- OK those are voters right there we need to go up. That we won't. Their parents you know what the men and women who American steel mills and coal mines what's left the steel mills and call my those are our people -- The men and women who worked with -- pants are under attack by the EPA the agriculture department of the Interior Department those are -- voters don't get out. Yes the young people in this country just like you Scott. We are bankrupting this country -- never gonna have a change your 25 years old you're not gonna cut out from under analysts we do something soon. About this massive debt. You know and people in your generation believe it or not our our voters we have to go get up. I don't believe in breaking it down based on race and age and everything else what I am saying is all these folks out there -- Americans who make this country work. Who are suffering under big government. That is that we need to get. Those are subsidized by big government and what more of it we're never gonna get them so that's 4045%. 48% of the Democrat vote. But there's still a lot of us left if we make that -- we never make it. The case. That's the point thank you for your call. We have these people who. Claimed to be conservatives. And yet they don't campaign like a conservative they trash us. Or they tell us he can't win -- conservative principles we need a big tent. What the hell do you think conservatism is. Live pretty private property rights greeting opportunity. The rule of law limited government. Countless. Countless free enterprise. That's. Somehow a small and. That's somehow limiting now the limiting. Factors are on the other side the big government types. Of the want to balkanized the ones that tell us we can and over a certain amount they're the ones that trash yes. They're the ones -- limit. We're the ones. Who inviting everybody. I'll be right back. Lot of great radio host by the way. At BC next. My buddies under BM mail where there good guys they're all good. Plant O'Connor. Wilson. My buddy -- -- is all good guys it was really a pleasure as well as other folks from other stations so. In -- even wanna get back to this issue of these. Casino workers who might go on strike the user Harry Reid's constituents. From buzz -- contract negotiations are stalled. For thousands of workers -- casinos on the strip and in downtown Las Vegas. To the point where they may go on strike and the strength the sticking point is Obama can. I. Don't talk about -- career. Yes. The audience is non interest of course you. On February -- thousands of housekeepers porters cooks cocktail servers and others. Represented by Nevada has the largest union the culinary union local two to -- wait a minute. Isn't that the same -- union that is blocking UFC fighting in New York mr. producer. I think it is the culinary union. And how is that all about. Course they already. Have paid for the legislature in Albany. But let me continue. They voted to end -- contract extension of the workers agreed to last summer the union wants to maintain its current benefits. Including health care coverage at no cost to workers pensions and guaranteed forty hour work weeks hey boys and girls. At the culinary union local two to six. Your hat union -- Delivered Obama -- -- Your -- union bosses got behind Harry Reid. Got a reelected. And now he's the majority leader in the United States senate. And hand maiden per Barack Obama. Same -- and union that's right that's -- in the USC in New York. Now they don't like Obama -- oh woe is me while I'm sure Obama will do want this famous pop while waivers. And who's who needs a waiver and McCain and they with a CSX white ranked. The rest of us will be back. Rising health care costs due to provisions. In the on Affordable Care Act to put those benefits in jeopardy the union says -- Really. The biggest -- reaching settlements in Vegas is the new costs imposed on our health plan by obamacare Donald. President of unite here a parent union of CU local two to six told us feet. Even the president congress promised we can keep our plans the reality is unless the -- fix that won't be true. This -- had -- a lot. On the right wingers. That are right wing has kept saying this Obama yeah. That Obama's lying. He was deceitful. Time and time -- any safety and keep your policy. You want it and keep it that's right Winger said now. And so. Jerks like this in his union organized against all of us. Organized to elect Harry Reid organized to Iraq. Barack Obama. And you know what I say you now expect it. That 2700. Page Obama care law stick. As the rest of us are screwed by a two. On March 20 workers we'll have the opportunity to decide whether or not they would want to walk off the job at several hotel so you seek. These hotels the stratosphere the Riviera the plaza I don't I don't go to -- but. The hotel. Is going to be punished. That's right. The people who travel to Las Vegas are not going to be punished. Why doesn't this union boss Donald AD Taylor. Lead a march of his 101000 members are more on the White House chain themselves to the fence -- -- I John Kerry used to -- what did you do that now. What are you trying to punish the casinos for they had nothing to do it. And why -- you should resign you Jack. You -- your union members bad idea. Primrose path. Right into a brick wall. Union leaders have long voiced concern over that parents. For all get the -- session day. At least that's one man's opinion. Let's see here we slip in a call let us go to win at Philadelphia the great W end TP quickly go. Yes well wait hold on now hold on win I didn't see the clock properly here. Can -- sponsor of the break the effect I -- bring -- back side. And I will be right back. And and -- -- -- Georgia us patent. Talk radio -- married 773813811. Fax 87731. Brady or -- You know what it's you know. But -- is the statistics this administration. You have from time to time. When unemployment and the growth of the economy GDP. Did you know last quarter. The administration said that the economy grew at a robust 3.2 percent. And he can no lease business show going on -- not -- has -- drawn out show that's got to look at that operative three -- which is really not great. Well today. They said -- was actually one point 8%. That's 40% less than they said it lives. While we had to -- I just want. So it