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The Wall Street Journal This Morning Mar. 10, 2014

Mar 10, 2014|

03-10-2014 -- Searching for evidence in the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, Putin backs Crimea bid to secede and Obama's anti-poverty push.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Gordon Deal the Wall Street Journal this morning starts right after this. In the country on business takes a lot of planning bringing your data plan doesn't. With T-Mobile simple choice for business plan you'll get unlimited data in over 100 countries automatically. There's no change in plans at no extra charges just get off the plane and go. -- -- -- Qualifying service and capable device required standard speeds approximately 822 points for second night -- TT mobile dot com for full featured terms and included destinations. Newsroom -- Wall Street Journal. This is the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news -- -- important to. Missing -- Malaysia airlines flights. Good morning I'm Gordon Deal along with -- Cervetti Monday march 10 thanks for being with us and here's what we have for you this hour. The search continues off the Vietnam coast for a plane that vanished after leaving -- -- poor on route to China. We'll be in Beijing where families await word on loved ones these lone American on that flight was an employee of IBM at least in Asia -- his ties to Texas and Oklahoma the disappearance of them Malaysia airlines jet is bringing up two critical subjects. Stolen passports and instant access to flight data and reworking federal assistance for low wage workers. Good idea of providing income supplement to the poor. Actually has some bipartisan appeal under -- that -- -- program called that your income tax credit the White House -- expanded tax credit. Poor -- workers for another -- it's pretty big if you have children through it all if you don't have kids. -- new and expanded for people who don't have kids. Wall Street Journal reporter -- -- let up on what may come a -- earned income tax credit in an election year. That report in about twenty minutes. Clues to the fate of Malaysia airlines flight 370 resumed in the waters off Vietnam today. The Boeing triple seven was headed to Beijing with 239. People on board when it suddenly dropped off radar screens less than an hour after take off. From -- while alone -- early Saturday morning none of the planes transmitters appeared to signal distress before shutting down. It was traveling at a cruising altitude of 35000. Feet in good weather. The plane's disappearance. Has already exposed flaws in air safety. The disclosure that two passengers had stolen passports -- Interpol. To warn that few countries are rigorously checking databases to prevent that. In the US house intelligence chairman Mike Rogers appeared on ABC's this week. Given the right circumstances and in this case clearly it worked. They were able to Borden gain entry and they would be doctored up that there would be individuals who would have the skill set. To change those passports just enough that they could identify with the individual in that was. Using it some answers by the way could come as pieces of the wreckage or retrieved. Normally range of electronic transmissions help investigators and controllers tracked a plane's altitude direction and speed. But those so called transponders in this case apparently did not report anything amiss until they stopped working altogether. A Malaysian military official says radar readings indicated the plane may have reversed course. And investigators were examining whether the plane attempted to turn around. After encountering a problem. Families desperate for news about the fate of Malaysian airlines flight 370 have gathered in hotels in cool while the -- pork and Beijing. The airline is hosting relatives of those aboard the flight Wall Street Journal reporter -- Berkett spoke to families at the metro park Lido hotel in Beijing. She's with us this morning from the Chinese capital -- what's the scene at the hotel. We you can imagine about the places just swarming with journalists. Everyone who was in Beijing. For a congressional meetings and when that happened they were all prepared with cameras which can hide in -- at the hotel where their relatives. Are staying and waiting news and their family. What they're greeted with what needs to get people con men and expect to find community is just mass chaos. Stand it it's set it impacted by the number of journalists Q are there. -- Galactica. Order that's been setup -- the airlines and the hotel. I mean it's really just one of these situations where. I think people are -- calm and quiet and order and that's exactly the opposite of what -- there also. Really looking for good news and I think it -- -- idea of bringing them into -- if heartbreak hotel lot it was giving them a sense of false hope that they would. Come not mean people from all across the country. From foreign villages. Pouring into the hotel. Where they think that they'll get news that their family members and the course. You know -- not everyone -- game with a sense of great hope -- but many of them came thinking OK well if we don't know anything we can't assume the worst which. And patent and they get into the hotel and it into chaos that a week stand amazed just overwhelming. And and many of them are really disheartened by the lack of information that's coming from the airlines had to point. There are no answer. Do you