was a one point 8%. And nobody's talking about it let me and amp Adolor -- I'm telling you the economy is flat on its back. And this is the kind of growth rate he get you know in Zimbabwe -- around Bolivia. Or whatever. Now let's take some calls here. Let us go back to our friend win in Philadelphia -- great W&T. On to a good moral inventory didn't quote it would be appropriate. And off all sorts all white. Yes. Yes -- you a police officer. Momma -- com -- our military are talking before Romo on -- Democrat yet okay I remember and you're right. And -- tell you I had no one to three great uncles who work for the Philadelphia police the great organization. This organization and certain period instead nomination went down and see. And that's great -- conservative. Conservative. And I don't win what do you make of a president who nominates somebody who represented a cop killer that is absolutely. Crazy. What makes me scratch my head in what would you do more in the waist -- pay. We believe me he was then they're legal department. I understand that wouldn't be NAACP don't quite make it. All that's quite true at all that they have a problem that pool would listen to sort of motor. They are getting absolutely right all. -- was removed from -- -- when you have it and you know it's kind of late caddie you know why do you why do you go to fight is to get somebody all their floor. That's because the NAACP. Like these other old civil rights groups have lost their way. Now they just for the most part political operations hard left operations we keep pushing for a centralized government in socialism and in cases like this which are really upstairs thank you for your -- That's continuation we guess we -- my New York the Greg WAB say don't. -- mark. That in Tokyo. And additionally the Syria Olympic look anybody that works in this country has capitalistic idea that -- -- what China the there are you worked you know you want about perhaps want to get -- -- -- so. -- no that's not true we know that's not truly people who work but who still want other people to subsidize them. If they don't think they earn enough money -- they want a pension that they're not getting a whatever. I appreciate that but I mean you know who Bob Arum and I ordered to torture when -- actually had already now sent. Him an animal -- detention future. Really actually yesterday yeah. While -- so you're younger than I am quite happy birthday -- what -- you very much. I've been working since you were fourteen -- Yeah actually actually in order try to start to work -- -- built in indexing my article. It stony point you know Bennett digging holes and staying in wouldn't and that's all -- -- bloody and what do you do now IEW them. In construction and you're sure. Which. True. And most and I told the troops -- again. Thirty if -- do things I can't do on utterly incapable. What do you do all of your editor. -- I gotta tell it. And reconciliation effort but your -- years -- it's cardboard. -- and I don't trust commission -- Really don't you know Mike you're a good guy really appreciate it and his guys like you and other -- ladies who were put their hands and make this place for. This country were certainly not people like me but it's definitely people like you know. God bless you my -- keep listening. And spread the work. Nick Portland -- a great KUFO. Market street privileges secret -- thank you -- are you are -- -- the competition and our country. Well you're very kind and even at ten. I wanted to stay you know Republican -- -- -- competition. People nowadays don't even realize why the constitution it drought and water stay. You know a -- that's freedom won't agree and Republican do you embrace it let people know what the constitution stands for what -- step -- Mean when I agree with -- -- mean we have we have all these weapons in our political arsenal. To pull out the declaration the constitution capitalism. Sovereignty. I mean there's so many things that where we can we can really touch the the heart and soul of our fellow citizens are many of them enough for them and we just don't do we have all these marble miles and mush heads. Gone on and on and you know what I mean Boehner and McConnell us. Not just them. It's others -- -- mean and I'm not trying to pick on Christie today they're really not but just gone wrong with -- platitudes you know I don't principles time that we have to win. -- -- and -- Yes and we at the present what our positions are and what are your positions. Her. Mean you and I we've been talking about this forever and we need to do all these things and more. We don't run the Republican Party. And I nick thank you for your call my friend. Let's continue shall we. Randy Myrtle Beach the -- WR and and bill. You don't do it out you can't do you know this whole notion that notion about. It would not be unhappy with their candidate in this state and all I don't like me Iraq. I don't like job Carey I -- is -- to warm -- -- got -- right not vote for Charlton Matt. That would -- a couple hundred miles or. Since it could possibly more -- big or danger it cannot be possibly the dangers that Barack Obama. That would Charles needs to be running on the Green Party or what. I don't care really trying to 48 people want to get Barack Obama apple but for whoever. -- too late for that. I have man I -- your point I really did you take care. And his tired or lose. If we nominee loses we're gonna lose we nominate people can't talk we're gonna lose. We nominate people who pretend conservatives were gonna loose. We are regular senate and he said it many tent we are the majority of Americans. Those of us who do not want -- fundamentally transform this country. And embrace Americanism. And why isn't so hard for God's sakes it's really taken me off on Dayton Ohio serious satellite out. Yeah market and the -- to put questions. When we -- American actions aren't we make an -- we go back to changes a year earlier we get penalized how -- the government doesn't its allies. When they had to come back and readjust their unemployment and I have a couple questions -- when you're. Well you know the incident. -- the government is never wrong even when the government is around. -- right there where it ought to send themselves to jail they have the rest of well. That question thrown out of course that's sort of a statement I'll see -- the other positions when is the government right about its predictions and the statistics almost never. Like everything is two years ago my my -- year old daughter touch your heart transplant here at Cincinnati Ohio. Can put all the obamacare health care stuff which really got my wife and I really scared and nervous because we've got this past. I'm -- -- -- as her health insurance through a small bit of that my family him. Thank god we didn't but I mean where would we are so scared of -- our future ultra mobile dark. There's at least fourteen and her -- at ten days -- district in two weeks. Artists here that that's what we think -- -- -- First of all you all been through hell I know you have and your daughter's been through hell of nomenclature was able to get a heart. And a I wish you all the best I really do you sound like a wonderful man. You know family should have to go through this and no little kid should have to go through this so let me just say that that's number one. Number two I don't know how to. I don't have to to console. Because this is a disaster. I guess the only thing I if I could say is you're not alone we have people list. Terrible cancer we have people others with -- as you point out heart disease we have people with. Just all kinds of ailments and and illnesses and diseases and so forth forth who were in the same position. And I have to believe that at some point. At some point our voices are going to be hurt. They damn well better. I'm I'm I'm I'm serious -- this at some point there's gonna be revolution in this country. And you know our -- and I'm I'm not encouraging -- understanding that that that that when you push people around like this. Where where somebody like your daughter somebody's mother somebody's family is. Is it is facing you know -- -- impossible outcome. Or you're pushing him around financially to the point where they're gonna lose their business -- -- pushed him around. To the point we are closing minds or whatever and putting people out of work fourth fifth generation coal miners and steelworkers and so forth. There's going to be pushed back at some point. And I'm parent currently -- what happened because I you know I. Not to accept what until probably YouTube Internet to make sure that your family is safe and and has applications and I I don't know what I would -- you I would feel quite so. You just do what you would have to do you know mark he would feeling just to deal. All right well listen hang in there because there's so far I haven't had any at issue in terms of losing yet so I'm. And I wish you all the best and -- order to accomplish is to look look at this people gone through this. Perfectly happy with -- insurance before they paid for the heart transplant. Now he doesn't know what's gonna. He's not alone in that family's not alone and to have this. This disgusting bottom feeder this Harry Reid go to the senate floor and say these are all lies. He should pray to god nothing happens to his family although -- that if it does. You'll have a way to take care of it they always do. See folks the new robber -- in this country. The new robber barons they're not the billionaires. Post some of them make good and some of them disgust me based on their politics. The new Robert parents there in the White House there in congress. In the bureaucracy. They're the biggest robber -- John Rockefeller. Could never have dreamed exercise the kind of power. In control of our economy. In control over the value of our money our currency that Barack Obama in the head of the Fed. Never. Here we sit here we love centralized government. And yet business monopolies we attack you explain. The difference between a business monopoly and centralized government is centralized government has an army and a law. Not true in the private sector. Hillsdale College. Hillsdale is the authority when it comes to teaching the constitution. In -- they -- free online course it's a brand new constitution one -- course taking place right now. And I know thousands of you take in the terrific free online courses -- -- a college provides as part of their mission to help all Americans pursuit truth. And defend liberty. Even if he took their original constitution one of one class you need to take this new version. Because it's complete with great visuals in message board we can ask questions directly of the professors. And of course great lectures on the constitution it's really really cool. The sessions are released weekly but once they're out eco watch them when you want and her own pace. But you need to sign up and signing up is free absolutely free. Apple event for Hillsdale dot com that's L dvi and for Hillsdale dot -- and the street ten week online course explains both the meaning and history the constitution. And what it all means for us. So sign up now that little vision for Hillsdale dot com that's live in -- Hillsdale dot com. Okay. I see who has been nominated for the the Nobel Peace Prize what are they -- an aberration down. It's just pathetic joke. Iranian let's see let us go to mark Chantilly Virginia -- the great WMA -- Harry. Mr. Martin will then. You are the great ones they -- so much for what you do and you haven't written and well. You're name's mark that's right well thank you. The first I've gotten gotten Purdue you're also on my biggest concern. Is. How can we get this protest president Al. All. And. You mean the imperial president we can't get him out of office it's not gonna happen its act that happened and it's not gonna happen. OK fine so so who's gonna do it -- Dana. When -- come Election Day not a banner banner to joke when it come Election Day we all need to stand. Up to dispatch delivered via its -- every day and we needed till we need to do. All right my friend an excellent point -- -- -- a cause greater. -- -- How about that if recalls their excellent point. Shreveport. Louisiana they great KE EL Stephen I hope you're gonna defeat this merry land fell once and for -- Actually. Or you know you're doing good so revered and so a lot of and she's done great she's destroyed your home health care system down. Why didn't look normal but anyway oh jingles to hole I'm confused -- -- -- -- -- governor. Here so what exactly would you go -- -- I know you work and how can we all have used health care but