find -- that people are willing to talk to you however and explain their stories -- situations. I think people are willing to share some of their frustration. People are willing to talk about and going to look at the possibility of going to Malaysia. But they aren't willing to talk about their family members we've been very eager to hear more about the people who were on the plane. In some way to get a tribute to their lives. But by doing -- by asking people to talk about their family members their -- That they've lost hope in doing. And I think we've reached a point where some people are beginning to grieve and there is more than just stick concerns that would. Apparent in the beginning and there is deeply into cabinet that's overwhelming these people expect. GR are not willing to share it because I do think you know it would be admitting defeat. Rights were speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter -- -- she's with us this morning from Beijing. She's been speaking with some of the families awaiting word on loved ones. Aboard the Malaysian airlines flight 370. How tense are things between say some of the airline officials were airport workers. And the loved ones. That tension is incredibly -- count me in the hotel. He and relatives their brain being brought into the deep boardroom it's where they meet with this the airline represented them and their. -- rally and there's some name calling their -- Cried Alfred demands people yelling to each particular that we don't have more. These are our children and their campaign huge benefit that -- coming from people and and they are dying to know more. What about the Chinese Government have they. Spent any time at the hotel where you are. Very good question now now one that a lot of the families that are asking because they do -- you want -- Where the government has banned because that that the chaos they really happened in America. And there's not at a major police presence stairs not a major government presidents. And they did that actually happening at a time when the government is convening for its it twice a year congressional meetings. So I'd much instead the focus has been content to GDP and you know just focusing on the economy and then building the government ahead. But these people off -- their family members on their minds and they're wondering. Where the government is to support that. I you pain and I thought an interesting picture to of the different types of people who have gathered in the hotel awaiting for word some with. What -- this tattered clothes of farmers vs the more finally dressed. One upper class people. Perpetrated -- area and appearance situation and they walked and they're closing give away their background tend to have people are clearly fresh from the farm which. And -- loved ones were overseas and working to send money back to patent. And and then on the other side and there are these are people who clearly have wealth and -- Their families for overseas working on this mr. It's from all walks of life that this Israeli heading. Wall Street Journal reporter Lori markets with -- us this morning. From the metro park Lido hotel in Beijing. The lone American adults on the missing Malaysia airlines plane. Was in Asia based executive for IBM described by friends and family. As a devout Christian. And world traveler Philip would. Had just begun working for IBM as a technical storage executive in Kuala -- pork he previously worked for IBM in Beijing according to his brother. The fifty year old mr. woods formally lived in Keller Texas near Dallas and in Oklahoma where he had attended Oklahoma Christian university. Graduating in 1985. He had two adults songs from the former marriage. Mr. wood is among the 227. Passengers missing from that flight along with twelve crew members. Mr. what had recently been visiting family in the US for a full week a rarity since he took a job and Asia. It's younger brother James says the trip to Beijing was to be his last -- their before getting settled in koala -- pork. Mr. woods family was well known at Oklahoma Christian university his father Aubrey would -- top the first computer course at the school. And his parents had been founding members of a church. Near the campus. Sixteen minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning -- being with us on this Monday -- regardless of what caused a Malaysian airlines jet to disappear from the sky over the weekend. Air safety experts predict it will reignite debate over new technology designed to provide immediate clues in the event of a crash. Investigators say they are looking into a range of possible explanations but without the benefit of instant access to data coming off the jet during the final phase of flight. Investigators must rely instead on finding and evaluating data that was recorded but stayed on board. Here's the Wall Street Journal those mornings Jeff Ballinger. Discussed for many years but never implemented because of the cost the concept of automatically transmitting data would involve using satellite links to -- critical safety information from an airliner to the ground during extreme emergencies or just before plane goes down. The information might highlight among other things engine and safety performance flight commands by pilots and possible problems with cockpit automation. The direct transmissions would serve as real time substitutes when traditional black boxes containing digital flight data and recordings of cockpit conversations