Louisiana is different right Louisiana's unaffected by Obama cage Jindal doing. Destroy. Handwritten -- charity system -- here to -- -- CIC. But who's to -- private health care in the -- -- all of us siren and that kind. Are you would -- owner or what do might deal with him and I don't think you pick up or you've got a lot for -- -- The only specific any specific -- yeah so you want I got one thing specifically resolution and again Iowa does it. Second the Republicans wit and put it back -- -- economic and create a lot of billionaires. In -- now we're all waiting with bated breath. It. It isn't more access to the bill pass the capitol historic visit. And then he -- that. Not permit banks this and may he get more capital for the middle class. Okay -- well. We spent two years ago in the job that it was called -- and it'd been brought SEC. What two years and we don't work well I didn't. Terrorists -- slowness and the FCC's involved in elections. I thank you very -- And we -- I would try another call shall we. Anthony Western Pennsylvania listening on the great WABC go. And market collapse and the step that could be difficult but little else but but no I just want to say you know. I'm just sick to my stomach but what's grown on our beloved nation. You know I'm 77 years old I've served in the navy. My dad came over here when he was sixteen years old is no word of English. And worked there were twelve children and our gambling on carolinian I know what's going on. And actually this. Obama in there and I just can't take anymore of it. -- you know so. It's frustrating as -- It sure it. I like your suggestion about the economic. Activity to put him in this place to put food in his place. But I don't know anybody to get to this or not I don't think Obama has the components. I might -- -- by the way when I'm talking about unleashing. Our economy unleashing our energy. Whether potent that invaded. Whether whether he had invaded which he did obviously Crimea or not we ought to be doing. Because. We have to have a strong economy here at home we need to build up our defenses here at home we need to build up our military. And you need to do these things anyway but. He's got damn near monopoly over there -- that those pipelines going through the Ukraine and you know we can break his back to break the back of the various Arab states is. Matter of fact. And not fire -- shot. To sell oil and natural gas. That's what we ought to do but we're not gonna do it because Obama. There's a Mercedes Marxist. He doesn't think we ought to unleash the private sector like I'm -- the way it is I'll be right back. It's okay. Only underground. From the -- of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Hello everybody this -- Our our. Create 1381. 73813811. Now all of you don't get a -- After the hour I have to. It's very interesting that their fact checking. Chris -- speech. At C pac. -- Chris Christie said among other things I'm coming to his defense that. The when's the last time the the Democrats at their convention allowed a pro lifer to speak. And the news person came back. And told -- Bob Casey. But the news person didn't tell us is Bob Casey's father was prevented from speaking at one point. But it's very interesting to me I'm wondering now -- ABC news is going to be doing fact checking of Barack Obama and his serial lies in the seats. About obamacare I wonder if they're gonna start reporting about his constitutional violations. We'll certainly be listening or is it just Republicans to get the treatment. Say this about Christie. He's the governor of New Jersey I live in Virginia nothing he does affects me. But Barack Obama every damn thing he does affects me. And every one -- you know. This is what I mean by the Pretoria media. They circle the wagons around Obama. And let me take Christie's not gonna get off easy with the media -- the bridge -- made that statement that there all of a sudden they're very picky. -- -- Brit nobody keeps running around it congress doesn't act well it appears. Other -- Mike got pretty. -- -- Happy whereas scandal what I harassed in. What about -- -- what -- unison. But Chris Christie at -- packing misspoke and you know that's worst national attention. That's pathetic. Well now that looks like Darrell ice and it is being targeted and of course he knew he would be from day one. This guy Cummings. When he freaked out that was all plant that was a plot that was sent up. Coordinated with the White House. Democrat operatives. And Democrats in congress. But now we have to get this place. How dare he closed at a hearing what they witnessed the fleeting effect. Because Elijah Cummings had something to say -- a single -- question. But he wanted to give a speech and I got. Just because the committee hearings over. Just because the witness is stonewalling a bad for the president and Democrats. Elijah Cummings had something in this thing and I'm sure it was absolute. Brilliance. 'cause as we don't know Elijah Cummings only speaks brilliant. He's had checked like Pollyanna liberals and that's a fact. But that's what they're doing. This is from the Washington compost but for the on Amazon. Bozo the houses nine. I was -- so. -- It would be out of business. Because people don't like yellow journalism over there at the -- and compost but it wanna know. But here we have this story you ready. House Democrats today slammed representative Darrell ice calling his decision to abruptly -- hearing. Disrespectful. And outrageous. Calling on Republican leadership to strip him on his committee chairmanship. But the house's top Republican said he will continue to stand by -- The panel's ranking member representative Elijah Cummings. Asked that the hearing be continued so he could speak. But I series Houston had Cummings microphone cut off. And thank you for that chairman -- And I've been critical of him but shutting off Cummings microphone when -- hearing is over it because their favorite witness case pleading the fifth. Is right. Cummings told reporters today that several Republican members of the committee has since apologized to him for ice -- conduct yes we're surrounded by weasels. House Democrats also attempted to introduce a resolution. Condemning -- his behavior. Now of course nobody wants to contend. Harry Reid's behavior. -- mentally challenged. Increasingly