are damaged or lost. Whether temporarily or permanently Gordon thank you -- twenty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning Gina Cervetti Sears. Has America's first news. Good morning experts from the US National Transportation. Safety Board and Boeing are expected to arrive today in koala -- poor. As the search continues for them Malaysia air Boeing triple seven with 239. People aboard. It disappeared as you heard on Saturday. Prominent -- -- -- mosque from all over the last one day. The opponent. That's not see you know being able to be detected by any policies. A Malaysian aviation official speaking to reporters the plane was flying from -- -- court to Beijing. When the airline lost contact with no distress calls heard. Weather was clear and no debris has been found. A spokesman for Texas based Freescale Semiconductor. Says twenty of his employees. Were on them missing plane twelve from Malaysia an aid from China. The firm has been working with the staffers families to provide grief counseling. And the flight manifest shows two US citizens on board that flight including a four year old child. US officials have reportedly reviewed satellite imagery but found no evidence of a midair explosion. Two passengers on board that plane work carrying stolen passports. Raising questions about aviation security. William wild bill Gora near has died in May be familiar with the World War II veterans experiences. Through the HBO series band of Brothers with the Stephen Ambrose book on which that series was based. Followed members of the 101 airborne division through some of the fiercest battles of the war. -- your son says his father died in Philadelphia Saturday night. At the age of ninety. Anaheim California investigators are sifting through debris of a collapsed high school theater stage. We're two dozen students were injured the stage at a Catholic boys school buckled during a performance. Police say that around 250 students from a sister school were on the stage when it collapsed. US stock futures point to a lower open this morning following Asian markets downward. Wall Street was positive last week that jobs report came in better than what economists were expecting. At the box office 300 rise of an empire battles to number one is meant to cool him. In the sixties it's. Something tasted defeat -- com. The second most popular movie was the animated mr. Peabody and Sherman a throwback to the old cartoon. Both of these movies were making their debuts over the weekend it's. -- and it is 23 minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning the Obama administration and two top Republicans eyeing potential White House bids. Are looking to rework federal assistance for low wage workers. The two sides differ on the -- scope of the aid and how it should be delivered but. The concerns are about the number of single men falling out of the labor force and how to incentivize them to work. Wall Street Journal reporter Damien politicize the focus is on the earned income tax credit -- set this up. -- -- interest -- this major philosophical divide between the Democrats and Republicans on the anti poverty measures like food stamps and Medicaid of course but. Good idea of -- providing an income supplement to the poor. Actually has some bipartisan appeal and that -- existing program called the earned income tax credit. Essentially allowed people who make below a certain amount of money to get a bigger tax credit. And it bothered to actually you know around this time a year or so the White House wants to expand the tax credit for. Look at childless workers for another credit pretty big piece of children naturally smaller if you don't have kids. They want to expand it to people who don't have kids now. But it -- we've -- Republicans were also talking about new ways to do an income supplement come Marco Rubio for example those that are. From from I want to make some changes that would eventually found increased each paycheck you get -- -- -- small government. A stipend potentially and we have seen. Paul -- the it's 2012 presidential candidate talk about a new way to do that as well so constantly getting our attention on both sides and others and that type of overlap -- -- few -- both -- -- paying -- -- -- attention. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Damien -- in Washington so what is the GOP's opinion on this. Nicholas Republicans. Are a little bit skeptical part because look -- studies have shown that. The Yankees he and it's close you know -- -- sixty -- billion dollars in text her twenty year. There is a bit. In -- here and I mean some people think that it has ordered them out fraud and an improper payment that's sort of things though. I think a lot of Republicans are skeptical that it did that can grow bigger more will be even more opportunity for waste and fraud. I think a lot of Republicans like this program more than others because it requires. People who receive the benefits to work you have to have an income from a certain level in order qualified you know that's better than some of the other programs. As -- more Republicans perspective which is -- which are out there are so. You know that a lot in the military Corsican that they like model on the other hand from the villages except to make more complicated and -- You know it's incredibly difficult to get agreement on his ticket popping measures and -- slowing things down until. -- steamy Wall Street Journal reporter Damien -- let up in the Washington thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. Coming up next more on the missing Malaysia airlines flight plus we take -- to Moscow. For the latest on the Kremlin's push to help Crimea secede from Ukraine. You just watch the market close in Shanghai and New York doesn't open for a couple of hours so there's time to sit in a section of the GM. Squeeze and haircut going to few balls on the driving range and shoot us -- email -- and maybe even breakfast across town. And you'll still be the first -- in the office. You're always ready to go the extra mile -- unfortunately so is your Cadillac. 