shrill going up you know what. His attacks on the American people his attacks on cancer patients has attacks on individual citizens. At a course the way he rolls. With a -- -- like iron fist in the United States senate now resolutions there. I we got him. And then you have -- Republicans on the committee don't want to Elijah Cummings and any -- right. And so Nancy Pelosi. Nancy stretch Pelosi I -- stretch. Because of the obvious beautiful surgery she's had. With her ping pong ball eyes set popping out listen this isn't an attack it is what it is I notice these things. If she was outraged. And so was the Congressional Black Caucus. Why do they favor an out of control IRS. Tighter race -- I mean I know if you oppose. The out of control environmental depart and protection agency that's racist is this racist now too I gotta get that make a whole list. So -- stretch I can't see how Republicans wouldn't be running to disassociate themselves from such behavior. You would think they would be heading into the hills. Always so articulate he he. Means he aren't -- Yes let's run for the hills. Because Tyson turned -- Cummings Mike. Who's gonna turn off her -- Nobody course. Meanwhile Barack no house Hussein Obama. And I've given the middle -- -- house Richard Nixon's middle name because. I remember when John McCain was running for president -- so long ago man was a painful. In my good friend Bill Cunningham dared to use Obama's middle name Hussein. -- did you McCain decided to. That's -- I cannot have Cunningham introduced -- not when he actually not when he actually speech the president put -- -- might not. Yet. -- -- -- So I said all right if Obama doesn't want his middle name used -- Given -- house. Very attractive name I -- -- Leone and by the way. Hence Iraq no house Hussein Obama. And of course right after the election it's Barack Hussein about a Brack Hussein Obama he's saying it is sworn in saying it his supporters say. What's okay now -- they gave us the green light. I get so confused you know. When can say his name. Now well. So that Obama's at a town hall meeting. Now keep in mind. Things are gone on in you know places like Crimea Ukraine Russia. Iran and Gaza Strip. South of the border with economies are at it again things have gone up but this guy it's like you wind him up and -- a ghost. -- I was at a town hall meeting today. And you want to assure the legal aliens. That they're gonna be okay. Yes sign up for obamacare and ladies and gentlemen. I've been trying to keep track of this. Since what are illegal aliens. Qualified to get obamacare. How is it. -- what I paid for that. And so at Univision. Town hall today and Univision town hall. Obama was asked will we hear from you a pledge -- personal promise. That the information provided in the registration process will not be used for deportation purposes in this country. Univision is supposed to be a Spanish language news -- But it's not really news outlet. It's a partisan left wing. Spanish news that. So they reported a well well we hear from you up pledge a personal promise that the information provided in the registration process will not be used for deportation purposes in this country. So that's an illegal alien applying. For Obama care -- you're not allowed to use the information to deport the -- This is what we call -- were a lot but it's paradise. Isn't it. When you heartless. And you think people should come out of the shadows I didn't put the militia. We need a big -- Apparently we need a big country even bigger than the one we had screw the -- So what did Obama say to this set up softball question cut fifteen now. Absolutely. If you are US citizens or. You have a legal presence in this country. Then you are eligible for. This health care program it's true that the undocumented are not eligible that's -- the law was written. But if -- US citizen or you. Every -- legal presence in this country you're eligible and none of the information is provided in order for you to. Obtain health insurance. Is in any -- transfer to. Immigration service. Confused now by the way fairy Tea Party member of that will be transferred all over the government. Because -- dangerous. I'll go through your taxes and if you're a US citizen you fought your country but tree Tea Party activists that's a different story. You're fair game. But listen to this don't you think Univision would know. That illegal aliens do not qualify for obamacare including the news according to Obama himself. So I asked the question is that not stupid. So anyway have what Obama what may be an illegal alien would accidentally fell out the form as to produce. I'm guessing I don't know. But in any event -- nothing to fear from Obama in -- accusing him of being the -- quarter in chief. Some clever radical leftist. In one of the different groups. Has called on that because we have more deportations and Everett which is a lie have explained this over and over and over again. They're cooking those numbers and apprehension on the border. Is not a deportation. But the accounting apprehensions. Has deportation. They're fixing the numbers. To make it look bigger. So you want -- Really deporting a lot of people but the illness. These groups. Are buying this two or at least they cling to them they're going -- you can point to many people. Hello I think it's a wink and -- -- they know the inside game. I have had friends. From what you have exactly I don't know that they haven't copyright back and. OK okay. Here Michelle walk and her column yesterday points I think California down. This month. Democrat state senator Ricardo Lara. Introduced a bill to extend health benefits any special online marketplace. To one million illegal immigrants. Under an Obama care style program. Subsidized by state tax you believe this crap. We of people in this country. Elected office. Who are working against this country. California is a financial basket case. They have this -- let. In case you forgot she writes Obama had already paved the path for illegal immigrant Obama care when he. Signed the a massive expansion of the state Children's Health Insurance Program asked chipped in 2009. The law loosen eligibility requirements for our legal immigrants. And their children by watering down document and evidence -- standards. Making it easy for individuals to use fake Social Security guards to apply for benefits and on and on and on. -- can't have a photo IDC ladies and gentlemen that we know his racist. So they're tearing down the the wall on the limits. And apparently illegal immigrants here and there and then everywhere will have access to this. Jose Dallas Texas the -- WBA they go. Margaret you're thank you look at it more golf yes sir thank you. All right I don't want to let -- in the background. I grew up -- in interceding normally get a degree criminal or not. You know my younger -- you know ironed out there are a member of society. Alana -- -- member of the gang did you grow up around. No actually I was a member of the gang yeah Rampage at thirteen early blow around eighteen or so. -- -- -- -- -- -- And like minded people -- You know I'll. Never know that I keep it is legal to a distant -- -- -- -- it's everybody I think people are here and things didn't sort of generic information every day everything you do. And -- -- a turn trying to jet black checked do technically you know I'm there then that's when the Democrats are very tactical what they do. Been updated in the certainty disorder can be addicting to England place you know I'll. And whether it's whether it like became marriage. Jacket or even to the states no. This fight against State's constitution would have thought like yeah. I am I did wanted to interrogate a video to you you gave us at the end game about all of it -- you need you you -- out of want to check dates are not -- technical. But you can see games that you do. They know kitchen if my excitement mobile -- -- you didn't attorney general. Dude practically just aren't you keeping lights aren't they just go against the directs -- to -- against just find out past that and recognize that -- But Jose fresh -- let me tell you some here are remarkable you -- member of the gang is no excuse me -- teenager. You're now a conservative. -- you know. How old are you now. Aren't thirty years old -- you 38. You have make your own income. Yes sir we have got our country here in the most important it. You know by the way I could use you here I never pick up that crap to be perfectly honestly -- I take a look I look over my shoulder nobody's looked and I just move along but that's between us. But anyway Jose. -- remarkable and you're exactly right. And I agree with -- a 100% that this is the way they are when -- litigation their strategic in the propaganda their strategic. The way they -- suppress certain voters and and -- the voting booths to other people who snapped. Citizenship we don't even know about you're exactly right and they do this at every single -- in the but the the Republicans. Maybe an advantage there and Republicans are like I say they like the French Republicans. That's why we -- -- because judge -- the leader. Any -- unprincipled and you -- fighter you know you can tell and -- -- -- -- incentive exactly what was being out here and. They're not that we're sick with what. We know we're thinking of Omar and while that's why is under attack he he threatens them they're scared of them. He was just the fact venture they leave Malone but he's the daily. Target over and MS LSD. And -- Republican consultants inside the beltway absolutely -- So these are all good things as far as -- in San Jose man man thank you. We'll be right back. If the world seemed so good. -- -- We'll be glad it's clear that up for you want to call now and 8773813811. That. As for these French Republicans I talk about their unwillingness to fight. Norman Schwarzkopf said famously. Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion. Thought this through. In respect is a hell of a general. Who just really liked his bluntness and so forth. But he died too -- nearly died of prostate cancer. That's that's my recollection. I mean let's take a call challenge Matt. And -- Louisiana Sirius satellite you're only 26 congratulations. Are you -- All right minutes tops our you know I have to call for and represent Louisiana are better -- -- well last Louisiana call. I'd get back got. I don't -- slight and that last Louisiana caller Steve is today. Is a live he's a -- calls every now and then I know he doesn't represent the good people of Louisiana the go ahead. In this leadership for about a year at gunpoint picture as a whole and I am working in. An -- you mentioned earlier about the election. A lack of I guess you were mentioning how disenfranchised. My age group would be. -- -- I really doubt that in the last election out of you to Ron Paul supporter and most people my age of war because he's got a -- all. -- really only representation for our side -- why I didn't. -- well what do you know obviously. Didn't mesh well broke Obama. And yeah I think it's a sad about this whole situation as I don't know anybody my age. How does -- palm area more than 10% and 5% 8% of the popular vote that was never gonna happen. -- and -- the media didn't. Pick a mop up I think we are out there one of the first caucus. Are what the first debate all came back. Asia's picked it did anything they act like -- even there. And you got second place. I think the media propped him up a lot quite frankly throughout the primary process but that's just me anyway what is your point. Well you know I think it would certainly catapult the whole situation with the economy is it harder to bite my -- Does. You know all come on I know people who don't work in all age groups. -- -- -- I would say I guess they'll my peers are a little bit different in the college. You know. What -- electric I don't we're gonna run out of time so what is your bottom line here what he's trying to expressed. I've -- I don't feel that both parties. You know represented in our generation at all you know. You know that's fine but he had to do something about it you can't just throw up your hands and say you know both parties don't represent this or that. You gotta get your fingers -- your fingernails dirty got to do things about the so mean. This is your country it's slipping away in this massive debt just he's building and building a -- and that the bottom line is what's gonna kill me. So I mean you had a big raced on Louisiana and now you've got to marry landfill she's a disaster she votes for obamacare -- she runs some of pretends that she's a great reformer. I mean. You know we lost