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Gordon Deal with -- Cervetti coming up this half hour the search in the South China Sea. For Malaysia airlines flight 370. Separately what people do when they give up looking for work. And on a lighter note the food showed taking South Korea by storm club that report in about twenty minutes. Crime may -- could become part of Russia as soon as this month voters will decide on a referendum to secede from Ukraine. This Sunday meanwhile despite threats of sanctions from the west Russian president Vladimir Putin is throwing his support behind Crimea has moved to seed. Let's kitchen out of Moscow when Wall Street Journal reporter Lukas I Alpert Lugar -- so no surprise here guess what happens next. -- so yes -- besides someday they would. That Crimean government. Cannot hold this region wide referendum where they'll decide that's a simple question is do we stay with Ukraine or do we we even -- -- up. Presumably it looks like the way it's -- setup that the -- that vote will likely -- and then it becomes a question of does Russia actually obscure bit how to do it you know there's. Russian parliament has sudden motion a little public -- Changed the procedure for two minutes of you know apparently it's -- it's rather complicated as it stands at. Yes it's the had the parliament in Crimea has had over the weekend that he believes that this could be resolved by the end of march. That they would become part of Russia -- them. RC do make -- -- the results here are kind of a foregone conclusion. And then -- Russia in all likelihood would absorb Crimea I mean that's what this is all about right. It seems like it's going in that direction and the fact is that that it didn't territories -- military occupation and threats and they're doing. You know that the region wide broad that's going to be within ten days it seems. You know that there is it's hard to imagine how this could you know immediate interest actual standard cheaper. Transparency and what not so. Russia has been medium making all indications that it's you know repeated this except that's new territory as part of itself. -- mr. Putin's been in his comments over the weekend to did not say specifically what direction and and so -- -- we have is that the referendum passes but. -- what other government officials -- that there are you ready to provide you know budget. Monies for infrastructure development to Crimea which viewed as it stands now relies largely on Ukraine for water electricity and a lot of other infrastructure issues so all directions seems like they're prepared to give -- We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Lukas I Alpert -- with a -- this morning from Moscow. What how was the rest of Ukraine reacting ahead of this Sunday's vote. Well -- the new prime minister has. Even though the subject -- that they need it don't accept that -- legitimate vote yeah he's -- these -- I think it could have been. It states this week he's gonna meet with President Obama on Wednesday it. To discuss. You know what what could be done. You know and -- in the eastern -- secret vaccine this year we can have been through issues and some of the cities -- that's largely Russian. Speaking. Part of Ukraine and there's been some you know -- more pro Russian arms sentiment there about -- in the west. They were should standoff some skirmishes and -- -- both -- terror over the weekend. So either that there is a little bit as well but they're the western part of and I think they're they're Connell fault but the government has -- has slowly trying to pull itself together so there could -- Course plot put -- that people. -- what about the potential -- for. An armed conflict here of some -- between Russia and Ukraine. Well I mean he certainly have a lot of our troops you know on standby time on both sides of the border itself part -- look like it's you know the -- -- escalating any further and we saw all that in the past. Couple weeks so -- -- it seemed like. You know anything can happen but it doesn't there doesn't seem to be. A move in that direction -- -- -- that it could be a flashpoint at any point. -- Lucas Wall Street Journal reporter Lucas Alberts from Moscow. 