the governorship here in Virginia place solid conservative coach and only because some libertarian -- got his 8% of the vote. And now we've got this moron this clown -- McAuliffe as I governor that's counterproductive. Okay well I'll I'll I'll hang up and keep you there Erica -- up out actually. We're. Would you suggest it's outside our country yet the voting -- answer brick. Have you ever heard of article five in the constitution. -- I'm gonna -- annual book and I want your read it. And I hope you'll get excited about this because and the me like an activist in waiting. And the books called the liberty amendments and wants to take a look at that. And see if that's the sort of thing you might wanna get involved in in your state OK. But don't don't hang up -- we wanna send it to -- Good luck to you -- you very earnest and studious young man. -- -- Let's continue. Let us go to David in Nottingham Pennsylvania are you the -- sheriff of Nottingham. There are just the deputy. You really attempted. And not gonna look at and a yeah yeah yeah it shake you head down that road that. I doubt it -- -- all -- the lady it's Caroline Glick yes. -- SEC said that Palestinians to be able to welcome. Assimilate that. Eventually become citizens and then vote. Now that it doesn't -- that same thing is what's going on here again I think in immigration here that people will want it for immigration for illegal aliens. While it's different in this sense I mean the Israelis themselves have to decide if this is what they wanna do. You know here we have the government shoving it down our throats but it's much more complicated there they're talking about. 234 state solutions. And that they're they're facing war constantly she pointed out that thirteen thousand missiles have been fired into Israel since. They gave the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians which was previously Egyptian. So no I don't I don't consider them parallels at all. But they did incident says that ship the budget missiles. Didn't do want an editor of. Who did yeah they just stop that the Iranians from shipping a bunch of missiles. To the Gaza Strip and of course the Obama administration said. Naughty naughty naughty now let's continue America but -- peace with the Iranians the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran that you think that's crazy. Ascendant and couple that happened. Million dollars at the billion something. Who knows he's he's a drop in money and I helicopters. All right David of Nottingham thank you free car my friend. She. Let's go to Mary -- Las Vegas, Nevada Harry you Mary -- I'm mark my year oh which should run for president -- just this country back well nicely and I asked the rounds on the president and thank you I appreciate that. Well I'm concerned I'm calling because concerning disgusting Harry Reid. I know about all these people and this union and gotten it serves them right they're bunch of drones. They're the ones that put Harry Reid and often they're the ones that put Barack Obama in office. Harry Reid have boxes lined up to those people could take them to the voting polls. Caddie and interpreter most of most citizens to the voting polls to vote for him they were also given pamphlet. To let them know who all was running in English and of course in Spanish. And it. In the front there was that nice picture of Harry Reid letting everybody know that there -- jobs were saved because it's Harry Reid. Because he -- year old that went to Dubai. Got money to finish -- -- -- -- said. He he is a real buffoon he's but he's very effective at this. Dividing conquer type of politics and I will say this even though you these union leadership is hard left. Absolute Democrat apparatchiks and so forth when I go to Las Vegas which is -- often and certainly not often enough. And I go into the casinos to play blackjack and so forth I meet some of the nicest dealers. He can possibly imagine of course they have to be members of this union so we're talking about. Not every single member of this union. We're talking about the liberal drones who voted for Harry Reid but it's funny because a lot of these -- will whisper in my -- Mary -- in the -- I'm with him you know this is outrageous some -- this is outrageous because they're they're conservatives we see what's gone on in the country. And they're you know they're the ones that are making a good living and you know try to adulthood and you get these people that work. -- -- and the moment if they don't even learn to speak English but they live here. You know that I would tell all the problems does that entail but. Yeah they just look at Harry Reid -- don't almost like -- some balls I didn't yet when they don't Whitney don't. So why would this union strike. The businesses why don't they chain themselves to the White House fence why don't they have 101000 of the march on Harry -- outs when they do that. Exactly but they marched on the street down they get you know for their content for Harry Reid -- but. Look how they're turning their back on them. I may have been a question about that you take care. For you housewife fans house why what is it caught housewife of New Jersey. The real house tries ended the Judas is apparently are going to jail. And wanted to give you an update on that. All right Jim New Jersey they great WABC got. Great warm and it's a bigger it's an honor to have gotten to rubio. Thank you. And to be speaking to their future attorney general of the united Nokia. I'd be incredible. Growth. Thought that would be impossible does that have to get concerned mean even if I wanted to which I don't of course. But and I respect both parties would oppose me that he cares anyway. But that's one way to get our country back. I want to thank you could be education you've given them a sort of resent. -- -- You know -- -- -- been -- -- certain. Convert and you opened -- aren't you did you. You told me more than I've learned in. In fifty years on on the are not born into that yes there right ahead and order your your quick take on. -- I think that particular batters. I'm an American conspiracy. We've got like forty seconds okay. What -- How could Obama have been. Pushing all this stuff through it unless he knew he was going to get reelected. Some it just doesn't make sense why wouldn't hear GA and all of the stopped