21 minutes now before the hour thanks for being with us on this Monday more on the search for Malaysia airlines flight 370 in just a few moments. According to the latest jobs report released on Friday. Ten and a half million people were unemployed in February including nearly four million who've been out of work for six months or more. But those numbers only count the people who were out of work and still looking for jobs what about the millions who have stopped looking for work where have they gone. Here's more now for the Wall Street Journal -- morning's Mike Gavin. The Gordon according to Wall Street Journal Saro Murray even -- February so more people returning to the labor force the percent of the population. Working or looking for work remains near a thirty year low due to the millions of drop downs during the recession. Don't really big chunk of that an outside wall and had actually retired and I let it. Packed a lot of that is eighty alerts and -- that and the other is actually about whether there ever gonna come back to the work force some of those people unpredictability. And a lot that you grow disparaged it given up looking -- And -- also says that one of the groups hurt most has been working age men. Eric how many of these -- Georgia I'd like it or how about people who are nearing retirement should you are talking about men who are. Thirty IR forty I think it's still potentially have a lot on your had a bad. That had not rule and I don't want them -- that it essentially given up looking. Other side effect those who can't find work often turn to safety net programs such as food stamps unemployment benefits and disability. Programs that have ballooned since the recession began. Once people start receiving disability benefits they rarely leave the program. And while not having a job at any age is obviously a bad thing not being able to find work after graduating college can have long lasting effects on your career. You graduate from college state area are actually much and you end up oracle -- apple C instead of you know working nick junior level position in your career PR. He actually here cart side that -- -- so for that team even thirty yet. The kind of job he -- he could be earning lower wages than -- or otherwise. Decades gore stuff he had trouble finding work right out of college didn't seem like a huge deal as you probably in your living at home with their parents or something like that. But if it takes a limited time to find a job decades later -- be -- money you would have me over the lifetime of your career can be significantly less that's -- that's also money that you're not plowing into 401K right right or -- of a less amount of -- -- and -- and and of course you know there's always the question of of not just unemployment but under employment -- gazillion of those people are not counted in the unemployment figures as well. So you know we're making tiny tiny little baby steps inching towards some kind of a recovery here but we still have a long way to go obviously and it's just that that cascading effect bill. -- yeah -- of potential earnings and savings -- needs to get the earlier it happens the ripples are just bigger and bigger and bigger. Are supposed to get ahead to when you take it that type of job like that with a college degree when you've taken on college loan write write -- all those checks every month how do you get ahead exactly. Thank you Mike sixteen minutes -- in front of the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning thanks for being with us more on the search for Malaysia airlines flight 37 in just a moment with Gina. Time now for small business update and it's brought you by T-Mobile. Use on least the potential of your business with T-Mobile the company that's changing the way business does wireless. Here's a common challenge for first time entrepreneur or is no matter of the state of the economy. What the line of work you're choosing securing a bank loan can be extremely tough. Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah -- has tips on improving your risk profile Sarah what can be done. Well what we can do is -- consider buying an existing business because different the bank can work at that company national history. And it had a strong performance. That that's -- they can use them in making education here advantage. -- rather than -- ranking gets scratched you mainland by any thinking that won't. Similarly. Even elect consider buying a franchise. I'll meet -- -- A franchise contract it said that the cost of buying one from -- election. Unbeaten at -- that didn't stop frequently more attractive to lenders. Particularly. Lenders that contract. Being back armed and speeding and Small Business Administration. Are the FDA actually has incurred little. Franchises. Got a -- to back so he -- -- I'll be more -- into the -- and different giggled like any Jimmy had a better shot at getting production. When approaching a bank I'm sure also helps to have all your information in order. That's satellite you're gonna be sent back accurate trying to -- that you're gonna come back again I need to take a while Kelly Clark get profit that children currently there are so approval. So if you want you get up very quickly reached you really need to come into the bank the material that they are asking for control launch. And look at things like your -- -- -- won't be telling you have to offer the market can't what you -- competitive advantage. I'm EU YQ of course speed packet a little personal advance liability -- -- where. Until -- call that apparently got. Increase your odds of getting along because like provides in front of collateral cash. I don't want to -- let's say you want to show on and on that red and they want to -- you pat cash. And why your going to be successful -- Internet. I'm actually he can't rely need to panic you could buy range -- that he's alone antley shaggy are paying it back. For speaking with Wall Street Journal small business writer -- -- What other ways can someone go about getting money if turned down from a bank Sarah. You can't borrow from other sources of course I -- handle it would be the first applicable folks. -- -- that there are -- how do you get credit card you're you're alone working -- and it's. Advantage that these can be very expensive and that -- Sometimes they can be helpful a leak in the beginning feud idle -- plant -- catalog. They make Haiti over the top and by example in your pocket factory which it. Strategy that really actually -- reward for it to different company. -- the -- to consumer kind. But basically what this means that Eleanor -- a bit different accounts receivable -- until eight you -- -- kind of different way the controversy could thirty. 45 Keating thank you expect there will change your cash flow. -- you already have a customer's. That you don't have a category to people the capital I think until we paid you didn't want -- world do you go about doing it. Again it is very expensive and it's not company -- you're a long term basis. But in the beginning if you're just trying to get up and running patent can be won a political. Think Sarah Wall Street Journal small business records -- needle and from New York eight minutes before the hour on the Wall Street -- this morning -- Cervetti. Back -- America's first. This morning's powerful earthquake struck off the California coast last night hitting off the coast of northern California. There were no reports of any injuries officials say the quake measured six point nine on the richter scale when it hit about 4 miles beneath the Pacific sea bed. And about fifty miles west of eureka. And no reports of any immediate damage to either. Questions are mounting about whether a bomber hijacking could -- down Malaysia airlines flight MH 378. Which disappeared on Saturday after taking off from Kuala Lumpur or for Beijing. There were 239 people on board dozens of ships and aircraft from several countries have been scouring the seas around Malaysia and south of Vietnam. -- -- outlook as the couldn't say they're looking. At every inch hole. -- Malaysian civil aviation official on the mysterious disappearance of that Boeing triple seven. Two passengers on board were carrying stolen passports. Interpol estimates that last year passengers were able to board planes more than a billion times without having passports screened. Against its databases. Meanwhile more trouble for Boeing's new state of the 787. An engine problem on Japan airlines flight over the weekend prompted an emergency landing in Honolulu. No one was injured but this was the same dreamliner in which a battery melted while the plane was parked in Boston last year. And this past Friday Boeing set up on hairline cracks in some of the wings on some 780 -- 780 seven's not yet deliver. Stock futures look a little bit mixed now following Asian markets lower today. Last week on Wall Street was positive but James goal of Boston advisors as tensions in Ukraine could still spell market trouble. Is it a major impacts of global financial markets -- -- becomes part of Russia oh no not really what will be the issue was what. -- use the rest of the world response to that type of action. The White House confirms that Ukraine's in from prime minister will travel to the US this week for high level talks on the crisis in Crimea. Well you'll still find deals on cell phone plans for sure but the bills have risen steadily over the past year. The firm new street research says average monthly revenue was up 2%. To just over 61 dollars in the fourth quarter. But again we are seeing those deals AT&T just cut the price of certain plans by fifteen bucks. Verizon and T-Mobile have effectively cut prices on certain plans to. I like we use that phrase cut the price cut the price really gets my attention got to shop around and also. I would say that when you pick up the phone and talked to a customer service representative. Sometimes. You get a little bit further than just pushing around on the Internet I -- for -- successive. Little pony rather than vinegar -- -- federal person on the phone good. Six minutes down -- of the hour how bigger cooking shows and South Korea every night thousands of Koreans tune into watch Choi Ji Kwan eating on streaming video. 24 year old offers up a cooking lesson and then. -- additional wild comic performance nearly 260000. Have subscribed to this night league gluttony webcast. He's almost more more popular South Korean hosts. Mr. Choi noticed -- -- Barry young on screen said his stint in the cook outs when he was in the army inspired dish -- I've gained about 66 pounds and a year and seven months on there. But that's the eating shows lucrative to mr. Choi clears leader nearly 19100. Dollars a month. It's his only job right now. Lives at home and drives a Mercedes. That'll do it for this hour for -- Cervetti I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this morning. Getting your mailing and shipping -- can seem like a no win situation. Going to the post office takes up valuable time. Leasing a postage meter expensive with multi year commitments and hidden fees luckily there is now a better way Stamps.Com. With Stamps.Com. By imprint official US postage for any letter or package. Right from your desk using your own computer and printer even -- special postage discounts he can't find at the post office. Plus Stamps.Com is more powerful than a postage meter -- just a fraction of the cost you can save up to 80% compared to a postage meter and you'll avoid those time consuming trip to the post office right now use promo code WSJ. For the special whopper. 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