what you're doing now during -- first term. Well he can't a lot of that he really dead and he's just jamming more now before his second term -- -- So. You know people who say he's a do nothing president -- he should do something president he's a he's a -- He's a wrecking ball. And so his bureaucracy has been moving at breakneck speed and by the way if he'd lost the selection. His bureaucracy was poised to issue thousands of regulations anyway we know this from our litigation against the EPA and so for. So I would mention that to him by the way where in New Jersey are you front. Not camouflage. For direct and knowing that is they had an airport there don't think. That's cute girl boy you're close I'm close I'm -- now a lot of power askew will run around really ever be stopped. She's great to -- Last. Thank you -- who the hell is that mr. but it. Must be -- girlfriend stuff -- Run there -- ocean. And now the one thing about the show in this timeframe. And I'm not saying that guy is one of those people but you know people can -- them so force them or some of them get silly drunk. In every now and then they get through -- they call I'm not saying him I'm just saying. Optima folks. I don't want alarm you and would you be prepared. The IRS has been given immediate instruction to track down individuals who go back taxes well what they claim -- backpacks. Now they're cracking down with -- an army of agents who could Levy your bank accounts. Garnish your wages even take your home -- business so this is very serious. But I do have a good solution and that's what we're about here -- the only people I trust to help you -- tax relief. I've talked to these people I've met these people I trust -- get to work immediately to protect you from aggressive IRS collection actions. Very rarely does the IR SS -- does the IRS offer any program to help out the taxpayers. But for very short time they giving a break it's called the fresh start initiative. And what the best deals the IRS has offered an -- as you could qualify for me as settlement that's much less than you you may be aware of nobody knows these -- actually programs like the experts at optimum tax relief. One quick call is all it takes to get started on resolving your tax debt -- tax relief listen this is fully accredited. By the Better Business Bureau. And offers a one of what kind of money back guarantee so don't wait till it's too late. Call -- now for your free yes free consultation. Call 804996300. 800 point 996300. That's 804996300. Thank all of you wonderful. Seem to have. Today the white man has never seen so many iphones in my life. That one person if census so. These. Thank you it is great honor and a the have bright part free speech short I wanna thank you the folks of bright part Stephen Larry and Alex and all the crew there and I want to thank. Nobody had Dave bossy its Citizens United and all the folks there it was which truly great honor and I wanna thank my -- Eric -- of the five this guy's solid. He's a really decent -- British shout out on the five's good man. Solid conservative and I appreciate that who by the way my bad but -- -- promise I should make us have been here. Rhonda aroused he was saying this is the UFC woman's champion. So I -- -- thank you New Jersey your right to Wendell I think she's gonna lose never as a matter of fact she challenged. Floyd Mayweather. He's a box different many of you who may not know. To a fight and I would bet on her. Absolutely worth. The UFC guys -- that you eat the boxers can't beat the the offense and -- all the boxes out there but. That's true. Steam Jackson Mississippi. On the mark -- NFL. -- -- on our writes it. Just one -- -- -- cost you about a you're sort of go we'll look in that Ronald Reagan's. I wanna rock -- what do you nervous speeches. A trap that you do it. I do yeah I disclose their speech and -- there river makes so much to today. And it just makes me realize how alone despite been going wrong you know kids. Socialism and spoke like there. And and that's what I came across you are not. Our -- -- your -- are listening you know are checked out to vote will be in this special report they got me look at termed him. No I'm not their congressman and I've been writing you know -- five years even post -- that we agree you know. And have yet but you're probably he's been in office what twenty years there. -- And -- -- we really need I just think we really need to have. To -- these state legislature as the phone that's sold in military better so expect a car -- Marbury go move because -- -- music is just ridiculous -- And you are so right and you know what your good guy and glad we ended the the show -- you let me ask you something do you have. The liberty amendments and other books at Simon's. You're sort of person -- Rockwell -- do you do DN liberty and tyranny. You are -- do you have a merit hopi. Are -- My god you have them all your good guy -- there's nothing for me to give you. You're I'll give you one how about rescuing sprite would you like that book. Sure are true work. Time man and listen you call again Steve I preach don't hang up. Let me just ended this way there's a muscling through here have been very sick throughout the program. I am deeply honored. They had you in my audience I am deeply honored. To be behind this microphone. People I meet thank me. They treat me like a conquering hero I'm no such thing. In the movie -- my favorite movie. -- his glory is -- -- to the extent that there's glory it is leading I have my head screwed on tight. I respect -- in my audience. I -- ever abuse you from the reviews this position. When I go to events and I don't go to many. And I meet so many wonderful people and not only that he just heard Steve and others just wonderful people. It gives me hope it really does. Because there's just too many decent patriotic. American loving citizens in this country. To see all of this go away I really believe that. We just need to channel. Our forces we need to collect our forces and channel our fourth -- forces. Into effective pursuits. But again I want to thank you very much is indeed a great honor to be with his five nights a week. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel I'll see -- tomorrow America I hope. This is mark the event.

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